Fenix3 Feature Difference Validation

Please note: This is a draft version of the Fenix3 feature comparison table, which will be included in the Garmin Fenix3 In-Depth Review, currently slated to be released on or by March 5th.  After that date, this preview page will be removed.

The goal of this table is to mostly focus on software differences between the watches, heavily slanted towards navigation related functions historically found in the Fenix lineup.  It isn’t so much to focus on hardware differences (such as 50m vs 100m).

I will likely create a similar table for the Epix unit, however it is simply too soon to have concrete validation of all the features.

Finally, Garmin’s Fenix product team has validated the data in this chart.

Fenix3 Feature Differences

Functionality/Feature DifferencesGarmin Fenix3Garmin FR920XTGarmin Fenix2Garmin Fenix1
General: Multiple Time Zones Displayed (i.e. showing both US EST and US PST on device)Planned Connect IQ WidgetNoYesYes
General: Multiple Time Alarms (i.e. 8AM, 10AM, etc…)Initially March 2015 - now Summer 2015NoYesYes
General: Battery with Bluetooth enabled lasts a long time (more than ~24-36 hours)YesYesNoNo
General: Ability to operate dual ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart concurrentlyYesYesNoNo
General: Weather Widget (uses cellular data via Bluetooth Smart for weather data)Yesvia Connect IQNoNo
General: GLONASS for increased GPS accuracy in some situationsYesYesNoNo
General: Show exact satellite accuracy (i.e. +/- 15ft)NoNoYesYes
General: Show satellite map (display of satellite positions)NoNoYesYes
General: Daily Activity Tracker/Sleep TrackingYesYesNoNo
General: Resume later functionality (stops GPS activity, allows you to resume activity later)YesNoYes
General: Ability to use device while being chargedYesNoYesYes
General: Auto Light capabilityNoNoYesYes
General: Configurable hot key capabilityYes (added Apr 2015)NoYesYes
Navigation: Ability to display coordinates ('Where am I'/similar function)YesYesYesYes
Navigation: Can save GPS locations on watch for future navigationYesYesYesYes
Navigation: Ability to configure position formats (Datum/Spheroid/Coordinates)YesNoYesYes
Navigation: Numerous Compass Data Fields (Heading/GPS Heading/Compass Heading)YesOnly 'Heading'YesYes
Navigation: Numerous Navigation Data Fields (Dist remaining, Bearing, Course, Off Course, Lat/Long, etc…)YesMinimal FieldsYesYes
Navigation: Has 'Sight 'N Go' functionality (following compass heading)YesNoYesYes
Navigation: Has navigate to Coordinate (entered on device) functionalityYesNoYesYes
Navigation: Can navigate on/following historical activitiesYesNoYesYes
Navigation: Has 'Back to Start' navigationYesYesYesYes
Navigation: Waypoint Average functionalityNoNoYesYes
Navigation: Project Waypoint functionalityNoNoYesYes
Mapping: Can pan/zoom on track mapYesYesYesYes
Mapping: Basemap functionality (basic map loadable)NoNoYesYes
Mapping: Supports Basecamp Mobile smartphone appNoNoYesYes
Hiking: Can one-tap display Altimeter, Barometer, Compass,Temp (no GPS enablement needed)YesNoYesYes
Hiking: Can display barometer valueYesNoYesYes
Tools: Ability to share routes wirelessly between devicesNoNoYesYes
Tools: Calculate distance between two pointsNoNoYesYes
Tools: Area calculation functionalityNoNoYesYes
Tools: Man overboard functionalityNoNoYesYes
Tools: Sun & Moon functionalityPlanned Connect IQ WidgetNoYesYes
Tools: Hunt & Fish functionalityPlanned Connect IQ WidgetNoYesYes
Tools: Jumpmaster functionality (parachuting)NoNoYesYes
Sports: Autoclimb functionalityYesNoNoNo
Sports: Ability for multisport profile with indoor swimYesYesNoNo
Sports: Has quick release kit (for triathlon)NoYesNoNo
Sports: Support for sport-specific heart rate zonesYesYesNoNo
Sports: Support for multiple activity profiles (via multiple saved sensors)YesYesNoNo
Apps: Garmin Connect IQ SupportYesYesNoNo

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  1. Ted W

    Excellent table.

