Photo of the day (of the run): Old man fishing naked


Time for a photo of the day. It’s been a while, and Friday seems like the perfect time for it!

Tonight I went out for a 10-mile run.  It was a simple affair: 5 miles at a Z2 heart rate, and then 5 miles at a 6:45/mile pace (4:12/KM).  Nothing complex, out and back.  I started at sunset after a day’s worth of work before dinner.

Around the 2.5ish mile marker while just beginning a climb away from the sea I looked down to my right and caught this old man, fishing as buck-naked as the day he was born.  Just alongside the highway as if it was no big deal to be catching fish with more than one pole on display.


Just in case you think I’m kidding, here’s a bit more clarity.  You can click on the image to see the non-boxed version (really, it’s just bum-cheeks):


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I carry a little camera on my run.

Outside of naked man, the run was quite nice.  I was quick, heart rates were low relative to all the climbing I was doing during the run, and the scenery was awesome (no, not talking about man-scenery).

I noted yesterday how many swimmers are out here swimming.  Today I’ll point out just how many cyclists I’ve seen in early evening out riding.  I probably saw 50 cyclists out during my run tonight.  Really cool.


Outside of a few random spots like this, I was mostly able to run on a little path along the side of the road.  There wasn’t much traffic at this time of day.

While the waters aren’t turquoise at sunset, the view is still great.  This was taken during my last three miles, just as I neared the top of one of the climbs on the way back.


With that, have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks for reading!

(And yes, I suppose this is more like photos of the day…but hey, why limit?)


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  1. Marcello

    Hi Ray, love your blog! where were you in this workout? i’d like to bring a camera too during my workouts, any suggestions on some small cameras?

    • I was in Z2 at that point (about 157bpm), just cruising along enjoying things (not a hard effort), it was 2.5ish miles in to the workout.

      For the camea, I LOVE my little waterproof camera, it’s also sorta drop-proof as well. It’s a bit older, but there’s newer models of it, and the 3rd party extra batteries are only $8. It’s the Panasonic Lumix TS-3, link here for the full family including the currentmodels: link to

    • Eli

      Just a note, the latest version of the waterproof/rugged Panasonic Lumix (DMC-TS5) came out in Jan of this year and that model has been refreshed every January since the first of that series (TS1) back in 2009. So a new version will be out soon. Also if you want a comparison review of waterproof cameras from a photographers point of view: link to (The site’s target audience being photographers over normal end users)

  2. Tom

    possible contender for Ridiculously Photogenic (Fisherman) Guy?

  3. Kristjan

    Where do you keep camera while running?

    • It depends. If it’s a reasonably short to mid-length run (10-15 miles), I’ll mostly just run with it in my hand. If it’s longer (20+), then I also can stash it in either a CamelBak or SpiBelt.

  4. Theo

    Hi Ray,

    Vouliagmeni outside Athens is a beautiful place. Recognize your pictures as I do my running around this area during summer vacations. I have never seen the fisherman though, probably because I am out early mornings. Love the pictures I can assure you the sunrise is equally beautiful.
    Enjoy your time in Athens.

  5. Leo

    Hi Ray, nice to see you are enjoying your stay in Athens.
    If you are still around during the weekend, you should try the same route, early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise. It is even better than sunset and you are gonna have a lot of fellow athletes around you, as they are preparing for the classic Marathon run in two weeks’ time.

  6. Alexandra

    Hi Ray,
    Thanks for covering your stay in (around) Athens! You’ve picked one of athenian cyclists’ favorite spots. This route was part of the 2004 Olympics triathlon route (the cycling leg). Have fun!

  7. Todd

    So today you give us naked fishing man, but yesterday you could not hook us up with naked sunbathing woman?

    • Doug

      A naked woman? pfft
      A naked man fishing? Now that is noteworthy and even more so would be a naked woman fishing, that really would be a rare catch!

    • euro

      Maybe he’s gay (oops, sorry that word is forbidden on this blog)…

    • Well, the woman was facing me, so, that’s a bit different.

      I have no problem with that specific word, but rather, the context in which you used it last time.

      And Euro/Philippe/other names, seriously, I’m happy to start zapping your comments if you plan to continue to post passive-aggressive comments. I’m not sure how much more clear I need to be, from here forward I’ll simply delete things from you that I feel cross the line. This is my ‘home’, not yours.

  8. Remco Verdoold

    Hi Ray from the photos it looks like you run on the right side of the road. I have always learned to walk/run against the traffic so you can anticipate better on them since you see them as well. Or do you run wherever you find it safe enough?

    • Generally true. However, in this case the right side of the road had the shoulder most of the way (outside of a few short areas), whereas the left side of the road had no shoulder almost the entire way.

    • Will

      Doesn’t that also have to do with the fact that European traffic flows in the opposite direction?

  9. NorCalGal

    Thanks for posting the photos. Nice to know it’s sunny and warm somewhere in the world. My first winter in the midwest and it’s 20 degrees colder than normal. Brrrrrrr….

    • Marcus

      Hello Will, European traffic in general flows in the same direction as US traffic (so we drive on the right hand side). Only exception is Great Britain over here.