Timex Run Trainer 1.0 GPS In-Depth Review


Update Note: Consider looking at the just released Timex Run Trainer GPS 2.0 edition instead, if you’re looking at this watch. Comparisons between the two units are available in that review.

With the market for sub-$200 GPS running watches becoming increasingly competitive I was pretty excited to see Timex announce a new product back in August.  Based on the specifications released at the time, the Timex Run Trainer clearly went above and beyond every other sub-$200 running watch out there.

But until I got my hands on one questions would linger about reliability and functionality – how seamlessly integrated were all these new features, and could it compete with the likes of the Nike+ GPS watch and the Garmin Forerunner 210?  Well, I set out to find out.  I received a watch to test back in early October and have been taking it along on runs, bike rides and even swims since.

Like all my reviews, they tend to be pretty in depth (perhaps overly so) – but that’s just my trademark DC Rainmaker way of doing things.  Think of them more like reference guides than quick and easy summaries.  I try and cover every conceivable thing you might do with the device and then poke at it a bit more.  My goal is to leave no stone unturned – both the good and the bad.

Because I want to be transparent about my reviews, as I mentioned when I first got the device – Timex sent me the Timex Run Trainer for a period of 60 days as a trial unit.  Once that period has elapsed, I send the whole beaten box back to the folks in Middlebury, CT.  Simple as that.  Sorta like hiking in wilderness trails – leave only footprints.  If you find my review useful, you can use any of the Amazon links from the bottom of this page to help support future reviews.

Lastly, at the end of the day keep in mind I’m just like any other regular triathlete out there.  I write these reviews because I’m inherently a curious person with a technology background (my day job), and thus I try and be as complete as I can.  But, if I’ve missed something or if you spot something that doesn’t quite jive – just let me know and I’ll be happy to get it all sorted out.  Also, because the technology world constantly changes, I try and go back and update these reviews as new features and functionality are added – or if bugs are fixed.


The Timex Run Trainer features refreshing simplicity in its packaging – primarily through avoiding the ‘must put everything in a separate little plastic wrapper’ syndrome.  But before you get to that stage, you start off with it looking at it through the plastic window:


From there you’ll crack it open to find the major components snapped into the (friendly) plastic – no TSA prohibited items needed here to get inside:


Depending on which version you bought it’ll also include the Timex branded ANT+ compatible heart rate strap.  We’ll go ahead and remove all the items from the box – leaving us with the following pile of goods (note, the ANT+ footpod sorta came along for the ride, he isn’t in the retail box):


First up – the most important item, the watch itself:


Then we’ve got the second most important item – the USB charging/downloading clip.  As I’ve noted a few times in random comments, this thing is hands down the best charging clip for a sports watch I’ve seen yet.  It clips in super-secure and doesn’t fall off:


Once I find someone nearby with a ceiling fan I’m going to tie one end to that and turn on the fan – I’m reasonably confident it’ll hold.  I tried it like a windmill in the house the other day…held just fine.  Don’t worry, I’ll video this event at some point.  It’ll be sorta like the CatFan YouTube video.  Wait, you have seen that, right?

After the USB charging clip you’ll find (depending on the package you bought) – the ANT+ enabled heart rate strap:


Then we’ve got the ANT+ footpod.  It doesn’t come in either of the two packages – but it got mixed in there for fun:


And finally… the always exciting quick-start guide:


With the unboxing complete, let’s get into some comparison shots…

Size Comparison Shots:

It used to be that GPS running watches were big and bulky – but now that’s mostly a thing of the past, with today’s watches getting slimmer and slimmer each year.  And in that area, the Timex Run Trainer has made significant progress over last year’s entrant – the Timex Global Trainer.

I’ve gone ahead and placed all the watches on my friendly rolling pin – in order to allow you to easily compare them side by side.  I selected some of the most common competitors to the Timex Run Trainer:


(Left to right: Garmin FR210, Garmin FR610, Timex Run Trainer, Garmin FR910XT, Timex Global Trainer)


As you can see above, the Timex Run Trainer is one of the larger running-only watches, however it’s still smaller than both the FR910XT and the Timex Global Trainer.


And in some ways, that thickness might also equate to a bit of a more rugged watch.  For example, the slimmer Garmin FR610 feels more ‘breakable’ than the Timex Run Trainer (though I’ve yet to break it).  And – if you were to add water to both, only the Timex Run Trainer is fully waterproofed for swimming.  The FR610 only has temporary immersion protection, and not against lap swimming either.

But, the most important size to take into account is how it looks on your wrist.  So here’s a couple shots on my wrist:


As you can see, it looks pretty normal on my wrist.  And as I’ll talk about later, it can easily be worn as a standalone wrist watch as well.  Now, let’s get onto running!

Running Features:

Given ‘run’ is built into the Timex Run Trainer name, it stands to reason that its specialty is running.  And in that arena it easily beats all of its competitors at the sub-$200 price point.  It does this primarily through sheer quantity of features.  While other watches like the FR110 and FR210 removed features from their higher end watches to deliver a lower price point, the Timex Run Trainer simply just lowered the price point without removing features.


When you use the Timex Run Trainer you’ll find a few different modes.  This can be admittedly a bit confusing at first – but you quickly get used to it.  The main mode that you’ll be hanging out in during training or racing is the “CHRONO” mode, which is essentially just the blanket activity mode for anything not specialized such as Intervals.

To get into CHRONO mode, or to switch modes, you merely tap the lower left hand button.


Within the CHRONO mode you can customize up to three display pages, with each page having either three or four lines of information (there are other pages in other modes as well that you can customize).


You can configure these on the watch (as per above), or within the Timex Device Agent software, which is then automatically downloaded to your watch:


If you select three lines, the middle line is double the height:


This is probably the biggest area of differentiation between the sub-$200 running watch options.  When you compare the Nike+ GPS or FR210 with the Timex Run Trainer (TRT), the TRT is fully customizable from a data field standpoint.  Whereas in the Nike+ GPS and FR210 you can only change a small handful of data fields which are preselected for you.

In the case of the Timex Run Trainer, you’ve got the following data fields to choose from:

Average Cadence
Heart Rate
Average Heart Rate
Average Pace
Average Speed
Time of Day
Lap Number
Lap Time
Split Time

(Note, in Interval mode you gain a few other data fields related to Intervals)

As you can see, tons of options there.  Also, the different modes also have different display options configurable.  This means that as you can configure interval mode display pages differently from regular workout mode.

Interval Mode:

Speaking of which – let’s talk about INTERVAL mode, the second mode on the Timex Run Trainer.


Interval mode is where you can setup an interval workout to follow.  Interval workouts in the world of sport can span from simple to complex.  A simple one would include a basic ‘Warm-up, Main Set, Cool-down’ style workout, where the Main Set is typically a number of ‘Work intervals’ (the hard part) followed by an equal number of ‘Rest intervals’ (recovery).  Most watches can support this simple concept.

But, the Timex Run Trainer actually allows a bit more customization than that.  You can support up to five different main sets, each with their own parameters.  This is pretty cool.


You can specify a warm-up and cool-down time (separately):


And then for the Interval and Repeats portion you can specify a gazillion different goals – whether that be by time, mileage or altitude.  Meaning, you can specify that each work interval is defined by running for example, one mile.  Or gaining 200 feet in elevation.  In order to show the massive breadth of customization here, it’s actually easier to use the software to show you all the data pages and fields:


On the left hand side you have that piece of the interval – but the reps are actually controlled above.  This allows you to set each interval as a work or rest piece independently and based on potentially different factors.

Really cool.

You can configure of this on either the watch or the software.  For quick setups, the watch is easy enough – but if you’ve got something more complex – go with the software.

Note in Interval mode you gain the following additional display fields that you can configure to your display pages:

Interval Number
Repeat Number
Interval Time
Interval Reset
Interval Name
…in addition to all the fields I noted earlier.

You can save up to five different workouts in the software and on the watch, each with their own name.  Note that this is substantially different than the interval mode on the sub-$200 Garmin Forerunner 110 and 210 watches in that you aren’t able to customize beyond a simple work/rest interval and not able to save them either.  Additionally, you can’t specify any of the interval-specific goals like you can on the Timex Run Trainer.

Timer Mode:

Timer mode is pretty much just like it sounds – a simple timer.  In this mode you can specify a number of minutes and seconds and use it to…well…count down.


In my mind this is one of those features that is rarely used by most, but there is a small portion of the population that really wants it…thus…it was included.  And this is where you see some of the product differentiation between what Timex and Garmin has done, where Timex is adding some of the smaller requested features to go after as much of the market as possible.

After you specify the countdown timer’s total time, it’ll simply start counting down.


At the end of which, it can be configured to either repeat – or simply switch to CHRONO mode.

Additionally, you can also configure it to remind you half-way through.  I plan to use this next time I’m cooking steaks on the BBQ.

Recovery Mode:

Recovery mode is a funny little mode.  The sole goal of this mode is to simply monitor your heart rate and recovery from an activity.  That’s it.


But, ironically, this is great for gathering resting heart rate data.  You can simply just set a total time to stay in the mode (such as five minutes) and once the HR strap is connected it’ll just keep and eye on and record your heart rate.

Simple…yet effective.

Review Mode:

Review Mode is where you go to review all of your past runs (or bikes).  In this mode you can drill down into any given workout and view total information as well as detailed laps and split information.


As you can see, you can get the average or total information for virtually any data field captured – from cadence (steps per minute) to altitude ascent to average pace.  It’s all there.


While Review Mode won’t show you weekly or monthly totals, it will give you the details about a given activity.  For overall totals, you’re best bet is to use the online software (TrainingPeaks) instead.

Configuration Mode:

Configuration Mode (technically called CONFIG mode) is where you configure anything general across the watch.  This is separate from the individual configuration options presented in all the aforementioned modes.  Like virtually every setting in the watch, you can configure it both on the unit as well as the software.  This continues to be one of my favorite features of the Timex lineup – in that I can also save these settings and export them off to a little file for safekeeping.  Here’s stuff that you can configure across the board.

Zones: You can configure zones based on Heart Rate, Speed, and Cadence.  I’ll talk more about this in the Zones section.

Goals: Goals are simply like alerts, but for a given objective.  In this case, you can configure goals for distance and altitude (total).

Units: This is where you can play flip-flop with wanting to be British or American…all day long.  The Global setting does it all in one shot (Metric or Imperial) – but you can also just individually choose which settings are which.  In the case of heart rate, it’s asking whether or not you want it in BPM or % of max.  There is no different British/American standard for heart rate.


User: This is where you set information about yourself – primarily used for caloric calculations:


Recording: This enables you to change recording rate interval.  You can set it to record at a 1, 2, 4, or 8 seconds.

Watch: This is effectively the ‘leftover’ bin for settings that didn’t fit anywhere else.  This includes a total odometer, configuration options for hourly chimes and button beeping, zone audible or visual alarms, and whether or not to synchronize time from GPS.

Smoothing: Last but not least is the smoothing options, which aims to reduce some of the GPS jumpiness that some folks see when they use a GPS device.  Essentially, this makes the paces a bit more smooth as opposed to jumping around.  You can specify to enable altitude, pace and speed smoothing, individually.


With that, I want to talk about a few more unique features on the Timex Run trainer, so let’s dive into them.

Hands Free Start-Stop and Splits:

If you run in the city a lot, you may find yourself stopping and starting at stoplights waiting for traffic.  In some of those cases you may neglect to resume your watch once you start running again – leaving a data gap in your recorded activity until you realize your mistake and resume again.

Hands Free Start-Stop solves that problem by automatically pausing and resuming your activity when you go above/below certain threshold speeds, which are configurable.


This enables you to set a high/low speed where if you slow to a stop, it’ll simply trigger the watch to pause.  Then, when you start running again, it’ll go back and resume.

