Giveaway Extravaganza: Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT


I’m not gonna lie, I think it would be somewhat funny if for the winner of this giveaway, I initially just stuck a hardware store bolt in an envelope, and then wrote ‘Wahoo’ on the side with a Sharpie.  Just to see what they might e-mail me back with.  Only for me to respond with their actual tracking number of their real Wahoo BOLT.

C’mon, you know that’d be funny.

In any event – once their real Wahoo BOLT did arrive – they’d be off to the races.  Packed with Strava Live Segments and that new-fangled Live Tracking I just talked about, it’s one of the most capable bike computers out there.  Heck, I even wrote a full-on comparison about it a few weeks ago.  Best of all you can actually bolt it onto your handlebars semi-permanently with a small screw on the bottom of the aerodynamic mount.  This keeps your friends from stealing it during your next coffee break.

Though, with Live Tracking and all – it might not make for the best getaway device.  Just my two cents.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Wahoo Bolt In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Daniel Ryan

    This would mean I could stop using my Fenix3 as a bike computer!

  2. Jurgita

    Pretty please

  3. Mike Boardman


  4. Dave grod

    Happy morning :-)

  5. Tim Dowling

    Bolt either way is good

  6. Mandy Breen

    This would look great on my bike.

  7. Kris Nicholson

    yes please

  8. J-bro

    I need a bolt!

  9. MichaelH

    Thanks for the giveaways, should make work go by a little quicker! I’m in for the bolt.

  10. Dan Zimmerman


  11. Brandy

    Yes please!

  12. Kim Corthouts

    Yes please!

  13. Michael Lambert

    Like that you can bolt this down.

  14. José Manuel Muiña

    A very nice GPS unit.
    Fingers crossed to be lucky

  15. Julien R

    I’ll bolt onto this opportunity

    (Easy, I know)


  16. Susan B

    Could use this.

  17. Ales Kramarsek

    Great :) …

  18. Kay Estes

    I so need a new bike computer.

  19. George

    And another one. This is a fun way for you to build a list. I wouldn’t complain if the “subscribe me to the newsletter” button were clicked by default though.

  20. Robert

    Nuts for this Bolt! I’ll take it

  21. Jarkot


  22. Brook Mitchell

    yes please

  23. Roy Atkinson

    Yes please!

  24. Bora

    Hooraaay, another gadget for my new road bike.

  25. James L.

    Bolt me up!

  26. Nick

    I’d like to try it

  27. Steffen

    I’m In.

  28. Georg Langer


  29. Jamie Boyle

    Let me be done with Garmin

  30. hsuarnie


  31. Sean

    Looks awesome

  32. Kyle

    Yes please! Would love one of these to replace my Garmin

  33. Juan vela

    I will surprise my mates with this new bike computer

  34. Coedy

    Wahoo a bolt.

  35. Xander soudant

    Yes, please

  36. Rick Wold

    Awesome Extravaganza!!

  37. Stephen Connor

    Could do with a new head unit

  38. Bill B

    I have the original Elemnt, would love to match it with the smaller form factor.

  39. Kyle Morgan

    Me too!

  40. Cristina_V


  41. Gary Pigott


  42. Charlie B


  43. Dean

    Yes please!

  44. Andreas Haukaad

    I like.

  45. Chad

    This would be legit!

  46. Pawel

    Nice ☝️.

  47. Jurijus

    Pick me!

  48. Michael Harman

    Pick me! Love Wahoo gear.

  49. Will Spaetzel

    Yes please

  50. Jens Holmstrup

    Time for new gadgets …

  51. Lee Gilbert

    Had my eye on one of these for a while. 👍💚🚴

  52. Trond

    Yes please!

  53. Filip

    can’t wait for my new bike computer ;)

  54. David H

    My first entry into the best contest ever!

  55. Paul allen

    A wahoo bolt for me please Ray

  56. Tim fleenor

    Yes please!

  57. Jorge blanco

    I want it!

  58. HakonB

    One of those please OvO

  59. Tong

    I forgot time ?! Lol

  60. Zeynep

    Let me get this one.

  61. Jennifer P

    Oh please!

  62. Timo Lehtinen

    Just what I’m missing.

  63. Kyle Gray

    I’ll take 2 please

  64. I would love to receive this bike computer.

  65. Gary

    I need one!!!!!!

  66. Julian Fabian

    Wahoo! Would love one of these please!

  67. Matt

    Looks great

  68. Jonathan DeAngelis

    Wahoo indeed.

  69. Arkapol Saengdeejing

    Time to upgrade my Edge 520.

  70. Nigel Van de Velde

    Would be a giveaway for me too

  71. Dave Van Camp

    Ik wish i was a litle more Bolt(er), i wish i wansn’t lost…

  72. Kris

    I’m ready for a change up from my Garmin!

  73. Josh Caruso

    Winning this Bolt would be Usain…I mean Insane!!!!

  74. Tamás


  75. Jeff

    Yes please!

  76. Jonathan Fager

    Better odds than any lottery i’ve ever been in!

  77. Juwon Suh

    Yes please!

  78. Stefan

    Nice upgrade for my analog bike computer

  79. Stephen Morgan

    Text message display would be nice.

  80. Jess

    Would be a much appreciated addition!

  81. Kendra Carroll

    Do you Wahoo? I do. It would be a jolt if I couldn’t Bolt!

  82. Tiago Cardoso

    This one to Portugal!

  83. Edward Gerovian

    I don’t give a Bolt, just pick me!

  84. Ui Hwang

    Another try…

  85. Luke


  86. jose luis gomez

    This would be nice!

    Thanks man! you are awsome!

  87. Szenteleki Gábor


  88. Dirk-Jan


  89. Markus Dietinger

    Maybe this time

  90. Oscar

    Wooooo! Giveaway day!

  91. Pablo

    me me me please

  92. Chris B.

    Why did they name it after an email service?

  93. Timrules

    Hey Ray – make it rain!

  94. goh

    me please me please! =)

  95. Jan


  96. Martín Suárez

    This is awesome

  97. David Gray

    Trying to break out of my Garmin bubble!

  98. george gonzalez

    Hi Ray, how’s it going today?

  99. Miko Santos


  100. Walt

    Sign me up!

  101. Borut Dezman

    Would love one, tnx…

  102. Klaus

    to me pls. thx! : )

  103. Rónán

    Yahoo Wahoo!

  104. Adrian Collins

    I’ve recently been a BOLT for my bike. Looks like a great alternative to the Garmin Edge particular if you want better battery life.

  105. John M

    Count me in!

  106. Maarten

    This giveaway is becoming more amazing with every offer…!

  107. Richard D

    Thanks for your great thorough reviews

  108. Philip

    Free stuff is amazing!

