2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sports Technology Deals


Updated Dec 16th, 2014 12:35PM – TomTom Multisport back on sale for $149, details in Clever Training section.

Updated Dec 14th, 2014 1:05PM EST – Added new Garmin FR910XT deals, and new Vivofit deal.

Without question one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year – at least for US folks. But these days many companies ship outside the US as well for relatively cheap, so it might as well be a global deal day!  This post is a roundup of those items that are specific to sports technology, so things like GPS watches, action cameras, activity trackers and the like.

The below highlights all the sweet Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals I’m aware of.  For those unclear, Black Friday is this Friday (Nov 28th , but most companies already have things on-sale this week.  Cyber Monday is next Monday (Dec 1st), but again, things are a bit flexible there too – thus, mind the dates below and check back at least once a day for all the updates that I’ll post as new deals are announced.

Some of them help support the site, and some of them are just out there on the interwebs.  In both cases, I’m going to largely focus on the gadget side of things, since that’s my specialty.  I’ll be noting major updates as they come up via Twitter.

Clever Training Sports Technology deals:

These deals are all via partner Clever Training and all earn free US shipping.  Some also qualify for the DCR 10% off coupon (though most in this list won’t).  All help support the site.

Active/Current Deals:

Garmin Edge 500, all colors – $149 (regular $199): Sale now till Dec  27th  Blue Version here.
Garmin Edge 500 bundle with HR strap and Speed/Cadence Sensor, all colors – $199 (regular $300):
 Select drop-down to choose bundle. Sale now till Dec  27th

Garmin FR10 – $99 (regular $129): Sale now till Dec  27th
Garmin FR15, all colors – $139 (regular $169): Sale now till Dec 27th
Garmin FR15, all colors with HR strap – $169 (regular $199): Sale now till Dec 27th.
Garmin FR210 – $149 (regular $179): Select dropdown to choose bundle. Sale now till Dec  27th
Garmin FR210 with HR strap – $169 (regular $249): Select drop-down to choose bundle. Sale now till Dec 27th.
Garmin FR210 with HR strap and footpod – $199 (regular $299): Select drop-down to choose bundle. Sale now till Dec 27th. 

Garmin FR610 – $199 (regular $309): Sale now till Dec  27th
Garmin FR610 with HR strap – $229 (regular $349): Select drop-down to choose bundle.  Sale now till Dec 27th.
Garmin FR310XT – $179 (regular $199): Sale now till Dec  27th

Garmin FR910XT – $239 (regular $399): Sale back on till Dec 27th

Garmin FR910XT with HR strap – $269 (regular $449): Sale back on till Dec 27th. For HR bundle, select drop-down.
Garmin FR910XT Tri Bundle- HR Strap, Quick Release Kit, Speed/Cadence sensor – $299 (regular $499): Sale back on till Dec 27th. For Tri bundle, select drop-down.
Garmin VIRB – $99 (regular $129): Sale now till Dec  27th (until supplies last, which are limited)

Garmin Vivofit, all colors – $79 (regular $129, was $99 briefly): Sale now till Dec  27th
Garmin Vivofit with HR strap, all colors – $129 (regular $169): Sale now till Dec 27th

TomTom Runner, all colors – $99 (regular $149): Sale price back to $99!
TomTom Multisport $149 (regular $199): Sale price back on! 

TomTom Runner Cardio – $40 Active.com Credit: Sale now till Dec 31st
TomTom Multisport Cardio – $40 Active.com Credit: Sale now till Dec 31st


Expired Deals:

Cateye 20% off: Some solid deals in here, especially on ANT+/Bluetooth Smart sensors. Sale now till Dec 8th.
Cateye Strada Smart – $64 (regular $80): This is one that both connects to BLE sensors, uses phone for GPS and text messages, and can upload to Strava.  Sale now till Dec 8th.
CycleOps Trainers – 20% off:
Sale now till Dec 8th

Mio Link – $79, greenish color only (regular $99): Sale now till Dec 6th
PowerTap 20% off PowerTap power meter hubs/wheels/head units: Sale now till Dec 8th.
Saris Bike Racks – 20% off: Sale now till Dec 8th.
Scosche RHYTHM+ optical HR sensor, free headphones with purchase – $79: Valid Nov 28th-Dec 7th. (these headphones)
TomTom Multisport $149 (regular $199): Sale extended till Dec 8th

DCR’s Take: The best deals here (thus far) are easily the TomTom Runner at $99, the Vivofit at $79, and the Garmin VIRB at $99. Action-cam wise you won’t beat that functionality for anywhere near under $200.  And on the TomTom Runner, there’s never been a more capable GPS watch in the sub-$100 range.  On the Vivofit, it was a great deal at $99, but at $79 it’s cheaper than any display-capable activity tracker except the FitBit Zip, but has way more functionality than that.  Finally, on the cycling side the Edge 500 is a very solid deal for one of the most popular units out there. I don’t expect a near term replacement in that form factor.

For anything not on clearance/deep sale, you’ll still get the usual 10% off from Clever anytime with DCR10BTF code, or for certain items you’ll need the VIP program but you’ll still save 10%.  You can also look at the entire lineup of their Black Friday/Holiday items here.

Amazon Sports Technology worth pointing out:

These are often specific to certain days of the week.  Note that this section changes very frequently – usually multiple times a day.  I’ll try and tweet out some of the best new/updates.  Many of these are Amazon Lightning Deals, that show up briefly so you need to hit it at the start of that session.  Buying through any of the links below supports the site:

Active/Current Deals:

Polar V800 with HR Strap – $399: Regular $499, a pretty solid deal. Unknown end date/time.

Polar V800 without HR strap – $369: Regular $450. Unknown end date/time.

TomTom Runner, all colors – $99 (regular $149): Sale valid Nov 27-Dec 1st

TomTom Multisport $149 (regular $199): Sale valid Nov 27-Dec 1st


Expired Deals:

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer: $269 (regular $350) Starts at 4:40PM Eastern Nov 27th. Unknown price, short-term deal only (less than an hour).
Wahoo RFLKT+ Bike Computer: Starts at 8:40PM Eastern Nov 27th. $99, short-term deal only (less than an hour).
Knog GoPro dual mount light: This is a very cool light I saw at Outdoor retailer. Unknown price, short term deal only (less than an hour), starts at 9:40AM EST on Nov 28th.

Withings Pulse O2 – $79US: Regular, short term deal only (less than an hour), started at 3:00AM EST on Dec 1st.

Wahoo TICKR (base): $39, short term deal only (less than an hour), starts at 9:40AM EST on Dec 1st.  Solid deal at $39US.

Fenix2 (regular and Special Edition): $299 for base, $339 for bundle. Started at 10:40AM

Polaroid XS100 Action Cam: $96, short term deal only (less than an hour), starts at 9:50AM EST on Dec 1st.

Contour Roam2 Action Cam: Unknown price, short term deal only (less than an hour), starts at 10:50AM EST on Dec 1st.

Deal Expired: Pebble Steel Smartwatch: Price should be $149 on sale, short term deal only (less than an hour) starts at 10AM EST on Nov 28th.

