Giveaway Extravaganza: GoPro Hero5 Black


It’s rare that I leave the house without an action camera in my pocket.  And when I do, it’s almost always the GoPro Hero5 Black.

Be it for a run, a ride, or just a trip to the pool with the little one – I covet the built-in waterproofing of the Hero5 Black.  Mostly because when the little one chews on it, nothing happens.  She’s been doing that since January, and so far so good.  She’s even good at taking selfies with it.  Though, ‘good’ is all relative.

Don’t worry though – you don’t need little ones for this action cam.  In fact, any sort of adrenaline pumping activity will suffice.  For example: Walking to the bus stop on a cold and dreary morning, taking your dog out for a poop, or just sitting in your living room listening to Mozart.  Whatever floats your boat.

And if your boat sinks?

No worries.  Like I said, the Hero5 Black is waterproof.  Though, sorry about that boat.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: GoPro Hero 5 Black In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. KE

    Count me in

  2. Brian Ferguson

    Would love this for my next bike ride

  3. Zane

    GoPro for the win !

  4. Mark L

    Really want this one

  5. Dillon

    Lights, camera, action video!

  6. Nick in mn

    Nice. This looks like it could be fun!

  7. Kevin


  8. Daniel

    I have three “little ones”… ?

  9. Kylie Burns


  10. Luke Yoder

    Yes, please!

  11. Evan

    This would go great with my hero 5 session!

  12. Sarah


  13. Jonathan Donahue

    Send it this way please!!!

  14. Steve Mader

    I need a Hero!

  15. Eric Aleskus

    Be fun to have and play with

  16. Charlie

    Who doesn’t want a camera, really?

  17. Travis

    This would be the thing to have.

  18. Seth

    Want so bad!!!

  19. Lights, camera, action

  20. Colin Locke

    Black is back.

  21. Hulda Black

    Great giveaways!

  22. Thanks Ray. Fun day.

  23. Arif

    I really want one of this

  24. Julian

    Private Snob Reporting for dutyyy

  25. I need to fill my action.

  26. Joel Rivera-Gonzalez

    If I’m not a pro… Can I still use a gopro?

  27. Nick Verna

    Thank you

  28. Robin

    Love GoPro!

  29. Barrett

    I need this so I can go pro!

  30. Jeff

    Thank you for the great reviews!

  31. Fred Mieske


  32. Chris Chappell

    Awesome website, thanks for all the work and effort!!

  33. Becker

    I need it.

  34. COLIN

    This would be great for runs with baby stroller and dogs…

  35. Amiel

    Love these giveaways, Ray!

  36. Ui Hwang


  37. Dixie Newsome

    Picture please

  38. Christopher Briley

    Thanks for the opportunity

  39. Alex

    Perfect to go pro

  40. Scott W

    I’m in. Need a good upgrade to our GoPro.

  41. PatS


  42. Andrew

    It’s either this or the NYC lottery, I’ll be happy with either!

  43. Nate Kane

    Pick me! I need this to capture all my most embarrassing moments!

  44. Rich Raschdorf


  45. Norman

    Sweet. I could use one of these.

  46. Nicholas Fournier

    Something to film mtb crashes with.

  47. Phil

    Missed on the Virb, how about a Hero5!

  48. Paul

    My current Gopro is so old and crusty :( :( :(

  49. Hetal Patel

    This is awesome

  50. Paula Smith

    I’ve read a good review about this camera!

  51. Come at me bro…and I’ll record it with this!

  52. Benjamin

    Running out of chances

  53. John k

    This is the one!!

  54. Ray Chan

    wow – thats a fantastic camera, cheers Ray!

  55. LN

    This would be great for my trip to the Rockies

  56. E L

    Oooooh shiny!

  57. John Lyons

    Watch those crits

  58. Mack

    I’ve been wanting one for a while but it never makes it to the top of my budget list.

  59. Ryan S

    Long MTB ride this weekend.

  60. Chris Inglis


  61. Sean Ostermann

    Is now the time I finally get chosen?

  62. Luc

    Sure, why not?

  63. David

    Thanks Ray

  64. Alex

    Be a nice upgrade to the Hero3 I have

  65. John Kensek

    needed for waterslide selfies…

  66. Anthony

    Entered. Thanks DCR.

