Tip of the day: How not to lose your ANT+ stick

It used to be that I’d always be searching for that darn ANT+ stick to download workouts from my Garmin Forerunner.  If I used a desktop computer, it would probably live a peaceful monogamous relationship with my desktop, un-phased by the wilds of the laptop world.

But since my life seems to revolve around not only my laptop, but also travelling from country to country – it was always easy to either leave behind, or be unable to find when I needed it.  And of course, even when I did know it was in my bag – it still played hide and seek in my bags crevices better than Dick Cheney at an undisclosed location.

Until one day I realized the solution to my problem: Make the stick bigger.


No…no…no! Wrong image!

Not tape a stupid wooden spoon taped to it like some places do to the bathroom key, but instead, make it part of a bigger item.  More specifically – a more important item.

For me, there are fewer items more important in my day to day work life than my access cards.  And almost all of us have them – those little credit card sized door and elevator badges that enable us to get into the buildings we work in.  And often, more than one.  In many places these are required to be worn on your person, either on a lanyard or a badge clip.  And thus…my solution:


Now, I always know where my ANT+ stick is – simply because I virtually always know where my badge is.  And best of all – it’s abundantly clear which ANT+ stick is mine…and which one is The Girl’s.  Thus avoiding any more incidents like in the past.

Have a great weekend all!  And to those running the NYC Marathon or competing in Ironman Florida – good luck!


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  1. The other way around the issue is by using the Suunto mini Movestick with the Ant Agent and just leave it in your USB port, even on a laptop. :-)
    (disable the Moveslink agent first though).

    chilli (Aus)

  2. Hi Ray, in case you did not know the new very small Suunto movestick mini is fully Ant+ compatible, I use it with a Garmin device. It is too small to fit on a keyring and is even easier to lose. I guess that is what duct tape is for.

  3. Steve M.


    When will we be able to see this “swimming MP3 player showcase showdown” you’ve got in store? Really looking forward to making a purchase based on the victor.


  4. took me a minute to realize that that was a spoon, not an oar. I was going to warn you off of canoeing with your usb stick.

  5. resipsa99

    As someone who came to work today without my access cards or office key…you are clearly more organized than I am if you always know where your access cards are! :-P

  6. Great post! I cannot count the times I’ve asked my husband where that little black stick thingy is… (he usually looks at me with a blank stare) I didn’t even realize I could hook it to something. Thanks for the advice!! I’ll definitely use it :)

  7. Looks like you may have lost the little cap though. I did.

  8. The spoon photo make me chuckle. Thanks!

  9. Ha! I was just searching to learn if I could borrow my wife’s ANT+ stick while we’re away from home (and my ANT+ stick) for two months when I stumbled upon your Suunto Movestick review. And now this! Guess what else I left on the other coast? My employee ID badge. D’oh. Happy birthday to this post!

  10. Pm

    One week with the 310XT and I’ve already lost that USB stick because I couldn’t figure out where to store it ! One week, 3 runs, buy a new one !

  11. Abduraimov Azamat

    I solved this problem by attaching my laptop to my lanyard. That way I’ll never forget my lanyard or work ID, not will I forget my laptop. They’re all hanging on my neck.

  12. Mark

    My problem is that I tried this, and ended up breaking the keyloop hole on the ANT+ stick…I guess it’s not very solid. I’m not sure if there’s another way to attach it to something bigger now, though I keep thinking about it, because I almost lost it this morning. In fact I found my way here through your Suunto post. Great blog!