4iiii’s announces Cliiiimb Strava segment competition app, new low-priced hardware bundles


Here at Interbike, 4iiii’s has announced their latest product – Cliiiimb – which allows you to get status updates in real time while riding or running any Strava segment against anybody already on the Strava leaderboard.

4iiii’s will be releasing the Cliiiimb app, which is designed to work with a new less-expensive version of the Sportiiii’s that purely contains voice (and is simply called Sportiiii’s Voice) – rather than both the voice and LED bar that the more expensive Sportiiii’s contains.

The app utilizes GPS to determine your position, and then leverages the Sportiiii’s audio capabilities to broadcast updates to you based on how frequently you’d like to hear those updates.  But, I’ll cover more of that in a minute.  First, let’s get into the hardware and the app.

This small pod affixes to your glasses via a new clip-on system rather than the previous ziptie system.


Below you can see the full Sportiiii’s system next to it:


Next, the Cliiiimb is bundled with the Viiiiva ANT+ to Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap, which acts as an intermediary between the ANT+ enabled Sportiiii’s and your phone, by translating the instructions to Bluetooth Smart.


Once you’ve got both of those on, you’ll download and open up the free app.  The App first has you connect to your existing Strava account:


At this point you’re also able to pair to a Viiiiva, which will be the gateway to the sunglass attached Sportiiii’s:


At this point you can also go ahead and pair any other ANT+ devices, such as power meters, running footpods or speed/cadence sensors, as well as the Sportiiii’s:


With that complete you’ll start a search for a nearby Strava segment using the standard pinch and zoom map – allowing you to zoom in on any location you’d like to:


In this case we’ve selected a 1.1KM long Strava segment to race against.  You can change from metric to statute within the settings of course.

By clicking the ‘Add this Segment’ button you’re effectively downloading the segment to your phone for later use.


As part of that you’ll choose a “hero” from the leaderboard to compete against.  Effectively this is who you’re racing against.  You can choose the top person on the list, or someone further down (perhaps closer to your abilities, but enough to still give you a challenge).


Next you’ll see the segment listed within your saved segments.  This is cool in that everything is downloaded about the segment so you can actually run everything without cell connectivity.  Ideal if you may be out of the country and still want to use GPS, but just have cellular service turned off.


From there you’ll be able to go ahead and start the segment.  While you’re running/riding it’ll give you updates on how far ahead and/or behind you are based on your competitor.  It’ll provide these updates both on a percentage basis (i.e. 25%, 50%, etc…), as well as a time-basis (i.e. every 1 minute).  That’s all configurable.  The app will send those audio broadcast announcements to the sunglass attached Sportiiii’s:


Lastly, upon completion of the run/ride your data is saved into a .FIT file that you can e-mail and then upload to any number of services.


The entire package cost $129, which includes both the Viiiiva Bluetooth Smart & ANT+ heart rate strap, as well as the Sportiiii’s Voice – and of course access to the free iPhone app.

Additionally, if you want the full Sportiiii’s with the LED heads up display bar, that’s available for $199 including Viiiiva.  Availability-wise they are targeting completion ahead of US Thanksgiving, so just before the holidays.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thor R

    Only available bundled?

  2. Brian

    Cool concept, but I think they need a reeeeebrand.

  3. first thought on this post could be: “wow, a iPhone 5c!”

  4. Mark

    Android? (insert boilerplate about bluetooth smart)

  5. Mitch

    Not sure I would be interested in the Strava competition side, but wonder if this could be used as a “heads up info system” for how you are going against a course based training program. Instead of “heros”, have loaded training profiles…..similar in concept, but more useable day to day, instead of a one off bust your gut effort to try and move your name up some ladder, but might need feed back on how you are going with heart rate or watts etc against target to be useful

    • It’s not really meant for competition, but the idea of trying to follow in someone else’s footsteps for a run or ride.. I’ve liked running with it a few times seeing where on a hill another athlete is pushing harder or laying back a bit, etc… Push hard at the bottom or the top? Just trying to pace myself with them, running or riding segments like others have.

      So anyways, definitely can be used as you described, that’s how we’ve designed it… Just Strava has all the data right now, and most segments and courses have enough athletes on them that you can find a good pace for you and go with it. :)

  6. Eli

    Seconded for Android support/

    The full Sportiiii remains a superset of the audio only version?

    The audio is transmitted from the phone? Guessing BLE doesn’t have the bandwidth to do that so the Sportiiii looks like a normal Bluetooth device to the phone? Or is the audio generated on the device and so less data transfer is needed?

    • I will join the Android request. And on the off chance that someone from 4iiii’s reads this. I have been trying to email you for just a little support trying to get ViiiiVa bridging ANT+ working in my android app with BTLE support… No trouble HR only but ANT bridging…. just a description of what I should expect would help but my emails go unanswered.

    • Eli

      Is the full Sportiiii that is currently out (SP200V) going to be replaced or is it just the Sportiiii voice and the app that will be coming out later?

    • The full Sportiiiis is the Voice product w/ the LEDs included, yep… And the LEDs show you how you’re pacing with your hero, in Cliiiimb mode. The audio clips are pre-generated, neither ANT+ nor BLE have the bandwidth for true audio streaming, I don’t think. Perhaps the lowest of quality sounds… The Sportiiiis still talks ANT+ only, and thus the combo with our BLE/ANT+ Viiiiva.

      Also, ifor, apologies! I was unaware your emails have been unanswered! I’m aware that I have to look into this for you, but have been busy on other projects and assumed the support staff had let you know, my bad. It’s on my list for early next week, I’ve got your app installed, I just haven’t had time to try it yet. :) Have some more bandwidth now and will get back to you ASAP.