  109. Ryan

    Sounds good to me.

  110. Jason mills

    Never had a bike computer, always made due with just a watch!

  111. dan

    Don’t pick those other guys, pick me.

  112. Yury Y

    Nice one :-)

  113. Thomas O'Reilly

    Please and Thanks.

  114. mucher

    Me, me! I need that!

  115. Krzysztof Kajetanowicz



    Need a new bike computer, please

  117. Erik songer

    What a gift. Id love one!

  118. Eyal

    Want it!

  119. Stephanie

    For my husband : )

  120. timr

    In it to win it!

  121. Ted D


  122. Corri

    Pick me! What a great bike computer.

  123. Jokim

    Oops, my endurance took too long and I’m misssing goodies!

  124. Ben

    I would love to have one

  125. Mark

    Would be great to bolt a bolt onto the bike

  126. A nice change from Garmin

  127. Michelle Tull

    Wow – awesomesauce!

  128. Jaco van Loggerenberg

    Would love to win this

  129. Steven

    Nice pick for me and my rides!

  130. Peter Davies

    What a lot of comments… ME ME ME !!

  131. Néstor

    Hi. One more. Thanks.

  132. Brage B.


  133. Stu Strang

    Woohooo wahoo!

  134. Nicholas Long

    Thinking about leaving the Garmin camp, this would help make my mind up for me :)

  135. I agree – a bolt in an envelope would be pretty funny.

  136. MattJ

    Wahoo would make a nice addition to my training!

  137. Chris D.

    Nice upgrade

  138. Jos Baum

    Would be nice!

  139. Andre magnusson

    Got to many kids so this one whill help me alot.


    One of my favorite days of the year!

  141. jm1

    Me too !!

  142. Sylvelie

    surprice me : )

  143. Dusanka Dezman

    One for my cycling crazy son please :)

  144. Nick S.


  145. Alexandru Popescu

    I wonder if I will ever win something…

  146. Euan Henry

    In honor of Usain Bolt’s retirement

  147. AJ

    Look good on my new bike

  148. Julian

    Lucky draw? Wahoo!

  149. Whitney M

    Wahoo! I’m so excited!

  150. Robert Shepherd

    It’s like gear-Christmas! Thanks DCR!

  151. Michael Ashton

    Bolt me baby! Say good bye to my Garmin that’s beyond frustrating!

  152. Jaco van Vuuren

    Yes please! I haven’t used a proper cycling gps computer in years.

  153. Gerard

    Another great prize!

  154. Rick Drosinski

    i could really use a Bolt

  155. JO

    i don`t understand how this works

  156. Josh S

    Count me in!

  157. Christian M


  158. Trisha Reyes

    Bike bike bike :)

  159. Marc


  160. David

    This would be a great replacement for my edge 500

  161. Tom Sandefur

    Very cool!

  162. Eduardo Arispe

    yahoo for wahoo!!!

  163. Jen Vandenberghe

    Yeah baby!

  164. Harry

    This would be a well used gadget

  165. Bruce Pisarek


  166. Niall

    Yes please

  167. John Kissane

    Looks good!

  168. Andrea Sweny

    I’m in!

  169. Siarhei Matashuk

    Great gadget!

  170. BG

    Thanks for this!

  171. MDus24

    greatest Extravaganza of all times?!?! :ö)

  172. Vit Vojtech

    My Edge 520 is losing signal on segments :(.

  173. MatevzH

    Hope this Bolt doesn’t retire yet…

  174. Miko

    It’s gonna be me. :)

  175. Majed

    I need one

  176. Jaymeth Maddox

    Sending an actual bolt would be hilarious. Even better if you managed to get Usain Bolt to show up at their door and yell “WAHOO!!!” when they answered it and then sprint off down the street. Might almost prefer that, actually…

  177. Scott Harding

    Bolt, yeah, to bad Usain Bolt couldn’t finish off his career with a win. And too bad Andre Degrasse (Canada) wasn’t there to be the first to beat him. Oh wait, that Bolt, yeah I’ll take one of those…

  178. Chris Graham

    New gear is always appreciated!

  179. Russell Aaronson


  180. Ovidiu

    One please!

  181. Clay

    Bolt it all!

  182. Mateiu

    wahoo baby! so original! much win!

  183. Frosty

    Dark Mark is a total bolt.

  184. Seth Lewkowitz

    Please also include a hardware bolt.

  185. Exactly the one I want!

  186. Hans Huisman


  187. Sara M in CA


  188. John P

    Glad I have been reading your stuff for a few years now

  189. Andy Turnbull


  190. Antonios

    Great computer!

  191. Seth Slipp

    I think the bolt is an amazing bike computer

  192. Gordon mission

    That’s what i am looking for

  193. Margaret Gaddy

    My husband would love this!

  194. Chris shaw

    Pick me. Pick me !!

  195. Pieter Hoogland

    Would be great to replace my old garmin…

  196. Christoph Kohls


  197. Justin Leopold

    Slept in too long

  198. Jan Willem den Braber

    Exactly what I was looking for!

  199. Sam

    Yeah Wahooooooo!

  200. Mike Boone

    Lightning bolt!

  201. Mike


  202. Ivica

    can I have one?

  203. KeithMTB

    Yahoo Wahoo!

  204. Roel Janssens

    Wahoo – in

  205. Philip Hensel

    Bolt Bolt Bolt

  206. Tracy

    Active Chicks Rock

  207. R. Taylor

    I have been wanting one of these for a VERY long time!!!

  208. Alistair Borchert

    How about a washer too!

  209. Zachary Henderson


  210. tindict

    Bolt me!

  211. pat

    Good luck to everyone.

  212. David M

    Me me me (please)

  213. spagbol1


  214. Alec

    Wahoo would be yelled if I won!

  215. Another great prize, sign me up!

  216. Blake Sills

    Yes please!

  217. Luca

    Nice piece…

  218. matthew kenny


  219. Gareth

    Me please

  220. George A Bold


  221. Iron Wingman

    Bolt me up!

  222. LUCAS

    seamless strava integration! love the wahoo element

  223. Radu C

    This is looks like a Garmin killer for my needs.

  224. Peter N


  225. Peter Eidegren

    Me like

  226. Cory


  227. Adrian


  228. Jeff Patrick


  229. John

    Track me!

  230. Christmas in August! This would be great to have.

  231. Bruno Medeiros

    Very good!

  232. Raphael


  233. Chris B

    bolt me please

  234. Tommy

    Why not?

  235. Erich Wollner

    awesome unit!!

  236. Richard

    Wahoo. My old Garvin 500 is on its last legs.

  237. Andrew


  238. Allison

    pick me please

  239. Lukas Haenel

    Good Gadget! Nice to have! :)

  240. Todd Fujimoto

    Would love to win this!

