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Hands on with Wahoo Fitness TICKR, TICKR RUN, and TICKR X


** Update: These products have since been upgraded. Check out the lastest In-Depth Review of the Wahoo TICKR and TICKR X here!**


Today, Wahoo Fitness announced three new products for the fitness market, and in doing so, started what they describe as a new push towards cross-platform support.

The three products are all heart-rate strap based, but with different (cumulative) features and slightly different price points.  They are as follows:

TICKR – Heart Rate

· Concurrent dual band heart rate with ANT+ and BLE (Bluetooth Smart)

TICKR Run – Heart Rate / Running Motion Analytics

· Everything above, plus…

· Treadmill Mode tracks speed and distance while on a treadmill

· Wahoo Running Smoothness tracks running form and efficiency

· Vibrate Functionality

TICKR X – Use with Any Sport / Memory / Post Workout Syncing

· Everything above, plus…

· Vibrate Functionality

· Motion analytics measures variety of motion from repetitions to swim laps to cross-training to cycling

· Workout now, sync later: Memory allows users to workout without a smartphone and auto-sync later (Note: In cached mode, it only syncs pace/time/calories)

The prices aren’t yet final, but will start at approximately $60US, and go up to roughly $100US.  The first two (TICKR & TICKR RUN) are scheduled to be available around March.  While TICKR X will be available in the April/May timeframe.

Features & Functions:

Looking at the features, the first and most common one is the dual-band ANT+ and BLE transmission.  This means that the unit will transmit just fine to ANT+ devices (like a Garmin watch), while at the same time transmitting to Bluetooth Smart phones and apps on those devices (or even the new Polar V800 or TomTom watches).


In talking with Wahoo about it yesterday, their push for 2014 is that all of their products will ultimately get dual-band support (concurrent ANT+ and BLE).  You’ve seen this already in some of their products like the Wahoo KICKR trainer and Wahoo RFLKT+ unit, but expect it to continue into any new products as well as revamping some of the other products they have in their stable.

As an interesting aside, on the Wahoo KICKR front, they will be releasing a firmware update to the KICKR that will enable it to act like a ANT+ to BLE bridge (like the RFLKT+).  This will allow you to use existing ANT+ cadence sensors (or even ANT+ HR straps) with Bluetooth Smart devices (such as iPads or iPhones) without a separate adapter.  Wahoo doesn’t yet have a timeframe for when this update will occur, but it sounded like the target was by summer at the latest. [Random 2019 Update: This never happened.]

Getting back to the heart rate straps, you’ll notice the addition of what Wahoo is calling “Running Smoothness”.  This is essentially the same stuff that was introduced on the Garmin FR620 as Running Dynamics (and also introduced by Scribe labs at roughly the same time as well).  These metrics will be in both the TICKR Run and TICKR X straps, and are based off of an internal accelerometer that measures ground contact time, cadence (stride rate), and pace and ultimately gives you smoothness score.

On the below non-final UI screens (far from final actually), you can see some of this being illustrated.  They’re able to start analyzing how much motion and bounce you have, and how it impacts your smoothness score.  On the left they chart this smoothness against pace, which is an interesting twist.  If you look at how Garmin does it, they only show Running Dynamics metrics charted against time/distance – and while you can start to correlate that yourself, the below chart against pace makes it really clear that pace tends to be the main component in shifts within running economy metrics.

Ultimately, running smoothness is simply a marketing term for what is effectively running economy.  It’s well known and understood that how efficient you are in your running stride has a substantial impact in your final finishing times (even if you have a lower VO2Max).  Simply looking at some of the fastest marathoners plotted against their variable VO2Max scores shows the impact of running economy.

smoothness-History-Pace (1) smoothness-Workout-Good

As you might guess from looking at the above screenshot on the left, there’s two things of note.  First is that Wahoo is working on rebuilding their app from the ground up.  You’ll see this down the road in a bit.  More importantly however, is that Wahoo is indeed determining pace from the strap.

This means that while indoors on a treadmill (or, I suppose a fun 200m indoor track), you’ll get pace and distance without having to wear a footpod.  While I wasn’t able to test that functionality yesterday, you can bet it’ll be one of the top test priorities in my in-depth review.  As it would be the first company to put pace detection in a HR strap (most do it in footpods, or within the watch itself).


Another piece of functionality found on the two higher end units is the vibration motor.  This will allow you to configure actions to trigger a vibration alert.  For example, you can setup the Wahoo App to automatically buzz every you complete a mile (lap) during a run.  Personally, I would name this feature ‘Buzz your Boobs’, but I’m not sure that’ll fly.

In the same vein as the vibrate functionality, they can also detect taps or touches.  For example, you could configure the unit to mark a lap whenever you tapped your chest (the HR strap pod).  Or, it could change the song.  Anything you want from within the Wahoo app is configurable (for those existing Wahoo users, it follows the same configuration as the button options for the RFLKT).


Before I wrap-up with the TICKR X’s unique features, there’s one that’s common to all units.

On the front of the unit you can see two little LED lights on the left/right sides.  These lights will blink during connection, indicating the strap is actively communicating (a handy way of double-checking that the battery is working).  You can see on the left the little blue light illuminated (hard to take a picture of in bright sunlight).


Last but not least, we get to the TICKR X.  The TICKR X is named that simply because it’s implying there’s features yet to be announced and/or decided (or, one could argue: yet to be figured out).  Essentially, a platform for continual development of new functionality.

Wahoo looks at the TICKR X as sorta the pinnacle of creativity when it comes to use of accelerometers.  In addition to all the stuff I’ve noted above, they’re also planning features including swimming detection.  They believe they can capture swimming metrics such as distance and pace data in the strap, and then download it afterwards to your phone for later analysis [Update Mar 2017: Note, this never happened].  Of course, it’ll also track heart rate too underwater without any issues (transmission of HR underwater doesn’t work across either ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart, it only gets about 1” of transmission distance).

They also believe they can apply this technology to other sport areas, such as cross-training (core training, gym routines) to track data and movements – similar in many ways to what the Motorola MOTOACTV did in later firmware updates across a variety of sports (i.e. tennis, yoga, etc…)

You’ll note the ‘Workout Now, Sync Later’ tag line.  This is because the TICKR X contains memory in it that allows it to store the data.  This enables you to train without having your phone or ANT+ device nearby. For example, you could go for a run and it would track pace/distance/heart rate/cadence/running smoothness all within the strap – and then later allow you to download that afterwards [Update: Mar 2017: You cannot offline sync running smoothness, just duration/heart rate/calories].


In talking with them, there are of course many new metrics that don’t fully line-up to existing standards.  For example, while Garmin does Ground Contact Time and Vertical Oscillation within their Running Dynamics, all of that is considered ‘Private ANT’, and not open to ANT+ members.  Wahoo is looking to go back to ANT+ and get some of that made into a specification that’s more widely accessible.  This would benefit not just them, but other companies like Scribe that are looking to leverage data in similar ways.

Further, it would benefit companies like Training Peaks and Strava.  Both of which Wahoo has talked to a bit about the technology.  While it’s one thing to have the Running Smoothness data within the app, it’s likely far more beneficial for the most interested endurance consumers to have that data visible in 3rd party apps such as Training Peaks and Strava.

Ultimately, it’ll be really interesting to see where Wahoo goes with this technology, and how accurate it can be made.

Thanks for reading!

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Hopefully you found this review useful. At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device. The reviews generally take a lot of hours to put together, so it’s a fair bit of work (and labor of love). As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well.

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. psywiped

    any timeline yet for how long before they have their speed cadence sensor with the memory available for ant+ the internal odometer feature on the Btle is nice I don’t always want to have to bring my sports watch or head unit on shorter rides but still want to track how many miles I do on the bike

  2. Matthias

    So it transmitts both ANT+ and BTLE but does not work as a “translation device” like the VIIIIVA to capture / send out e.g. ANT+ cadence data via BTLE, correct?

  3. ulgui

    Hi Ray! Great ‘preview’ as usual!
    I just got myself a TomTom multisport (with hr strap) and now I see all these new fancy HR sensor but hey sometimes you have to buy or you’d always wait.
    One quick question for you, it’s not possible to send BLE signal to two devices at the same time (for example my Tomtom watch and my iPhone) so it won’t be possible to have, for the same run, the info sent from the HR strap to my watch (while I’m running) and then after the run access all the fancy data inside the Wahoo app, will it? Only solution would be to use the TICKR X data storage feature? Have you tried this?

    • Interesting question. I’ll ask here in a bit when I see them later today again.

    • Sean

      I’ve got the same question! Would be nice to use with my TomTom watch, but then go and look at all of the efficiency data later. I suppose the question is, does the TICKR X store data if there is a device listening?

      $100 would be a bargain, too.

    • This is not supported by the BTLE spec.

      Sensors are Slave devices.
      Smartphones/Watches are Master devices.
      Slave devices may have only one connection at a time, while master devices may have multiple connections with different slave devices simultaneously.

      The two master devices would have to communicate with each other in order for them to switch slaves (sensors).

    • Actually, it is supported. The BLE spec was updated in 4.1 back about three weeks ago. Sensors can now support multiple masters. Details here: link to dcrainmaker.com

    • Hey DC!

      Did you get any word on this? Do I have to carry my iphone with me on runs to get the Tickr Run HR data? or can I download it after the run to my phone to find out my running data.

      I too use the Tom Tom Multisport, which is why I’m asking on this comment!

      Any help would be AMAZING!


  4. Matthew Player

    As this can store workouts, will it record heart rate whilst swimming??

    • morey000

      ^^^^ Best question. Will it store HR while swimming! 😉

      I’m already presuming it will clip into any similar strap. So far, I’ve found the garmin strap, with the mesh sections to be the most resistant to static spikes- but even that one needs help (contact gel, static guard spray).

    • Rob Iam

      I’m also very interested in the swim HR feature. Are they working with any other device manufacturers so that data can be synced? Or more specifically, I have the Finis Swimsense and I wondering if there is any discussion between the two?

    • BL

      I found the TICKRx works well with the Garmin’s premium HR soft strap well. A lot more comfortable as the sensor is in front of the strap and the sensor does not dig into my chest.

      So far no static spikes using it with the Garmin strap and I like the TICKRx with the watch or with the iPhone’ Strava app.

  5. Jan

    Will the TICKR X have the possibility to store (and later transmit) the raw accelerometer data in e.g. 10 Hz or 100 Hz for developers to work with?

  6. I’m curious if it will capture the RR interval for HRV tracking. The blue HR didn’t, and that’s the number one thing i’m looking for in my next BTLE HR Strap. Right now with Polars announcement the h7 looks better and better every day.

  7. Zen

    Graham: regarding the RR interval, 910XT supports it already (hidden in the menu). But how do you use the data? I turned it on for a few days and found no way to make sense of it.

  8. Jared

    I’ve got a question I’m hoping you can answer for me – I bought a MapMyFitness BLE HR strap, which is a pretty cheap, generic HR strap (but works well with all apps I’ve tested it with). What confuses me, though, is that when I’m at the gym, running on the treadmill, the treadmill can read the strap too (I believe it’s a Polar-brand).

    Do you have any idea how the strap is talking to the treadmill?

    • Hmm, that’s odd. Typically only Polar straps (or other analog straps) will transmit that information to units. I’m not aware of any Bluetooth Smart capable treadmills/equipment.

    • Jay

      I have same heart rate unit and mine is picked up by my iphone and any treadmill I run on (simultaneously). Not sure why, but I’m not complaining.

    • Frank Young

      The H7 (Polar) transmits both BLE and GymLink simultaneously. That is apparently what you have branded as MapMyFitness BLE HR strap.

  9. Tim

    I tried swimming with a HR strap once and soon found that strap around my belly, rather than my chest.
    With now two options coming down the pipeline (WAHOO TICKR, Polar V800), it would be great to get a review on feasibility or tips on how to make it work (Pool/Chlorine proof skin suits/ swimming tops?).


  10. steve knox

    Every BLE Wahoo device that I’ve purchased now has BLE/ANT+ capabilities. I should have waited 🙂

  11. Tisztul_A_Visztula

    Great to see the revival of a quasi Suunto Memory Belt, which was not ANT+ by the way, but let me repeat what I posted yesterday regarding another blog.

    “The simple solution would be to integrate the HR sensor with the logger. While it can be implemented as a memory belt on your chest (see Suunto’s Memory Belt), on your wrist it could be a simple watch with an optical or other sensor.

    To be honest I dunno why the manufacturers keep on launching separated wrist-based HR sensors if they already have watches in their palette. I bet people would agree on getting a bit thicker watch as a price for its operability underwater too”

    So dear fitness mates, where is the watch with a built in HR sensor, on which you can have a fast glance to check whether your HR is within your ideal training range? Huh?

    • Mark

      Integrating the HR sensor in the logger might work well for runners, in the form of a running watch, but it wouldn’t be of much use to cyclists.

    • Tisztul_A_Visztula

      Why? It would be, could be a broadcaster and your cycling computer can catch the hr data too.

    • Mark

      Because I don’t want to buy an expensive running watch with integrated HRM (if such a device is ever developed) only to use its HRM function with the cycling head unit I already have, when I can just use an inexpensive heart rate strap instead. Which is why I said such a device would be of little use to cyclists. That’s not to say I can’t see how such a device could be useful to runners, however.

