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Scosche RHYTHM+ Dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart Optical HR Band In-Depth Review


Back at CES 2014 in January Scosche introduced their first dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart unit, the RHYTHM+.  This optical sensor armband would transmit both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart concurrently to any compatible device.  Unlike most other units that were announced that week, this was aimed not for your wrist, but rather elsewhere on your arm – potentially out of sight under a shirt sleeve.

I’ve been testing the RHYTHM+ for the last month, and with the units landing at retailers next week now is a good time to run through my experiences with the product in my usual DCR-detailed way.  In this case, the Scosche folks sent me out a final production unit to poke at.  Once I’m done here I’ll send it back to them just like I always do.  After that I’ll go out and get my own unit via normal retail channels.  I keep nothing.

With that – let’s dive into things!



You know what? I like unpackaging things that have only a few items inside.  It makes my job easier.  And in this case, the RHYTHM+ definitely falls into that category.  But before we get to the insides I’ll briefly note the outsides.  Specifically the inclusion of the ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart icons.  Note that Scosche makes a number of products that have heart rate capabilities, but only one product as of today that transmits on both frequencies concurrently.  So just be sure you get the right one.


Inside the compact box you’ll find precisely four items.  First is the paper stuffs.  Then you’ve got a USB charging cradle, the heart rate monitor itself, and then an extra band.



Here’s the manual.  It explains how to put it on your arm.  We’ll get to that in a moment, but it’s really as simple as putting on a bracelet and pressing a button.  Assuming you can do both of those, you’ll be good.  If you can’t do both of those, I’d suggest taking up a sport that doesn’t involve running/riding around in traffic with moving cars.


The package comes with two straps, the smaller of which will be on the sensor by default.  The larger one will be hanging out.  For me I was able to use the smaller strap while wearing the unit on my lower arm, but required the larger strap for my upper arm (obviously, because my muscles are just that riveting).


Here’s the length of the longer band compared to a traditional GPS watch strap (and note that I have a fair chunk of the band folded back on itself):


Here’s the smaller band:


The strap attaches to the sensor via Velcro on both ends.  The sensor/transmitter is a small pod roughly the size and thickness of an oversized but skinny watch.  It has a single button on the front.


Meanwhile on the back it has three optical sensors (square items below in triangle pattern) and two charging connector ports (round items).  I’ll dive into the sensor technology more in the next section.


Finally, we’ve got the charging cradle.  That’s all it does, charges the unit – it leads a simplistic life that way.


With all the pieces unboxed, let’s walk through how things work.

Basic Operation:


Like all optical heart rate monitors on the market today you do need to charge it from time to time.  In this case, the RHYTHM+ lasts 8 hours on a person with lighter skin, and about 7 hours and 15 minutes on a person with darker skin.  The reason for the difference based on skin type is simply because the optical sensor has to work harder with darker skin to penetrate it.

Optical sensors work by transmitting LED light into the skin to measure your heart rate via capillaries just below the surface.  This has been used on a number of devices over the past year with varying success.  There are a few companies that do so really successfully in athletic-focused devices, and then a few that are focused on getting resting heart rate while sitting around (but not really moving).

Historically speaking Mio has done a great job in this space with their sensor, which is on the Adidas Smart Run GPS and TomTom Cardio units (as well as their own HR monitors).  While at the same time another company named Valencell has done a bunch of work behind the scenes as well with companies, producing products such as the iRiver headphones and now this unit, the Scosche RHYTHM+.  Both Mio and Valencell (along with LifeBEAM in the helmet I reviewed last week) have shown very good results in the athletic space.  Whereas some of the sensors used by Samsung and Basis don’t really work well once you start to do anything other than sit.


With respect to the RHYTHM+ (which uses Valencell), you can technically place it anywhere that has relatively easy access to blood flow.  For example, you could stick it on your forehead (seriously, it works).

But that’s not really where Scosche recommends.  They specify the best spot for the unit is on the lower arm, near the elbow, on the inside – just like below:



However, you can also wear it on your upper arm, like below.  I’ve done a mix of both over the past month.  In talking with them either location works, but it ends up being a person to person thing.  For some the upper arm will work better, and for others the lower arm.

I personally liked the upper arm because it ‘hid’ the sensor under the cuff of my t-shirt/cycling jersey.


Now, you might have noticed it has three LED’s – and you might have also noticed that two are green and one is yellow-ish.  This is different than most other products on the market that use just a pair of green LED’s.  In talking with the engineers they added the yellow LED because it tends to get better readings on those with darker skin.  By using all three LED’s together they can increase accuracy across a broader range of individuals.  And powering up that additional LED only causes about a 10-15 minute hit on total battery life, so it’s a pretty easy trade-off.


Finally, to turn on the unit you’ll simply press the button.  This turns on the optical sensor as well as enables the transmission piece.   In theory, the unit will automatically shut-off if it doesn’t detect a heart rate within 5-minutes.  Though Scosche admitted that might only happen about 60-70% of the time.  They erred on the side of being more cautious so it didn’t turn off mid-activity.  In my experience, it never shuts off automatically.

Which, if I have any complaint about the unit at all, is that it too easily gets turned on.  For example, if I simply drop it on the carpet and it happens to land button-side down, it’ll get turned on.  And in my suitcase?  Oh, it’s getting its heart rate measured for the entire flight.  Thus just expect that you’ll have to charge it whenever you get where you’re going.


Now to be fair, my complaint there extends to the Mio Link as well – which has the same problem with the button too easily getting turned on.  So I suppose to that end it’s kinda a wash in the complaint department.  Though, the charging clip on the RHYTHM+ is far better in that it ‘locks’ to the device, so there’s no problems with it getting knocked off the charger.

Connected devices (Dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart):


When it comes to connectivity, the world is your oyster with the RHYTHM+.  It transmits on both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart concurrently.  This means that it can connect to any ANT+ device that supports heart rate data – like your Garmin watch.  It also means it can connect to any Bluetooth Smart enabled device that supports heart rate data, such as the new Polar V800 or your smartphone.

In the case of both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart it uses the standard heart rate device profiles so it’s able to transmit to any standard device – nothing funky/special required.

Interestingly enough, on the ANT+ side it goes into a super low power 24×7 beacon mode even when not powered on with the full sensor enabled – otherwise it’ll broadcast at 4 times per second when fully powered on.  And on the Bluetooth Smart side, it’ll ‘save’ battery power when a connection is not detected and only broadcast at a lower rate until a connection is found.

To briefly walk through pairing – it’ll look just like any heart rate strap.  So on the FR620 I’d simply go in and find a new heart rate strap (well, technically you’d remove the old one first then find a new one):


And on the Polar V800, it’s nearly the same process.  You’ll go in and pair a new device.  In doing so it’ll find the device and add it to the database of saved sensors (one of my favorite features of the V800 – the ability to save a boatload of HR strap sensors).


Once you’ve paired your device it’ll simply transmit the heart rate value to your watch (or cycling head unit).  It’s really that simple.


The same is true of phones as well.  As long as you have a Bluetooth Smart capable phone (on iOS that’s any iPhone 4s or later, and on Android anything with Android 4.3 or later) you’re good to go.  You’ll need an app though as well, but there are hundreds that support Bluetooth Smart sensors.  I tend to use the Wahoo Fitness app since I like the data export options.

You can see below me searching for and finding the sensor, which shows my current heart rate (66bpm), and gives me the option to save it for later.


But it also works with other major apps like MapMyRun:


When it comes to the data recorded note that like all optical sensors on the market today it doesn’t accurately transmit heart rate variability (HRV).  Some more expensive GPS watches (and apps) will use this information to determine recovery and how tired you are.  As it stands today, while many of the devices will transmit HRV/RR information, said information is basically fake.  The reason is that in order to pass certain protocol specifications they must send that information. Or rather, they must send at least something pretending to be that information.

This is easily manifested when I connect it to certain units (like the FR620 and Polar V800) and see wildly inaccurate recovery times suggested.  It can also affect some VO2Max estimates on some of the higher end watches as well.

Finally, note that the unit doesn’t transmit to gym treadmills or the like.  Or at least, not 99.999% of them.  There’s approximately .001% of treadmill’s out there that accept either Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ connections.  Thus if you happen to find one of those two types – then you’re golden.  But given you can simply connect it to your phone and put your phone on the treadmill to display heart rate – I wouldn’t let that be a factor.

Optical HR Accuracy Geekfest:


I’ve done a LOT of activity with the RHYTHM+ over the last month.  From runs to rides and a bit of other randomness in between.  For all of these activities I wore multiple heart rate sensor devices.  Sometimes up to five different sensors to see how things compared from an accuracy standpoint.  All of this data was recorded by a small test device called a WASP, which ensures everything is recorded at the exact same second (or actually, even 1/4th of a second).  This allows me to see how quickly given sensors react and where they might stray from reality.  I also sent data to common devices like GPS watches (both Garmin and Polar) and smart phone apps, to validate there weren’t any anomalies there either.

I’ve picked a random sampling of rides and runs in varying conditions.  Except as noted below, there really wasn’t any variability that I saw.  So the below was pretty indicative of what I saw across the board.

Activity A: Running Mile Repeats & 20s Striders:

This activity is an interesting one to start with as it shows frequent increasing and decreasing of my heart rate, as well as how quickly the unit tracks.  The workout started with a warm-up of about 10-minutes, before I went into a series of what were effectively striders (technically they were more high-cadence drills).  Each one of those was only about 20-seconds, and thus my HR didn’t spike too high.  You can see there was a bit of minor disagreement between the traditional HR strap and the Scosche, but I’d be hesitant to declare either one absolutely correct there.  Though, I suspect the HR strap is doing a bit more smoothing than reality.

After that I went into mile repeats, ten of them to be precise.  You can see things tracked very well there – really no concerns at all.  It’s interesting to note just a tiny little bit of that HR chest strap smoothing at the end of the interval after I stop, whereas the Scosche near immediately drops the HR when I stop.


Activity B: 2hr 45min Long Run:

This was a very flat run on a cool and dry day, and thus my HR was very stable.  The first part is interesting though because it actually shows the strength of optical sensors where the traditional HR strap had some issues.

In this scenario you see the Scosche immediately follow my actual effort up to the 150’s, while the HR strap took about 2 minutes more before things stabilized.  Typically stabilization happens with more sweat, though I had wet the strap already.  By the same token, you can see where the Mio Link struggled a bit in those first few minutes as well – before finally locking in and being good to go.

Once we got past that initial bit, the three were in complete harmony the remainder of the run.


Activity C – 1 hour ride:

This was a mixed city ride and park ride, thus with lots of stops and starts – with the middle section being loops around a park without any cars/traffic/stops/cobbles.  As you can see, things track very closely.  There appears to be one point about 1/3rd of the way through where there is some divergence – but it’s a bit unclear who is right or wrong there for that few seconds.  But otherwise everything tracks my increases/decreases in intensity quite well.


Activity D – 2 hour and 30 minute long run:

This was a 2hr 30 minute ride on everything from pavement to trails, my long run this past weekend.  At the very beginning things were a bit divergent for a few minutes.  This is somewhat common for optical sensors actually – and I often recommend you simply look at the values and see if things have settled down.  It’s during this initial phase that the sensor tends to get a ‘lock’ on your pulse.

Once it locked though, everything was pretty much spot-on.  You see a tiny bit more variation with the Scosche than the TICKR in the second half.  It’s unclear though in this case which is right.  At this point I had cleared some hills that would have taken a bit out of me.  Thus, my HR would have been more fickle in the second half – more heavily impacted by shifts in terrain.


Activity E – 2 hour 30 minute long ride:

The below was a ride this past weekend that spent the first/last 25-30 minutes in the city, and then from there was mostly up and down quiet hills and country roads.

There was very little of note for almost the entire ride except a few minute segment.  What was interesting here was that looking at that segment all three units reported separation.  Typically when a unit goes off by itself, it’s just one.  But in this case nobody agreed.  Looking at the data capture device, it reported that all three units were transmitting normally each second (well, 2-4 times a second), and the signal strength was common and normal across all three units.


So I looked more closely at the ride segment to try and figure out what might have been the trigger, and that’s where I found out what it was: An 800m stretch of descending cobbles that threw everyone for a loop.  It’s probably the gnarliest section of cobbles in Paris that I know about given you’re either going up or going down a rather steep hill.  Here’s what it looked like coming down:


Interestingly, I hadn’t seen this behavior elsewhere on flat cobbles that I routinely cross throughout the city.  Nor did I see it when I went up this same section earlier, nor during other rides across this section.  Looking at the three units, I genuinely have no idea which one is ‘right’.  I’d probably lean a little bit more towards the helmet in this case looking at the HR profile, but that’s just a random guess.

Activity F: 55 Minute Warm and Sunny Ride

This is an example I used last week in my helmet review.  I selected it again because I wanted to demonstrate that the optical sensor works well – even in the bright Florida sun.  Remember that the evil enemy of any optical sensor is light.  That’s why you don’t want a loose fit.

But, the reason I wanted to include this is actually for that blip you see at the end.  I did some Google Map poking around and figured out what that was: Steel grates on a causeway drawbridge.


Yup, seriously.  It’s this little section right here that threw it off:


It appears like it very briefly struggled and then gave up temporarily before it was able to re-acquire things.  I only saw this on one bridge, not all of them that I crossed.  I don’t have any of these bridges at home in Paris that I know of, so it’s not something I’d otherwise have normally crossed.  In both the case of the Florida bridge and the prolonged cobbles section above – I wore the unit on my upper arm versus lower down.  Not sure that made a difference in this case, but worthwhile noting.

Overall, the accuracy over the vast majority of the the time is very solid.  There appears to be two fringe cases where it struggled, but in each of those cases it didn’t struggle every time.  Meaning that I both crossed steel grates more than once without issue, and I crossed cobbles countless times without issue.  It’s also of note that I didn’t see any issues with rough roads, which is also common in Paris as oftentimes the road is just cobbles poorly paved over.

When it came to running, the same was true.  Assuming you got HR lock up front – you appeared to be completely good to go.  As with most optical systems, there tends to be a bit of trial and error on the part of the user as to where the best location is to get the best results.

Accessory Straps:


(Added January 2nd, 2015)

Scosche has started to make color accessory straps for the Rhythm+ unit, in three variants: Pink, blue and a neon green.  These straps made in both long and short sizes will be available later in January 2015, more pricing and availability details as soon as I have them.  Fwiw, The Girl does indeed like the pink one, I suspect it’ll be mysteriously missing by the end of the week.

Comparison Charts:

Starting last week I introduced a new category into the product comparison chart – the heart rate sensor category.  This category includes a combination of leading edge heart rate devices that have some form of ‘unique’ aspect to them.  For example, an optical sensor or a helmet HR sensor.  Or HR straps that transmit underwater, or capture running metrics.

To that end, the below chart is only a handful of products I’ve added to that database.  Thus, if you want to mix and match other products you can use the full product comparison tool here to do so (it allows you to add more products than seen below).

Function/FeatureScosche RHYTHM+Wahoo TICKR (Original)Mio Link4iiii Viiiiva
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated January 10th, 2021 @ 4:31 pm New Window
Product Announce DateJan 6th, 2014Jan 6th, 2014Jan 6th, 2014Jan 7th, 2013
Product Availability DateEarly May 2014Apr 2014Apr 11th, 2014July 2013
Measurement TypeOpticalECGOpticalECG
Typical PlacementMid/Upper ArmChest StrapWrist StrapChest Strap
Battery Life7-8 hours350 hours8-10 hrs200 hours
Battery TypeUSB rechargeableCoin Cell CR2032USB rechargeableCoin Cell CR2032
NFC CapableNoNo
HR TransmissionScosche RHYTHM+Wahoo TICKR (Original)Mio Link4iiii Viiiiva
Bluetooth SmartYesYesYesYes
Dual concurrent ANT+/BLEYesYesYesYes
Analog for gym equipmentNoNoNoNo
Usable HR data underwaterDepends: If on same wrist, YMMV.NoDepends: If on same wrist, YMMV.No
Bridging ANT+ to Bluetooth SmartNoNoNoYes
Can record activity in memoryNoNoNoyes
Additional DataScosche RHYTHM+Wahoo TICKR (Original)Mio Link4iiii Viiiiva
Run PaceYes (firmware 3.01 and above)NoNoNo
Run CadenceYes (firmware 3.01 and above)NoNoNo
Run Economy/MetricsNoNoNoNo
Cycling CadenceNoNo
Cycling Power Meter EstimationNoNoNoCan pass through ANT+ PM's
Valid HRV/RR dataNoYesNoYes
Configurable Sport ModesNoSorta
Displays HR ZonesNoNo
Requires Bluetooth Smart Phone for ConfigurationNoNoYes (for HR zones)Yes (for bridging only)
Firmware UpdateableYes for newish unitsYes (iOS/Android)YesYes
AppScosche RHYTHM+Wahoo TICKR (Original)Mio Link4iiii Viiiiva
Can show workout afterwardsNoYes
Can sync files/workout to 3rd partyNoYes
More InfoLinkLinkLinkLink
PurchaseScosche RHYTHM+Wahoo TICKR (Original)Mio Link4iiii Viiiiva
Clever Training - Save with the VIP programLinkLink

Again, remember you can mix and match and create your own comparison against additional HR products not shown above.  Think of it like going to the ice cream parlor and making your own sundae.



Overall the RHYTHM+ performs very well on a day to day basis.  While at first I was hesitant about wearing it in a non-wrist location, I actually grew to not mind it on my lower arm. And once I moved it to my upper arm, I loved that it was completely out of the way and ‘invisible’.

No doubt the optical sensor market is really just getting heated up.  There are a slew of recently introduced products out there – some of them doing well and some of them are struggling.  I do want to point out that the unit I had is a final-run production unit.  The only change between the units that arrive in 7 days are related to packaging.  Specifically:

A) On the fabric long band there will be an ANT+ logo added (it was on the short strap but was omitted on long strap)
B) A QR code was changed on the box to be in a different spot so it wouldn’t cover the iPhone on the back of the box
C) The sensor lens will ship with a protective sticker to safeguard it during shipping (removed upon use)
D) The user manual will be printed on smaller paper and not from someone’s desk inkjet printer
E) The charger and extra armband will be in a plastic bag

You may wonder why specifically I’m calling this out (or rather, made them detail out the exact differences between what I’m receiving and what you’re receiving).  This is because on the recent Mio Link units I saw substantial accuracy differences between pre-prod and production units.  While I just last night received new units with updated firmware, I haven’t had a chance to try it (new Mio).  Thus, the Scosche engineers have assured me in multiple cases that nothing has changed firmware or component wise on the unit, simply packaging.

With that – I’d have no problems recommending the RHYTHM+, based on the testing I did on my person.  Obviously anything that reads body responses may vary from person to person – especially optical sensors.  So your feedback and experiences with the units once they start shipping out next week is always welcomed in the comments below.  As are questions.  Thanks for reading!

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Hopefully you found this review useful. At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device. The reviews generally take a lot of hours to put together, so it’s a fair bit of work (and labor of love). As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well.

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Found This Post Useful? Support The Site!

Hopefully you found this review useful. At the end of the day, I’m an athlete just like you looking for the most detail possible on a new purchase – so my review is written from the standpoint of how I used the device. The reviews generally take a lot of hours to put together, so it’s a fair bit of work (and labor of love). As you probably noticed by looking below, I also take time to answer all the questions posted in the comments – and there’s quite a bit of detail in there as well.