Hands Free Split on the other hand will automatically create laps on a predetermined time or distance parameter.  So you can configure it to automatically create a lap/split every 1 mile, or every 10 minutes – fully customizable.


I tend not to use the Hands Free modes as I’m pretty good with remembering to start my watch.  Of course, the irony in saying that is that just yesterday I hit a stoplight and didn’t resume on the Timex Run Trainer – not because I forgot, but simply because with running with multiple watches I ended up pressing the wrong button and not realizing it.  Doh!

Zones & Alarms:

The Timex Run Trainer allows you to customize zones eight ways to Sunday.  These zones can then be applied to the different watch modes.

Within the main configuration mode you can configure zones for Heart Rate, Pace, Speed and Cadence.

Here’s the Heart Rate Zones configuration, which allows you to baseline up to five distinct zones with either custom values, or those based on Max HR.


Then we’ve got speed and pace zones:


And finally, cadence zones:


As noted above, these zones can then be configured within an activity to alert you if you stray outside of a given zone.  For example, if I was using INTERVAL mode, I could specify that in the Warm Up phase I want to base it on my Zone 2 heart rate:


Pretty cool stuff, clean and easy integration all around.

Eat and Drink Alarms/Reminders:

Perhaps my favorite new feature of the Timex Run Trainer is the Eat and Drink reminders.  As one who constantly forgets to eat or drink (especially during longer races) – this is a great way to have the watch do the reminding for you.  We’ve previously seen this on a handful of Polar devices, but this is the first time it has made its way onto an ANT+ enabled watch.

You can setup a repeating Drink alarm, and a repeating Eat alarm – both based on time (minutes) and both operating independently of each other.


I’ve loved having this on my long runs lately – as it makes it easy to remember whether I was supposed to be eating or drinking.  When you’re out there three hours, sometimes things get a bit fuzzy.  This makes it dead simple:


On the watch, the unit will beep and blink the appropriate thing to do, for about 3-5 seconds:


Then it’ll simply go back into normal timing mode.  Love it!

GPS Accuracy:


When I talked with the Timex crew back at the ANT+ Symposium one of the biggest points they made was around GPS accuracy and the Timex Run Trainer.  They had learned many of the lessons from the initial Timex Global Trainer accuracy problems, and were fully committed to really nailing satellite accuracy.  In fact, it was noted that they’d be happy to go up against the FR210 any day on satellite accuracy.

And – I believe them.  In my runs I found the GPS tracks nearly spot on with the FR910XT that I often wore.  To the point where I couldn’t realistically determine which one was the most correct, but that either could have been.

For example, on a 15 mile interval run I did, the two units came with .07 miles in total – well within the GPS accuracy range of each other, especially considering I was doing constant loops (lots of curves).  At .07 difference on 15.25 miles they were within 99.47% of each other.  Pretty solid.

In every run I’ve run thus far, the GPS tracks are nearly identical between the Timex Run Trainer and a Garmin watch.

That said, once I get a couple more watches that are scheduled to come in, I’ll do an abbreviated version of the usual accuracy tests that I do.  Though, based on what I’m seeing in runs thus far – I’m not expecting a problem.

There is one important item to note (only because I found this out the hard way).  The Timex Run Trainer will utilize a paired ANT+ footpod over GPS data for speed and distance.  This is important because if you’re (like me) and have an ANT+ footpod there primarily for cadence, then it’s likely that it’s not correctly configured.  In such a case, it may produce incorrect (fast or slow) speeds.  This is through no fault of the Timex Run Trainer – but merely something to ensure that you’ve got it correctly configured if you plan to use an ANT+ footpod.

Night Light:

If there’s one thing I can complain about with the Timex Run Trainer…it’s the backlight.  I don’t like it for two reasons.  One, I can’t customize how long it stays on – and two, it’s just not that great.

For me, when I’m running at night (which is basically at least a few times a week in the summer, and every run during the winter) – I want a clean and easy to see backlight that I can see from…oh…the other side of the road.  Unfortunately, the Timex Run Trainer uses their Indiglo backlight, which is painfully not bright.  I realize it may have been cutting edge in 1992, but not today…19 years later.


On the bight side (no pun intended) – with a long exposure setting on a camera it does show up pretty bright:


If they were to add a firmware option to keep the backlight on for a configurable amount of time (instead of four seconds) – I’d be a bit happier.  I prefer the more typical option of ‘stays on’.

Using it as day to day (normal) watch:

The Timex Run Trainer can easily be used as a day to day watch.  Although the watch is a touch bit bigger than a standard wrist watch, it’s not too terribly big – so it won’t stand out.

Within regular watch mode it displays the Month-Day on the top line, the time with seconds and AP/PM in the middle line (or in 24:00 mode), and then the day of the week on the bottom line:


Additionally, you can configure a bucket-load of different alarms in a lot of different ways.  Be it daily, day-specific or otherwise – this has you covered:


In regular watch mode, you’ll get about 10 weeks (yes, weeks) of battery life before you have to go for the gold and find the charger again.  Outside of that, if using it for sport, you’ll get about 10 hours.  So realistically you’ll probably need to charge it about once a week depending on how much running you do.


While the watch wasn’t designed for cycling, it works just fine and dandy.  It’s able to work well for cycling because it can switch between showing Pace (running norm) and Speed (cycling norm).  In fact, you can pretty much customize the entire watch to just be a cycling watch if you wanted to.


The only catch is that the Timex Run Trainer doesn’t connect to either ANT+ Speed/Cadence bike sensors, nor ANT+ Power Meters.  So, if you want to use it indoors on a trainer – you’re probably better opting for a different device.  But outside, it’s a great device if you just dabble in the bike but are mostly a runner.  And, even while cycling it’ll connect to an ANT+ heart rate strap without issue.


While cycling the unit can be worn on your wrist, or you can pickup one of the many different handlebar bike mounts out there.  Timex makes one for their Timex Global Trainer, that’s a simple rubber mount that wraps around your handlebar and then the watch wraps around it:


Alternatively, if you can’t find that – just about every running or cycling shopping will probably carry the generic Garmin or Polar bike mounts, which work fine.


Note for triathletes that in order to switch between running and cycling you will need to stop the current activity (i.e. cycling) and then start a new activity (i.e. running).  This only takes about 4-5 seconds, but it’s worth noting primarily in the context that there is no multisport mode like the Timex Global Trainer – which is aimed a triathlon.

As I noted before – if you’re primarily a runner but dabble occasionally on the bike, this is perfect.  But if you’re primarily a cyclist and occasionally dabble in running – then you probably want a different cycling-specific device.


One of the really cool features of the Timex Run Trainer is that it’s fully waterproofed to 50 meters – or about 150 feet.  See, it’s written right on the front of it:


Now, if you find yourself at 150ft deep you’ve probably got other problems – but for those wanting to swim with it, it’s perfect.  This is because most of the other competitive watches (FR110/FR210) are not waterproof for lap swimming and will break (been there, done that).  I easily swam my regular workout a few different nights with the Timex Run Trainer, without any problems:


Note that while underwater the Timex Run trainer not ANT+ heart rate record data, simply because the ANT+ signal can’t transmit more than about 2” underwater.  But the time and alarm functions work just fine – as does the repeating TIMER mode.  So if you wanted to use for doing say 50’s on 50s, you could.

Also note that openwater swimming with the unit on your wrist doesn’t work from a GPS track standpoint.  But it does work just fine at gathering distance in your swim cap (did that recently).  No issues there.

Software: Timex Device Agent:

In order to get your data off the watch, you’ll need to install the Timex Device Agent – which is essentially a rebranded version of the TrainingPeaks Device Agent.  This software is available for both PC’s and Mac’s – and works fine on either platform.

Before using it, you’ll plug the USB charging clip into your computer, and then clip the other end onto the watch:


Once that’s done, the Timex Run Trainer will become visible to the Device Agent.  You may note that unlike the Timex Global Trainer, you no longer have to select a PC mode – as long as the watch is plugged in it’ll automatically connect to the PC.

If you have other devices that you want to use aside from the Timex Run Trainer or Timex Global Trainer, then you’ll want to download the full TrainingPeaks device agent as opposed to just the Timex Device Agent.  Both are free of course.


In addition to downloading your workouts, the TrainingPeaks (TP) or Timex device agent will also allow you to configure every setting on the Timex Trainer Trainer.  Pretty cool.  It’ll also allow you to export out your settings and configuration to a file on your hard drive:


And finally, it should be noted that this is where you can update the Timex Run Trainer firmware as new versions come out (note, because you can backup settings, no settings are really lost):


So, now that you’ve downloaded your workouts to the TrainingPeaks agent and clicked upload – it’s time to head online and checkout the details there.

Software: TrainingPeaks

Instead of developing its own platform, Timex selected to leverage the TrainingPeaks web based training platform instead.  In general, I think this is a good move – as I don’t believe there’s a need for yet another web site that does more or less the same thing: log our activities.  By folks focusing efforts and resources on a few sites we tend (as consumers) to see better integration and more features.  And TrainingPeaks is a great example of that.  My Withings WiFi scale automatically transmits data there, as does my FINIS Swimsense watch and every other sports technology gadget I have.  A one stop shop.

As for myself, I use Training Peaks every day.  For me, it’s the one logbook that every single workout I have is in – correctly.  It’s ‘pure’ from the standpoint that all my training data is there, searchable for the last four years.

But let’s start with the basics.  First off, when you upload a run you’ll see the general dashboard:


On the right-hand side you’ve got splits that you can dive into, and on the other pods you’ve got more general information.  All of these ‘pods’ are customizable though, so you can see and change it however you’d like.  For example, the case of below, I’ve expanded the Laps and Splits:


In addition to the basic summary information, you can dive into the Map and Graph mode, which shows you were exactly you went, and a graph of your workout:


You can choose to minimize or expand either the graph or map to make them more clear:


On the right hand side, you’ve also got total (bottom section of pane) and lap data available (mid-section of pane).  And, if you highlight information, you’ll get that displayed along the graph and on the top of the graph:


One of my favorite features in TrainingPeaks continues to be the ‘Peak Speeds/Paces’ functionality, which allows me to see my top speeds/paces (or other sensor data) over a given span of time:


In addition to data displayed about a given workout, I can also display metrics like sleep, weight and even food logging.  I can do all of this from within the calendar view.


As a platform, TrainingPeaks offers endless customization and pretty much anything the advanced athlete could ask for.

Finally, as for third party integration – it’s somewhat limited.  The Timex/TrainingPeaks Device Agent creates a PWX (XML based) file that any 3rd party service (such as Sport Tracks) can pickup, so nothing is fully proprietary.  But unfortunately few services accept such files at this time.  As a general statement – if the 3rd party service supports the Timex Global Trainer watch, then it’ll likely also work with the Timex Run Trainer.


The Timex Run Trainer supports two ANT+ accessories that you can pickup.  They are as follows:

ANT+ Heart Rate Strap:

The first accessory is the Timex ANT+ Heart Rate Strap, which will display and record your heart rate.  This strap is softer than previous classic edition ones – which makes it a bit more comfortable:


You can either buy this as an accessory, or just directly in the Timex Run Trainer package.  Note that any ANT+ strap will work, so if you already have a strap from a previous Timex or Garmin unit (or CycleOps or other), it’ll all work as long as there’s an ANT+ logo on the back of the unit.  The one exception being Suunto straps, merely because they do their own thing with ANT, that’s not ANT+.  Also, Polar straps are not compatible in any way, shape, or form.


In the unit you’ll go into the pairing menu to pair the given HR strap, which only takes a second.  From then on it’ll automatically remember your paired strap for future activities.

ANT+ Footpod (for speed/distance/cadence):

The second supported accessory is the Timex ANT+ Footpod, which enables you to track your speed and distance while indoors on a treadmill – or if you want to turn off the GPS.


