Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar A370 & Polar M460


Sometimes you need a breather.  And other times you just want to double-down.

With only three giveaway sets left, I figured we’d double-down in this one.  Not one, but two devices this time!

The A370 is Polar’s latest optical HR sensor-laden wrist band that can track everything from your heart rate 24×7 to your exact track during a workout from the GPS in your phone.  More notably though, it’s got what I think might be the best optical HR sensor I’ve seen in a wrist wearable.  And I’ve tested a @#$#-ton of optical HR sensors.

Meanwhile, let’s say you have a buddy – and that buddy is a cyclist.  For them you could gift them the also new Polar M460, which is Polar’s tidy little GPS bike computer.  It can track all your powers as well as do Strava Live Segments.  It’s also got a red button on it, because everyone likes red buttons.

Of course, you don’t have to give it to a friend, you could just keep it all for yourself.  I won’t judge…too much.

Oh – and don’t even think about skipping the last two giveaways coming up! I sure wouldn’t want to!

Giveaway Opens: 6:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Polar A370 In-Depth Review, Polar M460 First Look

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training or Clever Training Europe, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (or get 10% back in points on almost anything else), plus most devices get free shipping too! Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item. If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. Niall

    Yes please

  2. Brad Stalter

    Would be great to win

  3. Mark M.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  4. John

    Yes please!!

  5. Kerry Scott Sullivan

    I’d keep it all. To go with my old V800 and replace the tragic v650 in my cabinet. Don’t judge me.

  6. Dane


  7. Ben M

    Ahh where has the day gone. Forgot about my top priority (this)!

  8. Pablo Gioda

    Yes please!

  9. Diogo Gonçalves

    I need one so much!!

  10. Juan Vela

    Should I replace my m400? or simply give to my lovely wife

  11. mat


  12. David

    Sign me up.

  13. Axel

    Two for the show

  14. Kyle Blackkett

    Once more unto the breach! Thanks!

  15. Knoster

    Hi I am Knoster and I bike together with my Lama!

  16. Jacek

    Very nice!

  17. Marc

    Very nice!

  18. Tim Runnette

    Nice! Thanks Ray!

  19. Francis Limousy

    I’d like to try that

  20. Mark R

    me please

  21. Kraig

    Isn’t 2 better than 1?

  22. Richard

    i want one

  23. Ashlyn M


  24. Max

    Yes, please

  25. Fred

    I love that ! Thxs

  26. Brett Goodrich

    I love polar products

  27. Cheryl Lohman


  28. Thomas Chang

    Like to test that optical wrist heart rate sensor!

  29. Ivica

    Yes, please!

  30. Richard Littleton

    2 devices? Sounds good!

  31. Chrys Hansen

    You’re the best!

  32. Daniel

    I’m pushing the big red button…

  33. Melinda Caroline

    Polar love!

  34. Lee


  35. Santosh Dominick

    Why not

  36. Mirek

    Polar for me and my bike. It’s late now…

  37. Andrew

    Would love this!

  38. Kelly m

    Me me me!!

  39. Trace Tidwell

    I’ve never owned anything Polar, but I’d love to start!

  40. Jonatan

    Sure, why not? hahaha

  41. Balázs Domonkos

    Would be great present for my wife!

  42. Grant Jewett

    I love winning

  43. Tim Johnson

    I want to push the red button

  44. Kyle

    Id love 2

  45. Guillermo Vives


  46. Michael Stern

    Gosh that’s a flashy thing. Perhaps it would look good on my wrist.

  47. Martin Perry

    Thats a very nice set!

  48. SuiYin

    Always been Polar fan will come in handy !!!

  49. Jeff Tignor

    It’s no Garmin, but if I must

  50. JoelP

    I like watches and bike computers

  51. Blair Shropshire

    I’ll try one

  52. Jessica

    Super nice

  53. Danelle Fron

    More cool gadgets!

  54. TJ Knight

    Yo! I’d like to win one a these.

  55. Jacky Yang


  56. Rob Furlong


  57. Amy Shores

    I think this is my year!!

  58. Moritz Sauer

    And again!

  59. Arnold de Bruijn


  60. Albert H

    Always willing to give the underdogs a chance to beat the king!

