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Wahoo’s New ‘Stealth’-Black BOLT, Price Drop, Plus Adds E-Bike Support, ANGi GPS connectivity


Today Wahoo announced a new color edition of their popular Wahoo BOLT GPS bike computer, called ‘Stealth’, which is black. No, this isn’t a successor of the existing Wahoo BOLT, just simply a new colored case. It’s a pattern Wahoo has actually done almost every spring since announcement. Two years ago there was the red and yellow variants. Then last year was the blue and pink variants. And this year, orange is the new black. Err…wait, black is the new black.

However, it’s not all form over function. The company is also releasing ANT+ LEV support, which in English means e-bike support for those bikes that support the ANT+ LEV standard. So things like the Specialized Turbo Levo, and some Giant e-bikes. Oh, and that’s going to all other ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM computers too.

Finally, while technically not having anything to do with this launch, last week Specialized quietly pushed out an update that now offloads the GPS tasks from the phone to Wahoo, thus saving battery life on your phone. Here, let’s dive into all the details.

The Stealth BOLT:

This is frankly a pretty straightforward section. Mostly, you just wanna see pictures of the new BOLT, which, is totally understandable. Here ya go, some pictures of the box:


And then, some pictures of the box opened. Like a bad striptease:

DSC_2699 DSC_2702

Also, the box notes this:


I’d note this.

Next, pictures of the unit next to the box:

DSC_2713 DSC_2710

In my hands:

DSC_2704 DSC_2703

And finally, on my actual bike:

2020-03-10 09.30.38-1 2020-03-10 09.30.53-1

Speaking of which, this isn’t just all photos. I actually went for a ride with it yesterday. Yup, out into the glorious sun, warmth, and still weather of the Netherlands. Oh, wait. It was sorta cold, windy, and definitely not sunny.

2020-03-09 16.40.15

In any event, GPS tracks and all that worked exactly as expected. No issues there, it matched perfectly with the Stages Dash L50, Garmin Edge 830, and Apple Watch Series 5. All the same.


Again – it’s the same as any other BOLT, just stealthy black. Or something like that.

Finally, as part of this, the new retail price of the BOLT is $229USD. It doesn’t matter which color you have. And, the units are in-stock today as well.

E-Bike Support:

2020-03-03 18.18.53

As part of today’s announcement, the Wahoo BOLT now supports the ANT+ LEV standard, which is what some e-bike companies use to transmit data over ANT+ to cycling head units. Data includes remaining battery, e-bike power mode (e.g. eco, sport, turbo, etc…), charge count, and miles. All of this data is now displayed on the Wahoo BOLT, as well as the Wahoo ELEMNT and ROAM (via firmware update today).

At present, the Specialized Turbo Levo supports this, as well as “select Giant e-Bike models”, with ‘select’ being the key part here. Ironically enough, we just bought a new Giant e-Bike last week, though, despite all of my poking and prodding, it doesn’t seem to pair up to the BOLT (or the Giant E-Bike app, or a Garmin that supports e-Bikes).

[According to Giant’s site, this model actually should support/work just fine, though clearly I’m either not doing something right following Giant’s near non-existent instructions for it, or Giant’s site is wrong. In one spot it says “all 2019 e-bikes support the RideControl app”, yet in another it says you need the RideControl One. Either way, no pretty photos for you.]

Still, despite not having pretty photos of my own, Wahoo has included some screenshots of what it does look like if you have the right bike paired up to it:

LEV_GiantHistory LEV_GiantWorkout LEV_Spesh - Workout page

And here’s what it looks like within the sensor menu:

LEV_SpeshSensorDetail LEV_GiantSensorDetail

I’ll be honest, I’m sure there’s a market here – but I’m just not sure how big a market it really is for this specific feature in a Wahoo GPS head unit. In other words, high performance GPS bike computers (versus more simplistic bike computers).

[Just to be clear: Obviously e-bikes are popular, we just bought one last week, and we already have another e-cargo bike. No debating that.]