The footpod is based on the common ANT+ SDM-4 footpod, and is the smallest unit currently available.  The battery life on the footpod exceeds one-year, and can be easily swapped out with a CR2032 coin cell battery.


The footpod will record running steps per minute (cadence) in addition to speed/distance.  During a run, it’ll also also take precedence on the Timex Run Trainer for both speed and distance.  This is important to note because if not properly configured it’ll overrule your GPS speed.


The footpod can be configured via the watch menu system, or if you already know your footpod calibration value – you can enter that manually via the software:


It should be noted that if you have an ANT+ footpod already, it’ll work just fine with the Timex Run Trainer.  However note that like the heart rate strap situation – it MUST have the ANT+ logo on it.  A Nike+ footpod will not work.

Finally, just for clarity – the following ANT+ accessories are not supported: ANT+ Speed/Cadence Sensor, ANT+ Power Meter, ANT+ Weight Scale, ANT+ Blood Glucose Meter.


The Timex Run Trainer as a product has really surprised me with the sheer quantity of features packed in.  The watch includes both features aimed to keep it competitive, as well as new features that it’s competitors largely don’t have (i.e. Eat/Drink alerts).

From a runners standpoint the unit has basically everything one could ask for.  It’s got complex workout support as well as simple run recording.  It’s got alarms and time/clock functions for those that want to use it as a day watch (with ample 10 week battery life).  And finally, for those needing a countdown timer in your kitchen…it’s got that too.

The only area where it lags slightly behind some of its competitors is the backlight.  And from a menu system, they could be slightly more polished – but it’s leaps and bounds above the Timex Global Trainer.  So significant progress was made in that area.

At $189 for the Timex Run Trainer (with another $50 rebate from Nov 3rd till end of year!) – it’s a pretty good deal.  When I look at the Pro’s and Con’s of the device, I see the following:

Pros and Cons

– Tons of features for the money
– Easily and accurately tracks via GPS
– Supports ANT+ Heart Rate Straps and Footpods
– Fully waterproofed to 50 meters, no issues in pool
– Drink/Eat (Hydration/Nutrition) alerts are downright awesome
– Workout creator/manager gives tons of options
– Complete and total customization of data fields

– Backlight is too dim
– Unit storage could be more (about 10h at 1s recording)
– User interface is much improved, but could use a bit more polish

For those still deciding between the FR210 and the Timex Run Trainer, I offer the following chart:

Feature Comparison Chart:

Finally…the below chart pairs up the three most commonly compared watches in this category – the Garmin FR210, the Timex Run Trainer and the Nike+ GPS Sportwatch.  At some point in the future once I have hands on time with the Motorola Motoactv I’ll include that as well.

Function/FeatureTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated March 11th, 2019 @ 8:57 amNew Window
Price$150.00$169$299 (42mm), $349 (46mm)$279$399/$499 (cellular)
Product Announcement DateAUG 16, 2011March 6th, 2019Nov 2018Sept 13th, 2018Sept 12th, 2018
Actual Availability/Shipping DateSEP 2011/DiscontinuedMarch 2019Nov 2018November 2018Sept 21st, 2018
GPS Recording FunctionalityYesvia phoneYesYesYes
Data TransferUSBBluetooth SmartBluetooth Smart (smartphone)USB, BLUETOOTH SMARTBluetooth Smart
Waterproofing50 Meters50m100mYes - 30m50m
Battery Life (GPS)GPS: 8hrs, Non-GPS 100+ hrsN/A25hr (42mm), 35hr (46mm), up to 100hrs UltraMaxUp to 30 hours6hrs GPS on time (24-48hrs standby)
Recording IntervalConfigurable: 1s, 2s, 4s, 8s1-second1-second1sVaries
Satellite Pre-Loading via ComputerNoN/AYesYesYes via phone
Quick Satellite ReceptionGreatN/AGreatGreatMost times
Backlight GreatnessGoodGreatGreatGreatGreat
Ability to download custom apps to unit/deviceNoYesNoNoYes
Acts as daily activity monitor (steps, etc...)NoYesYesYesYes
MusicTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Can control phone musicYesNoNoYes
Has music storage and playbackNoNoNoYes
Streaming ServicesN/AN/ANoApple Music
PaymentsTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Contactless-NFC PaymentsNoNoNoYes
ConnectivityTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Bluetooth Legacy (pre-4.0) to PhoneNoNoN/ANoNo
Bluetooth Smart (4.0+) to Phone UploadingNoYesYesYesYes
Phone Notifications to unit (i.e. texts/calls/etc...)NoYesYesFeb 2019Yes
Live Tracking (streaming location to website)NoNoNoNoWith 3rd party apps
Group trackingNoNoNoNo
Emergency/SOS Message Notification (from watch to contacts)NoNoNoNoYes
Built-in cellular chip (no phone required)NoNoNoNoYes (with cellular version)
CyclingTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Designed for cyclingNoYesYesYesYes
Power Meter CapableNoNoYesYesNo
Power Meter Configuration/Calibration OptionsN/AN/ANoYesN/A
Power Meter TSS/NP/IFN/AN/ANP onlyNoN/A
Speed/Cadence Sensor CapableNoNoYesYesNo
Strava segments live on deviceNoNoFuture Update (Date TBD)No
Crash detectionNoNoNoNo
RunningTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Designed for runningYesYesYesYesYes
Footpod Capable (For treadmills)YesNo (but has treadmill functionality)YesYesWith 3rd party apps
Running Dynamics (vertical oscillation, ground contact time, etc...)NoNoNoNoNo
Running PowerNoYes with 3rd party devices (not built-in like Vantage V)With 3rd party apps
VO2Max EstimationNoYes, via appYesYesYes
Race PredictorNoNoNoNoNo
Recovery AdvisorNoNoYesNoNo
Run/Walk ModeSortaNoNoNoWith 3rd party apps
SwimmingTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Designed for swimmingNoSorta (waterproof)YesYesYes
Openwater swimming modeN/ANoYesYesYEs
Lap/Indoor Distance TrackingN/ANoYesYesYes
Record HR underwaterN/AN/AYesYesYes
Openwater Metrics (Stroke/etc.)N/AN/AYesYesBasic stroke type only
Indoor Metrics (Stroke/etc.)N/AN/AYesYesBasic stroke type only
Indoor Drill ModeN/AN/ANoNoNo
Indoor auto-pause featureN/AN/A-YesYes
Change pool sizeN/AN/AYesYesYes
Indoor Min/Max Pool LengthsN/AN/A15y/m-300y/m20M/Y to 250 m/y1y/m to 1,500y/m+
Ability to customize data fieldsN/AN/AYesYesVery limited
Can change yards to metersN/AN/AYesYesYes
Captures per length data - indoorsN/AN/AYesYes
Indoor AlertsN/AN/AYesN/AYes (goals)
TriathlonTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Designed for triathlonNoNoYesYesNot really
Multisport modeN/ANoYesYesYes
WorkoutsTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Create/Follow custom workoutsYesNoNoYesWith 3rd party apps
On-unit interval FeatureYesNoYesNoWith 3rd party apps
Training Calendar FunctionalityNoNoNoNoWith 3rd party apps
FunctionsTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Auto Start/StopYesYesYesYes
Virtual Partner FeatureYesNoNoNo (but can give out of zone alerts)Sorta (Pacing feature)
Virtual Racer FeatureNonoNoNoNo
Records PR's - Personal Records (diff than history)NoNoNoNoNo
Day to day watch abilityYesYesYesYesYes
Hunting/Fishing/Ocean DataNoNoNoNoNo
Tidal Tables (Tide Information)NoNoNoNoNo
Jumpmaster mode (Parachuting)NoNoNoNoNo
Weather Display (live data)NoYesNoNoYes
NavigateTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Follow GPS Track (Courses/Waypoints)NoNoPlanned updateNoWith 3rd party apps
Markers/Waypoint DirectionNoNoNoNoWith 3rd party apps
Routable/Visual Maps (like car GPS)NoNoNoNoWith 3rd party apps
Back to startNoNoNoFeb 2019With 3rd party apps
Impromptu Round Trip Route CreationNoNoNoNoWith 3rd party apps
Download courses/routes from phone to unitNoNoPlanned UpdateNoWith 3rd party apps
SensorsTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Altimeter TypeGPSNoneBarometricGPSBarometric
Compass TypeN/AN/AMagneticN/AN/A
Optical Heart Rate Sensor internallyYesYesYesYes
Pulse Oximetry (aka Pulse Ox)NoNoNoNo
Heart Rate Strap CompatibleYesNoYesYesYes
ANT+ Heart Rate Strap CapableYesNoYesNoNo
ANT+ Speed/Cadence CapableNoNoYesNono
ANT+ Footpod CapableYesNoYesNoNo
ANT+ Power Meter CapableNonOYesNoNo
ANT+ Weight Scale CapableNonONoNoNo
ANT+ Fitness Equipment (Gym)NonONoNoNo
ANT+ Lighting ControlnONoNoNo
ANT+ Bike Radar IntegrationNoNoNoNo
ANT+ Trainer Control (FE-C)NoNoNoNo
ANT+ Remote ControlNoNoNoNoNo
ANT+ eBike CompatibilityNoNoNoNoNo
ANT+ Muscle Oxygen (i.e. Moxy/BSX)NoNoNoNo
ANT+ Gear Shifting (i.e. SRAM ETAP)NoNoNoNo
Shimano Di2 ShiftingNoNoNoNo
Bluetooth Smart HR Strap CapableNoNoNoYesYes
Bluetooth Smart Speed/Cadence CapableNoNoNoYesNo
Bluetooth Smart Footpod CapableNoNoNoYesNo
Bluetooth Smart Power Meter CapableNoNonOYesNo
Temp Recording (internal sensor)NoNoYesYesNo
Temp Recording (external sensor)NonoNoNoNo
Compatible with Firstbeat HR toolsNoNo-N/ANo
SoftwareTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
PC ApplicationTraining Peaks AgentPC/MacNoPolar Flowsync - Windows/MacNone
Web ApplicationTraining PeaksYEsNoPolar FlowNone
Phone AppTraining PeaksiOS/Android/WindowsiOS/AndroidiOS/AndroidiOS only
Ability to Export SettingsYesNoNoNoNo
PurchaseTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Amazon LinkDiscontinuedLinkLinkLinkLink
Clever Training - Save a bunch with Clever Training VIP programDiscontinuedLinkLinkLinkN/A
DCRainmakerTimex Run Trainer GPS 1.0Fitbit Versa LiteCOROS APEXPolar Vantage MApple Watch Series 4
Review LinkLinkLinkLinkLinkLink

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  1. Aaron

    For the rolling pin test it would be cool to see it next to the classic Timex Ironman watch as just about everyone I know that does any sports at all has one

  2. Hi Ray,

    forgive me for being slow. So can you still use GPS for distance and use the footpod to track Pace and cadence?

    Or did you mention that once footpod is detected you MUST use footpod for distance/pace.

  3. Very interesting indeed. Thanks for that – based on that I don’t think it offers anything my RCX5 + FR610 combination doesn’t already do. However very interesting newcomer it is.

  4. Anonymous

    Great review! Still hesitating what to buy, TRT vs FR610? I’m a runner (beginner) doing 30K a week outdoors. Once a week on track doing intervals in group. (pyramid, 5 x 600 m (200m recovery), ..). I would like to analyse especially the data of the intervals afterwards. Can the TRT detect when I am accelerating or should i push every start and end of the interval/recovery on a button? I’m a total newbee in this domain, sorry.
    Does trainingpeaks have the possibility to switch to (kilo)meters, minutes/km, km/h, kg, ..
    How important are the features virtual racer/partner on your FR610? Did you miss them on your TRT?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. great review!

    Is the footpod on backwards?

  6. Tempting with that rebate… I end up syncing all of my data to Garmin Connect, is there an easy way to get data from the Timex converted and loaded into GC?

