Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS Watch


All good things must come to an end.

And this, my friends, is the end.

To wrap things up I’m giving away my current running and triathlon watch – the Garmin Forerunner 935.  Affectionately known as a plastic Fenix 5, this little puppy contains all the features of the Fenix 5 series but in a lighter weight case…and a whole bunch cheaper.  More money for ice cream I say!

It’s the best Forerunner watch that Garmin’s got.  Whether you’re a runner or a triathlete, or perhaps just someone that likes runners or triathletes – this will do the trick.  As a non-triathlete, if you’re sporting one you’ll easily attract fellow triathletes or runners to you.  It’s like having a free wingman for dates when you want to target the athletic type.

That optical traffic-cone neon yellow band is a siren to the Type-A athletes out there that you’re serious about training.  Or at least serious about finding an athlete to bring home from the bar.

Giveaway Opens: 10:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 12:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Garmin FR935 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training or Clever Training Europe, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (or get 10% back in points on almost anything else), plus most devices get free shipping too! Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item. If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


Finally – for those asking – I’ll post all the winners sometime later Thursday afternoon (time-zone TBD depending on…life).  I’ve still gotta fish out a few more people from the SPAM buckets.  But fear not – everyone will get correctly accounted for, as well as any duplicates/etc removed.  Thanks again for coming along for the ride!


  1. Carlie

    Hopefully I can win.

  2. Daniel Johnson

    sweet watch!

  3. Amy

    Thank you!

  4. Mark S

    My dream watch!!!

  5. Josh

    Yes, this is the one I want!

  6. Nguyen Tung Lam

    I like Garmin Family

  7. Yuri

    Choose me!

  8. Kristin Dobbs

    This would be awesome!

  9. päivi

    me me me

  10. Szilacsy


  11. Lennart Dahlström


  12. scott A Suurmeyer

    Pick me, pick me.

  13. Tom Robertson

    I want this. This is the only thing I’ve wanted all day.

  14. Angelo

    Me me me

  15. Brayden McBride

    I would love this. Thanks DC.

  16. Neill T

    Fingers crossed ?

  17. Kristyl

    Yes please!

  18. Jerry

    Would love to finally try a Garmin, after being a Suunto loyalist for many years

  19. Doug Jones

    Whether I win or not, you have made my day with the giveaways!

  20. “When I was wandering in the desert
    And was searching for the truth
    I heard a choir of angels calling out my name
    I had the feeling that my life would”

    Rainmaker by Iron Maiden

  21. Stijn

    Nice one to finish!

  22. John w

    Garmin!!!! Need to update my fenix 3 since it’s still working great 🙂

  23. Tomer Yona

    Really great watch!
    Maybe I’ll win? :O

  24. Whelan

    Am I too late??

  25. Kevin ONeill

    Thank you, very cool.

  26. Kyle Doberer

    I think I only missed to give away items. Frankly they have all been great. This is an amazing thing you have going keep it up. And pick me please!

  27. Was just looking to buying one of these. how much better would it be to just win it! 🙂

  28. TomS

    It would go with my hair.

  29. Alexey


  30. Patrick

    Aw yaw

  31. Kristen Hummel

    Would love to win this!

  32. Kahle Jamieson

    Yes please!

  33. Francis Yates

    This would be an awesome replacement for my 920xt

  34. Rodrigo


  35. Sharon

    Thanks for such a great informative and motivational site

  36. Kevin

    Yes please!

  37. Henry Hering

    Thank you !

  38. Mat

    Would love it!

  39. Paula Archer

    I have a friend who could use that! (Or I could keep it and give him my 235. Would that make me a bad person?)

  40. Wojtek

    Let my tri preparations begin

  41. Canan

    This color looks great!

  42. David R

    I want to be the one. THE ONE.

  43. Karsten

    My new watch?

  44. Eric Esser


  45. Trent

    Did I win?