  241. gingerneil

    Still 100% in… Go me!

  242. Jared

    Would love to try one of these!

  243. Shawn b

    I’ll name it Usain

  244. Alyssa

    Yahoo Wahoo! I’ve always been intrigued but never pulled the trigger!

  245. Wally Kelly

    Pick me!

  246. Marshall Spradling

    Big fan of DCR!

  247. Chris Lawrence

    One if these would make my day!

  248. Patrick Anderson

    I would love this.

  249. Jake VanDewater

    Pick me!

  250. Johan Ekström


  251. Michael Dixon


  252. Jake s.

    Loving what wahoo is making these days.

  253. Darren Hinks

    Pick me!

  254. Marcus Ogle


  255. Matthew

    Bound to be better than the constantly malfunctioning Edge.

  256. Shawn

    I’m in

  257. Mark Lawrenson

    This is probably the one I would love most.

  258. Andrew Gillespie


  259. DaveG

    This would be a nice replacement for my Edge500.
    Lots of entries for this one.

  260. Pete C

    Yes Please DC!

  261. Renda

    Nice one. Must have one on my bike.

  262. Mark Hopkins

    Could really do with a new bike computer

  263. Emil H

    Crossing my fingers for a bike computer with decent battery time!

  264. Bob Goodman

    Gimme the bolt!

  265. Brian

    I want this, please.

  266. Christoffer

    Comment dropped

  267. Joseph Ferguson

    I wanna win! I wanna win!

  268. Rick

    Why not me?

  269. Tony k

    This would be a great addition to my bike.

  270. Simon

    Can I have a Chevy Bolt, too? :)

  271. Merlin Jantz

    Oh what a dream to win one of these!

  272. Marten

    Would be perfect on my new bike!

  273. Matt McCullough

    I would be so much faster with a Bolt!

  274. Torkil

    Cool stuff!

  275. Rider

    Count me in

  276. Kieran Manchester

    Yes please!

  277. Troy S

    I’d go wahoo if I wawon!

  278. Tom

    Wahoo Element Bolt!

  279. Benjamin

    Better than garmin? Need to test it!!

  280. Oleksandr


  281. Yukio

    please me !

  282. Chris

    I’m a wahooligan.

  283. Peter Thomas

    Wahoo! This’d be amazing to win. Cheers Ray.

  284. Nick Weiss


  285. Michael


  286. Lisa VanDusen

    yay!! would LOVE one of these to help advance my cycling for 140.6’s!!

  287. kaktusth

    Yes, please!!!!

  288. Andrew

    This would be a great addition to the family.

  289. Nate

    I have been thinking about giving the Bolt a try instead of a new Garmin.

  290. Ian Thompson

    Yes please!

  291. Burgess Eberhardt

    sure I need it

  292. Andrew

    If at first you don’t succeed……….

  293. Charles Snyers

    Why not!

  294. Been thinking about buying this!

  295. Dora

    Nice replacement

  296. oscar


  297. Jordan

    Looks nice.

  298. chrisp

    Can I haz plz?

  299. Michael Raz

    Love to add this to my equipment list

  300. MV

    I don’t even own a bike :p

  301. Folkert

    Would be perfect for the wifey.

  302. Steven W

    This would be a nice one! Thanks Ray!

  303. Keith

    Another great tool. Let’s go.

  304. Sven Goosen

    Would love this for The girl!

  305. Ryan T

    Yes, please!

  306. Gerry

    Another great item

  307. Tony k

    This would be great for my bike.

  308. Trevor

    pick me!

  309. Dror

    My friends don’t won’t me to win so please…..

  310. Fabricio D'Amico

    I like the bolt joke. Send them to me!

  311. Amanda A

    Looks good!

  312. Bruce Belrose

    I’d love one!

  313. Raymond de Jager


  314. Guillermo Garza

    It seems promising

  315. Rixter

    I love that new Wahoo GPS

  316. claudia brewer

    Happy Extravaganza give-a-way! :0)

  317. Nicholas Fournier

    Love this one.

  318. Michelle Rock

    Love it!!

  319. James N

    Me me meeeee (please!)!

  320. Eric A

    Yay technology! Wahoooooo!

  321. Zenon

    Maybe this time

  322. Alex

    Would love to test it

  323. Goran

    If u give it to me I’ll resell it

  324. Roman

    My new comp.

  325. Eetu Tourunen

    Im feeling lucky 🍀

  326. Alberto Gonzalez

    This computer could make me as fast as that Jamaican runner…

  327. Julian

    Elemental comment right here! hehehe

  328. Björn Bobach

    Another chance

  329. Peggy oin

    Let’s it be me pls

  330. Rob

    Looking for one of these

  331. Steven Limmer

    This would be an awesome thing to win, thanks Ray

  332. Richard Ralphs

    may even leave the county with this helping me get home

  333. Steve

    I need a new bike computer.

  334. Arif

    Looks cool

  335. Stanley Puijk

    Would’ve loved your joke, but the Bolt is more than welcome!

  336. Scott j

    I’ll bite

  337. Bill Kerber

    Would look nice on my bike :)

  338. Matthias Eugene

    Thanks DC. Look forward to own it.

  339. Bsquared

    Better than the WooHoo Bolt

  340. Darren Spicknell

    Computers make you go faster

  341. Chris

    fingers crossed this time

  342. jim

    yes please

  343. Ooooooh. 🤞🏽

  344. Phil

    I hope randomness isn’t rigged against me today!

  345. Andy

    Next one

  346. Oskar Von Essen

    Would like!

  347. Brian


  348. Matt

    Existing computer is on the blink, so this would be just nicely timed..!

  349. Emil Fransson

    Count me in Ray! 😃

  350. Carsten A

    Give it up!!

  351. Justus Stull



    Send me that M6. Love your sense of humor.

  353. Mark Ranum

    Wahoo a chance to win a Bolt!

  354. Mike

    Thank you!

  355. David

    Hope lightning strikes me!

  356. Luc

    I could use one of those.

  357. Sam M.

    Keep these giveaways going!

  358. Dan E

    Metric or Imperial Threads?

  359. Cathy


  360. Chas Readman

    Great prize

  361. Hugo Duarte Teixeira

    Lets go!!

  362. Si

    Yes please

  363. vincent

    It would be simplier to have the French time !

  364. Michelle Kelleher

    Ooh Wahoo!!

  365. Byron Poland

    random number generator find this.

  366. Oscar

    Wahoo!!! Come with me…

  367. Dan

    I like to road bike.

  368. José

    Thanks Ray!

  369. Brian Jacobson

    It’s great that you do these giveaways and would be even better if you picked me!