  67. Tom Lawton

    I’ll go on record saying I’d use this.

  68. Steve


  69. LN

    This would be great for my trip to the Rockies

  70. Sean Watson

    Camera please

  71. Javier


  72. Kenneth Mason

    Oooh, pretty!

  73. Gandalf Sollenberger


  74. JameC

    Pick me plz

  75. Max

    Hope I win!

  76. zom

    could use this on my bike

  77. Jake

    You da man Ray!

  78. Dane Cubelic

    Oh for me ?

  79. Adam Smith

    Pick me!

  80. Nick K

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  81. Lee

    Please yes :D

  82. Daniel Chen

    Nice camera.

  83. Jillian Burgoyne

    Need it!

  84. Dan Robinson

    Ohhh, i like that

  85. Tracey

    Would love to win a GoPro

  86. Brad H

    I want please!

  87. Joules Per II

    I hear it singing to me… “I can be your hero, baby!”

  88. Joshua Stephens

    Want please

  89. Jason Mills

    Would love to capture some high quality biking footage!

  90. Christopher Rosinski

    GoPro! Yes please

  91. Éger István

    I am in from Hungary…

  92. James K.

    Would work for me.

  93. Mariano Villegas Campos

    HERO 5

  94. Bernie C


  95. Brian

    yes please

  96. Darren Cripps

    Count me in :-D

  97. Dustin Donovan

    I would enjoy this camera

  98. Adrian

    Go GoPro!

  99. Martin N

    DC misses you.

  100. Sam Parry

    Was charging my Go Pro, thinking about and upgrade and came to read some reviews….

  101. Oscar

    Needing one a lot

  102. Norman

    I’ve been wanting one for a while now. This would be great to have.

  103. Turner A

    Is this one of these cool new 4D cameras I keep hearing about?

  104. Mark Thomson


  105. Andrew Jones

    Now I can film it all

  106. Ted H

    We need more Hero’s in Idaho!

  107. Who wouldn’t want a GoPro?!

  108. Brianne

    I’ve got some ideas on how to use this…

  109. Ivan Karacic

    Oh Yeah!

  110. Jeremie Mullinix

    jeremiemullinixI have a Virb Ultra 30, but would really like to diversify.

  111. Bob Rothschild

    All is well that ends well

  112. Ale c

    Its for me!

  113. Nicolas

    Gopro !

  114. Kevin Maddox

    Yes please

  115. Yuji Iwanaka

    Could definitely use one of these!

  116. Jess J

    Never had one. Would be cool.

  117. Robin

    With this great camera I can finally show proof that I am actually training when I am gone from home?

  118. Andrew

    This is also pretty cool.

  119. Isabelle turner

    Need !!!!! :)

  120. Stephen Lund

    Do want. Be a hero and make it happen.

  121. Bruno Cunha


  122. Chris Houghton

    I hereby declare myself the winner.

  123. Tyler

    Me likey

  124. Paul David

    I want this for my future adventures!

  125. James Mangold

    Want please

  126. Erwin

    Yup yup!

  127. Ryan Starbuck


  128. Vicent


  129. Ed Taddei

    I want to shoot sports footage with this :3

  130. Richard Wiegert

    I’ve always wanted a good camera

  131. David Y.

    What a hero!

  132. Rich M

    Weather’s turning, so might be better than a phone :)

  133. john mccullagh

    Hi, I could make some movies with this kit

  134. Mariano

    Count me

  135. Dushan

    Would be great.

  136. Steve

    Hi! Thanks

  137. Steven Chasteen

    Would love a GoPro Hero5

  138. Kevin

    I would love a GoPro!

  139. Kk Ling

    I want

  140. Jake s.

    You’re my hero Ray

  141. Chris G

    Yes please.

  142. Erik Zsemlye

    Sweet as!

  143. Ted

    Thanks for doing this, Ray!

  144. Gregg Jones

    Fingers crossed I win the Go Pro 5. From Liverpool, United Kingdom!!!!!

  145. RobHug

    I so need a new action camera. Fingers crossed.

  146. Jordan


  147. Jesse Martin

    Say it ain’t so…GoPro!?

  148. Lee

    Yay gopro

  149. badotis

    Yes please

  150. John Esc

    I’m here for the GoPro Hero5.

