Giveaway Extravaganza: Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR


Look at that, we’re onto Giveaway #3. Feelin’ tired yet?  No?!?

Good, then go out for a run.  And for that activity you could use the new Spartan Sport Wrist HR, which includes a fancy optical heart rate sensor embedded into the back of it.  It’ll track your HR during the workout, as well as occasionally during the day.  After which it’ll show you Excel-like charting of your workouts (Side note: I initially mistyped charting as ‘sharting’ in my drafts which was far funnier…).

And if all that fails – you can remove it from your wrist and use the green glow of the optical HR sensor on the back to flag down little green aliens.  After all, this watch was meant for the outdoors – and there’s no better place to find little green men than while hiking about the desert.  Or so they say.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Jaco Janse van Rensburg

    Just what I need to conquer the mountains. :)

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  3. Martin

    Pity I missed the DJI Spark giveaway, but lucky a search for another great review brought me here

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  5. I need this to contact the aliens.

  6. Esteban

    this is one is for me

  7. Dorin

    I want one! :)

  8. Troels

    Fingers crossed

  9. Scott jones

    It’s no Fenix but it’s close enough!! What an awesome piece of tech!

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  11. Looks awesome! Thank you D.C. Rainmaker for helping my journey in the world of technology/electronics.

  12. Chris S

    What a cool idea

  13. Marko

    nice color!

  14. Rocketman

    here we go!

  15. Alan B.

    Yeah, that’ll work.

  16. Benoit Faivre

    I’d love to try this one on!

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    I need a new watch

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  26. Laura

    thanks DCR

  27. Christopher Dyson

    I would love to win this. Just started running again for the first time in 4 years and my old Forerunner 305 is looking like more of a relic than me! ;)

  28. Dean Sheffield

    Thanks for all your reviews and work!

  29. This would be awesome! Good luck everyone!

  30. SzebN

    yes please

  31. Maddy

    My husband would love to have this cutie!

  32. john C

    Giddy up!!!

  33. Diana Faivre-Plozner

    That one would be very handy when I go for a run! Better than my fitbit

  34. Andrew Stockdale

    Nice watch. Had any success flagging down aliens with the sensor?

  35. Joe Nartker

    I need this!

  36. Kent

    Do it for Sparta! (Spear action)

  37. Rogge

    It’d be awesome to train for the marathon with this watch. Good luck everyone!

  38. Eddie

    Yay Ray !

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  40. Carl

    Yes please !

  41. Dave Moor

    I like the colour! Very nice

  42. James Reed

    So sleepy

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    This will make my wife happy

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  47. Timothy F.

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  49. Kevin

    Nice giveaway

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    It’s very blue

  51. Bob zipperlen

    This is perfect for me as my Sunnto is now 3 years an update is I need order. Thanks Ray. Longtime fan from when you were still I need DC

  52. Christina Sapega

    This. Is. Spartan Wrist Watch.

  53. Ian Bennett

    Looks nice

  54. Jose Silva

    I want it! Give it to me!

  55. Marc Morcos

    Just made the cut!!!! Thank you new born for waking me up for the 11th time over night. ?

  56. JimL

    Morning from EST time zone

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    I’d love to get my hands on this one.

  59. Luc

    I could leave something special here but I doubt it will help.


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    Looks great!

  62. Jeff Yoder

    This would be a nice addition to my 920xt.

  63. Esteban Carrizosa

    Well, that’s a fine lookin’ watch!

  64. Mike Courtney

    Count me in.

  65. Macia

    yes please

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  67. Daniel Jessee

    I found this hat backstage. It’s funny, it’s a big hat.

  68. Bill

    But i would like the Garmin

  69. Matthew

    I’d love one. Here’s hoping!

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  71. Mike

    Uos, that was close to close-up. :-)

  72. Lauren Sapega

    Nice color

  73. Lamoine Mckeown

    I appreciate all your reviews and videos. Thank you so much.

  74. Brad Stalter

    Yes please

  75. Philipp

    Nice watch! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  76. Ross Glen

    My wife wants this one

  77. Daniel H Snow

    Nice watch, love the blue!

  78. Aster Rieken

    Love it!!

  79. Ben herrmann

    Yes please!

  80. Bruno Aguiam

    Give me please!!! I have a free wrist :D

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  82. Nick Brown

    It would be great to give a Suunto watch a try.

  83. Tim Sargent

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  84. Oleg

    I’m in!

  85. Theo

    Yes please, my wife would love that colour!

  86. Eugene R.

    Nice piece of gear. Would like to find out first hand how accurate the Valencell oHR sensor is.

  87. Soo Guan

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