    • Victor

      I posted a link in my first reply to said device as reviewed by Ray almost one year ago. So it has been developed. It’s not a logger though but is an optical wrist hr monitor watch. Unless you want to use it for both cycling and other activities, I’d rather save $100+ and get a hr transmitter only device.

  12. Anders Majland

    “Of course, it’ll also track heart rate too underwater without any issues”

    That makes it very interesting for me. Probably not much use in the pool but for outdoor with a wetsuit

    I’m still waiting for my Instabeat and since I’ve already invested in ant+ hrm/cadence and a 910xt it will be bit expensive to switch to Polar V800 and its swimming capabilities are still to be announces. Than i rather fork out $100 for a hrm recording belt that doubles as ant+ and bluetooth smart 🙂

    • Hu3ain

      I’m in a similar situation. But recording HR on the unit itself would create a 2nd output file to the 910xt activity. I’m not sure about syncing the two files. Or just bin one, depends if you’d rather have HR data or stroke metrics?

    • If you use tools like Training Peaks, you can upload two files from the same timepoint and it’ll overlay on top.

      I think it’s a bit too soon though to see how exactly the data will appear.

  13. Mikey

    I have an out there question. Would these work with the Magellan echo for pace etc data?

    • Charlie O

      I would have thought so. The Echo’s default app (though it works with several others) is the Wahoo app so I presume any changes in the app could also be displayed on the watch.

  14. jose

    i found something similar here
    link to engadget.com

    • Havelaar

      The armband from Scosche seems to be very promising, but no info yet on battery life and water resistance. Let’s wait and see.

      There are also Epson’s Pulsense.

      In addition, HR measuring earbuds have been announced by LG & Intel and Epson too.

      Hopefully, at least one of these products will allow me to retire my chest belts at least by the end of this year.

    • Havelaar

      No HR measuring earbuds from Epson.

    • Anders Majland

      #23 – interesting if it works in the water. Should solve the problem of a chest strap sliding down.

      Ray, hope your get your hands on one to review

    • Yeah, I’ve never had great success with chest straps underwater (on any product). It’s fine during the swimming, but as soon as I push off the wall (each length), it slides down – regardless of whether that’s an open turn, or a flip turn.

      I’ve tried a few of the suggestions without much success to date (twisting band, tightening band, moving higher up, etc).

    • Sander

      I’ve seen a guy use some sort of suspenders. looks like a bra but hey it worked for him 🙂

    • Yup…that’s crossing the line. 🙂

    • Sander

      What line would that be. We got a woman with a beard singing and women in mens trousers and guys in tights and sometimes make up.

      Maybe you can give it a try and review it for us as I dont swim that much.

      I used something like a surfing/tri top but really thin that held it in place but the downside was offcourse that its warmer.

  15. Skijeti

    Eagerly awaiting in-depth review, thx.

  16. J.Griffin

    My only problem & maybe I’m missing something, is that in one would need a fairly new phone to work via BLE. Is there not a way to work directly w/ a laptop and/or thru wi-fi (phone or computer)? A little backwards compatibility on BT would have been nice.

    • Anders Majland

      I could live with download via ant+ to the pc – just like i do with my garmin watch and a small suunto usb stick. Would be really nice if it was compatible with Garmin ANT Agent (My guess it could just pretend to be any garmin device and offload the exercise log. It would have to have a pretty accurate watch to time stamp it …)

    • The challenge is that backwards compatibility kills the product, literally. It’s the low-energy aspects of Bluetooth Smart that makes this work – the 1yr+ battery, etc. With full-scale Bluetooth, it’d likely only be 6-10 hours. Massive difference.

      That said, Windows 8.1 does support Bluetooth Smart devices, so I suspect you’ll see apps starting to leverage that. And as Anders noted, one could do stuff with the ANT+ side on Windows on any platform, today.

  17. empewu

    Why no one offers yet HR sensor implant to be implemented under your skin ? Could be both ANT+ and BLE 🙂

  18. Will it transmit stride data over ANT+? I wonder if I should get foot pod or just wait for this one.

  19. Lahrs

    I wonder what sort of feedback it could give about my xc ski technique? Maybe the accelerometer could measure ‘kick’?

  20. Niko

    So would you prefer this heart-rate straps over the one from 4iiii? Or does 4iiii still have something up in their sleves for CES?

    I’m trying to find a good Ant+/BLE strap to use it with a garmin device during cycling and with an Android phone while running.

    • It’s too early to tell, since the features aren’t yet in this strap. See today’s post for 4iiii’s announcements.

      That said, there’s a bit of divergence since they’re doing different things. For example, Wahoo isn’t doing bridging, whereas, 4iiii’s is. Meanwhile, 4iiii’s isn’t doing any of the more analytic stuff that Wahoo is doing.

  21. ken

    I’m a big Wahoo fan… Love their products. I’m confused about the How here.

    How does a HR strap measure speed and distance on a treadmill? A footpod I get… It is moving a stride length, properly calibrated, that = distance forwards + backwards.

    But on a treadmill, your upper body is relatively static, at least compared to your foot(pod).

    What is it measuring?

    • I suspect by reverse engineering vertical oscillation and doing some maths against stride rate they can probably come up with an estimation on stride length, at which point they can determine distance. Just a guess. Obviously, however they do it would be considered “The Secret Sauce”.

  22. Alan

    So hard to decide whats best to get me started running at the gym. I need to be able to monitor heart rate and I need to be able to get the data into Nike+, I only have an Android phone though.

    This is appealing to me, as long as it’s Android compatible and the Wahoo app is updated to export to Nike. In an ideal world the Nike plus android app would allow me to use the Mio Link and a Nike footpod but seems a lot of these companies wont use open standards.

  23. Eli

    Doesn’t the Viiiiva strap have the hardware internals to do everything the Tickr X can do. Know if they plan to expand the functionality there?

  24. Steve

    Any chance Wahoo will make the Tickr X work for us cross-country skiers? A cold phone inside a jacket pocket quickly becomes a cold, wet phone. I’d love to leave the phone in the car and get my heart rate data later.

  25. Eduardo

    Hello, this HR Straps can work with the new polar V800 and the Garmin 810 at the same time?

  26. Ted H

    Any more news on release date? still sometime in March 2014?

  27. Justin

    Ray, really looking forward to the in depth review. I am really excited about these straps, esp the tickr x. Any idea if it will include GPS data? I bring my phone with me on runs and rides with cyclemeter and would like to run without my phone and sync the data stored on the x.

  28. Michael

    Is there any benefit to this over their existing HR Blue when being used as a basic HR monitor via BT?

  29. Justin

    I’m looking for a watch that is compatible with the TICKR (ant+ and BTsmart) that is a cheap way for me to see heart rate at a glance. I’m tracking the rest of my metrics elsewhere but just need to see HR. Any ideas?
    Many thanks,

    • Any watch on the market except the current Polar units (and Nike+ unit) is compatible with the TICKR. The upcoming Polar V800 is compatible with the TICKR as well.

      The cheapest watch that’s compatible with the TICKR would probably be the Garmin FR60 or FR70.

    • Tyrell

      Hey Ray,

      Do you know if the TICKR Run works for the Garmin Fr15? I am having problems with it linking. Bluetooth seems to work fine (for the most part) android app support ehh, but the fr15 will not see the stride or heart.

    • It won’t send stride data on ANT+ today (the TICKR). But it will work on the ANT+ HR side just fine.

    • Tyrell

      I notice you stated the TICKR. Did you mean the TICKR run because that’s the one I have. Also you said “yet” does that mean they are possibly working on the stride data in the future? Thanks

    • Either/or (neither transmits running cadence on ANT+). On BLE, the TICKR RUN does transmit it. As for ‘yet’, it’s something they’re looking at doing over ANT+, but haven’t committed yet on it.

    • Don Montalvo

      TICKR-X does not provide stride rate, nor does Wahoo offer a Bluetooth stride rate sensor. I had to buy a Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth. Pairs fine with Wahoo Fitness app v5.3.2. HOWEVER as Wahoo support admitted, while Wahoo Fitness app CAN track stride rate coming from your Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth, it is UNABLE to upload to services such as Garmin Connect. I’m not a happy camper. I soooo WANT Wahoo to succeed, but its little bugs like this that make me want to drop Wahoo and buy Garmin Forerunner 920XT. 🙁

    • Carlton

      I was going to go with the TICKR-X but came to the same conclusion…that the Garmin Fenix 3 and HRM-Run was a more usable solution despite lacking bluetooth capability.

    • Tyrell, any luck getting your FR 15 to pick up the TICKR Run? I can’t get my FR 15 to pick up my new TICKR X.

  30. ThoR

    I bought a Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor a while back for my Nokia 1080 Windows Phone. As this phone has BT 4.0 Low Energy support I thought this heart rate monitor could be used with any BT 4 LE device, but it can’t! 🙁 I see that it actually says ” iPhone 4S and 5″ for that HR monitor now.
    Do we know if these new HR monitors also will be limited to newer iPhones, or will Wahoo use a open BT protocol so all Android and WP users with BT 4 LE can also use these?

    • Wahoo uses the standard/open Bluetooth Smart protocol across all devices, it doesn’t matter what it connects to (phone or device wise).

      On a Windows Phone (like that of an iPhone or Android device), you won’t connect to it in the Bluetooth Control panel, but rather through a compatible app. On Windows Phone, you can try out the Adidas app, which works with BLE devices, or the Bing Health app I believe does as well.

      Wahoo doesn’t make an app for Windows Phone.

    • skijeti

      ”On Windows Phone, you can try out the Adidas app, which works with BLE devices, or the Bing Health app I believe does as well.”

      Ray if one is using Adidas miCoach App on Windows 8.0 phones to connect with Ticker x does it mean it’ll have all the funcionality coming with the strap?

    • No, unfortunately not. It would take Wahoo Fitness either publishing an API to be able to access that information (they might), so apps could build support for it. Or, it would take Wahoo publishing a WP app.

  31. Velobob

    I see on the Wahoo site that they are taking orders now for the TICKR but not TICKR Run or TICKR X. Anyone got one yet?

    Also – I’ve been watching for an update to the Wahoo App to support TICKR but nothing yet as of March 8th. Any news on release date?

    • Justin

      I’ve been emailing with people from Wahoo about the TICKR run and x. Seems like the run will be available beginning of April. X, who knows. I’m at least waiting for the run. Just curious what the memory function will be used for. Presumably, recording data without needing to have a phone with you. If that’s it, not sure the additional cost over the run is worth it.

  32. Justin

    I’ve been emailing with people from Wahoo about the TICKR run and x. Seems like the run will be available beginning of April. X, who knows. I’m at least waiting for the run. Just curious what the memory function will be used for. Presumably, recording data without needing to have a phone with you. If that’s it, not sure the additional cost over the run is worth it.

  33. Angel Ortiz

    On my Note 3 I tries to connect my TICKR to “Runtastic” or “Polar Beat” on Bluetooth and i can’t get connected.
    I own the Polar H7 and connect correctly to Runtastic and Polar Beat on my Note 3.

    I ready buy the TICKR to get connected on S- Health on Ant+ and Runtastic or Polar Beat on Bluetooth Smart on my Note 3.

    The TICKR are no instructions on the box or the website

    No suport from wahoo

  34. Really looking forward to the Tickr Run. Looks like their product page was updated for the regular Tickr and is available to order now. Any word on the Run version?

  35. ZP

    Great reviews! I have been looking for a simple way to compare the Viii to the Tickr. I have Garmin ANT devices but have always preferred my Polar HR software. Why would I chose the Tickr over the Viii or vice versa? Again, thanks for all the reviews. they have been a huge help.

    • It’s too soon to say to be honest. Main reasons for the TICKR (Run) over the Viiiiva would be the additional run tracking. Whereas on the Viiiiva, it would be more of the bridging aspect. Both dual-transmit HR on ANT+ and BLE, so if that’s all your after, it’s a wash.

  36. Mike

    Would the TICKR RUN or X be able to broadcast ANT+ or BT to a watch (for instance the TomTom Multisport) and show the run metrics for cadence, pace, etc on the watch itself? Or does it only broadcast these metrics to the wahoo app? It would be benefitial if you had a ANT+ bike computer and a bluetooth watch and needed the dual band HR while still wanting to display the run metrics on a watch as well.

    • Yes, it broadcasts HR to both concurrently – all TICK units do.

      However, the rest of the pieces isn’t yet clear, since those units (RUN/X) haven’t been delivered yet.

  37. Paul

    How does the battery life on a TickR model compare to the standard Bluetooth heart rate strap?

    You made mention of an upgrade to the Kickr product that allows it to interface with an Ant+ heart strap and communicate with an iPad with out the dongle. I just ordered a Kickr…does this mean my Garmin HR strap will work with my Wahoo fitness application on my Ipad?

  38. John Kilpatrick

    It sounds like for me as a cyclist the TICKR X is the way to go, but it’s not here yet. Sadly, right now I wear both a BTLE and an ANT strap in the gym. I might buy a regular TICKR, but if it’s really just a couple of months for the X to come out that’d be dumb for just two months.

  39. Andrew Tixerant

    Ray, I just bought a Fenix 2 will this heart rate monitor support/transmit the run efficiency metrics (cadence, vertical etc) to the watch?
    First comment/question
    Brilliant website

  40. Ryan Diedrich

    Hi Ray, thank you for the helpful reviews.

    I was curious if you anticipate the cycling cadence to be compatible and displayed on most Garmin Watches (610 and/or fenix 2) while in an activity?