If you're shopping for the Scosche RHYTHM+ or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but your purchases help support this website a lot. Even more, if you use Backcountry.com or Competitive Cyclist with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time users save 15% on applicable products!

Here's a few other variants or sibling products that are worth considering:

And of course – you can always sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! That gets you an ad-free DCR, access to the DCR Quarantine Corner video series packed with behind the scenes tidbits...and it also makes you awesome. And being awesome is what it’s all about!

Thanks for reading! And as always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible. And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. Hubert

    Great review Ray, thanks!
    So nice to see that optical heart rate sensor are becoming popular : can’t wait to see Garmin issuing a device that integrates it!

    In the comparison chart, I do not see the Scosche RHYTHM+. A little mistake I guess 🙂

    • Sorry, corrected. Thanks!

    • footdragger

      Also looking forward to Garmin optical HR ideally on the back of a watch, but now that Scosche has this armband, I’m no longer waiting for Garmin to act: I’d be fine with skipping a Garmin HR strap and use the Scosche.

    • Rob Raz

      For years, I have trained (spin cycling) using a Suunto T6D, and have switched more recently to a Garmin Forerunner 610; both these watches have the Training Effect feature which I use a lot. When used in conjunction with a variety of chest heart rate straps (Suunto straps, Polar and Garmin hard and soft straps, etc.), I have to say I almost never had any problems, and 99% of the time I got accurate heart rate and Training Effect showing on the watches.

      I recently borrowed a Mio Link, and it worked pretty well, showing what seemed to be accurate heart rate and TE info on my Garmin watch; results were very close to what I used to get with hard and soft straps.

      Then, satisfied optical wrist (or arm) heart sensors were mature enough to be used (I have always been wanting to get rid of the straps), and encouraged by this blog and its analysis of these devices, I bought a Rhythm+ to get rid of the chest strap (bought directly from Scosche). Indeed in my research, I found the the Scosche device were better than their competition (also, they have three optical sensors, against two in most if not all other competitors).

      However when I got the device and started training, it showed what seemed to be accurate heart rate info on the Garmin watch, but on the other hand the watch was showing no Training effect at all, and something like 10 calories would appear to have been burned! And that was, of course, doing the same kind of training as before.

      Also, once uploaded in Firstbeat ATHLETE software, the info collected by the watch was all wrong (flat heart rate curves, no Training Effet, and 50 burned calories or such).

      Then I stumbled on this thread and decided to contact Scosche’s technical support. First, kudos to the company, they responded very quickly, within an hour or so (I work in technology and this kind of response time is incredible, first time I see that!). Erik from their support asked a few questions in an e-mail exchange (always with very fast response time! I am truly amazed by this). After determining my device had firmware version 2 (I used the nRF Master Control Panel app), I found out that was the problem.

      Today, barely twelve hours after my first mail, Erik has told me he’ll send me a replacement, while making sure it has the correct firmware.

      So bottom line is; these device are starting to be mature, but will still have growing pains, as in most cases of new devices and technologies. Regardless, Scosche has a solid product, probably the best in this space (optical heart rate sensors to be worn on the arm); and they have to be commended for their best-of-breed support, as we have seen here on the comments, and as I have experienced first hand.

      Any company that is willing to stand by their products and their customers in such a way has my business for sure, and should have yours also. Just make sure you get a Rhythm+ with latest and greatest firmware!

      PS: it would be awesome if the firmware could be updated by the user; I am sure this is in the plans for the next iteration of the product!

    • david paquet


      With all the reviews on HR monitors,etc I’d like to ask a question. What’s your take on HR based training? I’ve had numerous trainers tell me HR based training is a waste of time. We’re just starting the outdoor (serious) race season here in Michigan and I have always used an HR monitor (Garmin/Polar) during my training last year and this past winter.

    • I largely train by HR. I’m not aware of a better/more technical way to do it when it comes to running. When it comes to cycling, I think a blend of HR and power is the most powerful aspects.

      For example, during cycling power is useful – but doesn’t tell you how hard your burning the candle inside your body. Whereas HR adds that dimension. It tells you whether or not that effort is ‘normal’ for that day, so you can adjust accordingly (before it’s too late).

      For running, training by pace in certain scenarios (intervals), can make sense. But it’s also shortsighted when you throw something like wind into the picture. For the most part, the body doesn’t care that you’re going 6:00/mile or 6:30/mile. It carries about how hard it has to work for a given time period. So if you have a head-wind of 20MPH and now you’re well above the goal training threshold for that session trying to maintain pace – what was the purpose of that session? Or the inverse, where you have a strong tailwind and are below threshold for that session.

      You can see where HR quickly becomes more useful…

    • Michelle

      My son pointed me in your direction, as I was looking for a device that could track heart rate without a chest strap! I loved your review and CLEAR step-by-step instructions (for those of us in the older generation)! I only have it a few days and I have some questions. (Tried contacting the company, but their chat always seems to be offline.)

      1. Syncing – Device synced with my phone the first time I charged it & tried it out – using the Wahoo app, but the second time I tried it, it never connected (kept saying “waiting”.) Any suggestions?

      2. I believe it synced with my indoor bike at the gym automatically, since HR started showing up on the monitor, which had not happened before. Is it possible that bc the device synced with the bike that it couldn’t sync with my phone? I thought it could sync with multiple devices. Plus, I tried it again at home when there was nothing else for the device to sync to, and it still didn’t work.

      3. Is there an APP you could recommend that will ALSO track calorie burn?

      Thanks so much! Michelle

    • alan

      I don’t think ant plus or bluetooth smart syncs to gym equipment. I thought it had to be Polar analog.
      I would go to the Wahoo app and under “sensors” delete the Rhythm, then try again to sync it.
      Polar Beat gives calorie estimates. The Scosche will sync to that.
      Any bluetooth light will only work with one app or device at a time.

  2. Hans

    Goodmorning Ray,
    Again a top review, as usual.
    Have you checked rhytm and mio link during swimming?

    • No, though, it’s on my to-do list for tonight/morning (both units) since my hotel today has a pool outside my window that I can use for laps (woot!).

      Outside though of the obvious challenge of transmission of the signal through water, the bigger issue is actually that the Scosche isn’t really designed so much for the wrist, but rather other portions of the arm. Since I can’t fit a regular watch around my upper arm, it might be challenging. I’ll still try though.

    • Jan

      Guess you didn’t bring your (i.e. Garmin 910xt) strapextender? 😉

    • Bernard

      Any update on the way Scosche Rythm and Mio Link work while swimming ? Thanks.

      Also how to buy the Scoshe in France ?

    • Hi Bernard-

      Sorry, I posted down in the comments below somewhere else about swimming. In short, I was able to validate both the Scosche and the Link working side by side with both the V800 and FR620. When worn on the same wrist, directly next to the watch.

    • Jono

      Perhaps you could update the
      “Usable HR data underwater”
      field in the heartrate monitor product comparison chart from
      “If on same wrist, YMMV”

    • Sure, no problem. Done.

    • Ruy

      What is ymmv?

    • Your Mileage May Vary – aka – your results might vary.

    • DT

      Ray, I have a question: I will do Muncie 70.3 next week and I was thinking on using the Scosche in my arm. I don’t care about the HR reading in the lake but I don’t want to put it in T1. Do you think I can use it all the way and leave it on or will run out of battery in 5ish hours? By the way I love the podcast with Ben!!

  3. Rem

    Thx for this great review as usual.
    Good to see that optical sensor getting as reliable as hr strap .
    Is this work with Suunto products , e.g. Ambit ?

  4. Dave Lusty

    Hi Ray, great review. What are your thoughts on the heart rate variability info? I’m guessing you don’t use that info an awful lot given how little you made of it in the article, but Polar are making it sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    • It’s one of those areas that I keep wanting to dig into, but keep getting sidetracked. It is indeed becoming more popular. Polar has always beaten that drum, but Garmin jumped on it last year with the FR620 features using it.

      I think it carries a lot of validity, but how each company does it is something I want to dive deeper into. At present, I don’t use it to structure my training (or recovery).

  5. miguel zuza aranoa

    1/4th of a second! I always ask the same question hoping a positive answer someday 🙂 . Does it record a valid R-R data?


  6. chris

    Thanks for all your reviews!!!
    Just a quick question re: optical HR and swimming.
    Do you think that the companies (i.e. Garmin) will make a change to record HR in swim mode?

    I know that unable to transmit any great distance, but if this or the Mio is next to the recording device.. ? just looking to see if will come down the road? or or the Tom Tom with optical HR?


    • I think we’ll see companies go one of two paths to cover swimming HR data:

      A) Integration of optical sensors in the wrist ala TomTom, but simply enable that mode for swimming
      B) HR straps that ‘save’ the data and then sync it post-activity.

      You’ll always have Polar doing the analog strap transmission, but nobody else wants to get into that sort of deal.

  7. Jackson

    Ray-You write ” In this case, the RHYTHM+ lasts 8 hours on a person with lighter skin, and about 7 hours and 15 minutes on a person with darker skin. The reason for the difference based on skin type is simply because the optical sensor has to work harder with darker skin to penetrate it.” Later you reference the need for a yellow sensor to address darker skin. Understanding, from the pictures, that you have very light skin, do you know/are aware of tracking anomalies for those with darker skin who use such optical HR readers?

    • I’ve heard some, albeit minimal, issues from a few people with darker skin with other sensors – but not enough that I’d say there’s a trend that I’d be overly concerned about it. Placement makes a far bigger difference.

      Sorta like….”it’s not the size of the equipment, but how you use it”…roughly.

  8. Tommies

    When Tony Stark reads your reviews, he must be jealous of Ray Technology Man !

  9. It seems like everything wants to go 10 hour rechargeable these days. I’ve found a surprising joy in having everything (bike computer, hr strap, etc) work on coin batteries and only deal with my 910XT as a charger. Do you just have so much gear that its not a concern for you? Am I the only one who likes just grabbing and going?

    Heck, I’d love it if the 910 had an option to shut most everything down at 10% battery and give me another week of being a stopwatch with the HR strap and footpod sensor for speed. My wife’s cheap watch runs for a year with these two devices so I don’t think I’m being unreasonable to swap an hour of GPS for a functional watch if I forgot to charge it up 🙂

    • steven

      preach it Richard, preach it!

      Using my RCX5 for years now and i totally forgot how easy everything is going. like you said! Grab and Go! and i am not gonna change a thing over the next year. Everything is becoming so complicated …. 16hours with 1sec recording time and 25h hours with 10sec recording time … JEZZZ 🙂 … why not just run end enjoy the time outside and try to give your best …

  10. Rob

    Ray – do you see either BT Smart or Ant + as the generally accepted direction for companies going forward? Ant + is obviously the mainstay, but do you feel as though BT Smart is the way companies will be heading and start phasing out Ant +?

    • Based on new product releases i would say you wont see a whole lot of single mode devices moving forward – the ANT+BTSmart chips are coming in just about everything thats new from the smaller vendors.

      that will be great, you can buy all your sensors and then your headunit, watch etc will work regardless.

    • I’d agree with Graham. The overwhelming trend is dual. The chipsets that companies are using from here on out virtually all have the capability to do it anyways. Heck, the iPhone is technically capable of ANT+ should Apple enable it (they won’t).

      Each technology tends to accel in slightly different areas – but for now I say let the consumers decide what sensor transmission works best for them. By going dual it’s easy.

    • Bruce Burkhalter

      I have seen a couple comments from you about Apple not supporting ANT+ (and very unlikely to do so). What is their issue with it? Licensing fees they don’t want to pay?

    • They basically run the Bluetooth SIG (not technically, but more or less from a political standpoint).

    • Gary

      For me personally the advantage of ANT+ is being able to broadcast to more then 1 device at a time. Phone plus watch. The massive downside is no iPhone without dongle. It’s the opposite with Bluetooth smart, each transmitter is locked to 1 device, however the native support on iPhone is a massive plus.

      I think once Bluetooth Smart will win once they add the ability to connect a sensor to multiple devices.

      However I would really like to see Apple add ANT + to iPhone.

    • Fwiw, the BT spec has been updated to allow multiple connects to a device, in BT4.1. It’s up to companies to implement that. I know Wahoo has said they plan to down the road, as has Polar. I expect by the end of the year it’ll be totally commonplace in new devices.

    • Gary

      That’s good news, looking forward to it. Although it’s totally your fault that I need it Ray, since reading your blog I like testing different devices and apps so not uncommon to go out with the S4 and iPhone strapped on each arm.
      My neighbours give me some funny looks with 2 phones and a watch so the placement of the Rhythm+ appeals to me too but I think I’ll wait to see what 4iii brings as Viiiiva is a quality product.

      Great to see such healthy competition for optical.

    • Darwin

      I understand why you make that assumption now but Apple is heavily involved in development of health monitoring systems for their devices so I wouldn’t assume it will stay that way.
      And it’s not political, its that Apple up to now has felt that Bluetooth is the best common denominator.
      We are getting close to seeing some pretty great fitness devices/phones from Apple. It’s their next big market. They will do it right unlike Samsung.

  11. Cam

    I preordered from Clever Training. Very interested to see how it goes.

  12. Yann

    Concerning the new optical sensor we’re starting to see everywhere, I think it’s developed by Philips and licensed to MIO ans others (and not developed by Mio)…

    • Sorta.

      Mio has (what I believe is an exclusive license) for the optical sensor from Phillips, however, other companies in turn license from Mio – not Phillips. As such, Mio is the branding seen on other devices (for example, if you turn over the TomTom or Adidas devices).

    • Yann

      Thanks for the precision.
      From what I saw on the Texas Instruments web site, they developed a similar sensor. I don’t know if it will be used soon on a commercial product anyway.

    • Yeah, I spent some time and got a detailed presentation on it back at the ANT+ Symposium. Their accuracy rate was at +/- 5% at that time (which is actually quite a bit). I don’t believe there are any products out there that utilize it.

  13. Tim

    Any trouble with the unit sliding down your forearm once you start to really sweat at all?

    I’ve noticed the Mio really started to move on me when testing it on the tapered part of my arm. Perhaps I couldn’t get the Mio high enough to keep it from moving…

  14. Joshua McLaughlin

    I had the Scosche MyTrek and upgraded to the Rhythm thanks to Scosche’s awesome warranty service. The MyTrek fell apart and instead of sending me a strap or the same unit, they sent me the newer Rhythm as a replacement.

    The only reason I stopped using the Rhythm is that I bought the Tomtom Multisport and it won’t work with it. I found the old version of the Rhythm to be very accurate and much more comfortable than wearing a chest strap. Once I found the strap setting I liked I didn’t experience any slipping or heart rate spikes. If this was compatible with the Tomtom, I would buy it immediately.

    • Gunnar

      Shoot. Not compatible with Tom Tom Multisport??? Ray, can you confirm this as I just ordered this from Clever Training last week and will need to cancel the order if that’s the case.

    • Joshua-

      Just to be clear, did you have the Rhythm or the Rhythm+? Or, said differently, did you have the unit before about three weeks ago?

      If so, you had the Rhythm (not the +). That edition is legacy Bluetooth, and thus not compatible with the TomTom (or any other Bluetooth Smart device). Whereas the Rhythm + is Bluetooth Smart and compatible with any BLE device.

  15. Colin

    Thanks for the review. It looks like the Mio Link and Rhythm+ are similar in accuracy. Is there one that you prefer over the other for any reason?

    • It’s hard to say until I can sorta out what’s going on with the Mio Link production units. As noted above, I just got in new units last night and will be trying them over the coming days to see how they fair.

      I didn’t think I’d actually like the Scosche armband placement initially, but having put it on my upper arm, I like that it’s completely invisible. Very appealing to me as it doesn’t look like I’m wearing 2 watches (or more, as is usually the case).

    • Paul Joyce

      I’ve tried the Mio Link for the last two weeks cycling, and it has not worked great. It is very sensitive to placement. Even well into the ride, there can be dropouts and drifts to high heart rates. Worse, it can be very slow to respond to HR changes – it can miss sprints completely. In direct comparison, it seems to lag 5-7 seconds behind a Garmin HRM. It’s comfortable, but the data is just not reliable for me.

  16. Daniel Sherman

    Ray, thanks for the review. I was so hopeful for the Link and tried two units but returned both due to data inaccuracy. I just pre-ordered the Scosche from Clever Training.

    Question: Have you tried wearing the Scosche around your ankle? I was thinking this might be more comfortable but the large band wasn’t big enough to try this on the Link.

    • Hi Daniel. No, I haven’t tried it around my ankle. Maybe I’ll give it a shot tomorrow during my run.

    • Daniel Sherman

      Cool. Thanks!

    • Ok, tried it. Didn’t really work (on my ankle).

      It worked just fine while I was walking or sitting (so a gym would be OK), but as soon as I started running it basically matched my running cadence. That’s very common with HR devices when they get confused – they just latch onto cadence instead (since it’s like a giant pulse).

      So, it would be fine on your ankle for walking/gym/cycling, but not running. Though only downside being you sorta look like someone on parole with one of those ankle monitoring systems.

    • Daniel Sherman

      I was thinking that might be the case but I appreciate you trying it out. I’m hoping that I can go with the upper arm method as you have then.

      I also believe that the Mio Link would have worked for me if I could have put it up that high on the arm but my wrists and lower arms are just too bony and the optical sensor would leak light with the slightest movement no matter how tight I had it.

    • Lisa Rogers

      I’ve tried it on my ankle a few times as well and it seems to work fine for me until a mile or two in and then the rate just starts creeping up. Could be the cadence you are mentioning but I lost my foot pod to confirm.

      Any issues with the hr continuing to climb up as you get sweaty? It’s very humid here in the south and I’m finding I need to have the strap tight (tighter than I might want) to keep my hr from just creeping up and not stopping. I’m having better luck with it on my wrist than my arm.

  17. Nicholas Fournier

    Ray – have you heard of any timeline on the 4iiii Viiiiva Mini? IT seems like it’s another entrant into the optical HR arena and seems to suggest it has recording capabilities built in.

  18. morey000

    Did I buy a Mio Link too soon? (rhetorical question) I didn’t know that this product was in the works. If nothing else- it looks a bit more comfortable with more options to locate it.

  19. Hi Ray,

    As you did side-by-side tests: Did you have see fallouts of the heart rate ?

    I have my MIO Link for about 1,5 weeks now and I tried several positions at my arm. While running I have drop outs of the heart rate for a few seconds on a constant run.

    I am using Ant+ with my Garmin 310XT and I don’t know what the real issue is.

    At the first runs, I thought I had the Mio link too loose, so I made it more tight. Just helped for a few minutes.
    Then I tried out to move around the sensor (downside instead of the topside of the arm). Didn’t help.

    Best results are currently located 1/3rd of the lower arm, but still I have sometimes 10 seconds without any heart rate shown on my Garmin. It makes me crazy.

  20. N Ray

    Thanks for the in depth review. I was so focused on getting a mio link to get rid of chest strap, now it seems Scosche RHYTHM+ is more reliable.
    can you comment on the water proofing (mio link is 30 mtr) and warranty of the same.
    perhaps you can add a section in the comparison chart.

    thanks again for all the effort you are putting in for these reviews.

    • Alex

      Same question, even if it can’t read underwater, can you still swim with it? Thanks!

    • I don’t know the waterproof rating, I’ll have to check.