The reason I say that is that Garmin has had ANT+ LEV (E-Bike) integration in their head units for years. Like, more years than I can possibly count. And you know how many people have asked me about it in post comments or YouTube videos? Approximately zero.

Actually, I think it’s literally zero.


I literally have googled more questions myself trying to get this to work, then ever asked of me. Maybe most people just give up, like me.

Some people have asked about the Specialized Turbo Levo, mostly cause I did a post (and video) about it when it came out. But almost all those questions (years ago) were about the then CIQ app, or the crazy cost of the bike.

Still, I’m sure it’s valuable for someone. I just wonder what other features might have been more valuable for everyone.

Specialized ANGi Update:

Finally, a quick note that Specialized and Wahoo have tightened their ANGi integrations a bit more in the last week. As you may remember, ANGi is the Specialized helmet sensor that detects a crash and notifies your peeps. Also, the app integration does live tracking and ride alerts and stuffs. I talk about all that in my previous post.  However, the past week has brought some notable updates.

First up, is that last week Specialized released the Android app for ANGi that supports the Wahoo integrations. Previously, it did not. So, if you’re an Android dude or dudette, and also a Specialized ANGi dude or dudette, you’re in luck.

And then more interestingly – last week on iOS they introduced GPS offloading from the Specialized ANGi app to the Wahoo BOLT/ROAM/ELEMNT. As you may remember, the ANGi app was basically doing double-duty on GPS. The app itself was pulling from the GPS on your phone (thus burning battery), while also connected to the Wahoo GPS bike computer for notices. That meant that you basically had two things doing GPS with no tangible benefit. Now however, with the latest version of the iOS app, the Specialized ANGi app will utilize GPS from Wahoo (since it has to do it anyway). This will save your phone a boatload of battery life.

Specialized says that their Android app will be updated this month to do the same.

With that – go forth and be Stealth on your e-bike and red ANGi helmet. Nobody will see ya coming!

Thanks for reading!

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Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT (EU/UK/AU/NZ – Wiggle)
Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT Bundle (EU/UK/AU/NZ – Wiggle)

And finally, here’s a handy list of some of my favorite Wahoo-specific accessories for the Wahoo units. Of course, being ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart compatible, you don’t have to limit things to just Wahoo (for example the Varia Radar).

ProductAmazon LinkNote
Barfly 4 Prime Out-Front Aluminum MountI love out-front mounts. Both Barfly and K-Edge make good ones. I primarily use the aluminum ones though, because this mount comes with a GoPro (and light/Di2) adapter on the bottom. So I can mount a GoPro up front and have the footage be rock solid.
Garmin Varia Radar (RTL510)The Varia radar has become incredibly popular in the last year, with most bike GPS companies supporting it (Wahoo, Stages, Hammerhead, Garmin, and more soon). It notifies you of overtaking traffic. While useless for cities, it's amazing for quieter country roads.
Wahoo RPM SensorThis dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart sensor will transmit cadence not only to your bike computer/watch, but also 3rd party apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, and more.
Wahoo SPEED SensorSpeed sensors are primarily useful for offroad usage. I don't find much of a need for one while road-cycling, but for mountain bike trails they can help alleviate speed/distance issues with poor GPS reception in dense trees.
Wahoo TICKR HR StrapThe TICKR HR strap series is dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart and will connect to not just your bike computer or watch, but also 3rd party apps. While Wahoo makes a higher end TICKR X, most people won't ever use the limited additional features after the 2nd day. Save the cash and buy ice cream.

Or, anything else you pickup on Amazon helps support the site as well (socks, laundry detergent, cowbells). If you’re outside the US, I’ve got links to all of the major individual country Amazon stores on the sidebar towards the top.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sam

    Exciting times!!!

  2. Jaques

    Any hints of a new Elemnt unit… other than color cases?