  370. Bamboo David

    it is time for a new computer. the 800 is getting old.

  371. Andreas S.

    Cool. That’s for me……

  372. Jim Ryan

    This would be extremely useful for my rides!

  373. Declan GOLLOGLY

    This is exactly what I need!!! Free speed!

  374. Ted Timmons

    I’m nuts for a Bolt!

  375. Kevin Christenson

    Ironman Wisconsin 2017

  376. Steve Baldwin

    Can it beat the Garmin 520?

  377. Lirri

    Nice! Thanks Ray!

  378. Derek Abbotts

    Thanks DC! They should feature you on the new Global Triathlon Network (GTN) YouTube channel!


  379. Jim Gould

    Looking for a new Device, would love this.

  380. Nik Taylor

    That would be nice. Thanks.

  381. Chris Johnston

    I really could do with an upgrade.

  382. Dean Sheffield

    would go well with my wahoo sensors. no computer yet, unfortunately!

  383. Owen

    Yes please

  384. Dennis Bodewits

    Would definitely prefer that over looking at my stem!

  385. Peter Gibson

    Like to replace my 5 year old Garmin!

  386. Sagi Unger

    best 4 my bike !!

  387. Tim Wood

    Would love to have that!

  388. Harold Veldman

    Wish I’d had it for this summer’s ride cross Canada!

  389. Andreas Laestadius

    Yes please

  390. David Peterman

    Looks awesome!

  391. Pawel

    Me likey! Me wanty! Me gety?

  392. Karen Knapp

    Ooohh…I’d like this!

  393. Peter Poulsen

    Yes please :-)

  394. Four by Five

    Wahoo = winning!

  395. Matt Hammond


  396. Brian E.

    I’ll take 2!

  397. Rikus

    Would work great for me…

  398. Darren

    need a win!

  399. Bettina Shepard

    I love your website!

  400. Stacey Berube

    I would love this!

  401. Mark Louder

    A new computer would be nice.

  402. David N

    I’d love it!

  403. Corresponsal

    I’m in

  404. Peter Fields

    So busy at work I nearly forgot about today. Wish me luck.

  405. Eric Kutter

    Great reviews

  406. Eric Woods

    A bolt would be cool… Thanks mate!

  407. James A

    Oh yes please!!

  408. Angela Cheng

    Could use a new computer since my old one don’t fit on the new handle bars.

  409. John Kim

    I like very very much!

  410. Tobias Alt

    Best giveaway. Need the Bold so much :o :o :o

  411. Marcello


  412. Ryan Holt

    Oh yeah nice!

  413. Sonny

    send it my way,.. please.

  414. T. Chism


  415. Bob Ellis

    My girlfriend needs a bike computer, her Garmin watch keeps running out on long rides.

  416. Sarah v

    Perfect time for an upgrade!

  417. Kenny Keslar

    That would be funny. Especially if they needed a bolt to fix something

  418. Alistair Rowlands

    I’d like to be Usain one of those.

  419. CR DE BREE

    I never win a prize!!!

  420. John Figueroa

    A nice replacement for my old Garmin… Thanks Ray

  421. Laurie Kutter

    I need a new computer

  422. Curious how these compare.

  423. Kent Ryan

    Show me the BOLT!!

  424. Carlos Restrepo

    This will be mine

  425. Magnus Siljehaug

    I want IT!

  426. Bartek Sz

    Yes, please :)

  427. Rob B.

    Omg, that should be amazing.

  428. Henrik Ahlqvist


  429. Inazio

    I like it!!

  430. Ben

    Thanks again Ray :)

  431. Gregor

    I’ll take it :)

  432. Robert Murr

    Thanks for all the great product reviews!

  433. Jennifer Ropka

    Pick me!

  434. crisV

    Love it!

  435. Greg Penner

    Need a new computer

  436. Andrew Pole

    Yes please

  437. Barry Brown

    Count me in!

  438. garrett clinton


  439. Patrick Mountford

    Nice addition to my Tri-bike

  440. Philippe Gillen

    wohoo a bolt would be perfect!

  441. Yannick

    Would be a good replacement for my edge 800

  442. Dylan F

    This might actually get me in to cycling.

  443. Avril

    My hubby has been eyeing this one off for a long time! (..but I haven’t let him have it)

  444. Symen de Jong

    Ik doe mee

  445. Jared T

    Thank you DCR

  446. Steve

    This would save me a few bob!

  447. Laurence Basell

    Yes please.


    It would be nice to get this.

  449. Nikolaj Hyldig


  450. Edwin Vrieselaar

    Yes please!

  451. Emmanuel Vargas

    look funny to use :)

  452. Carl

    Wahoo! I’ll take one!

  453. Joseph McLeod

    Add me

  454. MattB

    Maybe this would let be be as fast as Bolt!

  455. Nicole de bree

    Pick me pick me!!!!

  456. Russell

    I’ll take it!

  457. Marius Popovici


  458. Jose Pablo Morales

    Wahoo lover here

  459. Micah Brafford

    Would love to get my hands on one.

  460. Alexander

    I’d love to get Bolted!

  461. Peter

    I’m feeling lucky!

  462. Don Hettinger

    Nice! I am glad these improved from the original and the plus versions.

  463. Henrik Bruntse-Olsen

    Make me faster!

  464. Doy Decapia

    this would be just in time, need new HU

  465. Chris K


  466. Lars H. Jensen

    Yes please

  467. Basile

    I want

  468. Murat B


  469. Eliran Mesika


  470. Paul Gilmartin


  471. Catherine Clement

    This is my forst time trying DCR. Pick me!!

  472. Ken

    That would suit my new Specialized Roubaix!!

  473. Ken

    Pick me!

  474. Jeff

    Oh go on then…

  475. quietschi


  476. Anne

    Would love to have this!

  477. Aidas

    I need Bolt!

  478. Nick

    I’d love one!

  479. Brent Schulte

    Count me in

  480. Matt Mabry

    I could use a new bolt, I got the nuts :)

  481. Gaurav Singh

    S W E E T !

  482. Chris k

    Yes please

  483. Vincent sentner


  484. Katri

    Maybe I will finally win something?

  485. Carl

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  486. Scott

    Love the blog… love a Bolt!

  487. David p

    In to win

  488. Colin Kerr

    I could see me usain this…..

  489. Matthew Harvey

    Thanks Ray, amazing as ever

  490. xavi

    For me !!!

  491. Lionel Lau

    pick me please!

  492. Romain Gallais

    Yes please!

  493. praveem

    I am in market to buy one. Please make me lucky!

  494. Jordan Powell


  495. Amy Hooper

    Woo hoo!! I’m in.

  496. Chris

    can never remember which vowel they leave out of their product names.

  497. Gao Yu

    I like this !!!!

