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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

With our first full weekend here in Cape Town in the books, we went all-in on seeing animals with the kids and getting our fill of touristy related things. Of course, with tons more to see in the region and … Read More Here

Three days in Botswana’s Okavango River Delta

(Sorry for the delay in posting…the last five days since being in Botswana we were at a location that while promised internet…did not actually have fully functional internet…thus…no posts.  Let the posting resume!) When I originally started looking at places … Read More Here

A week in South Africa

After finishing up eating chocolates in Zurich, we boarded our Swiss airlines flight for the 10.5 hour journey south to Johannesburg, South Africa. This would be the start of a two week trip in the region, with the first leg … Read More Here

India Part II: Crouching Tiger

(Quick note: You can see the first half of my brief trip to India here in Part I) As a general rule of thumb, when you want to go see unique things in the wild, it takes a bit of … Read More Here

24 hours in Tanzania

Sunday morning started early…but I was at least able to enjoy a breakfast before going as my ride to the next airport was slightly late. Because Sunday my place of work was closed for the weekend and Monday was a … Read More Here

Welcome to Tanzania, by way of Zurich and Kenya

There is early..and then there is damn early. Off to Tanzania: Saturday morning started damn early at 3:30AM to catch my first flight to Zurich (from Rome). The one par I love about flying over the Alps region of Europe … Read More Here

Kenya Day 6: Ostrich Balls and BBQ Crocodile…the end.

Our last day of the trip, after two weeks and a lot of miles, we were ready to wander on home. But first we had the morning game drive.  I wouldn’t call it out, but since we saw the very … Read More Here

Kenya Day 5: Simba the Lion King

We’re going to keep this one quick – just photos.  The day is our last full day in Kenya before making our way back Saturday towards the US (with first stops in Nairobi, Dubai, and then eventually DC – and … Read More Here

Kenya Day 3: The grasslands

My goal is to make like a cheetah and get this post knocked out.  It stands between me and dinner. We left Tsavo National Park relatively early in the day to head to the small airstrip to catch our the … Read More Here

Kenya Day 1: ‘Smile…you’re in Kenya!’

Despite being a redeye flight from Egypt that arrived at a potentially painful 4:10AM, it wasn’t too bad at all.  We were virtually first off the plane and then made like rabbits to the customs area to be able to … Read More Here

Dubai Day 1: Sighting off camels…while swimming

Over the course of the last few days I’ve hop scotched across the country a to Seattle, Whistler and then back to Seattle before swinging through DC for a bit. Shortly after that my brother and I left for a … Read More Here