Tip of the day: Moving companies to avoid for bike shipment

Most of my posts tend to show off products that I enjoy using, simply because I find that if I’m going to invest hours of my life writing 15,000 word reviews, I might as well do it for something that I like.  However, last summer while coming home from a long ride I caught a glimpse of one product/service that I think I’ll avoid should/when I need to move.  Or at least, when I need to move my bicycle.

There’s really no need for an extensive explanation here.  As the saying goes – a picture tells a thousand words:


I just wonder how many words it took to explain the logic behind this particular bike rack arrangement, and perhaps more importantly: Exactly how integral is the plastic deck chair to the containment of the bike? If that falls out – does the whole thing fall apart?  Just wondering…

Happy 4th of July!

(Note: I’m currently away on my honeymoon, but due to the magic of automated publishing, you’ll be enjoying content in the meantime.  Thanks for reading!)


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  1. Really “The Careful Movers”. :-D

  2. So, where in Alabama are they moving from?

  3. Sure they’re “careful”; don’t you see those padded blanket things they used? They’re obviously “carefully” arranged to protect the bicycles.

    On the other hand, those are very likely not in the class of your Cervelo; they probably paid a few (very few) hundred dollars at most, per bicycle. (Think WalMart.)

  4. LL

    I’d say that’s a company to avoid PERIOD, whether or not you have a bike.

    Is that in the U.S.? It looks like something out of a third world country.

  5. And to top it off, they’ve obstructed the view of a license plate.

  6. I’m with Ray on this one. While the picture is entertaining, I had a pretty aweful experience with Allied myself (not involving a bicycle however). Avoid them at all cost!

  7. Thanks so much for this! It is so timely as I am gathering estimates from movers this week for my relocation next month. This helps narrow down the options.

  8. Nick

    Much Carefully moved !