      That said, I did some swimming with it using BLE and ANT+. Directly next to the unit I was successful in transmission and didn’t have any unexpected spikes. The numbers matched the Mio Link I had on the opposite arm swimming as well (next to another watch). I was a little limited in that I had only brought the longer strap, so it wasn’t an awesome fit – so my testing was only about 5 minutes worth. I placed it on the underside of my wrist, up-arm of the watch.

    • N Ray

      Scosche website (link to scosche.com) mention that RHYTHM+ has IP67 Waterproof construction.
      So technically it is
      – Totally protected against dust
      – Protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m

      Though I feel while running in drizzle or fog will be fine, swimming for long duration will result in moisture ingression as during strokes the pr on forearm will be more than 1 mtr.

    • Anders Majland

      Just got the add in email that the Scosche Rhythm+ is now available

      In their comparison the say that the Mio Link is not IP67 but Mio claims: “Water resistant up to 30m depths”

      The mio was out first so they got my money – but looking forward to detailed comparison between them – including swimming 🙂

    • Mio claims 30m, Scosche says IP67 (so 1m).

      I found them basically the same when it came to swimming from a functionality standpoint, assuming you put them both next to the watch while underwater. I don’t know though on prolonged (day to day, day after day) exposure to swimming if they’ll hold up however.

    • Anders Majland

      [quote]I don’t know though on prolonged (day to day, day after day) exposure to swimming [/quote]

      I plan to find out witht the Mio Link – with 1-2 swims a week both in pools, lakes and saltwater

  21. Steve Sherman

    Great review. During cold weather, is the strap slim enough to fit under a long sleeve top or arm warmers? Some of mine are pretty snug fitting.

    • Yes, you could, though it might be a little tricky getting the sleeve over it, though I’m sure after doing it once or twice you’d get a pattern down with it. The strap is very thin.

    • Joe M

      I would think you could just slip the unit inside one of your arm warmers, without using the strap, at all.

    • David B.

      Any experience using the strap during cold weather? HR artificially spikes when I run outside (Boston). Works fine during indoor trainer/treadmill workouts.

    • David, optical heart rate monitors measure blood flow just under the skin surface. In cold weather most users will have reduced blood flow until their body warms up. The artificial spike is the monitor detecting your running cadence as your heart rate. A couple suggestions are to wear the RHYTHM+ and turn it on a few minutes before you start your workout, giving it a chance to warm up with you. Second, try a few warm up exercises to get you blood circulating before starting your workout.

    • David B.

      Hi Joshua, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give this a try!

    • marco

      Dear David, I am having the same issue… tried different position, but still have the first 10min of cadence recording… than everything start to work fine… did you found a solution??

  22. Trish

    Would it work with my Nike sportswatch/GPS? I have a Polar HRM connected at the moment with the Nike.

  23. Nelson

    Hi there Rain maker.

    My wife simply doesn´t use his garmin premium strap because is uncomfortable for small woman to use an chest HRM maybe this in the solution, the protocol we use is garmin (ant+) what products can she use too measure his HR without using chest stripe?

  24. dennis

    wehre can I buy it in Europe / Germany?

    • Clever Training ships to Europe. 😉 I don’t know otherwise though where to get in Europe. I believe they are listing on their own site starting May 12th I think.

  25. “Whereas some of the sensors used by Samsung and Basis don’t really work well once you start to do anything other than sit.”

    Finished your testing of the Samsung Gear 2 yet? It doesn’t sound too optimistic :o)

    • It’s a mix on the Gear2. It’s definitely better than the Gear Fit from a HR standpoint (likely because it lets less light in), but not super-reliable.

  26. Joel


    I just ran my first marathon with the MioLink and it worked near flawlessly (except 1 dropout at the beginning which I fixed by tightening the band). This Scosche device looks interesting, but I notice your “HRM Comparison Table” doesn’t include “visual feedback” as a point of comparison. Does the Scosche have any sort of visual feedback on heart rate zones like the MioLink? I found it very helpful to be able to see at a glance when I hit Zone 5 during my marathon so I knew to back it off a bit.

    • Hmm, that’s a good one to add.

      It does have a LED sensor, but the sensor is merely going to tell you whether or not it has a pulse. It doesn’t have any zone configuration.

    • Brian

      I had the same interest, in getting feedback on zones. Is the Mio Link the only one of the opticals that has something that gives something along this line?

    • Pretty much. You could go with one of the units with it built into the watch – such as the TomTom Cardio or Adidas SmartRun, which then allow you to setup HR alerts.

  27. B Carter


    Is there any method to get the running dynamics metrics on the FR620 while using this optical HR sensor? For the last several months I have been getting severe HR dropouts with my strap under every imaginable condition to wear the thing and at every imaginable time during a run (beginning, middle, end), but my running metrics are still recording no problem. My HR data is pretty much junk overall, so I don’t know that I really trust my recovery data or VO2 max data based on that.

    If it comes to it, I’d probably trade more accurate HR data for the running dynamics metrics, but it is interesting to have all that data available.

  28. Adam

    will any of the Garmin bike computers handle 2 HRMs? I do endurance riding and the MIO link batter life is only adequate for training rides. I’m not above switching to another HRM midway if the Garmin doesn’t freak out.

    • You can only save one ANT+ HRM into any Garmin at any point in time. However, you can simply re-pair a new strap mid-way through. It only takes a couple seconds, and as long as nobody else is around, it’s super easy. If someone else is around, just scribble down/memorize the 4-5 digit number so you can manually type it in.

  29. Everyday Fella

    Great review! I’ve got both an iriverON and a new Scosche device that are both PerformTek (Valencell’s tech). Both have been quite accurate and have worked better than chest straps have worked for me.

    At CES the Valencell guys mentioned that it took them years to solve “the sprinting problem”. I see that only the Scosche product handled that right (in your “Activity B”). It also seems like only the Scosche device worked during striders (“Activity A”).

    I’m also impressed that the Scosche device seems to work well during exercise no matter where you put it, which must be some weird feature of Valencell’s stuff because I haven’t found anything else that is that flexible during exercise.

    Have you compared the Scosche device to the chest strap and Mio device during Crossfit workouts, insanity workouts, or during gym workouts? I also wonder, per your comments above, how they both compare on dark skin and if the yellow LED really makes a difference there.

    • No, I haven’t done any crossfit workouts or similar. I’ve done cycling and running, and a bit of swimming. From an optical sensor standpoint though, indoor gym workouts are about as ‘easy’ as it gets since there isn’t the pounding of the road, nor the vibrations.

  30. Fabian Gruber

    Stupid question: what is the advantage of an optical armband vs a non-optical chest belt? For me the whole idea of an optical sensor is the integration into a (wrist-worn) device. I wonder how big the market is for this product.

    • Anders Majland

      Just gotten the Mio Link over a week ago and now wondering if i should have waited for the RHYTHM+ 🙂

      So yes i see a market for these devices 🙂

      I had two reasons. I wanted bluetooth smart for integration with a tablet/endomondo at home and still ant+ to my primary device. But it was also to get rid of the garmin chest straps – specifically on my kettler ergometer bike where i also need to wear its polar chest strap.

      On impulse i also bought the garmin vivofit last week and used is for recording hrm from the mio link. On sunday i’ll try to record a swim with that combination to see if the that will work on the same arm.

    • The primary advantage is not having to wear a HR strap around your chest. For some people (turns out, a lot), they really dislike chest straps.

  31. Billrush

    Ray: I have the new mio unit. For me it slides down my arm and losses connection. I wrote mio tec support and about five days later they replied saying a firmware update was coming.I have light skin but hairy arms. I assume that makes a difference. I like the mio magnetic charger. How does the school charger compare? Thanks

  32. Jorge

    Hy Ray,
    I’ll buy the Polar V800. Can I replace the Polar belt with the new Scosche RHYTHM +? Are then also all the functions available, or are there restrictions (Fitness test, Recovery status…)? Thank you.

    • Yes, you can (and I’ve done plenty of testing with that combination). However, it doesn’t transmit HRV/RR data correctly, so things like VO2Max, Recovery Status, etc… are all impacted and unlikely to be accurate.

  33. Heikki

    So when are they going to integrate the optical one into watch ?

    I am truly against wireless for 10 reasons.

  34. dennis

    Do you know anything about the 4iiii Viiiiva Mini? When will it be released? 4iiii does not answers on and emails.

  35. Gunnar

    When I use the Viiiiva hrm (chest strap) and pair it with my phone for commutes, my phone is in my back jersey pocket. It always loses the HR signal in that position. Any thoughts on the Scosche working better for transmitting to a phone in the back pocket?

    • Having done some rides with it in my back pocket, I didn’t see any issues there. By the same token though, I never saw issues with the Viiiiva there either.

    • Rob

      Both BTSmart and ANT+ are 2.4-2.5GHz protocols. That means that both are going to have trouble communicating through a human body (mostly water, and water absorbs EM radiation in the frequency band particularly well, hence why the same band is used in microwave ovens and why none of the ANT+ or BTSmart HR options are ever going to work very well while swimming). How well/badly it goes will depend mostly on the size of your body. As the Viiiiva is in the middle of your chest, it’s just about the worst place (relative to your phone in your jersey pocket). It would be reasonable to expect the Scosche RHYTHM+, especially if placed on the upper arm, to be better.

    • Outside of water, the one caveat being the transmission power, which is looking to be part of the culprit with the Link, in that they reduced the transmission power from prototype to prod, thus resulting in some of the issues folks are seeing. They re-increased that in an upcoming firmware, the results of which I’m still testing.

      ANT+ devices are certified to go 10m in distance (open-air). Some go further, some seem to get a fair bit less. BLE certification (offhand) I believe is the same.

    • Gunnar

      I always had a suspicion that Ray’s low body fat perhaps contributed to him being able to get HR transmission to his iPhone while in a back jersey pocket.

      Good motivation for me to lose some fat!:)

  36. Laura

    I like that this has the two sized bands. I wanted to get a larger band for the Mio and was told you can’t swap bands a problem when u may have to move it around.

    I also found the Mio dropped my vivofit when on the opposite arm.

    I do have to out the Mio on pretty right but have not had issues with data from it – not that I have anything to compare it too, but it seems spot on for when I pause or pick up the pace.

    But I may have to try this and return the Mio if this is better – really like that sand option.

    Let is know even preliminary Mio info.

  37. Jeff

    If you had to, which of the following would you choose based off of your personal preference…

    1. Buy TomTom Runner Cardio (or multisport)


    2. Buy Garmin Forerunner 220 with either the Mio or Scosche optical HRM (and which HRM would you prefer).

    In other words, is the integration of the optical HRM in the TomTom worth the loss of some of the features in the Garmin? I’d love to wait until Garmin comes out with an integrated watch, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen soon. Thanks for your insight. The reviews are invaluable and very much appreciated.

    • It honestly depends on how much you dislike secondary units/straps. For me, I don’t terribly mind them. And, to that extend, don’t really mind chest straps all that much in the grand scheme of things.

      Having to charge a secondary unit something to keep in mind. For some it’s not a big deal, for others it might matter.

      From a compatibility standpoint the TomTom does a great job in being compatible with a ton of services (just like Garmin), so that makes it easy to use either watch. Obviously, the TomTom website lacks quite a bit compared to Garmin, and from a functionality standpoint the FR220 has far more flexibility and features than the Cardio. But whether you use the those features is something to decide.

  38. Max

    Hi Ray,

    First of all, thanks for the review. I decided to give this a try after a long silence from 4iiii about their pods so I went to CleverTraining site fellowing your link. Unfortunately, I cannot get free shipping because after the 10% discount, it’s less than 75$. I contact the support team and they seem to be firm on this. It might be not a big difference to some but for a student like me it make me rethink about buying from them a bit. In any case, you may want to update the end of the article about this.

    • Sorry Max for the troubles. I’ll get the above wording clarified, I had forgotten that the 10% discount brought it back down below the free shipping limit, when I re-used the snippet of text.

    • Chris O'Brien

      I noticed that too… however, 79.99 – 10% + 5.99 shipping (77.98 total) is still less than 79.99 + 0 shipping. (of course, provided the 5.99 shipping is available to you)

    • Max

      Hi Ray,

      I decided to buy from CleverTraning after all (through your link). The thing works great with 910XT. However, with Ambit 2R, the heart rate stuck at 60 rpm. I double check by using both 910XT and Ambit 2R at the same time at indeed 910XT was reading the HR correctly while Ambit 2R stay constant at 60rpm. I’m guessing it actually read the rate in which the signal is transmitted instead. Any idea how to fix this? I’m trying to get rid of the 910XT at least for running since the instance pace is too massed up and Garmin refused to do any more fixing.

    • That’s very odd. Never heard of that before (being stuck there while the other unit transmits fine). Have you tried deleting the pairing and re-pairing? Also, any chance to try changing wrists for your FR910XT/Ambit2, just in case it’s some sort of weird signal issue (though, that typically manifests itself very differently in drops/spikes/etc…).

      (Btw, thanks for the support!)

    • Max

      How do I delete the pairing? I looked at the manual but it doesn’t seem to be able to. I re-paired multiple times with the same result though. I also pulled out my good old chest strap and the Ambit 2R paired-up and show the HR just fine too.

      Do you happen to still have both RHYTHM+ and Ambit 2R? If so, could you verify that this combination still works with the current FW for Ambit 2R? Both RHYTHM+ and Ambit 2R is still within the return period for me, so if I can know for sure which one of these is broken I can still exchange it.

      Thanks for your help!

    • laq

      remember now you have to buy the vip at $4.9 so that is $1 savings

    • You don’t need to join the VIP program for the Scosche or Ambit’s. Only for a handful of other products (7, to be exact).

      I’ll try out the Scosche and Ambit 2R in the morning (need to charge both), and report back. Cheers.

    • I just paired the Mio Link with the 2R, and was able to get normal HR readers across a range from 50BPM to a little bit above 100BPM (just ran up and down the stairs).

    • Phay

      Hi Ray,

      I also bought the RHYTHM+ and Ambit2 R(CleverTraning) base on your review. I’m also having the same issue that Max posted about the heart rate being stuck at 60 rpm on the Ambit2 R. My other iPhone app like MapMyRun, WahooFitness, etc displays the heart rate correctly. I tried re-pairing like Max multiple time and the same thing is still happening. Any idea how to fix this?

      Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Phay-

      A quick call/e-mail to Scosche Support will get them to send you out a unit with the updated firmware that’s compatible with the Ambit series. It released about 10 days ago, so they should be able to sort you out near instantly.


    • Phay

      Thank you for the getting back. I called Scosche and they will send a replacement to me.

    • Ben

      I added a pair of Drymax socks to get free shipping again. The socks worked out to $2.56 ($8.50 – 10% discount – $5.99 shipping saved), which is worth it.

  39. Hans

    Great review, as always. Ordered with the Clever Training link !

  40. Warner

    Thanks to the great review I’ll finally be rid of weird HR spikes and rashes(mostly..lol)! Ordered through your link.You should be able to retire now :-p

  41. Matt

    Ray, thanks for the great review. Ordered one via the Clever Training link, looking forward to be able to loose the chest strap. I somehow hate having these things (however soft they may be nowadays) around my chest.

    The Rhytm+ looks really impressive as far as accuracy is concerned.

  42. David Chang

    I feel like the biggest drawback of something like this is the tan line that would result from wearing this on a long run/bike on your forearm. Maybe I’m just too vain for my own good!

  43. Dennis

    Can I put it on my right wrist while running? Clock on the left wrist.

  44. Denis

    Out of stock 🙁

    • Denis

      Hey again! I finaly got my scosche rhythm+. Unfortunately webshop @ Clever Training gave me “MAXMIND FRAUD CHECK FAILED” on all my credit cards. But I tried to support you by ordering rhythm+ on amazon by using redirect link on the right.

      Already a week of having the device, I’m happy, seems like it brings freedom to my chest during my runs. Thanks again!

    • tim

      I tried purchasing one also, same thing…..I called them and spoke with a lady on the phone, she said “sorry”. She did not offer any help other than that. So they lost that transaction. as I purchased from elsewhere.

    • Hi Denis & Tim-

      Sorry to hear that. It sounds like you got caught up in the fraud check, and in at least the case of Denis, likely due to the international side (sometimes that triggers it).

      Strange that they (Clever Training) weren’t able to work it out on the phone, very unusual. I’ll follow-up.


  45. moosetender

    Ordered using your link and got this email today, “Your order from Clever Training has shipped”
    I have the MIO Link, but my heart rate is either too high, low or not transmitted. Want to try out the Scosche RHYTHM+ and decide which one to keep.

  46. William Rush

    I also have the miolink and preordered the Scosche and got the shipped email today from Clever Training. I ordered a couple weeks ago. The mio link is working better once I started wearing it just above my watch with the sensors facing the under side of my wrist which is not hairy. Just above my watch keeps it from slipping. Hope the Scosche is more trouble free.

  47. Great post! I have been testing the Rhythm+ for Scosche as a consultant since the inception of the product and I can say for certain that the Rhythm+ is the best optical HR monitor I have tested to date. It’s nice to see you have had similar results as I have during my testing.
    I’ve posted a blog on my site link to fitnesstrainingbyjon.com with a typical comparison of the Mio Link and the Rhythm+ on a mountain bike ride. I’ve observed in my testing that the Mio link cannot keep up with the Rhythm+ or the chest strap…
    Keep up the great posts!

  48. Hakkinen

    Is the strap getting dirty easily?
    I just concern about how to clean it.

  49. Thanasis

    They should make ti possible to fit the sensor to your smartwatch (on the buckle). I have seen this done with a WTEK sensor and a TOMTOM multisport and although i didnt try it on it looked good and it saves you worrying about two devices staying put.
    There are a lot of this type of devices coming out and a lot more watches with embedded HRM. Do you think they will survive a possible android wear “invasion” in this market? I for one doubt it because the runner/biker market is saturated while a bunch of other sports are left uncovered (e.g. indoor rowing and team sports). If an android wear device comes with the ability to customise completely the use of sensors to the sport, it will take the market easily.

    • Yup, I’ve reviewed the TomTom Cardio unit here: link to dcrainmaker.com

      And as for Android options to date with said sensors, I’ve also reviewed those here: link to dcrainmaker.com

      Long term, I think all GPS watch makers have something to fear from the big mobile players getting into the game. But to date, those players haven’t really delivered well in the devices they’ve put forth. So that remains to be seen.

  50. Brett Dempsey

    Just ordered one from Clever Training! Thanks for all of the time you spend on doing all of this for us!

  51. Patrick K

    Ray –

    Thank you for the great review. I stumbled on the site a year or so ago when looking for a solution to chest strap chaffing. Unfortunately wasn’t able to solve that issue so this HRM sounds perfect for me. Your review was exactly what I was looking for. I wasn’t really in the market for a new watch, but your review led me to take a hard look at the FR620. Yadda yadda yadda, I purchased both from Clever Training after signing up for the VIP program.

    I read this review a few times, and most of the discussion comments so I really hope I just didn’t miss it. You mentioned you saw inaccurate recovery times and VO2 Max stats. Other than the Running Dynamics, what other functionality will I miss out on with this heart rate monitor specific to the 620? Maybe there isn’t anything, just figured I’d ask.

