Giveaway Extravaganza: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals


It’s time to kick this party up a (another) notch.

For this next gifting I’ll be handing out two pedals.  Albeit, just one set.  But still, you do technically get two of something.

These PowerTap P1 pedals will handily measure your wattage efforts no matter what type of crank arms or wheels you use, broadcasting it across both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart.  They’re super easy to travel with, since all you need is the pedals and your cycling shoes.  And a bike.  But that’s not really my problem. That’s what I would call ‘your problem’.  Fear not, I’m sure you can find a bike in most cities.  Rumor is they’ve even spread to America.

Giveaway Opens: 10:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: PowerTap P1 Pedals In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is, of course, eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item. If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. Paul B

    yes please….

  2. Gareth

    Fantastic offer!

  3. Daniel Sarver

    Thanks for all the great videos!

  4. Scott Bauer

    I would love this!

  5. Asgeir Hoaas

    Oh yes please!

  6. Joost

    another try…

  7. DarrenH

    Yes please, been looking at these for some time now

  8. Dan

    I’d (power) Tap that!

  9. Elizabeth B.

    Yes, please!

  10. Florian

    Power! 😀

  11. Neil r.

    the odds are getting longer

  12. Piet Hein Minnecre

    Yes! those would be the nice!

  13. Jonathan's

    I always wondered how many watts I produce.

  14. Keke K

    Badabing, more power!

  15. john mccullagh

    Got to be me this time

  16. Francois C.

    Let’s give it a ride

  17. James Smith

    Chicken Dinner ?

  18. Timo c

    Wow power tap peddles

  19. Michael Herald

    These would be nice to have.

  20. Sophie Beaulieu

    Please for my new Tri bike!! 🙂


    Power to my pedals

  22. Peter Jones

    Would be awesome to train for Ironmans with these!

  23. Tomer Shahar

    Yes please

  24. Julian Wong

    I would love some power pedals!

  25. Natascha schenkalowsky


  26. Michael

    more power

  27. Richard Elgar

    I have wanted these for a while!

  28. Lars Lange

    Yes please

  29. Florian

    Very nice, perhaps I win these instead of the Favero Assioma. Another kickass giveaway!

  30. Lee Hayward

    It’s all about the power!

  31. Casey

    tap that

  32. David Weiner

    I’d like this one also 🙂

  33. Chris

    Plz to be having these pedalz thx

  34. I NEED these! Left leg surgery recovery L/R data please 🙂

  35. Rudi

    Yes! 🙂

  36. Romain Gallais

    I am on the market for those!

  37. E L

    Gimme gimme gimme 🙂

  38. Davo M

    Thank you for your reviews.

  39. Gerrit van der Heide

    Yes please.

  40. Diego Almeida

    Power power

  41. Max

    I am here!

  42. Nick Ward

    Yes please

  43. Matthijs de Groot

    Training with power is my dream!!

  44. Wayne

    Here we go.

  45. David walter

    THIS is a great one!!!!!

  46. Ruben

    nice, two for one

  47. Josu

    This is exactly what my bike is missing ?

  48. YecoYoung

    Please ?

  49. Sara

    Yesssss please choose me!

  50. Michael R Peterson

    Yay, power pedals.

  51. Ioana

    LOVE these!

  52. Jason Peters

    Need more power…meters

  53. Gareth kelly

    Yes please

  54. Jamie

    Bring it on!

  55. Tony Vollmers

    Throwing my hat in.

  56. Todd N

    I’m in! 🙂

  57. Sonia


  58. Taff Tanner

    Luckily I have two bikes so two pairs of power pedals will be useful

  59. Rick Yazwinski

    would give these a go

  60. GScott

    Hope I’m not too late!

  61. Mike M

    About time I started training with power…

  62. TJ Knight

    This giveaways is awesome!

  63. Florent

    Thanks Ray for this extravaganza !

  64. Rudy

    How bout them pedals?

  65. Jelle De Bock

    Would be super awesome to ride with this pedals!!!!

  66. ChrisS

    Cool Stuff! Thanks Ray!

  67. Erik

    Pick me

  68. Michel

    I want to be emPOWERed

  69. Anthony Harper

    Me, me, me, me, me. Pretty please.

  70. Shawn Faucher


  71. Sheri K

    Power tap for my hubby please!

  72. Panos Sigalas

    Comment !!!

