Giveaway Extravaganza: Favero Assioma Duo Power Meter Pedals


You’ve got the power.

And…that’s as clever as I could get for this one.

Well, in actuality you have some power.  Whether or not you have much power remains to be seen.  And these power meter pedals from Favero (better known for their bePro pedals) should help you figure out how much power you’ve got.  These connect on both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart, and have done away with the messy installation procedure of past models.  Oh, and did I mention it was only $735 for dual left/right power?  I can buy a lot of ice cream with that extra change.

The new Assioma pedals just started shipping (no really, like last week), and in fact, as you read this I’m getting mine installed on my bike.  The FedEx man actually arrived early this morning, both a rarity that he arrived early – as well as didn’t just skip me altogether.  Perhaps it was because it wasn’t a trainer, so he was more inclined to deal with it.

Giveaway Opens: 6:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

Preview Post: First Look at Favero Assioma

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. thelina

    would be great

  2. Jesper

    Count me in!

  3. Stephen Bond

    yes please

  4. George

    Yes please!

  5. Great way to train effectively. Thanks for sharing

  6. Chris Nelson

    Yes please!

  7. Nina Peycke

    Oooooo Snap! Lovely lovely! Thanks Ray…

  8. I’d ride with fire & fury, the likes of which the world has never seen.

  9. Zbyszek

    missed DJI…

  10. Pat

    Power me up!

  11. Rob Carr

    New bepros for me 🙂

  12. Paul Jarvis

    Yes please. ??

  13. Chris

    Perfect for me

  14. Robert Olasz

    I need to my bike!

  15. Jake

    I love this contest!

  16. Scott

    Thanks Ray

  17. Donald

    Those pedals would make a big difference in my training!!

  18. Eugene R.

    Would certainly be a useful tool.

  19. Mark

    Would be a nice addition!

  20. Francis Limousy

    I need more coffee to sustain the pace of this giveaway … 🙂

  21. Rodrigo Link

    I want it!

  22. RobW

    How did I forget this was happening today

  23. Petar Kovacevic

    Power <3

  24. Alberto Diaz

    Necesito unos pedales como estos!!!
    Espero tener suerte!!

  25. Hari

    Cycling for free

  26. Ling King Keong

    I want

  27. ari

    Yes, I’ve got the power, but don’t yet know how much of it

  28. Stephen McCartney

    Pick me!

  29. Tobias

    Yes please, I need more power

  30. David Wood

    Just like the C+C Music Factory, I’ve got the power.

  31. Mark Goddard


  32. Isaiah Tucker

    Me! me please 🙂

  33. Bart


  34. Jonas Ehinger

    Definitely something for me! ?

  35. Nadav


  36. Marc Collignon


  37. Rick Wiegert

    Wow. I’d love to give these test run!

  38. TC

    Better for my knees then running … 🙂

  39. John Hedges

    I really need to win this!

  40. David Stott

    Want want want!

  41. Chris

    Would be nice

  42. Bret Deardorff

    Would love to have these

  43. Linda R

    Pretty please?!

  44. Nikolas

    Ray ray give away!

  45. Karl

    Perfect addition to my bike!

  46. Jeff Tignor

    I want dual sided power!

  47. Rob

    Will this help me get up Ventoux 3 times this summer quicker?

  48. Natthaponh Prayadsub


  49. Erik B

    Would be nice!

  50. Davide Costantini

    I may be lucky 🙂

  51. mads sørensen


  52. Randy M

    This would be awesome

  53. Denis M.

    I hope I win!

  54. Allan Berg


  55. Sebastiaan


  56. Michael Go

    Yes please I want power!

  57. Kim Archbold

    I’d love the power pedals!

  58. Joe Radench

    Holy wow, could always use this.

  59. Boyd Park

    I’ve changed my shampoo, so I need one of these.

  60. JP Bezuidenhout

    I would love these pedals Ray!

  61. Michael Addison

    Any form of power meter would be perfect. Never had the funds to buy one??


    Power up

  63. Erik

    Thanks, Ray

  64. Bring on the power meter!

  65. Marc saint-jacques

    I would like that!

  66. Vitalik


  67. Paul

    By the Power of Greyskull!!

  68. Pat

    I’m in.

  69. Maike

    Fingers crossed! The little power I put to the pedal needs to be rationed smartly 😉

  70. Mads

    Would be nice:-)

  71. Ryan Uchida

    I need this! I love metrics.