  498. lauren


  499. stephen hart

    Yes Please

  500. Oleg D

    Win! Win! Win!

  501. seth

    Woohho- Giveway extravaganza!

  502. Silviu

    nice one

  503. Jeff Fung


  504. Brian

    All the power of the Elemnt in a more compact design! Sign me up!

  505. Harry Powell

    I have no idea where i’m going with my life right now, help me out.

  506. Andrew

    Would look good on the P2.

  507. Rob

    This would be nice to have.

  508. Devin Hunt

    Would love one!

  509. Jonathan

    Yes Please

  510. Steven Chow

    Bolt would add nicely to my bike computer collection of zero! (Been eyeing this one so thanks for offering it up to us folks Ray!!)

  511. AdamW

    Oh yes please!

  512. Pedro Pastilha

    I must have this, luck will be on my side. It has been written.

  513. Jeff taylor

    Clever training is awesome

  514. Like a bolt of lighting I’ll be with that on my bars. ;)

  515. Iris

    Great gift for my dad !

  516. Darren Gutberlet

    Need a new bike computer. Only have one that is 6 years old. :)

  517. Lars


  518. Lindsey McIver

    This giveway is very exciting!

  519. Chris Jedlicka

    Awesome. I’ll be happy to supply the location for the next destination!

  520. Marko Glazar


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    Would be great to replace my V650

  522. Robert Wills


  523. Would like the extra aero gains! :)

  524. Chad Kuehn

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  525. Matthew Cooke

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  526. Barrett

    My bike needs a computer, pick me!

  527. Leslie

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  530. Kristof


  531. paul appleyard



    Please choose me!

  533. Davide

    here I am

  534. Thomas Shaw

    Another fine alternative to the Garmin:)

  535. Matthew Longacre

    I’d love a tracker for my bike! Always enjoyed your site. Best of luck in continuing to get views.

  536. Stepan Kral

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  537. julykatrae

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  538. Michael

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  539. Paul Hietala

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  541. Matthias

    Ich nehme ihn gerne und entsorge meinen v650

  542. Jonathan Adkins

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  543. Nick V

    Would absolutely love to win this. Thanks Ray.

  544. Felix Begin

    It happens I want one to replace my lost cycling meter :-)

  545. Jason

    Would look great on my new bike!

  546. Bruce C.

    Never owned a bike computer.


    I will lose again.

  548. Justin L

    I need to be tracked yes please

  549. Johan Granfors

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  550. Kian Teong Goh

    Support and liked.

  551. Blake


  552. Gordon

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  553. wayne kao


  554. Zlatko

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    Yes please

  556. Tim

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  557. Eric

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  558. Connor Koehler

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  559. Poly

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  563. Jeremy Birch


  564. Phil Hamblet

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  565. Christopher Briley

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  566. Ricardas

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  567. Phil Parkes

    Usain not be serious…

  568. Joost

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  569. Sébastien

    Thanks !

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    This would look fantasticly fantastic sitting on my CAAD 12.

  571. Chris S

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  572. Leah Gregory

    This unit would look amazing on my bike. :)

  573. Colin

    Get some Usain on my bars

  574. Fred

    Count me in please!

  575. David R

    I’ll take the hardware store bolt and the real one :)

  576. I wouldn’t mind some lightning! TIA for the chance to win.

    Greetings from Belgium

  577. Wee Young

    as fast as bolt!

  578. Ian Fox

    Pick me

  579. Colin Buttery

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  580. Antony Rutter

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  581. James Murray

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  585. Patrick Chevallard


  586. David Wood

    I’m in!

  587. Rene


  588. Niels houben

    My god I Would be so excited to use this! I feel like my polar v800 is great for triathlons, but I do really miss a good cycling computer on my handlebars during those long training rides..

  589. Ryan

    Good luck everyone!

  590. Matt

    I’d love to have a bolt!

  591. Mohammed

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  592. Carla R

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  593. Ido Lasman


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  595. Steven Crawford


  596. Jerome


  597. Joris De Wolf

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  600. elive

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  601. Aaron Trieu

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  602. Bartek_Zet

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  603. Ray Jasicki

    Make me a Wahooligan!

  604. Nathan

    Would help my obsession

  605. Drew

    Thank you for the contest Ray

  606. Max


  607. ludovic

    That would look so great on my MTB !

  608. Sergio Roberto Guerini

    I want the Wahoo Bolt really bad!!! Please! Please!!

  609. Wayne

    Here goes nothing.

  610. Gillian

    Looks good!


    Count me in please.

  612. Bert Pluymers


  613. Andrew Jones

    I only want it because it’s more aero than the edge

  614. Matthias

    Give me that Bolt!:)

  615. d walker


  616. David A

    Sign me up please.

  617. Tom Lawton

    Bolt over here!

  618. Jim Nobles

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  619. Rodney

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  620. Julius Quito

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  621. Heath Seals


  622. Thomas Teeeee

    Would Love à Bolt!

  623. Patrick Dorré

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  624. Paul

    That would be a great addition to my bike.

  625. Gordon Mah

    I will race like Usain if I win this Bolt!

  626. Dave

    My GPS watch just died. Yes please.

  627. Tage

    I want to bolt this to my bike!

  628. Trailplodder

    Wahoo! Live tracking :)

  629. Joe

    I’d love to win the Bolt.

  630. Frank Goehner

    please please please

  631. Jampe

    Oh yes!

  632. Pete Blair

    looks nice :)

  633. Kevin Dannecker

    I could really use this!!

  634. Shai Simchi


  635. Jake

    Bolt me Blazer

  636. Jehan

    Make me as fast as Usain

  637. Shannon Field

    Have been thinking about this to replace my Garmin!

  638. Philippe Pelletier

    I want it

  639. Stefan

    I’d take a bolt from Ikea too. 😉

  640. Matthew Certain


  641. Patty Tracey

    I love your reviews!

  642. David Turner


  643. Jason Andrews

    Awesome tech

  644. Eva

    I need a new cycle computer

  645. Tony F Goncalves

    Good luck for me

  646. Joshua Horwood

    Perfect timing, I’m looking into getting a new bike computer!

  647. Kim WEBB

    My lezyne broke twice so in market for one that works

  648. Dean

    This is cool!

  649. James Reed

    Here we go again

  650. Florent

    for me please!! great website btw.

  651. Robert Ware

    I would use it.

  652. Collin

    I love the Bolt!!!

  653. Lisa Fricke

    Bolt for me!!!!

  654. Jeremy

    This is fun! Thanks Ray!

  655. Ingolf

    My Edge 500 has a cracked screen, this would be a great replacement.

  656. Matthew

    Well shoot, I’m late to the party and missed the previous giveaways

  657. Lovita

    Oh yes! Would love this!