Deal Expired: Garmin Fenix(1): Unknown Price, short term deal only (less than an hour) starts at 4:50PM on Nov 28th.

(Additional deals to be added as they appear)

Non-US Sports Technology Hot Deals:

The Amazon-specific deals benefit the site, and are specifically for non-US folks in Europe mostly.  Note which countries below.  Remember that if in the EU, you can generally order from Amazon.de/Amazon.es/Amazon.fr/Amazon/it and Amazon.co.uk without any additional import taxes (that’s what I do in France).

Active/Current Deals:

Power2Max: Various units on sale about 200EUR off, pretty good deals for the Europeans who generally don’t get good deals.

Polar products: Upwards of 50% off the Loop, and the 30% off the Polar V800. Shippable countries within Europe varies.



Expired Deals: 

Withings: 25-50% off for Europe folks, pretty much all products except the newest Activite.

Garmin FR10: 69€ various colors, Amazon deal for Nov 28th.

Garmin VIRB Elite – £140: Exact price might vary, Amazon Lightning Deal at 14:00 CET DEC 1st, Deal typically lasts an hour or less.

Garmin VIRB Elite: 199€. Amazon deal for Nov 28th.

Mio Alpha Optical HR Bluetooth Smart: Amazon Lightning Deal at 14:15 CET NOV28th. Unknown price, typically lasts an hour. Available in White, Black, and Indigo.

Garmin Forerunner 210 with HR Strap: Amazon Lightning Deal at 15:15 CET NOV 28th. Unknown price, typically lasts an hour.

Epson Pulsense PS-100 Activity Tracker: Amazon Lightning Deal at 16:15 CET NOV 28th. Unknown price, typically lasts an hour.

GoPro Hero3+ Black Endurance Set: Amazon Lightning Deal at 17:15 CET NOV 28th. Unknown price, typically lasts an hour.

Mio Link Optical HR (Dual ANT+/BLE): Amazon Lightning Deal at 22:15 CET NOV 28th. Unknown price, typically lasts an hour.

Sony HDR-AS100VW Action Camera Kit: Amazon Lightning Deal at 22:00 CET NOV 28th. Unknown price, typically lasts an hour.

Wahoo Fitness TICKR (base): Amazon Lightning Deal at 23:15 CET NOV 28th. Unknown price, typically lasts an hour.

Other Random Sweet Sports Tech Deals:

Below, are additional sale items out there that don’t support the site, but are still pretty sweet.  Note, expiration dates are all over the map on these, so you’ll need to check each one.

Power2max: Classic edition from $649 ($100 off), and others at prices up to $250US off. Very solid deal here. Sale ends December 1st.

PowerTap: 20% off select items from their website, including PowerTap hubs. Sale ends December 8th.

Pebble: $20 off regular Pebble ($79), and $50 off Steel ($149).

iBike Newton: $299, regular $499.

Sport Tracks: 35% off the Pro edition, which gets you both the desktop and cloud variants.

4iiii’s: They’ll throw in free dealer installation coupon of the 4iiii’s Precision power meter if you buy through their site, a savings of $80US. Valid Friday-Monday only.

ORP Lights: I use these on my commuter/city bike, love them – combo light and bell. 25% off on Monday, Dec 1st only.

Microsoft Store: FitBit Charge and Jawbone deals, along with other wearables.

Misfit Wearables: The Shine for $79, and the Flash for 50% off at $25.

Withings: 25-50% off for US folks, pretty much all products except the newest Activite.

Nanotips: 25% off. These are useful if you use an smartphone to run with in the winter. Makes any gloves able to use touchscreen, kinda cool. Coupon code: BLCKF

Spot Tracker: 50% off these units, through Jan 4th.  These are more suited towards hiking than triathlons.

Clug bike mounts: 50% off the Black edition on Friday, and then 2 for 1 on all units on Monday. I’ve currently got these, pretty cool.

ProWheelBuilder.com: 20% off White Industrie hubed wheels. Sale through Nov 28th.

TrainingPeaks: On CyberMonday they should be having 25% off all annual subscriptions. Coupon code: cybermonday14.

Boyd Cycling Wheelsets: Buy one carbon wheelset, get one Altamont wheelset free.

GoPro Hero3+ Silver, LCD Touch Bacpac, 16GB SD card: This is a very solid deal for a mid-range unit.  Of course, if you ignore size, then it’s basically the same specs as the Garmin VIRB (base) for $99.  Deal starts Nov 27th.

1BandID 25% off: These are ID bands that attach to you GPS/similar watch.  I reviewed them a while back. Cool stuff.

As I see more items that are sports-technology related, I’ll update the above.  For the non-gadget side of things (but still endurance sports), I’d highly recommend checking out this page from Michael Hutto – he’s done it for a few years now and it rocks for all sorts of things like wetsuits and the like.

With that, thanks for reading (and of course, supporting the site).  And remember, if you can’t figure out what on earth you want product wise, check out the new Product Comparison Tool I put together.  It has well over 10,000 pieces of data, combined into a simple and easy to use system that’s always up to date.

And finally, you can support the site through any of the below retailers just by clicking on the link and then wandering around via their search bar to whatever it is that you want to buy – even if not sports technology related:


Updated Dec 9th, 2014 12:45PM EST – TomTom Runner price dropped again back to $99, cleaned up some older deals.

Updated Dec 2nd, 2014 8:35AM EST – TomTom Multisport sale extended a week, TomTom Runner sale sorta extended. Cleaned up expired deals.

Updated Dec 1st, 10:43AM: Added in Polar V800 deal (Amazon US), TrainingPeaks 25% discount, Fenix2 Amazon Deal. Added VIRB Elite for UK folks via Amazon. Added ORP bike light/bell deal.

Updated Nov 30th, 9:18PM: Added Sport Tracks 35% off discounts for Cyber Monday. Withings Pulse deal on Amazon for Monday, along with other Amazon deals including action cams and Wahoo TICKR (base).

Updated Nov 28th, 12:38PM EST: Added PowerTap 20% off (all hubs/wheels/power meters/head units) and Tri/HR FR910XT/FR610/FR210/Edge 500 bundles to Clever Training section, Knog GoPro dual mount, Pebble Steel, and Garmin Fenix1 deals in Amazon, many more to Random section. For Europeans: Added ton of solid Amazon deals and Withings deal.

Updated Nov 27th 12:00PM EST: Additional Garmin Deals Added in Clever Training section, many others off in Random section. Added Wahoo RFLKT+ & Kurt Kinetic Trainer deal in Amazon section.


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  1. Daniel Jessee

    REI has some pretty good gadget deals, already published: link to avantlink.com

  2. Daniel

    Amazon.de is “Cybermonday” selling the Mio Link for 75 Euro, which is 25% off .

    If it’s sold out today, it may be coming up again the upcoming days ( Amazon.de/angebote )

    • Daniel

      oops. …


      13:15 CET -> Tomtom Runner with optical HR
      Wahoo RFLKT+ Bike Computer

      14:15 CET -> Mio Alpha (BT)

      16:15 CET -> GoPro Actionkamera Hero3+ Black Endurance Set

    • Tom Burgin

      The tomtom runner isn’t with optical HR, it’s with a chest band. Same as the UK, UK is £124.99 so might end up cheaper.

