Power2Max releases new Type S line, expands compatibility


This week at Eurobike, Power2Max has introduced their new Type S lineup of power meters, which expands compatibility across a wide number of crank sets, as well as reduces weight in the unit.  As a refresher, I reviewed the 2nd generation Power2Max models earlier this year, and they did quite well with the inclusion of temperature compensation added to devices in that generation.

The introduction of the Type S lineup makes a few core design changes, starting with a slide-in battery compartment and external LED status.  Below you can see the new arrangement of the battery compartment, which allows for increased compatibility by removing it from the edge of the unit and further reduces weight.  Also, it helps improve waterproofing by minimizing the complications of the previous design with the multiple screws and dueling o-rings.


While there is a micro-USB port, it’s not available for end-user use, but rather for distributor/diagnostic use.

Below those little magnet looking items are actually just screw hole covers.  They cover the two screws that go up into the battery compartment.  The left one I’m holding is the backside of the right one.


You can see the differences in the two battery compartments below.  The old-school design is to the left, and the new design to the right.  The battery light is illuminated in the photo to the right.  This triggers anytime the unit switches on, as well as for low battery warning.


This allows them to also further reduce weight – a total of 60-80 grams on most models.  The starting weight on the new models is 169g (110 BCD), and 188g (130 BCD).

They’ve added a ton of new models, specifically:

– Cannondale SI, SISL, and SISL2
– Specialized S-Works
– SRAM S900 and Force 2014
– Shimano 4-bolt 110mm BCD for third party cranks

Below, the Specialized S-Works:


Next we have the 4-bolt Shimano 110 BCD, compatible with 3rd party cranks.



The above new models are in addition to the existing models supporting:

– Rotor 3D+
– FSA K-Force Light

In the case of the non-new models, they’ll continue to be offered for €740 in Europe and $990 in the US.  The new units will be priced at €940 in Europe and $1160 in the US.

The one exception to that is a FSA crank with the 2nd generation P2M (the one I tested), for $899US – and $999US with the chain rings (basically everything).  This is only within North America.


Finally, they’ve also made changes to better support non-round rings with the older design by making a cutout in the battery compartment  You can see this below where I’m holding up a unit showing the battery compartment on the left, which has a slight ‘rise’ to the underside of the compartment.  Previously users were pretty much just hacking away at the battery compartment to make it fit.


Note that all Power2Max power meters produced these days include estimated left/right power balance, use ANT+, and report cadence via an internal accelerometer.  All also include temperature compensation and factory calibration done across a number of temperature ranges (similar to Vector).  Stated accuracy is +/- 2%.


With that, if you’ve got any questions – feel free to drop them below!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Emil

    Still missing Campagnolo version!

  2. Paolo

    Would you suggest waiting for the new One to install on a Road Bike? I have heard that it is the Same sensor like the Existing one

    • Correct, it’s the same sensor. I would touch base with them and see what the wait times are for the model you’re looking for. Honestly it’s largely a cosmetic and weight thing (plus cost) – so if neither of those are a big deal to you, then save the cash and buy more cookies.

  3. Mike Sproul

    Urgh rubbish, just about to pull the trigger on a P2M Rotor3D. This makes life difficult and easier at the same time, should really wait for the new one and go with the new 4 bolt Shimano standard, completely removes the 130 vs 110 BCD argument in my head.

  4. Mike Sproul

    Oh, quick question, does the new unit still use the Renata 2450?

  5. Random

    Can we get a picture of the front of the 4 bolt Shimano P2M, to see how the rings look on it?

  6. Lucas Wall

    I talked to a Power2Max exhibitor/rep in June at an academic conference who had a Power2Max unit set up on a track bike. He said that they would be releasing a model toward the end of this year that would work with a fixed gear but would come as a 130 BCD so it could also be used on the road. Did they say anything about fixed gear compatibility with any of these new models?

    • Hi,

      A track model is not imminent, we will update Ray and you when we have something to report :-).

      Regarding batteries: the new model is more flexible with battery makes, we have tested it with Renata, Panaonic, Sony, and Varta, and they all worked. Most models should work.

