Sport Tracks 2.0 Released!

Woohoo! Sport Tracks 2.0 was released earlier this week.  I had been beta testing it a bit for a few months now, and it’s awesome.  Here’s a quick overview of some of the new stuff.

For those of you not familiar with Sport Tracks – it’s a free application that allows you to tie into your GPS systems (or non-GPS if you’d like) and track your workouts. Kinda like the Garmin Training Center, or the Polar Training application, but only about 1,000 times better and more functional. It can pull in virtually all Garmin devices, Polar devices and Timex devices, plus a host of others – as well as anything that can do GPX (which is everything). If you haven’t tried it or used it – definitely give it a whirl. There is a very active user community, especially tri folks – so it’s got all of the features you need to track and analyze your workouts.

Some great new features have been added, especially around the reporting and graphing areas. Overall the UI is cleaned up quite a bit and there are a ton of little enhancements. Perhaps the biggest change though is the opened ability to add plug-ins from the community.  Check out some of these really cool ones:

  • Elevation Correction Plug-in: Ever finish a workout and look at the results and say “There’s no what I did that elevation gain/loss”?  Well, this little ST2 plug-in fixes that.  It uses far more accurate data from NASA to correctly remap your rides and runs.
  • Overlay Plug-in: Wanna compare last week’s run to this week’s run?  Was your heart rate higher for the same course?  Did the hill slow you down less this week than last?
  • Performance Predictor: We’ve all used the little calculators to convert our 10K time into a Half-Mary time.  Now have the computer do it for you.  With this plug-in the handy little calculator is built into Sports Tracks, and offers you the ability to pick any race/training run and have it spit out a predicted time set for other distances.
  • Power Predictor for Bike: Don’t have a Power Meter?  Me neither.  Well…how about having this little plug-in try and figure it out for you.  This takes in a ton of variables (like tire type, cadence and even wind speed pulled from local weather stations) and spits out predicted wattages.  Quite cool. 

    Here’s a quick graph using this plug-in for a nice afternoon ride back in October (and it pulls the exact weather data from nearby locations for that day):


    Oh, and you can use it to record the temps, humidity and wind chills for runs as well.  Check out this run I just analyzed from last summer (on the hottest day of the year, I was kinda curious how running seven miles would feel in 100* temps):


All of the above screen shots are just single panes of the larger application.  And remember, there’s tons of other free (in fact, all are free) plug-ins available, check out the full list.  Once you convert over from Garmin Training center, you’ll never look back.  Oh, and did I mention it’s free?

Version 2.0 is now available at:


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  1. Excellent news!

    I sure love that software. It’s definitely everything that Training Center should have been.

  2. This is when I feel like a chump for having the Garmin Forerunner 101 – it doesn’t plug into a computer! I totally need to upgrade…

  3. this post has too much analysis :) my brain hurts!

  4. i’m with dying water buffalo, too much data!! that bottom one looks like a little kids drawing though…he he.

  5. I will have to upgrade to the non-beta. I did not have much luck the the beta version. I seemed to lose all the information I put in every time I uploaded a new work out.

  6. Thanks for this post!!

    …. downloading furiously …..

  7. I REALLY wish this worked with Macs.

  8. For those with Macs, you can buy a program called Parallels (v. 3.0) for like $65 that will allow you to install and run Windows (and thus SportTracks) in what’s call a virtual machine. It’s what I do and it works like a charm.