    • Daniel

      Today Friday at Amazon.de:

      14:15 CET -> Mio Alpha optical HR in Black, White and Indigo ( All three are separate items )

      15:15 CET -> Garmin Forerunner 210 HR (With HR Belt)

      16:15 CET -> Epson Activity Pulsense PS-100

      17:15 CET -> GoPro Hero3+ Black Endurance Set

    • Daniel

      you were right Tom. Sorry.

    • Thanks, just added all the EU ones in, plus a bunch more I found later at night. Some solid deals there potentially (depending on price).

  3. Tom Burgin

    Any UK deals that are any good? I’ve seen nothing so far. :(

  4. Andreas

    I hope Power2Max give us Europeans some black Friday love as well.

  5. Emily

    Microsoft has some good deals on wearables that’ll start in a few days, including the Forerunner 10 for $80 (black color only).

    link to microsoftstore.com

  6. Zak Katz

    Best Buy in Canada has the Garmin 910xt on for $299 CDN.

    I’m upgrading from a FR 305 as I need a device that does swim workouts for tri training. Very tempted by this deal but the 920xt looks so functional and now I’m torn.

    Anyone here with an opinion on a discounted 910 vs 920?

    • matthew

      $299 CDN ($265) isn’t too awesome of a deal for the 910xt. Athletes are selling theirs used on eBay and other triathlon forums for $150-$200 USD ($160-$225 CDN). If you want a 910xt, just get a good condition used one off eBay, or, jump up to $550 CDN ($500) USD and get the 920xt. Personally, I’d try and snag the cheapest 910xt possible, use it for a year, then get a 920xt on sale. I love my 910xt and it does everything I need. The only reason I would upgrade to 920xt is for a slightly smaller watch. I probably wouldn’t use most of the new features and I really don’t care about the color screen. I will likely wait until I can get a 920xt on sale, then sell my 910xt on eBay to make back some of the cost of upgrading.

    • Paul

      REI will be selling the 910 for $269.99 as a black Friday deal (though I don’t know how shipping would factor into this to Canada).

    • Paul

      REI will be selling the 910 for $269.99 as a black Friday deal (though I don’t know how shipping would factor into this to Canada) – added bonus of a VERY generous return and warranty policy.

    • John B

      Neither Garmin nor REI ship to Canada. However, Clever Training does.

  7. Anonymouse

    Nothing so far on the FR 15 or 220, huh? Is Garmin trying to have its lunch eaten by TomTom and Polar?

  8. pretty good deals for the Europeans who generally don’t get good deals. :) :)

  9. Andreas

    Hi. Is there any WAHOO Kickr Deal? That would be great!!

    • None that I’m aware of. I’m not sure I’d expect a direct Wahoo KICKR deal from Wahoo themselves. Sometimes in the past though they’ll toss in something, like a RFLKT or such.

      Alternatively, Performance Bike carries the KICKR and despite what their coupon usage states their systems always incorrectly process the random flat-rate discounts and allow the KICKR on those deals (i.e. 20% off or so). Though, those virtually never work on other things like Garmin products.

    • Luke

      I really hope they don’t find this post and fix that…

    • Allan Watkins

      Most physical stores will still honor it anyway regardless of what the exclusions are. Just walk in and they’ll give you the deal.

    • Onebyte

      I got a discount for the all wahoo fitness products through my work, I went to the website, applied the sweet discount and ordered my Kickr. Two days later, wahoo canceled my order and told me I wasn’t allow to use that discount on the Kickr. Pretty disappointed since it was a mistake on their end, if I wasn’t allow to use the discount, I should’ve never been able to order one in the first place.

      What are your thoughts?

    • Alf

      I think they should man up and give it to you. Yes, they made a mistake, and it got all your hopes up. The least they should do (in my opinion, of course) is to still give you a discount somehow.

      Those are MY thoughts, but obviously not theirs.

    • Craig V

      Just came from performance bike here in Chicago. 40% off many select trainers and 25% off all others, including the Wahoo KICKR. Sale is good through the weekend.

    • Andrew Greif

      Had to be in store? I see the 40 or 25 on a handful of trainers online, but not all of them.

    • Sylvester Jakubowski

      In store only. WAHOO won’t let that price online after speaking to a rep.

    • HA

      Thanks for posting the kickr deal at performance. Just ordered mine to be delivered to store. Now if only I can find the campy 11 speed freehub as well.

    • Ezra

      Just got mine. Gotta wait for delivery to the store, $878.63 is a great deal (Plus 10% in store points)

    • Bobby

      Did you use a coupon to get this deal? I can’t find any online and would like to pull the trigger.

    • Ezra

      I had to go into the store. But at the store they honored the deal. It might still be on now as some trainers are still discounted. Plus I thought I saw a $100 off advertised on orders over $500. Worth going to (or calling) the nearest store and asking.

  10. Ezra

    I will be looking for the Kickr on sale. Will definitely buy if I can find 20% off.
    Thanks for all the testing on trainers and software lately. It’s gonna be a tech-rific winter.

    • Sylvester Jakubowski

      If you find one please post.

    • Q. Jones

      I thought I found a way to get a deal on the Wahoo… Ebay had Apple iTunes cards; get $100 for $75. So basically buy $1,000 worth for $750 and the Apple store sells the Wahoo Kickr. So I talked to a rep online at the Apple store just to make sure they would take the iTunes codes at the Apple store too because in the disclaimer it wasn’t clear one way or another and they won’t :(

      For those of you that don’t mind taking out a no interest credit card then paying it off before they charge interest. The Apple store does have 0% cards for 12 – 18 months or so. I might end up taking that route instead of paying the $1,200 all at once.

  11. Scott

    What’s your recommendation for a basic running watch with navigation?

    My wife doesn’t have the best sense of direction, but prefers to run on trails. She’s tried my Ambit2, but it’s too big for her and slides down her wrist and thumps against the back of her hand. (or it’s cinched down too tight)

  12. Cliff

    Can’t use the VIP 10% on the Garbin Virb, even though it’s only $8 off their normal price (which they still have listed on Amazon for $108). Not a deep discount, so not sure why the paid VIP doesn’t apply.

    • The ‘normal’ price recently has been $129, which is down from $299. Amazon shows $299 regular, $109 currently (also on sale currently there too). Those are all pretty big discounts.

      Note that I always list the recent current price – even if not the actual normal price (which is usually much higher). Hence why you see me list $129, helping folks to understanding if it’s a good deal or not.

      Edit, to Add: Here’s the Amazon price chart over the last little while showing the price drop: link to camelcamelcamel.com

      In any case – appreciate the support!

  13. Jon

    Not specifically a Black Friday deal, but BKool are currently selling their v1 model for £280 (UK) delivered, including speed/cadence sensor and 12 months premium subscription. With a 30- day free, no commitment trial, it proved too good to resist. My Xmas present turned up early today (I only ordered on Sunday evening).

  14. Navnit Ranjan

    Noticed Target have better deal for GoPro3+.
    250$ + 50$ target gift card.