    Thank you

  41. Ben

    Would the TICKR Run running smoothness metrics work with a Garmin FR610? I am assuming it wouldn’t be available as fields on the watch, but would the data show up in Garmin Connect or Training Peaks?

    • No, unfortunately not. Two different issues at play there. The first is that the FR610 simply doesn’t support it, nor even know to listen for it. Then, there’s the issue of the TICKR not actually broadcasting the version that Garmin would read (such as on the FR620). And finally (ok, so a third issue), is that Training Peaks doesn’t yet support Running Dynamics (GC does). Phew!

    • Ben M

      Ah, bummer! Thanks for the response Ray. I guess the TICKR Run is really just for people who run with their phones.

    • Ultimately, it’ll also save that information so that you don’t have to run with your phone, but just download from it later on.

    • Eduardo

      So if I wear that during my work exercice it will record Hr,cadence,etc?
      And it will transmite either to a wacth?for exemple the F2?

      And the Wahoo X, will save exercice sugest as Crossfit or Calestenics?

    • Yes and no. It won’t transmit it to the watch, but will transmit all that to the phone.

      The Wahoo X is honestly still a bit of a mystery. Not 100% sure Wahoo knows exactly either. Hence the ‘X’ part.

    • David

      Hi Ray
      Regardless of final specs, do you know what timing Wahoo are working against for the Tickr X?
      Tnx – dB

    • It’s sounding like mid-late May in a best case scenario.

    • Tim

      I was thinking I’d need to wait for the X to get ‘workout now, sync later’ functionality?

      I only ask because I may be looking to replace my HR soon, and having the dynamics available…. Even if only after the fact may be handy.

      Also, any knowledge on wahoo and the tickr for static and erratic readings? I know you’ve mentioned the HRM3 from Garmin is better since a summer software update, but how about alternatives like wahoo’s?

  42. Deb

    Just called my local big chain bike shop and they are shipping the TICKR in 5-6 days, the TICKR Run in 6-8 weeks, and the TICKR X in 2-3 months. Are the transmitters interchangeable with other brands’ straps? I use a HRM on my horse, snapped into a polar equine belt. Will it fit? This is one reason why I am interested in the X model – I can work my horse from the ground which could likely disrupt the transmission of the signal to my watch if we get too far apart. How far does this HRM strap transmit?

  43. Tony

    Tickr Run finally available for order…got mine in first thing this morning. Hope it gets here this week, I’d like to use it during my Navy fitness test next weekend.

    • The Run was on their website, but now is gone. My order went thru and now I have an email into support to see when it will actually ship.

    • Tony

      I’ve been in touch with Cris at Wahoo support regarding the same thing. It looks like they were making some updates to their website and opened it up a bit for order before they were ready (at the lower price of the basic Tickr too). He said they’d honor the order and I just received notification that mine shipped today. Woohoo for Wahoo! Looks like we’ll be getting one early and at a $20 savings, although if it works as advertised, they’ll definitely have my business again in the future.

    • @Tony

      Received the same info. Should have the Tickr Run today! Awesome support by Wahoo. Will definitely buy from them again. The Run is exactly what I needed for the treadmill. I’ll be sure to get the X once it is released for other activities! 🙂

    • Rob

      I was in the same situation–ordered the TICKR Run before they were ready–and received it last night. I played with it this morning during a bike ride (I know, a bit of irony in getting a running focused monitor and biking to break it in), and it’s working great. I certainly didn’t do exhaustive testing, but I didn’t see any dropouts during my ride. Really happy with Wahoo’s products and the customer service.

  44. Neil

    Hi Ray,
    I would be interested in finding out from your review whether the Tickr Run and X will be as accurate as the Polar strap in measuring heart rate variability. I am considering getting the Polar V800 for running so don’t want to lose that functionality by getting a Tickr strap.


    • I don’t expect any specific issues there, since it’s all ECG and the spec is pretty clear on how to implement. I started a discussion with them yesterday on the RR/HRV piece.

    • Linda

      I contacted Wahoo on the RR/HRV thing yesterday and they said the Tickr is RR/HRV capable.
      Mentioned on the V800 first look page: I’m looking for a dual sensor that I can use for both the V800 and Garmin Edge 510. With the Tickr now also supporting RR/HRV, I should be good, right.

    • Linda

      Here’s their API documentation. link to api.wahoofitness.com (scroll down a bit to find “rrIntervals”)

    • Greg

      It seems that the Wahoo TICKR does not provide the proper RR interval for the V800 as it does not work for any of the fitness tests or the RR recording feature. It does provide HR data for workouts though based on my initial look. The 4iiii works even less with the V800.

  45. Sebastien

    FYI – I have done a few runs with Polar H7 and Polar Stride Sensor. Wahoo Fitness app does a go job in connecting and recording the data. The HR and speed curves look smooth in the app, but when I upload to TrainingPeaks my speed curve is full of spikes and I get too high/inaccurate TSS. Wahoo Support is telling me it maybe a bug in the way they upload data from their app to TP, but cannot confirm or provide a ETA.
    Has anyone observed similar issue?

  46. Huub Raemakers

    Any news on HRV/RR measurement with the Tickr?

  47. JohnO


    Do you know if the TICKR X has the ability to capture swimming metrics and occasionally sync with the app without starting and stopping the capture? So if you had your phone on the side of the pool and stood up occasionally allowing the TICKR X to sync to check lap count/distance.

    I look forward to the in depth review of the X.

    Thank you,


    • That’s the plan.

      Though, at the moment I don’t have a TICKR X strap, and Wahoo is saying late June at the earliest. I have a feeling it’ll be later.

      Thus, I’m only working on a TICKR RUN review at the moment. Cheers.

  48. Ben

    I didn’t want to bug you but I’m extra frustrated and have no idea what to do, was wondering if you’ve ever seen a situation like mine.

    Got all into researching HR monitors, GPS, etc. and naturally found your site. Decided on a Suunto Ambit2. Bought it new on eBay (might have been a mistake) and bought a Tickr from Wahoo on Amazon. I cannot get the Tickr to connect to my watch reliably.

    I have an older android phone, and found a cheesy app that at least sees the Tickr and reads flawlessly (or seems to, it holds values if I pull the sensors off my chest, but seems to respond well when I do jumping jacks).

    Is it possible the Tickr isn’t transmitting the ANT+ signal correctly, but the bluetooth side is working? It’s just real flaky with the watch, seems to be right on when I first turn on the watch and am sitting still, but either reads a steady but much lower than actual value or drops out when moving. I read and followed all your (and to a lesser extent others’) advice including changing batteries, washing, ensuring moisture, no synthetics, and proper tightness. The bluetooth doesn’t seem to have that problem with my phone, but disconnects instantly if I unstrap it.

    I really hope it’s not the watch… thinking about buying a second strap to see, and look into a return for the Tickr if the second one works, but I don’t want to bleed money! The Tickr just seemed so great since it had both capabilities.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you very much for your site, it’s great reading the reviews at the level of detail you put in!


    • Trickycoolj

      I’m having a lot if Ant+ issues with my Tickr too. Just emailed Wahoo support and they said to update the firmware to correct the Ant+ issues but I believe I’m using the most current firmware. I’m using the Suunto Ant+ USB stick on my PC with Trainerroad and only have about 6 hours of use on the Tickr so I don’t believe it’s a battery issue unless the shipped it with an almost empty battery. I shouldn’t be havingn contact issues as I wear it under my sports bra strap and I sweat plenty to keep the contacts engaged. Never had issues with my old Wahoo Blue Hr or my really old Timex strap. Waiting for the next reply from Wahoo, but I suggest you also contact them. Maybe the latest firmware doesn’t fix the bugs like they thought.

    • steve knox


      I’m having the same exact issues with my Tickr Run. All of my other Wahoo and Magellan gear pair flawlessly. Run will connect, but then drop the pair a few moments after I start my run. I just submitted a service ticket. They’re generally really great with follow-up so I hope to have this resolved soon.

    • James M

      I had the exact same problem, it seems that the Ambit is very fussy. There’s some magic to do in their app to enable loading of “beta” firmware that fixes the problem.

  49. Jonathan


    Just bought the Wahoo TICKR and compare the metrics with my Garmin 620. It appears that there are more than 40ms of difference between ground contact floor between each device for the same workout. So which device is the most reliable?

    I put the curves for GCT for comparison at this address: link to hpics.li

    As you can see the shape of the curves are the same but not at all the same values. 40ms value is huge to me.

  50. If you would use the TICKR RUN HRM combined with a garmin 620 or fenix 2, would it then also give the exact same running dynamics data like with the original garmin RUN HRM?

    • Not at this point. They are considering adding in ANT+ cadence, but with the FR620 or Fenix2 you’d have that in the unit already (no HRM-RUN required).

      They have also toyed around with emulating the HRM-RUN’s Running Dynamics transmission, but that’s private (Garmin) at the moment and isn’t public.

    • As far as i know, the HRM included in the fenix 2 performer bundle is a HRM-RUN since it also has the same logo on it. (same HRM as in the FR620)

      I haven’t tested it yet but i suppose the running dyamics data won’t show up with a normal HRM.

      Am i correct?

      I was thinking of buying this TICKR band to send data to sportstracker (bluetooth) and my fenix 2 as the same time while biking so in this case i don’t have any need for the run version or the TICKR HRM. think i will go with the normal version then

  51. Huub Raemakers

    Tyler Harris (Wahoo Fitness Support)
    May 28 11:27 AM

    Hi Huub,

    The TICKR does support RR/HRV via Bluetooth 4.0. There are a few apps on the iPhone that accommodate this. You will need to check with Polar to see if they have support for this. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    link to itunes.apple.com
    link to usacycling.org



  52. steve knox

    It appears my connectivity issue was due to the fact that BlueHR was the default monitor. While Tickr Run paired with the app, the app would seek out BlueHR during activity. I unpaired BlueHR and it connected immediately and stayed active during my run yesterday. I did, however, run into issues on my ride today. About 5 minutes of my hour ride were sans HR. All other BLE pieces held connectivity well (RFLKT and SC). Frustrating. When it works, Tickr is great and I can see the benefits of the smooth features. I just need consistency.

  53. Kristin

    Hi – two quick questions. On the old Blue HRM, the graphic showed a runner, cyclist, and what appeared to be a rower….do you know if it was a rower? I’m a competitive rower and am very interested in the TICKR X because we cannot row with our iPhones in the boat. Even with a LifeProof waterproof case, the iPhone tends to overheat while we are out on the water, thus the functionality of the X being able to log/save our workout and then connect with the app later would be key. This product would completely stand apart from the rest and would gain a huge market with rowers (and most of us cycle and run as cross-training), especially at the masters, collegiate and elite levels. Last, without the iPhone in the boat, it would still be good to have a basic visual of HR during our training. Am I correct in assuming that we could use something as basic as a FR70 or other basic HRM watch (except those from Polar) to see our HR while training and then later get the rest of the data from the app post-workout? Love your reviews, by the way! Thank you!!

  54. JohnO


    Do you know how the Tickr X will start/stop data capture? Will the capture need to be initiated with a phone or watch or will you be able to start and stop data capture with a tapping gesture?

    Thank you,


  55. Timmetje

    Hi Ray,

    Do you know if the Wahoo Tickr Run will broadcast the run metrics to Garmin 910 as well? The 910 support contact time, cadence etc. as data fields, but I wouldn’t know if this works over the open version of ANT as well.

    Thanks in advance,

    • No, not at this time. But they are considering adding ANT+ transmitted cadence to the unit. For now, the FR910XT will only get heart rate.

    • Timmmetje

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know if the ANT+ transmitted cadence is available already? Because the unit is already for sale. Or will this be a software update in the near future?


    • Timmmetje

      In addition, will this be the same for the Tickr X?

    • No, it’s not there today on any TICKR straps. It would be a software update, starting with the TICKR RUN, but also inclusive of the TICKR X. Again, they’re still considering it, so it’s not a done deal.

  56. Rafael


    Did wahoo released any news about the Tickr X release date?


  57. Ari

    My mini-review of the Wahoo TICKR RUN can be found here:
    link to arijaycomet.com

    While I’m not even close to being as in depth and hard-core as Ray, I’m one of those people who really loves technology especially how it integrates with fitness. And it was a neat thing to compare the TICKR RUN to the Polar hardware my wife was already using for her running. Check out my review/testing above. And thanks as always to Ray for your great site and your amazing reviews! 🙂

  58. Thomas

    Hi Ray,

    when I got it correct, at the moment only the Wahoo App is working with the additional “Running Smoothness” data. Do you expect that the other Apps like Runtastic, RunKeeper … will start using this data soon?

    Vielen Dank

  59. Gen

    What is direct competition to tickr X? I am getting tired of waiting for it and if technology is already out there developed. Which would it be? Thanks.

    • There’s nothing out there in the same category or planned features of the TICKR X. Which, is likely why it’s not here today.

    • Gen

      Thanks for the info. Sound like it is the latest and greatest in HRM and Tracking Sensors until the Iwatch arrives. they better get their in gear before then!

  60. Steve Knox

    I ran into connectivity issues with my Tickr Run with both the ismoothrun and wahoo apps. I contacted customer service and we went through a trouble shoot process. After all was said and done, I think the unit that was shipped was just ‘wonky’. They replaced it and my new one paired right away with minimal issues. I occasionally lose connectivity with the strap when my phone is in my back pocket on my bike. If I sit up and adjust my strap it will show properly on RFLKT. Overall, very pleased with the product and service provided!