  61. John

    I scrolled through the DCR comments looking for the inevitable “bi-polar” pun and was NOT disappointed. ?

  62. Adam Ystenes

    I’ll take those.

  63. Peggy Oin

    Black never go out of fashion.

  64. Mike B

    Brrrr it’s chilly in here

  65. Bjorn S.

    Nice piece of tech.

  66. Ian Fox

    2 for 1

  67. Pat Bateman

    Heart to heart

  68. Tim Scholtes

    YEs please!!!

  69. Carlos Marques

    My next trainer 😉

  70. Jeff Powell

    Would love these two. Time to expand outside the Garmin universe.

  71. Carrie H


  72. Jonathan

    Something for me and for my wife!

  73. Lisalisadc

    I’m so excited
    For the DCRainmaker freebie.

  74. Francisco


  75. Bradley Griffin

    In dude!

  76. Clint Lehman

    I mean I wouldn’t kick it out of bed….

  77. Anthony


  78. Mira Panek

    Love that you’re giving away all this cool stuff! Tossing my name in the hat for the HR monitor 🙂

  79. Jason

    I’m in

  80. Karolina

    Pretty 🙂

  81. Bert Pluymers

    Yes, two please!

  82. Geoff

    Count me in!

  83. Leonardo


  84. John Mooney

    Why not?

  85. William Spaetzel

    Double yes please

  86. Fred

    Count me in!

  87. Victor Bale

    I want!

  88. Rodney

    Pick me !

  89. Luke Hollomon


  90. Charlie b

    The polar ice caps are melting

  91. Jeff Weymouth

    That would be nice. Thank you.

  92. Danial Moreno

    Hope to win.

  93. Andrew Norris


  94. Jonathan Martel

    Polar, why not!

  95. Jan Håkonsen

    Been lojal to Polar forsomany years, even got a bike suit with their logo. I would like to have this.

  96. Maxime Gagné

    I want it pleeease

  97. Jasper

    Don’t judge me

  98. Charles

    I’m in!

  99. Houston Skipper

    Cool watch!

  100. Andrew

    Wear one on each wrist?

  101. Mary Spalding

    Yes, please!

  102. Blake

    Why not!

  103. Roger

    Polar a370 is making my activity tracker wish list this year…

  104. Stefan L

    Polar has some great products. Keen!

  105. Michael Tee

    Yes I want

  106. Rob

    Cool beans

  107. Paul


  108. Ethan

    Pick me!

  109. Justin

    This will be awesome!!!

  110. Andre Andrade Costa


  111. Greg Mitchell

    One for me and one for the wife

  112. John M

    I really want this bundle!

  113. J-F Loiselle

    Oui, je le veux.

  114. Todd


  115. Oleksandr


  116. Phil

    Yes please!

  117. Alex R.

    Yes, please.

  118. Tatsuji

    Why not?

  119. Felipe Foltran

    Thanks for all the awesome reviews.

  120. Daniela Sampaio Oliveira


  121. Nick Marsh

    I like kittens

  122. Claude Blair


  123. Nora

    great! 🙂

  124. Frank

    winner winner pasta dinner

  125. François Brisson

    Me please

  126. Paul

    I’m in!

  127. Mark Botting

    Both of those devices would be handy. One for the wife, the other for me.

  128. Josh Herrera

    Come on now

  129. SMS

    I’d take it 😉

  130. Siddharth ravishankar

    This will make me slimmer, fitter and hopefully more awesome. Thanks DCR! fingers crossed! 😀

  131. KE

    One for me and one for my wife … What could be better!

  132. Matthew Patterson

    Please pick me…

  133. Michael

    Great price

  134. Greg

    I’m in!

  135. EVAN WADE

    Double it…

  136. phil000r


  137. AZ

    A two-fer! Woohooooooo

  138. Tracy

    I have an RCX5 that I love. This would go great with that!

  139. Trevor

    Two for one,

  140. Charles Schuber Jr

    I would like these. Optical HR is the way to go!

  141. Roger Clough

    My final attempt!

  142. Jesse Martin


  143. Reuben Neese

    I like wearing wearables!

  144. Paul

    You rock!

  145. Luke

    Awesolme product.