      Nicolas from power2max

    • H M

      Please, please, start working on a track model.
      If you need a beta-tester for one, I’m keen,

  7. Erik Wolla

    I have a P2M on my road bike with Rotor 3D+ crank and O’Symetric chain rings. Works quite well although front shifting is a bit finicky. I’m contemplating getting a P2M for my MTB, but I want assymetric chain rings on that one as well. P2M told me all their MTB products only came with “pre-installed” chainrings as the power meter device (battery compartment?) was blocking access to (at least one of) the chainring bolts.
    Now the question: Does the new Type S model P2M MTB cranks support “customer changeable” chainrings?
    (or will they offer any models with assymetric chainrings?)
    My current (no power meter) MTB setup is an XX crank (120/80BCD) with Doval 40T/25T chainrings, this also works very well.

  8. Matt

    Had my P2M on order for a while. Was going to cancel when I heard about the new units but P2M told me there was no update to the power unit so I decided to go ahead.

    Pretty disappointed to hear about the changes to the old unit’s battery compartment to accommodate aero rings, as this something I specifically asked them about compatibility for. Trying to push the old stock I guess.

    • Matt

      They also emailed me to say they missed the shipping date. Everyone buggered off to Eurobike instead of by the looks of it.

  9. John

    Does this mean that the P2M is now compatible with 110BCD Q rings and any OCP position.

    My understanding is that the current model is restricted to OCP3 on the compacy Q rings unless you do some DIY to the battery compartment.

    Also, is that the new Shimano 4 bolt pattern that allows you to use both 110 and 130 BCD chainrings without swapping cranks?

    Thanks for the coverage and info as always DC – good job!

  10. Neil

    I had high hopes when I saw their website refresh, but sadly they still only offer direct bank-transfer for making a payment, something I am not comfortable doing due to the lack of any payment protection (such as offered by a credit card). This is a shame- I wish that Power2Max didn’t restrict the ability to pay them in this way.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Neil, I will bring it up.

      Nicolas (power2max)

    • I had the same considerations the first time I had to buy a power meter from Power2max back in April 2011.

      But I took changen and now I have bought 3 power meter + one right / left update. So I acted with them 4 times and all via bank transfer, so you can calm shop there.

      But one paypal payment option I could wish for.

  11. Joe

    Hey Ray, great review,

    Will they also work with SISL2 chainrings, or just crank arms?


  12. Simone

    This product will be available only in the first months of 2014?
    I need to choose a PM for new training season but I need it in autumn!
    hope s type will be available before end of 2013..

  13. Dexter

    Hi Ray (or Nicolas)

    Are you able to get a photo of the Type S PM with the Duraace 9000 chainrings from the driveside?


  14. Sixto

    Hi Ray,

    i am wondering if it can be used in sram red 2012 (new model)? Force new crank is basically the same so it should do?


    • Hi,

      Type S will work with the different 2014 SRAM cranks that have a removable spider – so the Force 22 and those Red models with removable spider. On the Force 22, if you use the original chain rings unfortunately the chain catcher pin is on the wrong side because we keep the “normal” orientation for chain ring bolts. The rings have a hole, though, on the other side, so potentially it’s possible to install a chain catcher pin there.

      Nicolas from power2max

  15. Mike

    You listed Force 2014 above, I assume you mean Force 22. Can you guys confirm Force 22 compatibility (with the hidden bolt in the crankarm)? A picture would be icing on the cake.

    What about Red 22? SRAM obviously makes Red 22 with separate crankarm and spider for Quarq (yes, I know Quarq is SRAM at this point). But, I’m curious if that’s something you’ll be able to offer.


  16. Ronald Meier

    Not sure will C’dale SISL also be available with the current sensor or only as S type?

  17. Mike

    In response to Nicolas above.

    Why not configure the powermeter to mount the rings the correct way for new SRAM? Seems very simple to just rotate the Power2Max spider 180 degrees before drilling the chainring holes and etching the graphics. This would keep the rings mounted correctly and use the crankarm bolt as SRAM intended.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your input, I’ll raise it. In the end it’s a trade off because most other chain rings are mounted the other way and we would expect many S900 users, too. Will let you know what the outcome is.

    • Hi Mike,

      we discussed this and the issue is that pretty much only the SRAM 22 chain rings are built to work this way. If we flip around the orientation that would preclude pretty much all other chain rings from being used, except for Q-Rings (which can be used in both setups).


    • Mike

      Nicholas, is it something that could be done on special order?

  18. John

    Out of interest, why would you run the new Shimano chainrings (4-bolt) with a 3rd party crank (e.g. Rotor) instead of the Shimano cranks?