  73. Caroline

    I want to be Warren Barguil!!!

  74. Piet Barendse

    I keep on trying 😉

  75. jason

    i want them

  76. Dave Higginson

    Nice pedals

  77. Kuba

    Power to the people!

  78. Dr_LHA

    Likelihood of winning: zero, but I like pedals.

  79. Jimbo

    Could really use some pedals with power.

  80. Mark Wells

    If I don’t the the other power meter lets hope I get this 1

  81. Gavin Clarke

    Would be a great addition to my winter training

  82. Chas

    Bam! Pedals!

  83. Andrea

    I try

  84. Duarte Lopes Figueiredo

    Powertap P1 rocks!

  85. Kevin Earls


  86. Frank

    Want these too

  87. Johan H.

    I could use some power right now.

  88. Yuriy Zabava

    Take my vote

  89. Mike Baril

    New Bike needs new pedals!

  90. Ryan Boyd

    Pecan pies are nice

  91. Bruce Pisarek

    P1 for the win!

  92. Nathan

    I’m entering

  93. Thomas R Provencher

    If only you knew the power of the Dark side! Do you think these can measure that?

  94. Christophe

    More power

  95. Chris Monoyios

    Amazing offers

  96. Mike

    Hello Ray! Hoping for these pedals 🙂 Thanks for doing this again!

  97. Andrew Clarke

    I would really like to own these pedals.

  98. José

    I really need these.

  99. Nathan Wick

    More stuff

  100. Tomek

    Can I get it? 🙂

  101. Murray Lyons

    Amazingly generous of you to give away gifts like these pedals. Nice to see!

  102. Saviour

    It’s going to be mine, not!

  103. Jess

    I like power

  104. Chad Spangler

    Power to the people 🙂

  105. Allan

    I want to power up!

  106. Anton

    once again

  107. Lmurph

    Yes please!

  108. Andy B

    Yes pls

  109. Alex

    These sure could come in handy to make sure I’m getting the most out of my workouts.

  110. Piotr

    I’m in!

  111. Chris Jedlicka

    Would love the put some watts on these!

  112. Dominic

    YES! More Powermeters! And Powertap! Those are not cheap neither. A lot of value in this give away. Thanks Ray

  113. mjlamora

    Acquiring a power meter would definitely have an impact on my cycling game. The data factor would get me out the door more often.

  114. Manuel

    Yes please! Would be great to get them!

  115. David

    Hello Ray!

  116. Piero

    Yes please!

  117. Carlos Restrepo

    I want them please

  118. Tiago

    What is the point?

  119. Dom

    Whoop, great work.

  120. Par Bertilsson

    Yes please!

  121. Allan

    I want to power up!

  122. GG

    Would absolutely LOVE a set of these from my favorite power vendor! So dependable and backs them up with the best CS in the biz…..

  123. Nick Burton

    Yes please

  124. Teemu H

    Yes please!

  125. Tom L.

    This!!! Best prize yet!!!

  126. Jean-Sylvain Gauthier

    So generous of you to offer that!

  127. Cameron Little

    I feel the POWER!

  128. Josh Martin

    I could use another set

  129. Tijs

    Clip clip… off we go

  130. William Pretorius

    Nice would love them

  131. Roland

    All the power…!

  132. Hy Simhan

    Sweet pedals, love their swappability!

  133. Joseph

    What an exciting day!

  134. David

    I’d love these, thanks

  135. Andy

    I’m back!

  136. Jingzi

    More power!

  137. Ondrej Jebavy

    Hi 🙂

  138. Nadav

    These would look great on my bike

  139. Joost

    Would be great, what an offer!

  140. Rootland

    I’d peddle away with this power-toy!

  141. Lewis Deacon

    more power captain

  142. John Kopec

    great giveaway!

  143. Andreas

    Another chance for me to win pedals? 🙂

  144. Patrick Fowler

    Oh man! I’m just getting into training. You’re articles have been a godsend. I picked up an ELEMNT BOLT because of your review.

  145. BNK Racing

    Lemme gets that

  146. Paul

    Moar powermeters!

  147. Beth

    Yes please!

  148. Matt Wolfe

    For my girlfriend.

  149. Michael B

    Uuuhhh, yeah. That would make my day!

  150. Adela Tarpan

    nice toy

  151. Sean

    Wife would HAVE to let me ride more if I had these!

