Giveaway Extravaganza: DJI Spark


Watches aren’t your thing? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Literally in this case – the DJI Spark can make sure you’ve got coverage from above.  Almost all selfies look better from further away, and this will do exactly that for you.  And, in rare cases it can even follow you on your bike – perfectly capturing the moment you crash into that tree while looking over your shoulder trying to spot the drone.

Don’t fret though – that moment might just make you rich on YouTube when it goes viral.  If you didn’t crash into that tree, then this unit easily fits into your back jersey pocket to grab the perfect Instagram or Strava worthy pic.

Giveaway Opens: 2:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: DJI Spark

Product Source: Myself
Fine Print: Base Spark package in color of your choice.

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Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item. If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. Mark Douglass

    wow! fingers crossed

  2. Jack

    Yes, please! I’ll send you my address.

  3. Christoffer

    Comment dropped

  4. Thomas

    That would be fun!

  5. Nick Ong


  6. Leendert van Nieuwenhuijzen

    must be a RBR 08-10-2017

  7. Karlheinz


  8. Gerrit van der Heide

    Oh yeah!

  9. Alfredo

    Taking pot luck!

  10. Eirik Tørneng

    Yes please

  11. Vincent Kalkman

    Love to win Sparky 😉

  12. Atis

    I’m in!

  13. For a sporty, Nikon Pro Shooter, this drone might just be a fantastic supplement 🙂

  14. Michael Swann

    Love a new toy to play with

  15. Massimiliano Panichi

    A brother for my Mavic

  16. Wojtek

    Love to have such device!

  17. BIll Heng

    Awesome stuff!

  18. So great. It would be awesome!!!
    Best regards, Patrick

  19. Denis L

    Hello, let’s fly!

  20. mucher

    This is nice and shiny

  21. Daniel

    This would make a great addition to my gadget collection 😉

  22. Heidi

    DJI Spark would be great for those long trail runs!

  23. David

    Would definitely love winning one to film my wedding !

  24. Dennis Stridh

    Fly me to the moon!

  25. Andrii

    I always wanted a drone

  26. Gemma Cunliffe

    Fun when running with the dogs

  27. Darren

    Fingers crossed…

  28. Yoel Reboh


  29. Jon E

    Yes please

  30. Andreas


  31. Simon R

    Please ?

  32. KD

    Send it my way!

  33. Piotr

    I take it

  34. Thomas R Fairley


  35. Great giveaway Ray – briliant reviews and advice 🙂

  36. Christopher

    Rolling the dice

  37. Serge

    Very nice!

  38. Jyrki P.


  39. Terence Chia

    Talking about drones… Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

    Today (9th August) is Singapore’s National Day and for the celebration event, 300 unmanned drones will take to the skies at the Singapore National Day Parade for the first time in the parade’s history.

    I am sure the footage will be online somewhere – check out the spectacle!

    • Andrew M

      Not sure I care too much about the footage. But I do want to know what a fleet of 300 drones sounds like… 🙂

  40. Marcin

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  41. Ross M

    Yes, please

  42. Katharine Burns

    wow that’s cool. lucky lucky

  43. Jacob

    Please me!

  44. Edson

    Randomly pick me! 🙂

  45. Poly

    Hope to win this one. 🙂

  46. Dave Norman

    Yes please.

  47. Tom Incaking

    Lucky entry

  48. Hi there, drone would really be nice.


  49. And another cool item 🙂

  50. Ian T Hamilton

    Thanks in advance!

  51. Gary C

    I can just imagine the fun the kids would have with this on this years Great Victorian Bike Ride! Distractions might be a problem though:(

  52. Luis Huete

    Cool!! Thank you for this!

  53. Iwona

    me me!

  54. Ash

    Yes please!

  55. Drew

    Woot! DJI 😀 I could have so much fun

  56. Paul

    This should be fun!

  57. Örjan Jämte

    Have been looking at many reviews of this.

  58. Paul G

    Pretty please.

  59. Jesse Bennett

    It’s electric boogie woogie

  60. Zachary miller


  61. Philip


  62. Ebrahim

    This would be fantastic

  63. Vasilis

    I want it for sure

  64. Neil Robertson

    Fly fly fly to me

  65. Martin Reinfjell Johansen

    Incredible stuff!

