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Hands-on with Garmin’s new Fenix3 multisport GPS watch with color screen


(Note: My Fenix3 In-Depth Review is now published and available here, go forth and enjoy all the details there instead!)

Today, Garmin announced the latest iteration of their Fenix lineup with the Fenix3 multisport GPS watch.  Described at its simplest – the Fenix3 takes the navigation and hiking functionality of Fenix2 and merges it with virtually all of the new functions found on the Garmin FR920XT watch.  Except one difference: It leaves behind the plastic look of the FR920XT and introduces everything from a metal link band to different glass options.

Let’s go ahead and dive into it!

(Note: Garmin has also announced other products today including the Garmin Epix GPS watch, the Garmin Vivoactive GPS smartwatch, and the Vivofit2 activity tracker.)

Summary of new features


As I noted above, this watch is really about a tribal merge between the functionality found on the FR920XT and the Fenix lineup.  Historically speaking the Fenix lineup has always been aligned more to the Outdoor/Hiking crowd than the runner/cyclist crowd.  While the Fenix2 changed that a fair bit in becoming a multisport watch, there were always little reminders that it wasn’t quite of the same bloodline as the Forerunner series.

That all disappears now with the Fenix3.  This watch shares more in common with the Forerunner series than the Fenix series, from the ground up.  However, it doesn’t do away with any of the Fenix family features – namely navigation related.


To keep it straight forward and to the point, here’s the run-down of all the new functionality found in the Fenix3 that weren’t present in the Fenix2:

Added WiFi connectivity: This allows you to upload workouts the moment you walk through your door.
Added concurrent Bluetooth Smart/ANT+: While the Fenix2 had limitations on using one or the other at the same time, that limitation goes away here.
100m waterproofing: This is an increase from 50m waterproofing.
New GPS antenna: The Fenix3 includes a new EXO GPS antenna which includes GLONASS support.
New color screen: This screen and user interface looks virtually identical to the FR920XT, except in the body of the rounded Fenix watch face.  It’s not HD-color like some smart watches, but it’s better than the FR620 and inline with the FR920XT.
Connect IQ support: This will enable you to download apps, watch faces and other customizations for the Fenix3…starting today for watch faces and data fields, with apps coming shortly.
Daily Activity Tracking: This will track steps, sleep, and how much couch surfing you’re really doing during the day.
Virtual Racer: This adds in the capability to race against past performance and downloaded courses.
Metronome: This audible/vibration alert was added on the FR920XT to be used for running cadence drills.
Personal Records (PR’s): This will let you know when you’ve hit your best times against standard distances like 1-mile, 5K, and other common brag-able reference markers.
Cycling Dynamics & Di2 support: These won’t be available at launch, but are being looked at for a post-launch update.
Cycling VO2Max: In addition to already supporting running VO2Max, the Fenix3 adds in support for cycling VO2Max for those with a power meter.
Multiple bike sensors: The Fenix2 didn’t support multiple bike profiles, the Fenix3 mirrors the FR920XT and allows you to pair to as many sensors as you’d like to save for automatic recognition as you change bikes.
FirstBeat HRV/RR: This data will now be included in recorded files.

Addition of Activity Profiles: Now you can create highly customized activity profiles just like on the FR920XT and Edge 510/810/1000 devices.
Multisport mode supports pool mode: Unlike the Fenix2, the Fenix3 allows you to choose the pool within a multisport event.
Alpine Ski & Snowboard Mode: While this was technically on the Fenix2, I call it out simply because very few people realized it was there.
Auto Climb Feature: This mode will automatically change your display fields when climbing. For example, you can set to show elevation, ascent, and grade fields as you start to run uphill.

Of course, what you see above might be somewhat familiar for Garmin FR920XT users.  It is in effect almost every software feature on the FR920XT coming to the Fenix3 (yup, even that Ski mode recently hit the FR920XT).  The key software differences then between the Fenix3 and the FR920XT becomes the additional more detailed navigation related functions found on the Fenix lineup that aren’t on the FR920XT.

The bands and watch materials:


Some of the biggest changes to the Fenix3 isn’t actually the software, but the hardware itself.  It simply doesn’t look like any previous Garmin device…it actually looks physically attractive.  The Fenix3 comes in three different models, which are:

Fenix3 Gray – $499/$549 with HR bundle (shown above left)
Fenix3 Silver – $499/$549 with HR bundle (shown above right)
Fenix3 Sapphire – $599, no HR included (shown above middle)

The Sapphire edition refers to the glass used on the exterior of the display, which is a harder material.  It’s become popular with watch makers of late, as it implies being stronger.  In reality, I’ve never heard of any recent non-Sapphire Garmin or Suunto high end GPS device actually having their display cracked/broken in regular (or even non-regular use).  But to each their own.

In addition to the three Fenix3 models, there’s also a slew of different band options – which allows you to mix and match the different bands seen, including the metal band option seen below normally attached to the Sapphire unit.


Product Comparison Tool:

Now, it’s probably getting a bit confusing with some of these recent models as to how the FR920XT, Fenix3 and Epix all differ.  In many ways, they’re basically the same base functionality with the material aspects of the watch and navigation capabilities being the difference.  Here’s a nifty little over-simplified visual overview of the differences that I whipped up:


But, for those of you who are more spec oriented, here’s the full rundown of specs.  Note that my charts don’t fully cover materials yet (like the glass front and band types), so this is more from a technical feature set level.

Function/FeatureGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated April 29th, 2021 @ 4:56 am New Window
Product Announcement DateOct 1st, 2014January 5th, 2015January 5th, 2015
Actual Availability/Shipping DateEarly Oct 2014February 2015May 2015
GPS Recording FunctionalityYesYesYes
Data TransferUSB/Bluetooth Smart/WiFiUSB/Bluetooth Smart/WiFiUSB/Bluetooth Smart
WaterproofingYes - 50mYes - 100mYes - 50m
Battery Life (GPS)UP TO 40HRS IN GPSUp to 50hrs in GPSUp to 50hrs in GPS
Recording Interval1s or Smart1S OR SMART1S OR SMART
Backlight GreatnessGreatGreatGreat
Ability to download custom apps to unit/deviceYesYesYes
Acts as daily activity monitor (steps, etc...)YesYesYes
MusicGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Can control phone musicNoYesYes
Has music storage and playbackNoNoNo
ConnectivityGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Bluetooth Smart to Phone UploadingYesYesYes
Phone Notifications to unit (i.e. texts/calls/etc...)YesYesYes
Live Tracking (streaming location to website)YesYesYes
Emergency/SOS Message Notification (from watch to contacts)NoNoNo
Built-in cellular chip (no phone required)NoNoNo
CyclingGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Designed for cyclingYesYesYes
Power Meter CapableYesYesYes
Power Meter Configuration/Calibration OptionsYesYesYEs
Power Meter TSS/NP/IFYesYesYEs
Speed/Cadence Sensor CapableYesYesYes
Strava segments live on deviceNoNoNo
RunningGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Designed for runningYesYesYes
Footpod Capable (For treadmills)YesYesYes
Running Dynamics (vertical oscillation, ground contact time, etc...)With HRM-TRI or HRM-RUNWith HRM-TRI or HRM-RUNWith HRM-TRI or HRM-RUN (Gen1 only, no Gen2 Running Dynamics)
VO2Max EstimationYesYesYes
Race PredictorYesYesYes
Recovery AdvisorYesYesYEs
Run/Walk ModeYesYesYes
SwimmingGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Designed for swimmingYesYesYes
Openwater swimming modeYesYesYes
Lap/Indoor Distance TrackingYesYesYes
Openwater Metrics (Stroke/etc.)YesYesYes
Indoor Metrics (Stroke/etc.)YesYEsYes
Indoor Drill ModeYesYesYes
Indoor auto-pause featureNoNoNo
Change pool sizeYesYesYes
Indoor Min/Max Pool Lengths17M/18Y TO 150Y/M17M/18Y TO 150Y/M17M/18Y TO 150Y/M
Ability to customize data fieldsYesYesYes
Captures per length data - indoorsYesYesYes
Indoor AlertsYesYesYes
TriathlonGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Designed for triathlonYesYesYes
Multisport modeYesYesYEs
WorkoutsGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Create/Follow custom workoutsYesYesYEs
On-unit interval FeatureYesYEsYes
Training Calendar FunctionalityYesYesYes
FunctionsGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Auto Start/StopYesYesYes
Virtual Partner FeatureYesYesYes
Virtual Racer FeatureYesYesYes
Records PR's - Personal Records (diff than history)YesYesYes
Tidal Tables (Tide Information)NoNoOnly with Garmin Bluechart g2 maps (extra)
Weather Display (live data)YesYesWith Connect IQ
NavigateGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Follow GPS Track (Courses/Waypoints)YesYEsYes
Markers/Waypoint DirectionYesYesYes
Routable/Visual Maps (like car GPS)NoNoYes
Back to startYesYesYes
Impromptu Round Trip Route CreationNoNoNo
Download courses/routes from phone to unitYesYesYes
SensorsGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Altimeter TypeBarometricBarometricBarometric
Compass TypeMagneticMagneticMagnetic
Optical Heart Rate Sensor internallyNoNoNo
Heart Rate Strap CompatibleYesYesYes
ANT+ Heart Rate Strap CapableYesYesYEs
ANT+ Speed/Cadence CapableYesYesYes
ANT+ Footpod CapableYesYesYes
ANT+ Power Meter CapableYesYesYEs
ANT+ Lighting ControlNoNoNo
ANT+ Bike Radar IntegrationNoNoNo
ANT+ Trainer Control (FE-C)NoNoNo
ANT+ Remote ControlNo (can control VIRB though)No (can control VIRB though)No (can control VIRB though)
ANT+ eBike CompatibilityNoNoNo
ANT+ Gear Shifting (i.e. SRAM ETAP)No
Shimano Di2 ShiftingYesComing in updateNo
Bluetooth Smart HR Strap CapableNoNoNo
Bluetooth Smart Speed/Cadence CapableNoNoNo
Bluetooth Smart Footpod CapableNoNoNo
Bluetooth Smart Power Meter CapableNoNoNo
Temp Recording (internal sensor)NoYesYes
Temp Recording (external sensor)NoYesYes
SoftwareGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
PC ApplicationGarmin ExpressGarmin ExpressGarmin Express
Web ApplicationGarmin ConnectGarmin ConnectGarmin Connect
Phone AppiOS/Android/Windows PhoneiOS/Android/Windows PhoneiOS/Android/Windows Phone
Ability to Export SettingsNoNoNo
PurchaseGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
DCRainmakerGarmin Forerunner 920XTGarmin Fenix3Garmin Epix
Review LinkLinkLinkLink

If you’d like to compare in other models – like the now older Fenix2, you can do that within the product comparison tool/calculator over here.

A few thoughts:


In many ways, I think the Fenix3 is cosmetically speaking what many FR920XT users have been asking for – something that doesn’t look like a plastic watch.  And no doubt, with its weight and design, it certainly delivers there.  But would-be consumers also got something they probably didn’t want: A $50 price jump over the FR920XT, or a $100 price jump over the Fenix lineup previously.

Garmin argues that the price bump is justified, saying: “Based on the comprehensive feature set and premium materials used, we had to put this at a higher price point. Fenix 3 uses stainless steel, a mineral glass or sapphire lens, and although the 920 is a great watch it’s all plastic.”

While I’m horrible at picking apart prices, I suspect that Garmin also feels that given semi-competitive offerings on the market are in the same price range, that they can probably charge more.  While I think there’s some validity to that line of thought, we’re also seeing the floor drop out below connected watch makers as so many new entrants come onboard – be it Apple or other consumer electronic makers.  Time will tell whether or not this works out for Garmin.

Still, the Fenix3 is an impressive watch.  It is basically a FR920XT with advanced navigation features and a very clean external look, and to that end it does its job very well.  While I’ve spent a bit of time toying with it, I’ll be waiting until I have a final production unit to make any final opinions on it.  But, so far, so good.

Garmin is saying that the Fenix3 will ship in Q1 2015 (so by March), though it sounds like that might be quite a bit sooner rather than later.  In any case, once I do have a final hardware and software version – expect about 3-4 weeks later for an in-depth review from me.

First though, here’s an 8-minute YouTube video I’ve put together walking through some features and allowing you to see the display quality and responsiveness a bit.

Fenix3 Video & Photo Galleries:

In addition, here’s three different galleries of Fenix3 photos I’ve shot, along with a video playlist that I’m constantly adding to.  These are all shot on final hardware units.  The videos are show mostly on final software  Thus, there may be minor differences between now and release of the final software/firmware versions.

Video Playlist: This playlist starts with the final Fenix3 unit unboxing, and then moves into how it works, before going into videos on different Fenix3 functions. The little drop-down in the upper left allows you to change the video to other videos in the playlist. Keep checking back for new ones!

First Gallery: A mixed collection of shots

Second Gallery: Comparison Shots with a variety of watches

Third Gallery: Just a lot of photos of the watch screens

This is just a boatload of photos from using the Fenix3, different sport modes, different layouts, different features and functions.

With that – thanks for reading, and feel free to drop any questions below (though to keep things tidy, try and keep this post for Fenix3 questions, and the Epix post for Epix questions).


Note: You can pre-order the Fenix3 through Clever Training today (all three versions and associated bundles), as well as various accessory bands.  The units will ship as soon as Garmin starts shipping, which is currently slated for Q1 2015.

Welcome to CES 2015! Don’t forget to check out all my CES 2015 coverage, as well as my continual updates throughout the day on Twitter.  It’s gonna be a crazy busy week!


  1. Is the tempe sensor useful with the f3?

    • It just depends on how much you value accurate temperature readings off the skin. For most people, it doesn’t likely matter. For some, it’s more important.

  2. What are the differences between the HRM-Run and Soft Strap Premium Heart Rate Monitor?

    Does one cause more or less chafing, as the one I use with my fr610, I need to wrap gauze around to prevent chafing on longer runs.

    Are they comparible in accuracy?

  3. billy

    Ordered Fenix 3 via Clever Training two days ago! Thanks again for this blog and keep up the great work, please!

  4. lanz

    Hi Ray,
    When we can have your Fenix3 in-depth review?
    Looking forward into it…
    Thanks in advance Ray…

  5. David

    Garmin have emailed Cotswold Outdoor HQ today and apparently the release has been delayed. It’s been (tentatively) pushed back to next week, but this is obviously subject to change.

    Hopefully this means that the devices will come preloaded with improved firmware and less issues out of the gate, rather than it just being held up in transit and sitting on a dock in Taiwan… which I guess is equally feasible.

  6. John

    Is there any news regarding a replacement for the Tactix using a more modern base platform?

  7. Cyclingfool


    I always order a backup charger and wanted the silver watch face but not the red band, so i made a second order to CT(on the vip program) for the pre-order on the black band for the F3 and a spare charger. Of course I ordered a TShirt to aid in some marketing for CT. The band was on pre-order with the same Feb 19th timeline as the watch. So now I am sitting here wearing my CT tshirt, starting at a F3 band and watching F3 videos really hoping I ordered early enough to get on the first order out for CT. : )

  8. Jim

    Forgive me if it’s already posted (I’m on mobile) but CT has received them :) just got this email
    Thank you for your recent pre-order and anticipation of the release for the Garmin Fenix 3. Good news, we have started to receive shipments of the Garmin Fenix 3 units and are working to fulfil the first set of orders! We have a second shipment arriving next week and we’re expecting to see more units the following week. As units become available we will continue to fulfill orders based on the date in which each order was placed. As soon as your order is processed, we will notify you with the tracking information for your convenience as well as continue to update you on the status of availability each Friday until your order has been fulfilled. If you have any questions regarding your pre-order, please contact our customer service department at sales@clevertraining.com.

    Kind Regards,

    Clever Training Team

  9. Joe Seiley

    I just got the following update from Clever Training (my order was back on Jan 10th).

    Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for your recent pre-order and anticipation of the release for the Garmin Fenix 3. Good news, we have started to receive shipments of the Garmin Fenix 3 units and are working to fulfil the first set of orders! We have a second shipment arriving next week and we’re expecting to see more units the following week. As units become available we will continue to fulfill orders based on the date in which each order was placed. As soon as your order is processed, we will notify you with the tracking information for your convenience as well as continue to update you on the status of availability each Friday until your order has been fulfilled. If you have any questions regarding your pre-order, please contact our customer service department at sales@clevertraining.com.

    Kind Regards,

    Clever Training Team

  10. Kris

    Just got off the horn with CT, looks like the first batch of orders they got today were for the Sapphire model only and have already all been allocated. They also mentioned that another small batch is expected next week, however, they will likely all be of one style. Finger crossed that its a batch of grey units (I ordered the grey model on 1/6/15)!

