The 2017 Giveaway Extravaganza Winners!


Wow – yet another massive Giveaway Extravaganza in the books! Yesterday was pretty crazy once again, with what can only described as an absolute crapton of people stopping by the site to enter the dozen giveaways.  You’ve once again stated loud and clear that you really like free sports gadgets!

Here’s a little 30-second snippet of what roughly 30 minutes looked like on the site’s real-time stat traffic (Google Analytics).  This was from the PowerTap P1 giveaway:

The most popular? The Tacx Neo, with some 6,376 entrants!

Right behind it was the PowerTap P1 pedals with 5,775 entrants.

Now some of that was mostly because those two units were both big ticket items as well as timed nicely for both North/South/Central American and European/African time zones.

This morning I’ve gone through and removed any accidental (or otherwise) duplicates of comments.  I also ensured that any comments that got tangled up in the SPAM filters were carefully put back in place (this took about 8 hours of time). You were allowed one comment per giveaway, though you could enter as many different giveaways as you’d like.  Thus everyone is all accounted for (once per giveaway)!

The Winners:

From there it was off to Random.org for the winners.  Here’s the full tally of winners and their comments.

Giveaway #1: Garmin Fenix 5

Total Entrants: 3,362

Winner Number: 3,149 (Maike)


Giveaway #2: DJI Spark Drone

Total Entrants: 2,892

Winner Number: 1,472 (Peter Die…)


Giveaway #3: Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

Total Entrants: 3,313

Winner Number: 193 (Sabina B.)


Giveaway #4: Favero Assioma Duo Power Meter Pedals

Total Entrants: 4,712

Winner Number: 3,216 (JapanRunner)


Giveaway #5: Wahoo BOLT GPS Bike Computer

Total Entrants: 5,155

Winner Number: 4,503 (Ken K.)


Giveaway #6: PowerTap P1 Pedals

Total Entrants: 5,775

Winner Number: 219 (Darren H.)


Giveaway #7: The Future

Total Entrants: 5,335

Winner Number: 2,258 (Mike C.)


Giveaway #8: Garmin VIRB 360 Action Cam

Total Entrants: 5,286

Winner Number: 2,716 (Kay G.)


Giveaway #9: Tacx Neo Smart Trainer

Total Entrants: 6,376

Winner Number: 6,113 (Anish S.)


Giveaway #10: Polar A370 & M460 Combo Pack

Total Entrants: 3,350

Winner Number: 673 (Aaron T.)


Giveaway #11: GoPro Hero5 Black

Total Entrants: 3,846

Winner Number: 1,806 (Troy H.)


Giveaway #12: Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS Watch

Total Entrants: 4,660

Winner Number: 2,818 (Piotr Z.)


A huge congrats to all the winners!

Thanks for the support!


Of course, the giveaway extravaganza wouldn’t be possible without the support of Clever Training – we split the costs of the Giveaway Extravaganza.  They’re my partner here on the site and sell just about every sports tech gadget around.  And not only that, but as a DCR reader you’ll save 10% off anything you purchase with them (or points back) – either via the VIP club for all items or DCR reader coupon code for most items (DCR10BTF), plus free US shipping for orders over $75!  And don’t forget about Clever Training Europe now, with the same 10% savings code!


Or, if you’re more the Amazon type – then just whack the Amazon button below before you start your shopping.  It need not be electronic related. Baby wipes, batteries, or a bee hive (yes, you can buy those on Amazon) – whatever you order, hit the logo below (or on the sidebar) first and it supports the site. Super simple!


Below is a listing of all the products that were given away yesterday, as well as all the links to reviews and to purchase/support the site.

ProductAmazonB&H PhotoCompetitive Cyclist
DJI Spark
$499 ($549 combo)
Favero Assioma Power Meter Pedals (Dual)
$459/$719 (single/dual)
Garmin Fenix 5 (5/5S/5X)
Garmin Forerunner 935
Garmin Forerunner 935 - Tri Bundle
GoPro Hero5 Black
Polar A370
PowerTap P1 Pedals
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR
Tacx NEO Smart

Have a great weekend all!

P.S. – All winners will get follow-up e-mails by Monday for your shipping details (and model preferences where applicable).  If you’re a winner and don’t receive an e-mail by Monday, please use the contact form to get in touch. Sometimes things get stuck in spam folders.  Thanks!

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  1. Severin D.

    I did not win!!!!!

  2. gingerneil

    Congrats everyone, and booooo for me! :)

  3. Gabriel

    It was funny!

  4. Nikola Lazarevic

    :( puffff, then next year. Congrats to all winners :)

  5. Alexey

    Congratz to all winners!

  6. RunDrew

    Congrats winners! Thanks Ray and Clever Training even though I missed out…

  7. Adrian Walton

    Thanks for all that you do, Ray! Once again your giveaway was a fun time.

  8. Casey Cook

    Good times! Thanks Ray

  9. Phil Duncan

    Thanks to Ray and Clever Training! Was a fun day although I, like just about everyone else, didn’t win. Now the hardest part will be convincing my “The Girl” that I still need several of these items. I believe my odds were better in this extravaganza!!