  52. Just ordered mine from clever training. Looking forward to using with the Suunto Ambit 2!

    • Thanks for the support via Clever Training Michael! Remember when you go to pair the unit initially with the Ambit2, that sometimes ANT+ sensors are pesky on pairing with the Ambit units. So you’ll want to place it right next to each other (basically rubbing). It may take a few or 20 tries to pair – but, I promise eventually it will pair. Once paired though, you’re good for life. It’s a weird Ambit thing that’s always been that way with any ANT+ sensors.

      Just a heads up in case you run into any initial snags. Enjoy!

  53. I got the Scosche RHYTHM+ yesterday from Clever Training (after also getting the MIO Link) and used it today on a ride with my Garmin Edge 500. After riding for a while I noticed that the calorie count was adding up very slow. I turned off the RHYTHM+ and the calories counted at what appeared to be a normal pace. After riding for 2 hours with the Edge 500 and RHYTHM+ my calorie total was less that 50, and most of that was for the few minutes I turned off the RHYTHM+. Any ideas? I’m going to try using the RHYTHM+ with my Garmin Forerunner 610 tomorrow morning.

    I really like how the RHYTHM+ fits. It is comfortable, does not move and the heart rate appears accurate. Just need to figure out how to get the calorie count on the Edge 500 to be accurate.

    • Strange. The Edge 500 doesn’t use HRV/RR for any calculations, thus, that shouldn’t be an issue there. Double-check that nothing got tweaked on your weight/age/gender settings on the Edge 500.

    • moosetender

      Ran this morning with the Scosche RHYTHM+ and Forerunner 610 and again the calorie count was very low. And again, when I turned off the RHYTHM+, the calorie count went up quicker. Doing a quick search over at the Garmin forums and I find some posts about low calorie counts for unknown reasons. Might try a reset on my Edge and Forerunner. I’ll post results of that.

    • Chris O'Brien

      Hey moosetender,
      I’m getting the same thing… recorded 2 runs with the Scosche connected to 310XT and iphone 5 and they were recorded as 5 and 20 calories. Use my Garmin soft strap with the 310XT and the calories are recorded in the normal 500/hr range.

      Other than that… man, I love being strapless.

    • I’ll ping the Scosche guys and see if they have any thoughts on why the low calorie counts.

    • moosetender

      This morning I did an elliptical workout before work. I used the Scosche RHYTHM+ with my Garmin Forerunner 610 and Vivofit. Again, calories low on the Forerunner, but normal on the Vivofit. Thanks for offering to check with Scosche!

    • Jean-Christophe

      Hi guys,
      I’m having the same issue with my Forerunner 620 and with my Fenix 2.
      Do you think this should be raised to Garmin or to Scosche?

    • It means you’ve somehow got a unit with the older firmware. Ring up Scosche and they’ll send you a new one near-instantly.

  54. laq

    just ordered it from Cleaver Training!

    Just hope this works better than the Mio 🙂

  55. Bryan Toro

    I’m also having the same problem as Max, where my Suunto Ambit pairs with the Rhythm+ but only displays 60bpm. Everything else seems to work, I wore it overnight with my smartphone and it recorded with no problems.

    Thank you!

    • Ahh, you know what – I just realized in responding to the question from Max I thought he was talking about Link. Ok, will retest here in a moment with Scosche. Sorry!

    • Ok, just tried. Both on Ambit 2R (new firmware) and Ambit 2S (older firmware), I get 60BPM as well.

      Very bizarre. I’ll ping the Suunto guys.

    • Bryan Toro

      Just for clarification, I’m using a Suunto Ambit 1st gen.

      Thanks again!

    • Dennis

      So it does not work with the Suunto Ambit 2s at the Moment? I ordered last week from Clever Training and only have an Ambit 2s.

    • Max

      Thank you Ray. Good thing I saw your comment here first, otherwise I’ll be totally confused why you talked about Mio Link. 🙂

      Hopefully they can fix it soon-ish. My race is coming up in two weeks..

    • At present that appears to be the case. I’ve shot over a note to the head of the Ambit division to see if they have any ideas.

      I’ve recorded from the Scosche with a ton of over ANT+ units without seeing anything odd, so this is definitely very odd.

    • Ian

      I just got my Scosche Rhythm+ and, like others, the heart rate is stuck at 60 on my Suunto Ambit 2S. I called Scosche and was told that there is an issue with the device because Suunto changed the firmware in the Ambit after the Rhythm+ was designed. They offered to swap my Rhythm+ for a new one with updated firmware.

      I have a couple of problems with this, however: (1) I just purchased the Rhythm+ directly from Scosche, so they elected to send me one with bad firmware. That means that I now have to go through the hassle of returning mine, wait for shipping back to them, wait for them to confirm receipt, and then wait for shipping back to me of another one. That’s unacceptable to me. (2) What happens when Suunto updates the firmware in the Ambit again? My guess is that I will be left with a bad Rhythm+ once again. That, too, is unacceptable to me.

      Nope… I am interested in the Rhythm+, but not interested in the hassle and potential for a broken device with the next Ambit firmware update. Back it goes.

    • I wouldn’t expect any impact with Suunto updating firmware in the future, as this was I suspect mostly a case of how Scosche was broadcasting the ANT+ side of things.

    • Ian

      You may be right, but according to Scosche, the recent update to the Ambit 2S broke the Rhythm+. If Scosche support is wrong, then they need to be educated better. In any case, they won’t cross-ship. I have to wait for my brand new device to be returned, inspected, and only then will they send me one with updated firmware… you know, like they should have done to begin with.

      That’s poor form in my book.

    • Hi Ian, sorry about your experience – please email rhythm@scosche.com and they will take care of you.

      The HR stuck at 60 was a Scosche firmware bug and not related to the Suunto firmware.

    • Ian

      Thanks, but I have already returned the device for a refund and have ordered a different product from a different manufacturer.

  56. Carl

    Thanks for this and all the other reviews! I ordered the rhythm+ via clever training – thanks for the discount – and it arrived today.

    I had some under counting issues with the Mio, but I liked the strapless hrm approach, so I was eager to try the rhythm+.

    As I posted over on the garmin forum, results with the scoche seemed quite accurate heart wise, but the calorie count on the garmin was way, way, off – 23 cal for a 50-minute, 5.5 mph, 4.5 mi run! I thought I would post here as well to see if anyone else has seen this.

    I really like the fit and comfort of the scoche (including the upper arm stealth mode), but the incorrect calorie count is a big deal for me. I know the calories are never really that accurate but being off by more than an order of magnitude is ridiculous.

    • Daniel Sherman

      I just noticed the same thing on today’s run. I ran 11 miles at 7.3mph and burned 56 calories on my Garmin Fenix 2 using the rhythm+. I thought it might be a fluke but it appears that isn’t the case. I also just checked a 15 mile bike ride where I burned a total of 32 calories. Looks like we need to contact tech support.

    • Ted W

      What ever became of this. I dont track calories to much, and they can be highly variable. but an order of magnitude is nuts. Has a firmware update fixed anything? is this still an issue.

  57. Ret1954

    I purchased the Mio Link recently and was disappointed with the product due to the spikes and the required tension in the strap in order to avoid such spikes. I found the required tension was very uncomfortable. I have since purchased the Scosche RHYTHM+ and I am very satisfied with the performance. I have been wearing it on my upper arm, concealed under my shirt, as per DCR.

    I have since returned the Mio Link but the major difference I noticed between the two units is that the Mio Link, and also the TomTom Cardio units use a concave design that requires shielding of the optical sensor from ambient light. The Scosche RHYTHM+ optical sensors have essentially a convex design which places the sensors almost directly on the skin – with ambient becoming a nil factor. I realize the RHYTHM+ has an additional sensor but I would speculate that the location of the optical sensors relative to ones skin plays a part in relative accuracy of these units.

  58. MarkMcD

    So for those who are using this, outside of the calorie thing, is it working as advertised and is the HR accurate?

    • Daniel Sherman

      Other than the calories, yes, so far so good. I purchased two of the Mio links and returned them due to inaccurate data/jumps/delays. There doesn’t seem to be a lag with the scosche unit and I haven’t had any jumps except when I hit a large bump in the road.

  59. Bill Rush

    Lime ment of you I first preferred the Mio link band and experienced drop outs. Tonight was my first ride with the scosche band. I wore it in my forearm. I thought I had it pretty tight. On a 36 mile ride I experienced one drop out. I looked at my Garmin 810 and noticed very low heat rate. As best I could I re positioned it and normal measurement resumed for the rest of the ride. Bummer to have that happen but I’ll try it again tomorrow and try another position. I’ll report back.

  60. Ptrowski

    Thanks as always for the review, this is my first and last stop to get the information I need. I was looking at the RHYTHM+ lately since I seemed to all of a sudden get a red rash underneath the HRM from my Garmin 620. But I believe you mentioned cadence, oscillation etc are not collected with the RHYTHM. Is that correct?

    • For your rash, try this: link to dcrainmaker.com

      As far as the RHYTHM+ goes, you’ll get cadence, but not vertical oscillation, ground contact time, any other metrics based on heart rate variability may be suspect – such as VO2Max, Recovery Time, Recovery Adviser, and apparently for some, calories. On the calories one the Scosche folks are looking into it. But the others won’t change.

    • MarkMcD

      I’d say Recovery Advisor/Time is suspect all on it’s own regardless of what HR you actually use. Only once ever did it tell me my recovery time was > 24 hours. I once ran two 12.7 mile loops in a day and the 2nd was about 25 seconds slower than marathon pace and it told me my recovery time was 11 hours. I’m suspect of everything Garmin does based on HR.

  61. Carl

    Here’s what Scosche said just now after I reported this via rhythm at Scosche dot com:

    Thank you for purchasing the new Scosche RHYTHM+ and thank you for providing feedback to my team. I wanted to confirm that I am able to repeat the low calorie count numbers with Garmin products and my team is working on a solution. Most likely Scosche will need to replace the main unit with updated firmware. I was surprised to learn that Garmin is using more than just HR to calculate calories but I also understand the importance of supporting their formulas so this will get fixed.

    • Carl

      Pretty cool (and fast!) response.

    • Daniel Sherman

      I just received the same response. I’m glad that you reported the issue as well so that they can see that our cases are not unique.

      The calorie count isn’t a show stopper since the heart rate data is consistent but I am eager to see what the ultimate fix will be.

    • I also got the same response. Its nice to know they are now aware of the issue and will fix it.

    • Chris O'Brien

      I guess I’ll be emailing them as well. Don’t want to hammer them if they are aware of the issue, but it seems that contacting them might be the only to get the issue resolved.

      Thanks everyone.

    • Hi Chris-

      Sorry, there was a response already down here in the comments. In short: They’re releasing a firmware update June 1st to address the issue. They’ll cover getting you a swapped out unit (not end-user updatable firmware). But opening up the support case ensures your covered.

      As for folks asking about Clever for new orders, I suspect between Clever and Scosche they’ll have an answer sorted out on Tuesday. It’s a holiday weekend in the US and thus most companies are out Monday.

  62. James

    Hi Ray,

    Great review as normal thank you. I just ordered from Clever Training, just over AUD $110 shipped which is awesome.

    I’m really happy Mio is having some trouble with Paypal as I have been trying to buy a Link for a few weeks and can never get my transaction processed, and even though Mio says someone will help, no one has yet.

    Thanks again mate,


  63. Bill Rush

    Report on second ride with new Scosche HR band. Had experienced one drop out on ride 1. Ride 2, 32 miles, had zero drop out. Still wore on forearm. Made band snug but not uncomfortable. Had unit facing underside of arm where there is little hair. I will admit this, I want the unit to show and not hide it under the sleeve of upper arm. Ray may have so many gadgets he can hide his, I don’t. Cheers.

  64. Hi All-

    I just got a bit of clarification on the Garmin calorie piece for those using the unit with Garmin watches that are having calorie issues. They will be releasing a firmware update on June 1st to address the issue (basically the end of next week). Said firmware update will require unit swappage (not self-updateable), but they’ll be doing that free of cost to customers.

    Further, for customers that need immediate assistance or are having issues, please get in contact with their support desk so they can track you and ensure you get all fixed up.


    • Max

      Do they say anything about the 60rpm on Suunto watch? I kind of suspect that this is somehow related (I am having the calorie issue on 910XT as well).

    • I didn’t ask, I had funneled that one to the Suunto folks. I’ll circle back.

    • Ok, just confirmed with them – the firmware update will fix the Suunto issue as well. Folks can contact Scosche support and get you on the list for a replacement unit.

    • Max

      Great. Thanks Ray.

    • Gary

      To avoid a hassle and extra shipping costs, should those of us who haven’t ordered one yet wait to order? Will Clever Training be sending units back to Scosche? How will we know we are getting an updated unit when ordering?

    • I’ve shot over a note to Clever Training to have them sort out those pieces. They’re on it already and I suspect I’ll have answers sometime today there. Thanks!

  65. Warner

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the great review. I ordered (and received) one through clever training…
    The Rythm+ connected easily to my 910XT but for some reason I cannot seem to pair it with my Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.3). I know the phone is Bluetooth Smart capable in theory but I’ve been reading some forums that there are some issues with it. I was wondering if you had any experience with this or if you knew any work arounds?

    • With Android (and iOS as well), you need an app that’s capable of seeing the Bluetooth Smart sensor. A good test app is the (free) Wahoo Fitness Android app, which should work on your S3. Try that out and do the search from there, as it won’t show up in the regular Bluetooth Control panel.

    • Warner

      Interesting.Thanks for the information.Wahoo Fitness doesn’t seem to pick it up nor does it seem to have an option under ‘Settings’ to manually add/pait the Rythm+, but I also downloaded ‘Wahoo Utility’ and that connects right away and shows the HR correctly?!
      The phone is not my primary device for recording workouts but it would be nice as a backup. This seems “glitchy” from what I can see so far and I bet there are quite a few other S3’s out there…

    • From an Android side, especially on older phones – it’s a bit of a complex story for any Bluetooth Smart device.

      Not quite sure why the regular Wahoo App isn’t working. Note that you need to be sure that the Wahoo Utility app is closed though first, since only one app/device can connect to a single BLE sensor at the same time. Here’s the steps I use:

      1) Sensors (the little radio icon NEXT TO the 3 dots in the corner)
      2) Click the + in upper right corner
      3) Select RHYTHM+ sensor from list
      4) Click ‘Save device’
      5) Associate with a sport.
      6) Click big wahoo logo in upper corner
      7) Then ‘New Workout’

      See if that works…

    • Warner

      Thanks Ray! I did end up getting Wahoo working (ahem…”user error”). Strava (4.0.1) doesn’t connect to it but I was able to download the newer Strava 4.1 apk and it was then also able to use the Scosche.
      What I did find is that I had a few signal drops if I wore the Scosche on the opposite arm as my 910XT. As soon as I wore both on the same arm it worked like a charm although my HR seems a bit lower (5-10beats) as what the old Garmin strap used to tell me but that’s easily compensated for by adjusting HR zones in the apps.
      Also on a huge plus note, I actually got contacted by Scosche support because they read this forum and just decided to get in touch with me to make sure everything was ok. Now that’s techsupport! Thanks!

    • Hi Warner, it looks like you got everything working. I wanted to let you know that Digifit and MapMyFITNESS both have Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate working in their respective Android Apps. I have tested both with the RHYTHM+ and haven’t seen any issues. Digifit is great if you are looking for lots of HR zone data and graphs.

  66. Gunnar

    Any word from Clever Training on the new units being available? Is it ok to order the Scosche now and be assured its the one with updated firmware?

  67. Gunnar

    ….and one more question….

    If the Scosche as you mention will work in just about any location on the body, do you think it would work if strapped on a modified HR strap, but with the Scosche sensor on your back?

    I say this because, I always have HR drop out when I have my iPhone 5 in my back pocket and using my Viiiiva HRM strap and it would be nice to have this as a fix for that issue.

    Thanks again!

    • I don’t know the body well enough to know if there are a lot of capillaries there are not. I can try and jury-rig something up and see if it read. My concern tough would be that the back is a very surface (well, I suppose that depends on the person), so it may not sink in as well as the arms. Sorta along the lines of what some more athletic folks see with the Mio Link on their wrists.

    • Gunnar

      Well, I ordered one through Clever Training. It stated on their web site 5-7 day wait, so I’m presuming it will be the new firmware units.

      I’ll let you know what I find with experimenting with different placement of the sensor.

  68. Mel G

    Hey. Thanks for all your reviews. It’s my go to place before I purchase any fitness gadget. Two quick questions. What would be the maximum circumference you could put the larger band on so that there is still sufficient grab by what looks like a velcro fastener? My upper arm is 36 cm and I can’t find anything on the site about size. Would the larger strap fit?

    Also wondering if you have heard if clever training is sending out the new firmware devices. I’m in Australia and don’t want to deal with returning it for a new product.

    Cheers and thanks again for all the effort you put in for these reviews.


  69. Just as a general FYI/Update for those who have ordered from Clever Training (either on back-order or future orders).

    Scosche and Clever Training have worked together so that any orders fulfilled from this point forward will be with new units with the firmware update. As noted, those units are expected to ship from Scosche starting June 1st, and thus should start shipping from Clever Training a few days later to everyone. As always, orders will be fulfilled based on the date of the order, though, looking at the numbers everything should be fulfilled in that first batch.

    Thanks for the support!

  70. Taylor

    I called Scosche support yesterday about the incorrect calories; the tech told me that Garmin will be listing a f/w update shortly to address the issues. I asked if the Scosche unit needed to be returned to get a f/w update on it and was told that they were not updateable and a new unit would experience the same issue. I was instructed again to wait for the Garmin update.

    Has anyone else heard the same or did I get some bad info from an uninformed support tech?

    • moosetender

      When I first called Scosche about the RHYTHM+ calorie issue, the person I talked with was not aware of the problem and asked that I send email to their support address. I sent a detailed message and got a reply back that the issue was known and they will most likely need to replace the RHYTHM+ I have.

      I purchased the RHYTHM+ using the dcrainmaker link from Clever Training and sent them e-mail asking who I should work with to get an updated unit when they are available, Scosche or Clever Training?

    • It sounds like the Scosche person you first spoke with misunderstood. Garmin is not releasing a firmware update to address the issue, it’s coming from Scosche. The best way to handle it though is to work with Scosche support to get on the list for the unit swap outs next week, as they’ll cover all the costs directly.

    • Taylor

      I called Scosche support back and got on the list. Ray, thank you for providing an incredible site and community – this is my number one site for all things tri! 🙂

  71. Bill Rush

    Ray, I have the new Scosche unit. I only use with Garmin Edge 1000. So I don’t think I have the calorie issues which I believe is the primary basis for the new firmware. Nevertheless, I am wondering if I should return mine and get the latest firmware. Can’t think of a reason why not, except for the return shipping hassle. Thoughts?

    • Hi Bill-

      I’d say that long-term the best option is to have the updated firmware. Especially since they’re taking care of the costs related to the swap.


  72. Conor

    Like moosetender, I too have a unit from clevertraining and have emailed them to find out about the swap. No response yet but will update here when I get one. To make my situation a bit more awkward I am based in Ireland. I will probably buy a new one and send the old one back for a refund when it arrives (if possible)

    • The best option is to contact Scosche support, as they can go ahead and process the swap directly.

    • Conor

      thanks Ray. I got the same response from clevertraining. Dropped Scosche an email there.
      Interesting that the same activity is showing up on Strava (synced with GC via tapiriik) with calories. Although, Strava’s calculations of calories always seems to be a bit more generous than GC (for me anyway), so they are obviously using their own formula

  73. laq

    just got and tried the Rhythm+ after returning the MIO, love it.