    1) Sun&Moon Functionality, you write only via watchface. What is that functionality? Like the auto-dim, backlight enable disable based on if its sunrise/sunset? Via watchface means what, just displays when sunrise/sunset is?

    2) Sun exact satellite accuracy. No on the F3. I confess I like looking at that from time to time on F2. Guess its not critical. Any perspective on the why this was not included or the relative importance (or lack thereof) of it not there.

    Question: the watches are rated for underwater use, but I’ve read that its informally discouraged from pressing the buttons underwater. At least for the F2. Any perspective on if that should be avoided on the F3?

    • With older Fenix units, there was a dedicated page that showed Sunrise/Sunset, and Moon phase information. Now, with the Fenix3 that information is only available from the clock page (watchface), or, as a data field. It doesn’t have a dedicated field for it.

      Yes, the watches are rated for underwater use and button pressing.

  2. Mikael Klingbjer

    It’s is really strange that the Fenix 3 is not compatible with Basecamp Mobile, as it is an outdoor/multisport watch.

    This is really sad, because I liked the ability to add waypoints, routes and tracks to Garmin’s cloud-service from the Garmin Basecamp, and them import it to the Fenix 2 “on the fly” via Basecamp Mobile.

    • Danny


      I’m sure they just haven’t gotten around to updating it as Basecamp Mobile is listed as a feature on their promotional F3 video.

      I agree w/ you, the ability to add waypoints, routes & tracks from your mobile is absolutely a must, especially on overnight & w/e trips where you don’t have access to your PC.

      My question is when will they release Basecamp Mobile for Android? as it’s already available for iOS.

  3. David

    Minor typo:
    (compass listed twice)

    How do you display the barometer value on the 920XT? I can’t find it.
    The 920XT does have data fields for sunrise and sunset. Not sure if that is related to “sun and moon”.

    For “NUMEROUS NAVIGATION DATA FIELDS (DIST REMAINING, BEARING, COURSE, OFF COURSE, LAT/LONG, ETC…)”, it would be nice if the list was complete, both in the description and which ones the 920 supports. (Maybe split it into 2 lines, the ones that everything supports and the ones that are not supported by the 920XT).

    Another feature that I recently found missing on the 920XT, is the ability to view history while in an activity. That might be a good line item. Not sure if the other watches can do that (the 910XT could).

    I think they all support track back, correct? Or does the 920XT only support back to start?

    Pan/zoom mapping?

    • RE: Compass typo listed twice

      Thanks, fixed!

      RE: Barometer Value on FR920XT

      Good catch – you can’t, typo, removed.

      RE: Numerous data fields

      Yup, I have a separate table listing them all in the review. I’m 99% sure the FR920XT review includes them, though with last week’s firmware update I need to update it to include Cycling Dynamics and Di2 fields.

      RE: View history while in an activity

      It’s not on the Fenix3 either. I’ll double-check the Fenix1/2 and if so will include it in the list.

      RE: TrackBack

      That’s a good one to add, will do that.

      RE: Pan/Zoom mapping

      All do at this point, added for the heck of it.

    • David

      For Pan/Zoom, I think they all zoom. And the current list supports “auto pan”, but I don’t believe any of them support manual panning. But I think the Epix will. (Just planning ahead a bit, unless the Fenix line currently supports manual pan.)

      Note: The auto pan is at least a little broken in my mind on the 920XT. It only auto pans on “you” once you start the activity. Otherwise it just zooms to the center of the course. This makes it difficult to navigate to the start of the course.

  4. Newt

    Ray, I took a screenshot of the fenix 3 promotional video and it states it supports things like base camp mobile, area calculation and hunt / fish?

    link to docs.google.com

  5. Patrick

    Anyone care to explain to me what is meant with “jumpmaster functionality”?