  10. Sam

    Just curious, do you know how many people entered in all 12 giveaways?

    • Good question. I don’t though (nor am I entirely sure how to easily get that out of wordpress). Sorry!

    • Cody P

      Do you verify unique I.P addresses or can 1 person create multiple emails from 1 computer?

    • Sam

      mysql query directly on the database? on the wp_comments table filter by date and the right post_id ?

    • Probably could. But I actually leave that fully to the hosting dev team. We have an agreement: I don’t mess with their stuff, and I let them do their job.

      Having worked extensively with service providers in my previous life on the other side of the coin – I find it works better that way. :)

    • A unique IP isn’t a decider, since you could have husband/wife. But it’s something that’s taken into account that increases chance of being flagged for me to manually review by the duplicate/etc scripts

    • Paul E

      If you can get their emails for all the different giveaways, simply filter in excel by highlighting duplicates, then erasing those records via filter. You’ll be left with unique #’s.

  11. MAGNUS

    One day I’ll be a winner and get sprinkles.

  12. Mark Huigen

    Congratulations to all the winners and kudos to Ray and everybody giving away free stuff! (and a pretty killer blog)!

  13. Geraint Morris

    Dammit no win for me. Maybe next time :-). Thanks anyway Ray and keep up the good work on the site

  14. Andy Steele

    Oh well, maybe next time.
    Congrats to all the lucky winners and thanks to DC Rainmaker for organizing such fantastic prizes.

  15. Tong

    Thanks again for your blog !!

  16. Dennis

    You made a mistake on giveaway #12…my name isn’t listed, as it should be. :-)

    Congrats to all who won, it was fun.

  17. Jason

    Congrats to the winners, it was fun playing along

  18. Reuben Neese

    I didn’t win either, but thats for keeping the dream alive!

  19. Richard

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  20. Steven W

    Congrats all! Now get out there and do epic things with what you’ve won!

  21. Darren

    Awesome, thank you Ray.

  22. Jose N

    No ticket for me :-(
    Still my favourite site for reviews.
    Many thanks Ray.

  23. Piotr Zurek

    OMG! Can’t believe it. I’ve been taking part in those giveaways for so long and finally got a lucky break!
    Thanks Ray.

  24. Nathan

    Thanks for doing this! Congratulations to the winners!

  25. Ward VR

    I managed to enter all the 12 competitions (who was with me?) , but no luck (so far)…! Thanks anyway Ray for this great opportunity & all your work and congratulations to the winners!

    • Elke

      11 for me, I missed the first one (6 am – 8 am here) but got all the others! No win though, congrats to all the winners!

  26. fisao

    congrats to all of you, and thanks to Ray for the event! I’ll go and cry for a bit now.

  27. Edwin

    Even the thought of winning something was nice already, thanks for organizing!

  28. Sabina

    WOW THANKS Ray!! Would never have thought I’d win!! I am still sporting a Forerunner 405 from 2008 so this is a BIG win for me :) :)

  29. Mark Carroll

    Awesome DC, you’re the man :-)

  30. Robin

    Congrats, all!

  31. Donald Miller II

    Ray – this is a lot of work and expense. Thank you for doing this!!

    Don in Baltimore

  32. chris benten

    Congrats to winners! I, myself, am not destined to win until The Girl puts a cake up for grabs.

  33. Tom

    Thanks for doing this once again, Ray!

  34. Nighthawk700

    I gave up sleep for this? Worth it!! :-) (at least it wasn’t a power meter when I woke up early… I don’t even get the purpose, so didn’t enter those.)

  35. Roy Galvin

    Well done to all winners.

    And a HUGE THANK YOU to Ray for the donating the prizes!! Fair play Ray ;)!


  36. Michael Green

    Well done winners, keep up the good work DC!

  37. Remco Verdoold

    Congrats to all those lucky. And for all those unlucky better luck next time like me. Now happy sporting to all. Thanks ray

  38. Robert Elliott

    Congratulations to the winners! My whole family of runners and cyclists were giving this giveaway a go. There’s always next year. Thank you, Ray and Clever Training for the opportunity to win cool gear.

  39. Fab

    thanks for all the goodness. giveaway = fun

  40. Anish S

    Thank you Ray and Clever Training! I’m stoked and congratulations to all the winners.

  41. Mark Carroll

    I read my prize wrong, I thought I had won the Virb. Only just realised it is the future prize. Absolutely buzzing DC :-)

  42. Dustin Beaudette

    Maybe next time. Thanks Ray. Your site is the first place I go, to research training gear.

  43. Marcel

    Congrats to the winners, and thanks again, Ray, for doing this!

  44. Sharon McNary

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I didn’t win, but it was fun to see all the loot going out the door!

  45. Fran

    thanks a lot Ray & CT, and huge congrats to all winners! I have been entering these giveaways for three or four years, and never get lucky… will keep on knockin’!!

  46. flarunner

    Congrats to all the winners. And once again thank you Ray and Clever Training for doing this.

  47. Lauren

    Wow! Congrats to all the winners and thanks for hosting another awesome giveaway dcrainmaker!