  66. Kristofor

    This seems like a great option

  67. Marco

    This thing could follow me during my rides or on holidays, nice!!!

  68. Pavel Burger

    Hey, I would like to have one too 🙂

  69. Michael

    yes gimme one

  70. Christian

    Would bei great

  71. peter

    drone please

  72. jolene

    i could use this

  73. Julia

    Here should be my comment 🙂

  74. Björn

    Would like to have one

  75. Yeung Stella

    I want this!

  76. Martijn

    With that nice picture of Market it would be great.

  77. David Leon

    That’s more like it

  78. grasscar

    I sure would like to enjoy the view…

  79. Telephone


  80. Travis Kirk

    I’d love to try one of these out

  81. jeremy


  82. Kasper

    This would be awesome to have

  83. Boris

    C’est qui cette fourmi là ? ha ! c’est moi 🙂

  84. Tim Jones

    Could Christmas arrive early this year?

  85. Jerry C

    I’m in

  86. Marco

    A red one for me 😉

  87. David Higginson

    Very cool.

  88. Alex Palatnik

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  89. Dave

    This’d be great to play with!

  90. Neil Strenge

    Fly by filming…. cool!

  91. Patrick

    Yes please! Let me crash in to a tree for you ! 😉

  92. Brano Jacko

    Pick me pls 🙂

  93. Lars Ejaas

    Wow, this is awesome! I hope I will be the lucky winner!

  94. Adam

    plz let me have it 😀

  95. Martin Lavric

    Would love to win that one!

  96. Kieran Rowland

    This would be brilliant to get footage on my long trail runs! woohoo

  97. Dustin Meador


  98. Robin


  99. Tiago Pinhal

    This is great! I want one 🙂

  100. Ganabu

    Zooooooom! How much fun would it be.

  101. Paul R Foster

    Love the youtube channel

  102. Graeme

    Amazing ?

  103. jan

    yes please

  104. Colin Smith

    Very cool!

  105. Andre

    Let`s fly!

  106. Tim Davies


  107. Elar

    I’d love to use it to search for new trails

  108. Mark Hopkins

    Fantastic piece of kit, fly it over to me please.

  109. Markus Living

    Yes please

  110. Emerson

    Drone heaven: Yes please

  111. Leo

    Can this thing deliver itself? 🙂

  112. Richard

    I’d like to win this!

  113. Tom Coussement

    Toys for boys ?

  114. Darren

    Still loving your work

  115. Rob Piatt

    Look at me Mom, I’m flying

  116. Erik

    Would be nice to have..

  117. JB

    I’ll tak one, please.

  118. Charlie O.

    Keep going on DCR! I wish i win 🙂

  119. Mathieu

    Why not 🙂

  120. Joshua Rutkowski


  121. Roger Jansson

    Ahhh, a DJI spark. What a great giveaway.

  122. Perfect for my ski holidays!

  123. Martin

    Would be nice

  124. Brad Martens

    I am feeling lucky

  125. Honor Alt.


  126. Monia Filipe

    Count me in!

  127. Michael Fisher

    My spying on the neighbours can continue….

  128. Lee Watts

    I’ve never won anything in my life!

  129. Jared

    Thanks dcr

  130. Stefan

    Would be an awesome thing to have 🙂

  131. Osbert

    Yes please

  132. Adrian Cuciurean

    Cool Stuff

  133. Mark k

    Travel companion.

  134. Marco K

    Yes please!

  135. Der

    Yes please Ray

  136. Janne Koskinen

    Yes please!!

  137. Joel

    Some witty banter.

  138. Oscar

    This would be great to get 🙂

  139. Pierre

    Nice selfies! Thanks for your execellent website!

  140. Matthew

    Lets do this!!!!! DJI come home!!!!!

  141. Daniel

    I ja bi to!

  142. Ben Patton

    Me please!

  143. Paul Little

    Yes please ??

  144. Felix

    Argh why are these Giveaway extravaganza’s always happening when I’m about to board a longhaul flight 😀

  145. Alexander Björk

    Probably won’t win this one either 🙂

  146. Matthias


  147. Kentin

    I want!