  7. Its probably worth pointing out that, unless they’ve changed things since the TGT, most of the parts of the version of Training Peaks you show are extra cost, including (this one really threw me) the ability to get data about your splits. Garmin Connect is ultimately less capable, but free vs. ~$100/year.

    Also curious – what other GPSs do you have heading your way?

  8. Hi Song-
    RE: Footpod

    Correct, once a footpod is connected you must use that for distance/pace.

    Hi Jonas-
    RE: Footpod backwards

    It doesn’t mater which way it’s on – as long it stays pointing the same way from calibration to regular running.

    Hi Tim-
    RE: Bulk load into GC

    Unfortunately, no way to get bulk non-Garmin data into GC. 🙁

    Hi Richard-
    RE: TrainingPeaks

    Everything I showed here is from a default Timex TrainingPeaks account (non-paid – you can actually see the ‘upgrade’ notice at the top). The only exception being the calendar view – but that’s identical. I simply used the calendar view from my regular account because the data I have there looks prettier since it includes my normal training load.

    The Timex TrainingPeaks edition includes some extras that are above the ‘basic’ version, but below the ‘hybrid’ version. Since the initial release a year ago this continues to be tweaked, but laps and splits are indeed in there now.

  9. JJ

    Hi Ray,

    I’ve actually got a Timex Global Trainer myself, but I could never figure out how to access the specific timex training peaks that you showed in your review.

    Could you tell me how do I do that? Laps and Splits would be quite useful for me.

  10. Jeff Giedt

    Please confirm that the HRM section doesn’t display %HRR. I think you said just BPM or %MaxHR. I like to use Heart Rate Reserve, but may have to compromise on that point. The price point of this feature rich watch is just too good!

  11. I don’t see Lap Pace on your list of available data fields. Wanted to confirm that it’s not available. Thanks for the review!

  12. Thank you for a great review! I’ve been having issues with my Garmin 110 for months and I’m seriously considering getting the new Run Trainer. It sounds like you would recommend it over the 110/210. Is that correct? I run 70-80 miles a week in marathon training and want a more reliable watch. My half pr is 1:20 and full is 2:54.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Same comment as Bruggles. No “Lap Pace?” Wow- Tyler’s fast.

  15. Carlos

    Great review as always…only thing missing is if you recommend this watch over the Garmin 210 which I just recently got after returning my Nike+ Sportwatch. I’m guessing you haven’t made up your mind yet. But it is very tempting to switch to the TRT although I am enjoying the FR210.

  16. JonInVB

    Senor Rainmaker..Any chance you will be reviewing the new Soleus 1.0 GPS watch? I think its like $100. Seems to good to be true. Thoughts?

    Thank you for the hard work and nice write ups!

  17. Greg

    Really excited about the review to come out, so thanks. I noticed you didn’t put anything down about satelite aquisition speed, is it still like you said about 8 seconds, or is it different. I was also wondering about no “lap pace” in the list, did you forget, will their be an update, or no lap pace option at all?

  18. Hi All-

    RE: Training Peaks version

    I got a note from the TP guys to let everyone know that if you have a Timex device and are using the basic (non-Timex) version you can easily get your account upgraded to the Premium Timex version (for free). Simply go here and select ‘create new account’, at which point you’ll then see an option to upgrade an existing account:

    link to timexironman.trainingpeaks.com

    RE: %HRR vs %Max HR
    Yes, it is indeed just %MaxHR and BPM

    RE: Lap Pace
    That’s correct, there is not lap pace as an option. Given the number of folks that have asked for it here (myself also being one of them), I’ll ask the Timex guys about the possibility of getting it added.

    RE: FR210 vs TRT
    To me, the biggest key differences are size (the FR210 is smaller) and backlight. The TRT offers more features, whereas the FR210 offers a bit slimmer/cleaner profile. If you plan to take advantage of those features, the TRT is indeed a better deal. If not – then it’s merely a question of which design you prefer.

    Hi Jon-
    RE: Soleus

    It’s one I’m considering, though my understanding is that it’s not downloadable to my computer. This lowers my interest in the device considerably.

    Hi Greg-
    RE: 8 seconds

    Really, this continues to be the case. The reason is that if the watch has had a lock in the last 96 hours it’ll be able to very quickly give you position. The unit basically believe it’s in a ‘warm’ mode within that timeframe. It’s astounding how quickly it comes on most of the time.

    Thanks all!

  19. Let’s say you wanted to use it for an Ironman but where worried about the battery life. Is there an easy way to turn of the gps for the swim and bike, and then turn on the gps for the run?

    And just a suggestion. That link to Amazon goes to a non-amazon seller which is always kind of a pain. I would suggest contacting a tri company and see if someone would allow you to do an affiliate thru them. I think it would be much more beneficial and I’m sure you could work out a much higher rate than an amazon affiliate.

    Trisports also has this is stock and people can save 10% by using Coupon Code “TGER-S”.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Anonymous

    Is there a vibrate pace alarm or interval alarm option?

  22. Hi Ray. Very good In-Depth Review as always!

    It seems important to note other con’s you mention above. I like to use my foot pod with my GPS watch just to see the cadence, but if the foot pod disables the GPS signal no longer serves me. Why would like a foot pod on my GPS watch that doesn’t operate with GPS signal? It only would be usefull indoors. They cancel the cadence option with GPS signal, that’s an error I think.


  23. How is this watched compared to Garmin FR305?

  24. Hi Ray,
    Great review, as always.
    Say I wanted to use this watch for tri races, is it possible to just start it as a chrono during the swim and then switch to bike/run? In other words, does it support multi-sport activities?
    If not, you could still simply press lap at T1 and T2 and get time, distance and speed measures for each, right? Probably not enough battery for a full IM though.

  25. Escellent post, congratulations,

    Garmin must improve their products quickly !!!!

  26. Ray,
    Wonderful review!
    I considered this watch when purchasing my latest hrm a few weeks ago.
    I decided to go with the Timex Race Trainer Pro instead for a few reasons.
    I am a cyclist and was bummed that the trt didn’t allow for bike cadence ANT+ connection.
    I like the side of the wrist positioning for aero/tri bike viewing on the Race trainer.
    I also like that you never need to charge the battery (cr2320). The last feature that I really like is that it pairs through ANT+ with the computer, which allows wireless transfer that would be very helpful during a race where I am coming into the pit and can have coach/team reviewing my data.
    I looked at Garmin’s fr60 very seriously, but the construction seemed better on the Race Trainer, which also had the layout/functions/positioning on the wrist that made it more desirable for me.
    I think Timex makes great watches and though only two so far have GPS capabilities, I would love to see more of your types of reviews on their watches.
    The Timex Race Trainer Pro would be a good one to see next. 😉

  27. Great review as usual! I would buy this if my fr60 conks out.

  28. Frank

    Great review. As a dive instructor I should let you know that 50m waterproof (on any watch) means the watch is only waterproof in shallow water / shower. 100m means is is suitable for pools. 200m means it is suitable for scuba diving. So I wouldn’t recommend freediving with the watch, not even in the pool.

  29. Jeff Giedt

    Wow. I missed Lap Pace. That is one of my most used data points. It is a must! Put it in there Timex!

  30. Scott

    Thanks for this excellent review.

    I have a question about the $50 rebate that Timex is offering. Do you know if the rebate is valid when the watch is purchased through Amazon?

    I’d like to order through your link, but I am concerned as only brick-and-mortar retailers seem to be listed on Timex’s list of “participating retailers.”

  31. Jonathan

    Everyone has mentioned the lap pace option being absent, but how about lap distance? I do threshold workouts (say 5 x mile) and would much rather see that I am .9 into a lap than see that I have run 3.9 miles total. Any way to make that happen?

    Also, any feedback on how accurate the instant pace feature is?

    I’ve been really frustrated with my Nike GPS watch and got Nike to agree to refund the purchase price. Now I have spent the past two or three weeks going through all of your reviews. They have been incredibly helpful. Thanks so much for all that you do.

    I think at this point I’ve narrowed down to the Garmin 410 or this Timex watch. I run about 60-70 miles per week and do some serious training (1/2 marathon PR of 1:16) and really want to have customizable fields. My ideal watch would allow me to see (on one screen) Heartrate, Lap distance, Lap split, and instant pace OR average lap pace. Any suggestions? I also don’t want to spend much more than $250-$300 so the new 910 is out of the question. I’m wondering whether the inconvenience of the 410 bezel is worth it to get the features I want. Does this TRT stack up to the 410?

    Thanks again for any advice you can offer!

  32. Hi D.C.

    do you had a chance already to test the accuracy of the elevation gain/loss already? Is it still the same method as it is in his “big brother” (global trainer)? Because the elevation gain fromthe global trainer isn’t correct. At least here in europe you have to devide it by ~2 …


  33. Anonymous

    Hey Ray,

    Quick question: If I want to use this to keep track of total time for a triathlon (start stopwatch at the swim), am I able to quickly start the run interval (for logging purposes) and also go back and forth between total time and run time? I’m using my LYC for power, so I don’t care too much about swim/t1/bike/t2… just the run.

    Appreciate it!

  34. Great review as usual. Is there any way to use your affiliate store & still get rebate? Looks like not. 🙁

    Wondering your thoughts on TRT vs. Garmin610 for a runner? Had been looking at 610 not 210 for myself but TRT seems tempting?

    Would Timex consider a slightly smaller version – I need to try it on, but I have very small wrists – e.g., my old oblong ForeRunner is about exactly the size of my wrist/forearm, poss just a little bigger. I live w/ bigger, but then also have extra strap.

  35. Anonymous

    Battery life ?

  36. Scrono

    It’s a great watch however if you pre-ordered it you are not eligible for the $50 rebate.

  37. Ray – do you know if there is a user manual yet? I picked one up today and have some questions that are probably answered in there. For example – what does the display format change do in “Chrono Mode”? It gives 2 choices – Lap/Split and Split/Lap, but I cannot figure out what changes.


  38. Greg

    Hey, I was thinking about all GPS watches in general, couldn’t waypoints be included in any watch through a software update? It would be a nice extra thing to have. I’d like to hear your thoughts about that.

  39. Anonymous


    I’m wondering it displays average lap pace?

  40. Hi Thomas-
    RE: Battery life with GPS off

    I’m actually finding that out now. As of the moment, I have a unit with GPS off and it’s been gathering ANT+ data (footpod and HR strap) live for 24 hours now (well, 24 hours and 2 minutes). Looks like it might go well over 75+ hours. We’ll see.

    Regarding other affiliates, Amazon tends to work out best without getting more complex. I suspect we’ll see it shortly via standard Amazon and thus Prime.

    Hi Anon-
    RE: Vibrate

    No good vibrations.

    Hi Fernando-
    RE: Footpod over GPS

    I’d agree that it’s a mistake to not let a user select between footpod and GPS for speed/distance. There are many reasons why you’d want that – indoors just being one of them. Also often trail runners prefer footpod over GPS due to GPS issues in trees.

    Hi Unknown-
    RE: Vs FR305

    Somewhat different since FR305 is geared toward multisport, but in general it has most of what the FR305 has as far as running goes, plus extras in most areas.

    Hi Tito-
    RE: Multisport

    Sorta. You can change display to show running fields vs bike fields by just pressing display – so you could do it as one activity.

    But I think you’d be best to quickly stop/restart a new activity (2-3 seconds to do), and then change data fields.

    Hi Frank-
    RE: Diving

    In general that may be true, though, I’ve taken some of the 50m watches down to 50m (scuba diving) – including the FR60. And all of the units that say they’re 50m waterproofing I’ll happily take to the deep end of the pool and let sit there for an hour (I usually do). Obviously there might be exceptions, but just on the units I’ve tested they’ve done as expected.

    Hi Scott-
    RE: $50 rebate

    As of currently, it does not appear as though the rebate is applicable through Amazon.com – sorry!