  152. graham Cunning

    love em

  153. Nick Anderson

    More power!

  154. Bob Goodman

    I want to pedal away in these!

  155. Garry Curley

    Wow, what an awesome product!

    I do not yet own a power meter, so this would be the ideal addition to my training.

    Thanks Ray.

  156. Alexander Smith

    Amazingly generous of you to give away gifts like these pedals. Nice to see!

  157. Jens


  158. Alex

    I want it

  159. James Capparell

    This is awesome! Would love to win these.

  160. Aaron J Knox


  161. giovanni pravadelli

    my bike would definitely benefit from a couple of those…

  162. Joe

    let me have this please..thanks

  163. Oskar Von Essen

    Would very much like!

  164. Andrew D


  165. Don Miller II

    Thank you!!

  166. Jeff

    Oh yes.

  167. Chris Cope


  168. Nl

    Up that bike game!

  169. Eric M

    Moar power to the pedals!

  170. Tom Richgels

    Yes please!

  171. Mark

    I like!

  172. Kyle Freeman

    Thanks for the give away!

  173. andrew nicholson

    The gold standard for pedal based power meteres….i’ll take 2 please

  174. Duncan Batty

    Hope I win this one.

  175. Drew


  176. Joe

    Power to the people! 🙂

  177. Chris Misker

    Tapping away, I love it!!!!

  178. Shane o c

    Me please??

  179. Paulo

    Hook me up DCR!

  180. Jean-François Thomas

    Oh nice, me please!

  181. Tim Klein

    This is great

  182. Mac Brown

    Power Power Power!!!

  183. Ian Thompson

    Would be amazing!

  184. Yuesheng Huang

    I want them so bad!

  185. Thomas Tollstedt


  186. Bjorn Brenner

    Even more power to the people! Lady fortune let me pedal away on these ones!

  187. Avery de marr

    Yes please

  188. Gabriel Mejias


  189. Mick Anderson


  190. Leo

    I got the power!

  191. Christer

    I want 🙂

  192. Andy Mangion

    so tell me…how much power hav i got??

  193. Anish Shah

    these would be great.

  194. Francisco Ramirez Rubio

    do not mind getting “just two of something”

  195. Power to the people!

  196. Daniel Hyder

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  197. Alfonso Starja

    For my long lost brother

  198. Ron Leonard

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  199. Stefan

    We need more Power 🙂

  200. Gordon Mah

    Power to the people!

  201. Kris

    Would love to give these a spin! 🙂

  202. Stephen Paca

    Awesome giveaways!

  203. int_27h

    More. Power!

  204. Mark M

    I’d love these!

  205. Joachim Klein


  206. Pedro Acha

    I would love to have these pedals.

  207. Jordi Backx

    Me, me, me! 🙂

  208. mike

    I want the power (meter)

  209. Matthew Vermeulen

    Just in time…?

  210. Hugo

    Hope I am in time for these beauties

  211. Pierre

    These would sure be more versatile than my power tap.

  212. Brent Grist

    I need POWER!!!

  213. Chris K

    I’m in! Thanks Ray…

  214. Dailos

    Great pedals!

  215. I’d love to win!

  216. Tomas

    Yes please, I’d love these.

  217. Dave Walsh

    Would love to have these for my Ironman training!!!!

  218. Juan A. Rico

    I love this power meter

  219. Joel Metcalf

    let me know how week I really am

  220. Tomas

    My superb form is only missing these pedals my friend! 🙂

  221. Dan

    Fingers crossed!

  222. Rich Wachtel


  223. Jeff

    P1 for me please

  224. Uroš Pavše

    This would be perfect for my bike.

  225. Jordi

    Let’s see if I’m lucky on this one.

  226. Gretchen Hughey


  227. Matthew

    awesome、i want them

  228. Chris miles

    DC Rainmaker is a star

  229. DCash

    Pretty cool stuff that you can use!

  230. Ray Barnett

    Yes please!

  231. Sam

    Phwoar these would be a nice upgrade on the R540s 😉

  232. Matthew

    Would love to have these.

  233. Chris Nelson

    Please 🙂

  234. Jhonathan Montoya

    Me please. Me

  235. Joe Quinn

    I could do with some pedal power!!??????????? Please !

  236. Susan J

    Oh man, it just keeps getting better! I would love to own these pedals!

  237. Kris

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  238. Joshua McLaughl

    We need more power captain.