  148. Mike G

    Yes please

  149. JJ Ounur

    Thank you DCR for this opportunity

  150. Florian


  151. Dom

    Round II – wish me luck

  152. Murray

    Drone on

  153. Daniel F

    This is my comment.

  154. Cédric

    Of course I’m in, I’ve been looking at the spark for weeks…
    And it would be a great birthday gift, which is today 🙂

  155. Rob h

    Randomly pick me!!

  156. davidt

    swim. bike. run.

  157. Hannes

    That would be so great!

  158. Chris

    I’ll take two! =)

  159. Matthew


  160. Hon

    Fingers crossed

  161. Heather Ferrell


  162. Nic

    This looks awesome but I’d give it 10 minutes before getting it stuck in a tree ?

  163. Phil Reed

    Would love to spark up my life!

  164. Brett

    This would be awesome!

  165. Peter

    Yes please, flying

  166. Drew Dovek

    Looks awesome!

  167. Dylan

    I have a DJI Spark sized hole in my life!

  168. Jonny Willett

    Great blog Ray

  169. Bart

    Come fly with me!

  170. Claus

    I hope i win

  171. Zenon

    Fly away…

  172. Oscar P

    Amazing! Love it.

  173. Oskar Von Essen

    Would love this! Sweden just ( 1 st of August) made drone usage legal for filming and taking pictures.

  174. Michael

    Woohoo me please!

  175. David

    I’ve been wanting a you like this for a while.

  176. Adam

    This would be so cool!

  177. Chris B.

    Did i miss the Fenix?! Doh!

  178. Erik Molina

    This would be a great companion for hiking on Oahu! Thanks for doing this!

  179. Nimrod S.

    Pick me Pls

  180. Anders Sivesind

    Yes, please 🙂

  181. Sean

    With pleasure !

  182. Andy CS

    Weee… Djiiii….
    (this is a comment :p)

  183. I always wanted such a drone!

  184. Sabina

    Hey Ray would enjoy much thanks please?

  185. Ed Seguinte

    It’d be nice to win

  186. Navin Sadarangani

    Strike a pose!

  187. Pawel

    Would be nice to show also European times also. Say GMT at least.

  188. giovanni pravadelli

    Here I am, trying too..

  189. Seb

    Dang thing looks nice.

  190. RomanS

    This is it

  191. Johan Beetge

    With this like these I’m concerned that SkyNet is a step closer! Pick me so i can enjoy these last moments.

  192. Fred

    Would be nice!

  193. JGL

    Super cool:-)

  194. Felix P.

    cool thing!

  195. Quintin Le Roux

    Awesome drone this one!

  196. Going to South Africa in a few weeks, think of the holiday snaps!

  197. David

    In 🙂

  198. Spike

    Awesome drone!

  199. Jon

    Looks cool

  200. Karl

    This is not so great for golfing bt I would take it, I guess 😛

  201. Thomas Gwyn Burgin

    OMG that is sweet! I want!

  202. sebastiaan


  203. Miller Eryck

    SO NICE !! Would be perfect for my first drone.

  204. Rita

    For my morning runs 🙂

  205. Tomasz


  206. Helder Azevedo Rodrigues

    Lost the first one. But won’t lose another!

  207. Max

    Would love this!

  208. Alan

    I would like this very very much!!!

  209. Joshua Ostrowalker

    Cool drone tech!

  210. Kyle d.

    Spark might be nice!

  211. Trond

    Yes please

  212. Mike

    Just starting working a full time job so this would come in handy.

  213. Jonas N. Sivesind

    Crazy giveaway! Keep it up!

  214. Borna Šimić

    yes please

  215. Tom

    Pick me!

  216. Matthias

    That would be great, my old camera stick is falling apart;-)

  217. Michal K

    Hello! This would be a nice gift for my son’s birthday. Greetings from France.

  218. Dylan

    That would be sweet!

  219. Tony Emmeborn

    Would be fun!

  220. Mark

    Yes please 🙂

  221. Dianne Lee

    My husband would love this

  222. Marek

    What a nice drone you have here. I really, really like drones a lot. I like to look them fly, if you know what I mean. 😉

  223. Joining this giveaway for my son! Thanks DCR

  224. Dan thomas

    Yes please, love your review!