    Rhythm+ was on my left arm vivofit on my left shoe (stationary bike) phone multiple pockets and apps (phone, audible, music, mapmyfitness, texting, and more) no problem

    HR was on target for both devices.

    glad i took the ‘risk’ (after mio wasn’t sure i should)

  74. laq

    with the calorie count issue (will be picking up a garmin forerunner soon) using iphone apps now if i got it 2 days ago would I need to return to get accurate calorie count ?

  75. Leif

    I was wondering if this has a storage function. ie that you can leave your phone when training and have it store your workout and sync when in proximity with your phone again? A video interview with scosche on youtube mentions this function but no review I have read mentions it.

    • No, it does not have any storage capacity.

      It’s possible that one of their earlier marketing videos shot back in the CES/January 2014 timeframe said that if they planned it then (I don’t know). But I do know that I confirmed prior to the review with them it contains no just capability.

      The only strap that does/will have that is the TICKR X, but that’s not expected on the market for a while.

  76. I received my new RHYTHM+ today. I ordered from Clever Training and the new unit was sent from Scosche. I will test it out and see if the calorie count is not more accurate. Anyone else get an updated unit?

  77. Carl

    I received my replacement unit today. Paired with a Garmin FR610′ the Rhythm+ Was spot on for both HR and calories based on today’s run (very well known and well measured route for me). Good job Scosche! I did write them to ask for a prepaid shipping label for returning the old unit (seems only fair for them to pay) but overall I’m pretty impressed at the quick turnaround on this fix.

  78. Bart

    Anybody knows a good webshop in Europe wher to buy the Rhythm + ?

  79. A quick posting on why the Rhythm+ antenna is so good. I took it a part to find out why! link to fitnesstrainingbyjon.com I think you guys will enjoy it.

  80. Mato86

    Hi guys. I have Mio Link and still having problems with lags… which makes my short intervals impossible to do. How it looks with very short sprints in comparsion to HRM Stram and MIO LINK ? any delays ?

    • Hey Mato,
      Compared to the Mio Link, the Rhythm+ is much quicker to pick up changes in your heart rate. It should look very similar to the chest strap for most activities. I’ve seen some delays while lifting weights overhead, but it is spot on for running and mountain biking.

    • Mato86

      Are You sure ? I ll buy few of them if You can prove it by pasting me graphs with comparsion in very short (20s) max sprints. Can You ? Please… and Thanks !

    • Said charts are already in the review…

    • Mato86

      ok i see but which colour is strap and which is Rythm+ on graph with 20s intervals ? I see big diffrence there. Red line is deffinitly showing it better.. increasements of HR are very fast and accurate for short sprint bursts.

    • There’s a key at the bottom. 😉

      But, the red line is the Scosche.

  81. Mark

    Since this tends to work most anywhere, I wonder if you could clip it (somehow) to your cycling bibshort strap. Maybe on the chest?

    • I wouldn’t think you’d be able to keep enough pressure on it there (since that portion of the bib tends to be a bit more slack than others). And honestly, if you’re putting it on your chest, then I’d just recommend getting a chest strap.

  82. Phil

    As someone in the UK would you suggest waiting a little while before purchasing so not to be at risk of further required firmware upgrades that will require a unit to be returned? Or do you think that’s unlikely now (I know I know it’s hard to predict the future :D). I’d wouldn’t be concerned if it could be firmware updated via its cable… It can’t can it? I plan to purchase through your recommended link. Cheers for the fab reviews as always! Phil.

  83. tim

    On the fenix 2 using this, would it work to show recovery time? OR does the Fenix 2 use HRV to determine recovery time via the HRM strap?

  84. Mato86

    Ordered one. Will give it hardcore test in coming weeks just after i recieve it. I ll share my first results soon.

  85. Gary

    The Scosche Rhythm+ ad page ( link to scosche.com ) has icons of apps under the heading “Works with Most Popular Fitness Apps”. I purchased the SweetBeatsLife app as its icon was displayed on the page. I took a gamble and lost. The app does not work with the Scosche Rhythm+. Went to the SweetWater Health page ( link to sweetwaterhrv.com ) and other bluetooth smart straps were listed as supported. I sent notes to both Scosche and SweetWater Health.. will post a reply if I get a response.

    • Gary

      The support guy from SweetWater couldn’t find the icon on the Scosche site. I sent him another link. What he did say is as follows: “…The Scosche uses pulse oximetry which is not accurate enough for HRV measurements. An electrical signal is required, for now only available with chest straps…”

    • Gary

      I found another app that works with Scosche Rhythm+: HRV Logger ( link to tinyurl.com ). The app is very nice in that it will log your HR for any length of time and you can share your data through dropbox. The app will tell you that the monitor you are using does not provide HRV data and that it will record your HR for the session.

      I purchased the Wahoo TIKR Run to send HRV data to the HRV Logger app. So far, the Scosche Rhythm+ will be my go to for running and the Wahoo TIKR Run for long term monitoring like when at rest or sleeping. I may also use the TIKR Run for improving my running so I purchase it vs. the TIKR.

    • devsar

      Hi Gary,

      I did check the Bluetooth Low Energy signal directly.
      I’m not sure why Ray said “it doesn’t accurately transmit heart rate variable”,
      which in fact, it doesn’t transmit HRV/RR at all. (put a side whether it fake/valid or not).
      That’s should be the main reason why Scosche Rythm+ doesn’t work with
      Sweetwater (or iThlete, or HRV+)

      Now, about HRV Logger or any other app that work, my guess is, it simply not using
      the actual HRV reading based on the Bluetooth standard. Rather than, it use the HR
      reading to approximate HRV
      (this is very very not accurate. if the HR reading is in 1sec, simply divide it for HRV
      is not good at all, HRV will varied within this 1sec, So basically you need actual sensor
      reading to sense those variation).

      The table “Valid” HRV/RR Data also said Mio Link: “NO”. Mio link did transfer
      RR data based on BLE standard. (again put aside their accuracy).
      I tested Mio Link, it did work with Sweetwater, iThlete, HRV+ app.
      Ray, I think you should got rid of those “Valid” word, and set the Mio Link
      to “YES” and add some note there for the accuracy things.
      Other who see that table, might get the impression that Mio Link doesn’t support
      HRV at all.
      I’m not fan of Mio, but accurate information for your reader is what I’m expecting.

      I’m waiting for Wahoo Tickr X, but I think mostly for chest base HRM (ecg based,
      compared to optical), the HRV reading should be no problem and send based
      on Bluetooth standard.


    • Gary

      Thanks devsar! In my post I said regarding HRV Logger – “The app will tell you that the monitor you are using does not provide HRV data and that it will record your HR for the session.” So with the Scoche, HRV Logger will only record your HR and won’t even attempt to derive HRV from it. The good news is that at least you get long term HR monitoring and recording. Other apps just go dumb or can’t even find the Scosche.

      Fast forward… I’m now using the Wahoo TICKR Run with HRV Logger and getting statistics for HR, RR Intervals, AVNN, SDNN, rMSSD, pNN50, LF, HF, LFHF, Steps. In short, more statistical information than I ever wanted to know. It is beyond me to interpret all this for general health purposes and to calculate recovery time until my next workout but at least it is logged. It is hoped that my cardiologist will be able to understand it.

    • Dev – Note that it is sending out HRV data on ANT+ (because they are required to per the spec).

    • devsar

      Hi Gary,

      I see. so, HRV Logger does only record HR with Ryhtm+. Not, RR.
      (I missread and think that HRV Logger and Rythm+ could record RR)
      It is expected, as I check it out that Rythm+ does only send HR and not RR from BLE.
      I’m not sure why the Sweetwater support guy said, but since Ryhtm+ doesn’t
      transmit RR at all, it is logical that it not working with their app.
      I do use sweetwater, and it work with my Mio Link.

      On HRV Logger page, they noted that their app were tested with Mio Alpha,
      so there’s a big chance it also work with Mio Link. Mio Link does transmit RR
      data on BLE.
      Maybe it’s better use chest strap for accuracy though, I was thinking someday
      I could check Mio Link RR and any chest strap at the same time to check
      why Ray so reluctant on measurement RR with optical sensor.

      Good you are happy with TickR Run. I am waiting for TickR X.
      I am statistic geek, and currently using V800 mostly. I was hoping that Polar
      catch up with Garmin on Running Dynamic things…. But, anyway maybe TickR X
      can fulfill my expectation on that side.

      BTW, To other who interested, Sweetwater and HRV Logger are all iPhone app.
      Meaning they use BLE. If they support ANT, It will be ugly to use Apple 30 pin connector and Wahoo ANT Adapter to use it with ANT+. Anyone knew any small
      ANT+ adapter to use with lighting connector?

    • devsar


      It is strange. If they send RR on ANT+, why they not transmit it with BLE too?
      I didn’t check ANT+ spec, but if you said it is a requirement, my deduction then,
      the sensor or firmware itself doesn’t have the capabilities for that. Then
      if ANT+ is requirement, the just send some random value maybe?
      Is that why you got not accurate enough value…

      Rythm+ is using Valencell PerformTek Sensor technology. It seem
      by looking at their site, they do use HRV/RR reading.


  86. Gunnar

    Speaking of working apps…..iSmoothrun has been working great for me for the past 6 months of commuting. I use my Pebble smart watch with it which works great. Only issue is on my “regular” non commute rides iSmoothrun wouldn’t work with my Viiiiva HR chest strap and iPhone in my back pocket (during commutes, my iPhone is attached to my backpack strap within site of the chest hr strap). My iPhone would lose HR signal with the Viiiiva when in my back jersey pocket.

    Well, now that I have the Scosche Rythem+, I can now have it work great while my iPhone is I’m my back pocket. I’ve been using the Scosche on my upper arm (under my sleave) which gives it good line of sight to my iPhone in my back jersey pocket.

    Love the Scosche for this reason and the fact it is much more comfortable than a chest strap.

  87. Jason

    Got mine on Tuesday 6/10. Thought I would get a unit that didn’t have the calorie issue since I ordered directly from the Scosche site on 6/6/14 but when I tested today paired with FR220 said I burned 16 calories after running 3.5 miles at 9 minute pace. I hope that’s not true…..Needless to say I emailed support.

    • Hi Jason, thanks for the comment and sorry for the confusion. In hopes to prevent others from having the same experience please note that ONLY Clever Training and FitnessOnTheRun have RHYTHM+ units for sale with the firmware upgrade that fixes calories with Garmin Devices and HR with the Suunto Watches.

    • Jason

      Thanks Joshua. I received communication from Scosche support on Friday and they are helping me get the unit with the update firmware. Appreciate the response.

  88. Brian

    I ordered a Scosche HRM through Clever Training on Monday 6/2 (used DCR’s discount which still saved me a few bucks even though it brought the price under the free-shipping threshold – thanks, DC!). After having trouble checking the status of my order online later that week, I attempted to contact their customer service phone # numerous times only to be greeted by Voicemail which I thought a little odd for both a “brick & mortar” store and online retailer.

    Finally I gave up on voicemail and contacted their email line and asked about my order and why it wasn’t showing up on my online account with Clever Training. I received an email apologizing for the difficulty in contacting them, but only getting a copy of my original receipt as a response. I gave up on it at that point and just decided to wait and see when I’d be able to get the order.

    On Monday 6/9, a week after my initial order, I received an email that my order had shipped and a USPS tracking number. I tracked the package through the USPS site and it appears to have never actually left the FL post office until late the next day on 6/10 and is currently now, on Friday 6/13, still showing at the Tampa FL post office.

    Incidentally, I also had to order a Fitbit as a replacement for a defective unit and began the processing for that on just this past Monday 6/9, it shipped on Tuesday and according to its USPS tracking number, it is out for delivery to my house today. It appears that I won’t get my Scosche unit until next week at this rate.

    I just thought people might find this feedback useful, especially since there isn’t any sort of “Amazon-like” rating for Clever Training. I’m sure there could be delays with the Scosche units with the recent firmware issue, and the US Postal Service is always hit or miss, but I think Clever Training probably could’ve been more forthright with the communication and updates too. Right now, I’d rate their service as an “okay.”

    Incidentally, I’ve also ordered a Garmin Fenix from them previously.

    I’ll report back when I get my scosche, I’m anxious to get it as my chest strap HRMs have all decided to go really wonky on me recently.

    • Hi Brian-

      Thanks for the support via Clever Training. Your experience is definitely a bit odd. I’m following up with them now to get a bit more clarity on what happens.

      Hope you enjoy the new gadgets once they arrive!


    • Mark

      Brian, I’m in the middle of having a similar experience. I ordered a unit on Thursday and while I received an email almost immediately with the details of my order (what I ordered, where it is going to be shipped to) I’ve heard nothing about when to expect shipment etc. This is my first time ordering from clever training, and maybe I’m being naive, but I expected normal e-commerce protocol of getting an order confirmation that includes when my unit will be shipped and an already generated tracking number from whatever their shipper is. I tried checking online but you have to be a member for the order status link to lead to a place where you can check your status and I am not a member. Thus no order status for me.

      It makes me a bit nervous to order something for the first time and be in communication limbo.

    • Hi Mark & Brian-

      When an order is initially placed with Clever Training the order will immediately generate an e-mail confirmation (which it sounds like both of you got). In the case of Brian, the unit showed that it was 5-7 days until units were in stock, hence the delay until it was shipped that 5 or so days later. Once they release to USPS, obviously it’s a bit out of their control.

      In talking with the Clever Training today on Mark’s point, they’re going to see if it’s possible to add the initial quoted ship time to the e-mail confirmation as well. I should hear back shortly there.


    • Brian

      Ray – Thanks for the follow up, it clearly goes without saying that we appreciate all you do on your site here but I will say it anyway!

      As for my order, I doublechecked and none of the email correspondence I received (I.e. The order receipt) indicated that my unit would be 5-7 days delayed. It could’ve very we’ll said that on the initial order page but I just don’t recall that. As a matter of fact, my receipt shows an order date of 6/2 and directly below that a ship date of 6/3. Tracking number was blank which is what prompted my repeated attempts at contacting Clever Training in the first place.

      Of course now it makes sense that the tracking number was blank but that’s all in hindsight.

      Incidentally, mere hours after my post above, the USPS page was updated to indicate my device was out for delivery to my home on Friday by the local post office. It actually somehow took until Saturday for that to happen but I do finally have the device now!

      I did my first run with it this morning and will check back later with my thoughts.

      Good luck Mark and Thanks again Ray!

    • Thanks Brian for the clarity. I’m continuing to discuss it with them and how they can improve the experience there. It would have popped up a notification when added to the cart on the initial delay, but I agree the secondary date is odd.

      No worries, I have a call again on Monday to discuss the issue. Enjoy training with it!

    • Brian

      I’ve had my Scosche since Saturday and have used it on about 8 different activities so I thought I would chime back in with my first impressions:

      – Ray was spot on with the device’s strengths. I like how easy it is to use and it almost feels like freedom not having the chest strap seemingly restricting my breathing! Biking is great now with absolutely NO spikes or dropouts.

      – I love how scosche provides two different straps. I’ve experimented with the device near the wrist, up on the forearm, and on the bicep. The straps are made of nice quality material that dries extremely quickly, much more so than chest straps do.

      – The button is easy to accidentally turn on, I am looking into remedies like finding some small cheap container (like a travel soap box, or perhaps a toothbrush holder) that it can be placed inside when it’s travelling in my gym bag.

      – Battery seems to be lasting well. After a full charge on Saturday night, I’ve done a 1 hour run, a 2+ hour bike, a 100min run, a 50min bike, a 40min run, and a few 15+ min walk “tests” with the device, all on that initial charge.

      – I don’t like that there seems to be no way to check battery % remaining. Is that something an app could possibly do?

      – Now, the one thing I would comment negatively on, and this is preliminary as I only have the above experience to use as evidence…but the device seems to be less “responsive” than the traditional chest strap. I don’t know if this is a function of the optical vs electric reading, but I’ve noticed in side-by-side testing, where I’ve worn both a chest strap and the Scosche that the scosche seems to be slower to respond to changes in HR, both up and down. It seems to “lag” in other words. Once HR stabilizes, it is right there with the chest strap, but it takes longer to get to that stable point. Anybody else notice this?

    • Hi Brian, the Scosche RHYTHM+ does support the Bluetooth Smart Battery Service. While most fitness apps support the Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Profile, only a few apps support the Battery %. I think more fitness apps will begin supporting the Battery Service in the near future.

    • Brian

      Hi Joshua – Thanks for the followup. Unfortunately, I don’t have any devices that can be used with Bluetooth Smart (believe it or not, I have an iPhone 4, an Ipad, and a Kindle HDX – none of which have BLE).

      I do have a Wahoo Fitness ANT+ case that I use for training. Can the battery level be checked over ANT+?

      Also, I have a Garmin FR60 that will alert me if an ANT+ footpod is in a low battery situation. I was curious if that would pick up on low battery from the Scosche as well.

    • Brian, the RHYTHM+ does not send battery levels over ANT+. In fact battery levels are not a part of the ANT+ heart rate profile. I will look into this more but most likely devices that do transmit battery levels send the information as “Private Data”, which mean it is manufacturer specific. Thanks again for the feedback.

    • Alan

      I’m using BLE Heart Rate Monitor by Pribble Software and it does indeed constantly report the battery status of the Scosche

  89. rkas1202

    Hi there! Thanks for your very detailed review. I’m a HR monitor newbie and looking to purchase my first one. I have always hated the idea of a chest strap and have been reluctant to spend money on one of those. Now with these new strapless HR monitors in the market, I am seriously considering buying one. My favorite activities are running (both outdoors and on the treadmill), spinning and Insanity-type workouts. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and use the MapMyRun app to log and record workouts. I am looking for a reasonably-priced (the Rhythm+ appeals to me because of that) HR monitor that is also simple to use. Will it work well for my needs? I want something that will calculate the calories I burn in real time when I do non-running type activities. Right now, except when I run outdoors, I have to manually log the other activities into the MapMyRun app to figure out how many calories I burnt.


    • Yup, it’ll pair up no problems with MapMyRun on the S4. Enjoy!

    • rkas1202

      Thank you! Forgot to ask you about what you think of the Mio Link in comparison with the Rhythm+ for my requirements. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

      Thanks for the quick response!

    • I prefer the Scosche at this point. Just eliminates the transmission problems I’m seeing on the Link, while at the same time also minimizes exact positioning of the Link (I can place the Scoshe just about anywhere on my arms and it’s happy).

      As of a week ago I’ve stopped wearing any HR strap and just been using the Scosche*.

      (*Exceptions being when I’m testing a specific strap for something)

    • Will R

      I was just about ready to purchase the Mio Link but reading this and going through the comments has helped sway my choice to the Scosche RHYTHM+. Thank you Ray for all of your great reviews. Just placed my order through Clever Training. Can’t wait to give the optical HR option a go and hopefully ditch the chest strap.

    • Thanks for the support via Clever Training, I appreciate it!

    • Race Walker

      “As of a week ago I’ve stopped wearing any HR strap and just been using the Scosche”

      That one sentence convinced me to by the Scosche RHYTHM+ from Clever Training. CT shipped it fast. I took it out this morning on a 16.3 mile walk (preparing for the Air Force Marathon in September). It performed flawlessly. The best part is that there is no chest strap, and thus no chaffing. Thank you Scosche, Clever Training, and Ray!

