The Guess ‘How Many Steps I Walked at CES 2015’ Giveaway!


When it comes to walking, I have no week at any point during the year where I tally up a greater number of steps than that of CES.  And this year was definitely no different.  It’s been a crazy packed week (with more still to come), and I’ve done more walking than ever before.

Given all those steps, I figured it might actually make for a fun giveaway.  No, I wouldn’t be giving away my steps (I have no idea how I’d do that anyway).  Instead, I’d let you guess my steps.  This would be different from the past giveaways which are always pretty random.  This one instead involves a bit of smarts, a touch of stalking, and then a solid jar of luck.  It’s like those jelly bean counting jars.  Except I hated those contests, I never won.

In this case, here’s the parameters for your guesstimating:

Time frame: Sunday through Friday – I arrived into Vegas for CES late Saturday night just before midnight, and CES will keep me occupied until mid-day Friday when I leave Vegas.  But, for the purposes of keeping things simple – it’ll be the sum total of all days Sunday through Friday.

What we’re counting: Steps. Duh.  Not miles, not calories, nor stairs.  Just plain old steps.

The device of record: The data will be whatever my Fitbit Surge says for each day, all added up.

Now, I’ve left some hints along the way since Sunday.  It’s up to you to find them.  Also note that because I wore the Fitbit Surge during all of my running, that’s taken into account as well.  I wore it 24×7 minus a few minutes here and there for charging, but I was virtually all seated when that happened.

Those who win will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin Fenix3 to the Mio Fuse to a random pair of socks to the 4iiii’s Precision Power Meter.  Whatever floats your boat.

How to enter:

Leave a comment below with BOTH of these two pieces:

1) A short description of what technology or product you’re most excited about, and why.

2) Your step # guesstimate.

The reason you need both is that if you don’t put a bit of text in there, you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  Got all that?

Oh, and yes, for those curious – I’ll have an in-depth review on the Surge out shortly.  Currently planned for roughly January 19th-20th.

Thanks for reading!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, January 12th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected based on either hitting the exact number of steps, or being closest to it.  If more than one person gets it exactly, I’ll select randomly between those individuals.  One entry per person.  The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately assuming in stock.

Welcome to CES 2015! Don’t forget to check out all my CES 2015 coverage, as well as my continual updates throughout the day on Twitter.  It’s gonna be a crazy busy week!


  1. Eric

    1.Fenix 3 for me. 2. 120,120 steps

  2. Etienne

    1) Fenix 3 and the 4iiii power meter, one pushing the price into the stratosphere and the other driving it down to the ground and they crossed path somewhere in the middle 🙂

    2) 192178 steps

  3. ReidK

    1. Ambit 3? Maybe a wetsuit and some cold-weather gear?

    2. 152,649 steps

  4. Nicholas Eckermann

    1. V800 can’t wait for the new updates to arrive. I love playing around with this thing!!!
    2. 169,854

  5. Ward Vr

    1) activofit: looks like à stylish solution for all Day activity with stille some nice additions for more specific workouts

    2) 177836 steps

  6. Jared

    I have loved my Garmin 310XT but it’s huge! Optical sensors seem like the future of activity tracking. Interested to see if Fitbit got the technology right on the first try with the Surge.

    234,591 steps

  7. Jordan Robson

    v800 — still waiting for updates!
    60,000 steps

  8. David Thetall

    1. Fenix 3

    2. 193,812 steps

    (p.s. are you willing to report the mean and median of all guesses? see: link to


    1. Garmin Vivoactivity

    2. 197,500

  10. James

    1. Fenix 3
    2. 52,200 steps

  11. Petr

    1. Fenix3
    2. 221,666

  12. Jim

    Fenix 3 looks awesome!
    32,500 steps

  13. Rik

    1. Fenix 3
    2. 173450

  14. Dan

    Can’t wait for the 4iiii power meter!

    113157 steps

  15. Excited about the Fenix 3 mostly.

    145,876 steps

  16. Nate

    I’d have to go with the Fenix 3.
    Call it 125,432.

  17. Diego

    Fenix 3
    433874 steps
    Thanks Ray

  18. Quoc

    1) Garmin Fenix 3 because it does pretty much everything and it’s a good looking watch too!

    2) 261,162

  19. Aijaz

    Garmin fenix 3


  20. Jon

    1. Definitely the Fenix 3
    2. 198178

  21. Laramie

    1. Polar M400. Because I already bought it and am looking forward to the firmware updates.
    2. 151,010

  22. Iain Sainsbury

    1. 4iii power meter
    2. 204,359 steps

  23. Paul S

    1. Fennix 3. Looks amazing and if the rest of the comments here are anything to go by Garmin should sell truck loads.

    2. 176747 Steps

  24. Muzzzak

    1) Tomtom cardio runner because of the heart rate monitoring in the wristwatch.