  151. Brian

    Thanks for all the reviews!

  152. rgurney

    Go-Pro cameras just keep getting better.

  153. Jeremy

    Thank you

  154. john C

    oh yes please mate!

  155. Heather Kensek

    This would a great option for our family vacations.

  156. Albert P.

    What a cam!

  157. David Gardiner

    Go pro ready

  158. Slava

    Fingers crossed

  159. Cory Kawa

    Would love this.

  160. Steve Reid

    I could go pro if I had one of these!

  161. Cody Terry


  162. kay estes

    I hope this is my lucky number

  163. Suzanne Houghton

    Can I use this to spy on the husband to make sure he is doing housework when he is says he is?

  164. Joshua

    I’d love to win one of these! :)

  165. Keeli

    I wish I had one of these for my Alaska trip tomorrow!

  166. Dan E

    Yippee catch the action

  167. Stephen Hemminger

    “Wait, watch me” famous last words.

  168. Jason Newville


  169. Audun

    Cool! Would love one of these!

  170. Michael


  171. Ivica

    A nice one!

  172. Steve

    Need an upgrade over me session!!!

  173. Guy Rintoul

    Yes please!

  174. Ian Hall

    Let me win!

  175. Marc D

    Gopro 5 Sure!

  176. Fred Peters

    Come on pick me!!!

  177. Brady Gross

    OH MY. What a great giveaway!

  178. Josh A.

    Keep up the good work on the site!

  179. Kyle

    come on ray, i need a hero 5

  180. Susie

    Sign me up!

  181. Neil McCann

    This would be awesome for cycling, skiing and diving

  182. Bill Gay

    I would love it!

  183. Matthew certain

    Yes please

  184. Neil Spiring

    This is a quality competition you’re running.
    Would love to win a new GoPro.

  185. Zach Krom


  186. Martin

    Video recording goodness!!!

  187. melissa mirgaine

    win win win !!!!!! pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  188. Bryan Alsdorf


  189. Rob R

    Everybody loves a Hero

  190. José Huerta

    Hola Amigos!

  191. Nicholas Connan

    Thanks, from Australia

  192. Owen Stickley

    DCR is my Hero(5)!

  193. Jordan Peirson

    Great reviews always! Win win win!?

  194. Steve Clegg

    Love it!

  195. Robert McNeil

    Thank you for all that you do…hope you get time to do more podcasts!

  196. Patrick


  197. Robert Schrey

    Enter please. Holding the phone taking video is getting trickier as the kids get faster.

  198. Andrew MacDonald


  199. Jessie

    Time to get a five!!

  200. Allan Chan

    Thanks DCR!

  201. Cisco Tobar

    Need that in my life.

  202. giorgitd

    action cam for the win

  203. Tosin M. Akinmusuru

    Here we go with cameras again

  204. Matthew

    For all the awesome descents!!

  205. Will

    This would be great for my San Diego trip.

  206. Adam

    Please me…

  207. Erick Gappa


  208. Jamie kinch

    Yes please!

  209. Jason

    I could use this!

  210. Shawn Rizza

    I guess I’ll take it…

  211. John Stowe

    Count me in for this one!

  212. Nik Taylor

    Yes please

  213. Derek smith

    Due for an upgrade ?

  214. Trevor P


  215. Marsha Mullen

    I promise not to ask for anything else! Need this!

  216. Don Wingler


  217. Allie A.

    Hope I win!

  218. Andy Nguyen

    Fingers crossed~

  219. Jorge Tsukayama

    Great Product

  220. Gary

    Could always use a second, perhaps regift it.

  221. Christina Sapega

    How would you compare the footage on this to a image stabilized smart phone

  222. Mary Pod

    Wow, a Go Pro!!!

  223. Karen T

    I need a camera!

  224. michael

    ray is my hero

  225. Eugene

    Always room for a GoPro.

  226. Jeff Rogan

    Great for bike tours!!!

  227. Dave Rodda

    Ship it!

  228. Matthew Fereday

    Oh man…this would be sweet!

  229. Mo Schulz


  230. TomS

    How did you know I need one?

  231. Fred carter

    Fingers crossed again

  232. Viviana

    The best gift for me

  233. Collin

    I would love to record my cycling rides with this!!