  239. William Vagnetti

    Hooray for pedal power!

  240. Louis Sarok

    Great pedals, I’d love them!

  241. Adam Scheuer

    In it to win it!

  242. Andrey

    I need this!!!

  243. Filip

    Looks great!

  244. Gryphon

    Love to get these and compare to my Stages PM

  245. TEP

    Thank you DCR!

  246. Christian M


  247. Chad c

    Two year old at home… gotta train smarter because 5 hr rides are gone

  248. Dave Rodda

    You can never have too many Power options.

  249. Michael Jansson

    Nice! 🙂

  250. Bartek_Zet

    I’m in.

  251. João Ramos

    Ohh god, more power meters:)

  252. Adrian

    Great product!

  253. 陳建榮

    hi、awesome、i want them

  254. Joshua Tusin

    Two of something!

  255. Michael

    This would be an awesome prize

  256. Mark Verber

    Pedals would be cool

  257. Brady Gross

    Oh my! I would love love love to win this giveaway! Thanks for everything you do!


  258. Andre L.

    I would love a pair.

  259. Jamie Fortune

    Thanks for the chance!

  260. ijzerman

    Power to the people?

  261. Damian Mapplebeck


  262. MagM

    Thanks for the neat tool to play with!

  263. Uri Peliowski


  264. Jesse Turk

    After I win these, the lottery is next!

  265. James

    Throwing my name into the hat

  266. Alistair Jordan

    Great for next year’s targets

  267. Anand

    Would love to have these

  268. Jeremy Ulferts

    I need a power meter set up to take my training to the next level!

  269. Uf, just in the market for a new PM for my TT. Here’s hoping…

  270. Michael Merritt

    Oooh pedals!

  271. Olya Shaw

    I just became an Ironman and really want a powermeter to get a PR next time I sign up for one!

  272. Gary

    These are awesome pedals!

  273. carsten

    love it!

  274. Jeffrey Chambers

    Sweet pedals!

  275. James McNabb

    Would love these

  276. Cole

    One in 5000 chance in winning a pair of these awesome P1 pedals. Awesome!

  277. Derek

    Yes Please

  278. Vince Schaper

    Powertap is the best!

  279. Canan

    Would be great gift for my husband!

  280. Ross Smith

    Free stuff is great!

  281. Ranjan Raja

    Best prize so far!

  282. Gail

    short crank riders need power-based pedals!

  283. Nigel mckernan

    Worth a try

  284. Daniel Westergren

    Oh yeah 🙂

  285. Neil Hornstein

    Would love those pedals!

  286. Brian Lockhart

    these look real nice. I’d like to put them on my bike.

  287. Richard Dagenais

    Power meters, which I don’t currently have, are an amazing training aid. These ones look wonderfully simple to install and very accurate.

    Whoever gets these will be very lucky.

  288. Hook me up DCR! Thanks!

  289. Mark Pearce

    I want them most!

  290. Robin

    Yes, please.

  291. Oliver Christmas

    Pedal to the metal!

  292. David J Martin

    These giveaways are awesome!

  293. Jack H

    These would be a great addition to my Allez!

  294. Dennis Bodewits

    This would make my winter riding on the trainer so much better!

  295. Steve

    Powertap! yeah!

  296. Dylan F

    Happy day!

  297. Jorge Tsukayama

    Awesome PM!!

  298. Ben Pastor

    Man, this would be awesome. Thanks Ray!

  299. robert

    I like power cranks better but anything with power is a plus.

  300. Eric A

    Must. Have.

  301. Andrew Kirk

    Would be nice to have!

  302. Greg Giles

    I like Pedals. Even more with Power.

  303. Daniel Zhang

    I am a high school student I love cycling just no money on the funding I am a good strength of the three iron players hope you can give me the opportunity

  304. Soo Guan

    Would love to have these!

  305. Hans

    do they work with spd? 😉

  306. Kenneth Dolbey

    Man I’d love these!

  307. Graham Rogoff

    Power to the people

  308. Peter Leventis

    Unlimited power!!!!

  309. Jonathan Fager


  310. craig mackenzie

    Great fun this day of giveaways, thanks

  311. Tatsuji


  312. Jeroen

    Hmm bad day today. Can’t run!

  313. Oscar

    Never used a power meter before, these would make a nice starter set!