    I appreciate the support though! I’ll check back this week again and see if it gets added. It may in the end be supported though if Amazon goes through a different company for your end-state order (which may be on the list).

    Hi Jonathan-
    RE: Lap Distance

    No, it’s now there.

    Instant pace is pretty good – and you can turn on pace smoothing if you find it too jumpy, but I didn’t.

    Regarding FR410 vs TRT, I’ll take TRT any day. Can’t stand the bezel of the FR410.

    Do really wish lap pace and lap distance were there though – for the same reasons you note.

    Hi Christian-
    RE: Elevation

    It’s a mixed bag, typical with GPS based elevation. In short, it’s about the same there.

    Hi Anon-
    RE: Total time

    Yup, easily would work for that. Just setup seperate data pages for total time and the stuff you want for run (and mark it as a new lap).

    Hi MJ-
    RE: TRT vs FR610

    That’s a tough one. The FR610 has more advanced options, and is a bit of a cleaner interface. It allows you to do lap pace/dist – which is a biggie. The FR610 is also slightly smaller/thinner.

    A tough one!

    Hi Anon-
    RE: Battery life

    With GPS on, about 8 hours. With it off, 6 weeks of standby. With ANT+ recording and GPS off…TBD – up to 24 hours right now!

    Hi John-
    RE: User manual

    None that I can find/get. 🙁 Been trying!

    Hi Greg-
    RE: Waypoints

    It could be, since it’s there in its big brother TGT, but I don’t suspect we’ll see it. I’ll ask next time I chat with them.

    Hi Anon-
    RE: Lap average pace

    No, it’s not. Wish it was.

    Thanks all!

    • Chad

      Did you happen to figure out how to delete/erase workouts once they are saved and downloaded to training peaks? My watch currently says I only have 15 percent memory remaining.

  41. RB


    Great review. Any chance that Timex will update the firmware in the future to include lap pace and lap distance? Is that a possibility? Would you inquire with Timex? Also, I saw that you responded that the TRT vs. Garmin 610 is a close call – a “tough one” as you put it. Would you please expand on that?


  42. RB

    …also Ray, how likely is a fix to allow GPS to be enabled for speed & distance while allowing a footpod, simultaneously, to track cadence?

  43. Great review. I am a a newbie triathlete looking for a good watch for this upcoming season and seasons to come. You mention that the watch is good to use in a pool, are there any problems with using it in open water, say the Hudson River for the 2012 NYC Tri? Thanks!

  44. How do you upgrade your account to the Timex TP account? When I go to the upgrade link, I’m taken to a page to upgrade to a premium subscription and there’s no way for me to change to the Timex one at all. Then when I log into TP, it’s still the same dashboard as the non-Timex account

  45. Anonymous

    Thank you for the great review. I just got my Run Trainer in the mail!

    I found the User Manual here:
    link to timex.com

  46. Rocky Dennis

    One thing – for the comparison chart in this review, you have a No listed for the Garmin FR 210 under Follow GPS Track. But it’s a Yes in the review for the 210.

    link to dcrainmaker.com

    Will you be doing a review for the New Balance N9 GPS watch? It seems reasonably priced with a HRM included.

  47. Anonymous

    Are the batteries replaceable by owner, or do the units need to be sent back to Timex. If so, any idea on the cost of watch and/or strap battery replacement. Also, how long should the batteries last before needing replacement. Thanks for the great review.

  48. dukes

    Thanks for a great review
    I just was wondering a few things.
    I surf and would love to know how far I paddle. Would it work for that too? Will it survive in surf with sudden changes of depth (from falling off or duck diving?)

    Does this have anything like the virtual trainer to run against or ability to show how you go on same coarse against previous (ie race yourself?)

    Finally, do you know how to get this in Australia?


  49. Anonymous

    Based on my first week with the Timex Run Trainer my take is “GPS Watches” are not useful. I’m in the Chicago area running trails along the river (no more leaves on trees) on my 15 Mile Run which measured 13.6 on the Timex (was I running 7 Min / Mile or 7:45 Min / Mile)!

    On the road (again no leaves on trees) watch is consistently 2% to 5% off but I don’t run road much.

    Come sprint accuracy will fall of course.

    My recommendations, use a cheap Timex to time you run or your smart phone with assisted GPS.

    Also, watch is not comfortable, and the TrainingPeak site looks like it was designed back in the PC DOS days.

    Sorry, but better summary is this thing completely sucks.

  50. Anonymous, I just used my Run Trainer for the San Antonio marathon, and it registered 26.38 miles, pretty good accuracy given some weaving around and error. And that was on some tree lined streets, with leaves on the trees. Agree that the software is a bit dated, but it works.

    Don’t think it “completely sucks”.

  51. i tried going to
    link to timexironman.trainingpeaks.com to upgrade my account, and it is asking me for credit card to upgrade.

  52. Felix

    Hi Rainmaker:

    I have purchased a Timex Ironman Run Trainer and I wanted to know, for future reference, how to perform a Global Reset on the watch?

    All the best,
    Felix Alicea

  53. @Felix, just click the ‘erase’ button in Device Agent, that’ll reset the watch

  54. Hi Steve,

    I had the same problem and an email to trainingpeaks support and they “upgraded” my account wihtin an hour.

    Does anyone know what changes/additional features the new firmware update does to the watch?

  55. Anonymous


    Thanks for the AWESOME review. I have been looking to find my first GPS watch and I saw this one at one of my running stores a couple of weeks ago. It was so new, they knew nothing about it. Your review was amazing and the pictures of everything really helped me make my mind up.

    TimmyB, Battle Creek MI

  56. Jim O.

    Follow up on an earlier question about the visual you showed from your TrainingPeaks account.

    You show the picture with the graph summary that has “best 2 sec, best 5 sec, etc.” How can I show that with my basic account.

    Ditto to Steve’s question as well – the timex upgrade is asking for a credit card.

    Fantastic review! Love the work you’ve done on providing very comprehensive reviews on all these devices.

  57. Andy Cross

    I’d also like to say thanks for this great review – wasn’t planning on buying a new GPS watch until at least next year, but my 405 had other ideas. Wouldn’t normally have considered Timex but the in-depth review convinced me, and the rebate is the icing on the cake.

    I also found myself with a TP basic account despite creating it from the timexironman.trainingpeaks.com site. I opened a support ticket with TrainingPeaks (after first trying the email contact on the Timex page, which bounces), and they were happy to switch my account to the Timex affiliate version once I’d uploaded a workout to my account to verify that I own the watch.

  58. Are there any social networking options like share on twitter, facebook…etc like there are in Garmin connect?

    Ultimately your review lead me to believe, for my training style, that this is the best watch as far as bang for buck and feature set. Thanks for the review. I’ll possibly get back with you later after I receive it.

  59. Hi Ray,
    thanks for the review. Bought the TRT through your link. Wondering if you know if there was anything significant in the firmware update dated Nov 15th.


  60. John

    Thank you for all the awesome reviews.

    Where is the $50 rebate available?

  61. Andy Cross

    A few days in, I’m mostly a fan of the watch, but in addition to the observations already made (e.g. the need for lap pace), I’ve found a couple of other quirks that seem odd as an ex-Garmin user:

    Increments of 1/10 mile only for intervals and auto splits. So can’t set to 1/4 mile unless you go metric, and can’t set to 1.01 for races (I know, manual splits are better for races).

    Auto splits and manual splits don’t play nicely together. Today I jogged down to the local track to do a couple of quick laps. Had auto split on at 1.0 miles. When I began my first lap I was at 1.96 miles and took a manual split, and then another manual split after the 400m lap. Was surprised to find that the watch took an auto split at the 2.00 ELAPSED mile mark, even though it was only 0.04 miles into the new lap.

    All these things can hopefully be fixed in the firmware, but compared to Garmin, it’s less obvious where to go to report these issues…

  62. Anonymous

    I am new to this. How do I know that I have the Timex version of Training Peaks?

  63. Anonymous

    I just did a support ticket to trainingpeaks. I signed up thru Timex Ironman, as well

    I was running tonight with a couple of Garmin users. The two Garmin users had distances of 2.55mi and 2.57mi, respectively. The TRT had 2.56mi at the same time.

    Average pace was within 1 second of both Garmins as well.

    Thanks for the review! The $50 rebate sold me.

  64. John

    I’m very impressed with the Timex Run Trainer and was thinking of getting one, but decided to wait for several reasons:
    1) the rebate is difficult to obtain, unless the watch is purchased for $50 more, and then it’s a watch. I don’t care for rebates in general. Timex should just reduce the price and stop playing games;
    2) the altimeter is not barometric, the readings are not accurate;
    3) a footpod and heart rate monitor would add $100 to the price, making it more than $300 with taxes.
    Therefore I got a Tech4o Traileader 1 2831400 used for $44. I’ll use it for a couple of months, then see if the gps watches have improved.

  65. Jonathan

    Can anyone confirm that the rebate is valid if you purchase it from the amazon link in this review? The terms and conditions from timex’s website says only from participating retailers and amazon isn’t listed. Don’t want to buy and it and then get stuck! Thanks!

  66. Andy Cross

    Timex version of TrainingPeaks: orange/black stylesheet, doesn’t have an ad consuming 15% of the screen on the right hand side, just all around better aesthetically, even before you consider the improved functionality, which is mostly on the Map/Graphs view. Really enjoying the Pace/Speed and HR zone breakdowns on the Quick View, that’s worlds ahead of what Garmin Connect could do.

    Again, if you end up with a basic account (blue stylesheet, big ad on the right hand side), TrainingPeaks support are quick to adjust your account once they see an upload that confirms you have the watch.

    The quirk I found with the auto splits vs manual splits seems to be a legitimate bug, as the user guide says a manual split should reset the distance counter, so hopefully that’ll get fixed in an upcoming firmware update.

    Finally, rebate: I went through RoadRunner Sports to be on the safe side. Sorry Ray to not use your link, but $50 is a lot to gamble… I will however keep referring friends to your reviews!

  67. Anonymous

    I run/walk 15 kilometres a day’ alternating 10 minutes run and 1 minute walk.I need a heartrate watch which: 1. Allows repetitive alarms every 10 and 1 minutes 2. Shows large numbers,as I’m short sighted 3. Has strong illumination, as I run at night. Which watch would you recomend. Thanks

  68. Love the review! It helped convince me to buy it (along with the incredible price $150 at Sports Authority with HRM after the rebate!)

    I know that Indiglo is pretty old tech now but I guess for me its plenty bright enough at night. I thought you’d be interested in a slight correction though. While there is no way to configure how long the light stays on when you press the button, if you hold the button until it beeps twice, it will remain on until you press the Indiglo button again.

    I suppose that doesn’t really help with the brightness if its not enough for you but at least you can keep it on at night while you run. 8) (I can see how you’d miss it…I found it simply by seeing what would happen if I held it down.)

  69. Ben S

    I’m getting back into running after a few years off and some injuries, and was seriously considering the 610, but now looking at this.

    How does the comfort of the HR strap compare between this and the 610 strap?

    Thanks for such excellent reviews. They’re insanely helpful.

  70. Blake

    I really liked the TRT until I accidentally dropped it on the tile floor in my bathroom, and the screen went blank. Is this normal? I am talking about a drop of approximately 4 or 4 1/2 feet.

    I will be sending it back for another one. Or should I go with the FR 610 for about $150 more? I am new to this.


  71. I was about to pull the trigger on a Forerunner 210, but then I saw your review of the new Timex GPS watch. Last night I purchased the +HR Monitor option using the Amazon link you provided — only way I had to thank you for your very helpful review. 🙂

  72. Great review! Can I use the footpod for cadence and the GPS for pace/distance? In the review, I thought you inferred you could configure it this way, but in your response to Song Chuah, it sounds like maybe not. I would like to use the footpod outside for cadence, while using the GPS for distance. Hoping that is possible. Thanks.