  15. Laurence

    Just loaded up with some things from Clever Training – do you still get a referral when the code doesn’t work? Love the site and want to make sure you get looked after….

  16. Francis C

    I wonder if Training Peaks will offer something better than the 15% they are currently offering. I’m hoping they’ll give up more before I pay for a year’s membership.

  17. Sandeep

    I have a doubt w.r.t. which HR Monitor ships with Garmin 910XT HR bundle – Premium HR OR Premium HR -Soft Strap (with new spikes/dropout fix/ Gray colored = HRM3??). 910XT description says a ‘generic’ premium HR monitor.
    Please advice!

  18. Sylvester Jakubowski

    Any footpod deals Ray?

  19. Drew W

    After waffling over in the VIRB comments the other day & finally deciding to go with the GoPro Hero4 Silver, I picked up a VIRB for $99 from Clever Training tonight. I left the GoPro on my wish list, so it may be a video filled holiday after all! haha

  20. Gerald Brown

    $99 is great for the Garmin Virb; but when is the Virb Elite going to be better priced?

    • I think we’ll actually see prices hold there a bit to be honest, at least temporarily. The reason being that the VIRB base had to drop to compete with the new GoPro base, but the VIRB Elite has extra features that make it hold fairly well in the mid-$200’s.

      I suspect once we get past CES though, all bets are off.

    • Renato

      Academy has the Virb elite for 199

    • Jaime

      VIRB Elite is $199 at Academy Sports. Sold out online but my local had a bunch as of 10 am. Dont know if Academy is just a regional chain or nationwide. link to academy.com

    • Yves Arrouye

      And biketiresdirect.com also had the Elite for $199, also sold out. Dang! I ordered a Basic and hope that syncing the .FIT files is not as bad as people have said online.

  21. Tom Burgin

    link to outdoorgb.com

    Lots of decent watches with quite decent discounts here. I got the Polar M400 with HRM for £137.65 delivered.

  22. James

    Costco has the Garmin 210 with the heart rate monitor for $139.99 til Dec 24 online only

  23. Marvin O

    I am hoping for a good deal on power meters ~_~other then what has been listed already

    • Scott E

      The Power2Max is an awesome deal on a power meter IMO. $200 off the latest Type S brings the price sub-$1K to $879. Of course it would be ideal if power meters were sub-$500, yet per the reviews and Ray’s nifty comparison tool this is a solid deal I won’t be able to resist.

    • Larry

      December 2013 I picked up a PowerTap G3 hub from hashtagbikes.com for $631.99. Don’t know if they are doing a similar promotion this year, but it’s worth taking a look. Also, PowerTap has provided super awesome spectacular support. Very good company to do business with.

  24. Nick

    Arts Cyclery is selling selling the Garmin Edge 500 for $135 plus free shipping.

  25. Sylvester Jakubowski

    Anyone seen a FINIS Neptune on sale yet?

  26. William Pretorius

    Any good power meter sales to look out for, apart from Power2Max?

  27. Jaco

    I bought a Tacx Ironman for £535 on amazon in the Black Friday sales!

  28. Rob

    How does a 910xt at this price stack up with the Ambit 2S which is currently $219? In your winter recommendation you had the 2S listed as your budget triathlon watch option, but does this discounted price of the 910xt change that recommendation in any way?

    Thanks for all you do and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • It’s tough, I’d probably still lean Ambit2S for most scenarios. It’s a bit slimmer watch, it can be used as a watch (day to day), and, it has better navigational options.

      On the flip side, if you have a power meter, the 910XT is a better option due to inclusion of TSS/NP/IF and some of the left/right metrics. Finally, if you have a Garmin already, I’d stick with that lineup.

    • Rob

      Thanks for the feedback. I had a Garmin 910xt for a short period but then returned it in anticipation of the 920xt, but that price is a bit too far out there. So, I’m not in deep with Garmin by any means.

      No power meter at this point, but perhaps down the road as they become more financially viable. My main concern (if you can call it that) is that Garmin seems to be the gold standard and especially the 910xt, so is there any “downgrade” in going with the Ambit 2S. Or is it more like Coke vs. Pepsi?

    • There’s some truth to that, but at the same time, Suunto made good strides with the 2/2S lineup that the differences for most folks are fairly minimal there. I’d say the key deciding factors (ignoring the $20) if you don’t have a power meter would be whether you plan to use the exploration type features (Suunto is better), or more of the interval/workout creation features (Garmin is better).

    • Rob

      Looking at ordering the 910xt based on your feedback but the CT site says “ships in 5-7 business days” instead of “in stock” like the Ambit 2S says. Does that mean they’re out of the 910’s and more are coming, or are they totally out at this point?

      Not sure if you’ll know, but thought I’d at least try to ask.

    • It just means they just ordered a boatload more 910XT’s, because they sold far more than anyone expected (I actually didn’t expect it would be as popular as it’s been either to be honest). They were ordered this afternoon, so as usual Clever Training put in a conservative date just in case they don’t arrive until late next week. But fear not, you still would get in the deal.

    • Rob

      Reviews and liaison between CT and the public…amazing. :-)

      Thank you for clearing that up for me. I guess anytime there’s that big of a discount then people are going to jump all over it even with the new technology on the market.

      Of course I just saw an Edge 500 at a ridiculously good price, so now I’m debating the FR/Edge combo vs. 910 all-in-one approach, but that’s another story.

  29. Jonathan

    20% Off select powertap items until Dec 8th:

    link to powertap.com

  30. Stijn

    If i order from clever training and ship to europe (belgium)
    will i have to pay extra taxes when it gets here?
    i was thinking to get the scosche, the free headphones will compensate for shipping, the rythm seems hard to find over here anyway.

    • For that it’s really up to your mailman. Clever won’t pre-pay tax/duties, so those are just upon arrival. So it depends on your country and the exact item type and cost. Many EU countries have a minimum limit, so this might fall below that.

    • Jiri

      I ordered Garmin Virb yesterday (shipping to Belgium), I can let you know if I paid extra taxes if you like.

  31. Just as a heads up to those on comment subscriptions, i just added in the Garmin FR15 deals, basically $30 off there down to $139 from $169, or for the HR bundle $169 from $199. There will be no additional Garmin sales beyond what’s been posted.

    • Sylvester Jakubowski

      Thanks Ray! appreciated very much.

    • Oisin

      I have experience from Ireland & Germany – in both countries my order was held by customs.
      I received a note with the address of the customer office where the package was held.
      I paid the vat which was due before receiving the item.

      Therefore, most likely you will need to pay ~20% tax in order to gain possesion.
      Each time, the item cost was about 100€.

  32. Anonymouse

    Thanks for the FR15 info. Definitely better, but hard to justify it for only $40 less than the M400. But at least there’s some effort there; really dumb move by Garmin to let the M400 remain so much cheaper than the FR220.

    • Yup, I agree with you there. At this point I’d dig around in the couch cushions and find the extra $40 for the M400 over the FR15. If they dropped the price down into the $119-$129 level, then we’re probably talking.

