The ‘Anything On My Recommendations’ List Giveaway!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could pick any gadget that’s on my ‘2014 Winter Sports Gadget Recommendations’ list and call it your own?  Yup, I agree.  And, so does Clever Training.  So they’re offering up to one lucky holiday duck just that.

Be it a new GPS watch, or a super-high end trainer – it can indeed be yours.  It’s like the Price is Right Showcase of sports technology products.  Minus having to guess the price or pay for it.

The rules are simple here, simply drop a comment below with the following:

To Enter: The details of one workout or race that you’ve got scheduled between now and the end of the year.

Simple enough?  Good.

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, December 8th, 2014 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  I’ll be giving you one device of your choosing from the list from Clever Training.  Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, assuming the interwebs work in London for me on Tuesday.  One entry per person.  The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately assuming in stock.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF or now via the VIP program.  Plus, there’s still tons of Black Friday-type deals going on. And most of all, by using Clever Training you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Have a great weekend all!



  1. Faspi

    I’ll run 28km at a very slow pace

  2. Bartokian

    12k race between Christmass and New Year in Leuven called the Corrida. Excellent to get rid of some excess party-calories! And with some good planning, that will make 1500k running this year…

  3. Frank

    Fort Bragg Marathon in March. My first full marathon.

  4. Ramiro Rodriguez

    A 14 mile long run in preparation for a marathon.

  5. Andrew Lovig

    In the garage in freezing temps on my trainer, cold toes, watching sons of anarchy to pass the hour.

  6. Ronald Wielink

    First hill training ever, coming Saturday, with group of Facebook enthousiasts…

  7. Scott Destafney

    The annual winter “Trifecta of Boarding” breaks up the monotony of the training schedule! A half day snowboarding, followed by a frigid surf session and culminating with getting on the 80’s skateboard for a quick skate to the bar. Cross training, from a southern California perspective!

  8. Cameron Taylor

    I have a full race schedule this year but, I am most excited about Ironman Oceanside 70.3. Such a fun course!!

  9. Henry

    I have 6 hill repeats up a half mile long hill in some open space near my house. Hopefully it doesn’t rain.

  10. kenneth

    Tomorrow, 8.5 miles @ 7:23 min/mile pace, ~1100 ft elevation, ~32 degrees F and calling for snow.

  11. Rob

    Not just one workout; Rapha Festive 500 for me!

  12. Rodrigo M

    Sufferfest Downward Spiral and A Very Dark Place – back to back, next Saturday.

  13. Derek

    400m warm-up jog
    heavy cleans, 4x4x4x4
    alternate with 1min jump-roping.
    3 mile jog cool-down

  14. Siew Kwan Chang

    40K for the total week!

  15. Steve

    Tomorrow at 7am, weights and cardio with my trainer.

  16. Mickey

    Two cyclocross races every weekend until Christmas!

  17. Maurcio Flores

    1000 m Warm up
    Break 3:00
    16 * 25m on 0:40 ascending on 4
    Break 3:00
    8 * 50m on 1:00 ascending on 4
    Break 3:00
    4 * 100m on 2: Ascending on 4
    Break 3:00
    2 * 200m on 4:00
    Break 3:00
    1 * 400m
    100 m cool dowm

  18. Thomas

    Tonight I will be on the leg press machine for 10 supersets of leg press, dropping from 50 reps to 10 reps, back to 50 reps. Supersetted with calf raises of the same numbers. Then before I crawl home I will be doing five sets of leg raises to failure…

  19. Shannon Field

    Blew off my last CX races for the season this weekend. So back to weightlifting and base miles.

  20. Nathan Barratt

    Turkey Trot Half Marathon in Keyworth, UK

  21. Oisin

    Get back into IM training routine….a 4km swim followed by a coffee and then a 20km run – used to do it every Saturday. Time to get going again.

  22. Quentin

    Monday: AM – Bike to work. PM – Run home
    Tuesday: AM – Run to work. PM – Bike home
    Wednesday: AM Bike to work. PM- Run home
    Thursday: AM Run to work. PM- Bike Home
    Friday: AM & PM Bike to work and back.
    Caveat: if it snows, then I am skiing.

  23. John

    Swim, bike, and run — as much as I can possibly do.