  314. Keith

    I’m in

  315. Grant Ormerod

    Bikes have been recently seen as far as the UK too. Luckily I have one and these pedals will be a right treat. Hope you PICK ME

  316. Lars bramsløw

    Definitely for me 🙂

  317. Dave McDonald

    These would be really helpful for my IM in Barcelona this year.

  318. Marc D.

    Power, more power!

  319. K S Nagaraj

    I got the power!

  320. Mathieu Bérubé

    The best tool for me.

  321. David Holland

    N+1 Pedals please

  322. David

    I’m in!

  323. Luke

    This is awesome!

  324. PC

    Would love to win this!

  325. Daniel Gerber

    would fit perfectly – need more power!

  326. Thomas

    Finger crossed 🙂

  327. Neil Samuelsen

    These would really come in handy for my next bike training! 🙂

  328. Obeid

    This is the best pedal base power meter.

  329. Adam Ystenes

    What a great way for me to start training with a power meter.

  330. Caeleigh Villarreal

    Great pedals!

  331. Nicki K

    Two thumbs up.

  332. James McCrea

    I do have a bike to put these on…

  333. Ed Nickel

    Best item yet!

  334. John MacDonald

    Yes please!

  335. David

    Need those please.

  336. Jochen Jonckheere

    Power to the people …

  337. Nagaraj K S


  338. Bob Slawson

    Hmmm, I’d need new shoes. I’d have to switch from SPDs.

  339. Robin Nijholt

    Would love to cycle with those padals!!

  340. garyjackson


  341. Whitney M

    Thanks! I think two will work just fine!

  342. Michael Lüghausen

    For me?

  343. Matteo Kohlloeffel

    Hi there, I am an avid follower and bought several items based on your reviews. Thanks a lot for that.

  344. Jet

    I could pick up at Clever Training, their store is only 5 minutes away! Support local, right?

  345. MichaelH

    In for the pedals!

  346. AlanBransdon

    I need more power.

  347. murman

    w00t, pedals!

  348. I really want it, there are great !!!

  349. Marc Collignon


  350. Jason Rose

    Would love these on my TT bike. Been looking for a powermeter for a while now.

  351. Gary Bray

    Good luck everybody!

  352. Marty

    Would love these pedals!

  353. Greg J

    I need a power meter. This would do nicely

  354. sfdx

    man, those are nice pedals!

  355. Christopher Briley

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  356. H.D Johansson


  357. John gaughran

    I’m feeling the power Ray

  358. Dave Norman

    yes please.

  359. Norman Hayes

    I need these in my life

  360. Patrick Chevallard

    I’d love these!

  361. Brett

    I’m sure I can find a bike for these pedals!

  362. Steve Henry

    Oh, man! Power meter pedals! Yes!!

  363. I would put these to good use! Two months left until my next Ironman. Thanks for the chance!

  364. Matt Hammond


  365. Alex whitehall

    Have I missed it – U.K./ us time mix up !

  366. Melanie

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  367. Brady White

    YES! Power me up!

  368. Mike Sevilla

    Love to have it!

  369. Martin

    Yes please!

  370. J Prior


  371. Mircea

    Gimme power!

  372. Ralph Emerson

    I want!!!

  373. Matt

    super useful – would love to get these

  374. James Wright

    Needs me some power

  375. Dan

    I need one!

  376. Uri Nizan

    Love it!

  377. Geoffrey Lambert

    Those are awesome!

  378. Michelle Kelleher

    Ahhh power pedals!!!!!!!??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  379. Ken. p

    Pick me me me me me!!!!!!

  380. Philip

    Well, these would just be fantastic!

  381. Erik O.

    This would be awesome!

  382. Manuel Mococain

    Yes please!! Awesome giveaway !

  383. Leendert van Nieuwenhuijzen

    For the other seat of the tandem

  384. Marten Larsson

    These would look great on my bike!

  385. Kieren

    I need these

  386. Ian


  387. Maksim

    Sleepless night for DCR today.

  388. David Butler

    Those would look good on my bike.

  389. Sumet

    Pick me pick me

  390. Felix Köster

    This would improve my training! Good luck to everyone

  391. Tobias

    Pick me, pick me, pick me!!! 🙂

  392. Stuart McIntosh

    Yes please

  393. Graham


  394. Shawn Rizza

    I want them!

  395. Michal

    Can I have them please? 🙂

  396. Anna-Lisa

    Power on!