    Not that the Fenix 3 has it, but apparently it’s something that has been cut from the previous models.

  6. Kyle

    Wow if the Fenix 1 had dual ant+ and BLE at same time, and better battery it would be perfect watch. Its too bad Garmin just didnt build upon that. I love it now but the battery only last 24 hours as everyday watch with notifications on.

  7. Dennis

    Pls. add to the list:
    – Ability to calculate distance between 2 saved waypoints.
    F1 and F2 = Yes, don’t know about the others, but users says F3 = no

    • Dennis

      I see you added it as “Calculate distance between two points”. Well actually, depending on how you see it, the F3 can do this, as it can show distance from current position to a waypoint. But it can not like the F1/F2 show distance from one stored waypoint to another stored waypoint. Unfortunately I use this, so I am very dissapointed I have to stick with my F1. Before a trial I am allowed to walk in the field for a very limited time, and I use this to waypoint the objects. Then off the field, I can see distance between the objects. I don’t have time to take distance from current pos to each object while walking the field…

  8. David

    What about the “auto climb screen”? I believe that is currently F3 only, correct?

  9. Dennis

    How about “Show satellite map”, do you want to add to the list ?
    F1, F2 = Yes
    F3 = no

  10. Patrick

    Also missing the autolap comparison. Not sure if the F1/F2/920xt work the same but as I understand the F3 only autolaps after a given distance and not by position.

  11. Vincent

    Wow… Really Disappointing! Instead of building upon and refining a product with such potential, those listed and commented on these Posts are a lot of useful Outdoor Navigation Fenix Features that the New Fenix 3 simply does not support. Guess we shouldn’t expect Geocache (Chirp Ant Sensor) or Tide tables either, as with the Tactix (understand this is not a fenix, but utilizes the same fenix 1 software updates)?

    What about placing the Heart Rate monitoring back on the main screen again (with no GPS or Activity required). I Love this feature and use it Continuously to monitor my HR for daily Health monitoring and being a bitt active, but not actually looking to start up or record an Activity.

    *Sure hope the intent of this Post other then to accurately reflect the comparison chart is to communicate our dissatisfaction with Garmin and for them to Implement these Features back in thru future firmware updates???

    So for the true Outdoor/Navigation/Sports Activity watch, I will have to use/keep both the Tactix (fenix 1) and the New Fenix 3 to satisfy the best of all activities…

    • Kyle

      Couldnt agree more Vincent. I dont see why they are going away from an outdoors watch. I am even fine that they are but atleast keep the features that were in the Fenix 1 and 2. Maybe the Epix will have the features? Watch is dam ugly though. Its too bad because this watch could be just that much better.

    • The primary point of posting this table early was mostly to allow a bit of crowd-sourcing of things I might have missed. There are so many tiny little variants of some features that one person might use every day, that I may never have used in my life in that certain way.

      To that end, that’s worked out above in folks have found a few quirks (for example, accessing the history menu while in an activity, which I’ve never had a reason to do).

      Now, if Garmin chooses to use some of the feedback that folks are presenting prior to the review to announce features that are forthcoming – then great (and, that’ll save me time later revising the review). But, that’s really up to them and not the primary purpose of my post.


    • Danny


      My 3 biggest disappointments on missing features are:

      1) Basemap & unoffical OSM map support
      2) 2-tick Navigational indicator that appeared no matter what page you were on
      3) Geocaching

      These 3 are absolutely fundamental for an outdoor/hiking watch; sadly, I won’t be buying the Epix because I simply could not wear it as an everyday watch, like the F3.

  12. miguel

    Geocaching, I think fenix 1-2 allowed them and fenix 3 not
    But I still have no my fenix 3 to check it

  13. Danny

    Hi Ray, thks for going to this level of detail for us; it’s also missing “Recovery HR” data that’s displayed 2 min after stopping an activity.


  14. nhrunner32

    I’m thinking about getting the F3, but I am also finding the discounts to the F2/F1 tough to pass up. I look forward to seeing the finished product here.