    • Doh, you replied again as I was replying.. SP200(V) will be continuing (and will support the app). LED-less version is new. :)

    • Havelaar

      I see great potential for the Sportiiii’s Voice under android. Would it be possible for Ifor’s IpBike & other android apps to simply send audio notification requests via ant+ to the Sportiiii’s Voice without the Viiiiva Strap in between?
      Can the Sportiiii’s Voice be updated over time for additional audio notifications?
      I also really like the concept of the Cliiiimb app (mostly to go after personal records on climbs) although I would prefer to have this feature integrated in my android bike computer app instead of runing two gps-tracking apps at the same time. Scott & Ifor, I believe you should definitely have lunch together in the near future.
      Another question: would it be feasible to add a heart rate comparision between previous own best effort and current effort to the audio notifications? It would be awesome to see whether you’re beating your personal record only by suffering more or because your fitness improved.

  7. morey000

    now- that’s some serious motivation.

    Me- I’m hoping for a tailwind.

  8. Eli

    Thanks. I assume the sp200 changed more then just the way of attaching to the glasses from the sp100? (Ray’s in depth review is of the sp100)

    BTW does the Sportiiiis have any metronome type of function? I don’t mean keeping the color in the green but a way to flash the LED and or play a sound repeatedly to make it easy to follow a set cadence. That way you can use the color of the lights for other data while the sound/blink rate would be more subconscious like to keep a certain rhythm going.

    • Eli

      My thinking is knowing you are pushing too hard or too easy is where the color/ position of the LED is good feedback. Cadence on the other hand is more a rhythm you need to match so the device giving you that rhythm would be more helpful then being told to speed up or slow down

    • Eli

      Am I the only one who would find that useful?

    • Hi Eli,

      The latest generation of Sportiiiis has the following changes (1) brighter LEDs (2) more customizable colors (3) a physical button instead of capacitive touch button (4) miscellaneous hardware/software enhancements.

      Today Sportiiiis doesn’t support it, but you’re idea about the metronome for cadence is great. Thanks!

    • Eli

      Less worried about what it has now as I love products with upgradable firmware so hoping you can add a sound/visual metronome.

      I’m thinking the visual metronome should be more of a hint so on, slightly dimmer, on,… so it doesn’t stick out too much in your field of view as something changing cause that you may get used to ignoring the LEDs and not react to the real notifications as well

  9. Jason

    Any plan to create something that goes inside aero helmets that use visor shields instead of wearing sunglasses?

    • I know we’ve been thinking about different ideas for attachment, but I’m unsure if aero helmets have come up yet, I’ll ask around / pass on the suggestion, thanks!

    • The Cliiiimb hardware includes a couple of mounting options: a clip for your glasses and velcro to attach to your helmet. (You just need to place it near your ear). The combo pack is $129.99 and includes Voiiiice audio coach and Viiiiva heart rate strap plus mounting components and USB charging cable.

    • Thor R

      Can you confirm that the Voiiiice audio coach will be available unbundled for those of us who already have a Viiiiva? Thanks :-)

    • For those people who already own Viiiiva, you can use the Cliiiimb app with one of 2 heads-up options — Sportiiiis $149.99 or with Voiiiice $99.99. Sportiiiis has both the audio and visual component. Voiiiice is audio only. And they are sold separately as well as in combo packs.

  10. ken

    Glad to see you’re learning so much at Interbiiiiiike.

  11. zac_in_ak

    I would also lie to suggest the android version. With the new update to android getting support for BTLE lots more android handsets will be able to use the cliiimb! I’m a sucker for strava!

  12. Duane

    This is interesting and I’m glad to see someone from the vendor here to answer questions. Could you clarify how it matches up against the “hero” competitor? Does it use that individual’s actual pace during their PR on Strava or does it use an average speed over the distance covered?

  13. Dave Gilson

    Any issues with Strava cooperating in the long term (via their API) to worry about here? Where do they stand in this situation?

  14. Despite this blogs headline as a “segment competition app”, Cliiiimb’s reason for being is NOT to promote competition but rather to promote achieving personal records safely. We do this by helping Strava users to pace themselves with another athlete from the leaderboard while safely keeping their focus on the road.

    4iiii submitted a description of the Cliiiimb system to Strava in order to get approval to use their API.

  15. I’m curious how the app determines progress along the segment. Strava’s segment matching algorithm is internal, so I suppose they’d need to develop their own algorithm to determine if the athlete is making progress towards completing the segment. Or is there V3 API support for this?

  16. I’ve been using sportiiiis for my training. It really works for me to refer/control heart rate and cadence effectively.
    Anyway, here is I am recently hoping.

    If the voice data specification is opened, various type of voice data might be created by third party by using Today’s voice synthesize tech.
    Trainer, kids, pro racer, actor, etc…those voice could be motivation keeper, and fun.

  17. Shadowmate

    I need an android version of the App! Been waiting a long time and still nothing new? Have and use the Sportiiiis often but feel let down that i am missing out on the new cliiiimb and voiiiice stuff because i am not a fan of Apple products and prefer my Samsung.

  18. Sami

    I appreciate that 4iiii wants to sell hardware, but for all runners the extra device hanging off the sunglasses seems quite redundant when many/most of us already run with headphones (either wired or BT wireless); it would be great to get access to this app unbundled in the App Store for, say, $4.99.

    Or maybe offer it for the Viiiiva owners for free, since I just ordered mine.