The Guess ‘How Many Steps I Walked at CES 2015’ Giveaway!


When it comes to walking, I have no week at any point during the year where I tally up a greater number of steps than that of CES.  And this year was definitely no different.  It’s been a crazy packed week (with more still to come), and I’ve done more walking than ever before.

Given all those steps, I figured it might actually make for a fun giveaway.  No, I wouldn’t be giving away my steps (I have no idea how I’d do that anyway).  Instead, I’d let you guess my steps.  This would be different from the past giveaways which are always pretty random.  This one instead involves a bit of smarts, a touch of stalking, and then a solid jar of luck.  It’s like those jelly bean counting jars.  Except I hated those contests, I never won.

In this case, here’s the parameters for your guesstimating:

Time frame: Sunday through Friday – I arrived into Vegas for CES late Saturday night just before midnight, and CES will keep me occupied until mid-day Friday when I leave Vegas.  But, for the purposes of keeping things simple – it’ll be the sum total of all days Sunday through Friday.

What we’re counting: Steps. Duh.  Not miles, not calories, nor stairs.  Just plain old steps.

The device of record: The data will be whatever my Fitbit Surge says for each day, all added up.

Now, I’ve left some hints along the way since Sunday.  It’s up to you to find them.  Also note that because I wore the Fitbit Surge during all of my running, that’s taken into account as well.  I wore it 24×7 minus a few minutes here and there for charging, but I was virtually all seated when that happened.

Those who win will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin Fenix3 to the Mio Fuse to a random pair of socks to the 4iiii’s Precision Power Meter.  Whatever floats your boat.

How to enter:

Leave a comment below with BOTH of these two pieces:

1) A short description of what technology or product you’re most excited about, and why.

2) Your step # guesstimate.

The reason you need both is that if you don’t put a bit of text in there, you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  Got all that?

Oh, and yes, for those curious – I’ll have an in-depth review on the Surge out shortly.  Currently planned for roughly January 19th-20th.

Thanks for reading!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, January 12th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected based on either hitting the exact number of steps, or being closest to it.  If more than one person gets it exactly, I’ll select randomly between those individuals.  One entry per person.  The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately assuming in stock.

Welcome to CES 2015! Don’t forget to check out all my CES 2015 coverage, as well as my continual updates throughout the day on Twitter.  It’s gonna be a crazy busy week!


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  1. I would love to use the credit for a Powermeter! I don’t have one yet and feel that it would significantly help my training!!!

    My guess is 128,200 steps!!

  2. dave Morris

    1. 4iiii power and a new Fenix to upgrade my “old” Fenix 2, a flying follow drone for tour of Utah.
    2. 141,141

  3. Paul

    I would be interested in a new power meter!
    Guess: 138,205

  4. Jessica D

    Garmin Vivoactive!!
    200,001 steps

  5. Bryce w

    1) Fitbit surge

    2) 146791

  6. Andy

    402,345 Steps

  7. Dane

    Garmin Fenix 3

    Steps: 128,128

  8. Jack

    1) excited about Fitbit surge and its design
    2)287,000 steps

  9. Mark

    1. Garmin Connect IQ
    2. 217152

  10. chase

    I guess it’s the Fenix 3- I need a simple multisport watch but there’s still nothing in the sweet spot!
    304,945 steps…

  11. Tim Kramer

    4iii Precision, cheap(er) power for the win……


  12. Emily

    steps: 189225

  13. Larry Schwartz

    1) Ampstrip with ANT
    2) 1,000,000

  14. Jan Schorpion

    New Garmin with running metrics

    180,000 steps

  15. Tammy

    660,000 steps. 4iiii’s

  16. Jacob deCastro

    1. I’m most excited about Garmin’s ConnectIQ platform because it opens up a lot of new possibilities for sports tech.
    2. 120000

  17. Edward

    1) The Epix and the Fenix 3 are both really interesting.

    2) 222,222 steps.

  18. Chad Kiraly

    I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!

    Or a Garmin Fenix.

    217,192 steps.

  19. Ryan Krems

    Continued push by designer brands to get into the wearable space.

    289,352 steps

  20. Paul

    1) polar m400 is a really good buy for the price
    2) 234,567

  21. Samantha Glass

    1: Withings beauties have my heart. Love that they introduced Pop
    2: 237,165

  22. Adam S

    I’m most excited about the Fenix 3. Can’t wait to get my hands on it when it goes on sale. . . probably in 2016.