  46. Shane Price


  47. Lasse Rousi

    One for me

  48. Laurel


  49. SimonK

    Another great watch I’d be happy to own:)

  50. Ibrahim

    Garmin makes you faster

  51. Tom York

    Yea the Garmin!!!

  52. Ross

    thank you for all you do!

  53. Jeff Caterer

    Pick me please?

  54. Adis Handzic

    Gimme gimmeeeee… I need a new watch desperately.

  55. Joel Clawson

    Yes please

  56. Pierre Lafleur

    Une belle.montre pour moi

  57. Scott Baldwin

    I’d love this. Thanks Ray!!

  58. Dennis Vandegrift

    Me want Garmin!

  59. Matt

    I always like more watches

  60. Andrew

    Man this would make my North Face 50 so much better!!! To have an accurate way to know where the hell I am on the course! And of course than post to Strava!

  61. Anders Sandholm


  62. Eric h


  63. Maksim

    The last one

  64. peter

    love my garmins!

  65. Rogelio Abrego


  66. Steve

    Count me in!

  67. Wim Boonstra

    That would just be perfect!

  68. Ulf

    I need this one 🙂 please give it to me. Thanks 🙂

  69. Anders F.

    This would be awesome

  70. Gaurav Singh

    M Y P R E C I O U S !

  71. DP

    Im worried the yellow isn’t bright enough…

  72. Regan Booth

    Fingers crossed! Was looking to upgrade!

  73. Matthew Blackburn


  74. Mat

    One can ty…

  75. Peter

    At Whistler mtbing

  76. Jason Ryther


  77. Juan vela

    Great I can replace my polar m400 with a farming watch

  78. Tim Connor

    Hope this one has my name on it 🙂

  79. Tim

    Good evening

  80. M Douglass

    great effort.

  81. Stuart


  82. JK

    Me, pretty please?

  83. Tron

    I’d love to have this watch, plastic or not.

  84. Jason W.

    What time is it? Time for me to win a new watch. Fingers crossed.

  85. Kelly B

    Can’t have too many running watches!

  86. Ken Bognar

    Need me a Forerunner!

  87. Christopher K

    This or a fexix5… hmmm

  88. Frank Bicking

    Cool, would love this.

  89. Laszlo

    OK,I’m in!

  90. Piotr

    give me

  91. Bill Converse

    What a great tool for training, would really appreciate this

  92. Daniel

    Motivation to finish an IM in the battery time =p

  93. Brady M


  94. Brad

    Ray, you’re the best, thanks for all you do for us

  95. K Burns


  96. Rodrigo

    No.1 fan!!!!!

  97. Jonathan Lo

    Pick ME!!!

  98. Mike

    Thanks for all the great reviews.

  99. Thomas Gwyn Burgin

    Woo, last one!

  100. Budi

    I want this please…..

  101. Oskar Drenske

    Is nice, I like

  102. David Heath

    Yes please.

  103. Emily K

    Great prizes dcr!

  104. Anders

    Perfect for my runs and maybe a tri?

  105. Chris


  106. Pick me! My Fenix 2 is in serious need of replacing!

  107. Drew Downing

    Need to replace the vivoactive. It’s having issues.

  108. Iain C

    Fingers crossed…would really like a new watch

  109. Alexander


  110. Carla R

    I would like my clever training shopping spree to begin.

  111. AECSUSN

    Yes please!

  112. Carleen M


  113. Iwona

    to a lady 🙂

  114. Cara Seuell

    For my husband

  115. Stan B

    This watch is definetly for running. And biking. And swimming.

  116. Jessie

    Yellow watch

  117. Dave

    Sorely needed. My 920XT is old and tired!

  118. Mark H

    Aw… the end? I forgot to check more during the day….

  119. Tom

    Thanks for doing this again!

  120. Quintin Gay

    Wicked watch

  121. Scheherazade

    Yes please!

  122. Chad Zeman

    This would be awesome to win!!

  123. Wes Thompson

    Bring it home!

