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Snippets of workouts from the past week (and how I killed a $1,700 camera)

This past week has been a work whirlwind for me, hence why the posting has been a bit light lately.  Thankfully, the worst of it is over, and now I’m almost back to full speed around these parts.  But that … Read More Here

How I ran into a WWII tank on my swim

Alternate Title #1: The Americans invaded during my swim! Alternate Title #2: How I got tanked on my swim Alternate Title #3: Down Periscope Fail (Really, I could go on and on…) Of course, you’re probably wandering what I’m talking … Read More Here

A weekend in Saipan

Over the last 8 weeks or so I’ve been jetting in and out of countries all over the place, mostly in Central America.  In the vast majority of the cases, I was there working for only 24 hours, sometimes up … Read More Here

A day with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme

Back a few months ago while following the Underwater Thrills blog, I saw a story about a Whale Shark research program in the Maldives.  After a bit of poking around, it turned out the program is partially supported by the … Read More Here

Days 11-13 – Maldivian water games, a night and day difference

Given the Maldives are a collection of tiny islands in a vast ocean, you spend the majority of your time in or around the water.  The good news is…I like the water.  The bad news is that there isn’t enough … Read More Here

Days 4-6 – A prelude to a Bali Triathlon

After arriving on the island of Bali from Singapore, we sought out our pre-booked rental car place at the airport.  However, despite booking with a major international car rental company via a major travel service (Travelocity), no car rental humans … Read More Here

Isla Guadalupe Great White Shark Diving – Day 5

I woke up surprisingly late  – around 9AM.  Though, since we were just making the trek back to land, I wasn’t exactly missing much.  Thankfully, the weather continued to hold up and made for an incredibly calm ride back – … Read More Here

Isla Guadalupe Great White Shark Diving – Day 4

Over the course of the night the boat moved a round a bit in an attempt to avoid some of the winds and swells that can make life on the boat uncomfortable.  But, by time the sun rose we were … Read More Here

Isla Guadalupe Great White Shark Diving – Day 2

Our day began with sunrise at sea, just after 6AM.  We had been motoring east now for some 17 hours, making way towards Isla Guadalupe at a steady clip of about 10mph. However, while we slept, the ocean did not.  … Read More Here

Isla Guadalupe Great White Shark Diving – Day 1

Our itinerary put together by Shark Diver called for us to leave San Diego around 6:30AM via charter bus.  We’d then drive South about half an hour, where we’d cross the US-Mexico border before continuing onto Ensenada, Mexico – the … Read More Here

Egypt Day 3: Blowing Bubbles

After driving a gazillion miles from Cairo, it was time to do what we came here to do – diving.  Both my brother and I certified scuba divers, so it was mostly just a matter of picking out a reputable … Read More Here

Shark Week

Ever since I was a kid I can remember watching Discovery Channel’s Shark Week – which typically occurs during the last week of July (this year July 27- Aug. 2…aka NOW!).  Way back when (probably 10-15 years now), the content … Read More Here

Kayaking Day 3: Jellyfish Lake

After coming back a day ahead of schedule (we were cruisin’!) from our kayak camping trip, we got persuaded into going back out in the kayaks for another day (although after a good nights sleep in a real bed). It’s … Read More Here

Kayaking Day 2: Here comes the sun!

(If you’re just joining me, check out day one first) We got an early start due to being up before sunrise. We tooled around our beach area a bit, basically just wasting time. After a breakfast consisting of Pop Tarts, … Read More Here