Power2Max drops power meter prices nearly 20%, adds Praxis Works for chain rings


Power2Max announced here at Interbike that they are lowing their prices further – almost 20%, following price reductions and new product announcements at Eurobike just three weeks ago.

Here’s the skinny:

– The $899US FSA Gossamer will be a permanent change, instead of a temporary sale price
– The Rotor 3D models drops to $1,099 from $1,349
– The Rotor 3D+ model to $1,249 from $1,499
– Spider-only price drops to $879 from $979 (if you have your own cranks & chain rings)
– Praxis Works chain rings can be added for $99 on any unit with 53-39, 52-36 and 50-34 combinations
– All power meters will be shipped free, and as usual, no US import taxes either (shipped from Vancouver, BC)

In talking with them this morning, the primary reason for this change is that they’ll be shifting to a direct to consumer company, and removing 3rd party distributor relationships.  They found that 85% of units were shipped direct to consumer, and only 15% through distributors/retailers.  By removing that channel they were able to lower their prices, by simply cutting out the additional cost normally paid to the retailer.

They also noted this morning they’ll be bringing online credit card payments as an option in the next two weeks.  This was one of the complaints I had two weeks ago, where the only option previously was bank transfer – which was then upgraded that week to PayPal transfer.  So good to see things going in the right direction there.

I think we’re also seeing here some of the impact of the drastic PowerTap price changes (reductions) from last month beginning to reverberate through the power meter industry.  Further, on the top-end, the introduction of Vector is applying downward pricing pressure there as well to numerous units.  I suspect this will really only signal the start of things.


You can see my recent thoughts on the power meter market from two weeks ago in my “Power Meter Buyers Guide – 2013 Edition”.

Note that unfortunately these pricing shifts won’t be coming to the European market (or anywhere outside North America).

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  1. “Praxis Works chain rings can be added for $99 on any unit with 53-29, 52-36 and 50-34 combinations” – You mean 53-39 …

  2. carl

    guess this means that I should continue to hold out just a little longer to get a better price…. ;-)

  3. Berto

    Time to get one for my TT now – I have the v2 with rotor 3d+ cranks and I’m a VERY satisfied user.

  4. Neil

    What this means is that as a UK resident who wants to buy a German product from a German company that has a “direct to consumer” model I will pretend to be based in the US, buy it from the US website, and get it forwarded onto me by a friend in the US.


  5. Ray, thanks for very detailed and accurate reporting as always.

    @Neil: European prices include 19% taxes, which we don’t have to charge to US customers. So our European prices we charge aren’t higher – it’s just that our governments are charging us more, unfortunately.


    • Tisztul_A_Visztula

      Not exactly. 19% is in Germany, but if you sell it to a customer in Luxembourg and deliver it in Lux you can/have to (I am not a tax advisor) apply 15% as VAT rate. I live in Hungary where VAT is the highest in Europe, namely 27% and when I buy something via amazon.de I am charged by 27% instead of 19%.

      Or you can optimize it further through another non-EU member European country like Lichtenstein or Switzerland where VAT is 8%, I guess that the UK customs rate for a bicycle component is less than 7%, so the total tax rate would be less than 15%. And no illegal importing at all, which you would commit if you got it from US hidden in a pack.

  6. Simo

    power2max price cuts + stages cycling = Usa are powermeter heaven! ;) hope to hear some good news for Europeans soon!

  7. Eli

    The difference between the sensor only, FSA Gossamer, Rotor 3D, and Rotor 3D+ is purely in the cranks themselves? So the part that does all the power meter stuff is the same? (the FSA Gossamer is only an extra $20?)

  8. Noel

    I’m really interested in picking one of these up but my confidence is being rapidly eroded in this company by their continued lack of response to an email I sent them regarding BB compatibility. I’ve been waiting almost 2 weeks and still no response at all, not even a “we’re not sure” or “we’ll get back to you.” If they don’t bother to respond to prospective customers the how responsive will they be once they’ve already got my money?

    • Assaf

      Same here. Contacted p2m several weeks ago regarding shipping, nothing!
      Also phone Numbers removed from German website.
      Compared to Canyon customer service… They have a thing or two to learn.

    • Robert

      Thats odd, try contacting them via the North America FB page. I know before the site redesign, Michael @ P2M would get back to me quickly.

    • Dan

      What I would say is that their new site (or at least the UK facing portion) is fairly clear on BB compatibilities? What’s your exact question?

    • @Eli: yes, it’s the same sensor, the difference is in the cranks

      @Noel: very sorry if there has been a problem in communication. We’re very diligent about answering, but have had problems with customers not getting our emails because they go to spam – can you please check in your spam folder to see if there is an answer there?


    • Noel

      My question was about the bottom bracket needed for my frame. I have a 2011 Specialized Roubaix that’s listed as OSBB as bottom bracket type. Elsewhere I’ve seen references that indicate it’s an aluminum, threaded BB shell. I *think* that means this is a BB30 type but I’m not sure. I was just trying to verify whether or not the FSA Gossamer version would work with my frame. And, if not, what would the recommendation be.

    • Noel

      Also, my apologies to Power2Max. @Nicholas was correct, for some reason GMail classified the response as Spam and prevented me from ever seeing it. I see now that Power2Max responded pretty quickly and asked me to send them some information to assist with them providing me an answer. My faith is officially restored.

  9. Scott Ashmead

    Great news

  10. Anthony

    I’m located in Japan so does that mean i’ve got to buy via USA and have shipped by a 3rd party with a virtual address?

  11. Tim

    Really diggin the mid-compact options these days! (As well as price cuts)

    Perhaps this will be a future purchase for me… So much on the wishlist.

  12. @Noel: thanks, got your mail and replied – I hope it now no longer goes to spam. It’s an issue that really bugs me, we have been running all sorts of spam tests and still get the problem. I am sorry about this.

    About the BB: it’s a bit difficult to tell from the Specialized catalogue and from the pictures. The spec page says it’s threaded but there are no external bearing cups. Digging a bit deeper it looks as if it’s a splined bottom bracket in a threaded bottom bracket shell. In this case you just need to remove the existing bottom bracket and use a Megaexo bottom bracket with the FSA Gossamer.

    @Anthony: we have a distributor in Japan, so you can buy locally. Just go to http://www.powe2max.de and choose Japan in the drop down. I hope your Japanese is better than mine, though :-).

  13. Assaf

    Hi Power2max,

    also checked my spam folder… found your reply there!!!
    on the same day i sent the Q.
    My fault…apologies.

  14. Assaf

    Hi Nicolas / Ray,

    Can you please explain the following sentence?
    they’ll be shifting to a direct to consumer company, and removing 3rd party distributor relationships.
    I live in Israel where we have a local distributor. would this remain?


  15. Hi Ray,

    Is there any reason to choose a product like Vector over this?
    (apart from quicker changing between bikes)

  16. Dan

    link to wheelsmfg.com

    Wheels Manufacturing Compatibility guide sohuld help some people!

  17. TMLW

    Hey Ray,

    Great info as always! Do you know if the new S type will also be discounted when it comes out? I have a new Cervelo P5 which has aero chainrings so the present version won’t work without changing the outer ring to clear the battery case. If it won’t be discounted I would change the outer ring and order the present version. If it’s discounted I’ll wait until Feb.