    161,392 steps

  23. Jason Laidlaw

    The Stryd running power meter and the advances with these types of force measurement devises have topped my interest. Total number of step guesstimated is 2014.

  24. Miko

    1. Fenix 3
    2. 227,321 steps

  25. Luc

    1. Vivoactive
    2. After taking the average of the 300 first entries: 173,219 steps.

  26. Cherie Leonard

    Garmin Fenix3. Because I need a watch upgrade.

    My guesstimate is 122,546.

  27. Thomas Weston Adams III

    I’m very excited about my Fitbit surge, and I’m eagerly awaiting your review.


  28. Joe

    4iiii mini viiia

    500,500 steps

  29. Hi there! I just bought a 920XT and now really wish it were a Fenix 3. With this, I’d make it happen.

    Guess: 167,705 steps.

  30. Chris

    239,486 steps.

    I’m torn between the 920xt and the fenix3! Either way, I’ll be getting one of them soon. :)

    • Jodie

      the Fenix 3 – hoping that Garmin leaves behind some of the mistakes in the 620. Plus I like the look better.


  31. Broward Maryan

    1) Any and all updates and additional toys that work with my new Garmin FR920, especially inexpensive power meters for the bike!

    2) 173,000 (A lot of full and busy days walking around CES…and the hull number of the first ship I was stationed on when I started really getting into triathlons).

  32. Eric

    Garmin 920 or Fenix 3 to get ready for my first full 140.6


  33. Meredith Johnston

    Fenix 3


  34. Leonardo

    1. I am excited about the garmin Fenix 3 due to its refined look and al encompassing features.

    2. Total steps = 163420

  35. Ian Pullinger

    1) Fenix 3, as it seems to combine the best of a fitness watch, activity tracker and a general day-to-day watch
    2) 143,286

  36. Brad Goodridge

    1. i like the Garmin Epix. the map feature and battery life
    2. 25000 steps

  37. Jay Antinnes

    1. Epic watch

    2. 239,270

  38. Jeevan

    1) Garmin Fenix 3 – I am most excited about this watch as it looks to be a great everyday watch that can accompany me, seamlessly from work to workouts/runs/swims/etc.

    2) 180,454 steps

  39. Christina Madison

    I’m hoping to receive a 920xt!
    My guess is…174,592.

  40. andrew m

    1) Fenix 3
    2)126608 steps

  41. datatech

    1. waterproof smartwatch with gps


  42. Francesco

    1)Ambit 3

  43. Allen Black

    $400 power meter is of interest for sure!

    247,250 steps

  44. stephen sands

    would like to get updated power meter for indoor trainer.

    Steps: 222,223

  45. Nick Miller

    Garmin Epix – It does everything!!

    448,582 steps

  46. Stephanie Bolakowski

    Wahoo trainer to help deal with Chicago winters.


  47. Garrett

    1) I’m definitely intrigued by the Fenix.

    2) 58,000 steps

    3) profit?

  48. Rob

    Garmin Fenix 3

  49. Keiths

    The Fenix, looking really good now.

    Steps – 187,519

  50. LCP

    1. Fenix3. Just because it made my F2 almost useless!
    2. 188,888.88

  51. Walter Appleby

    Garmin Fenix 3


  52. Ben M

    1. Really excited about the new trainers and price friendly power meters
    2. 265,711 steps

  53. Brooks

    As far as anything at CES, my favorite thing was the Sling TV announcement. If we’re limiting to just gadgets, I would say the vivoactive.

    I’m guessing you took 142,697 steps.

  54. Matt Sarge

    I’m looking forward to powermeters coming down to a realistic price point.
    195,231 steps

  55. Chris O.

    1) definitely like the fenix 3, but bummed because I just picked up a fenix 2 thinking it was another year before the next hardware revision. Oh well.

    2) 58,500

  56. chris

    I want the fenix 3 so bad!


  57. Andrew

    1. Fenix3 as an upgrade to my current 310xt
    2. 78,000 steps

  58. Todd Zarin

    1. Fenix 3 (so impressed I joined CT and ordered one!).
    2. 97,090.

  59. Rich B

    1). Garmin fenix
    2). 239,451 steps

  60. Mauricio

    1. The Garmin fenix 3
    2. 92348 steps please please!!

  61. Don Acker

    Got my Surge last week the day I came down with a cold. Finally able to test it out on Zwift and it ain’t bad!