  11. Scott

    1/7 early evening Sapphire order here still hoping they are “fulfilling” mine. Got the standard email nothing else yet. Been checking way more than I should.

  12. Hans

    Same here, I ordered my Sapphire on 1/7 but I ordered an additional wrist band and charger. Hope they understand that it’s the watch that I am really waiting for and that the rest can be shipped later (to make sure I just reached out to them).
    Now I’m just angry with myself that I didn’t pay for next day delivery…

  13. ZR

    Did anyone notice how Amazon USA has been changing availability dates? last week and for a while it was March 1, three days it was April 10 and now it is April 13. Not sure what is going on. I am more included to cancel my order (since Jan 10) and wait until the start of my next marathon training in June or July. My April 12 will be missed and I won’t wear it until I have run with it at least a couple of long run.

    • M L

      Where do you see that? I have only seen “temporarily unavailable” since yesterday.

    • ZR

      To the right below the button “Buy Now with 1 Click” it says
      Delivery by Monday, April 13
      (Free Shipping)

    • Keep in mind that virtually all online retailers on the internet that show availability dates on their site, are doing so for new orders, not existing orders. Thus, in the case of Amazon, this would be for a new order placed at that time.

    • ZR

      For the purpose of info sharing. My order was placed on Jan 23 (not Jan 10 like stated before), still Amazon is not giving me an estimated shipping date for my existing order from that date. I get the usual message: “We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate….”. My order is for Gray bundle

    • M L

      Ah, I didn’t see it until I turned on 1-click buying. I ordered the sapphire from Amazon on Jan 18th and still no update on a shipping date. I ordered my accessories from CT. Thanks for all the great info Ray!

    • ZR

      Release date was March 1, still no estimated shipping from Amazon.

  14. Joe E

    No shipping info for anyone from CT yet huh? Seems odd. Oh well, back to waiting.

  15. Scott

    I saw somewhere a Clever Training Jan 5 sapphire guy that didn’t get word of shipping yet. Their email said “working to fulfill” so either they only got very few and couldn’t even get through first day orders or perhaps they simply just didn’t get them out yet. I’m hoping that’s the case anyways. Ray indicated they would turn them around right away but perhaps they got them too late in the day yesterday to get them back out same day. The good news at least is things are definitely happening and hopefully in the next couple weeks all of us that have been waiting over a month will have our new toys in hand.

    • Vincent

      For those of us waiting in the U.S.A. Not sure if you were all aware, but the entire West Coast has been having Port Labor Union work stoppages and are not off-loading freighters the last two weeks; REI even stated that many of their products for receipt & delivery have been pushed back for this very reason.

    • profanum429

      I’ve got a Jan 5th order for the Sapphire; haven’t heard anything yet. I’m assuming they ran out of time yesterday to turn things around with the shipping companies. I’ve waited this long I can wait a little longer :)

    • PAC

      I’d doubt Garmin is shipping these by sea.

    • Vincent

      Where do you these are being made? of course their shipping across the Pacific, plus this was confirmed from REI”s headquarters. I placed my Order back in early January, live in CAL, and following up continuously because they keep pushing the date, then REI mentioned the West Coast Port issues, and the the light came on… Lol

    • The West Coast port issues would have no impact on Fenix3’s. All Garmin products are made in Taiwan (except a handful of Marine/Aviation units made in the USA)*. Early in product cycles, Garmin uses air shipping to get products to Olathe, not ships. Eventually once they catchup, they switch over to containers.

      Note that last week was the Chinese New Year, which does include Taiwan and was why the Garmin Factor was shut down for 7 days.

      *Details on how the product lines work here: link to dcrainmaker.com

    • On the CT shipping, they arrived at roughly 2PM yesterday, and went directly back out again to customers (they did actually text me a photo of one Sapphire box in hand).

      Obviously, it doesn’t yet appear as there is any overlap between the 168 subscribers of this post’s comments and the lucky ones from yesterday. But, it’s also only been about 24 hours…perhaps those people aren’t quite as attached to the interwebs as the rest of us.

    • Vincent

      Ray, all due respect and many Thanks for absolutely everything (I’ve learned so much from your Blogs and Reviews), and I hope that is the case, but according to the very same link you posted regarding Garmin shipments, they do ship by Freight from Taiwan….

      “Once everything is ready for production, the folks in Olathe hand it over to the folks in Taiwan to build. Garmin runs its own manufacturing facilities there, which produce the majority of Garmin products (exceptions seen later in the ‘Odds and Ends’ section). As noted, most technology companies partner with various companies in Asia to do the actual build – simply due to lack of demand to own and run a manufacturing facility 24×7.

      The units are then shipped from Taiwan to Vancouver via ship (except rare occasions via aircraft for catch-up/late products). From Vancouver, the products make their way across the border via truck to Olathe. In Olathe, distribution occurs in the massive warehouse below out to various retailers (or external distributors). The warehouse can house two 747’s end to end.”

      Hence may be why our REI Headquarters Reps are advising that the Union Labor Port Delays are their Reason for their delayed Fenix 3 shipments to their U.S. Customers that should have already been delivered to those in the queue all the way through yesterday? Not trying to stir a debate, my intent is to only advise REI customers as to why our U.S. delivery dates continue to push back from week to week, and now are citing March and even early April now…. (Fingers crossed, your sources are correct, believe me I am just as Anxious to receive my Saphire Fenix 3 as everyone else.)

    • Because you missed the part where it says: “except rare occasions via aircraft for catch-up/late products”. ;)

      I don’t know why REI is saying that the west coast delay, since there is little basis for it. Like any big company, different REI reps often speculate on things to get people off a phone, those messages aren’t consistent. Garmin has virtually never boat-shipped first release products. Second, the quantities produced for the first and second shipments are so small it’d cost more to load a container than it would to fly.

      Ultimately, any advice on dates is mostly still a guesstimate since Garmin hasn’t released weekly quantity distributions (they never actually do).

  16. Markus B

    In which Intervall does the F3 shows the actual pace? I read about the 920xt that they will show the pace online in 5 sec steps. Does the F3 do this the same?

    I wonder why there a many apps in the IQ Store who will show the pace in a 1 sec Intervall.

    • Rob Youl

      Yes the 920 is in 5 sec increments. Apparently all the newer garmins are the same. My Fenix 2 did it as well. So we’d have to assume the Fenix 3 would be too

    • neil rosson

      How is this in practice? Are you as well just relying on av mile pace for something like a race?

    • Joe E

      I use Lap Pace with Lap set to 1 mile on my 620, avoids looking down during a time aberration during instant pace and gives a better idea how I am doing.

    • Rob Youl

      I use actual pace but really don’t like it compared to the way the 310 and 910 showed 1 sec actual pace but it looks like all Garmin running watches will be like this from now on

  17. frank andreasen

    Hi Ray

    thanks for another great review :)
    i have just ordered the new Garmin Fenix 3 and cannot wait till it arrives (delivery date feb 28)
    now i have a question,sofar i has been using the trainingplans from endomondo just exporting that from endo as TCX files and uploading to my garmin 310xt via training center..
    how can i get those files into the new Fenix ? or is that at all possible

  18. Jasper

    Just received a Cotswoldoutdoor update, which I didn’t expected, so that’s nice:

    “Good Morning,

    We are aware that you are still awaiting the delivery of your pre order for the Fenix 3 Performer GPS HRM.

    Unfortunately whilst we were been able secure all of the stock available for the UK from the initial delivery, Garmin was not able to deliver the full quantity that we had ordered. We have therefor allocated the stock based on date order and unfortunately this means that we are unable to send you your Fenix 3 from this first batch. Garmin UK are expecting additional stock by mid-March and we will keep you updated as we find out more detail from them. Garmin have assured us that our confirmed customer pre orders will take top priority from the next batch that they receive.

    Please accept our apology for the delay but given the high demand and limited supply we would advise at this stage that you retain your pre-order with us to maintain your place in the queue. Please be assured that we will do our very best to expedite delivery of your Fenix 3 as soon as more stock becomes available to us.

    If you wish to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind Regards


    The Cotswold Team”

    I don’t take the part of “Garmin have assured us that our confirmed customer pre orders will take top priority from the next batch that they receive” so seriously.. but still a nice thought :).

    And I’m also not surprised because I only ordered mid Feb, 15th I think, so: thumbs up and keep on waiting and yearning for my F3 :)

    • David

      +1, just received the same email. FWIW I placed my order on 26th January.

      However, I called CO just before getting the email and was told that their first batch is being delivered from Garmin today, and they have another batch arriving on 3rd March… Here’s hoping I make it onto that shipment.

      Still gutter that I sold me F2 quite so early. Although resorting to running with my phone has certainly been an eye opener.

    • Grégoire

      Sorry for the delay, but on the other hand it make me feel better of having cancelled my pre-order (mostly due to a preference in look for the 920xt, which I know lots of readers/writers here won’t agree).

  19. Paul Stansel

    Yea well I ordered in early January and got the same :( I also don’t like that they are saying mid March.

    • Ian

      How early in Jan did you order? I ordered on 12th but have not had that email as yet…

    • Andy from Embsay

      I ordered a Sapphire bundle on 12/1 as well – no email as yet.

    • Ian

      Just spoke to them – I am in the first batch (yippee!) – it was a Sapphire ordered on 12/1. They said I would have it by the end of next week though, which seemed a bit of a delay, though she said they are sent next day delivery as soon as they have them, so may be earlier than that. She said her colleague was just working through sending all the emails out…

    • David

      Sounds like your order is being processed out of the second batch, if they’re coming in on the third and you’re getting it at the end of the week.

    • Ian

      Yes that makes sense though she definitely said it was the first batch – I don’t think they have them yet – they just have notification of what they are getting from Garmin (200 watches I think she said) – and I think they are just being cautious by saying end of next week, but time will tell :)

    • Ian

      Latest email just received from Cotswold:

      “We are aware you are still awaiting the delivery of your pre order for Fenix 3 Sapphire GPS HRM.

      As you may be aware, we have experienced some delays with the supplier but you should take receipt of your unit towards the end of this week or beginning of next week.”

      So that’s all good :)

  20. Jimmy

    I have been trying to find out in the manual how the Fenix 3 handles calorie counting when using it as an activity monitor.
    I am using a Garmin 610 and a Fitbit today trying to lose the last extra kilos and with that combination I am supposed to add up calories from exercises and steps.
    On the Fenix 3 I guess that should be handled automatically, counting base calorie burn plus extra from movement, with better accuracy when doing a workout with HR monitor.
    What confuses me though is that there is no clear explanation in the manual (or elsewhere) that I have found.
    Has someone seen an explanation from Garmin or if not is this something that Ray may add as part of his review?

    • Heather

      +1. Very curious as well. I am looking to consolidate devices. I currently have a Fenix 2, Fitbit one and Basis Peak (which is shortly going back to Rei toward purchase of F3 or Epix, once they have their 20% member discount) I am amazed at how close calorie metrics are between the Peak and Fitbit devices, even though fitbit does not have the 24/7 heart rate monitoring. If Garmin is in the same ballpark all the more reason to upgrade, besides all if the other said reasons :)

    • Lew

      Heather, have you been successful in getting REI to apply the 20% member discount to GPS devices/activity trackers despite them being excluded?

    • Heather

      Yes, that is how I purchased my Basis Peak. It cost me $158 instead of $200 that is was listed as. I purchased it online when it first came out.

    • Heather

      Yes, that is how I purchased my Basis Peak. It cost me $159.89 instead of $200 that is was listed as. I purchased it online when it first came out.

    • Heather

      Sorry the double post. I was not aware of the member discount not applying to activity trackers/gps watches etc. Is this new? My Basis Peak was ordered mid November 2014.

    • Sean G

      I believe the REI restriction is on GPS devices, and the Basis Peak doesn’t have GPS, does it? The F3 would be restricted.

      As for activity tracking, between the Fitbit One, Jawbone Up, and Garmin, they’re all pretty close. Most to least generous in that order. F3 has replaced my F2 and Vivosmart.

      Steps, calories, etc all get broken down by activity in Garmin Connect. The algorithms are not published, to my knowledge.

    • Heather

      Thanks for clearing that up. At least the returning of the Peak will effectively reduce the price of whichever gps device I eventually decide to purchase. Waiting on F3 and/or Epix full reviews :)

    • Lew

      Interesting that the Basis Peak was included; being online it may have slipped through the cracks.

      Here’s info from the 2014 anniversary (spring) 20% sale: link to slickdeals.net
      Activity trackers were specifically excluded then but were not in prior years as I recall. GPS devices have been excluded for quite some time.

    • FLONG

      I confirmed with REI a few months ago that the 20% off member discount does not apply to Garmin products. I certainly wished it did, but as you see on their website you would qualify for a $50 dividend come next year!

    • Heather

      I just looked at the exclusions for the Fall 2014 member discount and it appears gps units were excluded but it did not mention activity trackers. link to goo.gl

  21. SecureLinker

    I don’t know if I should go for this one, or wait for the Ambit 4? I’ve always been a fan of the Ambit series and it seems like this one is still a bit pricey for its feature set + it doesn’t really bring something new that is really relevant to me. Anyone here that has experience going from an Ambit 3 to this and tell me why he thinks this one is better?

    P.S.: Jasper, get back to work!

    • Sean

      Out of the box they mostly do the same thing (lot’s of little differences) but Garmin’s (Connect IQ) field, widget, app platform seems WAY more powerful than what Suunto is providing. If the Fenix 3 is even half as popular as the demand seems to be I imagine there will be a very large set of unique “features” that become available by third-parties.

    • neil rosson

      I have never had an ambit but always been close to buying one but the lack of a proper workout features has always put me off. It something once you’ve lived with & used its hard to live without.

    • Olu

      Having played in the Suunto Ambit playground for a few months, there were some striking differences to me.
      1. No vibration alerts
      2. Inability to configure watch without Movescount and internet access
      3. Inability to add alerts. On the Garmin it’s child play to add an alert every 10 minutes to remind me to drink or add alerts for HR to high, Power to high, cadence to low..etc
      4. Inability to make custom workouts
      5. Pool swimming was a travesty out of the box.
      6. Apps on the app store were pretty lame and IMO were necessary to add functionality that was missing in the device.

      However It DID look better then any Garmin watch…..until now.

      As for price, I’ve always found the Suunto watches to be more expensive then their Garmin counterparts. I can’t imagine the Ambit 4 will undercut the fēnix3 by much.

    • Jasper

      sorry for the lame colleague of mine: who has no interest in such a watch, what so ever. Sorry you guys had to wast energy on his question while he is being totally uninterested and probably laughing at the many responses he didn’t expect… some people never grow a brain or respect :)

  22. Sorry for not reading through the 2,000 comments but I’m wondering about the metal band of the Sapphire model. In my mind all I can see is being bald on that part of my wrist because the hairs have gotten eaten up by the band. The metal band itself retails for $129 on the Garmin site so I’d hate to order the most expensive watch they have only to change out the band to the plastic one when I could have saved money and ordered the base model.

    How is that metal band? I wonder what the long-term effects of sweat and salt will do to it. Looks like it picks up fingerprints well . Seems like one of those things where you can’t have a watch that takes a beating when you run/bike and yet looks good when you’re out to dinner. Appreciate any feedback.

    • Sean

      I’ve been running with my phone and a pebble steel (with a stainless steel band) and this has convinced me going with a steel band on a sports watch is a bad idea because:
      1) I have it sized so it can slide about about 3cm, but even with a little give, when I put it on over a long-sleeves wool shirt (with thumb holes) it’s uncomfortably tight and even seems to lower blood circulation (and that hand gets colder). So for half the year (I live in Minnesota) I’d have to either to choose to put an extra link back in and have a baggy watch for “every-day” use or an uncomfortable watch for running.
      2) I hear there’s not a good way to attach the Fenix 3 to a bike when using the steel band (the Garmin bike mount doesn’t work with it?)
      3) Nothing really beat’s plastic for cleaning off sweat and grime.

    • Joe E

      I have been thinking about this and I wonder if using an insert under the band made of foam or similar material might not be a great accessory. Basically used to tighten for use during activities while leaving looser for every day wear. Might try making a protype if / when I actually get an F3.

    • Sean

      That could address my main annoyance. I also think a a stretch metal band like: link to amazon.com
      could provide a good compromise between form and functionality.

    • Ted W

      They have such an insert. Its called the black plastic band :) Best part is that you save yourself $100 :)

    • Joe E

      Hey you are right. When I looked on the accessories page on Garmin it was right there directly below the Quick Connect called “Leave it on your Wrist”…. Even more savings.