    I assume that the P2M that is compatible with the new Shimano bolt pattern will not be compatible with Q-rings. I’m trialling Q-Rings on a Rotor crankset at the moment and the jury is still out. Ideally would like a P2M which is compatible with both Q-Rings and Shimano chainrings.

    Will the P2M Type-S be compatible with the the older 6700 series Ultegra crank?

    Otherwise, will have to decide whether I’m going to stick with Q-Rings before I pull the trigger on a P2M.


    • Dexter

      I believe getting shimano crank arms to suit is impossible (unless you are SRM who has a special agreement with shimano for the 7800 arms).

      SRM did a limited run of dura ace 9000 powermeters with both 4 bolt and 5 bolt hole patterns? Potentially this is something Power2max could think about offering?

      link to bikerumor.com

  19. Simo

    Any idea if the normal type for FSA Gossamer version will be lowered in Europe?

  20. John

    Thanks Dexter – from the Bikerumor.com article:

    “It has to come as a complete crankset system because they send out the drive side crankarm to have the spider machined off so they can attach the PM to it.”

    So looks like the issue is fitting the P2M to the full crankset i.e. removing crank spider to install on the Shimano makes it a no go.

    Nicholas – would it be possible for you to drill both the standard 110BCD 5-bolt pattern and the new four hole Shimano 9000 pattern into the Type-S as SRM has done? That way I could run both Q-ring and standard Shimano 9000 rings on the same crankset which would be awesome!

    “They have about 50 of these drilled with a standard 110 BCD 5-bolt pattern and the four hole Shimano 9000 pattern (above), but it’s probably not something they’ll keep making. So, if you want one that’ll let you run non-Shimano rings, get your order in now and request it.”

  21. Cee

    As i can see you have to dismount the crank to change the batterie? Is that correct?

  22. John

    @Dexter – you are a veritable font of on-line knowledge!

    Looks like I’ll be pulling the trigger on the 4-bolt version of the P2M if I have the option of running both regular Shimano rings and the new 4-bolt Q-rings off of the same crank (Rotor 3D).


  23. Evan

    am I missing something? I don’t see a release date anywhere, including the p2m website. When will the 4 bolt be available, and what will be the packaging options (or is it only available as a standalone sensor)?

  24. Hi Evan,

    we will start shipping in the beginning of February. We will open pre-orders for the US and Canada after Interbike.


  25. ave

    I like the new type-S spider’s looks.
    However, there is one thing which is not mentioned anywhere, and can’t find pictures to help answer this either – how much does the battery cover protrude out of the spider? I have tight shoe clearance even on my non power meter crank, so it might be a bit too tight with the p2m unit.
    Any chance of some ‘profile’ photos preferably with the FSA K-Force crank?
    By the way this question is also relevant of the original spider design.


  26. Harrison

    My CAAD10 currently runs the stock FSA K-Light crankset. My question is, if I purchased just the sensor, could I eventually install Cannondale Hollowgram SL cranks as a replacement for my FSA K-Lights?

  27. Matthias

    Question for Nicolas: if I order an “old” model via your website today will I receive the “updated old” model (new battery cutout at the back) or will you start shipping the updated versions also in February?

    • Hi all,

      let me try to answer questions in turn:

      @Dexter: Best check the distributor’s site regularly at link to bikecycle.co.nz

      @Ave: the battery compartment is designed in a way so that it’s hidden behind the crank arm. Before hitting the battery compartment you’ll hit the crank arm where it meets the axle.

      @Harrison: if I understand you right you want to remove the SLK cranks and install the Type S with a Hollowgram SISL. That’s no problem – you may just need to change the bottom bracket in case your SLK is a 24mm spindle. If it’s a BB30 you can just install the Hollowgram.

      @Matthias: I am not quite sure what you are referring to. The battery compartment on the existing power2max hasn’t really changed. If you order now you get the latest version, of course.


    • Hi Matthias,

      weird, I thought I replied to you – apologies. There haven’t been any changes to the battery compartment, but of course you will receive the latest model. The Type S (with the slot-in battery) is a different model.


    • Sorry, got caught up in the SPAM filter, just approved it…

    • Matthias

      Hi Nicolas,

      I was referring to Rays note:
      “Finally, they’ve also made changes to better support non-round rings with the older design by making a cutout in the battery compartment”

    • Hi Matthias,

      that must have been a misunderstanding. The battery compartment on the existing model hasn’t changed. On the 130 BCD version it has always been possible to install Q-Rings without any modifications, it’s only the 110BCD version where the conflict occurred.