  48. Jens Rasmussen

    Would have loved to have won a power meter…. but ordered an Assioma today anyway (with DCR discount of course) ;-)

  49. Kevin ONeill

    Very cool. Thanks, Ray and Clever Training!

  50. Daniel W Sekera

    I’m slowly starting to get a little miffed. I know there is a lot of data to mine through, but this is about the 6th time I have come back to visit this list and the obvious error of my name not being on it has yet to be corrected. I would appreciate this being rectified forthwith.

  51. Dan r

    Congrats winnerz. Thanks Ray

  52. Mateiu

    One day, Ray… one day I’ll walk with of the prizes!

  53. MattB

    Thanks for another giveaway Ray! Sad I missed out on the F5 and P1 ones – damn you, stupid phone alarm (or the person that set it, possibly…. )!!

  54. Yodi

    Great fun although not won. Thanks!

  55. JapanRunner

    Wow! I can’t believe I got picked this time! Thank you so much!
    And congrats to all winners!

  56. Jackson Cheng

    I don’t believe it, I didn’t win! How could this happen?!

  57. Steve V W

    Thank you, hope all the winners enjoy their prizes.

    There should be at least 6,376 thanks for the work and chance at free electronics posted here. Or whatever the total unique entrants is.

    Not asking for more work from you but if someone digs into the data, how many people entered every giveaway? Did any of the winners only enter one?

    • I haven’t done the filters to see exact total uniques. Total unique visitors to the site that day was about 169,000 – but of course some of that is just regular traffic. My guess for unique entrants would be about 20-30K.

  58. Eli Douek

    Congrats to all the winners! Hopefully next year I’m a bit more successful :/

  59. Andrew

    Thanks Ray and Clever Training. 11/12 entered and 1 nights lost sleep but still worth it.

  60. Navin Sadarangani

    Congrats to everyone who won. Thanks a bunch Ray for doing this again.

  61. Elton

    Well, not time time, but it was lots of fun anyway…congrats to all the winners and thanks very much Ray and Clever Training for doing this for us. Cheers!

  62. Aldo

    In only one of the 8 attempts I was “close” to the winner. Definitely Iottery is not for me.

  63. swimnbike


    Thanks for hosting and sponsoring for this,
    Together with Clever off course.

    This time I was pumped to participate, and all the products resonated.

    Although I didn’t win, its quite obvious you created a lot of traffic.

    Thanks and have a good weekend with the Girl and the Peanut.



  64. Adam W

    Congrats to winners
    Thanks to Ray
    Wait till next time for me…


  65. Jason

    Well done peeps, and nice one Ray

  66. Sean Peffer

    Ray, that made for an exciting day, thanks for the give away. Congrats to the winners, enjoy the spoils.

  67. likepend1

    congrats to the winners & thx Ray for giving away awesome tech stuff!

  68. Steven De Vlieger

    Ray, I didn’t win. There MUST be something wrong with your random nr picker. :-). Nah seriously, thanks for giving us al 12 chances to win a nice goodie. Cheers and keep up the great review work!

  69. G. Renet

    No luck but thank you for keeping organising this Ray.

  70. Adam

    Congrats to winners, it was fun :)

  71. Jonathan Smith

    Stay awesome!

  72. Stefan Hardt

    Thank you Ray and Clever Training for doing this. Hopefully again next year. Congrats to all the winners

  73. praveen

    Damn! usually i am lucky other places (casino or raffles). I will try my luck next time.
    thanks Ray for all the work you do.

  74. Sean

    Thanks, Ray. Someday I’ll win. ;)

  75. Anton Peterson

    No luck for me this time. Well just have to wait another 363 days for the next extravaganza. Well done to all the winners.

  76. Chris

    Thank you DC! Fingers crossed for next year. :)

  77. Brendan M

    Ah well, maybe next time!

    Congrats to the winners and thanks Ray.

  78. Eric Roe

    Looking forward to my legacy slot next year :)

  79. MartinR

    Congrats to all winners and thank you Ray for giving us the opportunity! Looking forward to the next giveaway!

  80. Sharon

    Congrats to the lucky ones!

  81. Michael

    Thanks for making a late night at work a fun one!

  82. Yanick

    Thanks Ray for making this extreme giveaway with such nice items and getting the result so quickly. You probably did not sleep much in those two days.

  83. Ken

    Wow….nice, finally win in an online draw…Thanks for the fabulous prizes

    Just waiting for the follow-up email now.

    • Yup! They should all be coming out in the next couple hours.

      I’ll post here once all e-mails have been sent.

    • And with that – all winners should have received e-mails from me. If not, double-check your Spam/Junk/Clutter/etc… and failing that post a note here and I’ll reply back directly to that. Sometimes my congrats e-mails end up looking like Nigerian lottery winner e-mails.

  84. Ward VR

    No consolation prize for one who has entered all 12 competitions? ;-)
    Well, next year will be my year! (Or I’ll just reward myself after I finished my 1st marathon which is my next target!

  85. Vitaliy

    Missed it only be a week :) Congrats to winners and huge props to Ray and Clever Training!!