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Applying Toilet Water

As I mentioned on Sunday, I had a small collection of boxes arrive last week while I was out.  I generally buy everything online, so me and the FedEx man and the UPS women have a special relationship.  Though, from … Read More Here

Garmin Forerunner 110 – First Look Review

You may have noticed earlier today that Garmin announced via press release their latest GPS watch – the Forerunner 110.  Given I get a lot of questions about their new watches when they come out, I figured I’d get ahead … Read More Here

Little Washington

The weekend started Friday after a nice flight back from the West Coast.  Upon arriving home I found all sorts of packages had arrived.  While some weren’t terribly exciting (new seat post for an older bike), I did get one … Read More Here

A week of training in Seattle

After a pretty darn successful Sunday race in the Rainman Triathlon, I got back to work – and training on Monday.  That included a relatively straightforward swim of a tad over 3,000 yards. One interesting thing is there are far … Read More Here

A night with the Cervelo Technical Folk

Last Friday I got an invited to hang out with some folks from Cervelo for a night at the local tri shop (Bonzai) going through a fairly detailed technical presentation, primarily focused on aerodynamics of bikes.  I happily accepted the … Read More Here

Seattle Rainman Triathlon 2010 Race Report

If there were ever a triathlon to do, having one virtually named after oneself seems like the kinda event I’d want to start with.  I heard about the Rainman Indoor Triathlon back a few months ago, and a bit later … Read More Here


Earlier in the week I had finished up my bike and run and was delegated to go to the grocery store to search out options for dinner. Meanwhile, the Girl was just leaving for a short run.  Given I had … Read More Here

How to create maps/courses for your Garmin Forerunner

One of the most common questions I get is how you can create routes and maps that you can follow on your Garmin device.  Many of the most popular devices support this feature – including the 305/310XT/500/705 – however most … Read More Here

St. Patrick’s 8K Race Report

Alternative Title I: Finally! Alternative Title II: Adventures of blurry cam! But more on the alternative titles in a bit.  Let’s get to the start first. And getting to the start required the Metro.  It’s just so much easier for … Read More Here

Corned Beef, Pools, and Cupcakes (though, not all together)

The weekend started like any good weekend should – with cupcakes being made.  The Girl was back at it after her adventures to the NYC’s Magnolia bakery, making loads of cupcakes. Though, the Girl’s were far better – plus, they … Read More Here

Garmin Connect Development Team Tossed Overboard

In a bit of a strange twist, the team behind Garmin Connect (the site where you upload all your activities to) has been tossed out on the streets of San Fran.  Garmin has decided to close their San Francisco office, … Read More Here

Pool and Parking lot bricks

With my first race of the year this weekend and my first triathlon of the year next week, things have kicked into short and fast mode for the next two weeks.  As races approach my workouts tend to drift more … Read More Here

Time Trialing with the subway

Sunday night after I got home from New York City around 5PM I still had one minor item left to knock out…a 2hr and 45 minute ride. Now, I could do this indoor on the trainer – but I’m sick … Read More Here

A New York Minute

The Girl and I decided to make a little trip up to New York City for the weekend to visit some of her friends.  From DC it’s a short 4-5 hour jaunt by land-based transportation.  We ended up using the … Read More Here

The Nebraskan

(Note: What you see in the above picture is precisely half-of the entire airport terminal) I arrived in into little Lincoln, Nebraska late Sunday night, and was up fairly early Monday morning in for work.  Many of my work trips … Read More Here

The 25 Most Informative Posts I’ve Written

It turns our I’ve written a fair bit of stuff over the past few years – some 476 posts (477 if you count this!).  And after it disappears from my front page, a lot of it never really sees the … Read More Here

Two cages down

One of the items that makes a cycling power meter so useful as a training tool is it allows you to make objective statements about how your training is going – regardless of how things like weather or terrain may … Read More Here