    Ray, have you ever considered designing your own watch/gear? I don’t understand why Garmin hasn’t just hired you at this point (I’ve got a feeling it’s because you’re working for free).

    Anyways, knowing that they’re considering your input into their products makes me more likely to want to buy the product (through CT of course).

    Thanks for all of the hard work you do answering these questions and compiling these detailed reviews.

    • They’ve offered and tried many times (like many others in the space), but honestly I’m not really interested.

      Ultimately, I don’t see myself designing a watch. I think it’s going to become increasingly challenging for smaller companies to compete in this space against the Garmin’s and the Apple’s of the world. Not due to software skills, but due to lack of manufacturing capability. Stuff like displays and the like, and getting the price points low enough. That’s why you’ve seen companies such as Leikr and even Timex struggle to compete. Heck, I think even Suunto is teetering on that right now.

      Consumers will demand higher quality displays, materials, and other hardware finishes that only those with dedicated manufacturing facilities or massive volumes are going to be able to produce at the right price point.

    • nhrunner32

      Makes sense. I’m hopeful that the increase of crowdfunding will help the smaller companies (e.g.- Pebble) stay competitive.

      About the table; I’m not familiar with Connect IQ but it seems some of the features missing from the F3 could be added through Connect IQ app. Is there any way to show which features are impossible to add to the watch and which ones could be added with an existing Connect IQ or future/possible Connect IQ app?

    • Yeah, I was tempted to do that – and might once apps start coming out. My concern is that I don’t want to give false hope on a feature being there dependent on a 3rd party app…until said app is actually out.

    • Dave Lusty

      Also, sometimes the Connect IQ apps are very shoddy compared to older functionality. For instance the HR graph on the 920XT does tick the box of adding functionality, but I’ve uninstalled it because it was useless. The Fenix 2 HR graph I used literally every time I ran though, so we need to be very careful as to what constitutes a feature being available.

  15. Jay

    Would it be possible to add the FR620 into the table? I know its a different family, but its a close cousin

    • For the most part, I cover the differences between the FR620 and other watches within the regular product comparison databases. Meaning, these features above are mostly ones not captured by my regular tables (primarily because they don’t exist on any other products).

  16. Jason Owings

    I will plus one many of the comments above on losing some of the outdoor functionality. With my F2 I used the basecamp waypoint functionality quite a bit and losing both that and the ability to use my handheld Garmin’s to send waypoints to the watch is disappointing. I can understand that losing the device to device functionality is not needed in favor of a robust smartphone/tablet application that can pick up the slack for some but I agree with most that turning the fenix into more of a multi-sport watch is a mistake, it’s great that it can do those but the core function of that line should remain outdoors Enthusiasts based (hike, mountaineer, hunt, fish, backpack).

    • Kyle

      Hopefully Ray hits on that hard in his review. Its too bad that the Fenix went away from the hikers and mountaineers. I get its more popular I guess but it sucks for guys like us. Maybe the Ambit 4 will.

    • Vincent

      +1 Exactly this^^^ We are talking the Cocept on which the Fenix was originally created, yes?

    • Jason

      Yes that is exactly what I am talking about. The main issue I see is that most multi-sport athletes are buying the Fenix because it is, overall, a better looking, more classic watch that can now be dressed up. If the Garmin design team paid attention to this they would in turn introduce a round model of the 9xx series that is classier. But instead they blur the lines between the 920 and Fenix 3 and then add an epix line but leave out some quality functionality that the Fenix 2 users were clambering for such as dual ant+/ble use (not even just live track with hrm, but any ant+ accessory like a Tempe and the ability to be linked to the phone), wifi ability for workout uploads, improved legibility of the screen, etc. Had the epix line truly been an overall improvement of the Fenix 2 it would have been a smart move, and who knows maybe it will. Instead they leave you with a 75% completed device. The worst part is, the major players in this field are making it harder and harder for a smaller company to compete at all. What does it take to get a company to listen to its customers these days? Sorry for the rant guys, and yes I pre-ordered the Fenix 3 but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing much from Garmin or Suunto until one of them makes a true mountain watch again with multi-sport abilities added in as SECONDARY features. Ray- I love the site and reference it frequently and hope you can pass along this feedback, maybe a little less ranty!