  234. Esteban Carrizosa


  235. Dave

    Would love one of these! My kids would enjoy the view of my bike rides from my handlebars.

  236. Benjamin Morgan

    i have wanted one for so long. PLEASE!!!

  237. Hristiyan Dimitrov

    Wanna go pro!

  238. Oscar

    Never had an action cam, hook me up!

  239. Phil Duncan

    Imagine the boring videos I could make!

  240. Thomas

    Thanks DCR.

  241. Mikko

    I’m very tired because I have to stay awake. This is too exciting to miss! :)

  242. Jeff

    I’d definitely make good use of this!!

  243. Julian Petrowicz

    Yes please

  244. Sam P

    Help me GoPro

  245. Assaf Porat


    What a great camera!!!

  246. Jonatan

    That would be sweet!

  247. I’ve been shooting my MTB vids on the Hero session, been wanting to add a 5 to the mix!

  248. Willard Murray

    Could always use another one

  249. MikeB

    This would work too…. ;-)

  250. Andrew

    I was just debating whether to get a hero 5 black or wait for hero 6. Wouldn’t complain if I won one.

  251. Jack H

    Want one!

  252. David

    It’s m’y time to win

  253. Andrew

    I hope it handles mud!

  254. Jason Dinubilo

    Do it, do it!

  255. Lauren Sapega

    How well does this work in a drone

  256. Mike Serago

    Loyal viewer

  257. Konstantin Petoukhov

    I need it!

  258. June

    thanks a lot Ray !

  259. Constance

    WoW! Awesome gift.

  260. Dan Murphy

    I would love one of these for my riding and running. I promise to load vids on YouTube.

  261. Chris

    Pick me for the GoPro!

  262. Matt

    This I would love to have.

  263. Dorothy

    Really need this !!

  264. Heinz Widmer


  265. Nick Toth


  266. Chris Power


  267. Nathan zimmer

    I never win anything !

  268. Brett Corbett


  269. John Madger


  270. Joost De Raeymaeker


  271. Grant Kennedy

    Cool ?

  272. Danny Hansen


  273. Yolanda Padilla

    Been looking at getting a GoPro! Maybe I’ll win it!

  274. Ron

    That looks nice

  275. David Chang


  276. Uri Nizan


    I am really in the need for such a cool camera!

  277. Edin Smajlovic

    Let’s do this

  278. Tom

    Hope I’ve not missed it..

  279. Daniel Perez

    Count me in! :)

  280. Elizabeth


  281. Jf

    Stevie can see

  282. Bronwyn

    This would be a cool upgrade from my Hero3 White! Thanks Ray!

  283. Hobe Scholz

    Just what I need to document my failures. :-)

  284. Simon

    Hope I win this

  285. Brian M

    Maybe this time! Please?

  286. Mike Pisauro

    Thank you, Ray

  287. Ally L

    Pick me

  288. Fred Turatti

    Hello. I’d love one of these, please. Thanks!

  289. Louis Deslauriers

    Pick me please! :P

  290. Chris


  291. Paul little

    I’d love a hero5!

  292. JR10x

    Wah wah wee wah

  293. Rob

    Yes, please!

  294. Daniel

    A GoPro 5 to capture my mtb fails.

  295. Ryan L Nedbalek

    I’ll never win.

  296. Kumar

    I want

  297. Shawn Murphy

    Be a hero! Good luck everyone.

  298. Tif

    Go pro awesomeness!

  299. Kevin Collings

    Man I’d love to finally have an action cam…

  300. Chris

    Yeah! Action! And cams!

  301. Warwick

    A GoPro would be great!

  302. TJ

    I would love to win and use it for scuba!

  303. Rick

    More GoPro!

  304. Tron

    I would chew on that.

  305. José

    I really need to upgrade my GoPro.

  306. Marco Epifanio

    That’s great!

  307. John Mooney

    Go Pro

  308. Chris


  309. Shaun Moran

    I so need this

  310. Michael Smith

    Pick Me!!!!

  311. Bernhard

    Go pro

  312. Marc steingrand

    Nice camera

  313. Joshua wilson

    Thanks dude!!!!!!