  23. John Russell

    I did not see any mention of using another brand of HRM with the F3 to get running dynamics other than just BPM. I have a Wahoo Ticker R HRM and wondering if the F3 will be able to calculate running dynamics. Does anyone know the answer to that question? Thanks!

  24. Newt

    Ray..dumb question but maybe you know the answer. I see on the Vivoactive it will connect with the golf approach courses Garmin supports. Will the Fenix do that by any chance?

  25. Chris

    Ok, so here is my dilemma…Have a Garmin Edge 800 and a Suunto Ambit 2s…..and I am getting sick and tired of having 2 devices….I know the Ambit 2s can do cycling…..but since I have had it is has way over calculated speed and distance…..I am also tired of uploading the data from 2 devices to Garmin Connect for my tri coach to analyze as most, if not all of the time….the FIT files never upload correctly to Connect.

    I am considering selling both the Suunto Ambit 2s and the Edge 800 and buying either the Fenix 2 or 3….

    For Triathlon training and analysis, I want to go with one device…..I don’t care which model I get but it seems like the 3 being newer would be the better choice….but for $100 less I can pickup a Fenix 2 now….instead of waiting for the 3 to ship….

    I read alot of negative stability comments on the Fenix 2 however, so now I am torn….any thoughts?

    • Jason Owings

      I owned a Fenix 2 and likde a lot of things about it until I started having GPS issues (wouldn’t lock onto sats) combined with some hardware limitations like live tracking and no hr monitoring. With that said I have pre-ordered a Fenix 3. My advice if you decide to go with the F2 would be to buy it from someone like REI that has a reasonable return policy if you have any issues with it. I will say that some of the limitations that the F2 seem to have been resolved with the F3 (most notably the simultaneous ant+ and Bluetooth issue). I’ve never dealt with clever training like advertised on the site so I have no experience with their return policy but REI gave me back my money no questions asked. Good luck

    • Ryan033

      Hi Chris, if you primarily want the watch for tri training, I would go the 920xt. Its form is more suited to training over looks (that being said it is better looking than the 910xt and I loved my 910xt, used it for cycling (sold my 500 to get it), running and swimming). A quick release kit is will no doubt come out for it, would not bank on the Fenix 3 getting one. It is lighter. The buttons on the front are easier to use when doing intervals (be they swimming or running)..

      That being said, I am getting the Fenix 3 because all I really want/need it for, training wise, is swimming (I have a 210 for running and a 510 for cycling). You may miss the extra screen size of the 800 but the auto uploading of data really is awesome..

      Good luck with your decision..

    • Chris

      Thanks for the response Jason…

      I train using HR pretty extensively….are you saying the F2 has issues with HR monitoring? Was this a hardware issue or a firmware issue (if you know)?


    • Frank

      Jason’s comment is the first I have ever heard on the HR problem front. I’ve had 2 F2’s on which I have recorded at least 100 Activities wearing any of four different HRM’s without any problems whatsoever on that front.

      I really only have two problems with my current F2. 1) it occasionally corrupts a fit file and takes a dump (aka locks up, freezes, auto-reboots, auto-pauses an activity. I have experienced this with two separate F2’s now but Ray says I’m just lucky that way. 2) the sensors cannot be configured for specific activities so if, for instance, the foot pod is turned on in settings but not present at start you will get no speed and no distance while running, hiking, kayaking, skating even with a perfect satellite lock. I am waiting to see if these two shortcomings have been solved in the f3.

      If I were a tri-guy—as you obviously are coach and all—I think it would be a no brainer to buy the 920 which already has a quick release. The only real advantage the F3 seems to enjoy over the 920 is that it is better looking and even then, it is still a $500 plastic watch.

    • Jason Owings

      The limitation of no heart rate while using live tracking is a known hardware limitation as the unit cannot use ant+ and Bluetooth simultaneously. Your either able to use livetrack or monitor your heart rate but not both concurrently. Additionally the unit will not record ant+ sensors while in ultra-trac mode either. The F3 from my understanding will allow both ant+ and Bluetooth to be used at the same time. Not sure if it will allow the hrs recording while in ultratrac mode or not.

    • Chris

      Frank, thanks for the guidance…I am thinking the 920 may be the way to go…..I am not overly concerned about the “appearance”…..Hell I wear my Ambit 2S daily…and it is not “pretty”….

  26. Ricardo

    This is the answer that I received from CT today. I ordered on Jan 13
    “Thank you for your inquiry and patience in processing this order. Unfortunately the units recently received were the Sapphire version and have already been allocated. We do expect another small shipment this week and will continue to work through our queue. I am not told what style or quantity will be included in this shipment at this time. Once we are able to fulfill your order, we will update you with tracking for your convenience. “

  27. Ricardo

    This is the answer that I received from CT today. I ordered on Jan 13
    Thank you for your inquiry and patience in processing this order. Unfortunately the units recently received were the Sapphire version and have already been allocated. We do expect another small shipment this week and will continue to work through our queue. I am not told what style or quantity will be included in this shipment at this time. Once we are able to fulfill your order, we will update you with tracking for your convenience.

  28. Ricardo

    Today’s answer from CT. I ordered on Jan 13
    Thank you for your inquiry and patience in processing this order. Unfortunately the units recently received were the Sapphire version and have already been allocated. We do expect another small shipment this week and will continue to work through our queue. I am not told what style or quantity will be included in this shipment at this time. Once we are able to fulfill your order, we will update you with tracking for your convenience.

  29. Ricardo

    Sorry, there was an error with my browser

  30. Kris

    Wohoo, just got an email from Cotswolds: “We are pleased to advise that your recently placed order with us has been despatched for delivery”
    Ordered the Grey HRM on Jan 20.
    Thanks to whoever shared the discount code…

    • Luke


      Ordered mine on the 21st Jan

    • Ryan033

      That is exciting, it means Garmin have started shipping Grey models.. Saweet… Great you will have yours to play with very soon.. I am jealous..

      I predict emails from CT within a week announcing early orderers should start watching out for the courier.. ;-)

      Disclaimer: Please don’t take my prediction as gospel and continue to manage your expectations… I have no idea when CT will actually be getting their first delivery… Just going out on a limb and making a prediction…

  31. David

    After receiving an email saying it was going to be delivered around mid-March, I just received an order dispatched email from Cotswold Outdoor… Not sure what’s going on but happy if it does turn up tomorrow. Will keep you posted. :-)

    • shane

      +1 cant track it yet tho

    • Paul Stansel


    • David

      So, having let doubt get the better of me, after yesterday’s email and not being able to pull up the tracking details online… I decided to give CO a call for confirmation. Although I’m still down as a mid-late March recipient, my order has been processed and dispatched. Maybe they got lucky and had an earlier shipment arrive from Garmin, or maybe a bunch of people cancelled and I got bumped up the list… in any case, it’s in the delivery system and should be with me tomorrow.

      I don’t think I can remember a time when I was this hung up about receiving a toy, but hey, it’s still fun right. ;-)

    • Jasper

      wait whuuuut? Mine to :o .. idd confusing!

  32. Joe E

    Looks like Cotsworld is now UK – REI…. Orders placed there will also now be delivered prior to CT orders it seems.

    • DT

      Ray, is it possible that the UK is having them delivered before CT? I ordered mine on Jan 5th from CT and still no news. Happy for you guys in the UK!

  33. Bob

    On the Garmin website it states that the Fenix 3 does not have auto lap. The 920XT does. What does this mean? When running, it will not trigger when you completed a lap and the pace of that lap? This is something I definitely need when running a race.

  34. Laurent

    It has Autolap by distance but not by position

  35. Bob

    Thanks Markus B and Laurent.

  36. Striff

    Just rang 99 Bikes in Australia who have it at the cheapest local price on pre-order.
    Asked when they expect them in, they rang the supplier and got back to me to say within a couple of days!…

    So I placed an order for the Grey bundle .
    Looking forward to this, as my previous watch was a Suunto Ambit 2

    • C

      Calling Pushy’s in Australia NOW who have my Sapphire pre-order waiting…last i spoke to them they said expect 1st/2nd week of March.

    • Steve

      I have a pre order with 99 bikes for the grey/black model and have not yet received a call to say it has arrived as yet.

    • Striff

      99 Bikes have my Bundle in.
      They actually had it last week, apparently tried to get a hold of me.
      No problems though will be picking it up tonight. Hopefully it won’t be to difficult to master coming from an Ambit 2.

    • Steve

      99 Bikes contacted me on Tue 3rd March to say it would be in stock at the supplier by Fri 6th and they should expect to receive it by 11th March so not too much longer for me to wait now.

      Did you get yours yet Striff?

    • Striff

      yes have it for just over a day now.

      Not to happy with all the glitches, and seems to be step down from the Ambit 2 I had in a lot of areas.

    • Steve

      Oh noes, I guess that is both good and bad.

      Well early adopters should expect a few teething issues on a new product. As long as the hardware is solid everything else can be fine tuned over time with software/firmware updates.

      Just hope my unit is free of any defects!

  37. Aleksey

    Ordered Fenix 3 Sapphire + HRM via Clever Training yesterday! Thanks again for this blog and keep up the great work, please!

  38. Ted W

    You ordered HRM separately it would seem, as there is “sapphire” bundle that I see.

  39. I know many of you have been trying to ferret out all the tiny software differences between the Fenix3 and past Fenix units, as well as the FR920XT.

    As part of my In-Depth Review, I’ve compiled a table of all the differences I could find. I then had the Fenix product team validate this table. Finally, in an effort to ensure no stone is left unturned, I’m putting a draft version of this table at the below link

    link to dcrainmaker.com

    If you have specific changes related to that table, please post them in the comments section of that specific post. Definitely happy to ensure it’s fully accurate before the review. Note that upon publishing of the review next week, I’ll remove that draft page and it’ll be incorporated into the review itself. Thanks!

  40. Josh

    REI online rep just typed that garmin has pushed out date again and rei is expecting gray/hrm bundle units mar 13, the rep said i wont have it until mar 18

    • Sean

      When did you place your pre-order? Thanks.

    • Josh

      Beginning of Feb. However since then the est date has changed from mar 1 to feb 27 to mar 4 to mar 1 to mar 18. Kind of all over the place. Meanwhile I also have an order with CT.

    • Gabe

      Congrats Josh!

      i keep telling myself we saved on tax and on 10% and it will be worth the weight with clever training.

      it’s clear that REI has the priority over everyone else.

      I’m just so tired of running with my bulky iphone… fenix 4 rumors should be out by the time we get our watches..

  41. Luke

    Got mine delivered from Cotswold’s today.

    Does anyone know how to change the location format? I want set it to UK GRID.


  42. Marios

    Comment 2000! New record for a preview right?

  43. Ted W

    We, those the faithful that pre-ordered from CT, will get our F3 eventually. We will likely never know, but perhaps CT got their bulk pre-orders into Garmin later/after than REI and Cotswords, and Walmart, and everyone else that seems to be starting shipping on these. Thus, they (and we) are all delayed because the CT bulk order is being filled in the order Garmin got all the other bulk orders in.

    • Scott

      Thinking you hit the nail on the head. REI had a huge “pre-order” (and others) prior to CT order therefore now why we are seeing people that ordered from REI in February already having theirs shipped while finally yesterday did we see a 1/5 CT person getting a shipping notice. I’m 1/7 and nothing yet. I called there today to be told no dice on shipping this week. I called because I am going on a business trip next week for a couple weeks and once hearing that I changed my shipping address to the hotel. Hopefully the thought of having to switch it back if nearing the end of the trip without shipping will not have to happen.

  44. David

    It arrived today from CO, ordered on 26/01.

    So far I’m very impressed. The build quality is fantastic and although there’s not a huge difference in weight from the F2, it seems to be distributed far better, so it feels lighter.

    Took a while for the first GPS fix… Is there a way to preset a geographical area, to speed up the GPS/GLONAS lock?

    • MattB

      I think it stores the satellite positions from your last GPS fix, so unless you have flown somewhere, future fixes should be faster. Also I believe it caches the satellite map for the next week each time it connects to WiFi.

  45. DG

    I am torn between the sapphire model and the silver model. How much validity is there behind the anti scratch with sapphire vs what is offered on the silver model? The extra money isn’t an issue, but I like the look of the silver bezel.

    I read your comment: “The Sapphire edition refers to the glass used on the exterior of the display, which is a harder material. It’s become popular with watch makers of late, as it implies being stronger. In reality, I’ve never heard of any recent non-Sapphire Garmin or Suunto high end GPS device actually having their display cracked/broken in regular (or even non-regular use). But to each their own.”

    I am new to the multi sport watch market and have never owned a garmin, Has scratching (not concerned with “broken or cracked” as mentioned above) the face been an issue with previous garmin models? (fenix 2 or others: assuming the glass is similar to what is offered in the fenix 3 silver). Also, why is it that the numbers are more bold 1-15 on the sapphire model?

    • Regis

      Re the saphire debate – I currently own a non saphire Suunto Ambit2. I am not gentle with it. I train for and race in off road duathlons and triathlons and wear it to crossfit class 3 days a week. After 2 years I have 2 tiny scratches on the face that are only visible from a certain angle. The next watch I get will be saphire, but if you take better care of your stuff than I do, I wouldn’t think it necessary.

    • I have a fr610 that I trail run, MTN Bike and OCR in.

      I do have some fine scratches in the face of the device.

      To be clear, these scratches are not impairing the ability to read the device, it’s just bad enough to where I would want to wear it “out on the town” or an everyday watch.

  46. lovmac

    This will probably make some of you happy and others sad. I placed an REI order on 2/3 and got my notification that the item is at the store ready for pickup today. I live in WA, near REI’s distribution centers (or at least one of them). Sapphire version if it helps solve the mess Garmin got themselves into with this launch.

    • Sameer

      Is it just me or is the watch too big for regular wrists?

    • Sameer

      Is it just me or is the watch too big for regular wrists? Wish it was a tad smaller…

    • Sean

      @Iovmac, Frustrating ;) I ordered a Gray HR bundle on Jan 14 from REI and mine hasn’t shipped yet. I think the supply to demand ratio was better for the Sapphire (and maybe the non-bundled units). REI said in a live chat session that it could ship 2/27 though.

      @Sameer, that question seems hugely dependent on the individual. I think it’s too big for me to want to wear it as an everyday watch but the additional size allows for a larger screen, larger buttons and a bigger battery, which I suspect will make it tremendously more useable while engaged in physical activities (which seems like the use-case garmin should optimize for).

  47. Gabe

    Holy Crap – My Clever Train Order Shipped!

    Garmin Fenix 3
    Gray Black Bundle with HRM Run

    • Mark

      Hey Gabe, when did you order?

    • Ryan033

      Noice my prediction came true.. Congrats, now to see how far down the order list I was.. (I too went the Grey HRM)..

      Running with the ‘bulky iphone’ will soon be a thing of the past.. :-)

    • Gabe

      1/19 -False alarm!!
      I recently added an item to the order. a garmin/speed & cadence sensor that just shipped and my order says completed. Called up and it’s still backordered.

      oh well – we’ll just have to wait for REI to full all their orders. ha

    • Ryan033

      Do’oh Gabe..

      Messing with our emotions ;-)

  48. Michael

    I just got word that wildfire Sports in Australia have sent out all preorders for the sapphire model. They even have a few spare. No word on grey or red.

  49. Regarding the size.

    It is quite large, but it’s very light, once you’ve had it on for a few minutes you tend to forget about it. I think it will have to go over top some of the tighter fitting compression tops :) but that’s fine.

  50. Theo

    Dear Ray,

    Does the Garmin HRM-Run transmitter fit on the Polar soft strap similar to what you propose in link to dcrainmaker.com ?

    Thank you for your site – I’ve order the Sapphire and HRM-Run through CT.

  51. Ok, so I bought a Fenix 3.

    I am really interested about a picture I saw on the Garmin/Fenix website that shows a picture of the watch with it displaying “push-up’s” on the screen of the watch. However, I can’t find the “push-up’s” app. has anyone found this? here is a link to the picture on the Garmin website… link to fenix3.garmin.com If you scroll to the “connect IQ” section you will see it. Where can I get this pushup app? Any type of weight training app would be great but I haven’t found anything like it in connectIQ.

    Thank you all in advance! Great webpage!

    • James E

      I can’t help with the app, but I can say that looks like a timer, not a counter. It looks like they are doing an interval work out, and have 23 seconds left on their push-ups interval, and then it is time to run.

