Giveaway Extravaganza: Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR


Look at that, we’re onto Giveaway #3. Feelin’ tired yet?  No?!?

Good, then go out for a run.  And for that activity you could use the new Spartan Sport Wrist HR, which includes a fancy optical heart rate sensor embedded into the back of it.  It’ll track your HR during the workout, as well as occasionally during the day.  After which it’ll show you Excel-like charting of your workouts (Side note: I initially mistyped charting as ‘sharting’ in my drafts which was far funnier…).

And if all that fails – you can remove it from your wrist and use the green glow of the optical HR sensor on the back to flag down little green aliens.  After all, this watch was meant for the outdoors – and there’s no better place to find little green men than while hiking about the desert.  Or so they say.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item. If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. harm

    Pick me random number generator!

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    Spartan would be nice! You are doing great job with your blog!

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    Ahh, the benefits of poor sleep hygiene!

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    Yes, this is something I’d like to win as I’m a long time Suunto user.

  25. Felipe Foltran

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  31. Chris from Europe

    Do we still have this strange american 2-hour timespan? Here in Europe it is right now 10:47!

  32. Juan Perez

    I want it!

  33. Larry

    Who wouldn’t want to search for Aliens with a watch like this?

  34. Al

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  35. Greg Hilton

    My wife just smashed her Apple Watch so fingers crossed!!

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    I would be running if it would stop raining.

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    Nice watch 🙂

  42. Peter Thomas

    I’m not normally a Suunto guy, but if it’s a giveaway… Cheers Ray!

  43. Alan

    Great watch that would be nice to have

  44. Dennis Uy

    haven’t tried suunto. i’ve always been a garmin guy. but the specs of this model is making me think of testing the suunto waters!

  45. Ian Marchant

    Up for this one. Yes please

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  50. CarlosRB

    Thanks DC Rainmaker for your supreme blog

    Greentings from Spain

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    Or maybe this one will replace my Ambit 2R?

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  63. Bill Shepard

    Let’s go Suunto. I have to go read the review. I know nothing about this.

  64. Ross Costantini

    looks cool, count me in.

  65. Chris Turner

    Keep up to good work Ray. Hoping to get this to replace my ageing Ambit3!

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    This would make a nice new tanline on my wrist!

  68. Stoffel

    This would be a perfect upgrade for my ambit!

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  71. Paul

    My primary use case for a Suunto Spartan is SETI-based.

  72. Bartek_Zet

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    Great watch, wish i win! 🙂

  74. Travis Kirk

    But does it come in red?!

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    I need this my Ambit 3 is scuffed up after a fall running

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    Always been a Garmin man, but happy to try the competition!

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    I am posting in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above

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  108. Andrea P

    Love the blue, matches the beautiful sea I’m seeing while typing this.

    Thanks for your work Ray!

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  111. Florian

    Might as well try my luck again ?! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  112. Paul Moores

    Thanks for the work you do. My first stop before I make any tech purchases.

  113. BA

    I’d like one of those.

  114. Stephen O'Driscoll

    Loving my Garmin 235 but my wife would love this to kickstart her health goals.

  115. Emma Gustafsson


  116. Cédric

    Une spartan ca peut le faire aussi pour remplacer mon ambit 3

  117. Hannah

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    The would make for a very nice surprise.

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    Love your work!

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    I would like to give OHR a try

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    Wow it would be so cool to have a wrist based hr monitor in replacement of my old polar.. Cross Fingers ?

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  212. keep it up 🙂

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    Thanks Ray

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    Morning From England.

    I was up nice and early for a run around the woods before work. Saw lots of Deer, Rabbits, and other fun british wildlife.

    What would have made this run even better would have been the awesome Spartan watch to record my awesomeness 🙂

  374. Vargas Emmanuel

    Brillant idea you have 🙂
    (not sure to understand the right time period :()

  375. Andrew Kuhn

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    Giveaway #4? Did I miss something? Isn’t this actually #3?

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  389. giorgitd

    Love my ancient Suunto Vector, but it needs a partner…

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    What a nice watch, would suit well with my triathlon trainings 🙂

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  413. Jet Pacapac

    My first sports device was a Suunto!

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    I love my Suunto Ambit 2S, but it’s well time for an upgrade 🙂
    Thanks for your fantastic reviews.