  314. Antonio Farias

    Hero beats one handing it with my iPhone!

  315. Aditya

    Finally….a goPro for me

  316. Jon

    I’m ready to win!

  317. Bryan Prushinski

    Read your review of this and I’d love to have one myself.

  318. Tom W

    I keep hearing noises by my fireplace, and expect to see DC Rainmaker in a Santa suit coming down the chimney with gifts…

  319. Andrew

    Yes Indeed Please! This would be wonderful.

  320. Patrick Young

    Almost there!

  321. Justin V

    Just what I was waiting for!

  322. Simon juul

    Like it :-)

  323. Eric Kutter

    Can never have enough pictures and video

  324. Jay

    Please be mine! Thanks DCR.

  325. Lasse Rousi


  326. Charlie

    Could really use.

  327. Rick F

    I’ve got the ultra30….for a different use case…I’d like to have this fully water proofed!!

  328. Eugenia

    Yay GoPro!!

  329. David a

    Me please.

  330. Jeremy

    What a great series of giveaways Ray! Thanks a bunch.

  331. Lynn

    Popeye, my Hero!

  332. Laurie Kutter

    Thanks for everything you do

  333. Jonathan Osgood

    I could use one of these.

  334. Jennifer

    I need to prove that unicorns are real so this cam would do just that and more!

  335. Jamie

    Would love it!

  336. R.J. Kingston

    Come on. Let this be a winner

  337. Tim L

    Yes please. Thanks!

  338. Jason Larocque

    I need this cam for my rides! Thanks Ray & CleverTraining

  339. Keston Pierre

    Very nice!! Could record some rides.

  340. Michael Robinson

    I need more high speed actions spots of me doing things at very low speeds.

  341. Brent


  342. angus young

    yes please

  343. Larry

    Just got a Virb Ultra 30 from CT, but I’ll take a GoPro as well.

  344. Milan Germovsek

    go, go, go

  345. Gergely Szatmari

    A good selfiee

  346. Ryan B.

    Been wanting one of these.

  347. Peter Bryant


  348. Davo M


  349. Stephen T. Hart

    Yes please

  350. Richard


  351. Tom

    It’s all I need, so please, please, please…

  352. Richard Davis

    Do you find it odd the 4 still cost more then the 5 ?

    Also I want this thing

  353. Joseph Nader

    I love it!

  354. Adam Eldridge

    Always need a spare GoPro.

  355. David

    Sign me up!!!

  356. Mohd Hanifa

    It will be great.

  357. Aaron

    Would be great addition to capture footage from my rides.

  358. Eric Gross


  359. Jeff Fung

    This would be awesome, thanks!

  360. Lance Beament

    Oh yeah

  361. Michael

    Good luck

  362. Lee

    One please!

  363. Teri

    ❤️ My GoPro

  364. László Gergő Auer

    I want to be a hero!

  365. Bryan

    Great prize!

  366. Nicholas Browne


  367. Joe

    Now this I need!

  368. Andy Ruestow

    ohh neat – CLICK!

  369. Felix S


  370. Eric Roe

    How timely! My GoPro just died!

  371. Jeffrey Fosburg

    That’s awesome!!!

  372. Clement

    Last try ! thx ;)

  373. Jason Halls

    What a little beauty!

  374. Don Hettinger

    Yes, please! Thanks for putting on the extravaganza.

  375. John Abboud

    OK, I will jump the ship from Garmin to GoPro.

  376. Brendan Lewis


  377. Jane Thompson

    Yes please!

  378. Samantha Glass

    Would love an action cam!

  379. Greg Mauch

    Would be a nice upgrade from my old Hero 4 Silver!!

  380. David W

    Don’t cry

  381. Ryan

    This would be fantastic!

  382. Bruce V

    Yes! But not sure why I’m so excited. It would be great, though.

  383. Ivan

    Want please

  384. ROdrigo Link

    Wubba lubba dub dub

  385. Sean R.

    Once again. 1 camera is never enough

  386. JimmyS

    Would be awesome to get some video :)

  387. Marc

    Wow. This one would definitely be of good use running through my beautiful country.

  388. Kaelyn

    action videos!

  389. Travis Broks

    Oh man this would be fun to have.

  390. B Murray

    I’m in!