  52. DomDP

    I just also purchased the F2 in September. I expected the F3 to be around eventually but as with any device I usually always wait at least 2 cycles before “upgrading”. Otherwise unless you need a specific feature, which you probably do not, the F2 is a damn fine gps device.

  53. shane

    Got my sapphire yesterday. anyone removed links from the metal band yet!

    • Beau

      yes I remove the links out of my watch band right away. What you want to do is take an equal amount of links off of each side. If you don’t the watch won’t conform to your wrist correctly. I only thought I’d have to take off two links but I actually had to take off four links for an average sized wrist. The links push out if you look at the back of the watchband you will see arrows on the links that are able to be removed. Push the pins out in the direction of the arrows and the pin will pop out. I used a lead pencil to push the pins out. A paperclip may also work but like I said I just used a lead pencil without any lead in it. It’s actually very easy

    • shane

      Thanks for the info Beau

  54. Danny

    Ray, could you add REI under your “Buy Now:” (left column) as a 3rd option, as I’m already an REI member, and would also like to support your site w/ my Fenix 3 Saphire purchase.

  55. Stephane

    What should we expect in ‘advanced navigation feature’?
    What’s more than the 920?

  56. Sean

    Bah, I just got an email from REI saying my order for a Gray HR bundle on Jan 14th was canceled (while the Fenix3 is still available for order on their website!) This is after I sent them an email explicitly stating I wanted to keep my pre-order active. I called them and they said there was “no way” I could be put back in the order queue but I could place a new order (and start at the end again…)

    On the bright side I’ll probably be supporting Ray via Clever Training now. I typically buy things from REI because I respect their customer service but not so much any more…

    • Olu

      @Sean. REI is notorious for doing this. They cancelled my January 5th order 1 month later despite telling them I wanted to keep the order.

    • Sean

      Thanks for the heads up. After posting here I think I saw a post you made about it in a Garmin forum. It’s such bizarre (bad) behavior coming from a company that I’ve typically been happy with. I sent them a strongly-word but civil email about it and am curious what kind of response I’ll get. This will be my first sports watch and I was pretty excited… Now I wonder how many more weeks I’ll be waiting.

  57. Jasper


    can you chose which notification is send to you phone (Iphone in this case) and which you don’t want to have?? Because I can’t find it any where.. also not on my phone
    for exmaple, messenger, yeah I don’t need that one on my watch…
    Second: emails, only just of 1 account, is it possible?

    • No with iPhone
      Yes with Android

    • Ian

      You can actually does this on iPhone. Settings > notifications > select the app (or mail then the account) then if you have a banner on the the watch gets those notifications. Simples! :)

    • Jasper

      indeed not :(
      I hate iphone ( have it for work so, otherwise I would still got my Android!)

    • Jasper

      Doesn’t work: then you put the notification on, entirely or just simple not.. No distinction between notifi’s on phone or watch!

    • Ian

      Oh I see – personally – configuring different notifications for phone and watch is step too far. Not sure I would ever need that. Works great as it is for me on iPhone (I have Android and WP too, but iPhone is my favourite – of course YMMV)

    • Jasper

      I’m just going to delete most notifications! It only takes up your time and attention! It gives your social/phone addiction (if you have one, me a little bit) just more juice!

      Only work related emails (if that works) are going on there, and text + phone! no more messenger, whatsapp and all that stuf! :). Making life simpler and more relaxed!

    • Olu

      On the iPhone in settings only notifications that have a banners are put on the watch. You can still have applications notify you on the phone only, just don’t give them a banner.

      You can customize banners to your hearts delight.

      You can have a single email account go to your watch. You can even have only specific people show up on your watch (If you make them VIPs and give VIP banners)

    • David

      While generally true, it is actually only items that end up in the “Notification Center” end up going to the watch. I have at least two items where the “banner setting” doesn’t match “going to the watch”.
      1. App updates. Whenever the App store updates an App, it throws that info into the notification center, even without a banner. So those show up on the watch when I get home to my WiFi.
      2. For some reason Exchange e-mail banners do not show up in the notification center unless the conversation is marked “Notify Me” or the sender is a VIP (and VIP notifications are turned on).

      But yes, generally you can customize what gets sent to the watch, but it has to (sort of) match the banners on the phone.

    • Olu

      I’ve noticed the App store updates coming through. Apple apps are notorious for annoyingly not following the rules.

      I have 2 exchange accounts, I’ll give those a try and see what happens. I generally use the VIP function for email notifications. I just don’t want emails going to my watch (except for my wife and a select few).

    • @David

      I’m not sure sbout point 1 (I’m going to test) but point 2 is certainly not my experience with our Exchange account – it works exactly like you’d expect (it’s office 365 but I don’t think that makes a difference here) so strange you are getting that. For clarity the settings I have in Notifications > Mail > Exchange Settings are:

      Show in notification centre : on
      Notification sound : none
      Badge app icon: on
      Show in lock screen: off
      Alert style when unlocked: banners

    • Jasper

      Olu dis doesn’t work for me though!

      The garmin connect app needs to handle these option form my point of view.. (probably is so with the android version).. makes it a lot easier!

      I can’t get a notification just on phone (always goes trough to my phone!)
      I put just allow notification on, all the rest off, my watch still received it! (so: no sound, no badge app icon, no show on lock screen, no allert style when unlocked …) I get everything from that damn phone!
      It’s all or notting!

      for the mailing part, maybe I need to try that VIP thing, when I feel for it :), because all other setting, like the above don’t work!

    • David

      Ian, you are correct. I didn’t drill into the account setting for my exchange mail. It did indeed have “show in Notification Center” turned off, with banners on. That will probably fix that issue for me.

      On the previous screen all of my email said the same thing (Sounds, Badges, Banner). I didn’t realize there was a separate setting for Notification Center.

  58. Remco V

    Hi Ray,
    you say multiple bike support is present, it is only different then in the 910xt. How much different.
    as I have an MTB (cadence only + tempe + hr), racing (cadence+speed + tempe + hr + power), touring (cadence+speed + hr + tempe). In summary that is a total of 6 different ant sensors (as tempe and hr are carried over).
    Can i still make different bike profiles which will be auto recognised by the presence of the different cadence sensors?
    I am still in big doubt between the 920 and fenix3, help me…. :) (do you have an estimation for the fenix in depth review?)

    • The way it works with the FR920XT/Fenix3 is that there’s a sensor pool. So you pair all your sensors once (from everything), and then when you head out on a ride, it just automatically picks up which ones have been turned on (because you moved the bike). In the event of a conflict, it simply asks you which ones to use for that ride.

      It works beautifully, and is honestly the single best feature (in my mind) that Garmin implemented in 2014 (with the Edge 1000 initially).

      The Fenix3 in-depth review will be out on or by next Thursday, March 5th.

    • JW

      Does that mean I can have different HR sensors and the watch automatically picks up the one that is present without any repairing? Currently with my Ambit 2 I can only pair either my Scoche Rhythm+ or the Suunto HRM.

    • Remco V

      Thank you for the promt info.

  59. Sean

    After REI frustrating canceled my Jan 14 (grey HR bundle), I placed an order with Clever Training. I hope this helps you continue with the excellent service you provide for the community.

  60. Hans

    While I stand totally behind support Ray for his outstanding site, I have to admit that I’m getting frustrated with CT at this point in time. Seeing that REI shipped F3 left and right and still having no idea when my Sapphire is finally shipping is a bit annoying. For those who preordered other devices (like the 920) with them – was it that bad before as well?

    Ray, maybe you can add another site to your buying options? Or have a word with them on their communication strategy? I believe that everyone here loves what you do for the community of sports tech nerds and loves to support you, but CT is at this point just under par…

    • Ted W

      under pay compared to whom? garmin themselves hasn’t shipped their pre-order. amazon hasn’t. so REI got into the queue first. somebody had to be first and second, etc. has has been explained as nauseum is that garmin never has giant first shipments. just to guard against manufacturer issues.

      I anxious to, but for pete’s sakes. Chill. it’s getting February. garmin said 1st quarter. that’s doesn’t end till end of March.

    • Hans

      Communication is under par. Sending out the same email for weeks is less than I expect. Maybe I expect too much. Happy for you if your standard is lower.

      On the other hand, I think it would be great if Ray had more referral sites, as many people who read his blog, still order from neither CT nor Amazon.

    • Hi Hans-

      Trust me, there’s nothing more important at Clever Training. And, there’s nothing that we don’t talk about more. I talk to them about Fenix3 order status every morning when they wake up, every lunch time, and every time before they head to bed (well after they’ve left the office).

      They’ve communicated as best as they possibly can (weekly) given the limited information that Garmin is providing. I’m optimistic we’ll see some solid movement in next week’s arrival, but they just don’t have the numbers yet to be sure on that. That’s one of the things I like about Clever – they aren’t going to lie to keep folks happy. Many other retailers keep promising things they can’t deliver. CT is only promising the details Garmin provides them (+ a fluff factor for Garmin’s delays). Sometimes, Garmin doesn’t hit their delivery estimates, unfortunately, that’s not new.

      It’s not a case of being ‘in the queue’ late. CT has a massive pre-order in there just like REI, well before product announcement. It’s really a case of a single individual at Garmin making the decision to grant REI the first shipment, without telling other retailers or even other Garmin employees.

      All that said, I do very much appreciate the support of Clever Training, which in turn supports the site.

    • Jared

      Fot anyone not happy with CT I don’t get it. The problem is out of their control and you’re getting the watch cheaper than anywhere else. Also I emailed support and got a response in less than 10 minutes. What more can you expect?

    • JimG

      The problem I have with any company’s pre-order and/or back-order process, is that you are totally blind to how deep in line you are, not to mention any ETA’s. IF I’m number 4 of 400 or 395/400, this might help me decide whether or not I want to play that waiting game, especially if I’m paying up-front. At least if I physically pull up to a business, and see a line of people wrapped around the building, I’ll can easily decide whether or not to come back at a later date & time.

    • Hans

      Hi Ray,
      thank you for the background. I do appreciate that you do the community communication for CT. I do like CT, they are very responsive and very friendly – and you can see from the threads here and on Garmin Forums that REI is not golden throughout (cancelling pre-orders). So everyone can make their own choices where to (pre-) order. I stick with CT.

      That doesn’t mean that I don’t think they could be better. I wish that they would provide the guidance that you provide here through email in their weekly email update rather than sending the same email week after week. Take this as constructive feedback and not as a rant against CT. Maybe my nerdy impatience got me.

      So, all good I’ll be waiting – impatiently though :).

      Have a great weekend.

  61. Ryan033

    It is laughable sometimes. Garmin stated first quarter 2015. There is still over a month before that promise is missed. Although, technically they have hit the target as there have been shipments to those lucky few who went through REI. REI in this instance was chosen to receive the first batch (the guinea pigs so to speak)..

    Next time around it will more than likely be another seller.

    Anyone who placed an order with anyone should have set their expectations for end of March.

    People are now acting like school kids because other people received theirs first.. Boo hoo.. #firstworldproblems I assume you are grownups.. If you really want a watch now, be a man and go get yourselves a Richard Mille..

    Now, let me go check my email, see if the weekly update from CT has arrived yet (yes, I am excited about getting my watch.. But I realise I have to wait.. Half the fun)..

    • tc

      chill on the self righteous condescension. This is simply a poor release. This just isn’t how releases are handled in 2015. The fact that Garmin didn’t even know it had been released to rei until after the fact and then couldn’t even day when it would be released- and then all off a sudden their Twitter feed says it was released after their fact? It’s not that big of a deal, really, and I get your point on that, but people have a right to be annoyed with Garmin. Maybe you’re not-that’s fine too. But the fact is people nowadays expect more clarity as part of the pre-order process and Garmin clearly had no idea how to manage that.

    • Sean

      I for one sure am irrationally excited. Maybe the review here will have some negative things to say about it and I’ll quit looking forward to it like a “school kid” looks forward to Christmas ;)

    • tc

      Sorry for typos. Typing on my phone.

    • Ted W

      Dang. I just got the standard deal from CT/Garmin. The preorder I made, didnt come with promises of delivery timeframe. Didnt promise Jan/Feb or even March. Didnt promise timely communication, or really any. Didnt promise I would be jumped to the first in line, or because I bought a VIP membership I would be placed before the bulk orders from other stores, including the one that clearly had dibs on first shipments as they all but had a joint release party. Where did you guys order from, that promises from Garmin and CT were broken, and expectations we so far off. I only ask since I want to avoid ordering from them in the future. I’ll stick with CT and help support DC Ray. My F2 will just keep getting use into the new sheriff arrives. :)

    • Ryan033

      Cool, I still don’t see how it is a poor release.. From what I read, before I placed my preorder, from readily available information was the F3 was expected Q1 2015. It is still Q1 2015 and a fair few folk out there are running/swimming/hiking/sleeping etc with their Fenix 3s.

      Job done Garmin..

      I look forward to next week, I think it could be the week… (fingers crossed)..

    • Jasper

      Ryan I totally agree with you! (sorry I am a lucky bastard that has his F3 already)

      I order very late (15 feb) at Cotswoldoutdoor.. and I knew I would be waiting a long time! I got even more excited when people from REI got there watches! But I didn’t freak out and start dissing Garmin for that (that being a release before there annouced release.. So hell! Good job Garming)..

      I got a email saying I won’t make the first batch: well obviously, I ordered the 15 and received the mail on 23.. So wasn’t surprised at all!
      Then a day later I got another email: order was shipped…
      So off course I’m happy… but if I had to wait another 2 weeks, well so be it.. It still in Q1..

      It’s also like Ray says: CT doesn’t promise a date if they don’t got it from Garmin, which is a very good and professional thing!

    • Paul Stansel

      So in fairness my 2 (Saphire and regular) are on their way over the seas from Cotswold. Should be here in the next couple days. That said, I think a lot of the criticism might not be as sharp if we didn’t have to pay for these things up front and then wait the unknown amount of time. I personally hate the strategy of giving it to one vendor exclusively for a period of time, especially when there was no announcement that was the case. If I was REI and wanted to do that I would have trumpeted it from the rooftops in order to get the most preorders possible. Instead it just came out as weird little trickles of info with no one really in the loop. Good for the people who preordered early, not so good for anyone else. Garmin needs a better communication plan. That really is it. And then from there the vendors can draft accurate, reasonable dates and communications.

    • Scott

      I’ll tell you why lots of people think it’s a poor release in one word. Apple. Whether they claim to, want to, or try to mimic that the simple fact is Apple has changed peoples expectations. Is Apple perfect, no. I pre-ordered the iPad Air 2 and it got messed up. I wound up waiting another 3-4 days after others got theirs. 3-4 days, not 3-4 weeks. When the iPhone 5 came out it was sitting on my doorstep within a couple of hours of people that camped out in line had theirs. I’ll repeat that I fully understand Garmin never claimed they were Apple, but because of Apple there is your example of why people have the expectations they have. Simple as that.

    • Todd

      Again, first the apparent caveat one has to make- this isn’t life or death & children starving is certainly far worse.
      When I preorder really anything- let’s go with the Xbox One a couple years ago. Microsoft says, “It is coming out on this day.” And maybe you get your preorder in to get that first batch & maybe you don’t. That’s fine.
      What Garmin did that was annoying is they say, “Eh, we don’t know, somewhere in Q1.” After the product was really already released via REI their official Twitter feed was still saying it hasn’t been released yet. Then, a week later, the Twitter feed says “Oh yeah, it was released yesterday.”
      Clearly there are bigger problems in the world. But it’s just not how some people anticipate product releases to be handled in 2015. By the midpoint of the quarter it isn’t asking too much of them to be able to give a release date. But that’s not Garmin’s release model.

    • amadeus303

      I couldn’t disagree more… I don’t use Apple as a benchmark for anything sans marketing. I view their “releases” like every other tech company. You’re drinking the Kool-Aid.

  62. Tommy

    Got my F3 Sapphire yesterday (through CT and DCR VIP)…went for a run, went great. Only two issues so far:

    1) noticed slight light bleed as described in garmin forums.
    2) No ability to adjust contrast of the display as on F2.

    Tomorrow we go for a pool swim and see how the accuracy is with length measurement…

    Stay tuned.

    • Glad to hear ya received it Tommy – thanks for the support through CT!

    • Ryan033

      First person to receive one from CT… Saweet.. :-)

      Look forward to hearing how your swim went..

    • Jasper

      agreed on the contrast part, its a little to dark to see in (actually) normal conditions.. you need quite a good light to see it clearly i.m.o. ..