    • Thanks for the support!

  90. Mike

    I love the Scoshe so far. It works great on the wrist as long as it is 1.5-2 inches from the wrist crease. If you put it on the same side as your GPS watch, placing it just above the watch works great. Otherwise the opposite arm works great and the unit stays put just fine. I tried it on the ankle this morning and it worked great! That is probably where I would wear it for weight training sessions so that I don’t bang it with kettlebells. Of course, it works flawlessly on the forearm as well. Lots of options for placement.

    So far no HR spikes or drop outs at all. It paired quickly with my Suunto Ambit 2S. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  91. Troy

    Just ordered through clevertraining and the VIP membership as well

  92. Glen W

    Ray, thanks for the review. I ended up ordering a unit through your Clever Training link. I’ve had the unit for about a week and I’m very happy so far. The unit seems accurate on all my runs and as you mentioned, it’s nice to just put the unit on my upper arm under a shirt sleeve. The only negative so far is the little amount of pressure on the power button it takes to turn on the unit. I put the unit in my bag one day and realized an hour later that it was somehow turned on. It would better if either the power button was a little harder to depress or you had to hold it for a few seconds to actually turn it on.

    I also have the Mio Link (actually on my 2nd unit after the first one died) and I like that also, but I definitely prefer the Scoshe for the same reasons you mentioned above. The Scosche just seems more reliable than the Link.

  93. MartinF

    I just order 2 from Clever Training. Been waiting to make sure people have been happy. I prefer not to have to recharge, but small price to pay to be comfortable doing anything else but running. I can handle a strap during a run, but not at the gym or during cross training. I really want this in a watch, but the reviews on the Tomtom just aren’t there for me to give up my old Motoactv. Patience.

  94. Gunnar

    Just an FYI. I posted over on the RFLKT+ discussion, but thought I would also post here.

    I always had HR drop out when using a chest strap and trying to record an activity with my iPhone 5 in my back jersey pocket while cycling (or Spiebelt while running). The Scosche fixes this problem. I use it as suggested by Ray on my upper arm, and I can receive HR to my phone in my back jersey pocket.

    This really helps if you depend on a RFLKT for seeing ride data (or a Pebble watch for run data like I use).

    I really like the dual ANT+/Bluetooth output since I occasionally use a Edge 705 as well for rides when I need navigation capabilities and the Scosche allows me to see HR on the Edge as well.

  95. SimonF

    BE CAREFUL ! Do not trust the claim that if you order from Clever Training you will receive a Rhythm+ that works with the Ambit. This is factually NOT TRUE. I ordered mine by Clever Training AFTER the beginning of june and received a belt that constantly gives 60 bpm !!!! I personally feel robbed by this blog and Clever Training. So BE VERY CAREFUL with what this blog alleges.

    • devsar

      Hi SimonF,

      There’s a small probability that you got a defected product. Sometime it slip over the QC.
      A constant 60 bpm is strange. Have you test with other watch or any iPhone app?
      or test it in other position of your body or other person?
      I think that you better contact Scosche for assistance.

    • Hi Simon-

      Sorry to hear of your troubles. I talked with Clever Training this afternoon and it sounds like you’ve already been in contact with them. Nonetheless, at the time of your order/shipment, Clever simply didn’t have any older units to ship you. Thus, all they had were newer/updated units from Scosche which were set to be with the new firmware. Thus far, this is the only case I’ve heard of like this. As Devsar noted above, it sounds like you may simply have gotten a rare bad unit (it happens from time to time in any consumer electronic device).

      As CT noted, they’re happy to ship you another unit immediately. And, Scosche is happy to do the same as well (per their previous promise). Whichever path is easiest for you.

      Thanks for the support.

    • devsar

      Wow, very kind of CT to ship another unit!
      I hope this not just because Simon bring it to this forum.
      Last time I have similar problem with other product, they simply told me to contact the maker directly. It was solved though (with the pain of loss time, re-packing, and
      unnecesary trip to post office… and most of all the expectation). I just hoping that
      many company does’nt take theiry quality dept. too lightly.

      I check my Rythm+ unit (from CT) with my 910XT and Samsung Note 3 (some Android phone, have combo chip for BLE&ANT+. I think Sony Experia has it too). It work fine.
      If your unit is defected, there a big probability it also not working on BLE side too, so
      if you have and iPhone or anything, I think it easy way to check it out.

      Memo: Ray ar’u wake up at night. Since it seem that you travel a lot, don’t know which
      part of the timeline you currently are. Any plan to join the Tokyo Marathon next year?


    • SimonF

      Hi Ray and others,
      So far the contact with both Scosche and CT was very nice. But once again claiming that CT will be happy to send me another unit immediately is simply factually not true. They merely told me to contact Scosche and I hope that I will eventually receive a unit that has the “advertized” firmware. I tested the unit with the iPhone and Garmin FR610. The problem is observed only with the Ambit as it was previously reported on this forum. This is the exact reason why I ordered from CT. The problem is that this blog/forum de facto advertises products and is used deliberately or not by companies for advertising their product/services without being labelled as advertisement. As a consequence there is a clear legal vacuum. I EXCLUSIVELY bought this product based on claims that are only made on this forum. If I receive a product that does not behave as claimed on this sole website where is my legal resource ? That is why I recommend the readers to be careful and have a more skeptical attitude towards what they read on this pages. Of course if I receive a unit that behaves as expected I will be very happy to report on the webpage as an independent user/customer.

    • devsar


      Did you already return your unit to scosche?
      Can you check the firmware revision of your unit?

      So far I only hear about some defect (Ambit stuck at 60bpm,
      too low calorie count with FR620), about scosche recall and
      replacing main unit with updated firmware, and CT shipping
      only unit with new firmware.

      My question is how do I know that my unit has the updated firmware?
      BTW, my firmware is “2.1”. I don’t have Ambit or FR620.
      But I check with my 910XT, and the HR and calories seem to be fine.

      How to check your Rythm+ firmware revision:
      1. iPhone: Search “fitness utility” on app store. It free app by scosche.
      you will see the “firmware revision” on attribute tab.
      2. Android(with BLE capabilities): Search “nRF Master Contorl Panel” on
      Google Play Store. It’s a free app by Nordic Semiconductor.
      Run it, Connect with your Rythm+, Select “Device Information”,
      click the read(down arrow) icon on “Firmware Revision String”.


    • Hi Simon-

      I’m not really sure what to say. CT has offered to send you a replacement. Scosche can also send you a replacement.

      This blog doesn’t accept advertising from any companies I review (the advertising you see on the sidebar is randomly generated by Google, I just block companies I review). I write here my reviews based on my experiences and I pass updates as folks request them from companies. Again, you should have received an updated unit. Clever Training was told they were updated from Scosche. Obviously, they’re not going to open every box of every device and test every app/device with some person standing there. Just like your local phone store isn’t going to open every phone and test every app with it standing there. They (and every other retailer) has to trust the manufacturer did what they say they did. And, to date, that’s worked out for everyone else except you. Which is again, why folks are happy to try and fix it for you.

      Edit: Ok, I see in a separate e-mail from CT to me that Scosche has asked them to have Scosche replace such devices directly. But nonetheless, CT has/is still offering to directly replace your device. Whatever makes your life easier.

    • SimonF

      Hi Ray,

      I appreciate your comment and the support I received so far from CT and Scosche. I fully agree that CT can only believe Scosche’s statement that the firmware has been fixed and I for sure do not blame them. As I said my consumer behaviour was solely driven by statements I read on your blog and my first justifiable reaction was that I have been mislead by a wrong statement. From what it appears I am merely an “unlucky” consumer rather than an “abused” consumer and I do not think that this is the right place to escalate the discussion. In no way my intend is to denigrate any of your blog, CT or Scosche and I will definitely report in favour of all of you if the problem can be solved.

    • Lightning Racer

      For what it’s worth, I just got a Rhythm+ in the mail today from Clever Training. It works with my Ambit 2S that I got in the mail yesterday from REI.

    • devsar

      Hi Racer,

      Good for you.
      But I’m still wondering how to make sure that me (and perhaps the others too)
      got the right updated firmware. I think that we are still in the dark now.
      I’m not using FR620 or Ambit right now, but who knows for the next months to come.

      Like I said at first, defect product will happen time to time. We can not blame Scosche
      for that. They seem to handling it in a good way so far. And off course absolutely
      not CT, cause in case of defect product is out of their hands as Ray’s said it too.
      Defect product happen no matter how company have a good quality control dept.
      Oh, when I said defect product, it also include the case that Scosche process to upgrade
      the firmware but somehow, slip it out in the process and somehow by a miss, sending
      the old firmware unit to CT. (human error, probability is not zero)

      So, to that end, could someone tell me what the correct firmware revision is?
      Or any other way to make sure that we got the right unit.


  96. Niels

    Hey Ray!
    I have just bought this through CleverTraining with your coupon code.
    Thanks for the great review. I was torn between the Mio Link and other alternatives, and had not found Scosche if it were not for you!

    Cheers from Denmark

  97. Mark

    Got my unit from CT tonight, going to try it tomorrow on my morning run. I’m eager to see how it does.

    • MarkMcD

      Ran with it for 10.4 miles this morning. Overall I think the unit is on point. But there is one thing I noticed where it was nowhere near accurate, and that’s using it while at rest to figure out your resting heart rate. I have a resting heart rate between 30-35 depending on the morning and when I tested that out today the lowest the scosche would go was 42 and it accordianed repeatedly between 42-65. So while I’m generally happy with how it worked on my run, I’m really disappointed in the resting performance.

    • Hi Mark, after reading about your experience I looked into the issue. The default RHYTHM+ heart rate algorithms have a lower limit of 40 bpm. An undocumented feature in the RHYTHM+ armband is a Resting Heart Rate mode with a lower limit of 25bpm. However, when the RHYTHM+ is placed into this mode the algorithms are less accurate during exercise. Each time the RHYTHM+ is power cycled it will return to the default heart rate mode (cardio).

      At this time a single heart rate algorithm for extremely low resting heart rate and also very accurate heart rate during high intensity workouts is very difficult.

      As other users on this forum have discovered, Scosche has published a fitness utility App on the iOS App store. For those that are interested (read very dedicated) you may download the App and under the Commands tab select “Change” (to the right of Parametric Data) then select LowHR and then press done. The armband will update the algorithms according to the Low Heart Rate mode selected.

      This App was designed as a simple test platform for App Developers that want to integrate custom (undocumented) RHYTHM+ features. If you are interested in App Development for RHYTHM+ please email RHYTHM@scosche.com

    • MarkMcD

      Thanks for the reply Joshua. I can’t say I’m smart enough to understand your reply because I figured the unit was just measuring what happens, but I guess there has to be some transformation of what it sees?

      Again, thanks for the reply, really great you guys have been so communicative, and while running I really enjoy the product.

    • George S

      Joshua, I just got my Rhythm+ and tried the fitness utility app you mentioned above, specifically to use the LowHR parameter change to determine my resting heart rate while sleeping. However, I am not sure how to then use the app to track and review the “workout.” This is not exactly an intuitive app and I was wondering what other settings/switches you are using. Thanks.

    • Hi George, think of the Fitness Utility App as a setup app. Each time the armband is powered off the armband settings are erased so I would not expect you to use the Fitness Utility App as part of your normal workout routines but it will help with the test you are trying to perform.

      First, use the Fitness Utility App to connect to RHYTHM+, select LowHR, and press done.
      Second, use any BLE app to record your HR while you sleep. I personally recommend the Wahoo Fitness App as one of the better free Apps for iOS.

      Basically iOS 7.1 and newer allows multiple Apps to connect to the same Bluetooth Smart Sensor. If the Fitness Utility App changes the armband settings then the armband settings are changed for all apps that are using the armband.

      Last, make sure you KILL the Fitness Utility App when you are all done because even in the background it can connect to the armband and may change the settings to something you would not want for a typical workout.

    • George S

      Awesome, thanks. That’s exactly what I was wondering (i.e., did the app change the sensor unit itself). I normally use my Garmin watch or Wahoo for actual workouts. Are any of the other parameters worth using (e.g., Run or Cyc)? I was on NA when I downloaded it. Also, any use for the settings in the Commands tab, or are they mainly for developers? Thanks again.

  98. hollyoak

    I think I’m going to get one as well…just about fed up with the chest strap “inaccuracies” that cause me to never really know if the data can be relied on due to random spikes. That’s with both the Viiiiva and an old Mio (the “real” Mio/Mitac) and as a result it can make you take the wrong decisions when you’re pushing hard on a 10k and it’s very hot outside…yes I’m talking from experience after a 10k today!

  99. Samuel Chin

    Hi Ray,

    would you recommend using this for say a Sprint or OD Tri? Looking at the battery life, Half and Full iron distance is probably out of the picture.

    I see that it has only 1m waterproofing, not sure if it will survive in the open water.

    • I wouldn’t have any issues there. My testing did include water, and swims, and IPX7 (1M) is perfectly fine for submersion (but not hitting the surface). That all said, I make no promises about long term life with repeated swims.

  100. Koo Chan

    Hi Ray,

    Great blog and love the reviews.

    Have you tried using the rhythm + and Bluetooth wireless headset simultaneously on a smartphone with BLE without any problems?

  101. jb82

    I don’t know what the heck I am doing wrong with this one and the Mio Link but I can never get them to work. Everytime I start to run I look at the reading for both of these and they will be on 190+ when I am at about 80-120bpm! They are fine at rest. I’ve tried them in lots of positions and different levels of tightness (from relatively loose to making a minor imprint in my skin) and nothing works.

    Funny thing is that the tomtom cardio works fine. However I like my garmin much better as a running watch. Maybe I’ll just have to wear two watches! The tomtom seems to have a better design for cutting out light so maybe that is the issue for me with scorche and mio.

  102. Matt Ellard

    Just wanted to comment on the excellent service I’ve received from Scosche. I’m from the UK, and had bought the unit from Clever Training, so after finding it not working correctly with my Ambit 2 was expecting a lot of hassle and expense in getting my strap switched over.

    But no, the Scosche rep I dealt with couldn’t have been more helpful, it took less than 6 days from my initial contact to receiving a replacement unit, and at no expense to myself. Very impressed with this company, and won’t hesitate to recommend them to others in future

  103. Brian

    Well, it finally happened. Got halfway through my long run this morning and happened to glance at the scosche and no blinking red light was found. Battery was dead.

    I guess I should’ve known, I’ve done a 3.5 hour run, a 2 hour bike, and a 1.5 hour run since last charging. But I prefer not to constantly charge every time I use the device for fear I’ll shorten the battery life over time so that’s how it got me.

    I wish there was an easy way to check the battery life remaining before going out on a run like this morning though. Are there any other options for that beyond BLE?

    • Not today unfortunately. One of the Scosche engineers noted yesterday in a comment that the ANT+ HR spec doesn’t appear to include battery strength, hence why it’s not there.

    • Brian

      Thanks, Ray. There must be a difference between ANT+ HR and ANT+ Footpod then, as my FR60 will alert me when the Footpod battery is low/weak.

      I guess I’m out of luck until I can get a device that has BLE capability.

    • Certain ANT+ profiles do support battery information, such as the power meter one.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ANT+ HR strap send a battery alert out on any device though.

    • hollyoak

      What BLE compatible app can give the battery level of the Scosche ?

    • Gary

      posted earlier in this thread by someone else. Go to the app store and search for “Fitness Utility” there is an app by the same name authored by Scosche. I would imagine if they were to push firmware to the Scosche Rhythem+ down the road they would do it here over BLE.

    • Hi Brian, just a quick note on battery technologies. Products with NiCad or NiMH batteries historically have issues with reduced battery life if recharged often, which is why the manufacturer recommends running them completely dead. However, Li-Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries will actually last longer when charged often. RHYTHM+ uses a Lithium Polymer battery so there are no negative affects by recharging after every workout.

    • Brian

      Thanks Joshua, I just now saw your reply.

      That’s great news, I’ll recharge (and recharge) my Scosche now without worry.

  104. Will R

    My Rhythm+ showed up yesterday from Clever Training. Immediate impressions were good. Paired quickly and without issue to both my 510 and 620. Took it out yesterday evening for a quick 30 mile ride and did not have a single issue nor did I notice any lag between effort and what it was showing. Already enjoying the lack of chest strap, had it on my upper arm with the actual unit facing the inside of my bicep. Will be taking it out for a run later today and hopefully will have the same good results.
    Thanks again Ray for the great write ups and recommendations.


  105. Thibaut

    Scosche RHYTHM+ is available in France? or in Europe?

    • hollyoak

      Not that I can see unfortunately. No shipping from the Scosche site and the CT shipping cost at $30 is a bit much for a $80 product…

    • (Note: $30 for international shipping…)

    • Martin Anso

      I’m in Singapore & have ordered mine from Clever Training. Originally, it looked like ordering it from the Scosche website would be cheaper (after using a promo code), but then the Scosche site gave me a different & much higher price in SGD than the USD equivalent, even before adding on shipping… as though they didn’t want to give me the USA price… Clever Training ended up being much cheaper.

  106. Greg K

    Ray – Was the monitor bulky or obtrusive during your running motion? In other words, did you find yourself hitting/bumping the LED compartment as you moved your arms during the run? Thanks.

    • Nope, no problems ever hitting the LED compartment while running. The only time hitting the compartment was/is a problem is when it’s in my suitcase, it usually gets turned on. I liked a few peoples ideas though of using various little leftover boxes from things to keep it from getting turned on. Probably a simple cardboard ring box would be perfect.

    • Greg K

      Great, and thanks very much.

  107. Mato

    Just got mine after over 2 weeks shipping to Poland. shipping + tax (over 40$) 🙁 but i am sure its worth comparing to Mio Link which i tested hard without good results. I ll back with some graphs. Thanks for perfect review Ray !

    • Jan Aniolek

      Hi Mato, I’m in Poland as well and considering buying the armband from CT. So in athe end the total price for it was 79,99 + 40 including shipping, taxes etc.? How long did it take for it to come to you? Thanks..

    • Mato

      Hej Jan. It took 2 weeks with all when i recieved it but i am really satisfied. Its really worth of this money and time if you hate HRM straps like me ;]

    • Jan Aniolek

      thanks for the reply. i am currently using Polar RCX5 with HRm strap but the latter started bugging me. I just wish the polar had an ant+ protocol, but it doesn’t so for now I’ll try the scosche and my old ant+ android phone and see how it goes. The phone is a really tiny one (Sony Ericsson Xperia mini – 3,5″x2″x0,5″ – and as the ant site thisisant.com states it should work with some running apps) and thinking about using it with an armband on the same arm as the scosche.. By the way (and this is to everybody) what running app (MapMyRun, Strava, TrainingPeaks etc.) would you recommend for a phone with scosche+? I am mostly interested in being able to download and folow an in-phone training plan including interval training (this was really easy with RCX5). Which one would you recommend for such traing using phone+scosche? Thanks in Advance.

  108. Mark Cohen

    Received my unit from Clever Training (great service, fast free delivery). I am a personal trainer, so I use my heart rate monitors for biking, walking, running, and cross-training. So far, big thumbs up for running, walking and cycling. But, jury is still out for vigorous gym workouts. Yesterday while working out with sandbags, battle rope, kettle bells, TRX, etc., I kept losing connection. Finally, after a half hour of erratic tracking, I switched to my Garmin chest strap for the remainder of the workout and it worked perfectly. I had the monitor positioned on my forearm. It seemed tight enough and it wasn’t moving around, but the readouts were all over the place. I’ll try it again on my upper arm.