  61. Prat

    Does the vibration Alert include alerts for Target Heart Rate to stay in the heart rate zones ? This would be important to know for zone training..

  62. JohnO


    Have you received a Tickr X to review yet? Just wondering how close this is to being released. Are you still thinking this will be released late summer?

    Thanks for all that you do,


    • No, I don’t have one. And I don’t expect it to be released anytime soon. Perhaps by late summer, but I think that might be optimistic.

    • Gen

      Why do you think it will be this long? Thanks

    • Well, no earlier than late summer, since that’s what they sent out in an e-mail a few days ago.

      But, I think that’s optimistic. The reason is that just as they implied way back in January, the ‘X’ is a bit ambiguous. And I don’t think they really have a concrete idea of how to accomplish some of the things they’re looking at. Some are easy (like memory), but others (like swimming) are really tricky – especially in the body position they’re trying to measure.

  63. Stefan

    Ray, also note that they just pulled the Tickr X from their website where it used to be shown as ‘Coming Soon’ next to the other 2 versions.

  64. RAFrisk2

    Been watching the comments here and Wahoo’s site for some time in anticipation of X’s release. Saw they removed the TickR X from the site with no more “Coming Soon”. Here is some further evidence of its targeted release from a chat with Wahoo Support.

    Jonathan V
    Jonathan Vejjajiva (Wahoo Fitness Support)
    Jun 26 11:25 AM

    RAFrisk2 has joined the room

    Jonathan Vejjajiva 11:18:
    Hi there. How can I help today?

    RAFrisk2 11:18:
    I see the Tickr X is no longer shown as “coming soon” if its release has been postponed for significant amount of time I will stop waiting for it and get the Tickr Run

    Jonathan Vejjajiva 11:19:
    It is still coming, there is just more testing to be done and we decided to take it off the website to avoid confusion.

    RAFrisk2 11:20:
    I have seen some info on DC Rainmaker as it is possible it will be released late summer. Is that still the target?

    Jonathan Vejjajiva 11:20:
    That is the target.

    RAFrisk2 11:22:

    Jonathan Vejjajiva 11:24:
    Let us know if you ever need anything else!

  65. errol viquez

    Hi Ray!
    Do you know why the Tickr Run doesn’t appear on the amazon web page, just the Tickr? I want to buy one, but I can’t find it on this page!!!

    • It simply comes down to Wahoo loading the products into Amazon. It doesn’t appear as tough they’ve loaded the TICKR RUN. Not sure if it’s simply a clerical thing, or a purposeful thing. Often times Wahoo prefers to sell products on their websites exclusively for a period of time (usually 1-2 months).

  66. scott

    have read this review and the 4iii viiiiva review. Very confused. Want a HRM for cycling. I have a Samsung G5 with both Ant+ and BT that I always carry, but not using a cycle computer as I have garmin 810 for that..

    Can someone simply give me the pros and cons of each or why I would want one of these HRM over the other.

    I am looking to have the most flexibility so I can purchase as few monitors as possible. Appreciate any feedback. thanks! DC, thanks for the link on clever training for the 810. Saved me $40, I owe you a beer.

    • With the G5 there’s no real value bridging for you in Viiiia, since you can use ANT+ sensors or BLE sensors (since it contains both). Thus, I’d simply choose a dual-capable HR strap (only because some apps don’t permit ANT+ connections on Android), so you can use BLE or ANT+. Within that, the options are heart rate strap or optical. I personally like the Scosche RHYTHM+ band, simply because it’s not a heart rate strap. On the flip side, the Wahoo TICKR Run strap also does a bit more than the average bear (as noted above).

  67. Jiri Sladky

    I have Wahoo TICKR RUN (firmware 1.5.18) and I am not able to pair it with the Polar LOOP (firmware 1.1.7). Have somebody same experience or some idea how to pair it together?

  68. Peter

    CONSTANT HEART RATE DROPS. ZERO RELIABILITY! USELESS DATA FOR AVG HEART RATE, CALORIES, TRAINING ZONES!! My nightmare with Wahoo began with the Blue HR heart rate monitor, predecessor to the TICKR. Shame on me for continuing the torture with TICKR. The TICKR has proven to be a much sadder tale. I have been using heart rate monitors to train with since the 90’s. Had the fist issue Garmin back in the day. I’m a practiced hand at working with their quirks and they all have them. Nothing prepared me for the unreliability of the Wahoo heart rate monitors. I travel and having one less device to keep charged and remembering to pack is worth a lot to me. Using my iPhone to track distance and heart rate is a very nice trick. The Wahoo Blue HR held out this promise…..but failed to deliver. After months of struggling with customer service to get my Blue HR working properly I was unable to give up on the dream and after reading DC Rainmakers test review I went with the TICKR thinking the kinks had been worked out. NOT! No matter the battery level of the strap, electrode gel used, strap tension, phone Bluetooth reset, iPhone reset and on and on. Customer service will lead you down a crazy rabbit hole to zero resolution. Much like the display on the phone app. “0”, when it’s not jumping up to some unrealistic number over 200 on an easy trot or dropping to 40 bpm when doing hill work. What baffles me is how Whaoo managed to get cozy with Apple for a short while with this track record. I noticed the Apple store I visit most often pulled their Blue HR shortly after I purchased mine. While waiting, again, for Wahoo support, I’ve recently tried the Pear monitor to much better results. Wahoo may have built the first Bluetooth heart rate monitor but they’ve got a lot to learn.

  69. JohnO

    I just bought the Tickr Run a couple of weeks ago and after a week of use the battery died. I replaced it thinking maybe it shipped with a bad battery and the new battery only lasted week as well. Has anyone else had a problem with there Tickr Runs killing batteries?



    • It sounds like it may not be going to sleep properly. Or, you just got a batch of bad batteries. I’d ring up Wahoo Support and have them swap it out. Every few months I hear of a similar issue with various straps from all companies. It’s almost always some sort of electrical short that keeps the strap in the ‘on’ mode, effectively powering it 24×7 – thus simulating a year in about a week.

    • Pugazhendhi

      Possibly remove the chest strap and keep it away from the monitor. I suppose you may have tried that. But I hard learned that one , when I got my Suunto heart rate monitor.


  70. Hilton Bastick

    Dittos on the release date for the Tickr X, I don’t see any info on Wahoo’s site concerning the X. Maybe they scrapped that portion of the lineup?

  71. scott

    I purchased a tickr last week, got it on wed, map my ride on my G5 saw it on BT, worked great. Got an edge 810 on Sat, paired up, worked no problem via ant+. Was very accurate. I am worried about the battery issue as I have yet figured out how it turns on and off! But I am impressed and plan to use ANT+ outside with the Garmin and my phone with BT in the gym. So far, very happy with my purchase.

  72. Tripod

    HI Ray. I have a question. Will the Wahoo Tickr work with the Polar BlueTooth V800? I have an Garmin Edge 510 and looking at buying a Polar V800. Would like one strap to be able to use both devices.

    • Yes, it’s compatible with all of those. Note there are some minor limitations of the TICKR with the V800 though as far as some of the advanced features that require the Polar H7. Check out my V800 review and the Bluetooth section to understand those limitations.

  73. Mitch

    Are you aware of any apps on Windows Phone which will support the Tickr?

    Do you see this changing with 8.1 rolling out?

    thanks M

  74. Piotr Sk

    Do you know if the Wahoo app would support the Running Motion Analytics while using Polar Bluetooth Stride sensor?
    Do you know if there is an app for iPhone to do so?

  75. Random DC Nick

    Ray – Do you have any purchase links for this? Would like to help you out if I can.

  76. Ryan

    So I’ve scoured a few forums but I’m curious about this little covered option: If own a compatible GPS watch (Ant+/BLE) can I link this wahoo HRM strap to it without also having a connection to a smart phone?

    I see lots of information regarding concurrent BLE/ANT+ connections… however there are times when I don’t really want to bring my smartphone with me. I’d like to be able to use this as a simple ANT+ HRM strap with my ambit…does that just work?

  77. Steve

    Do you know if either ismoothrun or wahoo will offer a multisport function on their apps to go along with these new straps. I love Tickr Run and would like to be able to use transition buttons on my Echo.

  78. Michael Erb

    I’ve been cycling with the Tickr Run using the iPhone5s Wahoo Fitness app along with my Garmin Edge 500.

    I think so far I like it but I can’t seem to get my Garmin Cadence sensor data into the app. Reading through this thread it seems that this is because Ant+ for cadence isn’t supported? Is that correct?

  79. MH

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for pointing it out that the TICKR X is about to hit the market (I’m in the Netherlands, hope it will even arrive there..) I’ve been looking for a good Memory Belt-like device for years!

    I have 2 questions about uploading data:

    Is it be possible to upload the HR data from a swim session not only to a mobile, but also to a Garmin Fenix 2 (or another ANT+/BLE GPS watch), like the Suunto Ambit 3 will do?

    On the Wahoo site I read that you can upload training data to a number of sites, or email data in .tcx files. Is it also possible to _not_ upload or email the training data at all, and just leave it stored on the phone (for later retrieval via USB)?

    Dreaming on, any chance to upload the data directly to a PC using an ANT+ USB adapter..?

    It would be nice if you have time to answer.. but with the number of questions you get..

    BTW My hat’s off to you for all your excellent posts, and all the Q&A is really very helpful.

    • 1) No, uploading data only to the app (or other apps that support it). But devices like the Fenix2 or Ambit3 would have to be coded to understand it. I definitely don’t expect that to happen.

      2) By default the Wahoo App doesn’t upload/sync it anywhere, that’s a manual action. Thus, it’s just stored on your device until you tell it to go somewhere else via the export function in the app.

      3) No upload via USB functionality or via ANT+ adapter with USB. The transfer happens over Bluetooth Smart, but that requires the app to understand how to communicate with it. I don’t expect to see Wahoo create a PC/Mac app for that.

    • MH

      Thanks Ray!

      This TICKR X does 90% of what I want.. so when it gets here, I’ll snatch it up. Can’t wait!

  80. MH

    According to someone from a Dutch webshop where you can pre order the Tickr X, it may arrive around mid Oct in the Netherlands.

  81. AceSquared

    I have a Suunto Ambit2 watch that the Tickr pairs with through ANT, but it is registering about half the heart rate that I know I’m getting to. e.g.: Actual bpm is 140, it shows as 70 on the watch. Any suggestions?

  82. Joachim Nielsen

    “As an interesting aside, on the Wahoo KICKR front, they will be releasing a firmware update to the KICKR that will enable it to act like a ANT+ to BLE bridge (like the RFLKT+). This will allow you to use existing ANT+ cadence sensors (or even ANT+ HR straps) with Bluetooth Smart devices (such as iPads or iPhones) without a separate adapter. Wahoo doesn’t yet have a timeframe for when this update will occur, but it sounded like the target was by summer at the latest.”

    Has this been sorted out by Wahoo yet?

  83. Hi Ray, with the release of the TICKR X set, is it know if the running dymaics are matched up with Garmins private running dynamics. You mentioned above that Wahoo weer going back to Garmin to get the extra put into the ANT+ standard.
    Did that occur? Do you know if Strava/Sporttracks etc will be able to store and display this data?
    Would the TICKR X be a replacement for the Garmin HRM-R strap (used with a Fenix 2)

    I do miss the Viiiiva’s ability to bridge ANt+ and bluetooth since moving to the HRM-R strap but the extra metrics of the HRM-R strap have me sticking with the garmin.

    • No, it’s not compliant with Garmin’s Running Dynamics at this point. I don’t believe that ST is supporting Wahoo’s flavor (they do Garmin’s). I’d actually e-mail them though, simply to register interest. Aaron (founder of ST) and his crew are generally very receptive to users asking for stuff.

  84. Richard

    Purchased the Tickr Run about a month or so ago. Thought it was advertised as just what I needed. (I wanted something to tie into my iPhone 5s, etc when the “winter” comes and most of my running is on a treadmill).

    So far I’ve tried to calibrate the Tickr R about a million times with no luck whatsoever when it comes to the treadmill. Other than that it’s a good product. Unfortunately for me it’s not what I bargained for — a hook up with my iPhone on the treadmill. Of course —- should have looked at other reviews on the Tickr R before buying it.

    Anyone know if Wahoo is going to do anything about it?? — Other than “oh, well, it should be able to be calibrated”!!!

  85. Marcel

    Great review, Can you comment on the straps reliability of the heart rate monitoring. (refering back to your reviews of using the polar heartrate strap with a garmin transmitter). ie are there any issues you found where it dropped out recording the heartrate?

  86. Tordnado

    Hi! With the tickr x will I be able to set my pulse zone (in the app) and after that have it vibrate if im outside the zone if Im running without an IPhone. If thats possible Ill get one asap 🙂

  87. chukko

    And the Tickr X has been released already – available on sale in the US (see link to facebook.com).
    Unfortunately the website only shows EU version, despite switching to the US. Bummer ..

  88. Lewis

    Thanks for the review sir! I am wondering where is the feature that you explained the TICKR can be configured to switch songs or buzz the HR strap when a certain distance is reached?

    I use the latest Wahoo fitness app for running on my iPhone 5S (v4.3.0 – 20140829.2) and my TICKR is on the latest firmware, but can’t see any of these features implemented?