    • Tommy

      Swim went well. It only missed a few lengths of the 2500 yd. total swim and some of those were definitely my screw-up when turning. It seems to be performing somewhat better than the 920XT which often missed lengths even when I was just swimming a 100. More swims will give me more confidence in the device (as far as I’m concerned, the 920XT is useless in a pool swim environment).

      Re: Light leak, seems like a “Bendgate” issue rather than “Antenna-gate”, if you catch my meaning.
      Also put the SS band on the watch and it looks sweet, much dressier and badass than a rubber band.

  63. Klaus

    Hi Ray,
    I would like to suppurt you, purchasing the F3, but the F3 is not listet at amazon.de ant CT is no option cause I live in germany.
    Any solution?

    Regards Klaus

    • The goal is by the end of the 1st quarter to have a European option in place. As of Monday, they were still on target for that day (meaning, by the end of March). I’m looking forward to it!

    • Fab

      That would be nice! I’m from Italy and I’ll be glad to support Ray and this great site. Looking forward to switch to F3 sapphire from my fr610, which is giving recharging issues due to oxidation (been using it for 3 years and not always taken care properly, must admit…).

      (btw: after Klaus’s comment above, I looked on Amazon.it to see what they are listing, and I’ve found out that F3 grey bundle is sold (on amazon markeplace) at 963€! No typos. No personal trainer included. This is crazy.)

      thank for the great job,

  64. Frank

    An alert 920xt user that is using it as an activity tracker surfaced a GC flaw that I suspect is also impacting the F3. I’m hoping one of you lucky, activity tracking, run recording F3 owners can confirm or deny that this 920 bug has found its way into your world too.

    What is apparently happening is that, on days where an activity is recorded (particularly a running one) after the data is synced up with GC, GC is retroactively awarding extra calories for steps taken within the recorded activity. This is most clearly manifested in the fact that, on those days with Activities, GC will show substantially more total calories burned than the watch. On days without activities, they will agree exactly.

    It would be interesting to know if the FR15 is doing this too.

    • Pete R.

      Yes, I have noticed this with my 920xt on days that I run. I get roughly double the calorie credit on Garmin Connect for steps. The running steps get counted in the total steps for the day, and the run gets counted as an activity. This didn’t seem to be a problem until the last few weeks. It does not appear to be a problem on days with swimming and cycling activities since they don’t get counted as steps. I first noticed it on My Fitness Pal so I had assumed it was an integration issue between GC and MFP.

    • Frank

      Thanks for confirming Paul’s finding relative to the 920. Of course the steps should be counted whether in an activity or not—just not extra calories for in-Activity steps. You already got those probably from your HRM and Firstbeat HRV analysis. You probably noticed it in MFP because it is GC, not the raw data from your watch, that syncs up with MFP. This does not happen with two devices by the way. My Vivosmart and Fenix 2 play together nicely as long as I don’t record the same activity on both.

    • Pete R.

      So are you asserting it is a GC issue or a 920xt issue? GC a, I think. I’m pretty sure you are saying it’s not a MFP a issue.

    • Frank

      That is right. The total calorie number in the watch is reasonable. The same number in GC is higher and unreasonable. It is that higher, unreasonable number that gets fed to MFP which I guess makes it a MFP problem as well. GIGO.

    • Pete R.

      Thanks. I guess the Fenix 3 that I have on order will have the same issue in GC a since they have the same firmware for those functions. I guess Garmin needs to work it out in the interface among their products.

    • Ted W

      Not sure I follow the issue. If I walk XX mins, which burns YY calories, and takes ZZ steps. That data along will into GC into some STEPS are activity tracker summary. right? Now if I have a run that same day, and I run AA mins, which burns BB calories, and involved CC steps. That should the daily activity summary include for calories or steps? I was under the impression that things done within an activity (run, bike, swim, etc, anything with a start/stop) would NOT be included in the daily metric step/calorie count.

    • Frank

      It is a little confusing which is, I guess, why Garmin Engineering seems to be perpetually confused about it as well. All steps are counted whether you are recording an Activity or not just for the step competitors and goal attainers.

      Walking steps registered outside of an activity have a calorie burn associated with them. In my case about 1 calorie over and above my BMR for every 42 steps. 14.6 running steps will get me another calorie.

      Calories associated with an Activity are computed by the best method available. If using a 920 and an HRM, that will be Firstbeat HRV. If you are not using an HRM, it will be based on steps and a judgement about whether you were running, walking or both and maybe how fast. You don’t get extra calories for steps performed within an activity on top of what your already got whether that was HRM, speed or step based.

      What GC appears to be doing is giving double calorie credit for steps performed within an activity. It does not show up when swimming and cycling because you aren’t getting steps (at least not many) when performing those sports. To be clear, the watch is getting it right. It is only after that data squirts up into the cloud and comes back to your favorite screen that the extra calories show up. An of course in MFP.

      It should be super easy to fix. Garmin has successfully addressed this kind of thing before when 2 devices were involved.

    • Frank


    • Ted W

      Ha. Ok. Since I rarely use GC. I just use it as the portal to auto-update to Strava. What is MyFitnessPal?

    • Frank

      link to myfitnesspal.com

      You tell it what you eat. Garmin tells it what you burn. Together they conspire to get you fatter or thinner.

      Under Armour just paid $475 million for them.

    • Paul

      I wouldn’t even know what a Garmin 920 is without MyFitnessPal.


      ( Was me that found the bug in Garmin Connect btw )

    • Pete R.

      Thanks for the background and succinct explanation of the issue. Has anyone told Garmin?

    • Frank

      I emailed support at 5 this morning. No response yet. Sent them an email on another matter yesterday and got a response in 7 minutes and three more within two hours. You never know what to expect.

    • David

      I’m confused about what you are saying. I just looked at all of my days for this week. And if I use the “Today” tile under the activities tab, the calories shown for each activity and “left over steps” all seem reasonable to me. And the sum of those plus my BMR matches the total calories for the day.
      I’ll be honest, I have never really consulted the calorie counter on either the watch or GC for any sort of guidance. So I don’t really pay that close attention to either on a daily basis. But this post got me curious.
      I will say that my “steps/calorie” do seem a bit bizarre, every day (except Tuesday and Wednesday) this week, my steps/calorie number is about 45. But on Tuesday it was 37 and on Wednesday it was 39. I’m not sure if that is caused by the error you are talking about. But those days weren’t much different from other running days this week as far as distance/pace/HR for the runs. And I’ve had 2 non-running days this week.

    • Frank

      David, I’m curious whether you are using your F3 or 920 as the basis for your observations. I believe you have both. It is a bit irrelevant but I am curious nonetheless.

      I cannot see what you are seeing as I have nothing on my GCM dashboard like you are describing. My Today tile is under the Health & Fitness Tab and only shows Steps, Calorie, Distance and Daily Average. Nowhere have I ever seen “leftover steps” or steps per calorie which is something else I figured out on my own for a different experiment. The whole walking part of the Active Calories is totally wonky and not to be trusted at all.

      Let me describe the problem in terms of a thought experiment. You woke up at 6 this morning and immediately set out on a 12 hour, 36 mile hike consisting of 95,000 steps which you recorded as an activity on your f3 or 920 while wearing and HRM. At the end of the hike you went right back to bed and slept past midnight. Lets say your Garmin assigned BMR is 2000. Lets say that Garmin, through its Firstbeat HRV voodoo awarded you 4,000 calories for the hike. There are no leftover steps. Every step you took that day was part of the recorded activity. Your watch is going to give you 5,000 calories for that day. 4,000 for the 12 hour activity + 1,000 (half your BMR) for the 12 hours you were sleeping. So far so good. You wake up at 2 AM the day after the long hike and sync your watch with GC. GC decides to give you calorie credit for the 95,000 steps on top of the 4,000 calories Firstbeat had already given you for the 86,400 heartbeats you experienced on the hike. That is another 2,375 calories mas o menos. So your watch is going to say you expended 5,000 total calories and GC is going to say you expended 7,375 calories for the same activity on the same day.

      If Paul’s theory is correct, every day you record a run as an activity, GC will have a higher total calorie count than the watch. If this is not happening, your device is not part of the problem or the problem does not exist. If the differential is there, so is the problem and it needs to be corrected as the logic for giving you calorie expenditure credit for both heartbeats and steps in the same activity (or the same steps twice if not using an HRM) is obviously flawed.

    • David

      Frank, I only have a 920XT. I;m considering getting a fenix 3, but don’t really _need_ one. So for now I’m resisting.

      The information about steps and calories are detailed on the Garmin Modern website. Yes GCM doesn’t split things out. Honestly, I have not double checked that at least the totals in GCM match GC. But anyways, this is what “yesterday” looks like to me.

      link to dropbox.com

      You can see that I ran 9.05 miles “easy”, for 15820 steps and 736 active calories.
      I walked 4.5 miles for 8944 steps and 194 active calories.
      I had a total calorie expenditure for the day of 2793 (930 active + 1863 BMR)

      It all seems reasonable to me.

    • David

      Oh, I forgot to include that I do run with a HRM-RUN.

    • Frank

      Seems perfectly reasonable to me too. What Paul was seeing was exrta credit for those 15,820 steps you ran in an activity. Can you give us what the watch thinks your total calories were for yesterday as well as the active and BMI portions of the total calories graph in GC from yesterday?

      Garmin has been aware of this for a few days and Paul was thinking that had already fixed is based on intraday results he was getting yesterday. If that is true, it has to be some kind of record for Garmin Engineering but I have to say that your results from yesterday—at least in that view of GC—appear spot on.

    • Pete R.

      I checked my last few days with runs and it appears to not be an issue forme anymore since last week. This week’s days with runs seem to have correct representations of calories burned during runs versus calories burned for walking steps.

    • Frank

      Looks like maybe it is fixed? Can you confirm as you were the one that originally discovered the problem? If it is fixed for you, it is probably fixed for everyone.

    • Paul

      I’ll be monitoring this over the next week and report back. Friday’s results were definitely very different to previous days in terms of MFP although the extra calories vs the watch are still present on GC.

    • David

      Just to follow up with your questions to me Frank.

      For “yesterday”, my watch says total calories were 2688. So it doesn’t match GC, exactly.
      The BMR reported in the reports section of Garmin Connect (under total calories) is 1863, and active calories are 930, just like the “today” shows.

      The watch shows 736 calories for the run. Which is the same active calories for the run.

      As for the 105 missing calories on the watch, as a pretty close ballpark, that is approximately the BMR calories during my run. (105/1864*24 = 1.35 hours (81.159 minutes), the run was 86.7 minutes).

      But honestly the missing calories could be from anywhere. I don’t know if the calories / step takes into account body weight. I enter my weight into GC daily. But it is my understanding that does not get sent to the watch “normally”.

    • Paul

      Just done a run this morning, and the issue persists. It’s giving me 177 calories for the 1700 or so steps I did outside the run. That’s a lot of calories for 1700 steps, and is of course knocking on to MFP by inflating my calorie adjustment.

      These number taken from the calories full page on Garmin Connect just now:

      Run – 9:43am, 15,858 steps, 1,296 calories burned in 1:23:41 over 17.75 km. Used HRM.

      Daily Steps – 1,683. Calories from those – 177. Distance – 2.99 km

      Total Steps 17,541 Calories 1,473 distance 20.74 km.

      This is patent nonsense, as.

      1. I havent walked 2.99km. I have got up, had breakfast, sat at my desk then gone for a run, before coming home stretching and sitting here.

      2. When I walk 3km to work most mornings it consistently takes about 4000 steps to do so.

      3. My 3km walk to work usually gets me around 80-100 extra calories.

      So not fixed. And more worryingly, no logic to the issue as I had previously speculated.

    • shirish

      Mine is even more weird. Today’s activity – 3495 steps, 3.15 km and 1038 Calories. Can’t burn those many calories for 3.15km.

    • Jasper

      actually you burn calories even when you sit.. you need to put this in perspective!
      mine states 1602 steps, 1.4 km and 1367 (don’t use MFP).. solely counting the steps this probably wont be correct: but as a today’s total it could be correct..

      And I think it calculates the calories on a today basis, or else you are completely right and is the calorie calculation off by miles! ..

    • Jasper

      As I thought, I quote from the Garmin Fenix 3 web manual, under Training -> Activity Tracking -> Turning On Activity Tracking: “Your calories burned includes your base metabolism plus activity calories”

      link to www8.garmin.com

    • Paul

      Yes I think that answers shirish’s point.

      NB further to my post earlier my watch shows 23.2km as of now while Garmin Connect shows 24.5km. So some steps are being counted double for sure. I wonder if it’s a proportion of steps at the start and/or end of an activity? Perhaps relating to some vagueness around Garmin Connect’s understanding of the exact time the steps switched over to run steps and back again?

    • Frank

      This problem still exists. At least Garmin is acknowledging it now.

      link to forums.garmin.com.

      The guy I spoke to (Josh) has an FR15 and does not think that device shares this step calorie inflation problem but said he would be checking on it.

  65. Tichy

    Hello, I just saw in the manual that although sleep-tracking doesn’t start automatically, you could at least enter the sleep-times afterwards. Which is not that bad and better then with the Fitbit flex when you forget to stop (or start!) the sleep-mode. Ray, do you have any experience with that feature? Mentioned Garmin something about starting sleep-tracking automatically through a firmware update?

    Greetings, Tichy

    • Correct, on all Garmin devices it’s a manual start/stop. It’s annoying, and sucks. Adding to that, the data afterwards is pretty useless anyway.

      Garmin is probably the lamest out there when it comes to sleep metrics. Not really sure why, since every other activity tracker seems to do it better.

      In any event, Fitbit actually is automatic with all their most recent devices. I don’t know if Garmin plans to change it. But, it’s something I’m sure they are aware of my feelings on since I’ve repeated it in every sleep-capable device review to date of theirs, and certainly will be within the review next week.

    • Patrick

      Good to see a bit of criticism where it’s due! Personally I can do without the sleep metrics and rather see some of the old stuff from the F1/F2 back to the F3. The daily activity is a nice extra though (step counts etc, not counting the lame sleep stuff which I don’t know what to do with anyway, it’s not like I can go back in time and “tell” myself to get a better night of sleep, nor can I order myself to get a better night of sleep in an upcoming night)

      Looking forward to the in-depth review. Even though I pre-ordered my watch on Jan 8th it’s likely that your review will come before the arrival of my watch. On that note, also looking forward to your European partner so I can sponsor the site on my next purchase. I don’t want to order across the big pond at CT even though they seem like a very nice store. It’s just too much hassle with extra import taxes and duties and long shipping times at an extra charge.

    • vishal

      Thanks for bringing this up. who cares about sleep dynamincs anyway right.

      Before I started using run dynamics – I did not know what it meant and what to do with it, but with more training when the dynamics improved I thought that was a huge motivation to get better.

      Same thing with sleep dynamics – not sure what it means and not sure what we can do to improve it – I guess it can give the heart changes, basal heart rate, night time awakenings etc – but more data never hurts ( as long as you are comfortable with it) and may be in future you could us it to change some of the routines to improve your sleep patterns…may be updates in future will address this. Dont have much sleep with 2 young kids ( may be I can monitor their sleep patterns and do something about it )

  66. Johan

    Hmm fenix3 is getting sportswear closer to a smartwatch then ever, and some smartwatches is getting closer to sport watches…
    It would be interesting to se a comparison between Garmin Fenix3, Samsung gear2, and LG G watch R,
    G watch R is lighter, built in gps for less money and gear2 has built in gps, hr-monitor (ok not the best but still) and sim-card.


    • G Watch R doesn’t have GPS nor does the Gear 2. They just have pedometers.

      The Sony SW3 does have GPS , but doesn’t have altimeter or barometer nor temp. It’s battery won’t last a day if you use GPS. So far my Fenix3 has been on since I got it Wednesday lunchtime, with one hour long run using GPS and backlight, all other time it’s activity tracking and doing call and calendar notifications and is on 73% battery

      You basically need to work out what you want from your device. Occasional runner then the SW3 may do the job….anything more and it won’t IMHO.

      Having said that the Garmin Connect Mobile team need to take a long hard look at the Android Wear phone app, it’s so much faster and cleaner, watch face changes take seconds vs minutes of the Garmin connect app “syncing”…

  67. Just as a heads up I plopped another Fenix3 video into the playlist today. This one I shot this afternoon and demonstrate the various quick access pages within the device: link to youtube.com

    (Or, the entire playlist here: link to youtube.com)


    (And yes, still on track for a review release on or by Thursday of next week).

    • David

      Do you know if there is any chance that the Calendar app will come to the 920XT? That’s one app that I’d really like.