  397. mohsein


  398. Cillian Cook

    im in

  399. Bart

    I’m in.

  400. Richelle Sevilla

    This is great!

  401. Nicholas Browne

    Pedals would be awesome!

  402. Marie Yap

    Would love these! Thanks!

  403. Pavel

    Yes, more power!

  404. Adrian Almetun Smeds


  405. Vital Weber

    I need more Power 🙂

  406. Justin

    Would love a pedal based power meter to easily swap between all of my bikes!

  407. Glen Preston

    In for an ounce…

  408. Jeroen V

    Not bad. Pizza

  409. oLEG d

    Yes, please

  410. david primm

    Those would be great on my bike. I would even buy road shoes to go with them!

  411. Maxime

    Nice one again!

  412. Bo :o)

    Woow ! – two chances to win a set of power meter pedals in one day – nice :o)

  413. Andrew Csencsits

    Wow great giveaway!

  414. James d

    You have the power…but I’d sure like it 🙂

  415. Nicklas Holm

    Yes please!!!!

  416. Ramon S

    Cool prices!

  417. Jason Mills

    So many gadgets I’ve never owned!

  418. Mark Roddy

    *fingers crossed*

  419. Chris L

    Need to tap some power.

  420. CyclingJo

    Oh, yes please!!!

  421. Rick

    Even more power!

  422. Turn The Damn Cranks


  423. Charles

    giveaways are owesome!

  424. maddoctor

    I need it! 🙂

  425. Matt Riddle

    Hit me up with some pedals!!

  426. Pete C

    These would make me the best cyclist in the world*


  427. Basti

    Can I get these amazing looking cakes here?

  428. giorgitd

    Ok, these are the ones I am hoping to win!

  429. Didi

    Yes, please!

  430. Matt G

    Yes please. In it to win it.

  431. Corey May

    Go Go Power Meter

  432. David Scott

    Need more power must up the powerrrrr….

  433. Dawn Lester

    Please Oh Please!

  434. Cameron

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  435. Jampe

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    I never have one of this kind product.
    Wanna try it.

  438. Antoine Nguyen

    I TOTALLY NEED THESE. (Need some power action for my right foot…)

  439. mark

    i’m in

  440. Helen

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  443. Alex

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  445. Marc Fortin


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  449. Evelyn


  450. Patrick Harms

    Oh they would be beautiful on my Aeroad

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  481. Jboyer

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  526. yann malinge


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  558. Ching-Hei Suen

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  559. Roger

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  566. Scott Dunsmuir

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  569. sonal

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  572. Marjo P

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  573. Marie

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    One of the most practical power meters

  602. Andrew Stone

    Doctors say that Nordberg has a 50/50 chance of living, though there’s only a 10 percent chance of that.

  603. zom

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  615. Christoph

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  619. Jeremy Hunt

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  620. Hélder Tavares de Lemos

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  622. I would never ever enter any contest again if I would win! Pinky promise!

  623. Toby Hunt

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  624. William Jian

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  639. Bartas Mikaila

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  640. Bruce V

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  641. Steven Barnett

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  665. shawn

    it’s amazing power meter

  666. Scott Cunningham

    I’ve enjoyed my Powertab hubs, the pedals should be equally as nice and easier to transport when traveling and renting a bike.

  667. Daniel Whalen

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  668. Daniel Amire

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  669. Panagiotis


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  707. Mike Hayes

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  708. Per-Stian Vatne

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  709. Kim Russell

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  710. Stuart Guy

    I’ve been using Q rings for a few months now and these would be great to let me see what difference it has made to my pedalling and power output.

  711. Espenk

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  712. Lenny

    Need new pedals anyways

  713. Luc Dancause

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  714. love the site – extravaganza time 🙂


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  717. Larry Grossman

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  718. Kikitsa


  719. Verdy

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  720. hannes

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  721. Kate Vantucci

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  731. Simon Shaw

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  734. Tim

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  735. Philippe Felton

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  736. Michael R

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  737. Ian Heger

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  738. Louis Matherne

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  739. Rich Jones

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  740. Alistair McLeish

    Power pedals would be perfect to allow me to switch power meters easily between bikes. Only have 4iiii at the moment, so it would be great to have power for my other bikes!

  741. Malou

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  742. Brian

    Its bobsleigh time !

  743. Viorel Vasile

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  744. Sergey

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  745. SU YUDE

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  746. Marc

    Would be great for my son!