  72. Andrew Turnock

    Would love to… prep for IM Canada (and wedding)

  73. Janice N

    These will look great on my new bike! Yes Please

  74. Piet Barendse

    Nice addition to my bike!

  75. Sara M

    This would be a great addition to up my 70.3 training.

  76. Michael Jason Tee

    I need this in my life

  77. Bill

    I’d really like to get the pedals please

    Possible double entry. Sorry. Phone went weird

  78. Virgile

    Will I be lucky?

  79. Martin Gilles

    Let’s see if I can get this one!

  80. Kelly

    Yes, pick me!

  81. Michalis Efstratiadis

    Nice 🙂

  82. John

    Yes, please!!

  83. Dave Van Camp

    Just recently discovered Dcr. Been blast away by the numerous, super quality reviews. Wich have been very helpful to make me decide wich product to buy

  84. Wayne Baker

    Maybe get lucky

  85. Zach Eyde

    Fingers crossed

  86. Joe Worobey


  87. Steve

    Aggh am i too late i’m working on GMT

  88. James sayer

    Power to the pedal!

  89. Leah Gregory

    I’d love to have a power meter!! Yes please.

  90. Kevin lachapelle

    That would be sweeet

  91. stephen butler

    Outdoing yourself with these prizes!

  92. Jay

    Man, would love to get my hands on these. Thanks DCR!

  93. Raiko Pousi

    These I really would like to have!!

  94. Hamez

    I just ate ice cream

  95. Michal

    count me in

  96. Elena Mal

    Super awesome!

  97. Laurent

    Thx for picking me 😀

  98. Gary P

    More Powaah!

  99. John M

    Sign me up. Yes please

  100. Henrik Teinvall

    Lets try to win 🙂

  101. Erko Kurvits


  102. Daniel

    I wish…

  103. Mikkel If Hansen

    Power me up!

  104. Richard Gray

    Getting these would be amazing !

  105. Christo

    Will definitely help me to work harder on my cycling

  106. Jason Milovanovic

    Hungry for power!

  107. Guillermo Vives


  108. Wes

    Nice, I’ll take it

  109. George A. Bold

    Would love to start tracking power 🙂

  110. Crowey

    Fingers crossed …

  111. Beth

    Very nice. Thanks

  112. Jaymaker

    Power to the pedals!

  113. Steven Down

    Double sided trouble. Yes Please!

  114. Jordan Braman

    Had to make sure I commented on the right giveaway at the right time!

  115. Stefan

    power is the key

  116. Lisa

    I could really use one of these!

  117. yo. grant me power.

  118. Paul Dicketts

    Keep up the good work with the site, reviews and videos.

  119. Marc Geraldez

    Early bird gets the worm

  120. Roger H

    Power please!

  121. Patrick faille

    Cool giveaway!

  122. Torsten

    I sooo need these, so that I’ll finally know what I’m doing.

  123. Matt Cost

    I would love to obsess over yet another field of underwhelming data !

  124. Mark Fulton

    I love your site

  125. Matt


  126. craig mackenzie

    Need power shortly for my almost as early morning ride

  127. Dennis Bailey

    Just what I nerf

  128. Katherine Hopewell

    Definitely need one of these ?

  129. Dan Sullivan

    I ride solo on a military base in the middle of nowhere. I need a power meter to compete against myself.

  130. Mike Sevilla

    Want one!!

  131. tom. s

    I would like to try some powrt

  132. Juan Zorrilla

    I need the power!

  133. jase

    Come on random number generator!!!!

  134. Simon Mason

    Pretty please?

  135. Brett Bornhoft

    Would like some new pedals please.

  136. Kelly Dicketts

    Keep up the good work with the site, reviews and videos.

  137. Jack

    Good morning

  138. Sylvain Giguere

    Let me see what kind of power I can produce!

  139. Michal

    It would be nice to test them 🙂

  140. Nicholas Rickard

    I hope I win!

  141. Tim Waterman

    Fingers crossed

  142. Jason

    Pick me

  143. Martin Juhl

    Training with a PM is just what I need!

  144. Nick S.

    P O W E R !

  145. Ale C

    Its mine!

  146. Christoph

    I’d love to win these for my endurance biking

  147. Jeff

    Fingers crossed ??

  148. spagbol1


  149. Aiden Dicketts

    Keep up the good work with the site, reviews and videos.