  28. Benjamin

    I hope that the 4-bolt Shimano compatible spider will be sold together with Rotor 3D crankarms with 24mm spindle and not the 3D+ BB30 one. Obviously Shimano users want to replace their 9000 cranks with the Rotor P2M and use their 9000 rings and keep their bottom brackets & frames…

    • John

      @Nicolas – yes, same as Benjamin. Could you confirm whether the 4-bolt Shimano compatible spider will be compatible with a Rotor 3D (24mm spindle).


    • hi Benjamin, John,

      no final decision on the 4-bolt compatible models, I will pass on the input.


    • Dexter

      Hi Nicholas

      If you do decide to go with the rotor 3D for the 4 bolt model – please keep the 3D+ compatible version in the line up – my team is looking towards getting 6-8 of the 3D+ units as soon as they are available – this crank offers the best of all worlds being compatible with 68 mm threaded bottom brackets, BB30, PF30 386 etc…

  29. Benjamin Numanovic

    It would really make no sense if the 4-bolt compatible models weren’t sold with the 24mm 3D axle. If not guess I’ll have to buy the rotor cranks, ditch the rotor spider and install the arms on the Type S.

  30. Moritz

    Can I ask a really stupid question. Will the 4 bolt pattern work with Shimano ultegra cranks? I also have a set of FSA hollow carbon cranks on my 2009 Cervelo P2. How about those?

  31. Adrian Borbon


    I saw that you are adding some new cranks to the upcoming lineup. Any chance of you guys adding the THM M3 crank to the Power2Max lineup? A nice, subtle option for those who aren’t enamored with the looks of the 3D+, but also don’t want to pay the price for its equivalent from SRM.

    Great work with the updated version.

  32. Andrew

    In regards to a track application, is there room to bolt on some kind of machined ring with a second set of holes to convert to 144bcd, and is this something you could provide with a future track-friendly power meter mentioned further up in the comments?

    • Hi guys,

      sorry, didn’t check here for a couple days.

      @Moritz: the 4-bolt will work with the new Ultegra 7000 4 bolt circle, but not with other, older cranks – those generally use the “normal” 5-bolt pattern.

      @Adrian: Unfortunately the THM M3 doesn’t work because of the little “spider” at the bottom of the crank arm.

      @Andrew: Thanks for the input. We are thinking through all the options.

  33. Morten

    will the Sram S900 cranck be available in 165mm?
    And another stupid question: The Sram Force crancks have “hidden” bolt, how does these co-operate With osymetric chainrings? Can u just fit it upside Down and its all good???

  34. @Morten: we won’t distribute the SRAM crank, so if you have a 165mm version you can use it without problems. Our hole patterns is the standard one, so you can use Osymetric rings without problems.


  35. James Ogilvie

    Hi Nicolas.

    I’m struggling to find a Renata battery for my P2M, (original model) are there any other brands that will work.
    Thanks James

  36. Shane Ingram

    Can I assume that the 110 BCD 4 bolt Shimano meter will work with all the newer 4 bolt Shimano cranks ? Specifically Dura-Ace 9000.

    • Greg

      I don’t think you can assume that.

      If I understand correctly you will need to buy a replacement crankset e.g Rotor and then bolt on the DA 9000 chain rings. Pictures 6 and 7 at the top of the thread show the Rotor crankset and DA 9000 chain ring setup. If it was possible I’m sure P2M would have displayed a Type S with DA 9000 cranks.

      I’d love a P2M power meter on my DA 9000 crank but it’s not possible right now. Today your only options are Powertap and Stages; SRM use a DA 7800 crank arm, if you want to retain your DA 9000 cranks.

      The broader question is, will it ever be possible? The crankset is hollow so I doubt it unless Shimano do a SRAM and decide to build a power meter in to a series component themselves. I’d be amazed if there wasn’t an engineering team team at Shimano playing with a power meter and Di2.

  37. Jason Duckworth

    Ok I get the new type s but why the increased prive to €900 for the spider only esp when company’s like stages are reducing the costs?