  89. Frank andreasen

    Hi rainmaker
    First off all i love Your detailed reviews

  90. Frank Andreasen

    strange all my comment disappeared before ?
    i bought a tickr run a month ago just to try and look into the running dynamics on the wahoo app at the same time as i get heart rate into my garmin watch which works perfect.
    yesterday after my evening run my watch somehow deleted my workout so i imported the workout from wahoo fitness to garmin connect and to endomondo(where i tracks a training plan) and suddenly i had running cadence at both sites 🙂 in endomondo the cadence is spot on but in garmin connect i have to devide the average number by 2 because garmin apparantly doubles the cadence and wahoo has allready the total cadence calculated
    but all in all it works fantastic

  91. Rob

    Regarding the Tickr Run or Tickr X-
    1. For indoor runs on a treadmill- how accurate is the built-in accelerometer for pace and distance versus a typical foot pod? I currently have an Ambit2 and found that the newly added “pace and distance function” they added to the watch in the firmware upgrade a while back (using the built-in accelerometer in the Ambit2) without having to use a foot pod- was not very accurate at all. My experience was that it didn’t come close to the actual speed I was running on the treadmill. My Garmin foot pod is much better.
    Any idea if this “indoor pace and distance” function on the Tickr X is more accurate than the “indoor pace and distance” function on the Ambit2/3?? It would be nice not to have to have a foot pod.
    (I’ll probably be getting an Ambit3 soon but I’m sure this function is the same that’s on the Ambit2.)

    2. Regarding the Ambit3- Will the HR data, indoor run pace and distance data, etc. of the Tickr X be recorded and saved on the Ambit3? I want to make sure I’ll be able to save it as part of my workouts to Suunto’s movescount. Or do I need to have the Suunto HR strap to have the data properly saved to the watch?

    Thanks for your help.

  92. Dave Kirkpatrick

    I bought a Tickr Run about two weeks ago and it has never been able to calibrate. Since Sept. 18 a tech support person has been having me install various firmware updates to remedy the problem, but to no avail. The only thing that separates the Tickr from the Tickr Run is this calibration feature, and $20, so it’s not worth it if it’s not going to perform that one function. Have you or anyone else you know experienced this kind of problem?

  93. MH

    For how long can you use the strap before the connection points wear out? The Polar Wearlink straps I used in the past had similar snap-in connectors, and those would corrode and wear out pretty quickly (in 4 weeks when used daily for 1 hour or so) so they had to be replaced often, otherwise dropouts and error rate became unacceptable. I’d like to hear if that is different with the Wahoo strap and sensor.

    • Wow, I’ve never heard of people wearing out straps in four weeks with daily use. When you finish with the strap are you giving it a rinse with fresh water at all? Or just leaving it piled up in the corner?

    • MH

      I always rinsed them, and let them air dry. But still the connectors on the strap would rust and become loose. Those were Polar Wearlink straps, around 2007. Materials have probably changed since then, but I am still hesitant to buy this type of pop-in-connector-strap-HRM unless I hear from people that they have used them for six months, daily, for long duration training, with not too many dropouts, spikes, or high error rates. With the Suunto comfort belt I don’t experience any problems.

      BTW the things I tried to make the Wearlink work long-term:
      – Very careful cleaning and drying the contacts (no difference)
      – Securing the transmitter to the strap with duct tape (limited improvement)
      – Replacing the strap with disposable adhesive TENS electrodes (worked – but skin irritation was a limiting factor)
      – Reusing a the electrodes from an old Polar T31 plastic strap (horribly difficult to open the strap and connect, it worked, but was not comfortable to wear)
      – Modifying a Wearlink strap to bypass the connectors (difficult, unreliable)
      – Buying a new strap every few weeks (worked)
      – Replacing the transmitter (no difference)

    • Jay

      Maybe you should have your rinsing water tested. Sounds crazy to have them wear out that quickly.

    • Yeah, I’m honestly at a loss of what to say. I’ve never heard anything like that before. It’s like you’re sweating acid. :-/

    • MH

      Sweating acid, that must be it! 😉 But as said, it was 2007-ish and things were likely made differently back then. I didn’t really expect the Tickr X strap to have similar issues, but I wanted to be really sure about it.
      So with that concern out of the way, I’ll just have to wait for Android support for the Tickr X (and for it to become available in the Netherlands).

  94. Jay

    I’ve been wearing the Tickr run since it came out. Daily workouts training for half-ironman (i.e long bikes, and runs). No issues whatsoever. I don’t wear on swims however, don’t know why you would. Been solid as a rock and haven’t had any material issues. Actually just changed the battery this morning before a run- other than rinsing it off, its the only maintenance I have done to it. Can’t find the first complaint about it.

  95. Marnix van der Kolk

    Hi there, love your site and reviews.
    I’ve been using polar devices for some years with an occasional spike in heartrate (strangly always at the beginning af spring when i start cycling again. Alway went away…
    After that i got a garmin edge 705 with the not so flexible belt. That worked oke i guess.
    But now i’m using both edge 500 and 800 devices with the deluxe softstrap. Never had such a bad heartrate monitering. From spikes to los of signal and forget abouit wearing even a thin goretex for rain protection. Now that the belt is over 2 years old (and i replaced batterys and the belt many times, also tried the polar belt for it) i’m fed up.

    So in short i want to buy a new one. Hoping mine was a monday morning shitty one get a new garmin or the wazoo tickr… or some other ANT+ device

    Wich would you recommend?


    • David

      I have been extremely happy with my 4iiii Viiiiva as far as data integrity goes. I’ve “only” had it since about January, and it has gone through quite a few batteries. But the data is always there, unless the battery dies. There may be better straps, but I’m quite happy so far with my upgrade from the Garmin plastic strap which was giving me fits.

    • Generally speaking I find Wahoo’s spike/dropout protection in their straps the best out there.

  96. Peronnik Beijer


    Is there any known problem with calorie count when the Tickr is combined with the FR220?
    The calorie count is pretty low most of the time, thought the heart rate info is correct.

    I’ve posted on the Garmin forum, no new info. from there.

    thanks for any insight you can give.

    • John

      I don’t have a FR220, but I do have an Garmin Edge 810 and the calorie count is too low on it–like 1/10 of what it should be. Wahoo tells me that this is an issue with Garmin, not Wahoo. I wish they would play nice and figure out why this is happening.

  97. Mossi

    Hi Ray, great review. I’m following your site for few years and you are doing an amazing work.
    Anyone tried using Wahoo TICKR with a Polar strap?
    Any news of the add-on to the ANT+ protocol to support set count and other nice running features?

    • “Anyone tried using Wahoo TICKR with a Polar strap?”

      Yes, here.

      With a little modification – which takes less than one minute – the Polar strap works… around the connection knobs there’s a little plastic border/ring. Actually it’s higher than the knob itself and prevents the Wahoo TICKR from snapping in. Just cut/shorten it – e.g. with nail scissors – along the edge, so that the plastic border/ring is not that high any more.

      Pretty foolproof to do. 🙂

  98. Richard Carter

    hi, great review and really useful comments so many thanks for that.

    I’m trying to decide between the tickr run, or a polar h7 + stride sensor and need some advice please.

    I am a new to running person and atm I only run (or wobble) indoors on a treadmill abt 5k twice a week.

    I see some comments re the use of the tickr run on treadmills and the data being incorrect, does anyone know of that is fixed?

    any advice of the better setup to get? I’m a techno man and love seeing all the graph stuff and what not to gauge my improvement.


  99. Hello, often focusing on their reviews.
    but I wonder whether they will transfer Data in the water?

    and I interisuet any pulse sensors operate in water except for the polar 5Hz?

    • chukko

      It was discussed in other reviews (some wrist optical strap – maybe mio if i recall).
      Under water 2.4Ghz signal has reach only couple of cm. People succesfully tried recording on watch – when sensor and watch were next to each other.
      Tickr X can store the measurements so that you can download later.

    • Jeff K

      It has also been discussed elsewhere (I think in the 920 review) that it will be difficult to get the tickr x .fit file to integrate with the .fit file of your watch, so when you download information from both, you’ll just have two workouts with no easy way of combining into one.

    • chukko

      Hmm good point – doing quick search it seems that the format is documented within Ant API (available) as well as perl modules to read it – so it shouldnt be too much work to write a little tool to merge them.

    • MH

      I’m working on combining data from a Swim and a HR log from another device. The HR logs are from a Garmin FR60, used with a Scosche Rhythm+ optical HR sensor worn next to it, and the swim logs are from a Garmin Swim. Both are saved as .FIT files.

      Using the FitCSVTool.jar from the FIT SDK (from the ANT+ site) the .FIT files are converted to .CSV files that can be read in any spreadsheet program. In a spreadsheet it is relatively easy to combine data per lap, if the laps and pauses on both devices have been synchronized during the swim.

      But beyond that, matching the length-based Swim data with the 5-second-samples from the FR60 has to be done based on timestamps. It is so error-prone and tedious doing this in a spreadheet that I’m only doing it once, and I’ll write a java program for the next times.

      (Of course it is way more efficient to buy a device that has swimming analysis as well as underwater HR recording. I just find this more fun.)

  100. tickr х can not transfer to GARMIN in water?
    tickr х someone actually tested it in the water, he writes ?, pulse in the water in your memory?

    • No heart rate chest strap that uses ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart is able to send to any watch underwater.

      In the case of the Ambit3, it syncs the data post-swim. In the case of using something like the Mio Link, it’s next to it in the wrist, but Garmin doesn’t support getting swim metrics indoors as well as heart rate, so you have to choose one or the other.

    • chukko

      No device using 2.4GHz (BT, Wifi) using reasonable power would be able to transfer under water except for couple of cm – i.e. directly next to the garmin.
      Actual experience with Tickr X is yet to be reported

      Iit is only available in the US and they even redirect EU users to EU specific site which does not even show you that Tickr X exist, so without frient or proxy you can even order from EU.

    • chukko

      Ray – by Garmin not supporting you mean the format does not allow it or it is just their app/web that cannot process that?

    • Meaning, you can’t enable heart rate in the swim mode (the FR920XT does allow it in the outdoor swim mode however, but not indoor).

  101. chukko

    Ah – so just a watch quirk. If you were able to merge fit files easily – would you ever swim with two straps on the same wrist (except of course when doing a review :)?

  102. Solis

    So the TICKR X will be able to sent info to a garming 500 edge, as well as a bunch of iphone apps such as edmondo, strava, myfitnesspal, mapmyride, digifit, runkeeper and others? If so then the question is when are we getting a full review Ray????

  103. TomTom Cardio Multisport will transmit a pulse in the water?

  104. Gerald

    Just wanted to give you some Android feedback for the Tickr X. So most of the features it describes on the Wahoo site aren’t available yet on the Android App, IE the Burn/Burst training, data saving and running efficiency. I did a whole run with it last night connected to my Note 3 and the only data I could get was my HR. I had hoped when I finished the workout it would show me my running efficiency but it didn’t. When I turn the app on there is no way to take their Burn/Burst Function Test and there is no way to upload data, at least that I can find. After my run I grabbed an old iPhone and connected it and magically all the features were there. At that point, probably because it was linked to my Note during the run, it wouldn’t let me upload the data to the iPhone Wahoo App. I’m going to try a run in the next few days just connecting it to my Forerunner during my run and then try uploading the data to the Wahoo App afterwards to get the running efficiency.

    I’ve reached out to Wahoo in regards to the Android app so hopefully I’ll have a response sometime this week.

    • Artem

      Thx for the Android update. Earlier this month Wahoo actually posted on FB that Android feature availability should have become available within a “week or two”. Been thinking about whether to buy Tickr X – feature wise makes it very appealing (incl. the built-in accelorometer that, theoretically, should give me a better idea about the pace/distance run on the indoor track in winter) but its limited functionality w/Android makes little sense in buying it for me at the moment. 🙁

      P.S. On a different note, I also wonder if Tickr data is exportable in any form at all?

  105. Patrik

    Hi, dou you know if the wahoo tickr x will show/enable PTE, EPOC and Recovery time on Ambit 3 Peak since this is dependent on RR-data?

    Is there any connectivity issues with Ambit 3 peak and tickr x?


  106. Judith

    Instructions are not included with the tickr. On the forum they say the instructions are found in the app, but this feature is not in the android app…

    With android the app really sucks. It does not sync anything. I want to use the tickr in group lessons, so for me, the tickr is now worthless…

    • Andras

      Dear Judith, the Wahoo android app has indeed instructions for Ticker. But first you have to connect your Ticker HRM. If you click ön the hrm in sensors section then the “Show Tutorial button activates”.
      Also I have managed to download workout data from my Tickr X to the android app with pushing the clock icon then menu then choosing synch offline workouts.

  107. MH

    On eu.wahoofitness.com/ the Tickr X is now listed as “coming soon” and one of the sports webshops in .nl states that it can ship it immediately.
    (But I’m not going to click that Order Now button until full functionality on Android has been realized.)

    • chukko

      Actually this “Coming soon” has been there for more than a month.
      Missing proper Android support is really a bummer (as well as blocking EU users from ordering in the US).
      @Ray – any chance of doing a full review of Tickr X shortly?

  108. Ted Bradley

    The TICKR X has gone on sale today in the UK Wahoo shop. Ordered mine earlier and got a shipping notification a little while ago.

  109. Tom

    ray did you also see tickr heartrate-smoothing compared to polar monitors?