  225. Karolina

    Why not?

  226. power_windows

    nice Extravaganza

  227. Matej

    That would be awsome!

  228. John L

    That looks awesome!

  229. Herbert

    just right for me 🙂

  230. Peter

    looks cool. how long can that thing fly? 🙂

  231. Trond Pedersen

    Would like rosin this

  232. Charlie

    Nice drone!

  233. Javier

    The blue thunder! XD

  234. That would be nice 🙂

  235. Lars

    I’d really like to bring my footage to a new height! 😉

  236. Ward VR

    Wow, this would be so cool to play with in the mountains.

  237. Tomasz Kochmanski

    I’m pretty convinced this will be the winning comment to get the Spark.

  238. Tim B

    Sweet stuff!

  239. Jeff Wallace

    I’m in!

  240. Hari

    I’m just here to read the comments 😉

  241. Pete


  242. Sean

    Let’s give this a try

  243. John Warton


  244. Bo

    That I would really like.

  245. Graham Cunning

    I’ve never had the chance to use one….so here’s hoping!


  246. Marco Biancini

    I could see world from another view

  247. Katrin

    Super cool!

  248. Kostas Christidis

    Drones, alright!

  249. Ville

    For me 🙂

  250. Thomas Wylie

    I’ll take one!

  251. Mr. Hochheim

    Awesome piece of technology

  252. Erik


  253. Antonella

    Love extravaganza day!

  254. Brian Owens


  255. Tom Hagger


  256. Kjell Inge

    Tapering for Axtri with the Extravaganza today ?

  257. Adam Rolls

    Can I have a Spark

  258. Sheri K

    I’ve always wanted a drone and the spark looks great.

  259. Ben

    Will I see my bald spot?!

  260. Martin

    Looks so good 🙂

  261. Andras Beck

    That would record a wonderful shot about my outdoor runs 🙂

  262. Koen K

    good luck to me ;-D

  263. Hans Van Eylen

    would be a nice addition to its bigger brother Mavic

  264. Chris Houghton

    This is my year!

  265. Viljar

    Yes please 🙂

  266. Peejers

    Oh always wanted one

  267. Sergey

    never had a drone. would love to play with it!

  268. Mathieu cagnard

    I am in.

  269. Ray Barnett

    Hello! Yes please!

  270. Juha

    Fingers crossed!

  271. Sinem


  272. sdfx

    Very nice!

  273. Aj

    Woho a drone

  274. Brian Free

    Been wanting to get my hands on one of these drones. Fingers crossed.

  275. Benoit Faivre

    Thanks for this opportunity Ray.

    I’m going to New Caledonia at the end of September and would love to have this to capture the sea and the top of the mountains during the hikes I’ll be doing 🙂

  276. Mark Hughes

    Oooh nice!

  277. Nick Hutton

    Count me in

  278. Suzy Houghton

    Hubby would love this

  279. Maikel Janssen

    Yeah, very cool!!

  280. Ibeti

    I hope that the riding into a tree thing is not mandatory …

  281. Pekka

    Wow, this would be nice!

  282. Greg

    Definitely glad I stayed up now 🙂

  283. Douglas McMasters

    Thank you for the offer!

  284. Paulo

    It’s on my wishlist

  285. Krispy

    So many comments! Well, here goes nothing 🙂

  286. Rod.

    I want it!

  287. Ben chan

    The DJI spark will be a great addition to my trekking adventures!

  288. Onur Aydemir

    Would be fun!

  289. Tomislav Bl

    This would be a great gift for my wife (and our sports adventures) 🙂

  290. John Shanks

    Heading to Florida so on of these would be perfect

  291. Colin

    Watch the birdie…erm drone!

  292. Alan Norman

    I would love it.

  293. Markus


  294. Xpider

    I’ve never tried one of this

  295. Ty

    To infinity and beyond!!!

  296. Lou

    In it to win it…

  297. Gilles martin

    That’s for my son!

  298. Ken Dolbey

    Pretty neat!

  299. Dean

    Very early Christmas present.

  300. Alex

    A drone would be cool!

