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Weekly Mailbag – May 1st, 2010

Here’s this week’s edition of the weekly mailbag.  This is a weekly series where I feature a handful of the e-mailed questions I received from the previous week or so.  I try and pick a wide variety of questions. Some … Read More Here

Understanding the importance of Garmin firmware updates

One of the more common questions/comments that I answer on many of my review posts are technical in nature – and often times covering specific issues or problems a person is running into.  As a result I end up doing … Read More Here

Weekly Mailbag – April 24th, 2010

Here’s this week’s edition of the weekly mailbag.  This is a weekly series where I feature a handful of the e-mailed questions I received from the previous week or so.  I try and pick a wide variety of questions. Some … Read More Here

Choosing your Garmin device data fields

When you first get your new fangled Garmin Forerunner or Edge device you’ll probably be using the default data field views that show commonly used metrics like pace and distance.  After all, these are some of the key benefits of … Read More Here

Troubleshooting your heart rate monitor/strap HR spikes

For those who train with heart rate monitors often, you probably know all too well know the tell-tale sign that your little device is lying to you about your heart rate.  It starts off fairly innocently with a gentle rise … Read More Here

Garmin Forerunner 110 – First Look Review

You may have noticed earlier today that Garmin announced via press release their latest GPS watch – the Forerunner 110.  Given I get a lot of questions about their new watches when they come out, I figured I’d get ahead … Read More Here

How to create maps/courses for your Garmin Forerunner

One of the most common questions I get is how you can create routes and maps that you can follow on your Garmin device.  Many of the most popular devices support this feature – including the 305/310XT/500/705 – however most … Read More Here

Garmin Connect Development Team Tossed Overboard

In a bit of a strange twist, the team behind Garmin Connect (the site where you upload all your activities to) has been tossed out on the streets of San Fran.  Garmin has decided to close their San Francisco office, … Read More Here

Garmin FR60 Review – In Depth

When Garmin first announced the Garmin FR60 last spring, it honestly didn’t even catch my attention.  After all, why would I of all people – the person with a gazillion GPS based training watches – want a training watch without … Read More Here

How to train indoors with your Garmin device

This time a year it can be hard to find motivation to go out in the cold (assuming you don’t live or train in Hawaii), so it’s understandable you may be stuck training indoors.  While a lot of you out … Read More Here

Garmin Edge 500 In Depth Review

  When the Garmin Edge 500 was first announced earlier this fall at Interbike, the message around its purpose in life was clear: A full featured GPS based cycling computer that’s lean and mean, aimed at keeping a low profile … Read More Here

Friday Tidbits

As part of some upcoming work travel trips I’ve been filling out a crap-ton of visa applications for different countries.  I have a list of some 31 countries, of which I’ll be visiting about a third of over the next … Read More Here

Garmin Forerunner 310XT In Depth Review

  When the Garmin Forerunner 310XT was announced earlier this spring, it represented the next logical evolution from the Garmin 305. It promised many of the features triathletes were looking for, while also promising to still appeal to the single-sport … Read More Here

Friday Tidbits

Without a doubt, the most important item to call out this morning, actually occurred this past Sunday morning.  As some of you will remember, my Mom’s been training for her first triathlon this summer.  And on Sunday, she officially became … Read More Here

The Almost Half-Iron

Just a quick training update (see, I can be quick on occasion). Yesterday I did a nice brick in the mountains, starting from Luray.  Luray is a town in the shadow of Skyline drive, where I usually do my long … Read More Here

Going really really really long with your Forerunner 305

One of the most common complaints with the Forerunner 305 is that for most age group athletes is its battery life – limited to about 10 hours on a good day.  This precludes many folks from being able to use … Read More Here

How to race tri’s with a Garmin Forerunner or Edge

While I have many posts on how to get the most from your Garmin Forerunner, it was pointed out to me recently that I don’t actually have any posts on how best to race with it.  So this one will … Read More Here

Garmin Edge 705 In Depth Review

I picked up the Garmin Edge 705 back a few months ago in early September after going out for a 15 mile bike ride and while getting horribly lost I/we ended up cycling 50 miles. Amazingly, she still stuck with … Read More Here

Spot Tracker Review

Here’s the third post in as many weeks reviewing various devices I’ve accumulated over the past year.  As always, these are more for long-term reference that people find than they are for daily readers.  Although I think many of you … Read More Here

Garmin Forerunner 405 in depth review

I picked up the Forerunner 405 back when it first came out this spring, and have been using it over the summer and into early fall. I was super excited about the 405 when I first heard of it about … Read More Here

How to download workouts/race plans into your Garmin Forerunner/Edge

Just for the fun of it back a little while ago I decided to input my Nation’s Tri bike race plan into my Garmin device.  It was a super-simple two step plan, so I didn’t have to worry about a … Read More Here

How to ski with your Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS

Like most Garmin users, I’ve run with my Forerunner, as well as the normal mountain or road bike journeys.  But as frequent readers will know, I’ve also pushed mine a bit more.  I’ve taken it on lake and ocean swims, … Read More Here

The Trifecta

Yesterday was a busy-bee day here in Seattle. I had three sports planned, plus a full day of work sandwiched in between. It started off with a hour long bike ride out to Alki point and back (from downtown along … Read More Here

Garmin Tip: How to clean the contacts on your GPS

Have you noticed that your Garmin 305 (or similar) takes longer and longer to first initiate a data dump to the computer?  My guess is it’s probably that your contacts that are dirty.  No, not the ones in your eyes … Read More Here

Sport Tracks 2.0 Released!

Woohoo! Sport Tracks 2.0 was released earlier this week.  I had been beta testing it a bit for a few months now, and it’s awesome.  Here’s a quick overview of some of the new stuff. For those of you not … Read More Here