  124. Tommi Vainikainen


  125. Rick Wold

    Last chance!

  126. JoergW


  127. Chris McDaniel

    Thank you!!

  128. Andrei

    Yes please!

  129. George Jones

    Love the specs on this watch! Great blog and podcast

  130. Mary Gutman

    Would love to have this!

  131. Eduardo

    Please!!!! ????????

  132. terry wright jr

    That would be a great upgrade to my 310xt

  133. Alexandru Popescu

    When will I ever receive something?

  134. Matthew

    Yes please. I’d love one. Thanks!

  135. Joseph

    It’s like you know exactly what I want! Please choose me!

  136. nate cook

    Yes please

  137. This is the last one today

  138. Brian G

    Pick me!

  139. Chris

    Good facial, thank you

  140. Benjamin Blackmon

    Yes please! This would be an upgrade over my Vivoactive HR.

  141. Bo :o)

    Giving this last one a try ?

  142. KimR

    Yarr, gimme the treasure

  143. Stephen Kok

    Choose me please. I love Garmim watches and i love your site!

  144. Khoo Teng Hin

    Need a new GPS watch. Garmin 310XT just died on me.

  145. Tran Tuyet Nhung

    I like Garmin

  146. John

    Always stat humble and kind

  147. Daryl

    Love Garmin and this great watch!

  148. Vincent Kalkman

    Thank you for this awesome event.

  149. steff overmars

    need that

  150. Brian

    A fine finale

  151. Akiva Wasser


  152. Zed & Ann

    Would be a nice surprise to get one by this lottery.

  153. Andrey Nakov

    Wow, nice!

  154. Sascha

    Best watch ever. Fingers crossed.

  155. Casey Gourley


  156. Marcello Quieti

    Feeling lucky. …

  157. Matthew Leary

    Perfect finish when I win this.

  158. Xavier

    I would love to replace my 735XT with this! 🙂

  159. Jet Pacapac

    last one fingers crossed!

  160. blayman

    A comment

  161. Lim Chong Tatt

    I need this to start my Half Ironman Training!

  162. henry f

    this would be pretty sweet…despite the colour!

  163. Filippo

    It was a real pleasure.. Thanks so much

  164. Jeff F

    Looks great.

  165. Johan


  166. Bon

    Would love this one…

  167. Daniel

    That one i really want

  168. Os

    Thanks DCR!

  169. Thomas Chang

    Last one before bedtime.

  170. D Walker

    sweet. Would b great

  171. Leendert van Nieuwenhuijzen

    other arm

  172. Greg

    Guess I can stop setting a 2 hour timer now 🙂

  173. Boris

    Nice giveaways. Thx.

  174. Jason weber

    Time for me to win

  175. Mark Nickerson

    Let’s go!!

  176. Ilse

    What a watch!

  177. Daniel

    Ah missed that Hero by few seconds…

  178. Kasper Vainio

    Nice one

  179. JennG

    This is the one I have been waiting for!!

  180. Martin Gustavsson

    Awsome, Ray!

  181. Ryan Shaw

    Would love to win! Thanks 🙂

  182. Nick

    I could use a new watch.

  183. Michael Triber

    I have been using Garmin Forerunner watches for years. I also help my running club members configure and show how to use the watches. After a little training they seem to love them even more. I am getting ready for my first half ironman and this watch would be great help for my training.

  184. Tim

    Thank you!

  185. phil000r

    The best Watch for me

  186. Nguyen Lam

    Lucky Garmin

  187. Gregory Nash

    Only have 920XT. Need at least 15 more XT.

  188. Riza Shaharudin

    I need this.

  189. Peter Eidegren


  190. Andy

    Yes please. 🙂

  191. Chris B

    For the wife

  192. Don Stats

    Well been debating over the Fenix X or 935. This may make my choice for me!! Thanks for the great reviews. They’ve helped make smarter decisions. Keep up the great work!

  193. Pearse Carberry

    Pleases and thanks yous!