  109. Brian

    Back with some more info on using the Scosche.

    I previously noted that it appears the device “lags” compared to the traditional chest straps I use (i.e. a Garmin “classic” and a Garmin/Polar soft strap hybrid).

    I continue to find this lag present in almost all of my workouts, regardless of the measuring device (Garmin Fenix, Garmin FR60, Wahoo App via ANT+ iPhone case).

    I didn’t see any mention of this lag in DC’s review, but I now wonder if there is maybe some sort of smoothing algorithm being applied to my device, and if this perhaps may have been applied in the change in firmware that was implemented to correct the calorie-counting anomaly. I have one of the post-firmware devices, for example.

    Nobody else is noting this sort of lag?

    I don’t mind it so much, because it’s the sort of thing that will average out in the end on most workouts, the more lengthy the better for that. But it makes the device not suitable for something like a Ramp Test where every second at a certain HR counts in the score.

    Still enjoying the freedom from the chest strap though, and just today the Scosche really shined as I was wearing both (comparing for the above), and late in the workout the cheststrap got saturated and the HR display skyrocketed into the stratosphere while the Scosche was nice and steady.

    • I still don’t see any delays in mind (even in yesterday’s workout on a brand new unit from CT). Historically when looking at optical sensors there are some people that see slightly more lag than others. I suspect this has to do with different skin and likely variability in readings that the sensor may be trying to compensate for.

    • Brian

      Thanks for the followup. I actually noted in your review that you noted a lag (or “smoothing”) of the *chest strap* data when compared to your Scosche.

      I wish I could find a way to easily show this in a graph. I can’t seem to get any of my available software (SportsTracks or Garmin Training Center) to compare the graphs head to head. As we know, Garmin Connect doesn’t allow for this sort of graphical comparison of different workouts.

    • I often use Golden Cheetah to take the original Garmin (or whatever) files and then send them to .CSV so I can plot them in Excel. Quick and easy (and free).

  110. I just opened a ticket with Garmin on this topic – the HRM pairs fine with the 910xt and it works great and I love not wearing a chest strap. However, every workout I do now shows my calories burned as 10 and a training effect of 1. Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

    • Hi Patrick-

      It sounds like you have an older unit (built prior to June 2nd). All units shipped from Clever Training after June 2nd should have been new units (I’m not sure where you bought it). No worries though, you can just open a case with Scosche support and they’ll ship you out a new one that resolves the Garmin calorie issue.


    • Patrick

      I bought it directly from Scosche. I called there technical support and they sent an email asking for proof of purchase and my address to send me a new one. Thanks for letting me know!

    • Chris

      Me too, I had the same issue, except my burns were almost always 19 calories 🙂 Anyway, Scosche is sending me out a new one. Thanks! And thanks for your great reviews 🙂

  111. Brian

    I had a run yesterday where the Scosche had a “spike” at the beginning of the workout that took my normal 140-150HR up to 200+ and lasted to almost the 8min mark. This is exactly like the “spikes” I used to get with the chest strap early on in workouts, but this is the first I’ve seen it from the Schosche.

    Anybody know what I might’ve done wrong?

  112. Daniel

    Although not send signal can be used at sea? not spoil? Thank you

  113. kevin_fu

    I bought a RHYTHM+ from clevertraining.com, and used it with my Garmin620, it works perfect except one things..
    If Rhythm+ at my upper arm and garmin620 at my other hand’s wrist, and both arms hanging naturally down, then garmin620 lost communication with Rhythm+. I think the Rhythm+ transmission power is not enough for this case.
    Anyone have similar case as mine?

  114. Paul

    I bought the RYTHM+ with the original firmware and paired it with my Garmin 610. As reported, I got a low calorie count and a Training Effect reading of 1.0.

    Scosche sent me a new unit with the new firmware and now calories read normally and I do get a Training Effect reading. However, I have noticed that the Training Effect reading from the Scosche seems to be consistently lower than the TE reading that I get when I wear the Garmin heart rate strap. For example, I’ve got standard 4 mile run that I do on a regular basis, which would typically give me a TE of between 2.4 and 2.6 using the Garmin HR strap. I’ve done the same run twice with the RYTHM+ and the TE for both runs was just 2.0.

    I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the same phenomenon?

    Also, I was wondering how the Garmin calculates Training Effect using the RYTHM+, given the fact that (if I read the above correctly) the Scosche doesn’t really transmit true RR information?

    Can anyone shed some light on either of these questions?

    • Mark

      My opinion is training effect is a bunch of hooey anyway, and all the HR calculations that Garmin does is suspect. So I’d ignore it and train in the right ranges and know by feel how tired you are or aren’t.

    • Patrick

      My impression of the TE using the HRM strap was that it consistently read higher than my impression of the workout. I haven’t received my new strap from Scosche yet so I can’t compare. TE is similar to the TSS in Training Peaks, it is just a metric – but one that can be handy in measuring workout intensity.

  115. Brian

    Has anyone run the RHYTHM+ with the Ridewithgps android app? I’d prefer to know that it works before ordering, rather than risk buying it only to find it isn’t accepted by the app.

  116. Brian

    I continue to get lower-than-expected HR readings from my Scosche unit, as well as the “lag” effect I posted about earlier. I’m still working on pulling data together to show in a graph, but I just noticed Joshua Duffy’s response earlier in this thread where he referenced “low HR” algorithms within the unit that can be adjusted, as well as a comment about how the unit has trouble with High HR reading as well.

    So now I’m wondering if these algorithms are the culprit. I didn’t realize the unit was doing any post-processing of the data it receives.

  117. Brian

    Okay, I managed to get a graphical comparison using, of all things, old “Garmin Training Center.” Figures that their older software is more useful than their current (Garmin Connect).

    Anyway, I have an image of the graph if anyone is interested, but suffice to say, there is a definite clear “lag” effect with the Scosche readings, which climb/dip on a delay, and appear to peak lower and dive “shallower” than the old-fashioned chest strap. I feel a little relieved actually that I can verify this observation, because it was driving me a little nuts seeing HR numbers that were consistantly 5-10bpm less than what I am used to seeing. This affects some of my tracking metrics too, making me think that I’m suddenly more fit than I was just a few weeks ago.

    Now, the only caveat is that the Scosche was being read by a Garmin Fenix set at “1 second recording” versus a Wahoo app reading the cheststrap at a recording level that appears to be faster than 1 sec judging by the graph. So I guess the next step would be to compare the two with the same recording level. I’ve changed my Fenix from 1-sec to “Most Often” so I’ll see what that shows next.

    • It is possible that the chest HRM was reading high the whole time. Keep in mind that the chest HRM measures the electrical activity of the heart and is susceptible to sweat and other interference. The scoshe operates on a fundamentally different principle which should be more accurate. These instruments are not of medical grade and accuracy so there will be some discrepancies along the way.

    • Brian

      That’s a good point, however I have 4+ years of data from using 3 different versions of the chest strap, all of which showed no discernible difference among them.

      I almost immediately noticed that the Scosche readings were consistently lower, so that’s why I am doing a little digging to determine why.

      I think it’s important to point this out, as other users might want to know why their various HR metrics, Ramp Tests, etc., start scoring differently.

  118. Patrick

    My experience is that they are broadly similar except that my HR seems to drop more quickly from high intensity exercise wearing the scosche than when wearing a chest strap. That is anecdotal and the only real comparison I have seen has been on this site from the rainmaker himself! I have suspected that the traditional HRMs have been less than perfectly accurate for some time but I have to admit that staring into capillaries with light seems unlikely to be 100% accurate either! I would keep in mind that many physicians use the light technology nowadays because it is easier to clip something onto your finger than fit chest leads so intrinsically I think the technology is accurate.

    My main complaint about the Garmin HRM is not that it was inaccurate but that it would simply drop out causing very misleading metrics. I would do a two our run with it reading for 30 minutes then drop out or read 82 when I knew my HR was more like 160. This happened when I got nice and sweaty. I will take the 5-10 bpm off over completely and utterly wrong any day of the week.

    • Brian

      Agree 100% regarding the spikes with the old chest straps!

      In fact, the graph I pulled together shows some of those spikes.

  119. Neil Glessner

    Ray, do you see a market (besides me) for people wanting a wrist based optical HRM for half/full Iron distance racing? I was about to pull the trigger on the Scosche RHYTHM+ until I read that the battery life is limited to 7-8 hours. I’m still contemplating purchasing it just for the run leg… after hours and hours the chest strap starts to bug me.

    • I think there’s definitely a market – no doubt. I think the challenge to date has just been getting the battery life there, but that’ll happen. 4iiii’s claims a much longer battery life, but then again we haven’t seen their product yet in real life (I certainly don’t have one), so I’ll believe it when I can test it myself.

    • BillM

      What would happen if you wore two units, when battery dies on first one you could power up the second one and if it’s already paired wouldn it keep the readings going for another 7 -8 hours?

    • You could, though you can’t save two pairings on anything but the Edge 1000. So instead, I’d simply use one of them on the bike, and one of them on the run (already pre-paired to your different units).

  120. Michael

    Hi Ray,

    Great work on your reviews. I don’t buy unless I’ve read your reviews.

    I am thinking of purchasing a rhythm+. I use the wahoo fitness app when working out at the gym and use the edge 810 when riding. Can you (or anyone) tell me if there are any issues like incorrect calorie count when using the unit with the wahoo app and the ede 810?


    • Since you’ll be (by default) purchasing after June 2nd, you’ll have no calorie issues with the Edge 810 and Scosche. On the Wahoo Fitness app, I haven’t heard of any calorie specific problems. I don’t tend to look at calories too closely on the app since I was mostly recording data for validation of signal – so I may not be the best person to ask there with that specific app.

    • Eli

      Doesn’t the Edge 810 use a firstbeat calorie algorithm which means it uses r-r intervals in its calculations?

    • I actually haven’t seen drastic calorie differences on the Edge 810 with the Scosche. Calorie burn in general appears to have less reliance than recovery calculations on HRV/RR, likely because the short inaccuracy spikes of the HRV/RR data appear to have less of impact on calories since you’re only usually talking a few calories difference. Whereas on recovery, it seems to be much more heavily impacted.

    • Frank

      I did a little experiment today where I did three identical little 25 minute interval runs on a treadmill recording activities on both a fenix 2 and a Vivosmart. These were the calorie estimates I got:

      —————–fenix 2————Vivosmart
      No HRM——-231——————181

      Average HR on both devices on the HRM-Run activity was 122. On the Scosche activity, it was a slightly higher 126. I’m guessing the fake HRV may be responsible for some of the 18% Scosche premium? Difference in AHR was only 3%.

      I generally only use the Scosche when I am lazy or in a hurry but it is handy then.

    • Yeah, the fake HRV data can indeed dork with things.

      Three minor items to keep in mind:

      A) Vivosmart uses the Garmin algorithsm
      B) Fenix2 uses Firstbeat
      C) If HRV is being used, then by time you got to your third 25min run, I could see how that might impact those numbers a bit. Not sure how much, but no doubt would.

  121. Mel

    Just got a Rythtm+ from CT. Used it with a Garmin FR220 for a few runs and am frustrated. My issue is totally erratic calories and HR’s. Did a 6 mile easy run and the 1st 10 minutes showed 200+bpm (my resting HR is 42). The it switched to about 120-130 for the remaining miles. Read my calories at 165! (I entered my ht and wt into my FR). I did a treadmill 3 miles run at same pace and the 1sy half showed insanely high HR and only 99 calories for the whole run. Any idea why these numbers are so far off?

    • bear_down_chicago

      Mel – just curious where you are wearing it? I think the key for the scosche (or mio) is that the lights need constant contact with your skin with no excess light getting in there. If you have skinny (or rather .. lack of fat) in the area, it’s probably harder to keep the light out which might be causing the erratic readings.

      Moving it up the arm (either right below or above the elbow) might help.

    • Mel

      bear_down: thanks for replying. I am wearing it on my upper arm snugly and it is not moving. It correctly gets my resting heart rate and I “think” it’s getting SOME of my working HR properly. I have no idea why the calories burned is so off. Even if I did 6 miles using the data I listed above, it should be about 600 calories, give or take 100.

    • Bob

      I’ve had the same experience. Mostly gets resting HR in the right ballpark, then workout (run) HR is way too high most of the time (by 30-40 bpm at the times when it is steady) and highly erratic (as in I would be dead if my heart rate got that high or fluctuated that much that fast).
      I have tried several placements on my arms and does not make a difference. I assume this is a “fit” problem, but this is the second optical HRM that I have tried (and that Ray has no problems with!!!) that does the same thing. So I am not visible enough for its sensors, I guess 🙁

  122. bear_down_chicago

    Ray — thanks for the great reviews .. love your site. I got my Scosche last week from Clever Training (to go with the Fenix 2 I got earlier in the year from CT as well … thanks for the discounts!!). So far works great and have not had any real problems. did have one erratic HR on a LR (dropped from 148 to 72 and then right back up .. no idea why), but has been fine on all my other runs.

    I use an old small butter plastic container to store it to keep it from accidentally getting turned on in my bag … works well so far.

    Thanks again!

  123. Nicholas Fournier

    Ray, any issues swimming with the Scosche RHYTHM? The specs seem to suggest its waterproof up to 1M.

    • Typically 1M waterproofing isn’t ideal for swimming due to the whacking on water nature. I’ll check in with them on their official guidance there. I did a bit of swimming with it – but I’m not quite sure how that’d hold up day in and day out, especially if you were putting it on the wrist to try and transmit to another watch.

    • Nicholas Fournier

      My plan wasn’t really daily swimming, more to use during races such that I don’t have to try and put it on during transition.

  124. Terry Liu

    Hi, Ray! thank you for your great review about this item.
    I have a question that, can we use it to record HR solo without linking with watches or smartphones?

  125. Terry Liu

    In CES2014 of January this year, SCOSCHE INTRODUCED RHYTHM SMART +, and in the below report, the user can store data directly on the RHYTHM SMART +’s internal memory without their phone.

    link to bikerumor.com

    • Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…

      It doesn’t contain a memory chip. The upcoming Wahoo TICKR X does, however, I certainly wouldn’t wait around for that given the timelines seem to be as ever changing as the tides.

    • MH

      Apparently there is a Scosche Rhythm Smart that transmits Bluetooth LE and ANT+ concurrently, and has on-device memory. Available in the Netherlands from Futurumshop.

    • MH

      Correction: I ordered the “Scosche Rhythm Smart Plus” from that webshop but received the Rhythm+ and it does NOT have onboard memory!

  126. Martin Anso

    Hi Ray
    Just bought the Rhythm+ from Clever Training & eagerly tried to pair it with my Garmin 210… only to fail… repeatedly…
    The watch couldn’t seem to find the HRM at all. I seemed to do the right steps – turned Rhythm+ on, got a red blinking light, turned HRM on the 210 to on, went through the ‘heart rate’ page – only to have the 210 repeatedly say ‘Wearing HRM? Y/N’. Even after choosing “Yes” many times, it still can’t pair…
    Have you (or others) been able to successfully pair it to the Garmin 210? Am I missing a step? Thanks in advance for any advice!

    • B. Factor

      I went Setup -> Heart Rate Monitor -> Search for New to pair it with my Garmin 610. Does the 210 have a ”
      Search for New” option?

    • Martin Anso

      No, in the 210, under Setup > HRM, the only options are: On, Off, and Set Zones.
      The HRM monitor is set to ‘On’, but still can’t pair. Thanks for checking anyway.

    • kevin_fu

      it should setup->sensor->heart rate->add heart rate sensor

  127. Sunitha Kasiraman

    I just got the Scosche Rhythm plus. I have a Samsung S4 and use Mapmyfitness app to record workouts. I used the Rhythm plus a few times while running and it seemed to work fine. Not sure with non-GPS based workouts though. Do you think the Rhythm plus calculates calories burnt accurately with exercises like push-ups, squats, yoga, spinning etc? I’m also not sure if I’m using the app right.

  128. B. Factor

    Warning!!! As of July 2015, the Rhythm+ does not work with any android app on any android device. You can only use this HRM with an iOS phone or tablet.

    • Brian

      You mean a year from now? Details, link, anything on where you’ve come up this?

    • B. Factor

      Sorry, that should be July 2014. I couldn’t get the Rhythm+ to pair with my android phone over BLE, so I called their tech support. The guy I talked to said they know of no android apps that are compatible with the Rhythm+. If you check their web site, you will see it is misleading. They have one document which lists all the android phones with BLE support. My phone is on that list. They have another document which lists all apps that are compatible with the Rhythm+. My app is on that list. So I mistakenly thought it would work with my app on my phone. But no! Only the iOS version of the apps are compatible with the Rhythm+. The android versions are not compatible.

    • Brian

      Wow. I took a look on their site, and it does imply compatibility, and very clearly falls short of the mark in being open and transparent of the lack of compatibility with Androids.

      That’s pretty shady on Scosche’s part. Do they really expect consumers to be happy with their product when its purchased under false pretenses, and then doesn’t work?

      Ray, as a side note here, I’m wondering if there something about how the Android implemented BLE that causes this, and whether this means that ANY device transmitting ove BLE is not going to work with an Android phone. For those of us with them, this is a very important part to our buying decision.

    • I’m getting some clarification there…hang tight.

    • Dan H.

      I have a Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.4 (Kit Kat) and I have used my just received Rhythm+ with Endomondo and my Forerunner 310xt successfully. It works for both BTLE and ANT+. I haven’t tried any other apps, and my phone isn’t listed as one of their compatible phones. I’d say the person that B. Factor wasn’t really sure about app compatibility.

    • B. Factor

      Reading through all the comments, I would recommend that any Android owner first download one of the following apps to confirm that their phone will communicate with the RHYTHM+ over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE):

      link to play.google.com
      link to play.google.com
      link to play.google.com

      These apps can only be installed on phones with BLE, so if you can’t install them then your phone won’t connect the RHYTHM+ over BLE.

  129. Have you or the lady tested this version of schosche…what’s the difference Scosche Rhythm Strapless Pulse Monitor (Pink)

  130. Jonathan

    Thinking of getting one of these as I get horrible chafing from a normal chest HRM, but was wondering if Garmin’s 910xt replacement later this year might have an optical HRM built in, any news on that?

  131. Martin

    Got my RHYTHM+ from CT earlier this week (FY took about 2 weeks to ship to the UK) and have been out of a ride and run since getting it. Both times I have had issues with the heart rate readings. Has anyone had anything similar?
    For both events I was recording the training on my Garmin FR60 and to my Wahoo on my iPhone4 via Ant+ adapter. RHYTHM+ placed on inner forearm (tight).
    On the cycle my HR was recorded fine by the FR60 but when I check Wahoo at the end the HR I found that it had recorded the HR trace fine until 32 mins and after that it had just returned a constant 113bpm for the rest of the session. Speed and cadence via Ant+ were recorded fine for the whole ride.
    Then this morning on my run I had a similar thing. This time the Garmin FR60 recorded HR fine until 49min when it then just returned a constant 72bpm. Then when I checked Wahoo I found that it had stopped recording properly after just 18mins when it then just returned 82bpm from then on.
    Upon spotting the problem on my Garmin in the run I turned the RHYTHM+ off and back on again and after a few seconds it started recording the right HR again.