    • NHRunner32

      “…leave out some quality functionality that the Fenix 2 users were clambering for such as dual ant+/ble use…, wifi ability for workout uploads, improved legibility of the screen, etc.”

      The F3 has all of these things. According to the hands on review it has dual ant+/bluetooth, wifi uploads, and the screen is more legible and colored.

    • Dom

      add an epix line but leave out some quality functionality that the Fenix 2 users were clambering for such as dual ant+/ble use (not even just live track with hrm, but any ant+ accessory like a Tempe and the ability to be linked to the phone), wifi ability for workout uploads, improved legibility of the screen, etc.
      The only one of those which is actually missing from the Epix (as the specs stand) is wifi. It supports simultaneous ANT+ and BLE to the phone, just not BLE sensors. The screen is clearly better at 205×148 instead of 70×70 pixels. Leaving out wifi is a weird decision, I agree; perhaps they think that BLE to a phone is likely to be more useful on a multiday trip where you’re not stopping off anywhere that has luxuries like electricity and wifi, but you might get phone signal at least some of the time.

      Other than that, I generally agree with what you’re saying, though, Jason. Perhaps someone will be able to build Connect IQ widgets for things like the hunting calendar

  17. Steve Collier

    Is it worth mentioning whether there is a breadcrumb trail graphic display?

  18. David

    What about course elevation profile? That is, what is coming ahead on the course you are navigating. I know the 910XT had it, but the 920XT does not. I have no idea on the fenix line.

  19. rabbit

    F3/920xt did not have it and I fear, even Epix will not have it :(

  20. Dom

    One possible addition:

    Manual altimeter calibration by known elevation or sea level pressure
    F3 Yes (elevation only) 920xt No F2 Yes F1 Yes

    I would like to see calibration by sea level pressure added to the F3 – when you’re starting a day’s walking, it can be easier to get sea level pressure from a weather forecast than to get your current elevation. (Mainly applies when following a guide who has done the route a hundred times before and does not want to wait for you to find it from the map!)

  21. JJ Lee

    I’m surprised the Fenix 3 won’t have MULTIPLE TIME ZONES DISPLAYED. Why is Garmin omitting this feature from the Fenix 3 when Fenix 1 and 2 have it?

  22. Hi Folks,

    Today the Fenix team has sent over the following updates and changes to ‘the plan’, they are as follows:

    Multiple Time Alarms – Planned in next software update (within March 2015)
    Multiple Time Zones Displayed – Planned Connect IQ Widget
    Hunt and Fish Functionality – Planned Connect IQ Widget
    Sun and Moon Functionality – Planned Connect IQ Widget

    I have updated the chart above accordingly.


    • Dom

      Presumably the ConnectIQ widgets would work on the 920xt too? If so, maybe that could go in the table?

      Good to see these features reappearing, either way.

    • David

      So, are all of the new Connect IQ widgets listed above NOT going to work on the 920XT for some reason?

    • Vincent

      Ray, are they going to also add back POI / Cities? This is a very useful GPS Tool /for Navigation and knowing your proximity to your current location when hiking/biking Long distances.

    • rabbit

      Only for f3 and not for fr920xt? I will hope, that epix get it, too!?

    • Dennis

      I am disappointed they don’t prioritize the “Search Near” waypoint function found in F1 and F2, which is an important function in an outdoor navigation GPS.

    • Peter

      +1 on “search near” waypoint functionality

  23. Vincent

    Is there a reason why when the Tempe Sensor is now connected on the Fenix 3, the main display screen (no activity initiated) reverts out of the Temp Graph and to the three temperature fields, cannot Garmin simply record/reflect the temperatures the same way as with the Fenix 2?