  391. Garrett G

    Yes! Please!

  392. DennisLimAvendano

    Thanks DC, need this one

  393. Ray Johnson

    Love it.

  394. Jason macdonald

    Would love a GoPro

  395. Daun Johnson

    Love go pro

  396. Tom F

    I could stop using my phone.

  397. Andy Shipp

    Love my old gopro been looking to upgrade!

  398. Ivan

    Yes please

  399. Lloyd Oestreicher

    Hook me up

  400. crisV

    looking forward to this! :)

  401. Chris Robbins


  402. Sean Rodgers

    Why not add one

  403. Marijke

    Just go…pro!

  404. Onur A.

    Yes pls

  405. Ian Smith

    Nice waterproof action cam

  406. Shane

    I’ll be a hero! ?

  407. jon Mischlich

    Another Awesome device

  408. Zak Hale

    I could strap this to my kids chest and probably catch some awesome footage!

  409. MAGNUS

    Si please

  410. Matt

    Can’t have too many!

  411. Braden

    Sounds like a handy device.

  412. Ann C.


  413. Heather Riley

    Go Pro, Yo! Let’s give it a go!!!!!

  414. Tyler

    I’d love to have an action cam

  415. Matt

    I would love a GoPro

  416. Joe W

    Awesome sauce!

  417. Simon Pease


  418. Mike Lin

    That still won’t fit in my mouth while running.

  419. Marc Saint-Jacques

    Love your reviews!

  420. Vincent

    A dream come true!

  421. Thorsten Marx

    Great opportunity for something new!

  422. Blanca

    Would be great to have a GoPro!

  423. Kirk Raddatz

    Say cheese!

  424. Roger

    Thanks Ray

  425. Allan Metts

    This is my comment.

  426. Jeremiah Stewart

    Would be amazing to have to record my three crazy boys as the grow and do all sorts of crazy things!!!

  427. trey

    fire and fury

  428. Lisa D


  429. The Guy On CL

    Want this por favor

  430. Paul


  431. Mary D'Amico

    I want!

  432. Dianne

    This would be awesome!

  433. James Salafia

    Love your work Ray!!!!

  434. Trevor

    pick me !

  435. Lee Ragsdale

    POV is cool

  436. Liza

    For the hubs

  437. Myria

    Is this for five hero sandwiches, or one five inch hero sandwich?

    Am confuzzled…

  438. Tobywankenobe

    I don’t really need a camera because, in general, I’m not that interesting. Having said that, I am willing to change if awarded the camera. I’m not really sure what type of change we would be talking about here, other than “more interesting.” However, I believe I can achieve that metric, again, if given something cool like a camera.

  439. George Bold

    Would love a GoPro!

  440. ted b.

    Hope my boat doesn’t sink….

  441. Jeff Powell

    Yes, please!

  442. Ken Gidley

    Would be nice to have some action shots while biking…

  443. Edmar

    I want this!

  444. Jay M

    So miffed at myself. Totally forgot this was today. But I’m in now.

  445. Cara Seuell

    For my husband

  446. Andy K

    In! In! In! Thanks again DCR!!

  447. Russell Gwynne

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  448. Gwyn Moore

    This is the one!

  449. Kevin

    This would be great

  450. Michael Conway

    Chicken Dinner

  451. Charles

    Do I win?

  452. Sebastian Rennert


  453. Mark

    Yes please !

  454. Isaiah Tucker

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    I was just looking to get one! This would be awesome for sharing and having memories of all the fun in having!

  472. David Wood

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  474. Honor Alt.

    Fingers crossed

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  476. Caitlin


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  482. Not the Virb 360, but still pretty awesome to win.

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  509. Greg

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  605. Lights camera action

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    if anybody would be interested is another matter

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  669. Nancy van der kamp


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  671. Sorin

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  672. Antonio Bassolino

    This will be great for some underwater footage

  673. Shawn Smith

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  674. Jyrki Muukkonen


  675. Alex Pond

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  676. Roland

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  688. Patrick


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  694. John Carlsen


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  714. Anna-Lisa

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  715. Brent

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  718. Cory Doyal

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  720. Roy Hobbs


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  722. G

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  724. Eliott

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  727. Please, please, let me record my bike rides with 4k glory!