    • maqio

      Looks like something is comming since Elemnt is now taken down from wahoo websites as a existing model

    • Thomas Roell

      I do not think there is something new coming real soon. For the US market one has to register the devices with the FCC. The ROAM popped up there 2 months before it was announced. As of right now there is no new registration for Wahoo there. Just pulled the trigger for a BOLT replacing my Lezyne …

    • When companies show up in the FCC before their launch date, it means someone at said company screwed up.

      Companies can (and always do) hide their FCC listing until a predefined ‘disclosure’ date. What happened in Wahoo’s case (as often does, though oddly almost every time for Wahoo), is that companies put all the paperwork in, and then the product announce date slips. And then it slips again. And then 5 months later they forgot about the paperwork they submitted and some random Tuesday morning everyone at said company craps themselves. Roughly.

  3. Martin Giddings

    Having just ordered a Cannondale Supersix Evo E, I’m definitely interested in gps unit e support. Particularly as the ebikemotion system has no display other than on your phone. However it’s my out front gps (garmin) unit that I’m looking at as I ride, not my phone!

  4. Andrew

    Still no word on ANT+ light support? Gah.

  5. MidTNBrad

    Now that my Bolt can provide GPS to the ANGi, I may seriously look into getting one. But, alas, I’ll have to wait for the Android update.

  6. Daniel P Kinnicutt

    Great photo of your child looking at the Big Bike she wants to ride. . . Need to frame that one. Regards, Dan

  7. The Stealth E-Bike support is of use to professional riders,
    notably Team Ineos nee Sky. The DS likes to know battery
    levels on the climbs, reported thru encrypted Wahoo Stealth
    Cloud app to the team car. You didn’t think Stealth referred to the
    colourway did you ?

  8. Pedro Gonzalez

    I did not believe the bolt previously had the 3 right side LED lights, or am I mistaken?

  9. davie

    Interesting that in AU, the Bolt drops in price and the 530 goes up. I think you mentioned this on the FIT file podcast.

    In June 2019 Garmin deliberately disabled support for Edge 510 to Android bluetooth synching which was petty and nasty. “DEVICE_NOT_SUPPORTED” Yep, I guess you showed me. Thanks Garmin.

    Given this poor behaviour, I’m inclined to support Wahoo and the price helps too.

  10. Gregor

    Love the Bolt!
    But too bad that Wahoo is still unable to fix the average power calculation on these units.

    For instance, yesterday I did 2h24m10s ride.
    Wahoo app and Bolt calculate the average power for the ride at 201W, and 1395kJ, which is obviously wrong. (Basic math says… 201W x 8650s = 1738kJ)

    But if I export this exact same .fit file to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Golden Cheetah or any other platform, the calculated average power for the ride is 210W, and kJoules 1816, which is correct.

    Interestingly the normalized power is calculated at 224W on Wahoo and all other platforms.

    I have reported that issue to Wahoo support a few times, and they say everything is OK, and this is because of “sampling rate”… I guess somebody at Wahoo has really tough time understanding what “average” actually means.

  11. The drop in price of the Wahoo is such a great timing. Hopefully it will be reflected in the dutch stores soon.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  12. Panayiotis Ladjias

    I have BOLT 3 years now and loved it, BUT
    in my opinion it will be a huge mistake to buy it at the moment, new hugely improved Garmin Edge 530 is the way to go now.
    For those interested in Strava LIVE Segments be aware that Bolt does NOT sync with DOWNhill segments – Garmin does sync.

    • Sean

      The Downhill segments not appearing on the Bolt was a shock to me (I was about to buy one) but then I realized that part of the ‘buggy’ behaviour my Garmin 520 was displaying (selectively showing Strava Live Segments) was actually this! I just double-checked and all the segments that now (they were last summer) aren’t appearing are downhill and there is a warning I never noticed if you look at the segment on your computer “Downhill segments are not eligible for segment goals”. So Garmin has disabled them as well. Lesson here is if you’re Garmin/Wahoo is functioning properly – stop updating it!

