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Tip of the day: How to display your name and phone number on your Garmin Edge

A few days ago a reader tweeted me an interesting little tip that I hadn’t seen before.  It allows you to specify a startup message that’s displayed to the person turning on your Garmin Edge unit (hopefully you).  And in … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How to easily remove bike zip ties without scratching your bike

Perhaps it’s just me, but I find removing bike accessories secured by zip ties to be fraught with ways to scratch up that perfect paint job on your bike.  And, given there’s a constant flow of new accessories to secure … Read More Here

Tip of the Day: How to clean your trainer tire block…the easy way.

Recently I was taking some shots for a product review and somehow the trainer block that holds up my front tire ended up being part of the shot.  As I reviewed the shot in question on the camera, I realized … Read More Here

Tip of the day: Changing your Garmin FR60 battery

A few weeks ago I was looking to add two Garmin FR60’s to my infamous roller for some rolling pin comparison shots, like I usually do. Except, both watches batteries had gone kaput.  I had noticed this back some time … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How not to lose your ANT+ stick

It used to be that I’d always be searching for that darn ANT+ stick to download workouts from my Garmin Forerunner.  If I used a desktop computer, it would probably live a peaceful monogamous relationship with my desktop, un-phased by … Read More Here

Tip of the Day (to nutrition vendors): Do not make your packaging impossible to open

A couple weeks ago while riding the Seattle Century with my Dad, I decided to try out some FRS nutrition that was in plentiful supply around the start area and aide stations.  I did this mostly because it was free, … Read More Here

Tip of the day: Exercise gyms inside airports

As you well know, I travel a lot.  And while it’s relatively straight forward to train and travel with short flights up and down the coast in the US, it becomes much more difficult to travel and train when your … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How I manage 15+ Heart Rate Straps

Until rather recently I stored all my various sports gizmos and gadgets in a simple Rubbermaid container.  Well, mostly.  They kinda spilled out all over the place, so it was more like the Rubbermaid container plus a 6 foot radius. … Read More Here

Tip of the day: Moving companies to avoid for bike shipment

Most of my posts tend to show off products that I enjoy using, simply because I find that if I’m going to invest hours of my life writing 15,000 word reviews, I might as well do it for something that … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How to use The Pear to keep you from fainting

(Note From Ray – Quick Last Minute Heads Up: Today, Friday at 1PM the Washington Post will be doing a live Q&A chat with Columbia Triathlon Winner Lindsey Jerdonek.  You can quickly and easily submit questions now, so let’s show … Read More Here

Tip of the day: Where to place your tri shoes in transit

When you head to a race early in the darkness of a pre-race morning, one of the things you may be contemplating is where exactly to stash all the pieces of equipment you’ll need for a triathlon.  This ends up … Read More Here

Tip of the day: Remembering to retire your running shoes

The other day I had a minor epiphany.  I realized that somehow along the way I had forgotten to retire my current pair of running shoes.  I normally try and aim for about 500 miles per pair before recycling them … Read More Here

Tip of the day: How to avoid decapitating your bike

If you have a bike…and you have a car…it’s likely the two occasionally mate.  There are many ways they can have a relationship together – be it inside the car, hanging out on the back, or one of the most … Read More Here

Tip of the day: Avoid Doing The GPS Dance

Given it’s Friday and if you’re like me by this time of the week you’re probably just looking for a quick read.  So I’m offering you a quick tip that I use to ensure I spend less time waiting around, … Read More Here