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Wahoo ELEMNT Series Firmware Update Speeds Things Up

While lazily scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions this morning I caught GPLAMA’s latest (and quick) video, which in turn caught a Wahoo firmware update that came out this week, claiming: “Performance Improvements and Optimizations”.  Of course, that wording is found … Read More Here

The 2021 Swim/Bike/Run Gear I Use List

I know, I know, I’m about two years behind on a refreshed ‘Gear I Use’ list. Which, is probably because, for the most part, I’m a creature of habit. While I might (ok, definitely) buy plenty of sports gadgets, the … Read More Here

GoPro Enduro Battery In-Depth Review

GoPro just released their new Enduro battery, which aims to offer better cold-weather performance, while also lasting longer in regular temperatures. In other words, it’s just all-around a better battery. This battery is compatible with the Hero 9 and Hero … Read More Here

Wahoo Adds Native Stryd Support for RIVAL Watch, Outlines Future Plans

Its been one year since the Wahoo RIVAL GPS watch was launched, and in that time Wahoo has added a number of features. From track mode to structured workouts, music control to race distance snapping, find my phone and even … Read More Here

Holiday 2021 Sports Tech Deals List!

Here’s your complete Holiday 2021 sports tech deals list, organized by category, and constantly updated. As a general rule of thumb, if you see a deal you want that seems too good to be true, grab it quick! You can … Read More Here

The Best GPS Sport Watches (2021 Recommendations Guide)

It’s that time of year again – the annual Sports Technology Buyers Guides. My goal here being to give my specific recommendations – exactly the same recommendations I’d give to my own friends and family, based on the continual usage … Read More Here

Best Cycling GPS Computers (2021 Recommendations Guide)

It’s that time of year again – the annual Sports Technology Buyer's Guides, with this one focused specifically on the best bike computers and accessories. My goal here being to give my specific recommendations – exactly the same recommendations I’d … Read More Here

Oura Ring Generation 3 In-Depth Review

Last month Oura announced their 3rd iteration of their ring, which packs in more sensors while still looking the same. But more important than those sensors, are the new features and functions those sensors light up, which shift the company's … Read More Here

COROS Adds GoPro Control, Komoot Route Sync, and More

Another month, another substantial COROS watch firmware update. And as usual, most watches get all these updates, no matter the age. This makes COROS the second watch company, after Amazfit (and GoPro’s own now-deprecated Apple Watch app) to add support … Read More Here

Garmin Watch Keyring & USB-C Chargers: $9 for Two Pack

As a purveyor of quirky charging cables, I’m back with another installment – this one for not one, but two different Garmin USB-C watch chargers. We last left off two years ago with the $9 two-pack of Garmin charging pucks … Read More Here

Zwift Launches Neokyo Roads: First Ride Thoughts

Zwift had just released the Neokyo roads, which are an addition to the Makuri Islands that were launched last spring. They connect to the existing Yumezi roads (which are also part of the Makuri Islands map), so you can ride … Read More Here

Whoop 4.0 Band & Platform In-Depth Review

It’s been a few months since Whoop announced their new Whoop 4.0 sensor, and after enough use for me to call this review ready – it’s time to dive (deep) into the details. While the new Whoop 4.0 looks physically … Read More Here

Skydio 2 vs Mavic 3: Obstacle Avoidance Testing Video

Just a quick note for those that don’t follow along on YouTube, that I’ve published the first of two videos looking at the Skydio 2 vs the Mavic 3. For those in the sports action tracking realm, the Skydio drones … Read More Here

Big Sales Start: Garmin Fenix 6 Series $200 off, Smart Trainers 20% off!

A slew of sales have started today, with many retailers opting to get a jump on Black Friday deals. Probably the most notable major brand to start sales today is Garmin, with the Fenix 6 Series at $200-$250 off (bringing … Read More Here

Triathlon Anti-Drafting Technology System Unveiled by RaceRanger

When it comes to triathlon, there are basically two core types of races: Those that permit drafting, and those that don’t. If you watch the Olympics, you see short-course style racing, that permits drafting. Whereas if you watch an Ironman … Read More Here

Tech Tidbits: COROS Adds Full Maps to Vertix 1 & APEX PRO, Peloton’s New Guide Hardware

Despite venturing into the typical vacancy of November (from a product release standpoint), there’s a few things still trickling in, though in this case one was pre-announced (COROS), and one is about hardware for next year. Still, they’re worth a … Read More Here

Fitbit Daily Readiness Score Review: Here’s How it Works

Today Fitbit announced that they are rolling out their new Daily Readiness Score to Fitbit Premium users. This covers the Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe, and Inspire 2. As long as you have one of those devices … Read More Here

Muoverti’s Tiltbike Looks Cool: But It’s A Long Ways Away

Muoverti managed to capture the excitement of cycling news sites everywhere this afternoon, announcing their upcoming Muoverti Tiltbike indoor smart bike that kinda looks like a real bike, while also apparently being able to lean fully (and theoretically without tipping … Read More Here

Scosche Rhythm+ 2.0 Gets Multiple Bluetooth Connections Update

Scosche has released a firmware update today that enables multiple concurrent Bluetooth connections for their Scosche Rhythm+ 2.0 armband optical heart rate sensor. Previously it allowed unlimited ANT+ connections, but only a single Bluetooth Smart connection. With today’s update, it … Read More Here

Tech Tidbits: Xert Adds NPE CABLE Support, TrainerRoad Adaptive Training Leaves Beta

Indoor-focused trainer app news will be all the rage for the next while as companies try and pique your interest going into the colder seasons here in the Northern Hemisphere. Though, in this case, both companies also support outside workouts … Read More Here

Oura Ring 3: First Impressions After A few Days

Earlier this week Oura announced their new Oura Ring 3, both an upgrade in hardware as well as a shift in business models. For those not familiar, the Oura Ring aims to track your daily activity, as well as nightly … Read More Here

GoPro Announces Firmware to Address Hero 10 Overheating, New Enduro Battery Announced

Over the weekend GoPro semi-quietly announced that they plan to issue a firmware update that’ll give users more control over how the Hero 10 handles no-airflow conditions, enabling upwards of a 154% increase over recording times. For those that had … Read More Here

Ironman Acquires FulGaz Training App: Plans Ironman Training App

Ironman has just announced the acquisition of FulGaz, the indoor training app for cycling. As part of the acquisition, Ironman will create a secondary app that caters specifically to Ironman athletes. This new app will include full rideable courses and … Read More Here

Huawei Adds Dual-Frequency GPS to New Watch GT 3

Huawei announced their latest sport-focused watch today, the Huawei Watch GT 3, available in both 46mm and 42mm configurations. While the watch looks like many other AMOLED display smartwatches, it actually has substantially better battery life than you’d expect, with … Read More Here

Zwift Details Plans for New Neokyo Map, New User Interface, and Clubs Public Launch

For the first time in Zwift’s history, they held what would be akin to a product launch event, detailing their upcoming product plans. Albeit, one that was given in private to the media rather than publicly. But nonetheless, the resultant … Read More Here