  194. Ryan

    Please pick me. Today is my anniversary!

  195. Bob Cole

    I would love to have it!

  196. Ben

    So Many Goodies! Thanks Ray!

  197. Paul wessel

    This was great. Thanks for hosting!

  198. Den

    935 times “Yes!”

  199. Ken

    The end is near – so please let me win this Garmin!

  200. Joshua Hannam

    Top level stuff

  201. This is it. I feel it.

  202. Dennis

    It was quite the ride. Would love to win this one

  203. Bill Burgermeister


  204. Dani

    Not feeling lucky, but there’s always hope.

  205. Dave

    The wining comment

  206. Jordan A

    Considering my Fenix 3’s Barometric Altimiter is officially pooched and Garmin will give me a refurbished one for $190 bucks…… which is a touch steep for a 3-4-year-old refurbished device, this would replace it very nicely!

  207. Megan

    Yes please!

  208. Bob Cole

    I would love to have it!

  209. Frank Wortner

    What would I do if I won this? I won’t worry about it (much).

  210. Alberto V

    Like a moth to a candle…

  211. Sinem Savaser

    935 , pls come to your motha

  212. René Blondin Poulsen

    Great watch

  213. benjolito

    Thanks for giving away all these gadgets! Love the blog! Very objective!

  214. David Lynch

    Wrist candy!

  215. Marijke

    Please and thanks

  216. James Williams


  217. Ole Gunnar Tveit

    It’s all awesome!

  218. Les

    Nice, I’m in

  219. Verne

    Thank you for the extravaganza, Ray!

  220. Craig Anderson

    Make it rain

  221. Martin Stoev

    Yes, please!

  222. Roland Horth

    still hopeful

  223. Is this the forerunner of a good year?

  224. Dave

    Last one lucky?

  225. Nuse

    Pls pls plsplsplspls

  226. Tobi

    Nice, yellow

  227. Benoit B. (SenasPlage)


  228. enrico b.

    am i too late ?

  229. John

    If I won this I might actually take running back up. (No, not really.)

  230. Dan White


  231. Dave

    My Fenix 2 is gonna be so jealous!

  232. Federica

    This is a great watch! Love it !

  233. Silas

    This will get me into running!

  234. Shaalan Beg

    So youre sayin there’s a chance?

  235. Therese

    Would be great to get to use a smart activity watch

  236. Siddhu

    Would love to upgrade to this watch!!

  237. Jennifer

    Been wanting one of these since it became available.

  238. David Dallin

    Thanks for the gifts and more importantly, thanks for what you do for the world of sports electronics. You’re always my go to for any sage advice I’m looking for when investing hundreds of dollars on the next must have electronic device.

  239. Joachim Klein


  240. Alex

    Yeah, this one please!!

  241. Amit Krishna

    Looking to upgrade not only my sports watch but my activity & fitness level with the Garmin Forerunner 935. love the fluorescent color

  242. Lukas

    Finish line…

  243. Edward


  244. Bertel

    Crossing my fingers

  245. Arnold scheer


  246. Milan Germovsek

    Need to run

  247. Sebastian

    Nice watch, would compliment my Garmin Edge very well.

  248. Maxine g

    Perfect watch for next seasons triathlon training!

  249. Su N.

    Your review of this garmin watch convinced me it was the right one for my activities, and aspirational activities. Throwing my hat in the ring!

  250. Nathan Burks


  251. Mark Contreras

    Gimme, gimme, gimme a 935 after midnight…

  252. Mick anderson

    Please toys

  253. Mark Precious

    I’ll take one off your hands AND buy myself an ice-cream or ten too.

  254. John S.

    The cheese is old and moldy

  255. Mikael Berglund

    Yes please

  256. likepend1

    nice watch!!

  257. Dima

    Please give me give me give me ?

  258. Edward

    Thank you!

  259. Jordan

    Last Chance

  260. Brent


  261. Jeff Sammons

    Just for me

  262. Mitch McDonald

    I’m feeling pretty good about this!