    • Me

      Just picked up an M400 w HRM at 7% off through Amazon in Canada. Figured with the M400 just having been released there wouldn’t be many deals to be had for it. Unfortunately when I wrote to Polar asking if they would eventually port the swim metics over to the M400, even for a price, they said no. Maybe if enough people ask for it it will happen? Happy shopping all and thanks Ray for these updates!

    • Unfortunately, I wouldn’t expect to see swim metrics on it. I suspect the type of features you’ll see them roll out for a price will be around additional recovery items (such as those found on the V800), or other features that are more general. I do agree it’d be cool to be able to buy a unit like the M400 and then pick and choose your features over time. Say add swimming for $25-$40, and such.

    • Simple not happy with the options currently available to consumers. The FR15 seems to have everything I want in a day to day (running) watch but the lack of mobile phone upload is unacceptable. I’m inclined to buy a M400 for day to day use but feel like it is overkill for what I want. Is the FR15 thinner than the 10? I know you mentioned outer shell was the same size but does that mean thickness or just profile size?

      I suppose I’m torn because I need a watch that can go 20+ hours with GPS so a 920XT seems like the a good option but I think it may be too large for wearing everyday.

      As a side note, have your and the girl’s lists been update to reflect favorite gear? …or is that waiting for more announcements?

    • Anonymouse

      Seems like the answer if one is already committed to the Garmin ecosystem might be the Costco deal on the FR210 ($140 w/ HRM). Assume you’ve got an Edge 500, are looking to replace a FR305, and have a footpod. Many more features for the money than the FR15, keeps you in Garmin’s world unlike the M400, doesn’t require a new HRM and footpod (in effect saving another $100-150) — indeed, it includes an extra HRM as a bonus — and unlike the FR220 isn’t overpriced compared to the M400. This assumes I’m not forgetting a killer feature that the current gen has that the FR210 does not (and although I’d love it, Bluetooth uploading isn’t, in my view, killer). Am I missing something?

    • As for our lists, no, just haven’t quite finished updating it. Though, realistically when it comes to sport technology I think the only changes are both the Girl and I use the FR620 for running.

  33. Ian

    Nashbar has 20% off that worked yesterday for Garmin 810 that was already “on sale” for $399.

  34. Update of note for later tonight, added links for Amazon Black Friday deals for the Wahoo RFLKT+ and Kinetic Kurt Road Machine. I like the Road Machine, very solid trainer.

    That said, unclear on prices for either, the prices won’t be announced till later today, quantities tend to be very limited and last less than an hour. Exact times above in post.

  35. Richard W.

    For you Canadians out there, gpscity.ca has this sale on the vivofit:
    Garmin vivofit Fitness Band Black
    Garmin vivofit Black (10 reviews)
    $88.95 CAD

    They had slate at the same price, but it seems to have gone up to $119 CAD

  36. Scott Buchanan

    I seem to have a feeling for some reason that gear manufacturers in the US have a much tighter control over the price a retailer can sell its products to consumers for (or is it just the minimum advertised price?) In the UK this sort of manufacturer price fixing is illegal so when I see sizable discounts on US gear I’m minded to think that its a clear out for new models…. Vivofit 2? Virb2? MacRumors does a buyers guide which I find very helpful.Was looking to get some Vivofit’s as christmas gifts so would hate to find upgrade comes out a few days/weeks after purchase!

    Nowhere else? to put this so after a nasty trip up to Paris from Barcelona via a hotel in Toulouse courtesy of SNCF went for a much needed run. Ended up at the cupcakery but as ever was flumoxed as to what flavor to have. Have you ever thought of doing taster size cupcake? Say a 1/3rd the normal size and do 3 in a portion for say €4.50? Credit where its due the young lady that served me this afternoon was an utter delight.

    • Sylvester Jakubowski

      Vivofit 2 did come out, it’s called the Vivosmart :)

      Most of these sales are trying to clear out the previous model year items.

    • Scott Buchanan

      I was rather hoping that the Viosmart was in a different market segment to the Viofit. Lots of people just want a basic forget about it activity monitor that they sync once a day or few days rather than an item that will run out of charge and need connecting to the wall at regular intevals. As for smart notifictions…. gime me a break! Loads and loads of people don’t have smart phones i.e. my mother and grandmother and those that do just take them out of thier pockets to check stuff.

    • On pricing, indeed, the US has many restrictions not found in most other places. Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) being the biggest. In other places, retailers can more or less do what they want. But not in the US, everything is approved by the company – from exact price listings to deals (such as throwing in a free product).

      As with most years, most sales you’ll see on Black Friday are for slightly older things. It’s virtually never just announced items.

      Finally, for cupcakes – Salted Caramel and Nutella Banana is where it’s at. :) I hadn’t thought of a smaller taster trio. We do mini’s from time to time, usually when testing out flavors or special events. But I like that idea of upselling by 1EUR to get a trio…I shall discuss with the CEO tonight.

  37. Mitch

    the mio Link is showing as $99 and not on sale… It was on sale when I looked at it earlier (either yesterday or the day before..)

  38. Bachoo

    Timex has 20% off $75 or more. But no timex one.

  39. Steve

    Just picked up a Kinetic Road Machine from Amazon for $268. Had it before in the basket at Trivillage for $279 but waited for the Amazon deal to become visible and saved another $10. Otherwise still great savings at Trivillage for anything else.

  40. HA

    Hey Ray,

    Training Peaks is doing a 25% discount on the annual subscription.


  41. Karl

    Jump on the Kurt Kinetic deal or wait for the Tacx Satori Smart to be released? Thoughts? I have a 920XT so just ANT+ not BLE

    • Steve

      Kinetic deal on Amazon has expired by now. You can still get a good deal at Trivillage.

    • Steve

      Had similar thought btw on the Tacx. Don’t like their being proprietary like that.
      If you want to use your 920 for the indoor then anyway you need ANT+ sensors.

    • Funny, I just finished unboxing the final production Satori a few minutes ago.

      The fact that it dual broadcasts both ANT+ and BLE on standard open channels is pretty darn cool.

    • Karl

      Yeah, I really like the looks of the Satori but the Kurt deal was too good to pass up for now. Guess my “the girl” will have a Kurt Road Machine when the Tacx is available at CT ;)

    • Fair enough. You can order the Satori now, it just won’t be in America until early January. It’s actually just a shipping container thing to the upstream distributor from Tacx. All Satori’s destined for the US distributor aren’t arriving until Dec 28th, then a day or two for customs/unloading, and basically you find yourself with delivery in the first week of January.

  42. Steve

    RFLKT + is $99.99. I was hoping for a bit more off the $129

  43. Frank

    No garmin 620 love out there,surprising.

    • Scott Buchanan

      Garmin is doing another 12 days of Xmas promo according to FB. They did 30% off FR620 last year and I suspect they will again this year.

    • I think they had the FR610 last year, but 99.9% sure they didn’t have a FR620 promo (since stock was still hard to come by).

    • Scott Buchanan

      Eeeek…. you had me wondering myself there but I’ve just gone back and looked at the reciept and and yes I definately got a 30% discount from the Garmin.co.uk store

    • Scott Buchanan

      sorry on my phone and hit send by accident….

      if you look at the Garmin UK facebook page for December 22nd & 21st 2013 you can still see the promotion and the prize matrix. You’ll see 3 days where Garmin offer a 30% discount code which was valid for anything sold from the Garmin UK website. I’m sure I posted something on here about it.