  146. jp

    Thank You!!!!!

  147. Kristopher

    Can’t beat two for one

  148. Alberto Castellano

    Hei second attempt today

  149. Norman

    On croise les doigts !!

  150. Andrea b

    Pick me pick me pick me!

  151. Benoit Page

    I hope I get this one!

  152. Jack Hsueh


  153. Oisin Maguire

    That would be amazing to have.

  154. Peter N


  155. Raymond Fong


  156. Sumrit

    Yes, please.

  157. Amar shah

    Count me in!

  158. Robert Shepherd

    Dear DCR, please let this live on my wrist. Thank you!

  159. Anne-Marie Lamy

    Me thx

  160. jspanek

    Really could use these…

  161. Nedim

    I would love to get this, since I know the perfect person to gift this.

  162. Ben

    Was Polar, now Garmin, maybe time for Polar again….

  163. Rob E

    These would be nice to have

  164. Bob Meakin

    Thanks Ray

  165. Victoria Ridge

    Please and Thank you ???

  166. Kim WEBB

    This would be most awesome

  167. Adam

    Come on random number generator!

  168. Hamez

    Beep beep bloop bleep

  169. Dan Heath


  170. Mikael Berglund

    Need one

  171. Anthony

    I hope I win. Thanks DCR.

  172. Brad Bowers

    Yes, please!

  173. JW


  174. Mike

    Pick me. Pick me

  175. Michael V

    Thanks Ray!!

  176. six

    I’ve been meaning to order a bike computer for the last couple months to replace the old simple cateye 🙂

  177. MartinR

    I am in.

  178. Mike

    Fingers crossed

  179. Joseph Graczyk


  180. Tromse


  181. I like watches!

  182. Zina

    This looks cool

  183. Rick

    More Polar!

  184. Ryan Starbuck


  185. Keith

    Still trying.

  186. Jeffrey S.

    I could use of of them!

  187. Rob

    My wife’s been looking at the A370

  188. Tom York

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  189. Filip Aben

    Long shot but you never know! 🙂

  190. Dylan PD

    Yes please

  191. David l


  192. Jan Aniolek

    Still tryin’

  193. Charles Dieu

    Doubling down.

  194. Tony

    Maybe this would help my wife start running ?

  195. Shara Arnofsky

    Me! Me!

  196. Piotr

    ok, for me

  197. Jeff G.

    Okay … I will bite.

  198. Brandon

    Yes please!

  199. Cristiano Goncalves

    Count me in!!!

  200. John Brittain

    Enter to win please!

  201. Marc Collignon


  202. Imre

    Double treat, yes!

  203. Suzy T

    I’m brian!

  204. Timo c

    Great prize

  205. Nicolas Cloutier

    Thanks !

  206. Andrew Williams

    Bed time yawn

  207. Andrew

    Why not?

  208. Stefan g

    Good morning, another nice one

  209. Peter

    Yes please

  210. Chris

    Hopefully this is the lucky number

  211. Mark l

    In it to win it

  212. John Borger

    Heck yeah lets win it!

  213. John W

    Will winning a Polar make my Garmin jealous?

  214. George Peters

    I like polar products!

  215. Jason Lainson

    Love it!

  216. 3underscore

    I’m in

  217. Tim

    Yes please!

  218. Abel Oyhamburu

    Awesome giveaway…thank you!!!

  219. jaredbarez

    I am in.

  220. Dave G

    I’ll be honest – both would be for me!

  221. mike barro

    Wish me luck

  222. Mark England

    Still here. ?

  223. Matthew

    In it to win it

  224. Greg P

    I’m in!

  225. ALFONSO

    Every training will count double

  226. Joshua Coates

    Yes please

  227. Greg Purviance

    A watch would be nice

  228. Michael R

    Sweet watch yo!

  229. Paul in Kirkland

    So happy to have won this 🙂

  230. Christine

    Two is always better than 1

  231. Rob Poma

    Thanks Ray for all that you do!

  232. Shane

    Loving the giveaways

  233. Matthew Guyatt


  234. Vincent sentner


  235. Jeremy


  236. Lee sale

    I never win anything.

  237. Alasdair Gardner

    last one for me, time for bed

    thanks ct and Ray

  238. Eric

    I’ll take one.