  13. Rico Mundy

    Please take this as (your first?) request to learn about ANT+ LEV with Garmin. I have a 2019 Giant Road E which has become, unexpectedly, about the only bike I ride now, both on and off road as my conventional bikes collect dust. As a Garmin Edge user since 2007 (Edge 305) to the present and having followed your blog for years, and as I ride with two Garmins all the time (1030 & 830), I love both cycling and Garmin technology. So does Giant really have ANT+ chip in their controllers? I love the Yamaha engine, and the more I read and look, the more I feel I got the best e-bike available for my needs at the current time, but I really would love to have that integration to Garmin in my perfect e-bike machine (actually perfect would be to have data from engine displayed on Garmin AND to have Di2 integration to control the engine levels AND to have dual front chainrings). As far as I now know, there is no engine in the world that has all this. Anyway, if you have any ability to figure out whether Giant e-bikes actually have ANT+ and how to integrate it to Garmin, I would love to know. I know I may be the only person in the world that is interested in this, but I am certainly interested.

  14. Hi Ray,

    I was just listening to the latest podcast and the story about the LEV protocol.
    While you might be right for your own community, there is a HUGE amount of mountainbike riders converting to ebikes. Many of them already use Garmin products and Wahoo is finally joining this exciting new category.
    Just a different view angle: adding DI2 battery level adds a small feature to existing customer base.
    Adding eBike protocol enables all units to be used on an all new customer base.
    eRoad is certainly in it’s early days but has big potential as well.
    Touring customers are likely to use either on board computers or phones.
    Time to join the off road community 🙂 Certainly not an easy one from NL …
    In case you happen to be in Switzerland, we’d love to have you over for a chat in our Specialized Turbo Innovation Center in Cham. 30min south of Zurich.

    small example: link to emtbforums.com

    Love your site, love your podcasts!

    Best Regards,
    Jan Talavasek
    Director Turbo Technology


  15. Augsburg

    Glad to see Wahoo support e-bikes. With Deloitte’s recent projection of 120 million e-bikes to be sold world-wide over the next 3 years, the landscape for cycling will change dramatically.

    For years, we have collected all our riding data, to track miles, calories, etc. We are not part of the “Strava-crowd” and use the Elemnt more like the “steps-counting”, physical-activity-monitoring crowd. Integrating the Wahoo GPS smart bike computers with ebikes can open a different market segment to Wahoo, should they explore it.

    For some time, we’ve been able to connect our Wahoo Elemnts to our LvH Bullitt cargo bike with Shimano E8000, but only the Di2 shifting shows gear selection. No power, cadence or speed from the bike’s system.

    With no bluetooth or Ant+, our R+M ebikes with Gen 2 Bosch CX cannot connect to the Elemnt at all, and it would be great if all of our ebikes could show data from the bike’s e-assist system. Particularly, to provide “corrected” power and calorie data. That is with and without the bike’s e-assist added in. Bosch is starting to design in the ability to connect to sensors (such as an HRM) on newer systems, but they are not (yet) as adept at it as Wahoo.

  16. Leon Altman


  17. Andrew

    Does it bother anyone that all of the Elemnt Bolt marketing photos show a crisp white screen background, but the actual device has a cheap unappealing LCD green coloured background?

    Its the sole reason pushing me towards the Edge 130, after having returned my Edge 530 due to the massive bugs.

  18. Alec Weisman

    Hey DCR–thank you for your review(s) you’ve really helped my buying process.

    I have the same Canyon Stem as you and wanted to mount my bolt to it–what mount are you using in the photo of it on your stem? The stem mount in the box wasn’t flat enough for my stem and would be an awkward fit.

  19. rumpole

    Note: There’s a problem that several users have had with respect to Bolt maintaining connections via BT since the update. I’ve had mine for years, and am now getting constant drops w/r/t power, and it will not maintain BT connection to the iphone to send texts, etc to the screen.

    It’snot the PM because it works fine in zwift connecting thru the phone.
    There are several discussions of this problem on the google groups page.
    I would not recommend buying this unit right now. It’s a complete crapshoot.

  20. Marie Rose

    Will my iPhone 5sstill work with my Wahoo Tickr please.