Earlier in the week I had finished up my bike and run and was delegated to go to the grocery store to search out options for dinner.

Meanwhile, the Girl was just leaving for a short run.  Given I had just solicited feedback for dinner, she knew what store I was planning on going to – and I had a good handle on where she was going – just in case something came up.

So I set about to complete my mission as the hunter/gatherer, and she went about hers.  I got to the store, wandered around for a bit and eventually ended up with a boatload of interesting things to eat and cook.  I went ahead and checked out and went downstairs to the parking garage (which is below the store).  As I looked out across the vastness of the garage I see a strange large orange cone protruding towards the ceiling like a beacon of light.

As I near closer, I realize this orange space needle is actually based on the roof of my little car. Sorta like a bike on my bike racks, but…not. Which…is…well…kinda strange.


It was then that I realized it was a message from The Girl.  A sort of ‘Hello, I was here’. 

She had learned.  She had learned from when I did this to my coach during a 20-mile run.  Except in that case I had used a nice big rock on his doorstep.  Thankfully she didn’t use a rock on my car.

Have a good weekend all – I’ll catch-up after the race on Sunday!


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  1. Ha, hubby & I coned someone’s car in Kona a few months back but it was to say “Get the hell out of our condo parking spot!”

    Good luck on your race Sunday!

  2. Heh. Love it.

  3. SSB

    So that’s not the car I would have pegged you for.

  4. Ha Ha, I love it, smart Girl!

  5. silly girl

  6. Much better than the rock or spray painting “Kilroy was here” on your car.

  7. Aw, you guys are cute!