  728. Matt Hammond


  729. Byron

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  730. Jitendra

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  752. Geoff Campbell



    Here’s To hoping I win!

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  774. Guillermo Garza

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  775. Tim

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  776. David

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  777. Linus De Paoli


  778. Dome Deli

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  780. Jonathan A Michel

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  782. Andrew Monroe


  783. Joshua Carlson

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  785. Tom Derma

    This is my comment!

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  787. JIM


  788. Petr

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  789. Joshua Hayes-Sheen

    Gotta get some nice long riding time lapses!

  790. Peter

    And…. Action!

  791. Jon Livengood

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  792. Melissa Yap

    I could use this to document all my travels!

  793. Natalie

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  794. Erik D

    Yes please!

  795. Bill B

    Count me in.

  796. Chris

    Waterproof camera would be a serious upgrade for thisvTexas trail runner.

  797. Stephen Kaas

    I have sooooo much action in my life, this is a must!

  798. Lauren Felvus


  799. Graham R

    Sweet. I want one of these to film my kiddos crazy antics

  800. Morgane

    Let’s go !

  801. Andy Schram

    Send nudes!

  802. Todd L

    The one on everyone’s list, nice!

  803. Ward VR

    Another gadget I want! Thx for the opportunity, Ray!

  804. Ernie

    Somebody’s got to feel this!

  805. Mark S

    Thanks for doing this! Great stuff!

  806. Jamie

    Ah, how I would love to have a GoPro…I could record underwater, myself swimming in time lapse mode and then to make myself look faster when I replay the video back.

  807. Alan Joyce

    This will definitely make my dog poop videos more Xtreme. Thanks for the idea.

  808. Feuildur

    On thé go

  809. Darren

    Come to daddy

  810. Andrew Langdon

    Would love one for my holiday.

  811. Kevin M

    Make it happen.

  812. Kelly B


  813. Mike

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  814. James Malone

    GoPro, of course I can put that to good use!

  815. Thomas R Fairley


  816. John Schor


  817. Edith stephens

    Please and thank you!

  818. Matt

    Yes please

  819. Iain Cameron

    I’m all in!

  820. Jose G

    Waiting for the hero 6 but I will gladly try this!

  821. Neda Nguyen

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  822. Seth frankel


  823. Viorel Vasile

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  824. alex slogar


  825. Michele Bagrowski


  826. Kiara

    Been wanting to have a GoPro hero! Really great for travelling and sports!

  827. Yuriy

    This is cool!

  828. cj

    Late at night I toss and I turn
    And I dream of what I need…

  829. Paul

    Great idea! Thanks for the opportunity.

  830. Tamsin Douglas

    I ❤️ that you do this every year! Thank you ?

  831. chris

    Would be perfect for an upcoming trip!

  832. JB

    I’ll Go Pro!

  833. Warren Haas


  834. Jeff Stenquist

    Never used an action cam but would love to.

  835. Reed hoyer

    Much better than my nopro.

  836. Severin D.

    i like to move it babe

  837. Tim

    I’ve been eyeing the Session since Prime Day, but this would be even better!

  838. Martin Solms

    GoPro certainly know the market!

  839. Kraig

    Whatever Ray says is good . . .

  840. Ron Green

    Another great giveaway

  841. Yu Zheng


  842. Greg Marsden


  843. Daniel Meager


  844. Dave T

    I’m due!

  845. Paul Molnar

    Can’t go wrong with a GoPro!

  846. Urka

    Super! Thank you!

  847. Andrew

    Could definitely use one of these for commuting

  848. Michael V

    Ray, pick me!

  849. Tatiana Hill


  850. javier Montenegro


  851. Gregg Langer

    I’ve definitely been looking for something a little bit more portable than my… six pound DSLR. Fingers crossed. :)

  852. Richard

    Nice bit of kit, 02:00 UK time ??

  853. JX

    Would love to have this to document my triathlon journey!

  854. mikeg

    this would be cool.

  855. Gerard

    Because one can always use another Hero


  856. Cédric Charest

    but of course!

  857. Shannon

    This is pretty rad!

  858. Charles Dieu

    Lights! Camera! Action!

  859. Bart

    Thumbs up.

  860. Louis Vieille-Cessay

    Would. Like. Please!