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  450. Petter

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  451. Joe H

    Kicking optional?

  452. Jochen Ismer


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  454. Michael Kjær

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  456. Svein-Rune Hansen

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  457. Valentin Dumitru

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  460. Rohan

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  462. Meredith Lewis

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  463. Peejers

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  464. Obeid

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  465. Leonard

    For my wife! Yes please!

  466. Rob Lawrenson

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  469. Alexandre Dimitriou

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  470. Elar

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  471. Cogs

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  472. Panos


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  478. Bruno medeiros


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  490. Derick

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  491. MDus24

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    If you didn’t hear it enough: Very nice, give us more :o)

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  495. Pat

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  497. Valais

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  503. Heath Seals


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  511. Juha R

    Would be nice to try Suunto again espesially when its made in my home country 😉

  512. Flemming Vind

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  513. Nir Oren

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  535. Yearly DCR extravaganza FTW!

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  549. Trenchdog

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  550. Cas Mulder

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  551. Dylan F

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  553. Vincent

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  561. Sure why not…….. 😉

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  586. Sandy Milton

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  587. René Blondin Poulsen

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  588. Jeff W

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  589. Thomas

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    Color suits my eyes!

  590. Zach Valentine

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  591. REGNART Julien

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  593. Zbynek

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  598. keith chant


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  603. Terry T

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  604. David Bonnett

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  605. Adrian Collins

    This would be great for my son.

  606. Matt

    Once again, I’m only awake now thanks to my three month old son. Thanks, boy!

  607. Vitalik

    excellent! thx Ray!

  608. Kalle Tarhonen

    This watch wants to come back to Finland!

  609. Manuel Vieilvoye

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  610. Kyle Pennell


  611. Milt MacFarlane

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  612. Tadas

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  615. Steve G


  616. AZ

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  617. Joost De Raeymaeker

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  618. Ruben Kvalsvik

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  621. Steve

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  627. Michael Tippen

    Probably missed this one too, could you add in GMT or CET please?

  628. Ui Hwang


  629. João Ramos

    Super product from Suunto. I have an ambit 3 and i really use all the potential of them.
    This spartan is way more sophisticated than ambit but I’m not sure about that stability.

  630. ijzerman

    Make my day !

  631. TT

    I like my odds

  632. Gina

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  633. Chris

    Sad to miss the earlier opportunity as in different part of the world so hoping …..

  634. Mark Pleasance

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  639. Wow. Fantastic prize… pick me,pick me??

  640. Samuel

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  641. Todor

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  642. Anand

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  643. ChrisS

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  645. Jesper

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  646. KlaasDS

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  653. Bethany

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  655. Thijs Rieken

    I’d love to win this awesome watch! Would be an excellent replacement for my FR220, which is starting to show its age.

  656. Emilie

    Hi. Emilie from Paris. I am interested by the watch 🙂

  657. Gerald Brown

    me please…

  658. Pateretou

    Hello Ray!
    maybe I will have some luck today 🙂

  659. Antonio Bassolino

    This would look great on my wrist.

  660. Deborah

    I’m a Suunto girl

  661. Bartokian

    Another great looking sports watch…

  662. Justin

    fingers crossed

  663. Scott cunningham

    Can’t sleep so I might as well come here. Maybe it’s destiny but probably not

  664. Jen Vandenberghe

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  665. Kamil Wypych


  666. Chris

    For me!

  667. Harald

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  668. John Fox

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  669. Debbie

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  670. Cody Nelson

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  671. Jason Hancock

    You beauty!

  672. Luca

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  673. Noam Deul


  674. Samantha Bassolino

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  675. Anders

    Would love to try a sports watch with integrated HRM, as the strap for my HR sensor is starting to wear out. 🙂

  676. John

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  683. Jacek Wojda


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  686. I will join this one. Just started sporting again after 2 frustrated years with a herniated disc. Need to get back in shape for going out on adventure!

  687. Johannes Winter

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  688. Heidi

    yes this is nice too!

  689. Goh Deborah

    Geoffrey Giraffe

  690. Stefan K

    Oh yes, I bet I will beat my PR:s with this one!

  691. Jeff G.

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  692. Jeremy

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  693. Mike McCloud

    You’ve got an amazing site here and you insights are appreciated in helping me make inform purchases.

