Race Report

Reston 2-Mile Race Report…and some BBQ!

Sunday morning brought a flurry of activity.  First up, was injecting my pork ass with a secret sauce (see previous day).  Well, technically it’s not too secret, especially since I’m re-publishing it here.  But that said, but injecting the pork … Read More Here

Kinetic 2009 Sprint Tri Race Report

As far as race days go for triathlons, you couldn’t ask for a better day.  Despite enough rain lately to consider building an ark, the sun decided to shine for just one day (in the middle of a 10-15 day … Read More Here

The 2009 Boston Marathon Race Report

Despite the fact that the Boston Marathon starts at a rather comfy 10:00AM, I was up at a rather un-comfy 4:45AM in order to get to the buses on time.  Buses you ask?  Well, the Boston Marathon is a point … Read More Here

Escape from Ft. Desoto Tri Race Report…btw…1st in AG.

Some races you just have a good feeling about, while others you don’t. Back a few weeks ago I had a ‘less than ideal’ feeling about the National Half-Marathon. But this past week, I was feeling pretty good going into … Read More Here

Accidentally placing – Yorktown Victory Run 8 Mile Race Report

I drove down last night to the Virginia Beach area to run with a friend in a local 8-miler race.  However, I wasn’t racing, but rather just doing it as part of a training run (about 11 miles total). So … Read More Here

Ya win some, ya lose some: National Half Marathon

I knew on Tuesday things were going to be rough.  My HR’s were way higher than normal – both on and off the track.  I was hoping I might slide by with enough recovery such that by Saturday things would … Read More Here

Running like a skirt

Yesterday was the Celtic Solstice 5-Miler held in Baltimore.  A small group of us went up the night before and had a big ol’ slumber party.  Well, as exciting a slumber party can be when you’re a bunch of runners … Read More Here

Tidal Basin 3K Race Report (oh…I kinda won)

It’s been about a year.  A year since Peter first started poking me about coming out and running the Tidal Basin 3K monthly race.  But earlier this week I poked him back and asked him if he was going to … Read More Here

Jingle Bell 10K Race Report – Umm..that hurt.

This past Sunday represented the last race of the year.  Well, the last race I’d ‘race’ anyway.  I still got some goodness coming up this weekend, but that’s just for fun.  You say all races are fun?  Umm…no…not all.  Sure…before, … Read More Here

Philadelphia Marathon 2008 Race Report

There’s really no better place to eat your night-before-the-race-dinner than a restaurant named the ‘Marathon Grill’.  With that, begins my (hopefully quick but turned out not so quick) 2008 Philly Marathon Race report.  Since the race was kinda a blur … Read More Here

A 10K, a marathon and wilderness in between

Let’s try and keep this weekend recap quick. On Friday night myself and two friends drove down to Charlottesville, VA to run in a 10K race there (Bad to the Bone 10K aka Charlottesville Fall Classic).  (I’m in the lower … Read More Here

The Army 20-Miler Race Report and Weekend Update

I had originally planned earlier this year to use the Army 10 Miler Race to try and go sub-60 minutes.  But after my coach and I developed a plan for the year which included going solidly below 3:00 for the … Read More Here

Failboat, now arriving

Within the small circle of friends that I run with on a regular basis we often joke about committing a ‘fail’ – as epitomized on the fail blog via the Failboat. While I personally manage many fails on a daily … Read More Here

Nations Triathlon 2008 Race Report

You may already know the resultant, but let’s talk through how it all went down. Pre-Race: I was a bit concerned with logistics race morning as a TON of streets were closed and since our bikes were already checked in … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 – The day after

Ok, final post in what will have been a week’s worth of IMC2008 related stuffola.  And then you’re IMC free until next year. For fun I wanted to do a quick recap to cover all of the the things you … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 Race Report

(My brother in the 5AM hour writing in chalk on the run course) Before I get started, in case ya missed it, here’s the days leading up to Ironman Canada, covering all of the pre-race action: Day 1, Day 2, … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 – Day 3

The peach.  This is where it all begins, and all ends.  Four times to be precise.  You leave the beach behind the peach above on the swim and you see it again during T1.  You go out for a casual … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 – Day 2

This is my second day up here, after arriving yesterday.  As I mentioned yesterday – my goal is to streamline these posts, so I’ll try and keep it word-short, but mostly pictures.  I’ll post again tomorrow for the last time … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 – Day 1

Well, after two days of travel – I have succeeded in arriving at the site of Ironman Canada.  In an effort to streamline this, I’ll try and keep it word-short, but mostly pictures.  My plan is to post each of … Read More Here

Rhode Island Ironman 70.3 Race Report

The entire race can basically be summed up in the following: “Holy CRAP did I just bike that fast?”. But, since I’m not summing it up in just one short phrase – you get the full race report. Logistics: The … Read More Here

2008 Philly Triathlon Race Report

It will be my attempt to keep this somewhat short. However, usually I fail in that endeavor. Actually, it will be more photogenic than usual, with less text. Saturday: A good friend offered to both take photos…and fly me up … Read More Here

Wildflower Race Report: Where art thou…?

Wildflower has a bit of a reputation, both on the course and off. Off the course it’s known as the ‘woodstock’ of triathlon. And on the course it’s known for dishing out the pain. The long course has its renowned … Read More Here

GW Parkway 10 Miler Report: Aka – the mother of all negative splits

Alternate titles: “Top 20 finish”, “How to take photos on the run”, “How not to take photos on the run”, “How to lay down a monster 100 yard sprint finish”, “PR baby”, “I should cycle 90 miles the day before … Read More Here

Oceanside 70.3 Race Report (aka: There be big hills in California)

Remember yesterday’s post about how the Oceanside area is beautiful?  Well, it is – that’s still true.  Except, I probably should have withheld a bit of judgement until AFTER I had to cycle over 56 miles of hills.  In.the.wind. With … Read More Here

Time Capsule: My First Triathlon – Seafair Sprint Tri 2007

Last summer I did my first triathlon. This was before my blogging days. I originally wrote up this race report for a triathlon distribution group/list within my company, as is customary after a race. I realized I had never posted … Read More Here