  263. Aaron

    Literally just ordered a 935 today, but make me send it back! Btw, the Clever Training discount code does not work on the watches. :'(

  264. Peter K

    Would look good on my wrist!

  265. Eduardo Fiallos


  266. Antti

    Good morning

  267. Richard Yeoman

    Please please please

  268. Scott Harding

    Last try.

  269. Noah

    Need sum dat ‘mericone dream

  270. Mikao

    Be mine, please

  271. Max Sokrut

    The last but not least. Such a wonderful prize!

  272. Rob E

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  273. Dan B

    In a world….. where that thing ends up on my wrist!!

  274. Hunter

    Hello there!

  275. Jonathan Collins

    Yes please ?

  276. Yung Kim

    Yes please!

  277. Tom

    Ray is awesome

  278. Mick Bakker

    Love it DC!!

  279. Marc

    Thanks Ray for all the content you prepare and publish on your website!

  280. Frank F

    Yay. Nice way to finish

  281. Petra

    I’ve been coveting one of these!!! So pretty!

  282. Ross

    Love the look of this, count me in!

  283. Henrik Teinvall

    Maybe this one

  284. Rachael Yeoman

    It be mine!

  285. Derek

    Need a new watch

  286. Danny Roelofsen

    Nice watch!!

  287. Lee Gilbert

    Awesome prize to end on!! As a proud owner of the 920xt, I would love to upgrade. 🙂

  288. Federica S


  289. Blaine

    DC Rainmaker I need it.

  290. tevis ong

    Gimme gimme gimme!

  291. Justin


  292. Deborah

    Give me a watch

  293. Yoeri Geerits

    Def solid 920 upgrade! Yes, please….

  294. Aldo

    I KNEW this was going to be the last one!!! I have one but why not have another? You know, just a spare 😀

  295. Erik Molina


  296. my fenix3 is old, need this

  297. Jeff Spencer

    Time to retire my 310xt!

  298. WK

    I need a new watch

  299. Benjamin M Boblis

    All but things must come to an end.

  300. Jenny

    This is awesome!

  301. Chipper Nicodemus

    Would love a new watch!

  302. Marek

    Best one yet 🙂

  303. Ravioli

    For my husband

  304. Nick Keen

    Go on then.

  305. Radu Gulie

    I’m in

  306. Bartek_Zet

    I’m in.

  307. Jorge C

    Fenix P yeeeessss!!!

  308. Beth E

    I’d love a Harmon upgrade!

  309. Simon Nigsch

    OK Nice

  310. Jeff Elmer

    I would love to have this watch!!! Fingers crossed

  311. Barry Brown

    Choose me, please!

  312. Mathieu cagnard

    That will be sweet

  313. CCarcalho

    My wife would love to win this.

  314. Markus

    A comment

  315. Alisha S

    This. Would. Be. FABULOUS.

  316. CC

    Woman gets 935

  317. Ninad W

    I <3 DC Rainmaker!

  318. Jeremy Janson

    Yes please!

  319. Peter Gibson

    My wife wants this.

  320. Eric s

    Let’s give away to me!!

  321. Oliver

    I want!

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  323. Carl

    I need this

  324. Guy

    Great reviews. Keep up the good work!

  325. Brittany Carvalho

    Great for running!

  326. Halvor Vøllestad


  327. Dustin M Doucet

    Pick me, pick me! Thanks, Ray!

  328. Aditya Naik

    Would be nice for running

  329. Reuben Singer

    It might be time to put away the vivoactive and try something like this.

  330. Pekka

    Nice watch

  331. John Freeney

    Me me me pick

  332. thelina

    would be great

  333. Joe

    Hello from Iowa

  334. Joseph Voelker

    I never win anything …

  335. Daniel

    Long day. Time to get some rest and dream about prizes.

  336. ron

    last one fast one

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    Me please!!