  694. nick keen

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  695. Joshua Ostrowalker

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  697. Craig Chambers

    i might even start running.

  698. Deborah

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  699. Laurent Q.

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  700. Andrew

    This promotion is just rediculous

  701. Andy

    Yup, still here

  702. Robert T

    I’ll try it out.

  703. Greg Ro

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  704. Rory Weaterton

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  705. jeremy


  706. Anna Ge

    Looks great!

  707. Thanasis

    It will help a lot for my adventures.thanks a lot

  708. Mike Harrison

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  709. Mieszko

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  710. Riccardo Canola

    All right!

  711. Mike Hayes

    This is Sparta(n)!

  712. CC Lim

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  713. Tamás


  714. Martins

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  715. Stuart Webber


  716. Dennis Chan

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  717. Shane

    Pick me!!

  718. Tom Jansen

    Looks awesome. And Blue. My girlfriend loves Blue. And watches. So.. She’ll love me more 🙂

  719. Fenix

    Cool thing, too bad I missed the Fenix5 (no connection to my name, btw…). So hoping that luck is on my side with this one 😉

    keep it going!!

  720. ALOHA-Carmen


  721. Leeka

    Hyvä hyvä!

  722. Ronan Forde

    Perfect replacement for old watch

  723. Kat Hopewell

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  724. Mattia


  725. Gregor

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  726. Pure ZOOG

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  727. Jérôme

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  728. James Smith

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  729. Don M

    I’m in.

  730. Jess

    Yes please!

  731. Mike Nash

    Yes please

  732. Matt S


  733. Leendert van Nieuwenhuijzen

    After recieving the Fenix; this one for a walk :-)))

  734. Emma Hektor

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  735. Erin Doak


  736. Brad b

    Yes please

  737. Reto Freihofer

    Oops missed the DJI Sparks giveaway (commuting in car)

  738. Imre

    Seems like a nice watch! Thanks, Ray!

  739. Seline Goudeketting

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  740. Paul Bergstrom


  741. James sayer

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  742. Lani F Ralston

    Looks like a nice watch!

  743. Jaime Barillas

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  744. Philippe SOUQUIERES

    Why not 🙂

  745. JFC

    ?? freak lucky

  746. Ayis P.

    Yes please!

  747. Jenn V

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  748. Guy C

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  749. Mark

    Show me the watch

  750. Toan

    Suunto vs. Garmin? Who knows!

  751. Tony LoSasso

    Thanks for doing this!

  752. Philippe SOUQUIERES

    Why not 🙂

  753. OnurA.

    Let’s go baby!

  754. Erik

    Have never tried Suunto yet.

  755. Travis Albrecht

    Is this the line for free stuff?

  756. Richard McCulloch

    Would save me buying it if I won.

  757. Felix S


  758. Gan Kean Heng

    I want it!

  759. Geraldine Goh

    thank you

  760. Sander

    Count me in – would love to try it!

  761. Brad M

    Yes. Thank you!

  762. Andrew K

    Thank you, Ray!

  763. Carmen

    Finished my run just in time!

  764. Bart T

    Could realy use it 🙂

  765. Travis


  766. Chris Cap


  767. Timo Möttönen

    In need of a watch update!

  768. David G

    Yes please 🙂

  769. Juan Pablo Gonzalez Rey

    i want it

  770. Hanz

    Need it. Indeed. 🙂

  771. Honor Alt.

    Spartan rocks! It should be mine…

  772. Mark England

    3rd one down…

  773. Matt owen

    Ooh pick me!

  774. Count me in for this one!

  775. François otto

    I can use it :-))

  776. Marc

    Nice watch….i could use it for my marathon training

  777. Gonzalo

    Why no

  778. Nixson Ng

    God blessed ✌

  779. Tony metherell

    I’ll have it?

  780. Filip


  781. Frode Walle

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  782. Vincent

    Let’s go!

  783. Paul Nettleship

    Lucky me?

  784. Onur Altintas

    The 3rd one should be mine 🙂

  785. Rob Runner

    I need to try out a Suunto

  786. Would be excellent present for the Mrs as she takes on UTMB in a couple of weeks!

  787. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  788. JJ-Adam88


  789. Claire

    Yes please

  790. Mike B

    Me – I want to tag aliens!!!