  301. Hans Huisman


  302. Richard

    Gimme gimme

  303. Mark Wells

    Yes please

  304. Cedric

    Yes yes yes yes yes

  305. Elvin Caceres

    Thats nice

  306. Andreas Laestadius

    Yes please!

  307. MikeKomputer

    Awesome !

  308. Cillian Cook

    Yes Please

  309. Beste

    Love it

  310. Oleg

    I like your extravaganza

  311. Dennis Uy

    wow! yes please!

  312. Viljo

    Yes please!

  313. Mats

    Yes please

  314. Peter

    Let’s see if I am lucky.

  315. Brent Hassall

    Top prize!!!

  316. Alan Duggan

    Wow! Count me in!

  317. David Gonçalves

    What? DJI spark? This is Christmas in summer time.

  318. Mel

    Entering competition

  319. Paul

    Have always wanted to own a drone!

  320. stepan velensky


  321. Jens Gundelwein

    Let me be a pilot.

  322. Matthew

    Would make a fantastic addition to my travel photography kit

  323. John


  324. Martalda

    I like it!

  325. Amadeo Lazaro

    Really nice stuff

  326. Tony Niemann

    I’m in

  327. Marek

    Come on!

  328. Micheal Stevens

    You’re great Ray!

  329. Paul S

    Count me in!

  330. Aben

    I love this drone

  331. Charles dL

    I am in

  332. Fusun

    This is fun!

  333. Joonas

    This one would be really cool!

  334. Chris Crandall

    #Drones4Lyfe #ILiterallyNeverWinNuttin

  335. Raymond Causton

    That would be nice

  336. Diana Faivre-Plozner

    Thanks! My husband would love MY spark!!

  337. Ralf

    Looks nice.

  338. Danny Hansen

    Fly fly away.

  339. Would love some drone tech.

  340. ondrejtoral

    Would love the DJI Spark

  341. Michael

    That would be a fun toy

  342. Nurlan

    Let’s play the game )

  343. Graham

    You need to change your name to GiveAwayRay! Bring it on 🙂

  344. Jeff Badcock

    You do good work Ray…

  345. Ian Clements

    ‘Ere mister, gis a go on your flying buzzing thingyamajig. ?

  346. Julian

    Missed the Fenix5 giveaway by a few minutes… let’s hope this one brings me luck!

  347. Jose Enrique Martinez

    Great giveway. Let’s try!!

  348. Wouter Van Genechten

    Was already thinking about buying one!!

  349. JapanRunner

    Wow! Just when I thought it could not get any better!

  350. Alexander Clarke

    Yes please Ray! I hope I got the time zone conversion right!

  351. Martijn

    Count me in!

  352. Christian L. Simensen


  353. Jacob

    In it to win it…

  354. Paul g lewis

    Oh my. Would love this.

  355. Wouter Flemming

    Take me to the sky!

  356. Stuart Raven

    Love your reviews and website would be fantastic to win something you have reviewed !

  357. francois

    I am in !!

  358. Show me the Drone!! show me the Drone!!!!!!!!

  359. John

    That would be cool!

  360. Ales

    Omg, yes please!

  361. izmendi

    I would be the best pilot of the sky

  362. Therese

    Oh … perfect for footage of scenic rides!

  363. Tas Papasolomontos

    Yes please – would be amazing!

  364. Daniel Dukers


  365. Vinvin

    yes please !

  366. Jim O'Donovan

    Yes please.

  367. Souquieres Philippe

    Yes please perfect to follow me 😉

  368. Riccardo Canola

    I’m in!

  369. Michael Bauer

    Give it to me…

  370. Jonathan Hughes

    Yes please!

  371. Timothy de Vries

    Looks great!

  372. Gary Hampson

    Fingers crossed!

  373. stef

    DJI gives you wings 😉

  374. Kevin Marshallsay

    yes please 🙂

  375. Noel J Finegan

    Oh yes, that would do nicely!

  376. Pierre Etienne Favre


  377. G

    Amazing dron to capture those cycling routes in the mountain.

  378. Jeroen Van Beirendonck

    A drone ? Why not ? Fly me to new heights #yesplease

  379. Jaap

    That would be nice

  380. Ivan Lowe

    Yes please

  381. Gary

    I’m In 🙂

  382. D Boronte

    Really want it 🙂

  383. ilze Dienava

    THis would be a nice one

  384. Matthias


  385. Timo Lehtinen

    Good stuff!