  150. I want to win please!!!

  151. Nick Oberski

    Looking to change my training!

  152. Richelle Sevilla

    Power up!

  153. Matt

    Scotty, we need more power

  154. Matt Klanica

    Here’s my entry.

  155. Cédric Charest

    Why not!

  156. Andy


  157. Brady White

    Oh yes, I need these! I have power that must be measured!

  158. PJ Wascher

    Please be lucky!

  159. Jeff Plotzke

    Awesome! Thank you!

  160. Adal Gil Darias Febles


  161. Adam


  162. Margot Saunders

    Choose me!

  163. Bradley Murphy

    No, I’ve got the power! 🙂

  164. Josh

    Thanks dude!

  165. Dane Chapples

    Would lovee these – just aboit to buy some so will hold off for a while! Love your work mate!

  166. Franko

    Nice to see this on my new bike 🙂

  167. Milon

    and this what i really need, old one are almost done..

  168. Michael Boesch

    Yes please!

  169. SteveDC

    Pedal based power meters really are the holy grail if you own more than one bike. I love the fact that they’re getting more reasonably priced and the installs are easier. I’d love to win these!

  170. Kris

    Thanks for the chance

  171. Joel Clawson

    These look great. Count me in.

  172. Philippa

    I could be pro with these

  173. Dave

    Nice to win!!

  174. Chris

    Thanks Ray.

  175. Alfonso

    I’m in!!!

  176. Blake Dicketts

    Keep up the good work with the site, reviews and videos.

  177. JF Gagne

    Need power for 2nd bike

  178. Jim Shea

    All my friends have power meters, I feel so stupid when they talk watts. Please, I will do all my chores…..please

  179. Moose

    What a lovely pair…. of pedals

  180. Eliut Ortiz

    Need power

  181. Tim Crossley

    This would definitely be nice

  182. Matthew James

    Thanks for giveaways!

  183. Becky Tomlinson

    I’ve never had power pedals before – wonder if they would make me a better biker.

  184. Quintin Gay

    Dope pedals!

  185. Luca Barani

    Let’s get the power then!

  186. Trond

    I really want this, let me be the one

  187. Luyi_pr

    Ohhh shoot! Got in the action late!

  188. Matthieu

    Would fit my new bike perfect

  189. Tariq

    Watts up

  190. Timo Möttönen

    Power to the People!

  191. Ronan Kearns

    Not sure if my last comment made it. Trying again

  192. Arnout de Vries

    I’ve got the power! (SNAP)

  193. Lucia

    Speedy Gonzales 🙂

  194. Alec

    Need more powera

  195. robert antonetti

    free stuff

  196. Rick

    I would love to put the pedal to the metal with these babies. Thank you for the opportunity

  197. Frank

    Pick me

  198. Rich Eisenhart


  199. Chris Portman

    I’m in

  200. Jeff

    Yay, power!

  201. Tom K.

    pick me!

  202. Erik Peterson

    Yes, please

  203. Jach Quinn

    Poor college student says yes

  204. HelenH

    Thanks for this opportunity. I would love them!

  205. Jim

    Come on free stuff

  206. Rafael Olea

    Great set of giveaways!

  207. Zach Bridges

    Power is power

  208. Alberto O.

    Want a power meter to use with the Fenix 5 from the first giveaway ?

  209. Will Moore

    Looks good!

  210. Seb

    Going to race my first IM70.3 in 12 days … that’d be great addition to soon to come next training plan … cause i’ll sure a lot to work on!


  211. James curry

    Fantastic offer. Greetings from the UK

  212. xavi

    let´s do it!

  213. Joanna R.


  214. Tasos


  215. Ian Dagnall

    I’d love to know how little power I put out..

  216. Stef z

    One day I will get one… on day…

  217. Ed Vamprine


  218. Martin Mortensen

    This would fit so well on my bike! Only problem is that I would have to invest in a powermeter capable GPS headunit as well …

  219. Suzanne Dunphy

    Power is good!

  220. John Woodard

    If you only knew the power of the Left Side.

  221. Roman

    Power to the people !

  222. Ryan Starbuck

    Hot diggity dog

  223. Andy Mangion

    woow!! so tell much power hav i got?

  224. I don’t have a power meter!

  225. Reto Bachmann

    I just became a father today so it would be a perfect gift for me… 🙂

  226. John Fielding

    Pedal faster!