  791. BobbyM

    Here’s my chance!

  792. Matt

    Anything to improve my covfefe

  793. Mike Bullen

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  794. Steve

    Thanks for all you do Ray!

  795. Andreas Gunnerås

    Nice watch!

  796. Andrew Stone

    Wilma, I promise you; whatever scum did this, not one man on this force will rest one minute until he’s behind bars. Now, let’s grab a bite to eat.

  797. Onat Altintas

    My bro wants it bad! It would be a great present for him 🙂

  798. Michal


  799. Dennis Bailey

    Looks great.

  800. Vince Schaper

    Nice giveaway

  801. Andre

    This one is nice

  802. Neo

    Pick me! Pick me!

  803. Rutger

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the site Ray

  804. Chris Chappell

    Nice Watch, awesome website!!

  805. Paweł

    Maybe I should stick to Suunto after my Ambit3

  806. Oskar von Essen

    Would be a perfect gift to my girl who is searching for a HR watch!

  807. Scott hainline

    Thanks ray

  808. German

    Perfect for me

  809. Stephan Joos

    i don’t need this watch, but as long as it don’t cost a thing i would take it 🙂

  810. Florian


  811. Bree M.

    Yes please!

  812. Olive

    Yes please 🙂

  813. JJ Ounur

    I am Suunto fan but more than that a DCR fan!

  814. George Fairweather

    Yes please

  815. Jackie

    I’m in

  816. Joseph Campbell

    Leaving for my swim

  817. Ria Campos

    Me please!:)

  818. Tuomo

    I’m going to wear this thing on my left wrist and Fenix 5 on my right.

  819. Nacho


  820. Saj

    Nice Time.

  821. Frank

    Fingers crossed

  822. Bora

    Switch from Garmin Fenix; will be interesting

  823. Johan Palm

    Hey! 🙂

  824. Aitor Altuna

    Fits my wrist!

  825. Jack Ackermann

    Keep the good work the reviews are great ??

  826. Gabriel

    Es justo el reloj que me está faltando, lo quiero!!!!!

  827. Zeynep

    good one for my weeklies

  828. Neil Brodsky

    I desperately need a new GPS watch. This would be great to win!

  829. simon whittaker

    Hi again Ray,

    Would love this watch.



  830. Basile

    Me me me

  831. Jack

    Mmmm, worth a try.

  832. Tulay Altintas

    I am entering this giveaway for my son 🙂 Kismet…

  833. Bstn


  834. Steve

    Looks groovy!

  835. Erik Ricketson

    Please and thank you!

  836. Freank

    This watch would fit perfectly for my next Training sessions.


  837. Abel Oyhamburu

    Love it. For mu Sunday run!!!

  838. Michael Raz

    My son would love this watch.

  839. Gustav Göransson

    I’m in!

  840. Mark

    Run run run

  841. Josh

    Thanks ray!

  842. Nizamettin Altintas

    Go for it!

  843. KianTeong Goh

    Support! Love it!

  844. Edward Anders

    Would love to try this watch!

  845. Leslie Hair

    Awesome watch, would love to upgrade from my AMBIT 2

  846. Chris

    Sweet upgrade for my Ambit 3

  847. Jay

    Worth a try

  848. Dan


  849. Mike B

    Suunto vs Garmin…hmmm

  850. John

    Yes please! My wife is looking for a similar watch!

  851. Brandon Carmichael

    Looks like a nice watch.

  852. Tonny Madsen

    Looks very good indeed!

  853. Minos


  854. Patrick

    Been trying to ‘win’ one of your giveaways for years! And this is the one I’ve been watching for ages to replace my now ancient Suunto Ambit 2s which has taken me through a few 140.6’s, 70.3’s, standard and sprints!

  855. Michael Lancaster

    It would be fantastic to win this watch!

  856. Claire

    That’s great!

  857. Anders Sivesind

    Yes, please 🙂

  858. Shawn


  859. Francis Limousy

    It’s even harder to wake up for this one than the previous one! 😉

  860. Rob

    Glad I got up early!

  861. Vikki

    WoW If I’d win this, I can use for Marathon event coming in next 10 days.

  862. Shawn McCoy