    Looking forward to the full Zwift release should be epic

    Guessing 192476

  62. Anna

    I’m excited about the new optical heart rate monitors. Those heart rate straps are cumbersome, so if the optical method works well, it’d be really great!

    My guess is 200,000 steps

  63. Derick

    The fēnix 3 sapphire. I really the fēnix 2, but it lacks the style required to be my everyday/work watch. Plus out looks like they have addressed a lot of the shortfalls of the fēnix 2

    156,965 steps

  64. Emlyn

    Fenix 3 – just to be able to wear a normal watch that is a sports watch. Just wish the tech was moving a couple of years quicker to know this is the one for the next 5 years (eg Optical HR)


  65. Albert Hua

    I’m excited about optical heart rate going more mainstream like with the Fitbit Surge because that means more R&D will be put into making it more accurate and less hassle than using the typical heart rate chest strap.

    My guess is 452,358 Steps.

  66. Dean

    Fitbit Surge or Polar M400, can’t decide at the moment. M400 seems a better HRM and sports watch, Surge seems a better general fitness tracker with some sports features. Really waiting to see HRM and GPS accuracy tests for the Surge as there have been a few negative comments.
    Also, I’m a Windows Phone user so I need to weight up the compromises in the Polar M400 on that front, Fitbit at least supports my phone.

    160,000 steps

  67. XAVIER

    1)Fenix 3
    2) 97500 steps, thanks Ray

  68. Carlton Bale


    Fenix 3! Because it doesn’t look like at 920xt!

  69. Brian Faure

    I like that fitness bands are getting smaller with more features…and Garmin is getting better at it.

    245,444 Steps.

  70. Rene

    1) Mio Fuse Activity Tracker – Seems like it will do a great job with HR monitoring during workouts; hopefully app development improves.
    2) 201,512

  71. The Garmin Fenix3

    I was just there in Nov and avg about 10 miles a day without runs, so I’m betting you did far more than I did. ;)

  72. Travis

    172495 steps
    Excited about optical HR becoming more widespread.

  73. Courtney Freeman

    Garmin 920 new tri watch with new features
    Steps- 204621

  74. Chris Koboldt

    I’m most excited to see the price of power meters continue to plummet due to players like Stages and now 4iiiis, and my step estimate is 165,000.

  75. David

    1) Fenix 3 because it’s finally got everything I always wanted the Fenix 2 to have.
    2) 171911

  76. Alex

    Multisport watches getting smaller and packed with functionalities.

    My best guess : 100 000 steps

  77. Rémi Ricard

    Steps: 212358

    I’m sure I can find good use of the Mio alpha v.2. My Garmin 500 is ready to record e erythema.

  78. Greg

    1. Running power meters
    2. 257,048

  79. richard risty

    Garmin 920xt, new watch with new features, blue color, can’t wait.
    405,525 steps
    Thank you Ray.

  80. AI

    1- garmin 920 to replace my 910
    2- 212121

  81. Matt Esser

    Garmin Fenix3, it actually looks cool.
    401,049 steps.

  82. Mhin

    Fenix3 – all the bells and whistles
    120254 steps

  83. Deborah Young

    Vivoactive GPS watch


  84. David

    1. Garmin Epix. maybe Fenix 3
    2. Steps 122,015

  85. Gary R

    1. I’m most excited about the FitBit Surge, because my workplace health program gave us all FitBits and is providing rewards based on steps logged through the app, so an updated fitbit would be awesome!
    2. I’d say you took a total of 198,294 steps.

  86. Krishna

    1. Would love the Fenix 3 or FR920XT
    2. Steps: 163560

  87. Gerard

    1. Garmin line of products: Vivoactive/fit & Fenix 3
    2. 203,524 steps?

  88. Brad J

    1) The product I am most excited about is the Garmin Fenix 3.
    2) 141,386 steps

  89. Andrew

    1) 4iiii power meter.. bringing power to the masses finally!??
    2) 796,224

  90. Ben Mullin

    1 – ordered a 920 literally the day before the new announcements. Still excited to get it.

    2 – 176,123

  91. Andrew

    Definitely excited about the Fenix 3

    201,434 steps