  24. John McLellan

    2015 Transamerica Chicago Triathlon

  25. Bjorn

    Hi, a trainer would be nice in the off season.

  26. roberto

    A 21k long run on the riverside close home.
    Haven’t run a half this year due to injury.
    Would love to squeeze one in!

  27. Mike

    Starting base prep for my first 70.3 next year. With our rainy weather will be doing my first long rides on the trainer.

  28. David H

    Doing the Rock N’ Roll Phoenix Half Marathon in January. Get a whole group of friends to run with me this year!

  29. EvE

    Cold work-around on my MTB in the woods. Cold, dark, but enjoying…

  30. Josh A

    Building my marathon base mileage back up and a holiday 5k with my son to try and get him his PR

  31. Federico

    Following the preparation of my first Ironman next year, I’ve planned a 120 km bike ride next weekend!

  32. Scott Trice

    2 x 15 min z4 repeats on the bike, nothing like a good old hard effort to work off the food and drink.

  33. Mark

    13.1 prep has started. I’ll be interval training with a ladder workout tomorrow…4’ish miles. Cheers!

  34. -Autumn Kaiser

    Half marathon training schedule / track workouts for increased speed. Circuit workouts with emphasis on obstacles for Tough Mudder Gulf Coast in March 2015

  35. Yagil

    Preparing for the Jerusalem Half-Marathon. slowly increasing the length of my runs – by the end of December I hope to get to the 10-mile mark.

  36. Sakis Katsantoulas

    one race end of july 50miles—

  37. Brian

    100 x 100 swim for New Years!

  38. Saim

    tomorrow evening,10k run at seaside. Black sea ,Turkey.

  39. Kent

    Mini indoor triathlon by myself – 30min swim, 40 min spin, 30 min run. Get ready for Christmas treats.

  40. Eric Ericson

    A whopping 5 mile training run this Sunday.

  41. Andy

    Going to NYC for a couple of days. Running the central park loop!

  42. Mikkel

    Hitting the gym for some off season weights + core sessions and hopefully injury recovery.

  43. david evelev

    Mt. Dora Half Marathon–12/21/14

  44. Robert

    aiming for 5-10 miles a week

  45. Phil Carroll

    Sufferfest Revolver with Trainer Road this morning!

  46. Michael Weitzner

    My sons’ local elementary school 5K, always fun, and always impressed with the energy that the kids have.

  47. Marissa Camacho

    Racing with my girls at Mini Marathon 4.219 km.

  48. Christine Parsons

    Getting my 10k steps in for the day

  49. Bruce Mcfly

    Get back to 50km/week before January 1st !

  50. Justin

    Running 15 miles/week outside in the cold

  51. Kendra Carroll

    My next race will be the “End of the World,” It will be a 9k run, starting at 10:11 pm, on Dec 13, 2014 (hence the 🙂 ) Fun race put on by Toledo Road Runners Club! But I could definitely use some new gear for next year when I do my first Ironman 70.3!!

  52. Joseph Lee

    2014 Ugly Sweater 5k in Nashville!

  53. Shawn

    10 mile MTB ride while I have off between christmas and new years.

  54. Benjamin Winter

    Got a 2 hour long slow run on Sunday. hoping to hit at least 13.1 miles staying under 140 bpm heart rate.

  55. Will

    A 12 mile tempo run along Santa Monica beach on December 13

  56. Guillem

    Sure 10km New Years Eve run in Barcelona. It’s happening at 17h so it’s well before 2014 ends!

  57. Nathan T

    90 minute Trainer Road workout with 7-9 minutes of isolated leg drills.

  58. krishan rampersaud

    To Enter: I will be doing the Brita Resolution Run it’s a 5k run that takes place Dec 28th. ….in good ol Toronto winter weather..

  59. Steve

    the NOW and gauntlet ride through PCH/Malibu canyons…

  60. Richard C.

    As a very mediocre swimmer, I plan to focus on swimming between now and the end of the year. My “big” workout is going to be 35 x 100!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. A 10-miler on Friday along the banks of the Clyde on a freezing winter’s morning in Glasgow. Cannae wait!

  62. Dave

    A long, ice breaking 20km to prepare some room for the festivities.