  24. Vincent

    Can we also Note/request for the Heart Rate Graph on the main data screen to return and to go along with the clock, alt, baro, etc… without having to go into/start an Activity (like our Fenix 1 / Tactix devices) ?

  25. Vincent

    Ray, did the Garmin Team get back to you on your inquiry to Basecamp?

  26. Vincent

    Is the Garmin Team going to add the Essential Two Tick Bearing Indicator back on all screens when Navigating?

    Seems really odd that they would take that Fenix function out; I went hiking with my Fenix 3 this past weekend and while wanting to focus on other data pages, I had to keep switching back to the map screen, heading, or course/off course to keep track of the direction I was heading.

    • Peter

      +1 That’s my favorite & most used navigating function on my F2 trail runs. Is it a HW issue to get this on the F3 or could it be added via firmware update?

  27. Vincent

    Can we also Capture that we are limited to 10 data pages and cannot add additional pages (again as with the Fenix 1 / Tactix) ?

    • Just out of curiosity – what scenario would one need more than 10 pages (that’s 40 data fields), plus the additional 3 navigation pages (another 12 data fields), plus…the pages for Guide, Map, Running Dynamics and any other standalone pages?

      (Truly curious)

    • Vincent

      Easy…! My eyes are aged and I am Farsighted, my eyes get strained and blurred vision attempting to look at 3-4 data field pages, and I can read only up to 2 data fields on my Tactix and only One during the hours of darkness where I have the time to do most of my Trail running with numerous climbing, weather, health, running, course and navigation fields On the Tactix/Fenix 1 series; I was able to compensate by creating as many as I needed (17) to see while running not to mention the convenience of just pressing up/down and not going back in forth within the device.

      That said I do now have the Fenix 3 Saphire and Appreciate the larger screen real estate and text size for most screen pages (Coordinates input screen should be Larger Text), but I’m still limited to 1-2 maybe 3 (eye strain) data fields per screen, and now I miss the capability to place the plot data graphs onto the Fenix 3 activity data pages., again so I can just continue to scroll they my stat pages the way I preference and was able to do on the Tactix.

  28. Vincent

    Ray do you know if WAAS is already implemented into the Fenix 3 GPS, since no longer an option to select? (GPS+WAAS+GLONASS=Nice Accuracy)

  29. Vincent

    One more request… Can you list “Hot Key” ability (or in the case of the Fenix 3 lack their of).

    Thank you Ray!

  30. Vincent

    Okay last request (sorry!) can you please annotate “Reset Plot Data” ?
    (When hiking and during a Navigation activity, it’s very useful to reset all Plot Data.)

  31. Patrick

    Found another little difference:
    I read a little about the auto-backlight function that is available on the Fenix 2 (and 1??) Apparently there’s a mode that allows for automatically enabling the backlight to turn on as soon as the sun sets.

    I also get the impression that this is missing on the Fenix 3 (can’t verify since I don’t have the watch yet) and I didn’t see this option on the 920xt in the short time I’ve had it.

    • Dom

      The F1 can be set so that, during darkness, the backlight comes on any time you press a key or there is an alert such as an autolap; so it’s basically the Keys and Alerts mode at night and Manual during the day. This is a really, really nice feature and I’d love to see it added to the F3.

    • Sean G

      It is definitely missing, and missed on the F3.

  32. Vincent

    Patrick and Ray, Confirmed…. I do not see an Auto Light option on the Fenix 3.

  33. Sean G

    F2 has activity ‘reset’, in addition to save, discard, resume, resume later. The F3 and 920 don’t have it, and it’s a very handy feature!

    • Ted W

      Saw the “reset” on F2. but never used it. Whats it do? I’ve tried the resume later. But when I do, i seem to have higher % of BT sync with GC then. Namely, it seems that the “run” .fit files get named into something else if I use the resume.

    • Sean G

      It lets you re-start an activity right from that menu. No reacquire, gps, sensors, etc. It discards the file, but puts it ready to start.

      Ever get your watch ready for a race, and then when it’s finally ready for the gun ya find that your F2 timed out, and it’s back in watch mode? I have!