  861. Luke

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  862. Marcos Paulo e Jesus

    This will be mine!

  863. TJ

    I got this.

  864. Patrick

    Awesome day!

  865. Andrea P

    It’s 3 am, I really hope it’s worth it! Finger crossed.

  866. Alonso Coutinho Licks

    Ha! That would be sweet for my next sportive.

  867. Norman

    Thanks again

  868. Richard Byyny


  869. Charlie

    Go go gadget!

  870. VUra

    Hello! I want to win it.

  871. Kale Bushmeyer

    GoPro! Yes, please!

  872. Rick

    Just what I need

  873. Scott H


  874. James T

    Yes yes

  875. Imre

    I need a Hero…

  876. Luca Barani

    Another one will be mine

  877. Thomas O'Reilly

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  878. Anthony LoSasso

    Me me me!

  879. Oscar


  880. RIChard


  881. Buny


  882. Scott Egger

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  883. Alex Castano

    Long and productive day. Hero 5 would be a great finish. Thanks Ray!

  884. Scott

    I’m in.

  885. Justin

    Hero is nice

  886. robert

    who do i have to bribe to win? lol

  887. Stephen D

    Fingers crossed!

  888. Douwe

    Must. Have. It. ;)

  889. Carter Terry

    Perfect for capturing my underwater basket weaving excellence!

  890. Richard Mable

    Could always use another!

  891. Heidi BH

    so beautiful

  892. Jeff Wolfe

    I could see myself with that.

  893. Anthony Tom

    back in black
    i hit the sack

  894. Robyn Boyd

    This looks pretty cool

  895. Emily

    Would be nice to have for my next ride

  896. Ed B

    If it’s little baby mouth proof I’m all in!

  897. Vincent Ng

    I am convinced now! It is time to upgrade my GoPro Hero 4 to this “kick-ass” 5!!

  898. Rick

    I never win ???

  899. Christopher Mark

    Awesome giveaways!

  900. McKenzie N


  901. Ben Harbron


  902. Brad D

    I’ve been on the fence about getting a go pro. This could be what pushed me over the edge

  903. Luciano Resende

    Hey, put me in! I would love to upgrade my GoPro!

  904. Vasilis

    A lot of things to record and remember!!!

  905. Haystack

    Win win! I want to win it!!!

  906. Denis L


  907. Glen

    Here’s to chewable selfies

  908. Michael D

    Thats a cool GoPro!

  909. Siddhu

    Yes please!!

  910. Brian Quinones


  911. Traci Clymer

    Pick me I need to get video of all the puppies I see on my runs!

  912. Telephone


  913. Nate

    I like my Garmin Virb Ultra 30 and Hero 5 Session, but more cameras = more angles, right?

  914. Boris

    Thank you!

  915. Pablo


  916. Steban

    perfect for my vacations

  917. Annelise M

    This would be SO awesome to use on travel and cycling adventures !

  918. sherman

    Here comes my hero!

  919. Rogelio Abrego

    This has to be for me!!!

  920. LM

    i’ve always wanted this

  921. Daniel Sherman

    I want one!

  922. Jim Gould

    I’ll take it.

  923. Billy Angers


  924. Adrian Collins

    Ooh I could do with one of these for filming my Canicross sessions.

  925. Sandro Giometti

    New action cam.

  926. Sanchez

    i want it

  927. Adrian

    Nice one!

  928. Michael Egan

    Hope you break 3000!

  929. Ryan Hicks

    My dad and I are about to kayak the Whitsundays for a week. I would love to be able to take some amazing footage of it, fingers crossed! Thank you!

  930. Richard C

    I could definitely use this on my adventures.

  931. Reinhard


  932. Ed Francoeur

    Count me in!

  933. Annette Fentress

    Wow – Awesome! Thank you!

  934. Javi

    thanks DCR

  935. Victor Preston

    Action shots by GoPro

  936. Joshua

    High def footage of me crashing sounds like a winner.

    Although I guess it isn’t “footage” anymore, but “bitage” sounds like invective.

  937. Jerome Angsuco

    Can’t wait to win this one.

  938. Justin B

    Great site, Ray! Thanks.

  939. Derick

    Better than my virb

  940. John

    Yes please

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