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My 2014 ANT+ Symposium Keynote Presentation

It’s been five years now that I’ve been presenting a keynote session at the ANT+ Symposium.  The annual event each September represents a solid cross section of the sports technology industry, with just about everyone present.  And the crowd isn’t … Read More Here

Garmin announces ability to develop apps on wearables, with Connect IQ

Today, at the ANT+ Symposium in Kananaskis, Canada, Garmin has announced a sweeping change to how 3rd parties can interface with Garmin wearable devices a new platform called Connect IQ.  This will ultimately allow 3rd party developers to write applications … Read More Here

Samsung to add ANT+ to full range of mobile devices, plus a look at the S Health app

ANT+ being added to all recent and new Samsung mobile devices: Probably the single biggest bit of news that came out of the ANT+ Symposium last week was Samsung’s announcement that they’ll be releasing ANT+ to all S4 devices in … Read More Here

My 2013 ANT+ Symposium Keynote Presentation

Last Thursday, for the fourth year in a row I presented to the ANT+ Symposium in Kananaskis, Alberta.  The ANT+ Symposium is the yearly gathering of all the major companies in the sector that make up the ANT+ Alliance, which … Read More Here

A Kananaskis Moose Runaround

As many of you know, Wednesday and Thursday of last week I was in Kananaskis, Alberta (Canada) for the ANT+ Symposium where I delivered my annual keynote session on the state of sports technology.  While you’ll see a handful of … Read More Here

2012 ANT+ Symposium Technology Roundup

You saw my presentation to the ANT+ Symposium yesterday, highlighting my keynote session that I gave last week.  However, I wanted to loop back and highlight some of the things that were delivered to me, rather than me delivering to … Read More Here

My 2012 ANT+ Symposium Presentation

For the third straight year in a row, I’ve presented a keynote session yesterday at the ANT+ Symposium.  In presenting here I’m able to address the vast majority of the sports technology industry, from the big player names you hear … Read More Here

A Kananaskis Mountain Bikearound

The last few days I’ve been up in Kananaskis, Alberta – which is about 90 minutes away from Calgary, into the mountains.  For those wondering where Alberta is, it’s in Canada.  Canada’s that thing that sits between the North Pole … Read More Here

Coolness: Me and Simon Whitfield presenting at ANT+ Symposium

Well, not together at the same time.  Because that’d be awkward – mainly for me.  And probably a little for him. He would talk about Olympic Gold and Silver medals and Olympic opening ceremonies…and I would talk about plastic trophies … Read More Here

Friday Photo of the Day

I had planned to post a Tip of the Day today (though I hadn’t yet decided which of the three different ones I wrote up I’d end up posting).  But then I got some of the official photos back from … Read More Here

A look at Simon Fraser University’s Running Speed/Pace Control System

Two weeks ago while I was up at the ANT+ Symposium outside of Calgary I had a chance to spend some time running around in circles with two guys (Dr. Max Donelan and Mark Snaterse) from Simon Fraser University who … Read More Here

My 2011 ANT+ Symposium Presentation

This Wednesday I presented to over 150 ANT+ Alliance members as part of the annual ANT+ Symposium.  Like last year, my speech is primarily aimed at taking all of your feedback and delivering it back to them.  The folks at … Read More Here