  227. tser


  228. Dan Taylor

    Oh, yes please Ray

  229. David Leon

    Maybe this time

  230. Sergio


  231. B Murray

    Should have woke up earlier.. I missed the Spark.

  232. Mike Vande Sluis

    The babe with the power. What power?

  233. Jason Bowman

    Id like to give these pedals a try

  234. Michael V

    As always, thank you Ray!

  235. REGNART Julien

    Elles iraient bien sur mon CAAD12 :p

  236. Nadia Grace

    I don’t even have a bike yet; but these would be so cool to kick start my build.

  237. Manuel Vieilvoye

    Please !!!!! 🙂 for my cannondale !

  238. Heather Riley

    I’ve got the POWER!

  239. Tania

    Hello world bring me Power 🙂

  240. Emanuelle Souza


  241. Eddy

    I’d love these pedals to train for Ironman Canada 2018!!

  242. Ryan Clatworthy

    I NEED these!!!

  243. Marquis nadeau


  244. I’d like poweron my track bike.

  245. Daniel L

    I’ve got a bike that’s crying out for these!

  246. Jared F

    These would be awesome

  247. Jeroen Slee

    That’s a nice one!

  248. Josh Martin

    Would love these!

  249. James Manners

    I’d love to win these for my wife to train with me.

  250. Jason

    Power up!!

  251. Dennis

    Cool, always wanted to try pedal powa!

  252. Gabe Peer

    Hook me up! My boy Terry needs some power!

  253. Robert Franklin

    Good morning!

  254. Aaron

    Fingers crossed

  255. Elizabeth d

    Just what I want for my next ironman

  256. Stefan


  257. Radu

    it’s me

  258. Pierre-Emile Morin

    Hope I win!

  259. Murray Lyons

    Have always wanted a power meter. Maybe this will be my first one!

  260. Isabelle Turner

    I NEED A POWER METER SO BAD! never had one but I know they would make me a stronger and smarter cyclist! pick me!!!

  261. Hodie

    Power power power

  262. Ben

    Here’s my entry!

  263. Huybrechts Glen

    Would love to have these because I’ve never tried a power meter before.


    Will I win?

  265. “I hold power always”
    – Big City Ken

  266. Peter Cumpstone

    I need the power

  267. Tim Richards

    Professional pedal power meter – say that fast 8 times

  268. Laura Solomon

    Sounds fantastic

  269. Mikael Karjalainen


  270. Sarah Langan

    These are amazing!!!

  271. Chad Roberts

    I really need to add a power meter to my training and racing!

  272. Hans Persson

    Cool 🙂

  273. Joost De Raeymaeker

    Keep iT coming

  274. Alessandro Rossi

    …and that’s exactly what I need 😀

  275. Jim

    Yes please

  276. Scott

    Yes please! More stats is what I need haha!

  277. Joel Engström

    Looks really nice!

  278. Mark Mallalue

    I’d be able to cancel my preorder!

  279. Michal Grabowski


  280. QSLL


  281. Paul Sz

    I love the extravaganza!

  282. Matthew Dougherty


  283. Allie

    Foot Power

  284. Tomasz Oszmian

    Ah! These would solve many training related issues! Maybe I´d finally win something?

  285. Mike D

    Thanks, Ray!! These would look great on my bike!

  286. Kilowatt Ken

    So you’re saying there’s a chance!

  287. Mark

    Yes please!

  288. Tom Pomfrey

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and stuff!

  289. Sébastien

    Thanks !

  290. Abby

    Yes please

  291. Shari

    I want the power

  292. Chader


  293. Andy

    Ooh La La!

  294. Matt

    Almost slept through this one! Fingers crossed 🙂

  295. Heath W

    Yes please!

  296. Konstantinos Velaoras

    this is it!!!

  297. Garrett G

    Here is my entry!!

  298. Victor

    Left right left

  299. Tore Johan Olaussen

    Power…. I need power!

  300. Kyle

    This would be awesome.

  301. Jeff Van Gorder

    Game changer!

  302. Matthias

    Oh, this would be a great addition to my bike

  303. John W

    Winning this would be a powerful stroke of good luck. ?

  304. Amanaduh

    Me, me, me.

  305. Zoltán Szabó

    Wow! What a pair!

  306. Jarda

    Very interesting !

  307. Simon

    Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. Nate

    These look cool! Please and thank you.

  309. Ned Bowen

    Yay for power. Time for new shoes.