    2) 587737 steps

  25. Arno

    1. Fenix 3

  26. Bertrand

    Fenix 3 because it has all the features I dream about AND it looks like a watch you could wear in a normal life

    As for the number of steps, I bet on 122654

  27. Daniel

    175,315 steps
    Fenix 3

  28. Quentin

    1. Fenix3. My Forerunner 220 is jealous of all those new features. And so am I.

    2. 275889

  29. Ben

    Garmin Fenix 3

  30. RobW

    This a tough one, Fenix 3 is probably the big one that sticks out for me.

    Number of steps: 145,593

  31. Max

    1/ The Fenix 3 of course, we need more and more sensors !
    2/ 680,000 steps.

  32. Paul

    1) Cheap Power Meters!

    2) 207,777 Steps

  33. Neil Brodsky

    I am exited about the Fitbit Surge a gps watch that you can actually wear under your dress shirt.

    174,392 steps.

  34. Jennifer Ingram

    1. The 920XT because it looks awesome.
    2. 148, 652

  35. Lis Hulme

    1. Garmin vivosmart, great balance of features with smaller form factor.

    2. 312,321 steps

  36. Jess Huckemeyer

    The garmin 920 would be a great start for spring training.

  37. Kurt

    After having a Fenix 2 for a while, definitely the Fenix 3


  38. Matt B

    1. The Fenix 3, because it’s too much money for a watch to justify to my wife 🙂 It’s a cool smartwatch that also looks like a regular watch

    2. 195,633 steps

  39. Quentin Lachaud

    1) I’m super excited about the new 4iiii power meter, it really is going to bring the power meter market rices down.
    2) My personal guesstimate: 172197 steps

  40. Deepanshu Arora

    I am excited about Fenix3, most likely will get one as soon as Ray publishes his review.

    My guess for total steps walked is – 137897.

  41. Philip Leadbeater

    1. I think the Withings Activite Pop looks great. Fenix3 is without doubt excellent although I’m a happy F2 user for now.
    2. Guessing 112412 steps

  42. Jeff Dean

    I am most excited about the VivoActive. It seems ideal to replace my 310xt.

    291, 780 Steps

  43. Matt Dreyfuss

    FR920 to replace my FR910
    186,249 steps

  44. 1 – Fenix3
    2 – 121,376

  45. adam schultz

    Fenix 3
    146,001 steps

  46. Marcus

    1. I want to either purchase the garmin 920 or the fenix 3
    2. 192,134 steps.

  47. Stefano

    i am excited about all the new metrics captured by the 920xt
    And a total of 3,673,000 steps

  48. 1. Fenix 3 (quick glance at the results suggests almost everyone else wants this as well :). Why? Best upgrade for my 910 with additional support for my hikes, and navigation, packed in a more attractive package. What’s not to like? 🙂 (other than the dodgy Garmin Connect servers)
    2. 230,000 steps.

  49. Sergio

    Fenix 3: Excited to use as a daily step tracker (something I wish my fenix 2 did) and also to download the new Garmin IQ apps. Nice screen,

    Steps Taken: 251,346 steps

  50. Alex

    I like all the new products from Garmin,

    Guess: 303,542 steps

  51. Dean M

    1) The 4iiii power meter. I am looking for one and it seems affordable.

    2) 133,676 steps

  52. Jonny Daly

    Fitbit surge for me – looking forward to the review!

    171, 442

  53. Erik

    I am excited about lower cost power meters, so more people will be able to utilize the technology.

    Guess: 243,048 steps

  54. sandy

    Love the look of the Fenix3
    400,007 steps! You are a running maniac….

  55. Tim Vincek

    Garmin 920xt
    298,207 steps

  56. JP

    The 920xt looks awesome, but I am really looking forward to a good multisport watch with functional built-in optical heart rate. Power meters are looking betrer lately, price-wise, too.

    I will put in a guess of 211,608 steps

  57. Hifsa O'Kelly

    Garmin Vivoactive
    #147147 steps

  58. Pat

    1. 920xt to replace multiple other devices
    2. 194.712 steps

  59. Gabe

    I’m super excited about the new Fenix 3. Can’t wait to use it on a Tri and a backpacking trip…

    I’m going with 141k steps.

  60. lexa

    1. Fitbit surge – depending on the review
    2. 206,694

  61. Roelof

    1) Garmin Fenix 3, it has got everything.
    2) 144,566 steps

  62. Ryanovelo

    236,408. I’m excited to actually get my 920XT back after it kicked the bucket!