  239. John Figueroa

    I feel a polar wind…

  240. Brian

    Would like for the HR sensor and two prizes for one. Very nice.

  241. Dan

    In before the lock!

  242. PIERRE

    Me me….Hello

  243. Stella

    It’s very nice

  244. Favad Ahmed

    would be great one of these

  245. Brendan


  246. David Leon

  247. Austin

    Appreciate it

  248. ALBERT Jordana

    I need both, one for each wrist!

  249. Jovaldas J

    Thanks !!!

  250. Brent


  251. Ian Hall


  252. Ulric


  253. tma

    thanks DCR

  254. Gavin Davies

    Great competition!

  255. Mike Gross

    I like the number 2!

  256. Shaalan beg


  257. Mark K

    Thanks for all you do!

  258. Nazrul Nasir


  259. Fabricio D'Amico

    Here we go!

  260. Andrew Jones

    You had me at free

  261. Brent R

    New things for me and a friend, what could be better???

  262. Borna Simic

    oh jea

  263. JoeD

    Polar me a winner

  264. Chris L

    2fer. What a deal/steal!

  265. Simona

    Please one for me !!!

  266. Evan Fineman

    Count my steps!!!

  267. AI

    Missed all the earlier ones.

  268. Karl R

    I’d like to try one

  269. Osman Mir

    Pick me maybe.

  270. Matthew

    Thank you Ray!

  271. Chris

    Yes please

  272. Ryan

    The sweet giveaway continues. Thanks Ray!

  273. Joris Bruring

    Yes please!

  274. John manser

    I’ll never win

  275. Pofix

    I like it 🙂

  276. Joe Wilensky

    Keep it up!

  277. Max B

    I am someone who likes red buttons! This would be perfect!

  278. Steve

    I’m in!

  279. Mary D'Amico

    Let’s go!

  280. Amy

    Very cool. Thank you!

  281. Keith

    Why not?

  282. Em

    Me please

  283. Tom

    Feeling lucky

  284. James Hong


  285. Kjetil B

    Yes please

  286. Toni

    mine and mine ?


    Just visited USAFA!

  288. Viviana

    It s mine

  289. Bo :o)

    It’s a keeper….

  290. Sara

    Hope I win!

  291. James

    optical HR is cool too

  292. jason

    Sounds good!

  293. Silas

    track activity!

  294. Josh Andrew

    Great product. Good luck all!

  295. Kev

    Polar, Polar, Polar.

  296. Tango Charlie


  297. Pierre-luc

    Will try this polar

  298. GvsFr

    Where will you stop? Any chance of a bike (your bike) giveaway? Haha

  299. Patrik Akselsson

    Sign me up!

  300. Felix Begin

    Only DCRainmaker can make me so eager to win a giveaway!

  301. Charles Schwartz

    Polar ftw!

  302. Gregg Langer

    Be still, my beating heart.
    Or… preferably not. Either way, best to watch that.

  303. Eric Kutter

    Haven’t had a polar for about 10 years. It’d be fun to try again.

  304. Dan Webb-Jones

    Yes please

  305. Michael Raz

    Yes Please

  306. Jeff

    For the win!

  307. Brendan

    I’m in

  308. Claus Blem

    Me, me, me, me! Pick me!

  309. Guy Rintoul

    Yes please!

  310. Robbert-Jan Das

    Nice! I’m in!

  311. Wendy Ditterline

    Pick me!!!

  312. Andrew


  313. Dylan

    Get in


  314. Jeremy Gerber

    Polar makes good stuff.

  315. Eddie

    Hello ray

  316. Gerald

    First post, nearly missed all the fun!

  317. Jack H

    Would love to have these units!

  318. Paul R Foster

    Thanks DCR

  319. Laurie Kutter

    Thanks for the great reviews

  320. James


  321. Bill Rodway

    Thanks for all you do DCR !!

  322. Stefani


  323. Shubham Dixit

    This one for me

  324. Helen

    I want one (or two).

  325. Sean ditterline

    Pick me so I can surprise my wife with one!

  326. Jordan

    Interesting choices

  327. Alexandre Morin


  328. Jason Kuder

    In it to win it!!!