  73. Alan

    Is this sold in Europe? I can’t find it! Is there a reference, because when looking at the Timex english website, I see those:
    link to timex.co.uk

    and no timex run trainer!?

  74. Anonymous

    I read on the Timex forum, it will be first available in Europe in March 2012.

  75. Great review – thanks! Any idea if it is connectible to a Linux computer? I run Ubuntu and am seriously considering buying the Run Trainer, but am unsure about its connectivity.


  76. For Europe, you can buy in USA if ou don’t want to wait March 2012. That ‘s what I will do…

  77. Anonymous

    Great review!

    i’ve bought TRT from Amazon.

    in chrono mode during a workout is it possible to shift from a page to another of the display?

    Thanks in advance!

  78. Anonymous

    This is a the most basic of questions, but what is the easiest way to just start and stop the watch for just a normal training run? I can’t seem to just get it work for just a run. Thanks.

  79. @Anonymous:

    Just switch the watch to CHRONO, hit the start button. When you’re done, hit the stop button. That’s all outlined in the quick start manual.

  80. #77

    You can simply iterate between the screens in workouts with short pressing the RADIO button.


  81. I find, this is a great watch with a lot of customisation settings. A setting I miss by the way. This is to be able to set heart rate values and heart rate percentage to display simoultaneously. Unfortunately we can only predefine which heart rate mode we prefer. Either absolute values or percentage. I hope it will be enhanced in future firmware versions.

  82. Anonymous

    thanks a lot Joe

    i appreciate

    greate watch for me to


  83. EvE

    Anyone already bought the watch in Europe? I live in NL but can only find US sales points. And unfortunately the rebate is also for US residents only 🙁 For $120 I would buy it immediately, no doubts.

  84. @EvE: A few posts above yours states the watch isn’t released in Europe yet, but that’s coming Spring 2012.

  85. EvE

    @Richard F
    Thanks, I overlooked that.

    I just got a reply from Timex as well. Confirming it will be released around Feb 2012 for Europe & Canada. It is at the moment unknown if there will be a rebate action for Europe either 🙁

  86. Anonymous

    Can someone please walk me through an easy interval workout like 6 x 1k with 500m rest using the software. Keep it simple please, I’m an idiot.

  87. Anonymous

    re: 12/8 Anonymous

    Great watch, but as of now it’s tough to set a workout that isn’t time-based.

  88. Anonymous

    I’m confused. Are pure distance based intervals possible or not? If not, that would be a huge mistake.

  89. In interval mode you can set distance goal to all interval periods even separately.

  90. It’s all in the manual, I’m not sure why no one’s apparently reading that. It’s even available online: link to assets.timex.com

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. Anonymous

    @90 Maybe I’m just dumb then, but I can’t for the life of me get this to work:

    – warm up
    – 1km pace 3:30-4:00
    – 400m no pace range
    – repeat 2-3 10x
    – cool down

    The way I’ve set it up:

    warm up:
    time set to 0:00:00
    distance: on, set to 1k
    everything else: off

    interval 1:
    time set to 0:00:00
    distance: on, set to 1k
    pace: on, low 4:00 high 3:30
    everything else off

    interval 2:
    time set to 0:00:00
    distance: on, set to 400m
    everything else off

    cool down:
    time set to 0:00:00
    distance: on, set to 1k
    everything else off

    repeat 10x

    Without setting a time I can’t start the workout, but I don’t want to set a time. I want distance based intervals. With the timmer running the watch will move to the next interval once the timer runs out. I want the next interval once I hit the distance.

  93. Ben S

    I also emailed about the upgrade. Apparently, the only premium features are the lap/split records. Then there’s still a paid Premium tier. It’s a bit confusing.

  94. @Ben S: There’s also the pseudo-premium feature of removing all of the ads from the interface as well. Then there’s also a few free training plans included.

    Removal of the ads is the best reason to get the upgrade.

  95. Konstantinos (damalas@hotmail.com)

    2+2 questions
    Thank you for helping us.
    Indeed the “interval mode” is cool. It is a great training tool. I am a happy owner of a Timex Global Trainer, and I feel I miss that possibility (what kind of Trainer is this without an “interval mode”?). I have a two-part question; can this tool help my type of training? And can I have it in my watch? To be more specific, lets say I want to make an interval training consisting of 1st interval
    1) a 25min warm up, 2) 10min of stretching, 3) 100meters progressive runx6 with 30sec rest, 4) then (the main part)200meters x10with 1min jog and 5) then cool down for 2kilometers. Is it possible to program this in the Timex Run Trainer?
    Actually my main question is “is it possible to create a repetitive interval consisting of one unit of distance and one of time?” I mean not only time-time (2minutes run-1minute jog) but of the type of x meters run-y minutes jog.

    And farther, do you think that is in any way possible -from our side- to ask from Timex to integrate the features of “interval mode” in the next firmware update of the Timex Global Trainer? Please say YES! I can defiantly send an email, right now. You see the developers in person; can we press in that direction?

    And a third question -that just came up-. I am considering putting a foot pod in my training in order to monitor the “running cadence” I understand that –at this time- once foot pod is detected you MUST use foot pod for distance/pace, why is this? Is more accurate and more battery-economy? There is no better accuracy in integration of GPS-data and foot pod-data? More work for the developers? At least they could let “cadence option with GPS signal”.

    And a final-final one, it is better to wait till battery goes dead to recharge it? Or it is better to recharge every other training? (on GPS-off my Timex Global Trainer showing day time for max 2 days! Is normal?).

    Thank you very much for all the support.
    Appreciate it!

  96. Anonymous

    Running Warehouse is offering this watch at the same price ($189.95) and you can get the $50 rebate with them.

    They are also offering free 2 day shipping. On the real, this is as good as it gets.

  97. Anonymous

    Is anyone else seeing a bug where average pace is always displayed in min/mile even if you go metric?

  98. Wondering if anybody else is having a problem with TRT not downloading large data files into TrainingPeaks. Went for a 12 mile run today and all the data shows up on the watch. Time, distance, pace, laps, heart rate, elevation etc. When I go and download to the device agent, and upload to TrainingPeaks, It only gives me total time and distance. No map, graph or any other data. I have not had any problems with runs under 6 miles. Is this a problem with large files? Has anyone been able to uploading data into TrainingPeaks from a marathon run?

  99. Nathan

    Special at the Sports Authority near me. 20% off everything in the store. Then added this link to img.ed4.net 25% off coupon brought the total down to $146.27 after taxes. Now to send off my MIR and save another $50!!!

  100. @gchanman

    I had the very same problem on one of my workout. THe memory was full, but I hoped the watch would overwrite the oldest workout. When I downloaded the workout on trainingpeaks, I only had the summary, no map and no graph.

    Then, I erased the watch and the following workout was ok. I also downloaded a heavy windsurf workout ( 66 km for 3 hours) and had no issues, so I think there is no limits for the size of the workouts

  101. Anonymous

    did you erase all settings?
    I can’t find an option to delete only the workouts in the watch.
    How did you do that? Thanks.

    The Average pace mile bug I have as well.


  102. No, I just clicked on erase on the upper part of the device agent window and it only erased the workouts. The settings remained.

  103. Anonymous

    Cool, thanks!
    It worked! Somehow I misunderstood it!

  104. Anonymous

    About those (distance)interval questions. I wrote to timex and got this:

    You can do it but it is not a special mode for it below is a way around the timing yu can do it.

    1. Set the interval time high enough so that it won’t expire before the distance (e.g. 20:00 for 1 mile)

    2. Set a distance goal for the interval (e.g. 1 mile)

    3. Start the interval workout. A pop-up will come up showing you the distance was reached

    4. Hold the START/SPLIT button after the pop-up to skip to the next interval.

    I did tlak to my development team to let them know it is something people would like added.

  105. another problem I had: when running intervals, the watch did not beep if I went below or above the speed thresolds I set in the device agent.

    Anyone know if there is an option so as to allow the speed alerts when running in interval mode?

  106. it’s a great review, thanks! I have been used TRT for a month now, it’s my first GPS watch and I like it so far. Most of the issues on Interval Time.

    1) As others mentioned, it can’t be set by distance, you have to set a time, without the time, it just won’t start. Then set up a goal of distance (e.g. 1 mile or 0.5 mile), if you reach the goal distance before set time up, the watch will beep and show the msg, it may confuse you thought it’s time up.

    2). Also as mentioned, the pace you set (minimum, maximum) on the interval will not do anything, so just forget about it, at least for now.

    3). Auto Split will interfere with the lap on Interval, be sure to turn off Auto Split when use Interval Timer.

    4). This is most annoying one about the Interval Timer so far. The web based Trainingpeaks.com can not handle Interval at all! Make all the interval data on the website absolutely useless. For example, I warmed up 15 min, ran 4 min, then jogged 3 min, from TRT watch Review, everything is fine. But when I uploaded it to the website, the warm up part is fine, but my run showed from minute 15 to minute 4, so I ran -11 minutes! also my jog became from minute 4 to minute 3 so I jogged -1 minute. And all the data on Map and Graphy will either be blank or random. I sent email to their support team, which knew nothing about it but kept asked me to update software which I did. After numerous email exchange, they finally emailed me back said that’s a bug and they will fix it on next release and that’s end of story, never heard from them again, horrible!

    sorry for the rant. I still like the watch, just hate the software and trainingpeaks.com support/dev efforts.

  107. I also have this weird problem, once after a short run, my watch time was changed to a day on March next year (2012). I guess it’s the problem with GPS Satellite Time Sync, so I kept push the button on sync menu, even changed the locations and tried again, but it never corrected the time. I had to manually change the time. A few days later, it happened again, now I turn off the Satellite Time Sync for good. I’m not sure what caused it, satellite or software. Also my TRT was got reset for whatever reason, I lost all of my setting. I lost a few days training data one time. After I saved them to the website I erase them (I was pretty sure I uploaded) and then found nothing on the site. oh well.

  108. @dupaks

    Had the same experience with memory being low and losing data. That’s why I erase files regularly. My TRT had lots of memory, latest firmware installed(Nov 15), and device agent updated (Nov 22). Still had this happen. I think this is a true bug with TRT as I have seen posts on facebook (TIMEX SPORTS) with this issue. Hope Timex can address with next firmware update.

  109. TRT or FR610?I’ve been looking through all net for reviews and comparisons between these 2 watches. Nothing found. Since they are both the products with more functionalities, a comparison between them should be more suitable then doing it with TRT and FR 210. Everything I read about both were biased or there was no conclusion at all. Rainmaker’s reviews were far the better I’ve read. But yet, there’s no comparison between them, just a “tough one” remark…hehe. So,what do you guys say about them? which one has a better cost-benefit ratio?

  110. Lester, I think the reason TRT was compared to FR210 is because they are close on price range. I think FR610 is better one based on my reading so far. But it’s much expensive with a price tag around $350. My TRT cost me around $120 after 10% off of list price of $189 on RoadRunnerSport (REI has similar deal for membership) and $50 rebate (which I got in just two weeks). So for the price of FR610, I can almost get 3 TRT. If the price of FR610 is comparable to TRT, I’d take 610 any day, not only for the features, but also for software and wide third party support. TRT is a good watch but with bare minimum software and close to nothing on support. Runnersworld branded TRT as “Perfect For Marathoners” and FR610 as “Perfect For Race Junkies” . http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-240-321–14136-1-1-2,00.html

  111. Anonymous

    Are they going to release a wall adapter for this thing? It is pretty annoying to leave my laptop on for 4 hours a pop.

  112. Great review as always, thank you for the time you commit to these reviews.
    How does the TRT perform on the trails. The trails I run have a very thick canopy.