    The fact it has happened on both my Garmin and iPhone makes me think it might be an issue with the RHYTHM+…like the connection froze. I’ll contact Scosche about it but thought I’d see if anyone had experienced anything similar.

    • Hmm, odd. Any chance you’re wearing the FR60 and Scosche on different arms? In my experience a constant number tends to indicate a signal drop.

      Also, on the Wahoo app, are you using the ANT+ adapter because you have an iPhone 4 or earlier? (As opposed to using BLE on a 4s?)

    • Martin

      Yes it’s an iPhone4 so no BLE unfortunately.
      I did have the Schosche on the other wrist and my iphone in the rear pouch of my shorts this morning so I’ll try changing that.
      Having said that when it dropped out on the bike my iphone was mounted on my handlebars so only a few inches from my wrist.

    • Paul

      Yes, I seem to have had a similar issue. Last week I did a 2 hour bike ride. My Rhythm+ was paired with my Garmin 610 watch. The Garmin recorded the workout for the full 2 hours, but the heart rate data was only present for about the first 45 minutes. The Rhythm+ was fully charged (the LEDs were still flashing at the end of the 2 hour ride), so it seems as if the Rhythm+ lost sync with the Garmin part way through the ride.

    • Jake

      I too have experienced this problem. Did you ever contact Scosche? Has your issue been resolved?

  132. Alan

    Isn’t this product racist for giving black people 45 mins less usage time than white ones?

  133. Jonas

    I have had mine for a few weeks now. In general it works great with my Garmin 310xt (also quite new). It’s such a nice feeling of “freedom” not having to use a chest strap (although those work too, often times during easy runs I forgot I was wearing one). I think the big benefit of the Scosche is using it during very intense training sessions and also races. Thats when I find the chest straps to be most annoying.

    One thing to note though: I’m not quite sure about the accuracy when measuring very low heart rates (like resting heart rate). With a chest strap I can’t get under 52bpm. With the Scosche I can get down to 48 in the middle of the day (obviously setting down and trying to be as relaxed as possible). I think it might be beacuse of different smoothing algorithms inside the sensors. I think the Scosche transmits Values that were measured over a shorter period of time. For the intended purpose of the Scosche this shouldn’t be a problem though.

    Interestingly one can roughly analyze their own sleep quality with the Scosche. I find that I can wear this during the night without much discomfort. The battery life is long enough for an entire night.

  134. Nick Fletton

    I really like your reviews Ray and on the strength of them have bought quite a bit of kit,I’ve just ordered this now from clever training using your link,keep up the good work Ray,thanks.

  135. Patricia Didone

    Has anyone tried pairing the Scosche RHYTHM+ with Polar Loop? If not could someone who has both please pitch in try it out? I have a FR 220 and I plan on getting a Rythm+ as well as an activity monitor in the near future. I´d really like to check compatibility first. Thanks

    • LinuxSam

      The Schosche RHYTHM+ works fine with the Polar Loop. I bought one a week ago and has been using it with my Polar Loop a couple of times. Much nicer to use than the cheststrap. Especially when you, like me are on the heavy side.

    • Greg

      I have yet to be able to sync it to my Polar Loop but it connected to any and all Android app I threw at it so it could be a Loop issue. It could be that I was also syncing/connecting to two ANT+ devices at the same time.

  136. Michael

    Thanks for your response Ray. I have ordered one through CT and it arrived today. Took a day off to make sure I wouldn’t miss the delivery,

    Can’t wait to take it out for a ride. Keep up the great reviews.

  137. Andrew

    Does anybody know if Scosche are shipping units with the updated firmware now ? (I’ve just read through all of these comments and can’t see the answer to this). Sorry Ray, wanted to order through CT but shipping is too much to France and amazon don’t sell them yet.

    By the way, well done on such an excellent site Ray. I haven’t come across many sites that are so well produced and offer such a comprehensive suite of info.

    • Richard

      I’ve just received mine from a UK retailer that delivers throughout Europe ( OutdoorGB), it linked fine to my Suunto Ambit2 with the correct readings so I can only assume that it is the latest firmware. Thought it might be helpful for those in the Eurozone that are worried about postage costs/VAT issues.

  138. Ibeti

    Thanks for another great review. I ordered it through CT (absolutely fantastic customer service by the way) as it doesnt seem to be available anywhere in Europe yet. Between the DCR rebate, overseas postage and import VAT it propably ended up costing about what it will cost here anyway, and this way my “chest strap stamp” is allready starting to fade away!

    Scosche should really link to your review in their manual though – I tried a few upper arm placements that didnt quite work perfectly (lower arm worked well), until today when I looked at the pictures of your arm and copied that location. Worked like a charm!

    There certainly seems to be a certain “lag”, about the same as the Garmin HRM3 (I seem to remember a difference to the HRM2 in that department, though the advantage of not having to deal with the spikes more than made up for it).

    All in all I am really really happy with it (and the swim buoy I added to the order).

  139. Brian

    Continue to enjoy my Scosche. Thanks again for the review and CT discount, Ray!

    Just FYI – I’ve found that an Altoid/Mint container works pretty well for storage of my device while travelling. I have one of the smaller mint containers, not the full size one. Perfect size, and I just keep it in my workout bag now.

  140. Thomas

    Thanks Ray for the review.

    Got my Ruthm+ via CT (am in the UK) fast and prompt (1 week).

    Firmware is 2.2 and connected fine to iCardio and Runtastic on my Nexus 5 Android phone and HR is reading well.

    All set to take it out for a spin.

  141. Susan B.

    Ordered mine through CT today … can’t wait to take it for a spin next week. My brother bought the Mio earlier this summer … I know he’s going to be DYING to take the Scosche for a test run. Thanks for the great reviews!

  142. Daniel N

    Does it work around the leg or is the band too small?

    • Laurent

      Hi Daniel,

      As said by Ray it is even working on the Forehead. I have one myself and have just tried it on my leg. It is detecting my pulse correctly but, yes there is a but, the longer band would be too small even on the calf if you intended to place it there.

  143. Alex


    Can I integrate this Scosche RHYTHM+ Dual ANT+ HR monitor with the Garmin Vivofit ?

    Vivofit works with any ANT+ HR monitor( or so they say in reviews), but i need confirmation on this.

    I would love NOT to wear the chest HR monitor from Garmin( or any other chest HR monitor for that matter)
    I’m looking to purchase the Vivofit because it’s accurate and would like to go all the way with a HR monitor just because it has that function also.

    Any other HR monitors out there that can be compatible with the Gramin Vivofit and NOT be worn on the chest?

    Thank you.

    • Yes, it works just fine.

      Aside from the Scosche you can also look at the Mio Link, which is wrist based. Though, I’d recommend the Scosche instead.

    • Alex

      Man, that was a fast reply.
      Thank you Sir!
      I do a lot of treadmill, do you believe the Garmin vivofit is the most accurate for this type of activity?
      I ‘m trying to wear it all time during the day but on the treadmill i might put it my pocket because i keep my hands on the treadmill.( your Garmin vivofit review didn’t take this into account but i might be wrong)
      Garmin is def. the most accurate out of all the bands from all i read online.
      Thanks again!

    • No problem.

      As for treadmill, no, I’d look instead at the Garmin FR15. It just came out last month, and is basically the Vivofit combined with a GPS watch. So it does all the daily step stuff, but then can also work on a treadmill with a footpod. Otherwise I think you’ll find the steps on the Vivofit to be fairly inaccurate for treadmill running. Check out that review under the Reviews > Garmin section. Enjoy!

    • Alex

      The only problem is that i wear a watch on my left wrist so with the fr 15 on the right wrist i would look like a weirdo.
      A band would be more appropriate all the time.
      If you have any other tips , they are welcome

    • Yeah, you can do some calibration of run/walk with the Vivofit (added recently), but I haven’t tried that yet.

  144. Andreas Tomek

    Hi, I have ordered an Ambit2s and the Scosche from clevertraining 3 weeks ago. They still shipped me the unit with the stuck at 60bpm problem. I now have the hassle of returning it but unfortunately I am already back in Europe and won’t return to the US. Beware when ordering at clevertraining they are still shipping old units!

    • Hi Andreas- If you simply ring up Scosche (or open a support ticket) they’ll ship you a new unit. Quick and easy. Ultimately as noted above, CT only has new firmware stock after June 2nd (they were out of stock until recently again). If a unit slipped through that’s showing 60BPM, it means that Scosche sent them a bad one. Sorry to hear that, but I know Scosche will quickly make it good. I think it was less than 5-6 days for a person about a month ago overseas that had an issue, to getting a replacement.

  145. cj

    Finally took delivery of my Scosche unit (from CT – Thanks Ray and CT). My Lumia 920 is not updated to Cyan yet, so I can’t use the BT function just yet, but it paired up within 10 seconds with my ambit2 R and seems to be working well on ANT+
    My only gripe is the long strap is a little bit too short, so I can’t wear it up higher next to my elbow; but, in the current position, mid way between elbow and wrist (watch), it is fitting snug and tight and I have to concentrate to actually “Feel” it on my arm. very nice indeed!

    • Thanks for the support CJ!

      Have you tried the shorter strap instead?

    • cj

      If you mean connecting the shorter strap to the longer strap? Yes, I gave it some thought, but I have spent most of my day and evening walking around with the longer strap, as is, placed on the mid forearm position and it is not an issue at all. The Scosche is talking nicely to my ambit and I don’t see any problems with the position of the unit or a need to extend the strap. Thanks!

  146. Jam Aniolek

    Hi there. Couple days ago there was a comment about scosche rhythm+ not being able to work with android apps. I have to tell you that I have been successful with connecting my rhythm+ with mapmyrun, endomondo, runtastic, sportstrackerbystl through BT 4.0LE (smart) on my Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-i9305 android 4.3) as well as through ant+ on my SonyEricsson Xperia Mini (ST15i) with mapmyruhn, endomondo, I have to admit that I had some initial problems with ant+ but after reseting my Xperia Mini to manufacturer’s defaults and upgrading ant+ aopplication form android play market it started and keeps working. So it all works for android in the end. Really happy.

  147. cj

    For those who are curious, the Scosche does connect to the miCoach train & run app on Lumia 920 WP 8.1 phone. The app picked it up right away and I was able to read my HR within 2 seconds, while Endomondo and Calendos do not recognise the Scosche and keep insisting you purchase their BT HRM.

  148. Diego

    Hi Ray.

    In your opinion, it´s possible use the band in swim, and after a serie (like 4×50 at maximum) see the heart rate in some watch Ant+ compatible, with the arm outside the water.


    • Yes, I’ve tested it and it does work as long as the watch and Scosche/Link are placed next to each other. Note, it may however vary from person to person. Further, there are some long-term waterproofing concerns there on the Scosche side.

    • Diego

      Thanks a lot Ray. And obviously congrats for your site.

  149. Ger Kiely

    Hi could you let me know if this would work with the Nike+ sportswatch.

  150. Chris

    Do you (or anyone) know where I can get replacement straps for the Rhyhtm+? I don’t see one listed on Scosche or Clever Training, or anywhere else. Or, do you know of another strap that works well with it and is comfortable?
    I like the material of the strap but the velcro part is becoming separated from it. I need to figure something out for when it comes apart. I may be able to sew it somehow, not sure yet.
    Thank you!

    • Correct, I don’t see any specific SKU’s. In most cases though companies that don’t offer strap SKU’s tend to simply just offer them via e-mail or phone call to support for a nominal fee. That’s probably your best bet.

    • Chris

      Ok, I’ll give that a try, thanks!

    • Albert Tseng

      Thanks for the great review Ray. I ordered the unit from the Clever using the DCRainmaker coupon, and the unit arrived in less than 1 week, thank you!

      With regards to the velcro attachment of the strap, mine came off after about 3-5 sessions, which is really disappointing. I think they could have completely avoided the issue by using a double-sided hook low profile velcro.

      I tried to look for double-sided hook low profile velcro but could not find one readily available. One website was willing to contact the manufacturer and mentioned that there may be a high quantity minimum. What I did was used a roll of hook/loop micro velcros I had laying around (used to tie the computer cables together), and cut them to double the width of the strap, and simply crazyglued the loop side together.

      My first batch came out perfect, but the double-sided hook velcro tab is a bit firm (as in they don’t bend easily), which could result in some chafing/uncomfortableness. I plan to make another batch by putting just glue on the edge and an X across the mid-section as opposed to gluing the whole contact surface.

      I will report back on the result.

    • Albert Tseng

      Okay, so the most recent batch of the double-sided hook velcro tab I glued together using only vertical strips of crazy glue along the width of the strap (so that it would bend easier). It’s still somewhat firm, but better than before.

      However, I think the best solution is to simply crazyglue the original included tab onto the loop side of the strap and it is still relatively pliable and stays on quite nicely.

    • chris

      Just a follow up to this… They sell replacement straps now direct from the scosche site. Look for rhythm+ accessories.

      Also, my charger died. One of the pins got stuck down and wouldn’t make contact anymore, kind of like the garmins do when you don’t clean them once in a while, not that I’ve ever had that happen, ummm…. Anyway, I called scosche and they just mailed me out a new one for free.

      I’ve had good luck with this for months now and definitely don’t miss the chest strap 🙂

  151. Jonas

    I am also interested on information regarding replacement straps (although mine are not giving me problems).

  152. Hey Ray, I’ve been testing the Viiiiva HR strap (connected to my Garmin Tactix) compared to the Scosche Rhythm connected to Wahoo. I’m shocked by how different the data is. Some example data viewed (and snapshotted by my camera) at the same moments:

    Tactix+Viiiiva / Scosche+WahooFitness:
    91/94 (Scosche is higher)
    93/100 (Scosche is higher)
    102/85 (17 beat difference!!)
    101/82 (19 beat diff!)
    100/83 (17 beat diff)
    115/97 (18 beat diff)
    103/79 (24 beat diff)

    Thoughts? That seems like an extraordinarily terrible difference in HR data – unuseable in my books. This definitely does not match what you seemed to get in your own experiments.

    Thanks for any insight you might have.

    P.S. Locations tested were inside forearm and inside bicep – both seemed to have the same issue.

  153. UPDATE on the above. I called Scosche, they answered in…uh .1 seconds, and suggested I remove the film from the optical sensor. D’oh! Will do more testing and drop an update here. Might have been user error!!

  154. Re the above, it was indeed my fault. Once the thin production film was removed, it tracked identically to my Viiiiva, just as it did in your own experiments. False Alarm. 🙂

    Having said that, the only issue I’ve seen is that it did die in the middle of the workout because it ran out of power. That’s one of the key reasons I keep coming back to the Viiiiva straps – clean data, and coin batteries.

    But the Scosche is an interesting alternative to the Viiiiva. I’ll keep testing and evaluating.

  155. belsha

    Is this for sale anywhere in France? Googling it yields no results, neither does ebay or amazon. Clevertraining apparently ships to France but charges a rather hefty 30$ shipping for such a small object, to which you probably have to add import duty and VAT (but might still be cheaper than a future french price).

  156. Alan

    Is it just me getting about 13 hours battery out of this thing?!

  157. Koo Chan

    Just received a whole bunch of orders from CT including the rhythm+ delivered all the way to Brunei (not even on the country list in the CT registration page). CT is tops when it comes to customer service, no issues at all, really helpful.

    Really happy with rhythm +, runs beautifully out of the box.

    Too shame for the steep delivery charges but I guess if one combines a few items in one shipment it will cut down your shipping charges and not to forget the DCR 10% discount (certain products) or alternatively the VIP program guaranteed 10% discount for just $5. The delivery is speedy enough (mine took 10 days) but I guess it also depends on which country you are in.

  158. Nigel Pond

    Ray, is this the same product as the Turbo-STRAPP?

    link to turboroster.com


    • Hi Nigel, RHYTHM+ and Turbo-STRAPP are similar products. Both use the Valencell PerformTek heart rate sensor technology so heart rate accuracy will be identical. RHYTHM+ is a Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ heart rate monitor while the Turbo-STRAPP is a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor. The Turbo STRAPP has internal memory to record workouts away from the smart phone. It will record heart rate, step rate, calories and distance for up to 4 hours. Heart rate will work with any app but to recording and syncing workouts will only work with certain apps which have integrated the supporting SDK.

  159. Erik Rubin

    I’ve used the Rhythm+ paired to my Garmin FR620 for 2 months and I absolutely love it. I normally wear it and my watch on the same arm (left) and never have any issues. For fun one day, I wore the monitor on my right arm (kept watch on the left) and most of the time I observed that my FR620 was reporting “–” for HR, which I assumed was a signal drop. The HR trace recorded showed no obvious evidence of drops, though. I contacted Scosche and they actually shipped me a replacement unit. Same issue with the new unit, also with no obvious evidence in the trace uploaded to Garmin Connect or Strava. However 4/5 times when I would look at my watch, HR would read “–“. Anyone else see this behavior with your device?

    • It sounds like for whatever reason the signal isn’t quite strong enough. I’ve seen this every once in a while recently and for reasons unclear to me if I simply swap it to the other (same) arm mid-run the issue goes away. Why it occurs on some runs and not others is beyond me. Not sure if it’s something with respect to the exact position (for example more inside/under my arm, or more outside/over my arm), or clothing.

  160. Frank Young

    I just got my Rhythm + today and have successfully paired it with my iPhone 5s, my FR410 and Edge 705. I do not, however, see any indicator led on it anywhere. Obviously there are the ones on the underside of the unit. They are working fine and doing their job. But I see nothing at all that indicates the unit is charged, charging, on, or working. It’s in the charger now. No lights. Am i blind? mentally challenged? or do I just have a defective unit?

    • Frank Young

      UPDATE. Scosche tech support said I had a defective LED on the top and I sent it back for a warranty exchange. It worked flawlessly on my forearm during the two runs I did with it before sending it back. Having said that, it didn’t work any better than my HRM-3. I really got it for a chest strap hating hiking partner.

  161. Mark Cohen

    Just received a replacement unit from Scosche. I sent the original back due to random spiking in both directions. The new unit has the same issue. Here is what happened during a crossfit workout yesterday. After completing a set of heavy sand bag slams. my HR was at 140 and climbing. As soon as I started the next set, HR dropped steadily to 120, where it remained for the entire set, even though I knew it should have been around 140. Then during a brief rest between sets, it climbed back up to 138. This process repeated throughout the workout. The end result is that I can’t get an accurate read on my recovery rate between sets unless I wait for the unit to regain an accurate HR. This happened 8-10 times during an hour workout. Also, after the workout, my HR returned to the low 70’s. I sat down for a drink, and my HR climbed into the 90’s (I took it manually, and it was 72). It stayed in the 90’s for about 10 seconds and then dropped back to the low 70’s.

    The bottom line is that I just can’t get accurate information during a workout. I finally swapped it out for my Garmin chest strap and resumed the workout. HR was accurate the rest of the way.

    Has anyone experienced this? By the way, I always wear the strap in the recommended spot on the forearm, although I’ve tried the bicep with the same results.

    • Interesting, I’m wondering if the shifts in muscle when you lift causes the spikes. Have you tried different places? For example, a different place on your arm (inside/outside – upper/lower – above/below elbow)? It might be a bit of trial and error.

      Heck, you could actually try putting it on your leg and see if that reduces issues in crossfit.