  658. Erik Noppa


  659. James Webb

    Me please

  660. Miguel Angel Pavon

    Good luck everyone!!

  661. Ben M

    Fingers crossed! Love this day!

  662. Koen de Bruin


  663. StefanU

    Bolt me to it.

  664. Stuart Brown

    I’m entering so #4624 has one less chance of winning

  665. Brandon Hopkins


  666. Paul

    I really like this one!

  667. Roman

    Oh, wow, haven’t had a proper bike computer in years.. I would love this… :-o

  668. Steve Luciani

    Me please!!!!

  669. Allan chan


  670. Pieter

    you just keep on giving :-)

  671. James McCrea

    Next giveaway is a washer?

  672. Troy Hutchinson

    Looks good!

  673. Jack

    Pick me!

  674. Robert L


  675. John Abbboud

    I am ready to upgrade my Edge 800

  676. James Butler

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  677. David

    Hell yeahhh!

  678. Haakon


  679. Josh Burgess

    I’m in!

  680. Erik B

    Hope for the best, save for the worst.

  681. Joshua Leak


  682. Jose Biton

    Gonna keep trying till this over.

  683. Dawn Lester

    Yes please!

  684. Benoit B. (SenasPlage)

    Hell yeah

  685. David Norris

    been looking at the bolt for awhile, but yet to bite the bullet.

  686. Douwe

    I’d love to try the Bolt!

  687. Oooter

    With a bolt I’d know just how slow I really am!

  688. Dan

    Bolt FTW!

  689. FirstMax


  690. John Nickum


  691. Ran

    Good luck

  692. Jonathan

    Lightning fast

  693. Ivar L

    Yes please!

  694. Shane porteous

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  695. Ryan


  696. Alex Muller

    This would be really cool to cycle round South Africa with

  697. Ari Konikoff

    Bolted by the Bolt

  698. Kristen Hutchinson

    Yes please!

  699. greg diamond


  700. Paco Anton

    I’d love it!!!

  701. Jaco Louw

    Please send me that bolt. By the time it arrives in SA I would have forgotten about your sceam. Lol

  702. I need it! well… want it! :D

  703. Philippe Samson

    Good job and keep going :)

  704. Simon

    Bolty McBoltFace

  705. Nicholas Chia

    Maybe Lucky?

  706. Rene Pedersen

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  707. derekb

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  708. Mathieu cagnard

    I am in

  709. Kevin Maddox

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  710. John Curtis

    Brilliant. Good luck all

  711. Jan Helge Moen

    Another great gadget it would be lovely to add to the list

  712. Scott Conroy

    I don’t think I’m late entering. I’m making hard work of converting US Eastern to UK summer time..

  713. Antoine

    One more

  714. Christian Forest

    WOUHOU!!!! Wahoo!!

  715. Ben

    Yes please

  716. Denis M.

    oh yeah, love it!

  717. Bjarte G

    This would go really Nice on the cervelo!!

  718. Fan Yang

    Thanks! Nice review!

  719. John C Shughart

    Insane bolt

  720. Will Moore

    Yes please!

  721. Kal

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  722. Jonathan e

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  723. Donna

    Great extravaganza.

  724. Henrik Persson

    Would be nice to win! :-)

  725. Jerome Angsuco


  726. Kyle Klinger

    Bolt!! ⚡️

  727. drew douglas

    I hope I win

  728. Mike Lawrence

    Yes please!

  729. Mike

    Fingers crossed

  730. Dylan PD

    Will swap you this for my 520..

  731. Steve Kompel

    Pick me please!

  732. Jason

    I would like to have one!

  733. Aditya

    I never have bike computer before. So it will be a new toy for me

  734. Pedro

    Let’s give it a try!

  735. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet….

  736. Elena Mal.


  737. Dustin

    Thanks again for doing this Ray!

  738. Tanja

    Yes please.

  739. Rab Austen

    Bolt from the blue

  740. Jeremy

    wahoo! i could use a bike computer

  741. Suzanne Dunphy

    Would be perfect!

  742. Marc

    Wahoo ! 😆

  743. Nick Oberski

    I’ll take the hardware bolt as well. I’m sure I can make use of it somewhere!

  744. Graham

    Yes please!

  745. Liza

    Wow! Crossing my fingers!

  746. Martin J

    yes please. Would be great for the wife

  747. D Boronte

    I like this!!!

  748. Yussef

    I could record my record slow speed because of my huge belly!

  749. Keasha H.

    I would love this!

  750. Mike Shaw

    Wahoo! I could use a Wahoo to brighten my day. My legs feel like lead this AM and I’m skipping interval day.

  751. Sue

    Yes please!

  752. Kazza

    Bolt! As Usain Bolt!

  753. Colm Costelloe

    Wahoo! Not just a bolt-in-an-envelope please!

  754. Eryck Miller

    YES !! Parfait !!

  755. Ruben

    Could certainly find a good use for this one…

  756. Chris Cap

    Free stuff

  757. eric

    i’ve been kicking around the idea of upgrading from my garmin. this new bolt is tempting.

  758. J Metsaranta


  759. Beau

    Would love to have a Bolt!

  760. Kim Bo Jensen

    I am in.

  761. Mike Whiteley

    I’d be happy with a bolt – Metric please!

  762. Der

    Yes please

  763. Bob kortyna

    Sweet new item to have

  764. Fabian

    Ha I would definitely laugh if I got a hardware bolt in the mail!

  765. Mark Goddard


  766. Lynn in MD

    This would be so helpful. Thanks!

  767. Jane A

    pick me

  768. Andy Fry

    Yes please.

  769. Panos Sigalas

    Comment !!!

  770. scott

    I’d love a Yahoo Bolt, but not a threaded bolt!

  771. Gabor

    Great! Wouldn’t mind winning it!

  772. Jeremy Carroll

    Thanks Ray!

  773. Andrew

    Would be pretty funny…

  774. Mihael Polzelnik

    Bolt! Thats crazy :))

  775. Kim DuBord


  776. Sven

    Looks very nice

  777. Paul

    I want one!

  778. Allan Berg


  779. Steven Dunlop

    Better than my old glichy garmin!

  780. Sandijs

    why not?

  781. Marco

    Well would be nice to have to replace my aging rflkt!

  782. Tom Pomfrey

    Would love to do my own comparison vs my 520

  783. Salazar

    Is it silly if I won that my bike computer would be worth more than my bike?

  784. Ted Howe

    Getting my cycling mojo back… would love to have a Bolt on my handlebars.


  785. Mark Wildey

    That would be nice

  786. Chuck

    Me me!