  110. Ken

    Hi, can i connect and use the kickr, stages pedal and the tickr run on the iphone 5s at the same time??

  111. Tom

    … ray did you test the quality of heart rate data? today i made a short test between garmin, polar and wahoo and found REALLY BIG DIFFERENCES. polar was best, garmin middle and wahoo worst by far. i never thought that there such big differences.

    just 10 minutes with three straps the same time – data recording with wahoo fitness app.
    here is the link: link to workupload.com

    this is of course a test that has nothing common with your in depth tests – but this is the reason i was asking for your help/experiences …

  112. Tom

    ray – did you have a chance to make a very short (10 minute) comparison between polar and tickr in the meantime?

    would help me a lot to know if only my tickr is faulty or all of them are much less precise than the polar ones …

    thanks in advance

  113. Tom

    … i did the recording via bluetooth (tickr and polar h7) with the wahoo fitness app (iphone 4s and ipad mini retina).
    the tickr graph on my added picture looks really bad compared to the polar – don’t you think so …

    • I agree it’s a bit odd, though it’s hard to know if it’s connectivity issues or something else. It’s not what I’ve seen. I’ll have to dig through and find some of my test files.

  114. Tom

    … the reason i made this test was that i had polar straps since more than 10 years and since some weeks (using the tickr) always see these totally different looking (compared to the old polar ones) graphs.

    now did two more short tests:

    second test: only tickr belt parallel recording (bt/iphone and ant/edge810) – both graphs look absolute identical (and the same mysterious smoothing) -> seems not to be protocol/connection thing.

    third test: only two belts polar/BT/iphone4s/wahoo-app vs. tickr/BT/ipadmini/wahoo-app – again i see this tickr-smoothing.

    so (if my tickr is not defect) – i guess they do any weird smoothing algorithm inside the tickr to avoid spiking – but obviously their output is way too bad for this price-class. just think about the fitness level tests polar do by measuring the heart rate variability.

    i’m really curious what your looking into that will result in …

    kind regards + nice weekend

  115. Tom

    … i don’t know how these heart-rate monitors work inside – but i think the simplest way would be to transmit a counter and milliseconds between heartbeats. this way the receiver could do all the math and decide (on missing counter-steps) to insert average values where needed but still would have the potential from highly precise data.

  116. Andrew Bucknill

    I’ve had a chance to test my TICKR X both for indoor cycling and with my Garmin on the trail.

    The cadence (and HR) data is really good! The cadence is much better than I got with my rpm and is reliable across a wide range of cadence 80-140.

    With my Garmin edge 1000 it connects flawlessly (unlike my Tickr). It would be great if it could send cadence data to the Garmin too – then I wouldn’t need any bike sensors ( GPS for speed).

  117. 6co2000

    Hello Ray
    did you ever get the chance to test the TICKR accelerometers on a treadmill?

  118. Eduardo

    Just received my Tickr X. Does anyone know if it transmits proper R-R intervals on the ANT side? I know it doesn’t on the BLE side, and was thinking of getting either a Garmin 620 or Suunto Ambit 2S (currently run with just my iPhone).

    Also, has anyone had success using it while swimming? For my first attempt, after the first 30 seconds it got stuck at 121 bpm for the remainder of the session. Taking a close look at the graph it is kind of weird, as it is not a flatline – quite jagged actually, but always shows 120-121 bpm – and I wasn’t that constant at all. My double taps between sets didn’t seem to register (that’s supposed to insert markers in the activity). Also, is IPX 7 really enough for pool swimming? Its construction seems to be less robust than my Polar H7 and a friend’s Garmin HRM-Run.

    And if anyone wants to know: you can use it with a Garmin strap, but it won’t attach to a Polar strap. I find both to be more comfortable than the Wahoo strap.

  119. Tom

    … yup the wahoo belt isn’t nice – for me the garmin is best and polar second.

    my tickr does not submit precise hr/rr data neither bluetooth (connected to apple i-devices) nor via ant+ (connected to garmin edge 810). in my experience the polar accuracy is best and garmin is second best.

    i never tried one of them while swimming.

  120. Andras

    Hi All,

    has anybody tested TICKR with iOS version of Sports-Tracker app (sports-tracker.com)? Is it working OK? If yes then I would buy it.

    Thanks, Andras

  121. Tom

    … just tested the polar h7 with sportstracker on iphone – worked well.
    guess the ticker works too …

  122. Andras

    Thank you Tom!
    But as I read back your comments I see that you have bad experiences with the TICKR. Maybe I should by a Polar H7 instead and use my old Polar watch and iPhone paralelly?
    I wanted to use Tickr with Garmin FR70 and iPhone but I’m not sure now. Accurate HR and RR is important for me.

    • Tom

      hi andras,
      for now this were just my personal findings about the tickr. as the heart rate belts are not that expensive and selling them via ebay is easy – maybe you want to make your own experience …

      i wasn’t able to connect my polar h7 parallel to iphone and my old polar 720i – maybe (despite to tickr) the h7 can connect only one way at the same time?!

      but for me the best way now is to use the h7 for indoor training on my kickr connected to virtualtraining on ipad. for outdoor i go with the garmin belt connected to edge 810.

      i always loved polar for their hardware – and wished they would provide ant+ instead of their weird ‘wind thing’. and i still believe their heart-rate monitors are the most precise on the market …

  123. Joellen

    So I might the dumbest person ever – but I cannot find where there is in depth explanation of the data/metrics collected by the Tickr Run. I got it, like it (and works great with the Apps I’m using it with and a Garmin FR15) but I don’t know what the numbers for the running metrics mean. For example – my average smoothness was 94 (min was 64 and max was 125), my left right is 111, up-down is 129, and forward backward is 65. Two are green and the last is red. What do these mean and how can I use them?

    I’m not having connectivity or use issues – for me I want to know how to better use the data it provides to improve my running economy. Thanks!

    P.S. I am sure it is simple and probably most people already know how to use these – consider me the new kid on the block. Been running about 2 years now so relatively newb.

  124. Sup Racer JG

    Ray- I’m thinking of buying the TickrX for pairing not only with a Iphone but also NK’s Speedcoach. Speedcoach is a GPS mounted device(on your board) for stand up paddle and rowing. The older Speedcoach is only Ant + . Will the Tickr X broadcast my HR to the device in real time? Will it broadcast to the device in real time to both my Speedcoach and Iphone? Furthmore, It you had to pick one heart rate strap that would be the best for a variety of multi-sport uses, which would it be? Thanks for your great reviews!

  125. Bob Kowalski

    I received my TICKR X a week ago and have had mixed results. First, my unusual, personal success with it. I play hockey and have always wanted to try a heart monitor during a game. I wore it to a game and it worked flawlessly. The graphs clearly showed when I was playing (skating) and when I was sitting on the bench waiting for my next shift. Terrific, but I know, what does this have to with running, biking, and swimming?

    So here is my not very good story to tell about using the X for swimming. It hasn’t been good. First use, the strap slipped every push off the wall. I did a 55 minute workout, but the unit only recorded 24 minutes, with a steady HR of 88.

    Next time, I had the strap secured very tightly to my chest. The unit recorded the entire swim about 56 minutes, but said my average HR was 98 and my max was 99. Calories burned was way off when compared to my Garmin Swim and common sense. I know my HR was high and the unit did not show periods of intense speed.

    I have a support ticket open with Wahoo, but would like to hear from anyone out there on this. Could I have the unit strapped too tightly? Is capturing HR while swimming still not possible in the real world?

    • Eduardo

      Yep, pretty much my experience swimming with it. No success there yet.

    • Bob Kowalski

      UPDATE: Wahoo suggested that I try using electrode conductivity gel when using the TICKR X for swimming. Unfortunately, no success, it just simply didn’t work. I can find other uses for the device and am not too upset by this lack of swim functionality, but I did suggest to Wahoo that they should de-emphasize the swimming feature until further notice. The fact that their marketing video shows a swimmer using the device does not help matters.

  126. Frank

    Thx for sharing the swim capabilities. Would be good to hear the answer of Wahoo Service and if it will comped right in swimming. For me this would be the only reason to buy the TickrX…

  127. Don Montalvo

    Bluetooth isn’t going to penetrate water. Ant+ will.

    • Markus

      Hi Ray,

      I’ve seen it’s been asked whether the Run Heart Strap works with Gramin 910XT (Contact time and so one)

      Could you please let me know, whether there was any progress to implement this kind of functions for my watch?

      Thanks a lot in advance, Markus

    • Two items:

      1) No, ANT+ doesn’t transmit through water. Neither BLE or ANT+ does more than about 1″ or so. Only legacy analog can do that.

      2) No, the TICKR (any variants) does not transmit anything other than HR via ANT+. So it’s not transmitting any of the advanced metrics on ANT+.

    • Don Montalvo

      My apologies for mis-speaking. I knew BT wouldn’t penetrate water, I assumed (wrongly) that ANT+ was transmitted at the same time and it did penetrate. I guess this shows there’s always something to learn. Thanks for clarifying! 😀

    • Eli

      Anything that transmits at 2.4ghz can’t penetrate water more then a very short distance. Bt, ble, ant, wifi,…

  128. Steve

    I’ve had poor luck on the accuracy of the treadmill motion tracking. It’s been about 1:10/minute off (significant). Has anyone found a good way to calibrate?

  129. Jim Runner


    I’ve read all comments but it’s not very clear for me yet.
    The “smootness run” data registered by the wahoo fitness app can be exported to Garmin Connect, or not?

    And there ‘s somewhere a “smoothness run for dummies”?

  130. Chris

    Is the TICKR family the only dual band sensor out there right now?

  131. Bruce MacDonald

    I use and love all my Ant+ based products on my Garmin 620/810, plus the Ant+ sensors built into my Trek Bike frames, that also talk to both of Garmin’s. Question; Does any HMR strap exist, that works with my Ant + Garmin 620/810, PLUS transmits to typical gym HRM displays, like treadmills? (I assume these treadmills are running Polar Analog)

  132. TOm

    Is there any feedback regarding Polar V800 + Tickr Run? Are HR and cadence (and other kind of data) sent to the watch correctly? Thanks

  133. George

    Does anyone have any idea how to pair the TickrX with the Garmin Fenix2?

    I have bluetooth off and i am trying to pair the strap with the watch, but the watch cannot find the strap.
    Im assuming it would just find it?

  134. Alain

    The wahoo tickr and the app on ephone 4s dont work, when starting the app the first page open and close.
    I try to re install the app and hard reset the ephone 4s no change.

    Wahoo support dont answer anymore, do you know if this app on 4s work, do you have the same problem

  135. Jonathan S


    I have been using the Tickr X for a few weeks now. I have been looking at the run analytic data, but cannot find any definitions for the reported data fields. There is also an overall score reported, I am not sure what is an ideal score. Have you any insight or can you point me to a link?


  136. Alexander

    Hi. I have been trying to find a definitive answer, but with no success. Is the tickr run waterproof? I know that it won’t do me much good while underwater, but I want to be able to wear it during a race or brick workout.

    • Bob Kowalski

      I have worn the TICKR X during a swim and haven’t had any luck. However, Wahoo believes that my unit may have a bug, so is sending me a replace unit.

  137. Kris

    Can you use the Tickr X connected to a Garmin Vivofit and an iPhone at the same time? I would like to use the iPhone as a display so I can watch my heart rate as I work out.

  138. Jake

    I have the basic tickr chest strap and am wondering if you’ve come across good apps for logging a morning heart rate? I’ve been using an app that uses my iphone’s camera for this but recently I’ve been uncertain about its accuracy. Bonus points for an app that will give me a RHR data point and log it to the Pulse metric in TrainingPeaks… I’d also be interested to know if there are other devices that can do this – Withings Pulse for example?

  139. Andras

    Hi! I have a Wahoo TICKR X and just found in Wahoo Utility Android app that a new firmware is available for upgrade from version 1.5.6 to 1.5.22.
    Has anybody tried this upgrade? Does the upgrade procedure works perfectly? Do I need to wear the TICKR during update? What improvements/corrections are added in 1.5.22 compared to 1.5.6?

  140. Chris C.

    For all that have been waiting, I just found out that the Tickr X Workout app is available for download for iOS

  141. Johan

    Just bought the TICKR X. Anyone knows how to define the vibration alerts? E.g. when leaving a preferred HR zone or pace?

    Also, after completing my first treadmill run the measurement where -10% compared to the treadmill. Can I calibrate this in some way?

    Were can I find the detailed Stride Analysis after the workout? I saw all the data during my run, but now I cannot find it at all….

  142. Andras

    Last night I couldn’t resist to upgrade the firmware. The chest was on me to not let the unit go to standby. The firmware upgrade was flawless without any problems. Now the actual FW is 1.5.22. I didn’t find any change of the behaviour of the unit. It would be good to see a firmware revision history but Wahoo support didn’t let me know the changes and corrections made in the latest FW.

  143. V


    Recently I purchased Tickr X. Updated it to the latest firmware (1.5.22, hardware revision 9). And compared it with my old Garmin strap. I put on both straps simultaneously. Connected Garmin’s strap to my Edge 500, Tickr X to my FR70. After that I made some physical activities watching to the both HR numbers. I found that Tickr X works MUCH MORE non interactively. When HR is changed due to activity Garmin shows that changes almost immediately. Tickr X does not show it until 10-15-20sec are passed. Maybe they do some kind of smoothing. Also data from Tickr X sometimes jumps randomly. Both straps were put on me correctly.

