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Strava Expands Cycling Best Efforts, and Starts Pushing Routes to All Polar Devices

For this Thursday’s sports tech quickie, I’m going to blend two things with the word Strava into one post. One being entirely Strava-driven, the other being almost entirely Polar-driven. Together, they form one post. With that, let’s dive into it. … Read More Here

Strava’s Chipotle Burrito Challenge Ends With Insanity

I’ve been hard at work on a whole slate of new things popping up over the rather near term. Until then, we have burritos. A lot of them. That’s because 6 questionably lucky individuals have won themselves a year’s supply … Read More Here

How Strava Accidentally Got Their Annual Report Stats Wrong

Welcome to 2024, and the year’s first legit DC Rainmaker Sports Tech Rabbit Hole. Every year Strava publishes their year in review stats, both in individual athlete form (more recently), but many years of total global and regional user-compiled stats. … Read More Here

A Strava Race Is Getting Spicy for Free Burritos

While digging around through press releases for a different post, I stumbled upon an announcement for a new Chipotle and Strava promotion running the month of January. While this press release had a lot of hand-waving feel-good New Year’s resolution … Read More Here

Tech Tidbits: New Zwift Features, New Strava CEO, Apple Watch Siri Health Integration

Here’s a quick round of notable new sports tech things in the last 24 hours or so. New Strava CEO Appointed: After a 10-month search, Strava has announced the name of their new/upcoming CEO – Michael Martin. He will replace … Read More Here

Strava Adds Direct Messaging Feature: How It Works In 2 Minutes!

 This is not a complex feature, nor hard to use. Starting today, the “social network for athletes” includes the most social of features: Texting. Or rather, direct messaging. This new feature lets you (optionally) accept direct messages from nobody, … Read More Here

Strava Launches Activity Video Flyover Feature: Hands-on

 Strava has just announced and launched the first stage of their video flyover function. This feature creates a 3D map video fly-over of your activity, showing an orange line and a moving blue dot alongside the line. It’s roughly … Read More Here

Strava Adds More Photo-Based Tools to Route Planning

Strava has added a new feature for Subscribers that lets you see photos while route planning on desktop now, and more specifically, lets you see the exact location of said photos. This is a major upgrade over the Strava route-photo … Read More Here

Strava Announces Huge Slate of Upcoming New Features at ‘Camp Strava’

Yesterday, Strava held ‘Camp Strava’, a physical real-world event where a bunch of people gathered together to talk about Strava. This seems to be vaguely developer-focused, and vaguely regular athlete-focused. The schedule had a host of non-technical things on it, … Read More Here

Strava’s New Automatic Gear Tracking: Quick How-To Guide

Strava’s got a new update that allows you to automatically assign gear based on sport type. Meaning, now your mountain bike rides will automatically assign your mountain bike, your gravel rides your gravel bike, and your trail runs your trail … Read More Here

Strava Expands 3rd Party App Developer Program

Strava has announced an “updated developer program”, which is the program that some 85,000 developers and apps use to leverage the platform via its API (application programming interface). Unquestionably, in the sports world – there’s no online platform that’s had … Read More Here

Strava Launches Spotify Integration: Hands-On Quick Overview

Look, I’m a sucker for Spotify integration in anything. Be it watches, Ikea speakers (because I’m too cheap to buy the fancy-proper SONOS ones), or as is the case today, Strava. Don’t worry, this post is a quickie, and more … Read More Here

Strava Adds Photo Crowdsourcing For Routes: Here’s How it Works!

Strava has added the ability to see photos uploaded to the platform from other users to the route planning tools in their smartphone app. This means that if you use any of the route functions on the Strava app, you … Read More Here

Strava’s CEO Resigns: Company Begins Search for New KOM

Strava’s CEO, Michael Horvath, has resigned, saying that “I have decided that Strava needs a CEO with the experience and skills to help us make the most of this next chapter”. The company says that “the search for Strava’s next … Read More Here

Zwift Enables Video Highlight Uploads to Strava

 If you’ve already been Zwifting this morning or last night, you might have noticed a new feature: Video highlight uploads to Strava. This new feature will automatically capture certain key moments (such as unlocking a new level/etc…), while also … Read More Here

Strava Responds to Pricing Fiasco, What Strava Costs in Every Country*

It’s been two weeks since the Strava Fiasco™ began. Of course, this is actually a fiasco that’s been quietly brewing in the UK since late November. Now, if you missed Episode 1 of this storm, check out that post here. … Read More Here

Strava Raises Prices But Can’t Tell You How Much It Costs Anymore

 Some days, I just can’t decide if Strava tries hard to hurt their reputation, or, if it just comes naturally. Today, however, I’m left flabbergasted. When I started writing this post, I thought I had it all figured out. … Read More Here

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: Early Sports Review

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro, the company joins the ranks of other entities stamping products with the ‘Pro’ moniker. Sometimes that designation is deserved, and other times it’s little more than marketing. This time around, Samsung appears … Read More Here

Strava Launches Tour de France Hub with Routes/Segments/Rider Uploads

Back a few months ago, Strava teased an upcoming Tour de France hub that’ll allow you to track riders, stages, segments, and more – for both the men’s and women’s races this year. Today, that new hub launches ahead of … Read More Here

Strava Adding Video Support: Here’s how it works!

Strava has begun rolling out video support, allowing you to upload short video clips to your workouts, which will appear in your feed in the same manner as photos today. All users will be able to view the videos on … Read More Here

Strava Reverses Course: Turns back on Apple Health Sync Functionality

Strava has reversed course on their recent disablement of Apple Health sync for 3rd party workouts (e.g. data from Zwift, TrainerRoad, Garmin, etc.), after abruptly disabling the feature last week without notice. That move impacted many Apple iPhone users that … Read More Here

Strava Abruptly Ends 3rd Party Data Sync to Apple Health

[Update – March 15th, Strava has reversed course and re-enabled Apple Health sync. Full details here.] It’s been a few years since Strava has managed to irk the Internet, but over the last few days, they’ve unleashed a torrent of … Read More Here

Strava Publishes 2021 ‘Year in Sport’ Annual Stats Extravaganza

Strava just published their annual year in review presentation, which outlines what all of us 95 million Strava users suffer through each week. Both athletically suffering through hard workouts and long adventures. But also occasionally suffering through what others post … Read More Here

Strava Testing ‘Mute Activity’ Option to Reduce Feed Spam

 Strava is testing a new feature to some 50% of their user base that allows people to mute an activity of their feed when publishing. The idea being that many of us might have more trivial workouts or even … Read More Here

Strava Adds Major New Privacy Zone Features, Plus More Privacy & Map Options

Today Strava announced two sets of privacy-focused changes, arguably the biggest shift the platform has done in years with respect to user privacy. These new features allow you to significantly change what others can see about your activities, including everything … Read More Here