  38. Roberto

    I am a Campy guy and I am really keen to buy a P2M…

    which model is the most “compatible” with Campy in terms of…
    – chainline
    – Q-factor
    – U-factor
    (I use BSA68 Campy Record 11s EPS)
    I am afraid that chainline could be different and has problem with EPS…
    Also the Q-factor of most models is 1-2mm wider than Campy (from P2M website), but I can not check the U-factor (since I need to pedal with heels “in” I am afraid to hit the crank)

    • Hi there,

      sorry, hadn’t checked here for a while, I hope the answers are still relevant:

      @Roberto: all our models should work equally well. I don’t have the U-factor at hand, if you want to discuss further, please feel free to email us.

      @Jim: yes, the Type S will also be available for the Rotor 3D in 130BCD.

      @Tom: Nope, you can change the battery without taking off the cranks :-)

      @Jacob: For the moment we only have a K-Force Light in MegaExo. It’s not possible to fit the power2max on a “normal” K-Force Light because the spider is integrated, making the installation of the power meter impossible.

      Nicolas from power2max

  39. Jim

    I’m a bit confused. I see the type s is offered in new models i.e. rotor 3d+. Can I assume the type s will also be offered in the old shimano standard 5 bolt 130 ocd 24mm spindle? I have a couple rotor 3d cranks and don’t really want to upgrade to 3d+ just to fit the new type s. Seems like the old standard would be supported but i don’t see that anywhere. FYI i use rotor tt rings

  40. Tom

    It looks like you have to take the crank off to change the battery. True?

  41. Jacob

    So will it be possible to fit the new type S on K-Force crank arms with a BB386 bottom bracket?

  42. Nate

    Will the 110bcd 4Bolt spider be compatible with the cannondale crankarms? That would be great because the new 4bolt osymetric rings have ramps and pins…

  43. Hi Nate,

    can’t promise anything there. We will see how popular the Cannondale version will be.


  44. Morten

    Does the new S-type fit with Rotor Flow cranks?

  45. Hi Morten,

    yes, that should not be a problem, since the Flow cranks use the same interface as the 3D+.


  46. Jason

     i feel like i’ve done my research, but want to make sure. I currently have a scott plasma 20 with shimano ultegra 6700 derailleurs and FSA crank (at least that’s what’s written on the arm and crank gear) and bottom bracket set of FSA BB-8681, 68mm. I could just get the power meter no crank, correct?  Also, Is there a big difference btw the two FSA crank power meters options (gossamer and 3D rotor? I really appreciate all your reviews.  Very helpful for the novice cyclist.

  47. Hi Jason,

    if you have a FSA crank you’d need to get the crank arms from us, too, since FSA cranks have an integrated spider and you can’t install the power meter as a result. Our FSA cranks were specially made for us to be used in conjunction with our power meters.

    The FSA Gossamer is a bit heavier than the Rotor 3D, by about 100 grams. Both are very solid options.

    I hope this helps,


  48. Hi Jason, I take it you have a BB86 frame? On BB86 frames it’s best to double check compatibility (although they almost always fit). Yes, the Rotor 3D and FSA Gossamer work with those frames, but also the Rotor 3D+ and 3DF or BOR RR688.

    PS: you can also contact us via the support page – that gives you quick answers, generally

  49. Bryan

    Any news on when you will be reviewing the Type S? Am giving serious consideration to getting it with Sram S900/Force22 cranks or the older type with Rotor cranks both work out at just under €1200 by the time I add bottom bracket, chainrings and bolts. It’s coming close to the price of the Quarq Riken though which I can get for €1300. It’s more than I was planning on spending but is it worth the extra bit? I can get the quarq straight away while Power2max say the Type S for Sram is shipping in Week 10. Don’t know if that is guaranteed though. I get the impression that some Rotor sets are being shipped already but I’ve seen nothing online to suggest any one has received them yet.

    • Thanks Bryan-

      It’s something that Power2Max and I have discussed, but at the moment my power meter backlog extends a bit of time. I’ve got the Pioneer PM coming up in the next few weeks, then onto the ROTOR PM. Beyond that, I should have time to circle back to the Type S.

    • Alistair

      Hi Bryan, I received my type S Rotor 3d with 4 bolt hole for shimano ultegra/dura ace yesterday if that helps. Was a preorder in the UK.

      Installed it yesterday, and did a short turbo on it this morning and all seems fine so far, but hardly a comprehensive review!

    • Great to hear Alistair! Make sure to post a picture on our Facebook page :)

  50. Kim Ng

    Does it compatible to Cervelo S5 with Rotor3DF ?