    • Kermit262

      Hey Ray – at the risk of giving a spoiler – can you tell us if you’re leaning toward a thumbs up or thumbs down? :)

    • Largely thumbs up. The areas that don’t fall into the ‘thumbs up’ aren’t so much break/fix, but rather simply areas that aren’t in the Fenix3 but were in previous units. If you’ve seen my feature comparison chart specific to the Fenix 1/2/3, then it just comes down to personal preferences and tradeoffs.

  68. Sameer Somanath

    Has anyone else had problems with the built in temperature sensor? I appreciate that it is not accurate on your wrist due to body heat. But mine has been reading 29C all day when the ambient has been around 5 C. This was also recorded on my run where the average temp was recorded as 21.5C, and it was around 5C.
    Is it meant to be this inaccurate on your wrist, or do I have a faulty unit?

    • Jasper

      It’s your body head that gets picked up along with the surrounding tempature.. so no faulty unit, it’s just like other devices (watches) with built in temp meters… it’s never accurate for measuring temp in the air when worn on your wrist. Solution: Tempe of garmin (external sensor)

  69. Ted W

    only have the F2 right now, but is likely similar. I was out last night in 9 degrees without windchill. Go reports 53-60degree for the duration of activity. without sleeves in warmer temps I think it’s closer. with long sleeves to stay warm it’s way off. bottom line use the Tempe if you want accuracy. skin temps can skew alot

    • Sameer

      So it’s a bit pointless measuring temperature during activity if it’s worn on your wrist. Is that right?

  70. Ted W

    still waiting patiently for some good news from CT. My grey bundle pre-order was 01/07/15. got the weekly canned email from CT. so no news from me. did anyone yet get something different from CT. some Sapphire shipped we know any grey or silver Bundles ship?

    • DT

      I put mine on the 5th for the grey bundle and no news yet. They told me yesterday that could be up to 2 more weeks….

    • Ted H

      I placed my order on Jan. 5th for the gray w/o hrm. I called yesterday, as I never get the email that supposedly everyone gets. They have no idea when they will have it, not even a guess. It’s funny that when I placed my order they were saying February. Now that they have had our money for two months they have no idea. My guess is that they had no idea the whole time that they were saying February.

    • Garmin provides retailers estimated ship dates as part of information required for listing any product. At the beginning, those estimated ship dates were February, from Garmin (actually, they were guesstimated to be slightly sooner). Clever Training then takes those dates and typically adds a small fluff factor for Garmin’s inability to deliver on time. Other retailers seemingly do the opposite.

      Ultimately, CT is pretty cut and dry when it comes to dates. I suppose they could make up stuff, but I’m not sure why they would benefit anyone.

  71. Mike

    The beeps the watch makes to announce the end of an interval during a workout are very quiet and I find them difficult to hear against background noise in the street. The Fenix 3 is definitely quieter than the 620.

    Anyone else found this? Is there a way of increasing the volume?

    • No method on any Garmin units to change volume (I don’t think there’s a way on Polar or Suunto units either, offhand).

    • Mike

      Thanks. Maybe the firmware could be changed to make the beeps more prolonged, if not actually louder? The vibration alert works really well.

      So far I have found the watch is great in all other respects.


    • Mike

      Thank you. Maybe the firmware could be changed to make the beeps more prolonged, if not actually louder? The vibration alert works really well.

      So far I have found the watch is great in all other respects.

  72. Andy from Embsay

    Any idea where Fenix 3 gets its weather data from? Mine seems to think it’s -7º here when it’s about 15º warmer than that. Does it pull it from the phone?

  73. Nathan

    I can’t decide between the Red or Black band.

    I think the Red is really sharp but I like the all black also

  74. neil rosson

    Had mine for a few days. Have to say im disappointed with the accuracy of it after reading the positive comments on here(1sec record glonass on). for the most part it seems good then will go drastically of course some 40 meters out at some points. So its no better possibly worse than my 410. A few other minor niggles, it froze up when setting up data screens on one occasion. It would not connect for a while through usb although seems ok now. The activity tracker seems some what inaccurate, how i managed 2500 steps by getting up then getting driven 40 miles, it was more like 100 steps. Precipitation is always 0. Altimeter drifts(wasn’t that supposed to fixed) Everything else is very good. I’m mostly worried about the accuracy as its not something software can fix.

    • RE: GLONASS and Accuracy

      With the FR920XT, there are a handful of folks that find better accuracy with it turned off. Not really clear why, as for most it improves it. Worth a shot.

      RE: Data page freeze up

      In the rare chance it’s when configuring a power meter, there’s a post on the Garmin forums about it, known but fixed in next firmware version.

      RE: Altimeter drift

      There’s two modes, which in certain whether conditions you may want to look at switching from the default mode to the continuous calibration mode.

      RE: Accuracy

      In general, accuracy is a combination of a bunch of factors. In most cases, hardware is the least of ones concerns for accuracy. In total, things that impact GPS accuracy: Antenna design, GPS chipset used, GPS chipset firmware, watch firmware, specific settings used (i.e. GLONASS), and body placement/interference. They are not in order of importance.

    • neil rosson

      Hi yes thanks now turned glonass off & will give it a shot tomorrow. Also set to continuous calibration.

    • neil rosson

      yeah today’s run is just as bad, probably worse actually.

    • Ivaylo Benov


      Could you please share with us the Garmin Connect link for these runs, or at least provide more details. GPS accuracy (especially on wooded trails) is a very big concern for me and the reason I got rid of both my FR 620, and my Fenix 2.


    • neil rosson

      link to connect.garmin.com
      link to connect.garmin.com
      link to connect.garmin.com

      only suburban running, all on 1sec record, first 2 glonass on last run glonass turned off.

    • Gary

      GPS is subject to many other vatiables besides the ones that are produced by the device. Atmosphereic conditions, tree cover, and tall buildings are a few of the major ones. If the satellite signal is slowed by any of these, the reading will be inaccurate, A good clear path to at least 4 satellites, preferably spread out across the sky, will give the most accurate reading. More satellites would be even better especially when determining elevation, Although the GPS system has greatly improved since it’s inception, it is still somewahat at the mercy of these other conditions.

  75. Joubex

    I wonder if the charger of the fenix 3 is the same as the fenix 2?

  76. Cam Ashurst

    I replaced my Forerunner with a Fenix 1 and am now using a Fenix 2, and as limited as the mapping on those units are, I still found it helpful when mountain biking and on long hikes, especially when navigating an unfamiliar trail network with lots of junctions. I’d load a more detailed map for the area I was going to be in and it would be enough to get by on.

    Removal of these basic mapping features from the Fenix 3 is a deal breaker for me. The Epix features look good, but it’s not the kind of watch I want to run with or wear to work… It’s too bulky and – lets face it – kind of indiscreet and ugly. I’m guessing Garmin want people like myself to buy both a Forerunner and an Epix, but it’s not going to happen.

  77. Danni

    I have a suunto ambit 3 peak. Would you go for a Jawbone up 3 to get the sleep messuring and better fitness tracking or would you switch to garmin fenix 3?

  78. Danni

    I have a suunto ambit 3 peak. Would you go for a Jawbone up 3 to get the sleep messuring and better fitness tracking or would you switch to garmin fenix 3?

  79. Danni

    I have a suunto ambit 3 peak. Would you go for a Jawbone up 3 to get the sleep messuring and better fitness tracker or would you switch to garmin fenix 3?

  80. Patrick

    Your new picture has a typo: wright must be right

  81. Antoni

    Not sure if I missed this anywhere. But will the F3 have route-able navigation similar to the Epix? I imagine it wont be as in depth though if it does

  82. Patrik

    Hi Ray
    Tx for your unmatched site!
    Currently have Polar V800 but for 24×7 usage I simply think Fenix 3 is more beatiful creature. 2 questions:
    1. Does Garmin provide (like Polar) different recocery zones ? (Like “Under trained” and upwards)
    2. Can Fenix 3 tive uou inactivity alerts when you been sitting still to long ?

    • Kermit262


      At the end of each workout (provided you wore your HRM), you’ll get a Training Effect value:

      5.0 Overreaching
      4.0 Highly Improving
      3.0 Improving
      2.0 Maintaining
      1.0 Minor

      As an example, my last tempo running workout was given a Training Effect value of 4.3.

      And yes, you can have the watch alert you (every hour, I think) to “Move!”

    • Patrik

      Does the Garmin Fenix 3 and/or it´s app show your recover evolution between training passes ? (Like in Polar V800 you can see how your body is recovering in phases…where you go from “over trained”…through a couple of phases down to “under trained” Think Polar accumulates your exercise, activity and rest over time.. )

  83. Michael

    Do you have a photo of the fenix 3 with a measuring tape? This would help me to see, if this watch would look extremly silly worn on my wrist.

  84. Jasper

    Got a weird pop-up:

    most times when I open my connect app, I got to my device, it’s syncs (the green pop-up par below your phone screen).. I can also confirm this going to my home tab and checking my total steps at that time..

    But then, mostly (if not every time..) after a couple of minutes, my watch vibrates and giving me a message: failure.. (I guess its failure because my watch is in Dutch and it could also be translated as ‘Failed’ so.. )

    Any one ideas ?

  85. kostas antoniou

    Any idea about the release date of Fenix 3 ??

    • Patrick

      It’s being shipped out already. But mostly it’s still pre-orders that are being filled. It will probably be mid April until it’s going to be normally available and in stock at most stores, though this is speculation since Garmin doesn’t share their numbers.
      They won’t give an official release date apart from “Q1” which they succeeded in, there are people with watches already.

  86. Bryan Fisher

    Quick question:

    I received my fenix 3 last week and wore it on a run with the HRM+ for the first time this weekend. I have been using the FR620 since its release in 2013. I noticed one difference I was hoping could be explained.

    With the FR620 my Vo@ max calulation would be consistently around 60-61 with the TE 3.0 or below. I often questioned if this had any basis in reality but non the less it was consistent. My long run HR would average in the low 140s at a pace of just under 8 mins per mile.

    With my first run with the fenix 3, my HR was the same but the Vo2 mas dropped to 51 and the TE spiked at 5.0.

    Did Garmin change the calculation? or does the watch need to adjust with more activities over time?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Markus

      Don’t think the calculation changed.
      After a hard reset or new user it will need some time to get some historical data to correctly calculate VOmax.
      Guess it will take 2-3 weeks max. until the calculation is reliable again.
      I own a Fenix2, but this is exactly the behaviour after a hard reset.

    • Dom

      Did you set your maximum heart rate in the watch, or leave it on the default? (Which is relatively low, but automatically adjusting it upwards when it reads higher values than that from your HRM).
      Getting TE of 5.0 suggests you’re getting heart rates at what your watch thinks is your maximum heart rate (but isn’t), which in turn depresses the VO2max it will calculate, because it thinks you’re flat out at a lower pace than you really are.

    • Ted W

      I have a hard time knowing my “max” HR. I tend to run HIGH compared to most I know. Meaning at a hard workout. near max pace. I’m 180 or sometimes 190s. Some friends (I know you cant compare two preople really, but) must be zombies as they are like 140. My HR is higher than that just walking up a few flight of stairs. That said. on my F2 I dont think I ever change the max HR. not sure the thought occured to me. While waiting from my F3. Maybe I’ll play with that. Is there a reasonable way to besides some goofy 220 – age to get max HR?

    • Bryan Fisher

      Thanks for the feed back.

    • Jasper

      Get yourself to a sport doctor or center and test you max HR with an intensive test. It’s the “only accurate” way…

    • Dom

      Ted, mine is based on the rate I hit at the finish line of a hard 5k (how hard? “need to sit down with my head between my knees, but don’t throw up” hard ;) )

      It’s 30 bpm higher than 220-age would predict…

  87. Clint

    Ugh. Just ordered the Fenix 3 from MEC (up here in Canada) last week. Besides being excessively backordered, it’s also $650 CDN for the base black unit (without HRM). Amazon.ca is the same price.

    Oh well… It’s only money, right? :)

    • Jeff

      Did you have to go into the store to order it at MEC? I don’t see on their website.

    • Clint

      Jeff, I emailed in, asking when they would get it. They said to call the toll-free number, and they can place a pre-order that will get sent out the same time the send out the product to the stores. The part number for the base unit is 5042-813, and the bundle (an extra $70) is 5042-815. They also had the Sapphire, but that was even more.

      Geez, any of these watches was more than my first car! :)


  88. Paul Stansel

    So for anyone in the US thinking ordering from Cotwold with the 20% off coupon is a good idea I just got hit with a customs fee so high I ended up paying more than retail. So no, it’s not at all a good idea.

  89. Monk_Po

    Ah, I [now] think I’ve got more to worry about than simply waiting for the backorder queue to clear.

    I’m still dragging on with XP as my OS, so it’ll either be an inelegant hack / bodge of some kind, or a new workstation with a modern OS to get Garmin Express to run when my watch does turn up!

    Quoting Clint just up the page a bit but:
    “Oh well… It’s only money, right? :)”

  90. Ryan

    Hi guys,

    I got my Fenix 3 Sapphire yesterday and aesthetically I’m pretty pleased with this device. One issue that somewhat bothers me – and I wanted to clarify whether others have this same issue – is that there is a small amount of lightbleed in the bottom right corner when the lights activated.

    Is this normal due to the hardware?

  91. Kyle

    Looks like someone over at the Garmin forums was able to load gpx file onto the fenix 3. I thought no mapping at all would be available?

    link to forums.garmin.com

    • Tony

      No mapping is available in terms of a visible map , F3 doesn’t support Garmin map files. Tracks, courses, and waypoints are all available.

  92. Travis

    I’m in Australia, mine shipped yesterday and should arrive today. Ja-gps has them in stock. No backorder here.

  93. Rob Youl

    Just received my Fenix 3 Grey in Australia and must say although I love the look of the watch the GPS accuracy so far is woefull.
    Updated to Firmware 2.5 and ran with Glonass on
    Will try with Glonass off tomorrow but so far it is worse than my previous Fenix 2 and nowhere near as accurate as my 920xt. Here’s hoping it’s just Glonass or a software issue otherwise she’ll be up for sale

  94. Rob Youl

    Hi Neil. Yes I read your post after searching. I’ll try and give it 2 or 3 minutes GPS soak before the next run but its pretty disappointing as I still have my 920 which tracks beautifully and shows accurate current pace now and takes around 30 seconds to get a really solid satellite fix.

  95. Joe Seiley

    Call with Clever Training (USA) today. They indicated they expect to have all pre-orders orders shipped out “within the next three weeks”. They will be processed as the shipments come in and based on order date. Nothing new really….just an FYI based on my call today.

  96. Joe E

    Well Wildfire Sports in Australia now has stock ready to ship (7 Sapphires according to this link):

    link to wildfiresports.com.au

    Nothing annoying at all about that…..

    • Paul H

      $800 for the watch only and no HRM band is ridiculous! We get taken for a ride here in Oz… Mine is on the way from Cotswold Outdoors

    • Joe E

      That is only really about a 25 USD premium over pricing here in US, you know that was in AUD right?

    • Paul H

      So it is! I am used to working in the good old days when the AUD was between .9 – .95 of the USD (not that long ago!). It is now running at about 0.78. I got my Sapphire with an HRM for around AUD700 from overseas. Quite a price difference

    • Joe E

      Yeah understandable. You got a good deal if that includes all extra taxes and import duty.

    • Ryan033

      Only get stung with import taxes if over $1,000. I bought when rate was 82c.. Grey with HRM for $660 delivered.. Noice.. Now CT get some deliveries.. :-)

  97. Shirish

    I made a custom workout on Connect with RUN profile and loaded it on Fenix 3 and used it by going to workout-> Start workout-> Run. It did not use GPS as no map data available after workout. Am I doing something wrong?

    • neil rosson

      GPS enabled for the run app?

    • Jasper

      About the no map data available: here the same! GPS was enabled and I got readings (speed, distance, etc.. [although, this could came from my HRM-Run or not? ] ) ..

      Any ways, I went into settings of Run and switched Maps on, lets see what that gives me.. Thursday is my next run

  98. Paul Chapman

    If there are any Connect IQ dev’s scanning this page – there’s what I reckon is a ‘missing’ datafield – LAST LAP HEART RATE. i.e. the average heart rate for the last lap. After an interval / lap I’d like to know what it was before the next interval.

  99. C

    Received my Fenix 3 Sapphire yesterday through Pushy’s in Australia…its…gorgeous piece of tech. I do have to shorten the metal band though due to my thin wrists…to youtube we go!