  787. Bring on the Bolt!

  788. Raia-Jicin

    Uh oh, pick me! ;)

  789. tuyen

    i like this

  790. Yang Shen


  791. Niklas

    Count me in

  792. Blake Austin

    Great content!

  793. Brent


  794. Binki

    My name is Bolt. Wahoo Bolt.

  795. Rich Wachtel


  796. Evren


  797. Ben Lee

    I hope I can win this. This will make someone happy.

  798. Julie


  799. Steve

    Would love this

  800. Jeroen V

    I want one , I also want Nutella pizza

  801. Heidi


  802. G T

    The way my Garmin is acting up, this would be very welcome..

  803. Adam Rolls

    Lightning bolt

  804. Dave

    I’m in!

  805. Jacek

    Nice !!!!!

  806. Sven Huisman

    Nice one!

  807. Clauds

    Me, pleaseeeee!

  808. Rootland

    I’ve had my eyes on one of these for quite some time now!

  809. Stephen

    Would love this

  810. Ranjan Raja

    Bolt makes u go faster!

  811. Pavel Nouel

    I would love to link this to my Kickr

  812. Njål Nordmark

    Keep up the work! Love reading the reviews :-)

  813. Mark Thomson


  814. Bjorn Brenner

    Wahoo I will win a Bolt (hopefully)!

  815. Michael

    That would be really nice to have

  816. Jim

    This would be perfect for my new bike!!

  817. Brian

    I’d love a bolt, thanks Ray!

  818. sherman

    Woohoo Wahoo!

  819. Adam

    It will make me faster

  820. Tim L

    Wahoo yes please

  821. S Brennan

    Bolt from the blue

  822. john dalton

    Great prize :)

  823. Guylaine Ricard

    Nice GPS.

  824. Amanda Chong


  825. Mike Barro

    Wish me luck

  826. Kristin Herring

    I need this!

  827. Peter

    Great device!

  828. Michel Gilis

    Just being bold

  829. Kevin Wang

    Hoping to finally get some marginal gains!

  830. Angga Adhytiawan

    Tolonglah awak mendapatkan ini.

    *it’s Indonesian language btw

  831. Joseph

    Time for an upgrade!

  832. Lester


  833. Anders Majland

    Could use a replacement for my old gpsmap ;-)

  834. Jason Scuglik

    I want to WIN!! Thank You

  835. Toby Hunt

    Will have to be as quick as a Bolt of lightning to win this.
    Of course a rainmaker results in bolts, of lightning

  836. Maxime

    Nice one, I’m in!

  837. Tobias

    Probably the best way to replace my old Edge.

  838. Kevin Wood

    This would be a great replacement for my current Garmin.

  839. Jen

    Would love a bolt

  840. Phil Duncan

    Need another bolt!!

  841. Peter Hirsh

    Like my Garmin Edge, but would give Wahoo Bolt a try if I won

  842. Chuck

    I need a bolt too!

  843. Juan Vicente

    It would be nice to have a dedicated computer for my bike. I hope i can win it!

  844. David Jenniex

    Yes, please.

  845. troy ficarra

    Me please!

  846. Marcello

    YES ! pick me !!!

  847. Ronan Kearns

    Bolt time

  848. Jerry C

    I’m in

  849. Walter Guerra


  850. Dov Cohn

    I need a new BOLT!

  851. Christian

    Yes, please.

  852. Marco G

    Pick me

  853. Peter Andersson

    I need this :)

  854. Kelly Jensen

    I want one!

  855. Elie Silver


  856. Alex Reinhardt

    Wooow hooo… or is that wahoooo..

  857. Jordan


  858. John Fox

    Count me in please!

  859. Steve

    Would be cool

  860. Daniel Doherty

    Definitely could use one of these!

  861. yaniv

    thanks for putting out this sweepstakes

  862. John LaFalce

    Yes please

  863. Magnus

    Yes, please!

  864. Hugh


  865. Steven Fox

    My Garmin 1000 is lonely by itself on my bike…

  866. Peter Nöu

    Jaaaaa! My rflkt is having bt-issues. Would love a Bolt. Stubbornly in wahoo land since 6+ years..,

  867. Jason Taylor

    I have a spot for the Bolt. :)

  868. Steve

    Would love a new bike computer!

  869. Jiri

    I’m in.

  870. Rob P

    Yes please!

  871. Kory

    Love this day!

  872. Charlie Moses

    Pedal pedal.

  873. vincent

    I’m in!

  874. Paulo Menezes

    Great! Thanks

  875. Oscar P

    Wahoo! Thanks

  876. Andy Ruestow

    I’d love to win a Bolt!

  877. Rob

    Need one!

  878. Brian

    Love a hump day!

  879. Lee Griffiths

    Me me me!

  880. Filippo

    It would be nice to replace my old forerunner with this Wahoo!!

  881. Kris

    Yes Please!

  882. Niklas

    This one is mine!

  883. Bjarki Freyr Rúnarsson

    Yes please

  884. Mehul Ved

    Usain may have retired but wahoo bolt is still around.

  885. Matthew Guenter

    This would be an awesome addition to my bike!

  886. Donald

    This is sweet..maybe time for a new bike computer?

  887. Kelly Lentz

    More data!!

  888. Curtis

    I could bolt this to my ride.

    See what I did there?


  889. Mac2k3


  890. Kendra ingram


  891. Liam Lynch

    Yes please

  892. Lisa I

    Yes please!!

  893. Anders Ryman

    Want one!

  894. Pieter

    Yes please!!

  895. Martin

    Yes please!

  896. Tom

    Yet another great product :)

  897. Sebastian Haager

    Yes please! Pick me!

  898. Daniel Grant

    Awesome site DCR! Huge fan

  899. ELEMNTary, my dear Wahoo

  900. Svein Clouston

    Mountain Goats!

  901. Alvin Wu

    Awesome stuff

  902. Brian Fisher

    Pick me!

  903. Benny Wong

    Thanks for all the reviews!

  904. Scott Striegel


  905. This would be a great addition to my bike.

  906. Andrew

    Here on the west coast it is difficult to get into these contests because of the early starts.

    I would love to own one of these

  907. Michał

    Pick me

  908. Carlos Monteiro

    So mutch better then a garmin!

  909. Matt

    It should be mine :)

  910. Jason C

    need a new bike computer

  911. AJ guckian

    Yes please :-)

  912. Rik

    Bolt? Wahoo Usain?

  913. Jeff Weymouth

    Thanks for the reviews and giveaways.

  914. Petri Lintula

    Yes, please.

  915. Manny Fiol

    Incredible! Awesome giveaways!

  916. WAHOO for a Wahoo!!

  917. Uliana

    Oh, I want it so much!

  918. Shay

    Thank you DCR!

  919. Richard Davies

    Yes please!