  338. Michael Paxton

    Sadness. ;(

  339. Troy S


  340. Ryan

    Yes please!

  341. Jonas S.

    Last but not least.

  342. That’s what I waited for!

  343. David

    I need a new triathlon watch!

  344. Danny


  345. Lauri


  346. Michal

    Best things come for those who wait 🙂

  347. Patryk

    I’m in

  348. AnssiT


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  350. Marius

    Hi. Feeling Lucky

  351. Nathan

    Good luck everyone!

  352. Flemming

    Would be a welcome update

  353. Teo ciontu

    Pls tell me I’m not to late for this.

  354. Michael R Peterson

    I could return my 5x!

  355. Mat

    Oh this is the business. Defo the next one I want

  356. Mandy Breen

    Pick me, would be a good upgrade from Vivoactive.

  357. I would like to have this beautiful watch!

  358. JJones

    The pudgy lady is singing/

  359. Semahat Senipek

    Thanks DCR for all these 🙂

  360. Carlos Gonzalez

    Would love to win this!

  361. David

    Definitely need one of these

  362. Art Kiwacz

    Hey, i hope luck will turn to me

  363. CC

    Tri watch yes

  364. pnoel

    Perfect for my next triathlon

  365. Frank Lamers

    The end 🙁

  366. Jonathan Bylund

    Cmon baby! I’m feeling lucky!

  367. Chris

    Nice watch =)

  368. Jason Chan

    I need a 935!!!!!

  369. Eugenia

    I love running!!!

  370. Allen Black

    My 910xt needs a replacement.

  371. StefanU

    Make running great again!

  372. Greg

    This would work nicely.

  373. Emily

    Me please!

  374. Sunduz Kinay

    I’d love to get one! This is the best multi-sports watch on the market.

  375. Michał

    Please give me just this one

  376. Denis L

    Want it. Thanks!

  377. Mark l

    Watch out!

  378. Michael D

    Thanks Ray! This is why you are the best!

  379. Vasilis

    And, finish line….!

  380. Thank you for all of the great reviews.

  381. Billy Oliver

    That battery life would be awesome for my first 100 mile ultra.
    Thanks for the chance.

  382. Matt

    Yes please!

  383. Javier

    Lovely watch!

  384. Philip Pierpont

    Yes please!

  385. Tom K.

    The thing I’d like to win the most so far

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    Great final giveaway.

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    Thanks for all your great reviews. Count me in!

  391. Deborah

    New month new watch

  392. Nate Jackson

    I’d love this one! Fingers crossed!

  393. Marie

    Love your blog!!! This is the only place I go for equipment advice! I absolutely need this watch!!!! I have 4 kids and need time to myself!!!

  394. Ugur Kinay

    This would be a huge upgrade for my son’s 920xt!

  395. Maximiliano


  396. Eric M

    Last chance!

  397. Anders Skibsted Mogensen

    Great giveaway 🙂

  398. Thomas P Grolemund

    Plastic version is good for me.

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    So this is how it started with The Girl?

  401. Jakubator

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  403. Dror

    My friends don’t won’t me to win so please…..

  404. Sam y.

    If I win, I won’t be able to come up with a good excuse not to wear a watch anymore.

  405. Mark Botting

    Great watch this

  406. Brendan Boland

    Would love it!

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    Great stuff. Thanks, Ray

  408. Grace Bailey

    The “Type A” in me needs this yellow beauty.

  409. Daniel H Snow

    Another cool tool!

  410. Gee

    I need a new one

  411. MaXimuS

    As you said: “It’s the best Forerunner watch that Garmin’s got.”
    A no-brainer !!

  412. Kris

    Nice watch 🙂

  413. Sergey

    I want to win!

  414. Mayke Lamers

    Het einde.

  415. Felix S

    Run run.

  416. Alexey Sh

    I want it !!!

  417. David Goh

    New watch 235 to FR935

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  420. Hans-Hermann Hoppe; such a legend.

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