      And yes I wass suprised as hell the FR620 was included but it was getting some stick at the time for GPS plots. Would have got Vector but its not sold on Garmin.co.uk

    • Scott Buchanan

      Expired now but here it was and available for 3 separate days….
      link to m.hotukdeals.com

      The promotion according to Garmin UK Facebook page is running again this year but details not yet released but am hoping to get edge 1000 @ 30% off ;)

    • Ahh, UK deals. Yeah, that’s a whole different ballgame. UK folks more or less do whatever the heck they want.

      (The US side is actually rather restrictive, mostly because retailers and Garmin.com are virtually always in sync or pre-apporved, as required by various contractual obligations put in place. Outside the US, various laws prohibit that, so it’s a bit more freeflowing. On the flip side, the US tends to get far more deals year-round, especially rebates and the like.)

  44. Francis C

    Just bought the Scosche Rythm+.

    Thank you for your purchase!

    If you guys buy from Clever Training, use Ray’s DCR10JKW code. I got the free earphone + 10% discount!

    Thanks Ray!

  45. Ok, lots of deals just added in for today, highlights include:

    PowerTap hubs/power meters for 20% off at Clever Training: link to clevertraining.com

    Within the Amazon deals for the next 12 hours you’ve got:
    Garmin Fenix1 (unknown price)
    Pebble Steel (likely $149, about $50, but TBD confirmed on price)
    Knog GoPro mount holder and light (unknown price, pretty cool unit, this thing: link to dcrainmaker.com)

    Amazon details/links: link to dcrainmaker.com

    Finally, with the Random 3rd party section, a boatload of new ones from Nanotips to Clug and many more. Will continue to add them as I see them. Enjoy!

  46. miguel zuza


    15% today on everything, includin garmin 920xt

  47. Markus

    Garmin 610 or TomTom runner? World just be using for running. Would have gone for 610 a couple of years ago but now it seems TomTom runner has all the feauters at a cheaper price. What do you think? Thanks

    • Dennis Mühlenstädt

      Garmin FR 610 is here for 179,90 EUR:
      link to runnerspoint.com

    • It’s cheaper in USD at Clever Training at $199. ;)

      As for TomTom or FR610, it depends. The TomTom is a simpler watch, but I’d personally prefer the FR610. It has more training functionality, as well as better HR algorithms for calorie burn.

      On the flip side, if you’re simply looking to know how far/fast/pace, then the TomTom Runner is more than sufficient. Enjoy!

    • 6co2000

      Just so you know, FR610 is now offered at 179.99 on amazon.com
      Just got one as spare!! Great deal!


  48. Dennis Mühlenstädt

    For Germans and Europeans:
    Forerunner 610 with HR-Strap: 179,90 EUR

    link to runnerspoint.com

    They have also a Coupon-Code available, “RP-VIPFAN-20” which is valid for running-appereal and running-shoes (even for already discounted products but not on electronic).

  49. John

    25% off all components at cycle surgery – including stages, so you can get a 105 crank for £450.

    • Dennis Mühlenstädt

      Oh man, Wahoo Kickr for £712.49 (900 EUR) but sold out :((((((((

    • Dennis Mühlenstädt

      Actually i could make a purchase right now.
      I suggest you try and reload the page from time to time

    • Alex

      Cycle Surgery worked for me at 9pm UK time. Kickr for 712 gbp at 25% off. Thanks so much for posting. Had been waiting for it on the UK Apple Store and they have no deals today. Grab the Kickr in the next hour if you can.

  50. Tomer shahar

    In the Nordics check cdon.fi v800 HRM for 325€, loop 65€
    link to cdon.fi

  51. Henrik

    Suunto ambit3 peak at £289 minus additional 10% at outdoorgb.com

  52. Dan Lipsher

    Ray, I think you mean Boyd wheels, not Body. Probably an example of autocorrect trying to be smarter than you.

    Don’t know anything about the manufacturer, but at US$1,400 for not one but TWO sets of wheels, it’s hard to go wrong there.

  53. Frank Burnworth

    Thank you for your reviews.

  54. Tom

    Magellan has the Echo smart watch and some other GPS units on 20% off, and another 10% off with code BLACKFRI14.

    The Echo is $99.99

    link to magellangps.com

  55. Kevin K

    Virb elite UK £140 saving you £210

    link to amazon.co.uk

    • MattB

      Yeah, I saw this and just couldn’t resist – if nothing else it’ll save me buying an Edge for a while while i recover my fitness, hopefully I’ll get to use it skiing in 2016 when my knee is better!

  56. enrico

    valid until midnight


    virb elite EUR 199
    garmin fr10 EUR 69

  57. DanAK

    The 910xt is offered at $199.99 on Amazon right now.

    link to amazon.com

  58. JP

    FANTASTIC spot on the clug deal….been meaning the press the button on these for a while so thank you, you’ve just helped tidy the Garage…no deals that i can see on the two watches I am looking at but a money off coupon from Wiggle would help me, and in have a question.

    I am currently using the FR610 to run, but I want navigation and am edging towards suunto 2s, but should I stump up and get the ambit 3, I can get the ambit 2s for £174 UK, but want to be sure it’ll be good at telling me where to go?? So ambit 2s or 3, think I’ve disregarded the Felixstowe line

    All advice *massively* received….

    • Yeah, the Clug’s are cool. I’ve been using a pile of them for the past month or so testing them in the new DCR cave. Sweet stuff! Though, I got a good deal back early in the Kickstarter days, but the 2:1 gets pretty close there.

      Honestly, on the Ambit series, I really feel like the 2S is the sweet spot here. I think the Ambit3 is overpriced, and at that point you might as well get a more capable unit like the Fenix2 or FR920XT (though navigation is more limited on the 920XT than the Ambit, but other features generally make up for it).

    • JP

      Thanks R, 2s it is then ( unless I decide to wait for the 30% off Garmin promotion mentioned above ;)) seriously is genie better for nav than 2s?

    • JP

      Sorry, I mean Fenix!

  59. john caracoglia

    Really was looking to get the GoPro Hero 3 until I saw your deal on the Garmin Virb. Is there a big difference between the two or should I take advantage of the great deal on the Virb. Thanks man!

    • Yup, It depends on which version. If the the Hero3 (not +), then definitely go VIRB. If the Hero3+ then it’s more of a quality issue difference at the Black level. But honestly, at $99 you’re seeing virtually identical quality at standard 1080p YouTube type resolutions as the older GoPro’s.

  60. Ian Cassidy

    Anyone know the discount code for power2max europe

  61. Dennis J.

    I’m really thinking of getting the 910XT but I’m honestly a bit scared of the negative comments on Amazon and what seems to be a large number of people having issues even when sending back to Garmin. Having problems with replacements. Any thoughts?

    • The FR910XT is a well proven beast at this point to be honest. I suspect you’re getting a bit of the ‘only people who have problems are posting’ effect there.

