Giveaway Extravaganza: Favero Assioma Duo Power Meter Pedals


You’ve got the power.

And…that’s as clever as I could get for this one.

Well, in actuality you have some power.  Whether or not you have much power remains to be seen.  And these power meter pedals from Favero (better known for their bePro pedals) should help you figure out how much power you’ve got.  These connect on both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart, and have done away with the messy installation procedure of past models.  Oh, and did I mention it was only $735 for dual left/right power?  I can buy a lot of ice cream with that extra change.

The new Assioma pedals just started shipping (no really, like last week), and in fact, as you read this I’m getting mine installed on my bike.  The FedEx man actually arrived early this morning, both a rarity that he arrived early – as well as didn’t just skip me altogether.  Perhaps it was because it wasn’t a trainer, so he was more inclined to deal with it.

Giveaway Opens: 6:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

Preview Post: First Look at Favero Assioma

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Noah Martinka

    Hope I win!

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    I’m in

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    I wanna win!

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    Awesome! Thanks Ray!!

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    I would love that power meter!!

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    More power!

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  9. Ryan Bertrand

    Would love dual sided power!

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    Love it.. Need this in my life!!!

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    Would love to try out this product!!

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    I could use them pedals…

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    this ones are mine!

  16. just under the wire… Why did I sleep in!

  17. Terry T

    Fingers crossed…

  18. Mary Catherine Martinka

    Good luck

  19. Matt

    Nice – my bike could get used to these. More power, more fun! Thanks Ray for the goodies!

  20. Andy C

    I need a new power meter; perfect timing!

  21. Ryan L

    Yes please!

  22. Missed the last one by a few seconds. Hopefully this one makes it in time.

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    I could use some power.

  25. George Peters

    Power meters are great!

  26. Evan Fineman

    Love me some power!!! ?

  27. Ken

    Would love the pedals!

  28. Michael Ashton

    Oh baby!!!! Yes please!!

  29. Jason Taylor

    I like the idea of pedal-based power meters so that I could switch between bikes.

  30. LM

    for my boyfriend

  31. William

    This would be awesome!

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  33. Dan Zimmerman

    More power!

  34. Dan

    Go me!

  35. Matt Guenter

    Things would really improve my training! Thank you for all the reviews you do!

  36. Daniel Orban

    there is no “too much WATTS”

  37. Charlie R MacArthur

    Thanks Ray!

  38. Alan

    I need a power meter

  39. Carl Thomas

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  40. Steven Keller

    Dual power sounds nice!

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  43. Andrew

    Well… I picked the wrong day to sleep in.

  44. Eric Flores

    woo this would be awesome to add to my bike.

  45. Joel

    Like the crack of the whip, I Snap attack
    Front to back, in this thing called rap
    Layin down power, to put em off the back
    Riding real smooth to build up my gap

    I’ve got the power
    I’ve got the power
    I’ve got the power
    I’ve got the power


  46. flarunner

    Ooh a power meter! Yes please!

  47. Karl Winderl

    Some power pedals would be a nice win.

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  49. Eric Wilson

    God I need a power meter but a place to live a little more

  50. Pawel Mostowy

    It would be great to have this! Currently training based on HR ;(

  51. Greg P

    power to my bicycle!

  52. ahmet

    these pieces of artwork merely seducing me

  53. J.G

    Omg, I would be the luckiest person!

  54. Tobias Alt

    Awesome give a way :-o would be so proud to have these pedals :-o WOW!!!

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    I would love to move to dual pedal power

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    With a power meter I could accurately know just how slow I am.

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    Thanks for all you do

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    I would love a powermeter. Help me help you.

  95. Liz Taylor

    I train with power on one bike, but it has become a problem now that I have a second bike. I would love pedal power meters so that I can always have power on any bike. Thanks!

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    Just in before deadline!

  98. Harambasha

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  99. It seems pretty effective!

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