The ‘Anything On My Recommendations’ List Giveaway!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could pick any gadget that’s on my ‘2014 Winter Sports Gadget Recommendations’ list and call it your own?  Yup, I agree.  And, so does Clever Training.  So they’re offering up to one lucky holiday duck just that.

Be it a new GPS watch, or a super-high end trainer – it can indeed be yours.  It’s like the Price is Right Showcase of sports technology products.  Minus having to guess the price or pay for it.

The rules are simple here, simply drop a comment below with the following:

To Enter: The details of one workout or race that you’ve got scheduled between now and the end of the year.

Simple enough?  Good.

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, December 8th, 2014 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  I’ll be giving you one device of your choosing from the list from Clever Training.  Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, assuming the interwebs work in London for me on Tuesday.  One entry per person.  The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately assuming in stock.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF or now via the VIP program.  Plus, there’s still tons of Black Friday-type deals going on. And most of all, by using Clever Training you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Have a great weekend all!


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  1. Jorge T

    On the 18th December, after cold winter in Germany, 4 hours training in Valencia with 20 degrees and some mountains.

  2. Lucijan

    My tuesday workout:) – 20min of warmup and streching/5x1000m cca 3.20min/km with 2 min rest/15 min of cooldown

  3. Celeste O

    Christmas Themed 5k :) In full Santa suit.

  4. Bear Sifford

    Trying to get back in shape, so 2 mile run followed by some speedwork.

  5. kurt

    half ironman in rotovegas new zealand

  6. BAC or Big A$$ Climb. 2 hour indoor climb.

  7. Emma

    I am running a in a 15k this weekend in St. Louis.

  8. Andrew Cox

    Christmas morning gentle turnover while back in the UK with family.

  9. Sofie

    I will participate in the” in between 2 parties ” run. A 5K run to burn off the holiday kcal.

  10. diamondadi

    20k run on Christmas Day

  11. Mandy Breen

    Hope to get some work on the elliptical this week.

  12. Herbert Grasberger

    A new estimation of my FTP using the 20 Minute Test on Trainer Road

  13. Sam Chi

    Doing/did the California International Marathon 12/7/2014 in Folsom/Sacramento, CA

  14. Ole Kristensen

    Have a 21,1K on december 31

  15. prathadi

    Brick training this weekend.

  16. 12/09/2014 AM Run:
    30-50 minutes with 10x 30″ at 0:20 / mile faster than 5K pace.
    Tire drag and tire flips immediately following.

    Home for Christmas: (Central Coast California to cold mid-Iowa)
    7 mile run gravel road and paved path to Grandpa’s house

  17. Brian Welch

    Boston Marathon April 20th, PR or BLOW UP!!!!

  18. Henry

    Next week I have a week of training up in beautiful Hanmer Springs in New Zealand :)

  19. carlos

    3 x 7 km mountain trail with 3.5 km uphill start.

  20. barbara

    Long hike before christmas.

  21. Canan

    Do my first ever 5k run with the help from my husband!

  22. myriam

    10 k run with my father on the 31st of december

  23. Adam

    Doing a 12 wk coached indoor training program via workouts uploaded to TrainerRoad. Its made indoor training fun.

  24. carolina

    5k speed session.

  25. Matt_H

    Hit the 1,000 mark for the year — 40 more to go!

  26. Nico

    Extended Swim session the day after Chrismas dinner…

  27. Patrick T

    No races planned. But, winter is my favorite time of year to get off the road and do more trail running. I guess it helps that the road is often to icy to run on. But, there isn’t anything quite as beautiful or fun as running through a snow covered forest.

  28. Brad

    5K race on New Years Eve!

  29. Hill repeats on the Shawnee Mission Park trails!

  30. KilkennY

    A 20 km Night-run somewhere between Christmas and New Years :-)

  31. Sean Morse

    Ride to Mt Baldy Lifts. 60 miles with 7K feet of climbing.

  32. A 24 hours race on a 239 meter track, indoor! “Many laps it will be” – Yoda

  33. Daniel Hirsh

    Planning to to ‘Everest’ (link to next year on this segment link to .

    Should be about 20 laps of love!

  34. Casi

    Tonight I am going to be running 5 miles on the local trails in the dark. Should be cold and fun :D

  35. Colin Caughran

    4 mile run

  36. Gallind

    next sunday I will run my first 10km race

  37. Wade A.

    Run around the great Disneyland on Christmas Day. Will be first workout back from injury for me.

  38. Chris O.

    Just started Base 1 – Week 1 this week, so rolling hill ride in the big chain ring in power zones 2-3. Avoid power above z3.

  39. Phil

    10K run in woods with wife and hound….

    Happy Christmas Ray and girl.

  40. James Coates

    Doing a 50 mile ride today with my new Garmin Vivofit that just arrived from Clever!

  41. nathan

    cross country skiing over christmas break

  42. Winter solstice run in the dark on 21-Dec up the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland.

  43. Alsaz

    I’m starting running so just I’ll run for 5 km no stop

  44. Jurgen


    Well, I will do a very unpleasant 20 min FTP test this Wednesday – that will count a very tough workout :-)

    Take care

  45. Zumbi

    I’ll not run for at least 2 weeks because of a chirugical operation.
    so my next run will be a simple run

  46. David S

    Lots of intervals on my Kurt Kinetic.

  47. Jason Harner

    No more CX races here :( so… Indoor pyramid intervals at the local cycling gym.