    Thanks Again

  113. Thanks for the review Ray! I just wanted to point out that you are able to turn on the Indiglo light for more than 4 seconds as you say in the review. It’s called the Night-Mode and all you have to do is hold down the Indiglo button until the watch beeps once, and then hold it down for another second until it beeps twice in a row. After that the Indiglo stays on indefinitely until you press the button again.Happy Holidays!

  114. Hi DC!

    is it possible to find it in europe (spain)?

    I was interested in the Garmin 210 watch but when i read the review of the TRT I changed my decision.

    I’m runner so if i can’t go for the TRT, would I buy the Garmin 210?

    Thanks in advance!

  115. Great review. My wife bought it for me for an early christmas present and I love it so far. I was a little confused with the configuration until I read your review. One question: on Training Peaks, there is a function where you can store routes and create routes. It seems like the function for this would be so that you could download it on to your watch and use it as a guide, but I haven’t seen any function for that. 1. Can you download a route to your Run Trainer? 2. If not, what is the purpose for being able to create routes?

  116. Jonathan

    I’ve got a question for all you TRT owners…

    When I go for a run, I turn on the satellites, switch to Chrono mode, and then go one my way. If I get held up at a red light, I just stop the watch for a moment and then press start when it goes green. When I finally upload my data I see that I have added time from what I see on my watch. It appears that it continues to record while I’m just standing there waiting. For instance, my watch will show that I ran 10 miles in 70 minutes. But in TrainingPeaks it will say I ran 10 miles in 72:33. Therefore, the avg. pace is messed up and all the stats are rendered useless.

    Any ideas on how to minimize this problem?

  117. @jonathan

    Same problem for me. In fact in the quick view, the data are correct. But when you switch to map and graph view, it will show you the whole thing even the intervals with the watch stopped until the GPS is switched off.

    I think training peaks is very buggy…

  118. @Nathan I went to the store and I tried to use the 20% promotion and the manager said that the 20% off watches did not apply to watches with heart rate monitors. Finally, he told the cashier to just take the 20% off, but when he saw that I also had the 25% coupon, he said that it was one or the other. I still got the watch, but I’m going to call Sports Authority to tell them what happened so that they might (possibly) give me the discount/a gift card.

  119. Has anyone found this locally in the DC Area at a discount? I want to find it cheaper and take advantage of the 50 dollar rebate.



    Did you get your issues resolved?

  120. Anonymous

    DC, great job on your review! If I buy one I’ll click through your site for sure!

    Steve, Grand Rapids MI

  121. Anonymous

    Can you turn the GPS on and off WHILE RUNNING (guess that means while in the Chrono mode)?

  122. Anonymous

    disculpe, si yo vivo en Chile y encargo este producto de usa, el GPS me funcionara en mi país?

  123. Yes, you can turn off the GPS and use a footpod instead. In that mode you’ll max out at about 99hrs before the time stops working, but memory hits the limit at roughly 20hrs. Battery life still puts you closer to 6 weeks.

  124. Chris C.

    Noticed a lot of people wanting lap pace. It is there, sort of. When in “run” mode on the chrono, using the 3-line setup, when you hit the split button, the lap pace shows up in the middle line. Not sure if that’s what everyone is wanting but noticed that the other day out on a run.

    Anyone know how to replace the watch band on this particular watch? I’ve had several Ironman watch bands in the past break after about a year of use. Would hate to have that happen to a $200 one.

  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

  126. Has anyone used the TRT on trails, just wondering how well it holds its signal under a thick canopy.

  127. Anonymous

    Just wanted to say that I really loved the review. Had been on the fence about buying this watch for a little while and the review showing that it was waterproof enough to put up with my swim workouts and still accurate enough at the pricepoint it is being offered, I couldn’t pass it up… One question though, I have noticed a small scratch on the face from pulling on off a jacket with a zipper. Is there any way to clean this scratch off/fill it? If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated! Thanks again for a great review.

  128. Anonymous

    Thanks for the reviews!

    One thing about your comparison chart at the end. I *think* the nike+ also has an auto start/stop function. At the very least, it auto stops and beeps to let you know, so that you can start it when you start running again.

  129. Anonymous

    Great review Rainmaker but i have some doubts to clearify about this Run Trainer.
    First of all, i havent understood if it could manage repetitive workout “distance/time recover” as Garmin
    FR 305, because is very important for me this kind of option during my training. With my great disappoint
    Timex Global Trainer (that i’ve bought one month ago) is not be able to do that!! and it is very poor in interval
    manage functions so isn’t suitable for a pure runner like me. Why timex don’t upgrade the firmware to cover this bug?
    Because for me is a bug! I think the Global Trainer was the first step of Timex in GPS World (where Garmin has the large part
    of the market) and the Run Trainer was the way to consolidate his grown in this important market. In fact the price of Global Trainer
    is very low now. Excuse me for my English but i’m from the north of Italy, and thanks a lot for your appreciate reply,

  130. As usual, great review ! I have read it before buying the TRT (or Garmin, which you are very closed to). My first run was today, nearby lots of tall buildings and trees. The GPS was found in a couple of seconds (Im in Goiania, Brazil). The measures were extremely precise. The TRT is not small, but it’s very light and comfortable. I’ll keep posting if anything happens..

  131. Anonymous

    Hello, very nice and useful review that made me buy this watch.
    I have a question though: how do you get rid of this “memory full” message whenever you’ve reached the 15 workouts limits. I understand from the manual that you cannot delete single workouts and your new workout will replace the oldest one, but this message is annoying. Furthermore, today while doing my 15th workout, it stopped recording all data after 30 minutes of exercise. I’ll have to check tomorrow if everything is back to normal and this “problem” was only a one event issue.

    Regards, Pascal

  132. Anonymous

    Update from the message just above, i ran today and despite everything showing normal on watch (besides this memory full message), i ended up with no data recorded for my heart-beat and distance. So my memory must be really full. How do i delete exercise(s) please !!
    Thanks, Pascal

  133. Anonymous

    Try the delete button in the device agent (after you saved your runs of course).

  134. Anonymous

    Oh and there is a new firmware out, but I can’t find a changelog

  135. Anonymous

    I have a problem with the watch since few days. If I turn off the Sensors while searching for Satellites, or I choose Indoor YES after 5 minutes, I cannot turn back on the GPS. I go to the Sensor Menu, and selet Power ON, nothing happens. I have the only workaround to flash the firmware again after this the watch resets itself and than it is fine again.. I had it more times. Firmware version 11 or 12, no matter. Same.. Does anybody have an Idea how can I turn back on the GPS or the watch went mad?

  136. Anonymous

    Thanks anonymous (message#134). The delete button at the top (not the one at the bottom right) indeed deletes all exercises on the watch. My memory full problem is probably due to the fact that i am recording at a 1s interval. Since the latest firmware update, it looks as if it takes longer to get the GPS signal.
    Regards, Pascal

  137. Tobor

    Two things Timex needs:
    1) A changelog regarding the firmware
    2) A forum for users to discuss the device.

    That said, I think the new firmware has made the device LESS accurate. I’ve been wearing both the Timex and a FR305 daily for weeks. Up until the new firmware, the Timex’s SirfIV chipset definitely was more precise. Now it is all over the place.

  138. I heard from a Timex rep that the new firmware update was going to have “average lap pace”–one of the key features that any Garmin user is familiar with. I didn’t see it with the update released on Jan 12. Anyone know anything about this?

  139. Anonymous

    The only thing I noticed is, that the average pace min/km bug is gone.

  140. Anonymous

    The only thing I noticed is, that the average pace min/km bug is gone.

  141. Anonymous

    Since updating the firmware the device seems much more inaccurate. I wear both the Timex and a FR305 and use SportTrack’s “Overlay” plugin–the Timex goes far awry now.

    Is there a place to download the old firmware?

  142. monster265

    I have both the Run Trainer F/W and Device Agent versions.


    That I downloaded on Dec 3rd 2011.

    If this is the version you looking for, send email to monster265@hotmail.com

    I can only share the file with a known email address. Best I can offer.

    Or try:
    Peaksware Support [support@peaksware.com]

  143. You can simply go to the firmware download link and change the link from .12 to .11 and you’ll download it from Timex directly. Or ask them on Facebook rather than relying on strangers who may simply send you a trojaned version.

  144. monster265

    With the Jan 12th (m878firmware012_cs.bin) F/W installed, has anyone experienced trouble with the auto start feature?

    Seems the auto stop is working just fine.

    The GPS recording stops seem to have been fixed with this F/W.

    Peaksware Support [support@peaksware.com] gave me this answer. They have been very helpful within the confines of their expertise.

    “While we make the download software, we do not write the firmware. For questions like this you’ll need to contact Timex. I don’t know the parameters of the automatic start and stop functions in the watch.”

    “We’re separate companies, our support queues aren’t integrated so I don’t have a way to escalate a ticket to them. link to timex.com

    Timex Warranty page only offers mail in return.

  145. monster265

    Ok, here is the glitch with the timexironman.trainingpeaks.com support contact for Timex, if one clicks on the custserv@timex.com link your email is addressed to support@peaksware.com, not Timex support.

    Calling the given 1-800 number clarified the confusion.

    link to timexironman.trainingpeaks.com

    Questions or comments about Timex Global, Run or Race Trainer?

    Please send an email to: custserv@timex.com
    or call 1-800-328-2677

  146. Anonymous

    Ok here is the glitch with the Timex support contact email link, if one clicks on the custserv@timex.com link you are directed to email address support@peaksware.com, instead of Timex.

    Calling the given 1-800 number clarified the confusion.

    link to timexironman.trainingpeaks.com

    Questions or comments about Timex Global, Run or Race Trainer?

    Please send an email to: custserv@timex.com
    or call 1-800-328-2677

  147. Anonymous

    Hi Ray,

    On the days that I cross-train indoors (in the cross-training machine) the GPS obviouly doesn’t register any activity. Do you know if I can get the heart rate monitor activity registered so I can keep track of it? Min-Max, Avg, etc.

    Thank you,


  148. Celina: All you have to do to get it to track Heart Rate is to put it in Performance mode and start the activity.

    Simply put your HRM on, and push the start button on the watch.

  149. Anonymous

    Hello, since updating to the latest firmware (1.12), it takes about 2 minutes to get the GPS signal all the time, while it used to be very fast with the previous firmware. Putting back the previous firmware (1.11) didn’t help, so obviously firmware 1.12 did “something” to the watch that cannot be undone.
    As there is no changelog that comes with the firmware, i would not recommend to update the watch.

    Regards, Pascal

  150. @ moore24

    I’ve had the TRT for a few weeks now. I haven’t noticed any problems on trails. However, there is no tree cover at this time of year, just branches.

  151. Anonymous

    As some people have stated, don’t update to the latest firmware! Since I’ve updated I have had severe problems getting a gps lock and constant software crashes. Everytime the watch crashes I lose all my setting. Right now I can’t even use it as a gps watch and have to rely on my footpod and even with that it crashed yesterday, just before my run.

  152. Anonymous

    I started to get worried when I got the firmware and searched for the older one. It took well over 2 minutes the first 2 times I used it after the update, but after that it connects fast again, and it actually seems more accurate than before.

  153. I have a friend that has this watch and loves it but has a question. Is there anyway to show current avg pace? He has the auto lap set to 1 mile but it won’t tell him what he’s running that mile in until it beeps and he’s completed it. He can’t see that he’s on say 6:20 pace halfway through the mile.

  154. Jamie

    I can’t help but think that Timex needs to update their display faces & fonts & indiglo backlighting. I guess when you see that watch, you definately know it’s manufacturer but it kept me from buying it because it looks so 1980s. Love the features & price point though.

  155. Cormac

    I posted a similar question on the Run Trainer vs 210 page, but got nobody to bite so far, maybe some reading here can answer.

    Just wondering if any of you Run Trainer users could post the dimensions for the body of the watch.
    I’ve tried looking online to no avail, and as I have small wrists, just want to get an idea of the size before splashing out.

