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Strava Adds Indoor Workout Recording to App (For all users): Quick How-To Guide

Undoubtedly, for many readers of this site, you’ve probably got a watch or twelve to record your indoor workout on. But, if you’re still narrowing down options from my recommendations guide, then this new tidbit might be applicable to you. … Read More Here

Strava Photo Heatmap Added to VeloViewer: Here’s how it works

I suppose exactly what to call this is a bit fuzzy, but basically VeloViewer has mashed up your Strava photos with your heatmap, allowing you to see the two blended together in photographic glory. And if there’s anything that gets … Read More Here

Strava Turns Off Flyby Feature For All Users, Have to Opt Back In

Strava has somewhat quietly turned off, for all users, the Flyby feature, after a tweet went viral during the last few days, based on privacy concerns. Users can re-enable it, but only if they knew it was disabled in the … Read More Here

Strava Rolls out StatMaps to Subscribers: Here’s how it works

Yes, you have to have the hashtag. Else, it’s just StatMaps, and as you’ll soon find out, that’ll get you a big nothing burger. For this Friday post we’ll keep things nice and quick. So, you can either press the … Read More Here

It’s Coming Back! Strava Begins Bluetooth Sensor Beta Test

A year ago Strava killed off sensor support, earning the ire of millions…perhaps even if they rarely used the feature. As users, our collective annoyance was more about principle than anything else. It also didn’t help that Strava’s reasoning at … Read More Here

How to Get Fitbit Non-GPS Activities to Strava

This post is going to be incredibly niche. And I’m OK with that. Heck, this post might just be more for me remembering this site than you. Sometimes I use this blog as a personal notepad. Like when I take … Read More Here

Strava Rolls Out New Local Legends Feature: Here’s how it works in action

Strava has rolled out a new feature today to a subset of the population that lets all Strava users earn a new type of crown equal to that of the KOM/QOM, simply for doing a given segment more times than … Read More Here

Strava Cuts Off Leaderboard for Free Users, Reduces 3rd Party Apps for All, and More

After roughly five months of appeasing users with new feature after new feature after new feature, the other shoe has finally dropped. Today, Strava sold its segmented soul. At least, if you believe Strava Segments are the soul of what makes … Read More Here

Garmin Launches Strava & Komoot Route Sync: Works on devices a decade old

Here’s how to link up your Garmin account to Komoot and Strava for automatic route/tours sync to your Garmin device – even crazy old ones! Read More Here

Strava Cuts Off Ironman Virtual Club: An Explainer To Sports Tech Drama

In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to write a big post about two major players in the endurance sports world having a catfight. Rather, in an ideal quarantined world we’d just put both players in a Zoom call, stream … Read More Here

Sports Tech Tidbits: Fitbit Charge 4, Strava adds Weather, Zwift Clubs, Suunto’s TrainingPeaks Metrics, COROS New Features and more!

Fear not, no April Fools joke posts from me. I’ve had a specific idea for one for a few years now, but frankly it’s not really an April Fools joke if I can pull it off (and build it). Funny … Read More Here

Strava Rolls Out Significant New Routes Feature

While this might not exactly be the best time to roll out a new feature focused on exploring the outside world around us running or cycling, it’s still a super cool new bit of functionality that will keep you distracted … Read More Here

Strava Eliminates Multiple Summit Tiers, Simplifies Back to Single Option

Over the last few weeks Strava has quietly removed the ability to choose an individual Summit Pack, instead offering only a full Summit membership to those that want to pay for premium Strava features. You may remember back in the … Read More Here

Strava Brings Back Chronological Ordering, Adds Athlete Favoriting

As part of Strava’s apparent ‘Make Strava Great Again’ 2020 campaign, the company has rolled out yet another new feature to their 50 million athletes: The ability to put your feed back how it should be: Chronological order. You might … Read More Here

Strava Launches Native Apple Watch Workout Sync: Here’s how it works

Strava just launched more cohesive integration with the Apple Watch, allowing one to effectively sync directly from the Apple Watch to Strava, so you don’t have to use 3rd party apps to see your Apple Watch workouts on Strava. Given … Read More Here

Fascinating Stats from Strava’s 2019 Year End Report

Here’s a deep dive into how Strava athletes cycled, ran, and swim throughout 2019. From watches to hangovers, bikes to shoes – it’s all here. Read More Here

Strava App Sensor Pairing Is Now Dead: My Last Workout Taking Out The Trash

As of today, the Strava app will no longer allow you to pair to sensors like heart rate straps or cycling cadence sensors. Instead, Strava is now actively recommending you download other apps instead of using Strava’s own app. Well, … Read More Here

Strava cuts off Relive: Here’s what actually happened

Here I thought yesterday was going to be a peaceful random July Thursday morning. Nothing but Italian chirping birds at the Giro Rosa, and catching the Tour de France later in the afternoon on TV. Turns out, Strava had different … Read More Here

Strava rolls out new finger-dragging route creation feature

I’m sure there’s many creative ways I could have titled this post, but I’m going with what I believe to be the most accurate representation of this new feature, despite my desire to channel my inner 5-year old boy self. … Read More Here

My Strava Unique Uploaded Device Tally

Back a few weeks ago while at CES 2019 I met up with the crew at Strava to catch-up on a variety of topics. While Strava doesn’t do booths or even off-floor suites, they do get a lot of miles … Read More Here

Strava’s 2018 Fascinating Year In Review Stats

Well folks, it’s November 29th, so it’s time to have a detailed look at all of our socially exciting athletic data from the entirety of calendar year 2018 to see what patterns we might be able to discern. No better … Read More Here

Tech Tidbits: Polar Vantage Updates, Strava sorta removes ads, PowerTap P2 pedals

There’s been a handful of non-headliner tech tidbits this week in the world of sports tech that are worthwhile mentioning and chatting about. Of course, given this is Friday, the post length is required to be short. Apparently people have … Read More Here

Xert rolls out Segment Hunter Connect IQ App, doesn’t require Strava Premium/Summit

This week Xert, a training analysis/log platform rolled out their latest Connect IQ app – Segment Hunter.  While the company’s main thing in life is their adaptive training platform (which I’ve reviewed here), they’ve actually put together a growing collection … Read More Here

Strava renames Premium to ‘Summit’, Changes Pricing Model

Here’s everything you need to know about Strava’s new pricing tiers, including what it means for existing subscribers. Read More Here

Strava Upload Insights: Ironman World Championships 2017

(Hey folks, DCR here. It’s incredibly rare that you see guest posts here, but today I’ve got a special one, from Shane Miller of GPLama fame.  As you probably know, he’s deep into all things sports tech as well, and … Read More Here