    Does anyone face with the same behavior of Tickr X?

    I decided to return my unit since it can’t do its main function as I expected it to do. Garmin works better.

  144. V2

    Re: V
    I also returned Wahoo Tickr X after trying it out. I compared Ticker X to Polar and Garmin, Ticker X is always lag behind them. Good to know that the firmware 1.5.22 didn’t fix it.

  145. V

    V2, yes it was a right choice to return it. At least for now. Problem exists. It really annoys. It’s almost impossible to use the product with such behaviour. I wrote to Wahoo support. Will see what they say.

  146. Davie

    Great review Ray, I’ve been reading your site for a long time. Its great. You’ve almost convinced me to buy a TICKR for cycling, I’m just not sure which one. Not sure If I should spend extra to buy one with cadence measurement which seems designed more for running than cycling.

    I want to send Heart rate and, if possible cadence info to my phone and, on rare occasion, a Garmin edge 500. The data will end up on Strava for analysis

    If I understand correctly, your review and other peoples comments here suggest that the TICKR Run can provide fairly accurate cycling cadence data using an internal accelerometer.

    Obviously the TICKR presents itself as a HRM to Bluetooth phones. Does it also present itself as a cycle cadence meter to blue tooth devices? I’m hoping that I can connect it directly to the Android Strava App as both a HRM and a Cadence meter.

    It sounds like from one of your replies that it does not send cadence via ANT+. If I can get at least the Bluetooth working, I’m ok with that.

    Thanks for any feedback

    • Hi Davie! The cadence is definitely for running and not cycling (except indoor spinning).

      It does not present itself as a cycling sensor over either Bluetooth or ANT+.

    • Dom

      Hopefully you can clear up my confusion: I run, swim and cycle; all recreationally. I was thinking of buying a V800 early next January when Polar announces the V900. The big sale on the Garmin 920xt was compelling, but I want to also use the watch for day to day office times, and the 920xt is too big. My question is whether I need the watch at all. Does it make sense to buy a Wahoo strap, use it for running, riding and swimming and upload to their iOS app? (or am I missing something?)

    • I think most would find that for a triathlete, the TICKR strap falls a bit short. It’s sorta-OK if you’re doing a single sport, but it’s really just focused on giving you time/HR (and a bit more in running). But doesn’t really cover much of the metrics. I think you’d be missing out on a fair bit there.

      On the bright side, there are other watches (like the Fenix3) that are far more office-friendly.

    • Dom

      Thanks Ray!

      The fenix 3 looks great, but way out of my price range.
      What functionality does the TICKR X provide that the V800 lacks?

    • Dom

      To keep track of my running cadence I am trying to choose between the Adidas Speedcell BLE and the TICKR Run. Can you comment on the relative accuracy between the two?

  147. Don Montalvo

    I bought a Polar BT footpod, thanks DC Rainmaker for this fantastic blog!!!

  148. Don Montalvo

    I bought a Polar BT footpod, thanks DC Rainmaker for this fantastic blog. link to t.co

  149. Jay

    So after reading these threads I’m confused. Does the tickr run or tickr x transmit running cadence to garmin watches over ant + as well as heart rate?

  150. Harald

    just for info:

    today my Tickr was in the mail. Finally I can transmit HR on my Garmin FR220 and to my Lumia 930 with Windows Phone.

    One thing to take note of:
    coupling the FR220 was without problems (replaces the Ant+ HR sensor)
    coupling with the L930 was at first a problem – until I deleted the (not connected) old HR sensor profile from my Bluetooth only sensor

    after that, with only the Tickr as Bluetooth sender – everything works fine

    • Rudy Acosta

      I had a question when it comes to running dynamics and the fr220 ? Does this pretty much bridge that gap minus vo2max between the 220 and 620? Does garmin connect capture the ticker x data or solely through its own app

    • No Garmin device will capture anything from the TICKR X except HR. So it’s solely through its own app (the Wahoo App).

    • James L.

      Ray – I just watched your ANT + 2014 Keynote presentation which I thought was tremendous. Speaking of standardization, I had been hoping that I would be able to integrate the data from a TICKR X with the Fenix3 I am planning on buying…sounds like this won’t work. I wanted to access the indoor gym movement data from the TIKCR X in Garmin Connect. Sounds like Garmin HRM-Tri might be able to provide the same information, though, it currently does not. Seems like I can either try to find a work-around using the TICKR X, or wait to see if Garmin develops the same data eventually? I also read on a Garmin user app development boards that the accelerometer data is currently not available for the watch (and probably not for HRM-Tri) either. Seems like this is a miss by Garmin. Any advice would be appreciated.

  151. JP

    Regarding HRV data.

    It does send something, but based on my empirical testing, it’s useless.

    Both FB Athlete and Sport (which I own/use) systematically report a minimum of 30%/40% of errors, regardless of straps and capturing devices used. I have used it with both a 910 and a 920XT and with various straps from Garmin or Polar. These, regardless of combination, when used with various ANT+ only HRMs, give me between 0 and 4% errors. I have tested two up-to-date Tickr Run, as the 1st might have been faulty, and my findings are consistant.

    So nice idea in term of product, but forget it you are into HRV.

    • Xun

      It’s probably the same issue as I’ve experienced and posted. ANT+ on the tickr x sends the wrong R-R data, it’s like it’s sending the averaging instead of the actual value or something. Bluetooth on the tickr x sends the valid data comparable to the polar h7. Hopefully it’ll be solved by a firmware update.

  152. Francesco Foglia

    I have a Garmin Fenix 3 and in my Fitness Center they use a Polar Beat Application.

    I have both the Wahoo Tickr so that I don’t have to wear 2 different HR Strap. No problem to synchronize my Fenix 3 but I tries to connect my TICKR to “Polar Beat” on Bluetooth and i can’t get connected.

    Can someone give me an feedback?

  153. KCK

    The Tickr Run and Tickr X do not log miles indoors unless (according to Wahoo support) you are at a minimum pace of 6 mph. I realize most readers of this blog run at that pace faster than 6mph. But for those that do intervals, or go below 6mph at a steep treadmill inclines, or do a cool down walk at the end of their run the TICKR Run and TICKR X will not record those distances.

    This minimum speed is not mentioned on the Wahoo product box or under the description of treadmill mode on their website. You cannot, at the end of a treadmill walk, enter the distance info from the treadmill readout into the Wahoo App (like you can, for example, in the Polar app).

    I bought a TICKR X and Wahoo support kindly sent me two replacements until we both realize that the 6 mph minimum was the core of the lack of distance recording. They say they are working on a potential firmware change that may address this in the future.

  154. I haven’t used my TICKR X since I bought my Garmin Forerunner 920xt/HRM-Run. I should put it on Craigslist.

  155. xun

    It seems that the R-R data is only working through bluetooth. On ANT+ it’s not showing correctly, at least on my unit. Here is a screenshot from my testing using both Ant+ & bluetooth on my Note 3. I’ve also tested the HRV reading from ANT+ on Garmin Fenix 3, same result.
    link to dropbox.com

    p.s. this is a double post, not sure how to delete my previous comment.

    • Stephane

      What is the application you use?

    • Xun

      It’s selfloop hrv on android. It’s not something I normally use to measure HRV, but it is the only hrv app I know of that can connect through with either Bluetooth or ANT+

  156. Ben

    On my second TICKR X, first one wouldn’t sync. The support folks at Wahoo tell me I can’t have the X transmitting to two apps (specifically, Strava and Wahoo Fitness) at once, although it seems from a lot of these comments that it should.
    My question is, even if BTLE can’t transmit to two apps at once, is there a way I can force ANT transmission to the Wahoo app and BT to Strava?

    • Not sure if you’re on iOS or Android, but with iOS it doesn’t support ANT+ unless you have an adapter. If you do have that (or, are on Android), you can usually set the pairing to a specific sensor type. So I’d pair one side then another. I haven’t checked recently though on Android to see the state of ANT+ within their specific Wahoo Android app however.

    • Ben

      I’m on Android, supposedly has ANT+ (Samsung Galaxy S5), but I can’t find anywhere in the app to defect pairing option.

    • chukko

      If you mean Wahoo Fitness, you click on 2nd icon (two wireless symbols facing each other from opposite corners), click + and then you can choose Ant/BT discovery (or both) and should see your strap. If you keep both, you will see two devices. Somehow it does not detect Ant one is Wahoo, so is presented as Unknown – but still works.

    • Ben

      It’s strange, because when I first set up the app it only have me the BT option to pair, but now that I went back to add a new device it let me choose either.
      However, do I lose functionality by selecting ANT? Already I see that double tap is disabled. Will everything else work? HR zones, cadence, etc.? My goal is to be able to run two apps simultaneously (Wahoo Fitness and Strava) and have HR info in both (which, despite what the Wahoo website says, doesn’t seem to work when using Bluetooth only).

  157. Andrew Rigby

    Is anyone having trouble getting the Tickr Run to transmit running motion/smoothness to an iPhone 6 running latest iOS? I’ve now had two Tickr Runs and the same problem with both, the motion analysis is just not picked up (cadence, hr is).

    • Steve


      I’ve completely ditched the Wahoo app. Mine isn’t even recognizing HR from my Tickr Run. iSmoothrun is very consistent but doesn’t give smoothness readings.

  158. Jake

    So I just bought the tickr x after reading your review and love it, but the “buzz your boobs” feature you mention is non-existent and Im curious if its something they removed? Or how did you set it up? Currently the only vibration alerts you receive are to confirm double taps. I was really hoping to use this feature!

  159. jesus

    doy you know if it works with both strava ios app and garmin edge 25?


  160. Francesco

    I saw that the HR sensor is the same of any HR sensor, am I wrong? So it’ll possible to use another chest strap instead of the one that comes with tickr x?
    I’ve got a Vivoactive, and I’m very interested in buy an HRM. I’m looking for Scosche Rhythm + and the Wahoo Tickr X.
    I like the Tickr X ’cause it records HR underwater and for the running dynamics.
    I like the Scosche ’cause seems very comfortable.
    But if I buy the Tickr X, how could I “integrates” the runnig dynamics and the HR underwater in Garmin Connect? I have to use another software/app?

  161. My Wahoo Tickr X gives me a 30-40% higher calories burned then my Polar Ft 7 when wore together or separately. I’m wondering which is most accurate. Can someone help me with this?

  162. Scott R

    Has anyone had experience using the memory feature of the Tickr X to record indoor cycle workouts and upload them to garmin connect?

    Separately, My spin bikes have computers that capture power and cadence and with a strap HR. They are Ant+ compatible. Any idea if a Garmin 810 could “record” what comes off the Schwinn computer?

  163. JJ Lee

    I can’t seem to decide which Tickr strap to get. I just bought a Garmin Fenix 1. I think I read somewhere on Ray’s blog that the features on the Tickr Run and Tickr X are limited to Wahoo’s apps on both iOS and Android. Is this true? Since I have a Garmin watch, are there certain limitations when data is transferred over via ANT?

  164. Ian

    I just bought the Tickr Run yesterday and took it for a run this morning. It worked fine transmitting cadence and HR to my Polar M400 (though I didn’t realize the Polar would default to using the Tickr’s uncalibrated sensor for speed instead of GPS, thus counting my 4.3 mile run as 4.9 and giving me a Running Index that made me feel like a rock star).

    I almost never run with my phone–is there any way to upload my .tcx file to the Wahoo Fitness app, or any other app, to get some of the running smoothness data? I’m curious about my smoothness, but not curious enough to have to run with my phone.

  165. Chakri

    Hi DC,

    Can Tickr Run/ Tickr X be used with Life Fitness tread mill and other machines in the gym the same way as the Polar H7 did? (The Polar H7 can send heart rate data (via bluetooth) directly to the tread mill and other machines in the gym without any syncing process).


    • No, unfortunately not. The H7 transmits on an analog frequency as well. The Wahoo units don’t. There are a handful (like almost none) of treadmills and spin bikes out there now that support Bluetooth Smart, but it’s incredibly rare. Probably better chance of getting hit by both lightning and a coconut at the same time.

  166. Meg Saint

    Anyone have any idea what the latest firmware (1.7.1) update includes for the TICKR X? I can’t seem to find much info.

  167. Ricardo

    Can I use the Wahoo Fitness app in conjunction with the Tickr, to perform HR Zone training?

  168. Chris Wilson

    Can anyone recommend a good strap that will work with the Tickr Run.
    The supplied chest strap (supposed to fit up to 48″chest) is soooo tight and i’m only 43/44″ chest. I can’t extend it any further and it leaves deep imprints on my skin. Don’t know if i got a dodgy strap or not but I just cannot wear it so need an alternative. Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Andris

      The second option is the Garmin Premium belt (without Garmin sensor). But avoid Polar belts as the latest ones are not compatible with Tickr.

    • Chris

      Thank you Andris – will try one of those. Much appreciated

    • Maikkeli


      what’s exactly causing the latest Polar straps being incompatible with Tickr? I’m thinking about buying a Tickr, but would like to keep using Polar straps since I have a pile of them :/ As far as I know, Polar design has not changed.


  169. Pardee

    Does anyone know if the tickr x can be used with two apps at the same time – bluetooth only? Or if I can record a workout whilst using another app? I want to use the Running Smoothness analytics, but I train using Micoach. I was hoping I could sync with wahoo app afterwards and check my running info.