  310. Jasper


  311. Jet

    Fingers crossed!

  312. Simon Gilks

    I need these ?

  313. Erik

    Neat giveaway

  314. Daniel

    These stuff will really make me fast 🙂

  315. Bogdan Blai

    I wonder who is going to win these babies…

  316. Mark l

    Just bought a new tt bike and in the market for a power meter. These would fit the bill perfectly!

  317. Paul

    Sweet, I want one!

  318. Scott

    Would love to start measuring power on the bike!

  319. Henrik Engert

    Need power!

  320. Stephan

    Those would look pretty on my bike 🙂

  321. Devin Hunt

    Would love one!

  322. Dan

    Fingers crossed!

  323. Edoardo

    WOW, it would be perfect for my new road bike. Thanks in advance =)

  324. francois

    perfect !

  325. Zoltan TUKA

    Thanks for the unique chance!

  326. Chris Stearns

    They would go so well with my BMC Road Machine!

  327. Nate D

    Great giveaway; enjoy your posts

  328. Sam

    I would love these!

  329. Gert wuys

    Pedal me in !!

  330. Paul Rawlins

    Yes please!

  331. Pieter Hoogland

    This would be perfect to train for an Ironman!!

  332. Tim

    Power training is a must these days =)

  333. Todd Buchanan

    Would love tohave these!

  334. James K.

    In the market, hard to beat free.

  335. Kristen

    I’d love to train with power! Leave the rest of the field in the dust!

  336. Ivan

    Yeas and please

  337. Dorothee

    Left / Right – pedal power -this would be great to have for IM 70.3 Worlds in Chattanooga!

  338. Clint Lehman

    These would be nice to help with finishing IMLOU training! 🙂

  339. Drew W.

    Please let this be my year

  340. Christine

    I’d love to get one!

  341. Jeff hunt


  342. Florin

    Pick me

  343. Elie Silver

    I hope I win!

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  345. Rich harper

    I love your blog!

  346. Kate Rawlins

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  347. Skcara

    Ciao DC, sarebbe un regalo perfetto, spero di essere estratto !!!

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    I could use a power meter!

  349. Oskar von Essen

    Cmon luck!

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    These sound amazing!

  351. DamsBou38

    Let’s try it
    I’m a runner, but I’m sure a friend of mine would be happy for that gift…

  352. Jarrett Wyatt


  353. MAGNUS

    Can’t wait for my new pedalas – thanks!

  354. Arvind

    Wow! Would love to get these on my new tribike!

  355. Dylan

    Perfect equipment to take racing to the next level.

  356. Jeremy Chapman

    Yes please!

  357. Oleg Derevyanko

    Look cool!

  358. Iván

    The power is with me!

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    Great work on your site

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    I think these need to be on my Orbea Ordu!

  364. Johan Törnhult

    Gimme gimmes!

  365. A. Torres

    New to cycling and this would really help in training.

  366. Kerim

    Why not?! 🙂

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    In somewhere near the end

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    Hmmmm, power
    Sounds good?

  373. John Lee

    Wow, I can feel the power, already! They would look great on my bike.

  374. Charlie O.

    Give me some power DCR!

  375. Elisa Fernandez

    Perfecto para entrenar!

  376. Marcel

    O yes, please.

  377. Lachlan

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  378. Chuck Potter

    I love power!

  379. Joel

    Pedal based power meters seem very useful and portable.

  380. Garry Curley

    Oooo…. I don’t yet have a power meter, this would be quite special.


  381. Joe V

    Power to the people.

  382. Martyn B

    I have the power!!

  383. Mike

    Sure could use those pedals!

  384. Alexander Smith

    Thanks for running the giveaway!

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    Would come in handy for my triathlon training

  393. Joe

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    Been eyeing these.

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  396. Mark Songhurst

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  398. Howard Shoobe

    Your blog is a go to resource. I have the Garmin Vector pedals on my road bike but I’d love to see the power on my mountain bike.

  399. Aria Salehi

    I would love a power meter!

  400. ozgun

    I would like to have those power meters for my new Caad12.

  401. Tim Johnson

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    Pick me!

  404. michele

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  419. Robin

    Always wanted to have a power meter to improve training.

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  422. Chris pinpin

    Please be me

  423. Lis H

    A power meter would be lovely!

  424. Chris Kuchin

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    Pls pick me

  426. Susan

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    Ironman Wisconsin 2017

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