Now kicking off Interbike 2013!


Just as a quick heads up to regular readers that starting today Interbike 2013 begins.  While the Outdoor Demo occurred earlier in the week, today the main indoor portion begins.  Like Eurobike, you’ll see a slew of cycling-related posts from me.  However, due to Las Vegas (home of Interbike) being 9 hours behind Germany (home of Eurobike)– those posts will largely skew towards later in the day.

Additionally, since most major multinational companies tend to make announcements at Eurobike rather than Interbike, you’ll tend to see smaller announcements here (especially this year).  Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to covering them all.

As always – if there’s items you’d like me to check-in on over the next two days, drop them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to circle back with those companies.  And for the non-cyclist runners in the crowd…sorry, but you did at least get the FR220/FR620 post on Monday, and the Polar Loop yesterday – so those have to count for something, right? ;)

In the event you want to head down memory lane, here’s a link to all past Interbike posts.  Further, you’ll find plenty of updates on Twitter throughout the days.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Marko

    Anything about Look Keo Power BTLE and new Polar bike headunit (BTLE or WIND). Thanks :)

    • Christian

      Yes please. It would be great to get ant kind of update information. Will there be a BTLE update? Will there be a new head unit? Is there a firmware update removing power spikes already available and, if yes, how do we get access to it?


  2. Tommy

    With 360 comments in 48 hours (and most of them came in the first 24) on the Garmin sneak peek, I think we runners got our fill on Monday and probably need to take a breather anyway! I personally find the cycling posts interesting even though I am not a cyclist, I just think most of the technology is pretty cool.

    • Eli

      And I don’t do any running. (Can’t wait for this ligament in my foot to finish healing so at least it won’t be painful to try) Tech is always fun to figure out

  3. Nicholas

    I would be interested to know any further developments regarding SRM’s rechargeable road cranks, if we’ll see them in 2014 or 2015?

  4. Jackson

    This may be a crazy idea/concept….but any chance any of these bike technologies can be migrated to the running platforms? For example…can I get inserts in my shoes that would measure “wattage” or an equivalent? Any ability to measure “force” of a swimmer through water?

    (understand that I may be talking jibberish but trying to think outside the box)

  5. Mark

    I have heard that Hed will soon be announcing a more aero wider platform Jet wheel based on their new C2+ rims that are now 25mm wide instead of the older 23mm width. Could you check that out?

    Also for all us home mechanics out there, how about swinging by the Park Tool exhibit and seeing whats new, they have an electric bike lift (crazy stuff), the president Eric Hawkins is always at their booth to answer questions, very cool.

    Have fun.

  6. Scott

    Curious to see if Magellan is planning any updates to their switch / switch up series or new additions to their fitness line (cycling specific).

  7. Eli

    Any new HRV based products? ;) From Shimano, hydraulic brakes for road bikes and any improvements to electronic shifting? (hoping for wireless so other devices can know what gear I’m in, ie Ant+) Stages has new cranks out for FSA and the new Ultegra. Sony has a new camera (shootout with Garmin’s?) New bike lights? (seems like LEDs keep improving allowing lights to keep getting better)

  8. John Fox

    If you happen to run into the K-Edge folks, ask if there’s a mount/adaptor for the new Garmin VIRB in the works. And I’m still waiting for an adaptor for the GoBig seat rail that will allow me to use a rear-facing GoPro AND my saddle bag at the same time.

    Enjoy the show (i’m jealous!).