Giveaway Extravaganza: Tacx Neo Smart Trainer


Boom – time to kick this up another notch!

You wanna train like me?

No problem.

First, start with cupcakes. Lots of them.  Then, probably some pasta (fresh, preferably).  And finally, add in the Tacx Neo trainer.  Bike also required.

When I’m not testing trainers, you’re likely to find me on the Tacx Neo, if for no other reason than it actually shakes when I cross cobblestones in Zwift.  Same goes for those wooden planks on the bridges in Zwift island.  It can even replicate ice, as odd as that may be (it is odd though).

More importantly – it can throw down with the best of them.  While normally quite pricey, it’s totally yours for free today…if you win.  Good luck!

(And if you lose, there’s still cupcakes and pasta to be had).

Giveaway Opens: 4:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

Detailed Tacx Neo Post: Tacx Neo Everything You Need To Know

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Sam

    Those are nice.

  2. Terry T

    I totally NEED this! Sayonara to my old dumb trainer!!!

  3. Lesly

    Ow yeah

  4. Ramin


  5. Alistair

    Me please :-)

  6. Patrick McClain

    I would love a new trainer!

  7. Jason Bailey

    Would be great!

  8. Adam W

    Cho cho training!

  9. Carlos Martinez

    I would love to get it!

  10. Haukur Heimisson


  11. Matthew Poole

    Need a new trainer. Wife has taken my old one.

  12. Rob Pelham

    Now is the time to get on the turbo!

  13. tser

    Fantastic trainer

  14. Michele

    I’d love to get this.

  15. Paul Lewis

    I need this Neo, as my partner keeps knocking mine!

  16. Tom B

    Would love one!

  17. Kevin Purcell

    This would be so much better than my aluminium rollers for Zwifting!

  18. Konstantin

    Me me!

  19. Jon

    Go on then, just so I can actually pretend to train.

  20. Pieter Hoogland

    Just in time! This would be absolutely fantastic to win!!

  21. J

    Need one

  22. Eugene

    Almost missed this one!

  23. Kyle

    I’d love a Neo!

  24. Sylvain Gauthier

    Test 1-2

  25. Jan-Philip W.

    Wow. Winter is definitely coming

  26. chris gee

    i’ve been shopping for trainers for months! i need this!

  27. Ian s

    Yes new trainer please

  28. Luke Meers

    More power!

  29. Erik Gyllenstierna

    Yes please please

  30. Efi

    Can I have it ?

  31. Matt Pierce

    Please. I’ve been good.

  32. Rinske

    Pick me!!!

  33. Andrew


  34. Paul Morrison

    Me me me!

  35. Matthew Nugent

    No excuse for no winter training!

  36. Carter O Casaide

    Would love it

  37. Manuel B. Fiol Pico

    Incredible a Tacx Neo Smart Trainer as a giveaway!

  38. Eshel

    Yes please:)

  39. Andrew

    Do smart trainer make you smarter?

  40. William

    I could use it!

  41. Marcus Linder

    Fingers crossed!

  42. Kate Vantucci

    This! Yes!

  43. Martin Walker

    Wow. Big giveaway. Thanks for all the kit reviews.

  44. Chris L

    Always wanted an indoor trainer. Pick me.

  45. Padraig

    Irish weather, requires an all year round trainer!

  46. Mickey

    Winter is coming.

  47. Chris K

    Please be on time!

  48. Chuck Haugan

    Please and thank you

  49. Joshua


  50. Chris Graham

    This would be awesome!

  51. Oleksandr

    I’m in! Thanks ;-)

  52. Dan Aspinall

    Pretty please!

  53. Kyle B

    That would be most helpful for the winter time.

  54. Catherine

    Pick me! Pick me!

  55. Dave

    Yes please!!!

  56. Bora

    Last comment

  57. Joanna Chan


  58. Bret Deardorff

    Me please

  59. Werner Piranty


  60. Fabian Hui

    I wana train Smart like you!

  61. Axel

    Me meeeeee

  62. Denise Ui Chasaide

    Please one for me

  63. Stéphane Renaud


  64. StephenA

    If I’m not to late

  65. Ernest Petti

    Been needing a bike trainer. Free is good.