      The only issue some folks see is wonkiness with the altimeter after a long period of use. But in the vast majority of cases they can easily be solved by just rinsing off the watch in warm soapy water (letting it soak for about 10-15 minutes). It’s just salt built-up in the barometric altimeter port, which is generally compounded by the quick release kit.

    • Dennis J.

      Thanks Ray!

  62. Mark S.

    Hi All,

    The M400 is on Amazon US right now for $179.95 with heart rate monitor (black only from the looks of it). Enjoy!

  63. Jochen Jonckheere

    Wahoo TICKR & TICKR RUN in Sale on Amazon.de, be fast

    link to amazon.de

  64. Richard

    Hi Ray,

    any thoughts about how much tax to pay to (The Netherlands) when ordering a Garmin 910XT through Clever Training?


    • Robert Black

      Hi Richard, in the majority of the eu it’s the vat rate of your country, on the total price including postage. Plus any customs clearance fee’s the courier add’s, in the UK royal mails charge is £8 plus vat

  65. Excellent tip on the Garmin Virb! I have already one Elite and bought this $99 basic Virb as a additional camera and as a way to get 2 views of same scene.

    Thanks and regards from Brazil!

  66. W

    Not sure if this is a black friday deal, but Edge 810 is only 269€ at amazon.de link to amazon.de

  67. PAC

    Garmin FR620 is $320 after site wide 20% off (which surprisingly works…) at nashbar.com. Also if you go through fatwallet possible to get an extra 3% rebate.

    • Ken

      I have been looking for at FR620 and this looks like the best deal so far. I am going to wait until tomorrow to see if garmin.com has anything that will beat that. Thanks for the find!

  68. Robert Black

    Just ordered the Tomtom runner and Scosche RHYTHM+ from CT, I figure a upfront saving of £12 once it’s cleared customs against buying locally, add the free headphones and it’s a sweet deal.

  69. Scott E

    For those with Trainers looking for a good device holder, Tacx out front handlebar mount for iPads & Tablets – £26.95 or 23% off.

    link to highonbikes.com


  70. Johnathan

    So I’m trying to decide between the FR220, M400, and Ambit 2S. I have used a stopwatch for the last 8 years, but thought I’d upgrade to a GPS watch. I don’t know what sort of additional features I will use yet.

    I can get the Ambit 2S for $200, M400 for $160, and FR220 for about $250. They all seem like good watches, but I haven’t gotten a chance to use any of them. I have tried on a 2S and FR220 in store, and like how the FR220 was slimmer, and the 2S had a part of the watch extend into the band. The 2S felt very high quality. 2S also has 25 hr battery with GPS. I tried on a Polar HR Watch, which seemed similar size to the M400, and it seemed nice.

    Any suggestions?

    • I’d go with the FR220 or M400, and, for the money, I’d go with the M400.

      While the 2S is nice, i suspect you’ll find it overkill if upgrading from a stopwatch. Plus, it lacks the phone integration phone on the other two.

    • Johnathan

      I’m strongly leaning towards the M400, and smart phone integration will be nice to upload runs. Just read through the Ambit 2S review again, and for the normal GPS recording time, battery life is still 8 hrs, so there’s not an advantage there. Guess I will be picking up a white M400 from Clever Training, thanks for the help!

  71. Nicholas

    Kohl’s is showing the Soleus Fit watch in multiple colors and in large and small editions for only $69.30 including free shipping. Purchasing through the Soleus website with the discount code “marathon” gives a 40% discount to have the FIT down to $59.40 and package also comes with the data cable and the latest Soleus SYNC software with automatic upload to Strava. At that price these things are practically a stocking stuffer.

  72. MattB

    Amazon UK has the Virb Elite back on sale today at 2 pm, not sure on price yet but was £140 on Friday.

  73. Kien

    Ray, Amazon selling Polar v800 with HRM for only $399 (usually $499).

  74. aaron

    Don’t forget sporttracks are having a discount till the 2nd via their facebook page!

  75. Andrew

    REI is running a cyber monday deal on Cycleops powersync trainers, both BT and ANT+ versions for $720.
    link to rei.com

    • Yup, same deal at Clever Training as well (with free shipping to boot!). Of course, if you do go the route of REI for some reason, I’d love the support via the link above (or here: link to avantlink.com)

    • Q. Jones

      I don’t have a Performance bike anywhere near me or even in my state…. With the Cyclops powersync (ant version) being $720 is there any justifiable reason to spend $400 more or so on the Wahoo? Been reading everything I can at work today and just can’t see any significant difference between the two. I’ve always wanted the Wahoo but at that price difference the Cycleops seems like too good of a deal to pass up to essentially almost all the same things.

    • The biggest reason at this point is that the KICKR transmits dual ANT+/BLE. Whereas the Power Sync only does one or the other depending on which version. While previously it was also a bit deal that the KICKR had an API, but CycleOps has given that out, so it’s less of an issue now with most apps supporting both anyway.

      As you surmised, the Power Sync is really a steal.

    • Q. Jones

      That was quick :) Thanks a lot. I think with the Powersync Ant, I’ll have more than enough 3rd party support to find software to keep me occupied during the winter months.

      I know road feel will likely be better on the Kickr but I have a cheap nashbar mag and fluid trainer now, so Powersync will feel better than either of those. I read your review on the previous model Cycleops, is resistance change comparable to the Kickr? Big thing I will want to do is realistic types of rides with lots of changes in elevation, especially interested in virtually climbing big hills.

    • From a resistance standpoint, unless you’re routinely pushing out 1,000w – you’re unlikely to see any difference there. :)

    • Q. Jones

      Thanks a lot, really appreciate it. Last question, I promise. The review of the old machine you have on here also came with the Joule which I won’t purchase. If I just want to hop on the bike really quickly if I’m short on time for 30 – 40 minutes, can I easily set up just an easy spin and control the resistance from my iphone 6 using cycleops software of some other downloadable app?

    • For the BLE version, yes. For the ANT+ version you’d need the Wahoo Fitness key in order to make it talk ANT+. Or, if you have an ANT+ USB stick, you could use that with a computer.

    • Q. Jones

      Ok, seriously last question and sorry for hijacking this thread. I’ve read in the comment sections of other threads on your site that people have had issues with the cycleops taking 5 or more seconds (some people claim as much as 20 seconds) for the cycleops to change resistance when doing specific workouts. Is this comparable to the Kickr? I could see that is being a big issue when comparing the two.

    • I haven’t really seen those sort of delays. I’ve heard of some applications that can occasionally deliver slow loads, but that seems somewhat rare.

    • Erwin

      How did you get to $720.

      I just joined the VIP program but apparently (called the 800 #) the 10% discount doesn’t work on clearance items. In my book there is a difference between ‘on sale’ and ‘clearance’ but not with Clevertraining.

      Quite disappointed.

    • Hi Erwin-

      The wording is ‘discount/clearance/deepsale’. The problem is simply that most of the items here are already 20-40% off (or more), so the additional 10% simply isn’t economically feasible. Sorry!

      I do appreciate the support via CT though!

  76. Turn The Damn Cranks

    The Tickr deal is live, I think as an Amazon Prime early access deal. The price is $40.