    Will give an update once i use the thing for a run later today.
    Pushy’s have stock of Sapphire both with and without the HRM…i got it quickly because i kept calling and hassling them :)

  100. FLONG

    My guess that since the 920xt says that it won’t pair with my phone via bluetooth because it says something about my phone’s software being out of date will be the same with the F3? This is very disappointing! How new does a phone have to be? I am guessing my phone is only about 3, MAYBE 4, years old. I just bought the 920 knowing, and confirmed with REI, I could return it and purchase the F3. That way I can buy and try before I settle. Did I miss somewhere in the post that there are specific phone requirements for LiveTracking?

    • There’s a listing of phones here: link to support.garmin.com

    • neil rosson

      What phone do you have? I spoke to support today as i had a few issues, one was my heart rate monitor stopped connecting for no reason the other was that bluetooth had stopped connecting, in regards to bluetooth they told me my note 4 was not supported so i should expect issues with it. This is not an old model & i find it all a bit odd for them to say that the only supported models are the ones they list.
      link to support.garmin.com

    • FLONG

      Thanks Ray. A bit disappointing. I now have to consider spending more money, which I probably will not do, to buy a compatible phone. :( No bueno!

    • FLONG

      @ Neil I have an HTC Sensation. I just read further on the link Ray sent and it says Android 4.03 or higher is acceptable. So, it looks like I should give Garmin Support a jingle.

    • Joe E

      LOL they list the iPod Touch as a phone….

    • Ryan033

      It is weird the Note 4 is not listed when the Note 2 & 3 are.. I am hoping they have just not got around to updating the list yet as I have a Xperia Z3C and they only list the Xperia Z2 as being compatible.. Time will tell..

  101. FLONG

    OBVIOUSLY I have a reading problem. I have Android 4.0.3. The requirement is 4.3! Bummer :(

    • Patrick

      In all fairness, 3 to 4 years old is ancient in the phone world. The sensation is a nice phone, I had one myself but sadly I broke mine two years ago on a trip.
      On the upside you can pick up a fairly cheap new phone that have the right android out of the box.

  102. Chris

    So now that Garmin is considering this a “quality watch” – can you replace the battery?

  103. JimG

    Any body plan on getting any one of the colored bands to pimp out their F3? Seems like a little color might be in order, vs. the plain basic black.

    • Dan Wells

      I had the silver on pre-order from CT but since it hasn’t come yet and it looks like it might be another week or two, I went ahead and got it switched to the grey because I like the red accents. They assured me this won’t change my place in the queue. I really like the red band though, so I’ll be getting one of those to go on the watch.

    • JimG

      I forgot to state that I’m leaning towards the lime-green. I don’t care for the light blue, and would have preferred a bit darker.

    • Ryan033

      Looks like I was too quick buying the Fenix 2 band thinking they would be compatible with the Fenix 3.. This short review on Highly Tuned Athletes says they are not :-( Yet to be confirmed though..

  104. Ryan033

    Yep, colour will be the go.. I liked the Fenix 2 red/orange strap, so have one sat at home awaiting the watch.. Will see if it fits. If not, I may go the yellow strap.. Something different.. :-)

  105. Daniel

    Hi Ray,

    I see on Garmin, there is now a bike mount compatible for Fenix 3 for both – regular and metal bands:
    link to buy.garmin.com
    Is there any chance you will cover it in depth review of Fenix 3? Or may be you may throw a word or two about it here?


    • Yup, it’s the same ‘generic’ rubber bike mount that Garmin has had for about a decade (though funny, it used to be $9, looks like the price has risen slightly).

      I will likely include it in the review though, merely because it’s the only way to mount it to a bike (well, there are other generic rubber mounts, but the ‘safety’ thingy on the Garmin one is nicer).

    • xavier

      Does it really work with the metal band?

    • No, not with the metal, for that you’d need one of the other company ones that don’t have the ‘lock’ on the front. Timex makes one that works well for that. link to amazon.com

    • Daniel

      Garmin say (in compatible devices section) that it is support Fenix 3 with metal band :( – does it one more mistake on their web?

    • Mistakes on Garmin.com are pretty much the norm.

    • Steve

      How would one attach the Fenix with metal band to the noted Timex mount? I don’t have mine yet but there is no disconnect on the metal band right? So how would you get the mount on the bars after attaching the watch?

    • Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. Good point.

      You could include a profile aerobar mount thingy with it, which would allow you to attach it from the side. I’ll include that in tomorrows review (a photo of that setup).

      You can see how on an older pic I wedged it in between. But, it includes a little mount to mount to the side. link to dcrainmaker.com

  106. Will Kift

    Hi I was just wondering when the in depth review will come out because I am hoping to get this watch for my birthday and I would just like to know some tips and tricks about it.

    • Patrick

      Expected posting date is March 5th (tomorrow) but I don’t know if Ray needs more time or is on track for that date.

  107. Joshua

    FYI I just placed an order with REI as they now have the gray bundle available for immediate shipment. Not sure how many or how long that’ll last.

  108. Jasper

    So which screen protector to take?

    I read that the size is 38mm, right?

    Then, which is best?
    link to amazon.com (is this a circular one? photo says more like rectangular..?)
    link to amazon.com
    link to amazon.com
    link to zagg.com (someone said that zagg aint good? orange peel effect?)

    • Lew

      Why not just get ones specifically for the fenix3? I have the ones they make for the 920xt and they’re very good.

      link to protectionfilms24.com

    • Jasper

      Because I didn’t know :D Thx! Going to order them tonight! (in about 3 hours, my time)

    • Ted W

      Personally, the fact that it comes in a 6 pack gives me pause. if they were so good, you should only need 1. Maybe to to account for applying it poorly. but 6? Think I’m gonna go for the Klearkare myself

    • Jasper

      It’s a long shot (which also says there not “good”) but how about swimming with a protector on? maybe because of water they come off more easily?.. that’s why giving more?
      But I ask myself that question to: why 6.. (it’s not always the more the better he ;-) )

    • Lew

      Probably would have to ask the manufacturer the question. I put one (of six) Savvies on my 920xt in early January and it’s fine. Hasn’t fallen off in many post-run showers (I don’t currently swim). They came in a #10 envelope with two sheets of three. Static cling type material like crystal phone screen protectors rather than the wet-apply orange-peel Zagg type that I had on my FR610. So clear it was difficult to get it aligned just right, but once on there it’s effectively invisible. I have to hold the watch so it catches a light reflection on the face to detect the edge of the protector.

      We’re talking under $5 here, not worth a lot of time worrying about. Go with whatever you feel most comfortable with.

    • JimG

      +1 – I’m going the Klearkare 38mm route as well!!

    • Jasper

      I go with the Savvies, so we got: 2 vs 2, so we can report back our experiences!

    • Lew

      Do report back on the Klearkare. Seems to be the wet-apply style. I’m curious if Kk truly solved the issues I’ve had in past experience with Zagg and BestSkinsEver; both have had an orange peel effect and edges that eventually collect dirt where the adhesive is exposed. It’d be great if those issues didn’t exist any more as the wet apply style can be a little easier to adjust placement during installation.

    • Ted W

      Orange peel effect? I’ve seen that commented, but dont really know what that truly means

    • Lew

      Orange peel effect refers to a dimply not-smooth surface similar to that of citrus fruits. Google for more info. Here’s an example picture I found by searching on images.google.com: link to isource.s3.amazonaws.com

      In contrast, the alternative style of screen protectors (aka dry-apply or static-cling) are usually a glass-smooth surface and the good ones are all but invisible. Looking at the one on my 920xt, even when looking at the reflection of a light or the sky it is indistinguishable from the original smooth display; the only clue is in finding where the edge of the protector is just short of the actual screen edge.

      As I do not have any of the Klearkare protectors I can’t comment on whether they show any orange peel effect as has been typical in my previous experience with that type of protector. It’s possible they solved that problem. I will be curious to learn what people’s results are.

    • Seb Gorrec

      May be to force you to buy more…

  109. Jasper

    Screen protector question:

    So I think we got the size to 38mm right?
    which one is the “best” (some hands on experience?):
    link to amazon.com (is this one actually round? looks more rectangular to me?)
    link to amazon.com
    link to amazon.com
    link to zagg.com (I read something about orange peel residue ? So a ‘no go’ ?)

    • Jasper

      sorry dubble post, mine of 8:36 am just showed up, now… didn’t saw it for like 20 min including closing browser and reopening..)

  110. Stepan

    How is it possible that Rei got so many units that they fulfilled all the preorders and have it even stock now and CT hasn’t fulfilled even preorders from the beginning of january yet? I know that life isn’t fair and all I can do is wait but I just don’t like it and I want to at least express it here :-)

    • Matt B

      I posted this also on the Garmin forums, but it appears that it’s most likely an issue with their backorder/receiving system. (Note: this is a complete guess by me, but makes sense based on the evidence so far)

      When REI receives stock in, it has to be received into their system (which automatically flows into their web portal as well) but the release of the backorders is either batched at a later time in the day or has to be done manually, which exposes that received stock (presumably for backorders) to the general public for a short amount of time. (The other possibility is that they did in fact receive a TON of stock, but I have a feeling that is not the case.)

  111. Scott Davis

    Just spoke to REI, and the Grey is not in stock, nor is the bundle. Expected ship date of March 13th :-(

    • Matt B

      I placed an order when they first came available this morning, was confirmed by an REI rep that it is in stock and will ship today.

  112. Sean

    Does anyone know if the Fenix has a method of outputting power (WATTAGE) if you’re using a trainer that has a known power input to maintain a given speed? I use kreitler 3″ rollers:
    link to kreitler.co.uk

    I’m assuming I could write a Connect IQ widget for this? but it would be cool if this was supported natively?

  113. Eduardo

    DCR, will you be covering whether F3 GPS accuracy is comparable to Ambit 3 Peak? and also whether it works well with Scosche Rhythm optical HRM?

    • Eduardo

      In your experience with using F3 with Scosche, is the calorie calculation, vo2max, training effect & recovery advisor negatively impacted due to the optical nature of the HRM?

    • I’ve used the F3 in combination with a number of units, including the Ambit at times.

      As for as the Scosche, it’s going to have some of the limitations of an optical sensor. With using optical HR, you do run the risk that you’ll get reduced accuracy on metrics that require heart rate variability (such as Recovery Time, VO2Max, Race Predictor, and to a much more limited degree, calories).

      For some people, it’ll be a wash and they’ll lineup. For others, the differences may be more apparent. It’s hard to know exactly.

    • Eduardo

      Thks DCR.

      All along I’ve been patiently waiting for the most accurate GPS tracks, best Altimeter readings, and most overall reliable watch, so I almost bought the Ambit3, but ever since the F3 was announced, I decided to hold-off until your final review and the Garmin forums feedback, which so far look really good, as opposed to the F2 which seemed way too problematic.

      At any rate, I’m looking forward to your final review tomorrow to decide on whether to pull the trigger on the F3 with the Scosche Rhythm. Thks for all that you do.

  114. Dan

    So I’m sure this will be covered, but is auto-climb a run and bike feature? It seems there’s loads of features not covered in the manual – how do you ever find out about this stuff!

  115. Dan

    So I’m sure this will be covered, but is auto-climb a run and bike feature? It seems there’s loads of features not covered in the manual – how do you ever find out about this stuff?

  116. Dan

    I’m sure this will be covered, but is auto-climb a run and bike feature? It seems there’s loads of features not covered in the manual – how do you ever find out about this stuff?

  117. Scott

    Well got my F3 yesterday and bit of a learning curve from the Ambit range.

    Must say not impressed so far.
    The watch locked up and froze. Had to hold down the light button then it turned off, waited 10 mins, still nothing.
    Had to hold down the light button again and this time it came back on.

    It seemed to be missing settings until I did the first sync, then I found more settings / options.

    Wasn’t until I realised when I went for a run, that it had reset to miles (from Kilometres)

    AI’ve also created a course, but it won;t sync access to the watch, using Garmin Express, Wireless or blue tooth.
    Getting the error(s) – “There was an error syncing with Garmin Express” but how do I find more information on the error, and also the error “Sorry we are having problems communicating with our servers”


    • Eduardo

      Did you have the Ambit3? Did it freeze & lock up on the latest updated software w default settings? I’m currently leaning towards the F3, but not if it’s as problematic as the previous F2

    • Jasper

      Scott, strange because I didn’t had these issue’s (sort of).
      I received the unit, fired it up, got GPS connection (took a while first time), then synced using Garmin Express, it update to latest firmware, then I got a small freeze, which (can’t remember how, but no power down needed) resolved, after worths I only got one small freeze, don’t exactly know how it came, but got rid of it without powering the unit down..

      Is up and running since last thursday (had one run of about 30 min with hrm and gps, a hrm workout of about 30 min, some notifications coming true (the ones I let true) and battery is now: 44 %..)

    • neil rosson

      I would wait a little Eduardo. Maybe i got a bad watch but i’ve had various problems with this watch.
      Bluetooth Wi-Fi & usb all seem to be temperamental, sometime it syncs sometimes it doesn’t. I have had the same issues as Scott but with trying to upload a workout.
      I have had to delete my device out of the connect app to get bluetooth working again.
      Had to hard reset to get my heart rate monitor to work, it did initially work but noticed it had stopped working during a run.
      Something runs the battery down really quickly, maybe when out of range of wifi or bluetooth but all of a sudden it will lose a big chunk of battery. Also battery life will sometimes give different reading from when charging to what it says on the watch when not charging.
      The audio alert is next to useless if you live in a city as it is so quite.
      GPS accuracy. well after a hard reset i left outside for 20 minutes & it may have helped
      but unfortunately the watch went crazy half way through the run 27 minutes in see here.
      link to connect.garmin.com

    • Striff

      No I had an Ambit two,
      it was rock solid but had a moisture leak issue, replaced with new watch.
      Then that new watch died after 2 weeks (not able to power on).
      They gave me an Ambit 3 for a replacement. I sold this so I could buy the Fenix3

      But I had no freezes or lockups apart from the two mentioned and I;’ve had the Amibt 1 and Ambit 2 for over two years and the only issue were the ones I mentioned above.

    • Striff

      No I had an Ambit two,
      it was rock solid but had a moisture leak issue, replaced with new watch.
      Then that new watch died after 2 weeks (not able to power on).
      They gave me an Ambit 3 for a replacement. I sold this so I could buy the Fenix3

      But I had no freezes or lockups apart from the two mentioned and I;’ve had the Ambit 1 and Ambit 2 for over two years and the only issue were the ones I mentioned above.

    • Striff

      I spoke to Garmin support just now.
      Apparently it is a known issue trying to put Courses on the Fenix 3.
      Problem with Garmin Connect, and have been told the developers are working on it and will have an update on the Week-End.

      In the mean time they are sending me an email with how to manually upload any workouts, as I believe this is preventing me syncing anything. Will confirm later today

    • Hmm, odd on them saying it’s a known issue. As I haven’t seen any issues transferring courses (using Bluetooth Smart to iOS primarily).

    • Striff

      Very much so if you can Ray.
      Perhaps it’s a known issue that it affects certain people?

      Garmin have sent me an email with a manual way to upload workouts.

      Just tried Sync with my phone again (Iphone 5c) again. Sync Failed – Server error.

      Is there a way in Garmin connect to stop trying to sync courses. I can see a way without I guess deleting them?

    • Eduardo

      Thks Neil, I was going to buy the Ambit3 as majority of users claim it’s a highly reliable watch with consistently accurate GPS tracks and rock solid altimeter readings, but then the F3 was announced and the higher wearability factor has tempted me to forget about the A3. But, if it means that the watch is not reliable, then I’d rather stick w the Ambit. So, I guess, I’ll wait to see what DCR’s says about it tomorrow.

      Striff, thks for your feedback. How do the GPS tracks compare from the Ambit3 to F3? The A3 has the latest SirfStar V, as opposed to the A2 which has sirfstar IV, and that supposedly makes it the most accurate GPS on the market, did you see a marked differnce after switching from the A3 to the F3?

    • Miguel

      In the web Garmin connect go to the sync tab at the left and erase pending course with error
      And also delete them from the tracks folder

      I have confirmed only history courses converted to the track folder works

      The one that works with external courses is PC Garmin basecamp

    • Dom

      That’s interesting. Not seeing that here. I’ve transferred courses via Android/Bluetooth (built on Connect) and via Basecamp (built on plotaroute.com) without issues.

  118. Striff

    Thanks Miguel,
    That’s fixed the syncing issue (well the reported errors) looks like it’s the Courses on Garmin connect it cannot sync with.

    I’ll try Base Camp, being new to this, why would they have Base Camp and Courses (Garmin Connect) ?

  119. Striff

    SO I removed the Courses it’s trying to sync as suggested by Miguel.

