Week in Review–July 9th, 2017

5) Orca whales visit swimmers: I’m reasonably certain I’d crap myself more if these showed up mid-swim than sharks.

The Week in Review: September 11th, 2010

If I had to pick my favorite, it’d be the Shark one…just cause me and sharks are best buds.

Trip Reports Static Page

Day 3: Great White Sharks – woot!… Day 4: Sea Lions and Great White Sharks – double woot!

Travel & Trip Reports

Day 3: Great White Sharks – woot!… Day 4: Sea Lions and Great White Sharks – double woot!

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

These things might as well have been Great White Sharks to her.

Longhorn 70.3 Spectator Report

Granted, it’s hard to really have a totally complex lake swim given the lack of currents, tides, waves or great white sharks.

Week in Review–April 27th, 2014

5) Woman breaks swimming world record (including the men's record): Pretty cool video showing the record attempt from the island of Lanai to Maui and back….including a small visit from sharks.

Week in Review–March 30th, 2014

9) Marine Biologist (that likes sharks) that wants an incredible job? Remember when I did the shark diving trip? Well, this is like that, except all expense paid to live in Fiji for a year+.

Friday Photo of the Day (or trip, as it may be)

And I’ve got tons more goodness from the trip here shortly (like sharks!), but this post makes for nice easy Friday morning reading.

A weekend enjoying a Spanish island

We didn’t notice until on our way out, but apparently hammer-head sharks visit the area.

Garmin FR60 Review – In Depth

I used to use my simple $20 sports watch for this purpose…until I killed it while diving with Great White Sharks.

Strava Launches Activity Video Flyover Feature: Hands-on

And sharks will eat them anyway, thus they’ll never upload that activity to Strava.

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

I signed up to be dragged around over great white sharks by a gigantic kite on a small board.

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Despite the concerns of great white sharks lurking just beyond the break, this particular stretch of beach is nice and shallow – making it such that I could easily walk almost the entire route I swam, save a short spot where they’ve towed a floating platform for kids to jump off.

Hello Australia! I’m crashing your country through March!

It’s swim/bike/run heaven! The beach is only a block away, allowing for awesome openwater swims (save the sharks), and there’s tons of riding to be had.

A week of relaxing (and product reviewing) in Florida

We also went wandering for pre-historic shark teeth, which wash up on shore with teeth from sharks thousands of years ago.

Zwift’s CEO Discusses Smart Bike Hardware Plans, IPO, Rowing, Clubs, and More

Keep in mind that while Zwift had their massive investment round recently, the waters of the at home fitness tech world are attracting some pretty substantial sharks these days – interested in riding the wave of fitness popularity into the future.

India Part II: Crouching Tiger

This has been true of my nearly 30 hour boat trip to Guadalupe Island for Great White Sharks, as well as previous African adventures.

Oreka O2 Cycling Treadmill In-Depth Review

While what Tacx has designed with their crazy optical sensor sharks with lasers system is enviable, I suspect even just a simple connection to a cadence sensor would resolve the issues here.

Week in Review–December 26th, 2010

So, let’s just recap the posts ya may have missed – cause it was a surprisingly jam-packed week! Saturday: Week in Review – December 18th, 2010 Sunday: Back in the Ice Monday: Zeo – An in Depth Product Review Tuesday: Swimming with sharks! Wednesday: Feelin’ lucky? Water immersion tests with Garmin Edge and CycleOps Joule Computers Thursday: On LA Talk Radio Show Later this Morning Friday: Have a Merry Christmas! Stuff that I found interesting around the interwebs: As always, here’s a sampler platter of some of the interesting articles and posts I found around the Internet this week.