  920. Mark Bleakley

    Yes please!

  921. Evan


  922. Uri Peliowski


  923. Jonathan Martel

    Moi ! Moi! Moi!

  924. Robin Larner

    In with 10 minutes to spare!

  925. Qek

    This would be sweet!

  926. Patrick

    Fingers crossed

  927. R.J. Kingston

    Wahoo. I win

  928. Cameron Comerford


  929. Jen WR

    Yes please

  930. Peter Meigh

    My wife tells me she knows what time it is in the eastern US. I’m not sure how she knows so I want to give her this Wahoo Bolt so I can keep track of her……and make sure she’s suffering enough on her training rides!

  931. Ian K

    I’m in

  932. Pierre

    Qu’il est beau. Idéal. Merci DC.

  933. Brad Bowers

    I could use a new bike computer!

  934. Jeffrey Eckhaus


  935. Art H


  936. Wycat

    Could it be me?

  937. Halvor Vøllestad


  938. Amanda Pinpin

    Please be me

  939. Edson Oliveira

    Hi!!!! Another great update for my road bike! ;)

  940. Christopher


  941. John Min

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  942. David Bradway


  943. Chris

    Will it make me as fast as Usain!

  944. Jake Saunders


  945. Rick vanderwal

    My bicycle wants to be bionic, he would love a computer upgrade. Thanks for the opportunity

  946. Paul

    Fingers cross for a big wahoooooo DCR!

  947. Peter flanagan

    Id like to bolt that into my bike!

  948. Nissim


  949. Dave

    right on

  950. Michael Fiola

    I would really like to win in!

  951. Benoît Delhaye

    Thanks for all this awesomeness Ray!

  952. Arni Einarsson

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  953. Jorge Orrego

    Pretty clever idea. Thanks Clever Training!

  954. Jean Ayotte

    Oh! Could I get lucky!

  955. Jeff G.

    Oh heck yes. I want one.

  956. Cristi

    Nice one! My son would love it.

  957. Elliot Rushton


  958. Ryan Uchida

    I would give this to one of my Alabama NICA student athletes.

  959. Kristopher Wekarchuk

    I’d put my Edge 500 to rest in exchange for this!

  960. Peter

    can’t believe i nearly missed this one, I should keep my focus and not work too hard :)

  961. Dan Murray


  962. Pete jackson

    Yes please 😀

  963. Martin

    Yes please. Would help my navigation skills!

  964. Daniel

    Wouldn’t mind this one at all.

  965. chris benten


  966. Jamie Siler

    I’m always willing to try a new computer! Especially if it’s free. :-)

  967. Denali

    Yes, please!

  968. Anna

    Getting it in under the wire!

  969. chad williamson


  970. Gloria

    Thank you for this giveaway Ray! You’re awesome!!! I’d love it!

  971. Patrick


  972. Max Weber

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  973. Jim Hansen

    I came here for the Watermelon!

  974. Aaron Ringle

    not FIRST

  975. Chris Travers

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  976. Peter Formisano

    Would be great to add this to my Kickr

  977. Ian

    Raining in the UK

  978. Maryann Symanowicz

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  979. JB

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  980. Chris

    Ein win

  981. Nikita


  982. David Laganière

    A bike computer would be a great addition to my setup! Thanks! :)

  983. Tosin Akinmusuru

    Step 1: Open the box

  984. Nick Tume

    But will I like it better than my Edge? Only one way to find out!

  985. Ben Wong

    This would be an upgrade to my Garmin!

  986. Mikkel


  987. It’s a bike GPS! I’d use it!

  988. J well

    The only time of year I play the lottery

  989. Steve Smith

    I’m in. Thanks!



  991. Justin

    Oh! I need one of these!

  992. Andrea P

    Yeees! I was waiting for it!

  993. Tammy Farmer

    Pretty please with Honey Stinger Waffles on top?

  994. Lauren Sapega

    Step 2: Put your junk in that box

  995. Michael Black

    This would be awesome!

  996. Péter Török


  997. Larissa

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  998. Isaac Giesen


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  1001. Le Duc Thien

    thank you

  1002. Badotis

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  1003. Christina Sapega

    Step 3: Open that box, and that’s the way we do it….

    It’s my dick in a box!

  1004. Aimee

    Real bolt please!

  1005. lovemyway


  1006. I would totally use the Wahoo Bolt. As it stands my FR 225 has no bicycle function and dragging around the phone for Strava rides is a bit annoying.

  1007. Diarmaid Frain

    Star Wars

  1008. Chris

    I’ll take it! Thanks :-)

  1009. Gustav Göransson


  1010. Matthew Guyatt

    Would be sweet to win this!

  1011. Justin G


  1012. Mike G

    I need a new bike computer please.

  1013. Michael Von Borstel


  1014. Roger Su

    Anything to replace my Edge!

  1015. Jenna

    I like bikes!

  1016. Anatoly

    NIce thing to have, let’s see if random generator can pick me!

  1017. Andrew

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  1018. Mathieu Bérubé

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  1025. John Grabowski


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  1028. Dauphin

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  1031. William James Cahill

    Need to upgrade my bike computer!

  1032. Katja R

    Don’t have one yet!

  1033. Chris Wilkinson


  1034. Martin H.

    Nice unit, and thanks for the review! Can’t wait to check it out in person!

  1035. Arnold de Bruijn

    Wow, cool gadget! Might come in handy for a run-bike-run :-)

  1036. Etienne M.

    Bolt it on!

  1037. Joshua Stephens

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  1038. portemat

    enter pls!

  1039. Nathan Wainwright

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  1040. Giles Levy

    I guess I’ll have to fix the flat on my bike if I win this!

  1041. Mark Huigen

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  1042. Eric

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  1043. jeremy McKinney

    thanks for the great giveaways

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  1045. Julian

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  1047. Alfredo Di Napoli

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  1048. I love DC Rainmaker


  1049. Kaelyn

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  1052. Jon

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  1053. Tiffany


  1054. Nathan Garrett

    I am ecstatic about the Element Bolt!

  1055. Davide

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  1057. Ryon


  1058. Ricardo Araujo

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  1072. Kunal Patel


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  1075. Chris S

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  1076. Rocketman


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  1078. Semih Hazar

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  1079. Chris Barber


  1080. Brian Molloy

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  1083. Kristof

    Oh Yes please. So I can replays my old garmin

  1084. brian

    I would laugh.

  1085. Jeffrey early

    I have a cadence meter but no head unit…this would be perfect.

  1086. Jeffrey

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  1087. Michael lesko

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  1088. Hetal patel


  1089. Tim Ayers

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  1091. ALBERT Jordana

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  1097. Evangelos K


  1098. Donna Gelnett


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  1100. Pierre


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