    • The Fenix3 though now has the ability like the FR920XT/FR620 to change the power off timeout (i.e. for starting a race).

  34. jbadilla

    Please add “Active Route” feature to the table. This is available on the fenix 1, under GPS Tools. When navigating a track, this feature shows start, end, high and low points in order, as well as any waypoints in between. I believe distance to each of those points is shown.

  35. jbadilla

    Please include, Select point in Map. Fenix 1 has the ability to “Select Pt” which means the crosshair location at the center while panning the basemap, This allowed the location to be saved, or used as a navigation destination.

  36. neil rosson

    Can anyone confirm if waypoints are alerted with alarm and/or vibration?

  37. Scott

    I see you have MAPPING: CAN PAN/ZOOM ON TRACK MAP marked yes.

    But I think this is flawed, you have to go into the option screen to zoom / pan. But then you cannot select any other screens.
    To view the other other screens you have to exit this zoom \ pan option screen. Then after about a 1min after exiting the map zooms out (for me 0.3km / 300 metres, but I want it zoomed in 50 metres or closer, it doesn’t keep your settings which is dam annoying.

    • Hmm, I’ll have to try it again outdoors. Any chance it’s “Auto Zoom” setting is enabled on that sport profile?

    • Scott

      I’m not sure where this setting would be, the “Auto Zoom”? I know in the run activity it keeps on zooming back out to the default (0.3 km).

      tested again, had it zoomed in to 30 meters. Then existing out of this screen, it holds it for about a minute then zoomed back out.
      Checked the online manual and could not find the Auto Zoom settings… Cheers

    • It’s located with the data screen settings within a given sport, under the map page settings. You’ll see an option at the bottom for Auto Zoom.

    • Scott

      It was set to on, I changed this and can confirm it stays at the selected zoom…

      No mention on this at all in the manual..

      Out of interest, what or how does Auto Zoom support to work?

      Cheers DC, that’s one thing less to fix, now to work out waypoints!

  38. Scott

    May be a silly question, but how do you make the map in Garmin Connect full screen? The default view is very limiting….

    I miss also how Suunto’s Movescount colour coordinates the track depending on what you have selected. EG selecting elevation, the highest points would be red, mid range orange and so on….

  39. Ted W

    With an F2, once you hit the “start” button for an activity, it would seem that the watch after acquiring a satellite would remain on the screen for quite a long time. 5-10min easy. With the F3, I noticed its similar to other Forerunners, if you dont actually being the activity, it bring you made to the main watch face mode, and if you need to start the activitiy, you need to go back, reacquire (hopefully fast), then start. Soooo no big deal except in the starting shoot of an event. Whats the secret, dont acquire early anymore? hit other buttons periodically but not the start? I think I screwed up some tracking on a recent 10k as when I went to hit started, the F3 was back on the home screen and I rushed the sequence.

  40. Roman

    Fenix 3 new update 3.20 – Hot Key configuration added.

  41. Cameron


    Thanks for such a useful site! I recently got the Fenix 3 and it has been great for tracking runs and swims but I also do regular circuit training and wanted to use the Heart Rate Monitor to track Heart Rate (and Calories) but I am not sure which App to do this in best.

    Anyone suggest best way to do this?


  42. Vsevolod Shorin

    They’ve added Auto light capability to Fenix3 in 4.0:
    link to forums.garmin.com

  43. Lewis Maygru

    Gotta have a DATE for publication of this article/info. to make it meaningful! Thanks!

  44. yano

    Hi! Thank you for your great reviews!

    I would like to have an additional comparison against the QUATIX3 …

    To my understanding the quatix3 IS the fenix3 (same HW, same SW) with just 4 pre-installed marine apps (namely Boat Data, Tides, Anchor and Sail) that -in the meanwhile- you can install anytime also on your fenix3 from the IQ store …

    Said that, the difference of $200 in the price is not justified …

    What am I missing …. ?! :-\

    Thank you to help me better understanding! ;)