A relaxing weekend at the beach (in Greece)

After finishing up work meetings on Friday evening, The Girl and I kicked back and enjoyed the weekend (+ this upcoming Monday) here just outside of Athens, Greece.

For the most part we had nothing planned.  That’s sorta the goal.  We’ve both done the Athens tourist scene before (me, on multiple occasions).  So we really just wanted to hang out and enjoy relaxing.  Well, and running.  And some swimming.  But that’s relaxing, right?

For example, we ran Saturday…and Sunday.



My Saturday run I took to the treadmill, mostly because it was shorter and I wanted to gather a bunch of data related to watches and indoor running.  It’s hard to see, but in addition to the watches on my wrist, the bar on the left side has a bunch as well.


(Reminder: Here’s how I travel with swim/bike/running gear while at hotels)

Meanwhile, The Girl took the little camera outside for her run:


And guess what?  On my longer Sunday run, I once again saw Naked Fisherman guy out in the exact same spot as Thursday’s run.  Go figure.


For better or worse, I saw no other naked people on my run.  A lot of walkers, a number more cyclists.  But mostly just me and the sunset.


Actually, more than just running sunsets.  We’d go down to the docks and watch the sunset each night, though generally after we were finished running.


Tonight however the sunset was one hour earlier.  That’s because unlike the US, us European folk fell back one hour this weekend.  Which means for the next week I’ll be perpetually thinking I’m 6 hours ahead of East Coast time instead of the 5 hours ahead that I really am.  Thankfully, being in Greece it’s one hour ahead of the rest of Central Europe, so it’s just like normal for the day. :)

I think we’ve swam every day. Sometimes longer, and sometimes just bobbing around in the water. As you might expect, about half of my suitcase was gadgets to test.  Being able to go openwater is awesome – especially when the openwater is clear.  Perfect for action cam related reviews.


And of course – perfect for breaking out the little fishy swim cap:



In addition to action cams, I also got plenty of other water related shots as well of upcoming devices for review:



With that, our room service ice cream is about to arrive…so, it’s time to wrap things back up and go back to being on vacation.  I’ve got a review or two coming this week as you’ll see a slew of reviews leading into the holidays.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. craig

    Hi Ray, great to know your out there and doing “your thing” so well. I refer people to your site constantly.
    Even though I am not that technologically inspired I now have a Garmin 910xt, great gadget and after struggling with how to use a Suunto T6 for years… (I gave up really, it became a very expensive HR monitor for me), the Garmin is excellent and pretty easy to figure out… But the best gadget I own is the Finis Aquapulse… but for running!
    I’m not sure why but I can never hear it properly in the water. (I’m an ex swimmer, so I hope it’s not technique), but I cut a small hole in a run cap and tried it on a run one day. I haven’t looked back it’s awesome. You don’t have to keep looking down, Just look at the trail your on and run, It tells me my HR every 20 seconds. And I can glance at pace, distance etc on the Garmin when I need to. I know there are audible HR alarms on lots of watches, but hearing the actual number is pretty cool for me.
    Just wondered if there were any other audible Hr systems out there and also wanted you and your readers to know how effective the Aquapulse was as a run HR monitor…
    Again, on the bike as in the swim for me, there’s too much wind/water turbulance going on to here it… but if it had an earpiece!!…
    Craig Weaver

  2. Amedeo

    which is the Girl’s swim cap?
    I can’t find that fishy swin cap name in her “gear post”

    Thanks a lot

  3. Nice catch there from the girl. Good body posture. Does she swim faster than you Ray? :)

  4. Joe

    Is that last picture of a Polar Loop?? Wouldn’t mind seeing some swim data for it.

    • Yup indeed, the Loop. I’ll see if the Swim data will come out of it or not. It was pre-today’s release of the app, so it might get wiped. We’ll see.

      But, two hours worth of swimming around in the ocean and no problems with it.

  5. @Hu3ain

    Action Cam review in the making… Could it be the Virb elite? Waiting for a review before deciding to go for a Virb or Hero+

    • Not the Elite, it didn’t arrive before I departed unfortunately. But the new/updated Sony Actioncam with GPS, plus some concurrent Hero 3 footage to compare against.

  6. JAG

    I know the hotel and the spots on the pictures, being of Greek origin. This is the time I get really jealous and envy the lifestyle, until I talk to my family and friends who are having a somewhat different time.
    I will be there for my 1st ever marathon, and hope to swim after said event, if I have not completely collapsed or worse.

  7. Nick

    Man, you are looking LEAN!

    Looks like a great weekend – super jealous!

  8. Ilan

    Is that the FR220 on your right wrist in the treadmill photo? Is that one of the reviews coming this week?

  9. Shack

    Looks awesome!

  10. champ

    Very nice swim cap. love the fish