  77. HA

    Hey Ray, Quick question: For a relatively new athlete, what would your recommend – TP or sport tracks?

  78. Scott Buchanan

    Not a deal as such but as so many people seem to be asking for those in Paris looking for a Garmin 920XT I saw 1 in stock @ PlanetJogging on the road leading down from the Arc de Triomphe to Le Jardin D’Acclimatation this morning (1st Dec) Price made my eyes bleed though….. €500 =8O

  79. Bobby

    Anyone been successful in finding a deal on the Wahoo Kickr? I have a performance bike nearby but can’t find a coupon anywhere. Any other options to get a discount?

  80. Didi

    Academy sports & fitness has the Garmin Virb Elite on sale for $199.

    link to academy.com

  81. Simon

    Ray, I’m looking out for a Kickr deal but while I’m waiting can you tell me what the maximum slope % the Kickr simulates? Thanks

  82. Shariff

    Fenix 2 deal ended. Missed it by less than an hour. Ray, I am not in too a huge hurry to get a new watch, as my phone is doing the job at the moment(barely). I kinda want to see what the Fenix 3 has to offer. I would like to see 24 hour activity tracking, color screen and more memory. What are your thoughts on what will be new? Also do you think it will premier at $500? I’m trying to weigh grabbing a Fenix 2 at the $300 price point vs waiting and getting the new features that may come with the Fenix 3. I assume the Fenix 2 will be a bit cheaper at that point anyway.

  83. Ben

    I’m bummed that I missed out on the fenix 2 deal. What are your thoughts on the 910xt deal from CT? Worth it to grab at that price point or am I better off saving up for a fenix 2?

    • I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see the Fenix2 deal come back again. In most cases, Amazon deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday week tend to rotate through a bit. I’ll be keeping an eye on it. Usually I can see about 12-15 hours ahead of time, so if you watch Twitter, I’d note that.

      As for the 910XT, it’s a very solid price for a really good unit. And for the most part, the core thing you gain with the Fenix2 (aside from being a normal watch), is the phone upload piece.

  84. Eric McMinoway

    Costco has the Garmin FR210 w/heart rate strap for $139. Not sure if I am allowed to post a link but just search for Garmin 210.

  85. Ben

    Anyone know if there is a way to take advantage of the Training Peaks deal as a current subscriber? Can you somehow prepay for the next year at the discount or is this really just for new users?


  86. Aham23

    Darn it. Withings has pulled their deals before day’s end. Boo.

  87. Tom

    Thanks for the heads up and as usual, the attention to detail!! Ordered my Virb and can’t wait to try it out ! When it arrives…….

  88. Rich

    was looking for Action Cam. It is looking like the Garmin Virb is discontinued, was on two online stores. Garmin lowered the list price on the Garmin Virb Elite; other site have it for 399, 349, 299. So please be careful when shopping, best price Amazon 249.00

    • Different retails have different stock of the camera. That said, like any company that wants to compete in a given product space, they’ll eventually have to release new products. In looking at Garmin, they certainly aren’t going anywhere and continue to release software updates for the VIRB product family, such as just a few weeks ago with another huge app update for VIRB Edit.

    • Didi

      The best price for the Virb Elite is actually $199 from Academy sports, I’m surprised it’s still in stock. Free shipping too. Can’t wait to get mine!

    • Scott E

      Ditto Didi!

      It was an in-store only deal on Friday, and thanks to your tip this morning I got my Virb Elite order in from Academy.

  89. Jill

    sportchalet has 15% off for cyber monday and it appears to work on garmin watches including the 220 and 620!

  90. Jiri

    I just received my Garmin Virb (shipping to Belgium).
    I didn’t pay extra taxes.
    Thanks Ray for the tips.
    Thanks to Clever training for fast delivery.

  91. Tom Kimball

    I’d buy the 920XT W/R HRM bundle today from Clever Training but they can’t split the charge between two cards. I have an AMEX prepaid rewards card that is only good for $400.


    Very sad.

  92. Rob

    CT doesn’t show the TomTom Multisport at $149 (still has $199).

    At that price point how do the TomTom and Ambit 2S at $219 compare? I’ve used the comparison tool and it seems like some swim metrics are all that are really lacking with the TomTom? I’m finding out that I’m on a budget after all and the 920xt is just too far out of reach at the moment.

    • Hmm, odd, I’ll double-check with the CT folks when they get in, in a couple hours. I suspect some sort of automation may have kicked in, because the sale had been manually extended at the last second.

      In any case, as for the TomTom and 2S, two totally different beasts. Sorta like comparing a Dodge Neon to an SUV (albeit, an agile one). The TomTom is much more simplistic, which some folks find to be perfect. While others prefer the more advanced functions of the 2S. The 2S has navigation, and most notably openwater swim support. It also has a true multisport mode. If it were me, I’d do the 2S anyday.

    • Rob

      Okay, thanks for the feedback Ray. I’m struggling with going true budget option vs. a little bit more for some additional functionality. The 2S now has transitions included in triathlon mode as well, right? (I know there was a manual workaround as an option)

      Of course what I’m really lusting after is the 920, but I need to find a way to get that one closer to $300 which isn’t going to happen in the next year.

    • Yup, correct. It’s identical to what you see on the Ambit3 in this section: link to dcrainmaker.com

  93. Ken

    I found the FR620 with HRM for 399. This is the combo I have been looking for. Do you think I will see a better price between now and Christmas on this or should I just go for the 399?

    • For US folks, I don’t expect any FR620-specific sales. You can also get the FR620 with the HRM for basically the same ($404) using the DCR Clever Training VIP Program, which does include free shipping. Cheers.

  94. bert

    Hi, I tried to use the CT code DCR10JKW, but I kept getting an error “Coupon code “dcr10jkw” is not valid. If you feel you have reached this message in error please call us at 800-577-8538″. Why is this so?

    • Hi Bert! For which product? If it’s one of the ones on sale, they don’t qualify.

      But, if it’s for almost anything else, you’re good to go. The one caveat is about 7 of the most recent Garmin products, which instead require the DCR/Clever Training VIP program instead (per Garmin Requirement). You can sign-up here: link to dcrainmaker.com

      It only takes a second and also supports Girls on The Run.

      Thanks for the support!

  95. johnny

    I have no idea how this happened, but Amazon sold me the m400 WITH the HRM for $179.95 (took screenshots to prove it in case they balked). I don’t know if it was a glitch, I love it and I’m never giving it back!

    • Jerry Hicks

      Do you have a link to the deal? That would make a great gift for my girlfriend.

    • Johnny

      I had it in my cart to see if the price dropped and it dropped to 179.95 late on Sat with 5 left in stock. It was back up to 229.95 the next day, so maybe they were just pushing stock? All I can suggest is keep an eye out for the price to drop again, good luck!

    • Jay

      I have been checking the price regularly and missed it again as some one posted the same price drop during black friday weekend and I was waiting for it to come back, but It may have been a glitch because now the item is under review and is not currently being sold by amazon only by other sellers.

  96. Lew

    Heads up – Amazon.com has the Polar V800 with HR strap for $340 right now. $315 for the watch alone. No idea how long the deal will last.