  51. Hi Kim,

    yup, you can buy the power meter only and install it on the Rotor 3DF. Just choose the right model.


  52. Juan Victoria

    Is this deal still available? I don’t see it on the power2max website…
    The one exception to that is a FSA crank with the 2nd generation P2M (the one I tested), for $899US – and $999US with the chain rings (basically everything). This is only within North America.

  53. ave

    I’ve just started to use my type-s.
    First thing I noticed. The cadence value transmitted is rubbish. It’s delayed too much, very noticable! I can’t think why, as a good cadence value is a must to calculate power, so the unit must know the cadence very well, just doesn’t sent it well over ANT+.
    Good news if there’s a GSC10 present, my Garmin picks its signal instead.

  54. juan enrique

    I have QRings with Rotor 3d crank. As the “old” P2M is a bit cheaper than the S type… is there any problem with non round rings with the old version? would I have any problem installing the old P2M in my Qrings?


  55. Hi Juan Enrique,

    the Classic version works with Q-Rings in the 130BCD version without modifications. In the 110 (compact) version you need to modify the chain ring or use the OCP3 Q-Ring.

    Nicolas from power2max

  56. Trevor

    I recently purchased the type-S without cranks as I have a Rotor 3DF and Q Rings already. Rotor uses Loctite on the crank arm lock ring which makes it very difficult to remove. Note Ray’s comments on the older version. Did some research and using a hairdryer you can apply a small amount of heat that releases the Loctite. This allows the lock ring to be removed easily. Still need to use a vice to hold the crank arm in place as a small amount of force is still required. Clean up the thread, apply a small amount of Loctite (if you wish) and re-fit as per the instructions provided with the power2max. 20 minute job! Very pleased with the product and no issues so far.

    • juan enrique

      Hi Trevor! very interesting. i am receiving my p2m in next days, and I also have wrings and Rotor crank.
      It seems easy but… is it necessary to have a torque wrench? 40Nm are required, right?

  57. Patrick Tan

    I am going to order the P2M Type S in 110 BCD for my Campagnolo Chorus equipped bicycle. I am not sure what chainring to get for the bike or specific spec to look out for. Its either a 53/39 or 52/36 to go with it.

    Any advice?

  58. Hi Patrick,

    if you want to ride 52-36 you’ll need a 110 and for 53-39 a 130BCD (or 135BCD if you go for the Campagnolo model).


    • Patrick Tan

      Hi again Nicholas,

      I current have a FSA SL-K Light crank mounted to a Quarq Cinqo Saturn which has called it a day. I am not sure if it can be transferred to either the standard P2M or Type S version? Also mounted are Aerozine CH53/39 meant for 110BCD.

    • Nicolas (power2max)

      Hi Patrick,

      The slk isn’t compatible, unfortunately.


    • Patrick Tan

      Hi Nicholas,

      Thanks for replying. I have forgotten to add that my SL-K is the power meter version where they use the powermeter unit as the spider. Sorry for leaving this detail out.

      I really hope then to be able to bring it across then to your product (Standard or Type-S).

      Rgds…. Pat

    • Hi Patrick,

      unfortunately the SLK Quarq cranks also aren’t compatible because the they use a different spline to our power meters.


  59. Dexter

    One for Nicholas

    When will the Type S Shimano 4 bolt (3D+) PMs be available again? My understanding is orders are not being taken whilst backlog is met?


  60. John G

    Would the type S be compatible with my 3rd party Wickwerks 46-36 chainrings?

  61. Hi John,

    yup, no problem.


  62. Sam E

    Are the s-works crank compatable with osymetric chainrings?

  63. Hi Sam,

    yes, you can use Osymetric rings with our Type S power meters without problems.


  64. Andrew

    Hi Nicolas – I’ve currently got a Power2Max Classic that’s set up with aero Q-rings and FSA Gossamer cranks on a BB30 (Specialized). I’m looking to get some new crank arms – namely the S-works ones. Can I just buy the new arms and swap them out or do I need to buy a different spider (or something else)?

  65. Hi Andrew,

    Unfortunately the FSA power meter doesn’t work with S-Works cranks as the interface between the power meter and spider is specific. You would need to change to a Type S for Specialized.