  63. Ole Ferdinand Fredriksen

    1. Fenix 3. Because I absolutely love the design.

    2. 161777

  64. antka

    1. Fenix 3 to finally replace my forerunner 305
    2. 179682

  65. Cody

    I am still pretty happy with my FR620. Once I figured out the quirks it turned out to be a great watch. I am excited for what comes out next!

    68,825 steps

  66. Josh W

    Fenix 3 and Epix

  67. babelfish

    1. 4iiii Precision as my first power meter
    2. 144172

  68. Jeanette

    1: Fenix3, great features.
    2: 207148

  69. Bob Croucher

    I have a Fenix2, but I think that the Fenix3 sounds even more awesome! They addressed a couple of my few gripes (screen visibility and speed), plus the ability to use or write apps is stellar. The bike v02max, the fitness tracking and wifi are just icing on the cake.
    168,513 steps

  70. gig

    1. Excited about relative affordability of 4iiii precision.
    2. 150499 steps.

  71. Troy

    1) Vivoactive..bcuz of the price point..then the Epix

  72. Blaf

    1. 4iiii Power meter
    2. 167396 steps

  73. Pekka Koskinen

    1) Forerunner 920xt. Great multisport watch.
    2) 275 550 steps

  74. RW

    1. Garmin Fenix 3 (now with activity tracking) because the time the Jawbone 3 is released and I can afford the Fenix 3 the Fenix 5 will be mid-cycle.

    2. 151,107 (unscientific and hoping you did not do a lot of walking on Mon/Tues)

    Thanks for the contest. Good luck to all.

  75. Margaret P

    Fenix 3 and ampstrip

  76. Rhonda

    1) Fenix 3 – Incredible functionality in a daily wearable
    2) 177339

  77. Aaron

    Most excited: Ampstrip


  78. cool69

    1) I’m most interested in Garmin Fenix 3. – This fits best my Thriatlete needs and also day-to-day activity monitor.
    2)181,234 steps in 6 days.


  79. Kay

    1. Waiting for the Garmin Fenix3. It just has all the features I need and more 🙂

    2. 900,000 steps

  80. Chris C.

    1. Quite excited about Connect IQ and its potential beyond current devices, similarly to what the apps have let smartphones become
    2. 151,532 steps, hoping your runs are not counted in 😉

  81. Satchmo

    Dash – v cool

    91,020 steps

  82. daniel b

    1. Fenix 3 if I guess correctly. Really though, I would love to see Polar make the update for a stride sensor, phone notifications and music control for the M400 and smooth out the whole experience for android users.

    2. 172,248 steps

  83. Marcello A Canuto

    Fenix 3 – an all-in-one… plus ConnectIQ…


  84. Laurens

    1 – Garmin FR920XT for my wife, her old Garmin has trouble recharging, has the form factor of a tank and is just plain old.

    2 – 312,000 steps. Now rest your feet on a plane 😉

  85. Andre

    1) Fenix3, hoping that the GPS chipset doesn`t suck. Connect IQ looks good too
    2) 47,532

  86. Michael Smith

    1) Fenix 3- (already pre-ordered through Clever Training)
    2) 199,000

  87. Eric

    1) Garmin Epix. Curious how easy it will be to see the mapping on the smaller screen and for the fact that it does every function imaginable!
    2) 177,897 steps

  88. Aidan Wheeler

    1. Excited for the Garmin vivoactive GPS watch!
    2. 184,550.

  89. Luke Meers

    1: Fitbit surge, combining so many useable function. See how well the HR works
    2: 135,967

  90. Chris

    Garmin’s 920xt is on my hotlist, so a (significant) credit to CT would like pleasantly make that happen 🙂

    My guess’o’meter says 195,000 steps.

  91. Hans Sidow

    1. The Garmin Fenix 3 – finally a multisports watch that I can wear all day / purpose
    2. 166.987 steps

  92. thomek

    1. 4 iiii’s power meter
    your steps was 111469

  93. Marius St.

    Garmin Fenix 3,
    197703 steps

  94. Steve Wilson

    garmin Epix

  95. Tyler Nelson

    152,756 steps

    The new Garmin Vivoactive watch looks pretty damn awesome.

  96. Michael

    Garmin Epix

    171,259 Steps!

  97. Michael stanek

    Excited about the 920xt … Steps = 23,441

  98. Camilo

    The Garmin Fenix 3 it would be great to track everything all day long.
    137,524 steps.

  99. Mike

    I’m really excited about the Garmin Vivoactive.
    steps: 194,223

  100. jV

    garmin 920xt