  48. Ashri S

    Total of 21km run and a 40km ride each week. :)

  49. I’m running the Last Chance Half on New Year’s Eve Day in Bellingham, WA. First half in almost 2 years!

  50. robb h

    i’m working on a month of slow. Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 Plan has rung a bell for me. Instead of working on his recommended “week of slow”, I’m doing a “month of slow” thru the holidays. next race will be a new years’ eve 4-miler.

  51. Mariano

    San Silvestre Vallecana race in Madrid, Spain, on the 31st of December.
    A 10k race just before the last dinner of the year.

  52. BG

    1 hour swim workouts today and Wed, about 2200 yards/workout.

  53. Yuval

    Mountain biking Makhtesh Ramon, Israel (a unique geological crater-like formation).

  54. Susan

    I am coming back from injury PLUS I just moved to altitude, so if I get my runs up to 5k this month I’ll feel like a winner.

  55. Brion

    Looking forward to running a non-competitive 5k with daughter and son. Their first “races”.

  56. Kristian Geleff

    Crooks peak christmas cake run

  57. vic

    5K training run under 30mins

  58. Luiz

    10k Saturdays + 8k Sundays trying to stay under 7min/km

  59. UP

    You should give your giveaway to Sinko Blazic…he needed 10 years and 5km long run around lake Bled in Slovenia and your blog just, to tell me that he’s hoping me to become his girlfriend someday…. :) And he’s got birthday on 11th Deceber :)

  60. Bri

    Eagleman 2015!

  61. Tim D

    Year-end 10k on 12/31

  62. Holly

    An easy Mistletoe 10k run for the weekend.

  63. carlos

    a 10k race in Madrid next sunday.

  64. benji

    I am planning a 12k run next sunday as part of the build-up to the Paris marathon.

  65. NeP

    A 6 mile run with 2 miles easy pace, 3 miles increased pace and a 1 mile cool-down/jogging.

  66. Keith S

    A long run at the weekend

  67. Chris

    Descending time intervals. Warm-up well and then do 2-1.5-1-0.5 minutes in zone 4-5 with the same amount of recovery time between reps (2:00 on, 2:00 recovery, 1:30 on, 1:30 recovery, etc.). Do 3 sets of these total. Recover 5 minutes between sets or long enough so that your HR drops into Zone 1-2. 100+ rpm. Cool down well.

  68. James P

    Parkrun on Christmas Day. Aiming for a PB!

  69. Chad M

    6 mile run this Saturday

  70. Ricky

    Planning for a 3 mile run tomorrow and then hoping to get back to a longer run at the weekend

  71. lukej

    a century ride on a Indoor trainer with some short intervals.

  72. Gene D

    2014 Naha Marathon.

  73. Holiday Half Marathon in Pomona, CA. 13.1 miles.

  74. Meredith

    I’m going to run a treadmill 10k this weekend. It’s too cold for outdoor running in Indiana. :( Ready for Spring!

  75. mitch

    Hi, my next workout will be interval training: 4x1km at 4.15 and 4×0.5 km at 4.0 .cheers

  76. Holly O

    The Ugly Sweater 5K in Denver!

  77. Matthew

    13 mile run next saturday 12/13 at 6:30am on Clearwater Beach

  78. Chris Woosnam-Savage

    A 5k santa run in Victoria Park :)

  79. Juan A. Rico

    A 10k the 31st of December

  80. Rhona Dempsey

    Running at least 4 miles with my brother Mike when he’s not working next week. :-)

  81. Kevin

    I’m going to take the train to Carlsbad CA on Dec 14th and ride back along the coast to Mission Valley (San Diego). About 37 miles and 1300′ of elevation.

  82. Erik

    1hr run on the 24th with my new shoes. But as my girlfried left me lately I possibly will train a lot in the next time.

  83. Vincent

    A 6k night orienteering run

  84. V.J. Tedesco III

    I’m going to enjoy hours of pain and misery on the indoor trainer doing Sufferlandrian intervals until Spring arrives and I can ride outside all the time again.

  85. A 10K run between two 60 hours work weeks.

  86. Michael

    Track session at Sutherland High School in North Vancouver, Canada this week doing a pyramid 400/800/1200/1200/800/400

  87. Phil

    My second road ride with my new garmin virb. Hoping not to come off on black ice this time round :-)

  88. Bennomac

    I’m running a 15km Trail run up and down Mount Oberon in Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria.

  89. Sarah L

    I don’t actually have anything in particular on the schedule, but I think that I might sign up for a Santa/Jingle Bell run.

  90. Jon

    Just more turbo trainer tedium throughout December!

  91. Patrick

    Get through some ortho appointments (and hopefully rehab) so I can run again next year!

    • Fernando

      Two races before year’s end: 12 km run next Sunday going up and down in my hilly city and, obviously, the local “S. Silvestre”, two weeks later

  92. Daniel

    6 mi run next Saturday.

  93. Brian

    Training has started in November / December for making 2015 a great year. Attempting to do the California Triple Crown. Three two hundred mile rides, over 45,000 ft climbing.

  94. Marios

    I just run the California International Marathon yesterday in Sacramento and got a PR and BQ to match it :-)

  95. Jordan

    A nice recovery work out with my wife this weekend!

  96. Hannah Johnson

    I’ve got my first ever competitive race coming up in February! So this Christmas time is going to be spent putting in the miles. On Sunday I’ve got my longest run to date of 9k!

  97. Jakob

    5km on the treadmill tonight (31 runs in December is the goal)

  98. Robin Black

    8x1min steep hill repeats with 20min easy pace before and after.

  99. Patrick

    Great action as always!
    For me: The first 5k non-stop when I’ll finally complete a 10 week start running from nothing to 5k. Should be there between xmas and new years.

  100. Kyle

    3 hour Ironman base ride this Saturday.