  386. Evan

    Funny that. Taking some family photos just now

  387. Cezary

    Second try.

  388. Andrew

    For the win!

  389. steve

    yeahhhhh love it

  390. Brage B.


  391. Wim Schelfaut

    I believe I can fly!

  392. Iain

    I’m in!

  393. Marc

    Would be very nice to have this!

  394. Antoine W.

    Woh that’s awesome, love this !
    Fingers crossed

  395. Binki

    Who’s stronger? Tree or drone?

  396. Nicolas

    I’d love to get this ont

  397. Radu

    I’m in ?

  398. Jeremy Birch

    Looks sweet. Sign me up, please

  399. Eric

    That would be awesome!

  400. Carl T

    Great for filming my mountain bike adventures!

  401. Martin Perry

    Was literally thinking of buying this the other day, so yes please!

  402. Dukers

    Flying is nice

  403. Joppe

    To the moon!

  404. Jasper

    Thank you very much!

  405. Marijke

    Flyin’ high

  406. Vili

    Would be nice to have!

  407. Mark Boyle

    This would be amazing to take on my rides ?

  408. Y79

    One for me please!

  409. Tom W

    Oops, despite setting an alarm, missed the first one!
    Well if I’m lucky enough to win, I’ll donate this to cyclingmaven, he’s got confiscated in Morocco.

  410. Kristina

    This would be very nice!!!

  411. David Coleman

    Worth setting the alarm for!

  412. David Stevens

    Yes please! 🙂

  413. Dailos

    Hola! It would be great to have it!

  414. Matt

    hhhaaaaa, never win lucky game… Hope that will change this time

  415. Neil Williams

    This looks amazing and I was it!

  416. Enrique Ortiz

    Ok I will take

  417. Pavel

    A new drone! Hooray!

  418. Rene

    Would like to fly this thing

  419. Metodi Nikolov

    WOW, this is great!

  420. Brian

    It would really make my day

  421. Patrik Akselsson

    I’m in!

  422. Simon

    4 Robert

  423. Stefan

    Would be nice to fly with

  424. Bob

    Good way to push me to ride new places, as I live close to an airport and can’t fly there.

  425. Arjan

    I’m in!

  426. Guilleemo

    Simple, easy…fly it.

  427. Hidde

    Yes please! Awesome giveaway as always Ray.

  428. Heath Eckersley

    Towns from the couch sounds bloody good to me, cheers!!

  429. Marcin

    I’m in and winning

  430. Graham Clarke

    Love the reviews – would love this toy!!

  431. P Dukers

    I would like to win one

  432. Tan D

    Always wanted a drone.

  433. Mihael Polzelnik

    Are you serious?!? :)) I believe I can fly…

  434. andrea appendino


  435. A Gace

    Would love one

  436. Kostas

    Yes please!!

  437. Mikael Berglund

    Would love to fly

  438. Roger

    I want it!!

  439. Oystein

    Spark! Omg!!!!

  440. Denis

    Wowzers! Yes please!

  441. Jim

    Promise not do anything too silly with it

  442. Alan

    Love it.

  443. Christoph

    very nice

  444. Martin Smith

    Excellent drone

  445. Daniel

    Good luck to all of you!

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    That and maybe doing some training.

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    Thank you!

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    Thanks for all your reviews btw, never by a bit of sport tech without consulting your site first!

  732. Darko

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    Thanks Ray!

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    Count me in please!


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    Keep up the excellent work!

  768. VICTOR G

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  770. Timrules


  771. Nicolas Soenen


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    Thanks CT and Ray

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  794. Philipp

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  795. Steve Ferdelman

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  796. David

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  797. Samuel Mills

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  798. Carlos A.

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  799. lovemyway


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    Thanks for all the fun!

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  814. gerard Thijssen

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  815. Donald Miller II


  816. Thomas Shaw

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  817. Would love to win the DJI Spark

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  823. Benjamin M Boblis


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  825. Lutz

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  826. Jérôme

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    Thanks for those opportunities! I love giveaway days!

    Cheers guys

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