  329. J. Nguyen

    Thanks Ray.

  330. marian

    so cool you do this! thank you!

  331. Frederick Carter

    someone’s birthday is coming up….

  332. Pierre-luc

    I am a garmin guy but can try this Polar

  333. Emily

    I would love these.

  334. Pure ZOOG

    They’re the bear necessities!

  335. Jessica Altmann

    I definitely wouldn’t keep both for myself…definitely wouldn’t do that. Not me.

  336. Michael

    Good luck!

  337. C

    cant remember if i already entered this one 🙂

  338. Ian Marchant

    Please 🙂

  339. Quincy jones


  340. Ward VR

    I would offer the activity tracker to my girlfriend and keep the Bike computer ?.

  341. Sandra M

    Yes! Can share with my sister

  342. Ge

    Hope i’m lucky

  343. George

    Yes please!

  344. Hulda black


  345. Jon

    A twofer! I’m in!

  346. Mikko

    Good night!

  347. Noah

    Fun times!

  348. Felix P.

    Here we go…

  349. Emil

    I’m in!

  350. Bertel

    Would fit my wrist perfectly ?

  351. Ken

    Polar times two twice as nice

  352. George

    Very cool!

  353. Dylan

    Hook me up Ray.

  354. Mike


  355. Mario A Lira Junior

    Please let me try them …

  356. Pars B

    Thank you

  357. Craig


  358. Hobe Scholz

    I like free stuff.

  359. Robin

    Please and thank you! 🙂

  360. Kaelyn

    Hopefully I can make myself and a friend happy

  361. John Marshall

    /me waves hands and jumps like a kid who just spotted the ice cream man… me me me me me me me me me

  362. Will S

    Awesome. Just what I need.

  363. Steve H

    Good luck everyone!

  364. Ken

    Nice watch for me.

  365. Shane o c

    Fingers crossed !!!

  366. Mark Jones

    Por favor!

  367. Michelle Mortensen

    What great prizes

  368. Wayne Cartlidge

    And again, awesome

  369. Vidushi shukla

    Belong to me

  370. Andre

    Why not?

  371. Mark

    Polar for the win!

  372. Phil

    Great Giveaway.

  373. Keith Bryant

    I want!

  374. Jörg


  375. George Bold

    Love Polar!

  376. Xavier

    It might be cool to get it !!

  377. Floyd Co

    For him & her!

  378. Patrick

    Me please

  379. Shari F

    this would good on my wrist

  380. Stuart Huddle

    Watchy watchy

  381. Andy

    Yes please. 🙂

  382. Warren


  383. Toan

    Yes yes

  384. john D

    This is awesome, two products in 1 giveaway!
    Thanks Ray!!

  385. Robin

    Yeaaaaaaa ray!

  386. Roland Horth

    hoping to win

  387. Alicia Powell

    I want one! Nice watches.

  388. Tom Pomfrey

    Will gladly share. Bad Karma if you are greedy.

  389. Edin Smajlovic

    Two is always better then one unless u want to have two wives then I think one is enough 🙂

  390. Stéphane Loiselle

    hey, plz plz dc

  391. Jumpy

    This would be nice

  392. Arno

    I would definitely use both devices!

  393. Theresa Nelson

    One to share

  394. Brendan

    Great work.

  395. Ion Gruea

    nice activity trackers.

  396. Denis McCarthy

    Yes please!

  397. Diana T

    Always good to gauge whether you’re overtraining and/or too tired to train!

  398. Sonal

    Yes sir

  399. Colin Kalescky


  400. David

    Big money! No whammies!

  401. Hendrik

    Can it out perform my Garmin, let’s try. 🙂

  402. Jared

    I want this

  403. Alan Moore

    Too late for the Neo, better luck with this?

  404. Gordon Mah

    Sounds like a great package.

  405. Joshua

    HR data would be nice to have.

  406. Amos

    Yes please!

  407. DanDee

    Nice combo.

  408. Slava

    Fingers crossed

  409. Rich Jones

    Could definitely use those!

  410. Radek

    I like polar.

  411. Isaiah Tucker

    Yes please! ?

  412. Kevin McCormick

    Pick me. Please 🙂

  413. Igor Stičinski

    Yes please

  414. Ali

    Polar, yes

  415. Pascal


  416. Felix

    Both are nice.