    Then went to try and sync the 2nd course, this worked.
    I then tried the 1st course and again error. Ended up deleting this course, creating a new course and this too then synced.

    Is there a way to add waypoints into a course?

  120. Vincent

    Isn’t it March 5th Today! ;-) (European Timezone)

  121. Paul Stansel

    Finally got my Saphire in from the U.K. (once again, very not worth the hassle and ultimate price! Do not do it!). With the metal band on this is a chunky watch! I dig it. I can’t find any videos or anything on how to remove the links though. I have a small jewelers kit that should be able to do it but I’ve never adjusted a metal watch band before so I am nervous. Anyone have any pointers?

    • Paul H

      I have literally just come back from a jewellers getting my band adjusted. I talked him into allowing me to take a video of the process (and he was really accommodating) but unfortunately my phone screwed up (or to be more accurate, the phone’s owner screwed up) and it didn’t work. However; the main tips are that the pins come out and go in in the direction of the arrows underneath the strap and when you put the pins back in make sure that you put the non-split end in first. The jeweller knocked the pins out using a jewellers hammer and a long pin (think chisel but instead of a blade). You can see an example of it at link to ebay.com.au. Look at the little hammer and the ‘chisel’ is just to the left of the hammer handle. However; he did tell me that you can basically use anything that is small enough to knock the pins out – you are unlikely to do any damage (usual disclaimers apply here!!). In summary, follow the direction of the arrows and make sure that you reinsert the pins non-split end first.

  122. Striff

    OK, So a Day of usage and to be honest, disappointing.

    Went for a walk with navigation.

    1. There is no built in App for Walking? (but there is a setting in Garmin Connect) So I created a custom App and named it Walking.
    When syncing to Garmin connect, it for whatever reason has the activity as Indoor training? how do I fix this, I can imagine for more custom apps I make the same issue will occur.

    2. Navigation. When making a Course, I can;t see how you can add waypoints, I thought it would be at least to the same usefulness as the Ambits, but this really sucks and makes it for me not much use at all.

    3. Again with navigation, you can zoom and pan, which is good, but when you got out of the zoom / pan screen so you can view the other apps screens, it then goes back to the default zoomed out view (after about a minute) again making it useless to follow a course.

    4. Doesn’t seem possible to do Navigation without being associated to an App / Activity

    5. The F3 after the walk would not pair via Bluetooth where it was before the walk. I had to go into Garmin Express and removing the watch, add it back in, and start the paring process again…

    These are just some initial problems I see, that are available on the Ambit 2 at least.

    • 1) Hiking would be the appropriate one. You can create another and call it walking and base it on the ‘Hiking’ one if you’d like.

      2) You’ll want to use the Basecamp software to do that.

      3) When you make forward progress again is should zoom back in to .2mi

      4) Yes and no. If you want to leverage GPS, then yes you’ll need to initiate an activity (any will do), you can navigate from any activity by holding down the middle-left button and selecting Navigate. Alternatively, for just basic compass access for navigation, you can get that without GPS/activity state at any time by pressing up/down buttons.

      5) Not sure there, perhaps it wasn’t fully updated.

    • Jasper

      Just to address issue 1: I think you got it wrong there. In my point of view, Hiking and Walking are more or like the same.. So the app Hiking is’t good enough?

      As for the rest have no experience yet ..

      4: in don’t understand your question, what exactly do you mean with do Navigation?

    • Sean G

      If want a separate activity, base it on Hiking. If the Hiking app (and the fields it’s configured to show) suit your purposes, then just use it as is.

      GPS has to be on for any navigation, of course. And yes, it’s always going to be associated with an app. So there are two ways of initiating it – either by selecting Navigation from the menu, when you’ve set what you’re navigating to (course, previous activity, etc), then it’ll ask you what activity to use. The other way is if you’ve started an activity without navigation, do as Ray says above – hold the middle left button to get the menu. You can use that method to change routes, etc.

  123. Scott

    Ray and jasper.
    Thanks for your input.

    1 Will give that a go. (both options)

    2. I must admit, I’m a newbie when it comes to basecamp, but I tired to use it, it came up the map is not compatible and then wants me to buy maps? Am I doing something wrong with this?

    3. I’ll this in on this. I know it zooms out to .3kms but really want it to stay zoom in ( I think to the 15m)

    4. Thanks, may be something to get use to as on the Ambit you could navigate without an activity as such.
    Jasper, if you enable Navigation for a course / Route the watch then prompts your for what App (Activity) to start. I’m use to the Suunto Ambits, where you can navigate without the need to start an activity.

    Further questions, and really appreciate the help.

    Is there more options than just 1 sec and “smart” for GPS ?
    How do I enable auto pause on and off for an app. EG I’m MTB riding, and want to disable auto pause, while in the app, is this possible?


    • Joe E

      2. Just use Ride with GPS (www.ridewithgps.com) you can easily create routes and choose what format to load to the Fenix. Easy to use, free and great functionality.

    • Scott

      But this really sucks coming from a Suunto.
      Their mapping software built into their web app (Movescount) simple and effective.
      uses Google Maps.

      I can’t understand why Garmin can’t enable waypoints in their “Courses” version, and B relying on Basecamp and 3rd party maps, or 3rd party software which you have to pay for.

      I’m really wanting to like this Garmin, but afraid the Ambit although not perfect has better and easier software support..

      How do you add waypoints in Ride with GPS? is it POI’s ?

  124. Paul Stansel

    Ok a couple questions:

    1) How the heck do I set the date??? Seriously, I can’t find it anywhere and it’s not in the manual. It thinks it’s Feb 13th.

    2) Where is the status indicator to tell you if it’s found the GPS lock? I can’t figure out how to tell, and I haven’t been able to get it to auto update the time based on GPS.

    3) Anyone else having BT sync issues? May just be my phone. It pairs, but the connection seems less than stable.

    • Dom

      You can’t set the date; it is set automatically, along with the time, when it gets a GPS lock.
      When you start an activity, a red ring will start to draw around the outer edge of the screen. When the GPS locks, this turns to a green ring all the way around and the watch beeps. Also, you should see a black bar at the screen top with icons for GPS, heart and one or two other things; flashing means not locked, solid means locked.
      If it doesn’t know what time it is already, this can take a while because it has to do a cold acquire of the satellite data to get the time (small corrections on further activities are easy and the lock is very quick).

    • try and start any activity and you should see a red markerthat starts at the top of the screen which goes around the circumference, turning green when a GPS lock is achieved. This will then set the date.

    • Jasper

      1) what the …? I tried to find it, but idd no luck!

      2) Settings -> System -> Time – > then someting with automatic (adjust time: automatic ? got dutch settings ;) )
      You can tell when you got gps fix if you start an app ( running, bike, .. where gps is activated) when you screen gets a green circle around..

  125. Kacper

    As far as I remember with Fenix2 if you enabled Live Track watch could not read HRM sensor. Is it the same with Fenix 3?

    • Sean G

      No, it works fine on the F3.

    • gasteropod

      The Fenix/Fenix2 used a single chip which did either ant or bluetooth, so if you wanted to do live tracking you could not use things like HRM. But the Fenix3 allows both and and bluetooth at the same time so you can live track and use ant devices such as the HRM.

  126. Bob

    When will the in-depth review of the Garmin Fenix 3 be posted?

    • Patrick

      When Ray feels like it’s ready to be posted. I’m sure he has to do his normal day job hours first, then he probably needs to go over the details once again before finally posting it.

      Just give him a bit of time, I don’t even mind waiting an extra day since I know it will be worth it.

    • Andree

      Couldn’t agree more. Can’t wait!

    • Steve

      Agree completely. Ray puts SO much time and effort into his work and the reviews are better than you’ll ever get anywhere else. Yes I want it, but I’ll wait until it’s at the point he feels its ready and up to par.

    • You may now find the in-depth review here: link to dcrainmaker.com


    • Fab

      Completely agree with Patrick. these are by far the better reviews you can find on the web, they’re free and they’re written by someone whose day job is not keeping this site updated for us.

      not sure that asking for deadlines is the best way to show appreciation…

  127. John

    How is it possible that I pre-ordered from CT on 1/6 for a gray model but you can go to REI and they have it in stock?

    • I don’t actually believe they’re in stock at REI. The same thing happened yesterday morning. It appears when they load inventory into their system it basically burps and shows it’s in-stock. If you order it though and call them, they tell you that it won’t ship till next week. So essentially it appears there’s some sort of gap/delay in there.

    • Lew

      All I can say is I ordered a gray bundle when they showed in stock Wednesday morning and REI proceeded to charge my credit card and then shipped something out Wednesday night via UPS. REI order status shows shipped, and they also sent an email to the same effect. According to the provided UPS tracking number, the package departed UPS’s Redmond WA facility enroute to me. I didn’t pay for 2nd day or overnight so it won’t be here until next week.

    • Sean G

      Actually, they were in stock but sold out as soon as word of it got posted in a couple places. People called and ordered yesterday morning, and they shipped already. This is before they’ve filled their preorders. They did the same thing with the 920.

    • Josh

      I ordered yesterday morning from REI the grey bundle and then confirmed with them that it actually was in stock. Paid for one day shipping and it is currently sitting in Louisville, Kentucky in the snowstorm. Will hopefully have it tomorrow, as UPS says. Even more interesting, not only was the grey bundle in stock for a few hours yesterday morning, the grey non-bundle was in stock until late afternoon and both were/are back in stock again today. Now I had a preorder with CT since 1/7, I hated to cancel it, but I’m going to be traveling all next week, so this made a lot of sense for me being the same price with membership, no tax, just some shipping fees that didn’t pan out completely.

    • Josh

      Mine is also sitting in Louisville stuck in the snow storm, the folks that I spoke with at REI seem to think that it became available as inventory was being scanned in. Either way I’m hopeful that the snow storm clears up and that the UPS folks are able to work in a safe environment and get me my lovely new toy.

    • DT

      I love the guys from CT but I have to admit I am frustrated. Ray, is there a way they could provide information so we can decide what to do? I buy everything and I mean everything from them but ordering on Jan 5th and not having visibility does not make me happy

    • Joe E

      Sorry DC, but had to laugh at this. This is similar to what you said when REI was shipping initial batch. Over on the Garmin forums people are claiming to have tracking numbers for watches they order yesterday.

      “They haven’t shipped yet from Garmin manufacturing in Taiwan (as of a few hours ago), so I’m about 100% certain REI isn’t shipping them today”

    • Josh

      Officially out of Louisville and on a truck heading to my city.

    • Joe – I’m not really sure what to say. I can only go off of the information I’m given (official and unofficial), and what I’m reading others write. There were numerous folks in those threads who were told they had ordered units yesterday from REI, only to get notifications for shipping next week.

      As for REI initially, it’s really as simple as a single person at REI deciding to divert a very small shipment straight to REI, versus Garmin HQ. Internally, there’s been a fairly large crapstorm over it, and of course externally many retailers are frustrated with it (not to mention consumers). Obviously, as annoying as it is for me to get misinformation, various internal and external facing teams don’t like it when they look stupid either.

      DT – As for CT, it’s really in Garmin’s camp. CT has scheduled Fenix3 allocations for shipments arriving at CT Fri (tomorrow), Monday, and Tuesday. All shipping back out to consumers the same day. It won’t cover all the backorders of all models, in the same way that not all REI backorders are covered either. The sheer volume of e-mails, phone calls, and text messages concerning the topic is mind-boggling.

      I do definitely appreciate support via CT here, and I know how frustrating it is (trust me, I really do). On the bright side, there are different Garmin teams overseeing inventory of non-Outdoor items (like the Vivoactive, Forerunner and Edge series), which, is why CT has already received in and shipped out the Vivofit2, and why I think you’ll see the same occur shortly for the Vivoactive.

      Finally, as others have noted, you can certainly support the site via REI as well, that information is on the deals page at link to dcrainmaker.com – it’s a simple click and that’s it. Super easy and I still love ya for it.

    • Ryan033

      It is like someone at CT has rubbed someone at Garmin the wrong way. People all over the world are getting their watches and it would appear hardly any if any have received theirs from CT (maybe a couple Sapphires?).

      My week prediction has come and gone.. Surely they have to receive shipments before the weekend has gone..

      Till then will have to continue to read other peoples experiences with the watch :-) Oh and if I find a large chunk of time I can pour over DC’s review.. ;-)

    • CT hasn’t rubbed anyone there the wrong way. It appears REI has just done more rubbing (and no, it actually doesn’t have much to do with sales).

      As I noted above, CT is getting a shipment tomorrow of Fenix3 units from Garmin, they’ll go back out again the same day (it’s scheduled for early-morning arrival). Same is true for Monday and Tuesday.

    • Ryan033

      I’m all good DC, still early March and the pre-orders should start shipping within a week.. It was just a little strange how shops all over the world have received shipments and CT had not..

      Now off to take a peak at the full review, thanks Ray.

    • (Just to be clear, CT has actually been shipping Fenix3’s since last Friday, Sapphire and Grey units thus far)

    • Ryan033

      That is useful to know, so nothing untoward at all is going on :-)

      Seems the happy CT people have not come to brag in here.. Too busy playing with their new toys.. Tut.. :-)

      Great to hear some Greys have been shipping, means I am getting closer to the front of the queue..

    • DT

      Ray, I really appreciate your answer. You do an amazing job and I will keep supporting you.

    • John

      That’s hard to believe, I ordered grey on Jan 6. I can’t imagine many people are in front of me!

  128. John

    That is frustrating!!! Order on 1/6 and you guys are ordering and receiving a few days later!

  129. As is usual once I post the in-depth review I close comments on the preview posts, just to keep things tidy.

    I’ll be doing that in the morning sometimes (Euro-time). As always, feel free to post new comments on that post. Do however keep in mind that this isn’t really the best place for back and forth troubleshooting. For that, the Garmin Forums are often best since the Fenix team does actively monitor those threads (even if they don’t always comment).


  130. I think it’s absolutely crazy to not implement the Bluetooth sensors. I use a Mio Link and a company like Garmin in 2015 should put on the market a watch which fulfills it’s customers needs.

    It doesn’t make sense, simply.

    Now I’m uncertain if replace my Ambit 3 Peak with this F3…

    • Sean G

      No more sense than Ambit only supporting Bluetooth.

    • Andy

      Ummm, the Mio Link transmits both Bluetooth and Ant+, so if that is the only sensor you have, then why would this be the decision that may sway you from buying the Fenix 3? And how, exactly, is Garmin not fulfilling its customers needs?

  131. Ted W

    Sorry for the bummer news for anyone with a CT preoder after 1/7. Got the same weekly email, stating the same stuff. Only difference is that (as Ray shared) they are expecting shipments early next week. Sigh… lousy week, was hoping to end with some good news. Alas.. today is not that day.

    • Shipments went out multiple times this week from CT, and will indeed continue next week starting on Monday with arrivals into CT then. So while the wording was the same, the underlying shipments have increased. I’ve seen a number of folks note receiving shipping confirmation e-mails today.

  132. Nicolas

    The sapphire glass may not be very useful for all the run/triathlon/hiking people. Mineral glass is usually tough enough for anything.
    However I do a lot of mountaineering and rock climbing. And granite wins over mineral glass every time :)

    I have an old Suunto X6 (10yo) that still works great but the screen (mineral) is now covered in scratches…
    This Garmin looks promising.

    And yes I know about the Ambit. it just does not fit well on my wrist

  133. Sean

    When googling this there are a ton of screen protectors that fit the Fenix 3. Does anyone know if any brand’s have screen protectors that are “superior” in any way?

    Also, does anyone know, when in biking mode and with a connected ant+ speed sensor (with GPS enabled) will the fenix3 base the speed/pace-based fields (and auto-pause) on the speed sensor instead of the GPS? I’m kind of assuming it will ignore the speed sensor when GPS is enabled, like foot pods for running? Thanks for any info.

  134. Antonio Grimaldi

    Having problem with GPS accuracy….
    Got a 200meters difference on 3km run….

    Need to try other situations but first impression Not Good!
    Fenix 3
    link to connect.garmin.com
    link to connect.garmin.com

    • It appears like you might have Smart Recording enabled on your Fenix3, but not on your FR910XT (looking at the tracks).

      Note though, that for that tight of a course with that many twists in the trees, you might see slightly more variation. 7% is a bit high for that type of course, but again, really depends on the coverage/course.

    • Antonio Grimaldi

      Thanks for the feedback!
      Actually it was 1sec fot both device.
      The F3 was with GLONASS off, i’m going to try to turn it on next time!

      Yes there was a lot of trees but considering that one lap is 1,1km(so 3,3km total) the 910xt misured 3,25km, pretty close against the 3,05km of the F3