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Proving that we still have a lot to learn

A bit back I stumbled on this post by Joe Friel’s Blog.  Essentially Joe is the god of all things when it comes to triathlon training (and to a large degree running/cycling).  While all of his posts are awesome from … Read More Here

Shenandoah Squirrel Showdown

Alternate titles: “My new girl is bi”*, “Sorry Mr. Squirrel”, “Rainmaker: 1, Squirrel: 0”…. So my Sunday ride started more or less like any other. I got up at the asscrack of dawn (literally, before dawn) and jetted out to … Read More Here

Blue Angels, Blue Suits*, Blue Ridge Mountains

This weekend was both busy and relaxing at the same time.  Just depended on which day you were looking at. As we left off on Friday, I had finished up the Bike to Work with the bagel, and then biked … Read More Here

Bike to work with a bagel day

Yesterday was the last day of National Bike to Work Week, and many cities were making it the official “Bike to Work Day” – including the Washington DC metro area. As noted earlier in the week I had planned to … Read More Here

The tire that just keeps on truckin’

Last summer and fall I was having the mother of all issues with flat tires.  I was flatting about once every 10 days.  Seriously.  ONCE every 10 days, sometimes more.  The good news is I got damn good at changing … Read More Here

How a long bike ride should be

Over the last few weeks I’ve been kinda bummed about some of my long rides. While I was getting in the distance – my performance wasn’t exactly where I wanted it (or needed it to be). Some of it can … Read More Here

Trust the Fork

I think my weekends are getting busier.  And not just from training – but life in general.  I’m not sure at what point combustion will occur, but I’ll let ya know if it happens. Friday: The Washington National’s moved from … Read More Here

Tomorrow: Shower with your helmet day

There are certain days every year that are well celebrated by the masses.  Christmas, New Year’s and Independence day come to mind (and many religions/countries have variants of those major ones).  Then there are those holidays that are still well … Read More Here

New bike sure to ‘get you lots of girls’

When I’m searching for a new product I try to focus on whether or not it will meet my needs across a number of requirements.  Generally those requirements are specific to the vertical application associated with the product I’m buying.  … Read More Here

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

Today was nothing short of long.  Not quite exhausting though – just tiring.  So much stuff packed into so little time. Up at 5:35AM to catch a 6:55AM flight from Reagan National Airport to Atlanta.  The cool part about DCA … Read More Here

Pain, Noodles, Less Pain, Bike Bunnies

I semi-intended on writing a blog post up Friday afternoon about one thing.  And then I planned to do it Friday night.  And then Saturday I had a different one planned, and then I realized I spent every waking second … Read More Here

Whirlwind Weekend Wrapup

I knew going into this weekend that things were going to get interesting….and busy. But that’s all good – I like being busy. Day Before Saturday But my weekend really started on Friday morning… with my first technique session with … Read More Here

Bike, Work, Bike, Bike Again, Run, Jump

Tis the story of my day.  For some reason, I rarely think through how it will all fit together – until after I do it.  I just simply take one item at a time and then deal with the next … Read More Here

Running in the rain

The training continues on.  Just under three weeks left till the first race of the year and things are coming together fairly nicely.  I was somewhat worried just 3-4 short weeks ago as my knee was seemingly off in it’s … Read More Here

The Cycle of Running

There are those ideas that are technologically impressive and useful – like the dimples on aero wheels to make you faster.  And then there are those ideas that you can do nothing more than shake your head at.  The following … Read More Here

Weekend Wrap-up

For the first time since last fall, I was finally able to complete a full week’s worth of ‘normal’ workouts without worrying about injury – nor paying for it later with an annoyed knee.  While it certainly wasn’t a super-heavy … Read More Here

The Trifecta

Yesterday was a busy-bee day here in Seattle. I had three sports planned, plus a full day of work sandwiched in between. It started off with a hour long bike ride out to Alki point and back (from downtown along … Read More Here

A drafty feeling

So as a amateur triathlete not competing in draft-legal racing I have as much use for drafting as the draft out of my rear end.  Which over time is a bit of a pickle I’ve decided.  See, from a training … Read More Here


After yesterday’s brickage – I am the brickman.  Well…technically these dudes down in Texas are the brickman, but I certainly feel like I could be the brickman.  Yesterday’s swim, ride & run was the first time I’ve done three sports … Read More Here

Tri State Ride (aka: A Cold 55 Miles)

Today’s weather was looking much more promising than last week’s Saturday ride.  The weather had peaked a bit above freezing a few times over the course of the week, melting off any snow on the pavement.  And there hadn’t been … Read More Here

Any problem can be solved with a hacksaw

It’s generally an awesome day when I can solve a computer issue with a hacksaw.  It’s a super-awesome day when the device still actually works after the utilization of aforementioned cutting paraphernalia. I had to use a hacksaw because some … Read More Here

Bike Fitting

About a month ago, I had a bike fitting done by Coach Ken Mierke, a local triathlete coach and active poster on Trifuel.com.  I had originally asked for advice on Trifuel back a few months ago about getting a bike … Read More Here

A frozen slip and slide

Some things in life are more difficult in the snow.  Activities such as building a house, sunbathing and gardening come to mind.  Some activities are easier in the snow; such as skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. And then there is riding … Read More Here

Getting a speeding ticket while riding a bike

In case there wasn’t any doubt already – I present you with further evidence that Virginia’s lawmakers are quite simply dumb. And if you visit the site to read the full story – you can even watch a nifty video. … Read More Here

Tales of the Ghetto Geko and Abominable Snowmen

Today I bring you the tale of two creatures – intertwined by a nice forty mile ride. The Ghetto Geko First, we start with a little ‘situation’ that arose a few weeks ago while kayaking in  Palau.  Something mighta-sorta-occurred involving … Read More Here