  417. Jeremy Carroll

    Thanks Ray

  418. Patrick

    May the force be with me.

  419. Jyrki Muukkonen

    Upgrade from Sport Tester PE2000

  420. Ayushi


  421. Stephen Connor

    Count me in. 2 for 1 is always great in a giveaway

  422. C Wheeler

    One is the loneliest number….

  423. Jenna Mize

    Pick me because the Apple Watch sucks

  424. Matt

    Yeah buddy

  425. Mike


  426. Edwin Kim


  427. Chelsea O'Dell

    Boooooo Apple Watch I need a polar!

  428. Pete C

    Yes please!

  429. Bill Duke

    Me please… Thanks…

  430. Dax

    These would be nice. Thanks

  431. Scott B

    Everyone loves a two for one!

  432. Dave

    Worth a shot!

  433. Andy b

    Me me me!

  434. Scott Michaels


  435. Daniel Domingo

    Feeling lucky

  436. Konrad

    Hi Ray, Thanks for your work:)

  437. Stephen Lund

    Some good traffic you’re generating

  438. Jeremy


  439. Sandra

    Yes, I like to know if Im breathing!

  440. Martin Juul

    Me me me me me

  441. Antoine RJ Wright

    Yup… yea… this is how you get someone to run with you in this decade

  442. Antonio Domingo

    I got a good feelinggggg

  443. Roy Brooksbank


  444. Juwon Suh

    Yes please!

  445. Richard Bushell


  446. stacy

    prefer a fenix, but this will work

  447. Helen

    Yes please!

  448. Stu

    I’ll take one.

  449. Bruce Gunderson

    Would love to win theses devices! Thanks!

  450. Jac

    Yes please!

  451. Daniel Sunday

    Today is my day

  452. Steven Machado


  453. Eric McMinoway

    Yes please, I will take them.

  454. Erin

    Love it

  455. Daniel W

    Great 🙂

  456. Sharvil

    Two devices for the price of one comment…

  457. Maxim

    Don’t really need those, but can’t stop 😀

  458. Elisa Fernandez

    Choose meee

  459. dave


  460. Nori

    Would be nice to have this 🙂

  461. Mariko

    I would love to win this wristband and was just researching them last night!

  462. Alberto

    I feel my heart beating when I have the polar on!

  463. Paul

    Me please

  464. AM

    His and hers, perfect!

  465. James Hartwright

    What time in Paris though?

  466. Rodrigo Coelho


  467. Patricia Rueda

    I need this watch to replace my old garmin 🙂

  468. sandra

    Me please

  469. Asher Bennett


  470. Sightus

    Again, fingers crossed

  471. Mike Richie

    A twofer, alright.

  472. Thomas

    Good one !

  473. Leonardo Nascimento

    Polar Trackers!

  474. Loralie


  475. Lirri

    Wooo! Thanks again, Ray!

  476. Jerry Deans

    Need need need want want want!

  477. Alyssa Morrison

    Sweet, sleek look! Sign me up!

  478. Peter

    Could be useful

  479. Pascal

    ?yes please

  480. Maaya

    Let’s do it



  482. Eric Matthews

    Hooray for Polar.

  483. Rowan

    Training with my wife and a couple of these. Perfect

  484. Rob

    Aagh, missed the neo!

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  497. Rob


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  612. hsuarnie


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  655. Luke


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  696. G

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  731. Laurence Basell


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  734. Blaise Barbeau

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  758. Tom Coussement


  759. Grant Kennedy

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  760. Robert Elliott

    Thank you, Ray & Clever Training for the opportunity to win cool gear!

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  762. Dave H


  763. Bsmall442


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  768. Steven


  769. Jae

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  783. Xabier

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  785. Kyle

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  788. jeremy mckinney

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  813. Thomas


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  819. Stuart Guy

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  821. Ross Gilbert

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  822. KeithMTB


  823. Nizam

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  824. Guillermo Guerini

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  825. Tom

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  826. Tony

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  827. MDus24

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  828. Stephanie Henricksen

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  829. Dan

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  830. Brad Arrington

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  836. Maricar Leyva


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