  66. Ian

    What would be a better option an FSA K-Force Light or a Rotor 3D+ Chainset Type S for a Specialized Tarmac Pro currently on a Shimano Ultegra Chainset/BB
    Thank you

  67. Daniel S

    Hi Ray,
    With SRM’s current “RAW Power” spider only offer, it is possible to get an SRM for only a few hundred euros than a Power2Max. SRM states +-1% accuracy compared to Power2Max’s +-2%.
    In your opinion, would it still be worth going for Power2Max Type S for the automatic temperature compensation over SRM, or is this something that’s handled by SRM’s auto zero offset function? I can’t believe SRM power meters would significantly drift when climbing a mountain after having been in use by the pro peloton for so many years, but I still have doubts.
    All the best,

    • All power meters can drift, including SRM’s. I think the P2M units are very solid and I don’t see any realistic difference between +/-1% and +/-2%.

    • Daniel S

      Thanks for taking the time to reply, yeah it sounds like the drift/auto zero offset is something you need to deal with whatever you have, I think I’ll take my chances with SRM based on their good reputation!

  68. Stefano Tomaselli


    I have just bought a Cannondale Synapse with Cannondale FSA SL-K Light cranks. Is the Power2max Type S compatible with these, or will i need to get new cranks that come with the power meter? If I need to change any other components, please highlight this.

    Many Thanks.

  69. Hi Stefano,

    the SLK cranks are not compatible, because the spider is integrated. The FSA BB386EVO models would be a great choice for you – either the Gossamer BB386EVO or the K-Force Light BB386EVO.


  70. AK


    Isthe power2max type s for Sram Force 22 compatible with Sram Red crank 2013 model?

  71. Hi AK,

    if the Red crank you have has an integrated spider, then unfortunately not. A spider based power meter like power2max needs a crank with a removable spider.


  72. Brian McDonnell

    I would like to mount K-Force Light BB386EVO on my 2015 S Works Tarmac, (like exit quick step team) I have the FSA adaptors. Do I need anything else? Thanks Brian

  73. Hi Brian,

    on a Tarmac you don’t need any special adapaters – as long as BB30 bearings are installed you’re ready to go.


  74. Richard young


    Do you know if it’s easy setup everyday using one of these ? I have s works venge and crank set and garmin 1000 head unit.

    Also the garmin 1000 comes with a two part cadence and accelerometer .. If I fit this unit can I do away with the garmin cadence and accelerometer or will I be losing functionality doing that?


    • Simply a case of pairing it with the Edge 1000 and you’re done. You’ll be able to do away with the cadence sensor that came with your Garmin. The other sensor is for speed when there’s no GPS, so you’ll want to keep that.

    • Richard young

      Ahh that’s cool.. Is there ever really a time when there is no gps? Outside?

      Is there any sort of calibration zeroing at the start of each ride like on the garmin peddles ?

      And power2max if your reading this my bikes bright orange feel free to add that colour to your line up hehe

    • Most of the time people use a magnet when mountain biking with lots of switchbacks to get steady pace. Also, indoors on a trainer.

      You don’t have to calibrate at the start of each ride (just like you also don’t need to with the Garmin ones, technically). But like both, I generally recommend folks do.

  75. Tim

    Hi P2M, Nicholas or DC Rainmaker. I don’t see the Shimano 4 bolt option on the P2M site anymore. Any word on why that is? Is it gone for good?

    • London Dynaslow

      I’d like to know this too please. I contacted P2M who said that the “NG” would be the only 4-bolt available but now customers are faced with the choice of binning their expensive chainrings or paying extra for the NG model. Why can’t I buy a 4-bolt Type S 3D24, given that some customers were clearly able to buy it about 18 months ago?

  76. Jorge

    Anyone knows if power2max fits well on Sram S951 cranks, because I think it’s similar to S900.


  77. R B

    Why don’t they have a PHONE NUMBER?

  78. Tom Emerick

    Love your reviews, btw! I’d like to know what you recommend for my particular situation, and mostly to be sure I have compatibility issues resolved. I would like to get a Power2Max power meter for my new Scott tri bike which comes with SRAM Red 22 mechanical. I train on several bikes however. I have a Powertap wheel that I use mostly for training but am thinking of this dedicated Power2Max for racing (the wheel is good, not great). I use 160 length cranks (Sinz), willing to go a bit longer this season (165-170). Can I get a Power2Max that is compatible with a (hopefully) higher level brand of short cranks and that works with SRAM Red 22?