  747. Anton Kasatkin

    Fingers crossed,
    thanks for great reviews BTW

  748. Trevor

    A Pedal and Powermeter combo is what I’m in the market for

  749. CaliforniaMike

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  750. Will

    Who wouldn’t love these!

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  752. Peter De Keer


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  754. KL

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  760. Nathaniel Bullock

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  766. Yury Y

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  767. Jay Burt

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  774. Daniel grant

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  775. Jeff S


  776. JoeD

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  777. guido

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  778. Ed Seguinte

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  779. Brandon Carmichael

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  780. Kraljic

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  784. Assaf Porat

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  786. Gregory Nash


  787. Brian M.

    Would love to start training with powaaaaa!

    Thanks for doing this Ray!

  788. Michel

    Great giveaway

  789. Martyn

    Yes please!

  790. Jonathan Smith

    hmmmm pedals.

  791. Michael

    Finally I won!

  792. Vit Vojtech

    Actually I am really happy with power2max but would be happy to have such solid alternative as well.

  793. Paul Kennedy

    These would really help focus my training. Thanks for the extravaganza Ray!

  794. Jens Gundelwein

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  795. Wendy

    Fantastic offer!

  796. Stelica Vasile

    Cool gear!

  797. enrico b.

    either powermeter is fine 🙂

  798. Cleave Law

    My Garmin pedals are a bit of a pain to swap.

  799. Lefteris

    Worth a shot.

  800. Ming

    More P1, more power!

  801. John Branum

    Power to the people! More specifically, me! 🙂

  802. Ty Bargen

    I power tap that!

  803. Billy a

    These would be a great addition to my training.

  804. Turner Thompson

    Would love to have a power meter.

  805. Dan Mitrovich


  806. Jessica Altmann

    These would be an awesome ugrade to my Felt!!

  807. Mark

    Definitely keen on these

  808. John Turnbull

    These would PMP my ride……

  809. Erik Seguinte

    I need one of these!

  810. Brena


  811. Francis Yates

    These would make Ironman trainer so much better!

  812. Eric

    More reason to pedal harder!

  813. Andrew


  814. Felipe Foltran

    Thank you.

  815. Rich Amantia

    It would still be my first


  816. Brice J Exley


  817. Rastislav Sarik

    Never had a power meder and would like to try one 🙂

  818. Daniel Lin

    Yes! pick me!
    I want them!

  819. Petrina

    Ooh could do with this to focus me on correct pedalling ????‍♀️

  820. Bryce Walters


  821. Guy Hickson

    Yes please!

  822. Charles Stover

    Pick me!

  823. Brad

    This is my kinda party!

  824. Milton Gomez


  825. Tomas Dvorak

    This would just be the begining… well, since I do not have a bike:)

  826. James Palmowski

    Cmon lady luck

  827. Erik Krause

    I’m from Seattle. Pick me!

  828. Maria Vasile

    Yuhuuuu. I love it

  829. Allen wells

    free power giveaway? I could do with some more watts

  830. Hasto


  831. Kevin

    Simply leaving a comment!

  832. Brian

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  833. Tiago Barreira

    Just mail it to…

  834. EJ Seguinte

    This would great on my bike!

  835. Andrzej


  836. Donal

    Watt a great prize!

  837. Matt S


  838. Matt


  839. Steven

    The king of all power meters. I will bow to your greatness!

  840. Ray Claridge

    Yes please DC.

  841. Louis Vieille-Cessay

    Please please me!
    I need these to improve my training!

  842. Aaron

    I always welcome the chance for my first power meter. Thank you Ray and Clever Training.

  843. yangjiy


  844. Dom

    Enjoying the bonanza!

  845. Quanticone


  846. nick D

    This would make me a true professional !

  847. Jesse

    Pick me!

  848. Robert

    Please please what a great prize to win

  849. Adrian Walton

    Wahoo! Thanks Ray!

  850. Greg P

    Thanks for the great site!

  851. Kent

    I want to confirm I’m out of shape.

  852. Trent

    I have the bike. Now I just need the pedals!

  853. C Wheeler

    more power to the people…. hopefully me

  854. Ou Chunhua

    I’d like to win this, please!

  855. Ian

    Still raining in London

  856. Andreas Souames

    I need one!!

  857. Andreas Haukaas

    I’m in

  858. Robert Schroetlin