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Paris-Nice 2014: Going to watch a stage of the famous race

I had hoped to go out and catch the first stage of the famous Paris to Nice cycling race, which occurred on Sunday and generally marks the beginning of the European cycling season for professional riders in major races.  But … Read More Here

A day riding in Colorado with a bunch of really fast former pros

Yesterday I walked through the boatload of new products that CycleOps announced on Tuesday, but today I figured it’d be fun to talk about the rest of the day.  You know, the part after the presentation and Q&A on products. … Read More Here

One simple reason why I love watching pro cycling

In light of the world apparently ending on Saturday, and failing that, a bunch of cycling careers getting even more dorked up on Sunday evening during 60 minutes.  So I figured I’d share a brief shot from the Tour of … Read More Here