  63. Claire Warner

    I’ve a 5k Pinkathon race lined up here in Mumbai on Sunday 14th Decembe, in support of Breast Cancer charities

  64. Paul Adams

    10 miles on the Natches Trace

  65. th0rny

    TrainerRoad Darwin – tonight

  66. pedro

    16k every Sunday until end of year

  67. Stuart

    Several early morning three hour trainer sessions to keep building that base for next season.

  68. Anders

    10k run on Christmas morning. Cold and fresh norwegian morning run.

  69. Christoph

    A 10k on new years eve without ITBS pain would be nice.

  70. pedro

    10k Forchheimer Silvesterlauf

  71. RW

    -15 minutes spin warm up
    -Single leg drills (as warm up, keeping each leg at 90 rpms)
    -15/5 as 15 min. over gear (low cadence, about 55) to build leg strength, then 5 minutes easy spin (90rpms), then 10/5, and 5/5
    -Cool down

  72. TheHut

    Strava Festive 500

  73. Tim Kerber

    Jingle Bell run in Seattle…hoping for snow but will settle for rain.

  74. Alex Allen

    I’ll be running under a Saturn V rocket as part of the Rocket City Marathon this Saturday in Huntsville, AL.

  75. pedro

    laufwelt Silvesterabend Halbmarathon Ried

  76. Erik

    Tomorrow I’m going to do Rubber Glove on Trainerroad to test my FTP.

  77. Ken Sherwood

    Jingle Bell 5K on Dec 13, 2014

  78. David Selby

    I have hill work tomorrow, :30 mins easy on Wednesday, speed work on Thursday and weights on Friday. Getting ready for a half marathon at the end of February and the tri season (first race is the end of March).

  79. Andrew Stone

    December 31st is the first scheduled day of training for my Spring Marathon. 6 easy miles. One of the least interesting runs of the month but it’ll need to get done.

  80. Roelof

    Next saturday I will attend a running clinic organised by a friend to up my running pace.

  81. Shannan McKinney

    Ran the Navy Classic 5K. Had my 2nd sub-:30 race, and took first in my AG! This weekend is the Jingle Jam 10K.

  82. Colin

    Any miles that can be squeezed in with a new baby at home.

  83. Tony LoSasso

    Going to do a 3-hour endurance ride on the KICKR the Saturday after Christmas. Pretty boring, I know – but Neflix just made available season 3 of American Horror Story so I’ll have something to stare at! Thanks for doing this.

  84. This year I am training for Ironman Texas 140.6. I need all the free stuff I can get to pay for the race. 🙂


  85. RobK

    5km Concept2 Rower & 5km Concept2 SkiErg

  86. David Carey

    Specific Endurance Workout (on the track)
    1 mile easy
    6 x 1 mile @ 3-5k pace
    2 min jog recovery
    1 mile easy
    Try not to yack 🙂
    Thanks Ray!!

  87. Mateusz Miks

    Volleyball match in 3th league in Switzerland, 2nd league must be ours:)

  88. Christopher

    Resume Builder Criterium Series this coming Sunday. Second time bike racing!

  89. Sam Y.

    1 hour z2 on rollers

  90. Weronika T.

    10km run through the mountains near Zug Lake in Switzerland.

  91. Michael

    I hope to get one last 30 mile bike ride in this year!

  92. Phil Han

    i started a 100/100 running goal just before December so lots of short runs.

  93. Alan

    i’m leaving for a 21km right now!

  94. Jeff May-Stahl

    200-400-800-1200-mile-1200-800-400-200 track workout wednesday

  95. Ryan S

    4x1000m @ 10k pace on Thursday

  96. JoeRow

    Row workout

    6 x 1000m / 3 min easy
    Row six 1000 meter pieces. Row for three minutes at light pressure between each 1000

  97. Ryan

    I’ve got a marathon on Saturday, but it’s really just a long run for a 50k on Dec. 31.

  98. lisa

    Doing a 25 mile Christmas “underwear” bike ride this Sunday. Bring underwear or socks for a local child protection services department. Ride for free with SAG and then donuts at the best donut shop in Georgia

  99. Jpj

    6,5 km cross next Saturday

  100. Travis Thiex

    Run 13 Miles, 8.0 @ 7:03