  170. Nicolas Sapieha

    “it would track pace/distance/heart rate/cadence/running smoothness all within the strap – and then later allow you to download that afterwards”

    1. So, does it means it record EVERY metrics and not just HR?

    2. I assume it’s not possible to see instantly the run or bike cadence directly on my 910XT/Edge800?

    What would be the best option to get a reliable HRM Strap to replace the *** of Garmin ?


    • Kez

      1. It only records start time, stop time and heart rate when used without a smart phone. Their web site says “…and still capture valuable performance metrics, including heart rate, calorie burn, and workout duration”. Running smoothness and cadence are not recorded.

  171. Changren Yong

    Anyone having this weird issue i am having with my recently acquired TICKR RUN, in which during the recovery immediately after a threshold effort, the HR reported by TICKR RUN would remain at the threshold level for a good 30 seconds before dropping sharply to what the actual HR is? The TICKR RUN is on the latest firmware 1.7.1.

    Here’s the PDF of a comparison between Mio FUSE and TICKR RUN.
    link to dl.dropboxusercontent.com

  172. Westin

    DC Rainmaker – What you say about the TICKR X offline mode isn’t accurate. You wrote that you can go on a run and it would track pace/distance/heart rate/running smoothness all within the strap and then later allow you to download that afterwards.

    I bought the TICKR X for my wife because she doesn’t like to run with an iPhone on her (too bulky) and was disappointed to learn that it only records heart rate, duration, and calories without the iPhone.

    Unless I’m mistaking, I cant find a way to have it record pace/distance/running smoothness without the iPhone + Wahoo Fitness app present.

    I think you should edit that part of your review as it’s a bit misleading.

    • Weird. I’ll go back and double-check if something has changed since release, as those screenshots were all from runs I did.

    • Westin

      Thanks for checking, maybe I did something wrong but I could only get it to record duration/heart rate/calories when I didn’t have my iPhone with me, in offline mode.

  173. Alex

    TICKR X works in the water while swimming?

    • Bob Kowalski

      Not very well. The strap can’t hold the device firmly to your chest is a big issue. I’ve had mixed but mostly disappointing results.

  174. I have two Ticker X’s they sent me two after trouble with one. I still can’t get thme to calibrate. I have lot Wahoo products the normal HR strap coneccted to phones or anything instantly and was super . Both ticker X always take for ever . They drop conection at 1:30 when you do calibration on tread mill so you can never get to work. I must say thei was the worst product from Wahoo for me. I given up with firmware updates and trying to make this work, I getting garmin strap to sove it.
    I cannot recomend this to anybody.

  175. David Boothroyd

    Hi, new to all this need help!!!!! I’ve just got myself an elite turbo muin smart B+ turbo its works great with e app but need to link heart rate up for this And I have been using my iPad to display info I wanted to use Bluetooth, can I use any Bluetooth hr strap ?

    Cheers dave

  176. Preshan


    Will the Wahoo Tickr connect to the Garmin vivofit2? If so, will the results appear in garmin connect when I upload a training session from the Vivofit2? I’m only interested in using the Tickr with vivofit2 as a heart rate monitor… Tickr appears to be cheaper and better option than the Garmin HRM. I unfortunately bought my Vivofit2 without the HRM. Please advise?

    Thank you

  177. Kyle Foust

    Hi Ray,

    It looks like a number of people have asked over the last year or so, but is there still no word on the firmware update that would allow the Kickr to act as an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge such that an ANT+ HR strap could be used with an iOS device running the TR app?

    Thanks for everything you do on the site. It’s been a great resource for me throughout the years.


  178. TiCoyote

    I’m looking for the most comfortable, most accurate, most reliable chest HRM. Is this is?

  179. Eric

    Very usefull review. I have a question regarding pairing the tickr with garmin device. Is it possible to pair this strap with both garmin edge25 and garmin fr230 at the same time? Can the heart rate be displayed simultaneously on both devices?

    • Yup, no problem at all doing that. I do it all the time.

    • Tim

      Yes, since Garmin uses ANT+.

      ANT+ sensors can be displayed and recorded on multiple “head units” (i.e. forerunner and edge) at the same time.

      Because the TICKR series is also bluetooth, you could simultaneously record the HR data with multiple Garmin devices as well as a single bluetooth device (i.e. phone).


  180. Joe

    I’m having trouble using my wahoo tickr with zwift and trainer road on MacBook Pro. I run zwift and trainer road simultaneously using trainer relay with 2 ANT+ dongles but my tickr won’t register. It does register on my iPhone trainer road app but even with Bluetooth turned on on my 2013 MacBook Pro it just doesn’t see it. Any specific way you have to link the tickr with MacBook Pro or if I just turn on the tickr and Bluetooth on the computer shouldn’t it all just work?

  181. Dave Brillhart

    Does this give a low battery warning? My Garmin HR straps do not. First indication of low battery is wacko readings on a ride or run. My Power Meter warns, so surely a HR strap could.

  182. Will W.

    Hey Ray,

    I just got a TICKR X because I have a FR230 and want some of the running dynamics. I am fine with going to the Wahoo app for these since they aren’t recorded with the 230.

    My problem is that you say, “you could go for a run and it would track pace/distance/heart rate/cadence/running smoothness all within the strap – and then later allow you to download that afterwards.”

    But, it’s only giving me heartrate. Not sure if you can shine some light on this. Thanks!

  183. Danilo

    this heart rate monitor works simultaneus with polar v800 and garmin 1000?
    Transmits BT and ANT+ simultaneously?v

  184. Pawel

    Does TICKR RUN have a coded data transmission? I am concerned about the cross-talk during races.

  185. Alex

    Please tell me how to make that TICKR X vibrated on my chest when I exit the heart rate zone? For example, I set the heart rate zone of 120-140. And if my heart rate falls below 120, then the TICKR X vibrates on my chest. And if my heart rate above 140, it also sends a vibration signal. That is, it is made to work in a certain heart rate zone. How to make this vibration signal? I look in the software settings Wahoo RunFit, but there was nothing like that.

    • Will

      They got rid of that function with the latest update due to it draining the battery. You can get it back by uninstalling the update.

    • Alex

      Strange their decision, they simply could make off/on this function.
      Please tell me in which software to adjust the pulse zone to feed the signal? Wahoo Fitness?

    • will

      This is what they told me when I asked a while back….

      Dub Smith (Wahoo Fitness Support)
      Apr 1, 11:00 AM

      Hello Will-

      I am sorry you are having this issue. We removed the vibration feature with the latest firmware. We found that it was drastically draining batteries and decided it would be best to remove it.

      If you would like to add this feature back, please follow these steps to go back to the previous firmware version.

      Android Steps

      1. Open the Wahoo Utilities app app.
      2. Make sure the Wahoo device is powered on.
      3. Click on the Wahoo device when it pops up.
      4. Wait for the Wahoo Device to connect, once connected tap the grey icon of the device with the Bluetooth emblem in it 10 times to bring up the firmware update list. It will show what firmware is current, choose the latest firmware next to that update in the listor the one that is (recommended).
      5. Allow the update to finish and try and reconnect the device to the Wahoo Fitness app when done.
      6. Return to the Wahoo Fitness app, repair the sensor in the sensor settings and save the sensor to the proper workout profiles.
      7. Return to the main wahoo fitness screen, select the proper workout profile and start your workout!

      IOS Steps

      1. Open the Wahoo Fitness app.
      2. Click the sensors icon on the bottom left side of the app.
      3. Click On the device if it is saved, find a new sensor if it is not saved.
      4. Click on the Wahoo device when it appears and wait for it to connect.
      5. Click the grey device icon with the Bluetooth emblem in it 5 times to bring you to the firmware update screen.
      6. Click on the recommended update or the downgrade to the current update you are using.
      7. Once complete, go back to the sensors page,save sensor to the proper profiles.
      8. Return to the main screen, select workout, and start your workout!

  186. Ricky

    Hi Ray, do you recommend the tickr X for recording HR, distance and pace for a soccer player?

    we are not allowed to wear a gps watch (or carrying a phone) in a match, but are interested to look into data like HR, distance covered, etc, post match.

    Thanks in advance!!

  187. Chris dePaola

    Ticker vs Garmin HRM Run when using with a Fenix 3? I’m guessing I know the answer but like opinions.


    • Will

      I don’t have a Fenix 3, but to get the most out of the Tickr (gct, vert osc, “smoothness”) you have to run with your phone. I would say HRM Run. I love Ray’s write-ups, but this one was done 2 1/2 years ago and the final product isn’t as great as it seems in IMO.

  188. Xylene718

    Has anyone on Android tried the Tickr run or X with the “a Training Tracker” link to play.google.com App on Play store? There is also a companion app for Pebble watches. So far it works with my Speedcell stride sensor. Id love to buy and use the Tickr X for treadmill runs and indoor cycling (no gps) and display the live stats on my pebble watch. The app seems to support(Ant & BTLE) stride sensors, hrm monitors and bike sensors with cadence for Android and also Pebble watches. Please let me know

  189. Xylene718

    Has anyone on Android with a Tickr run or X tried this app. ” a Training Tracker” link to play.google.com and let me know if it works well? Supports ANT and BTLE stride sensors + cycling speed and cadence sensors. Also has a Pebble companion app which has worked for me with the Speedcell btle stride sensor. Id love to switch to a Tickr run or X for my indoor running/cycling (no GPS) with the live stats on my pebble.

  190. Anouar

    Great review.
    When I run I would like to check my heart rate from time to time. I was hoping to be able to configure the tickr x to announce that when I double tap it, but I didn’t succeed doing that.
    I have it paired with my smartphone and Runkeeper. Today I must admit it’s a hassle to check my heart rate: I need to dig up the phone, unlock it and watch my screen to get that info. I can of course wait until I hit a km and the sexy voice 🙂 announce the stats, but that’s not good enough as I am curious to know my heart rate when running up a hill for example.
    Any recommendations on how I can achieve that? I am concidering buying a running watch (had one before) but l want all my stats to be stored at Runkeeper and I don’t want to export these manually.

  191. Ryan Laker

    You indicated in the review that it can track distance, cadence etc offline:

    “This is because the TICKR X contains memory in it that allows it to store the data. This enables you to train without having your phone or ANT+ device nearby. For example, you could go for a run and it would track pace/distance/heart rate/cadence/running smoothness all within the strap – and then later allow you to download that afterwards.”

    But this doesn’t seem to be the case? How were you able to get it to achieve that functionality?

  192. Niels Thijssen

    FWIW, just a moment ago I noticed the TICKR X updated the firmware to version 1.7.6 (which should improve the battery usage/power consumption. I don’t know when it was released exactly, but may be worth on checking and updating (over bluetooth with Wahoo Utility app (on iOS10 /iphone 6s)

  193. Gökhan

    Hi guys and Ray!
    I am going to buy fenix 3 and I already have a tickr x band is it fine to use it together? What are the benefits if I also buy garmin run band. Is there any extra features to buy again a chest band for fenix 3?

  194. Chandan Chawla

    which will be the cheapest watch to be compatible with Tickr Run and have its own optical HRM ?

  195. ClaudioNeri

    Hi man,
    I read this review and Scosche Rhythm+ because I’m planning to buy one of them. Which one could me the more accurate for outdoor running and weightlifting?

  196. dierckx

    After doing a run with the TickrX, will it be possible to upload the run data to the Polar Personal trainer (or Polar Flow)? Is that supported? And if it is supported, will the Polar tools still calculate and show the Running Index? Or will a recording with the Polar Beat app be required during the run? The Polar Running Index is a feature that I like very much to track progression over different kind of runs. Does any other tool provide similar feedback (no running dynamics)?

  197. I have the TICKR strap and have been having problems with it recording really high HR while running. I’m using it wiith my Garmin 920XT This doesn’t seem to occur when cycling, walking, or strength training. This seems to occur only when running, regardless of being on a treadmill or outside on the road. Right now the symptoms are that my HR is instantly at 164bpm and stays there regardless of how hard I’m running. I do see some downward fluctuations, but only into the upper 140s, then it jumps back up to 163-164. My GarminRun strap doesn’t exhibit this behavior at all.

    Any clues on why this may be occurring? Batteries are relatively new (less than 2 months old)

  198. Patrick Mountford

    Hi Ray, I believe that to get my HR from my garmin 310xt HR strap into Tacx app on my IPad air when riding my indoor Tacx Vortex, I essentially need a lighting adaptor and Wahoo ant+ adaptor, could I simply bypass the two adaptors and go directly to changing my HR strap to a TICKR which can talk to the IPad through BLE (and the rest of my devices)? Sent an email question early today with a more details, but hadn’t read this option yet


  199. Mark

    Any advice what to buy, base Tickr or Tickr run version? I need it just because of Zwift (cycling) and iPod usage as Garmin HR not supporting bluetooth, bridges as 4iiii are too expensive.

    As I can see advantage of Run edition is “treadmill mode”, which I think I will never use it as I will record to phone, tablet or Zwift and second “smoothness tracks running form “- I dont know what is this option?

    Thank you.

    • Patrick Mountford

      Hi Mark, I decided to go with the Tickr and have used it a couple of times. Similar to you I simply needed a solution where I had HR through Bluetooth to my ipad … works super so far!


  200. David Boon

    My new Tickr X does not vibrate. Do I have to set something up to make it do this? I have told it what I want a double tap to do but the double tap does not produce a vibration alert.