    Any response greatly appreciated.

  156. Transporter

    @Cormac I haven been using Timex Run Trainer for couple months now. The watch weighted at 65g and it is pretty big. Take some time to get used to the size of the watch.

  157. Cormac

    Thanks for coming back to me.
    I am aware that the watch itself is quite large, and can see the size relative to some other watches via the pics the review.
    But, as I am looking to purchase my first gps watch, I don’t have any personal experience to base the comparison off.
    If anyone has the exact dimensions, width/height,depth, in inches or cm, that would be a great help & would give me a better idea of the size.

  158. This was a great review thanks. On the basis of this review I bought the TRT for running and kitesurfing. And it works fantastically.

    My only issue is when using the Chrono, eg for running, the watch does not allow you to view the time elapsed on the chrono along with other data like pace, distance, HR etc on one display. You have to switch between displays while running to see that, which is a bit annoying.

    Anyone else noticed this, and any suggestions?


  159. Ray,
    Thank you for the review. I ahve been debating between the Timex Run Trainer and the Garmin 310, as I am a long distance triathlete. The reviews that I read on line for the global timex GPS watch had me very skeptical about purchasing the TRT. However after reading your review I purchased the TRT. My only disappointment with it has been the fact that my HR monitor from my previous Timex Ironman HR watch will not work with the TRT and I will have to purchase the ANT+ HR for the TRT.

  160. Anonymous

    Hmm.. do you think Cycle Ops PowerCal will work with the run trainer? I realize the run trainer isn’t compatible with power meters but PowerCal is estimating power based on HR. Let me know what you think!

  161. HI Ray,

    I would like to know if I can upload my runs from the TRT on Endomondo and/or sports tracker.


  162. Does TRT support GPX, TCX and FIT files?

  163. @Sing, the TRT’s files can be used to post to Endomondo or RunKeeper but not directly. You have to download the data from the watch and then it has to be converted from a pwx.gzip file to a GPX tracks file.

    You have to use 3rd party sites to convert the files before uploading to Endomondo. It’s not perfect but it sorta works.

  164. For everyone who is thinking about buying a Timex Run Trainer online. This is what I heard when I was looking for a shop which had one in stock: “I’ve heard from Timex, and this is what they say: they have decided to limit their distribution of this item to specialty sport retailers only, and will not be fulfilling orders from other retailers.”
    So probably only Amazon and a bunch of other (larger / sports) stores might sell them.

  165. Anonymous

    I simply love this watch, but there is one big flaw that no one seems to mention. the HR alert has the same beep sound pattern wether you are above or under your zone, unlike previous models,,this drives me nuts,,when jogging,I dont know if i went under the zone or above (especially in windy conditions) the alert has the same sound pattern,,example (de,da,da – de,da,da when under the zone and de,da,da – de,da,da when over the zone

  166. Hi Ray,

    I want to purchase the Timex Ironman Trainer. but as i understand there are 2 models. so….
    Do you know what is the difference between the TIMEX-T5K549 model to the TIMEX-T5K575 model?
    (maybe its just the HRM )?

  167. Correct, just the one ending in 75 includes the ANT+ heart rate strap, while the other one does not include the strap. Both are compatible though, and the one without the strap can be easily paired with any ANT+ strap (including ones cheaper than the Timex one).

  168. Mark T

    My Run Trainer is not acquiring a satellite lock even after an extended period (>30 minutes). I have tried resetting the watch by the reinstalling the firmware, but it doesn’t help. Do you have any advice to correct this?

  169. Always learning new while I’m at your site. You graciously answered a few questions for me a couple of weeks ago concerning the 410 and whether it will work plugged to a power source (for ultras), decided on the 305 instead but have held off until I did more reading and learning about other options.

    I came across this review of the TRT this morning, don’t know how I missed it before. Seems like a really great watch. After reading your review about the FR60 I decided that maybe the footpod thing is the best way to go for the 50 mile and above ultras, more reliable in heavy tree cover and less battery use. I think you also said any ant+ footpod will do and Garmin’s is what you recommend.

    Eventually I will just pull the trigger on a watch but so far I’ve learned a lot and the learning process has been entertaining thanks in large part to your reviews.

    Rick Gaston

  170. Anonymous

    I’ve had mine for about 3 months and it has been working perfectly until this past Thursday on the 8th. I’m having similar problems with Mark, but my watch doesn’t do anything when I press the radio button. Although, it will bring up the sensors menu, but when I turn GPS on/off it has no effect.
    Do you have any advice?

  171. Mark T

    Anon… That’s the second part of the problem. A little while ago, I hit the Radio button by accident, so I turned it off. The next time I tried to turn on the GPS, the Radio button didn’t work. At first, I just reinstalled the firmware and it was okay again. But now even reinstalling the firmware doesn’t help.

  172. Anonymous

    Just picked this up in advance of a trip to Hawaii after using Nike+ for 5 years. Immediately updated the firmware (which is the Feb 23 version), so I suspect that may be the issue.

    Sure enough, having the same radio button issue. It works the first time after a reset (all 4 corner buttons. But then, turn off GPS, and then that radio button only works to hold for the sensor (doesn’t work for changing displays) and even the sensor review doesn’t work to change anything, even though the menu comes up.
    Highly disappointed, was looking forward to tracking some runs while in Maui. I usually train inside, but the few times I will run outdoors (and maybe more this year) will include this next 10 days.

    And I am certianly not doing a hard reset everytime I want to use the GPS.

  173. Cormac

    Not sure if I’m reading the problem correctly or not, but if you hit the radio button & nothing happens, it might be because the GPS is unchecked in the sensor menu.
    Hold down the radio button to bring up the Sensor Menu & make sure it’s checked & try the radio button again.

    I have deliberately left my firmware level at the out of the box version so can’t reproduce the issue described.

    You could try contacting Timex Sports on their facebook page, they seem to respond pretty quickly to questions raised there.

  174. Anonymous

    I am the anon above you.
    Yes, that’s the only option for that button that I have when things aren’t working, is to long hold to get to the sensor menu.

    GPS (and HR, and Pod) are checked and shown as “Power on”. I unchecked them all and then checked them again to see if that works, it doesn’t. Hitting the “set” button to turn power on or off within that menu doesn’t work either.

    Wise in not upgrading the firmware, I suspect that’s the issue, although I have a limited window before this goes back

  175. Cormac

    Sorry it didnt solve your problem Anon.

    Just tonight I’ve found an issue of my own.
    I was tired of the Device Agent downloading all files from the watch, so attempted to clear out the first two and keep the latest 2.
    When I unchecked two & then clicked Erase, it deleted all workouts from the watch.
    I did an interval session on the track tonight, came home and attempted to download from the watch.
    It reads the file off the watch, but when I try to save the file, either to disk or to the Training Peaks site, it appears that nothing happens.

    On diving deeper, it actually appears that the workout is actually a duplicate of last weeks track session, same splits, same filename & timestamp on the workout, hence why I thought nothing was happening – it was actually duplicating the workout in TP for last Tuesday, and overwriting the file from last week on my laptop.
    After deleting the workouts on the watch, it showed none to review. After doing my session tonight, which recorded perfectly well at the time, I can see that the workout stored as workout 1, is my session from the track last week.

    So where did my session from tonight go to?
    Do I have to fake a few workouts to get to the same number I had deleted, just so I can see tonights workout ?

    Has anyone else seen this issue or anything like it?
    I guess I’ll have to upgrade the firmware before I approach Timex, as that’s the first thing they’ll ask.

  176. Andy Cross

    I had that issue (data from an earlier workout corrupting data from a subsequent workout) with the initial version of the firmware.

    I sent the engineering team some of my workout logs back in December, and got this explanation, along with the promise of a fix in the new firmware (and indeed it was fixed):

    “The issue is that the number of stoppage in a workout was not being properly initialized after the watch has been erased. We can recommend the following work arounds:
    1) Avoid using stoppages. Use laps instead to isolate sections of your workout.
    2) An alternative to erasing your workout is to reinitialize your watch. Before doing so, you should export the settings. Do a 4 button reset. Then import your settings.

    Note: A four button reset is done by using 2 fingers of each hand to press the four corners buttons on the watch.”

    My own experience is that the new firmware did resolve all of these data glitches, and I’m mostly happy with the watch now (other than the lack of current lap pace, and auto and manual splits not playing nicely together), but it’s clear from others here that upgrading might be a little risky…

  177. Anonymous

    I am theposter from #173 and #175.

    A further update: I think this watch and I are truly cursed together.

    I picked it up this morning as I was going to reset it, see if the GPS would take upon reset and use it for a run…as I did, I heard a beep and the screen goes blank.
    Dead battery.
    When I went to bed last night it had 3 bars on the battery…which means that its very likely the GPS IS on, even though, as mentioned, the radio button isn’t working to toggle the GPS on, or even as a long press toggle. There is no satellite icon, but something drained the battery last night in 9h, so I suspect it is the GPS.

    Anyways…can only imagine what happens next with it on this trip.

  178. Anonymous

    For those of you with GPS Problems. I had the same problem. Hit all 4 buttons to reset the watch (all your data will be gone), once xlink appears, hit the indiglo button. You are now in test mode. Press mode until gps test appears. If you get a failed message, congratulations, your watch is broken.

  179. Hi

    Urgent request

    Can someone tell me how to set up the watch, just chrono, WITH pace alerts? Is this possible? I set the alerts on PC and they do not work if I run under or over pace?

    Competing in a 10km – 16hrs !!


  180. Can you start a race (Chrono mode?) and then while in it, enable the GPS?
    eg, 6hrs into an Ironman start GPS so you can run at a pace..

    only way i can see how to do this is by stopping the exercise and restarting it with GPS turned on.
    doing while exercise is on the GPS would not pickup.

  181. Anonymous

    Hello, i could not reproduce the problem you described.
    I was able to turn on the GPS while in chrono mode and then the GPS picked up the signal.

    Regards, Pascal

  182. Anonymous

    The review is great and gave me all the information I needed to make my decision on a GPS watch. Thank you for great in depth review. Rhonda. Dallas Texas

  183. Is a real shame that you can not create a distance interval training. With Garmin you can do it.

  184. Anonymous

    I’ve had the same issues with GPS radio button not working, although I think I have figured out what’s happening. The first time I had the problem, I hit the radio button it began searching and I changed my mind, went to sensor menu and turned the GPS and HR off (while it was still searching for a satellite). Radio button would not work after that (yes, I turned gps sensor back on before I tried)GPS parts of the watch are, at that point, useless, not working. And the battery ran down quickly, leading me to think the gps was actually on, even though I had it turned back off after I quit trying to get it going again. Anyway, my solution was simply to plug into my computer. That somehow resets the radio button to work again. However, the first time it worked again I was in my office, couldn’t get a signal and turned gps sensor off (again while it was searching for satelite). Had the same issue–radio button not working again, gps sensor off, but battery ran down real quickly. connecting to my pc “reset” the problem again. So I suppose the moral of my story is don’t interrupt a search, or keep your usb cord and computer handy. I wish they would fix this issue with firmware. BTW–I have the latest firmware and I too have noticed increased time to get gps connection since downloading.

  185. I just bought this watch about a week ago and I set the middle line to display distance. Every time I go for a run run, or bike, it displays nothing but “–” The odometer displays the correct distance that I have traveled, but the real time distance feature never moves past the “–”

    What am I doing wrong?

  186. Anonymous

    I posted 185 above. My hope that I had fixed the issue with radio button/gps are now dashed. Radio button works, but the watch simply won’t connect to the satellite now. don’t know what to do next. i guess warranty. If anyone has had any luck with these problems, and fixed it, let me know. I otherwise love the watch.
    And yes, the gps sensor is on.

  187. Anonymous

    Hello, I have the same problem than “dupaks” message #106:

    No speed alarm, no distance reached alarm… (the sound on my watch works if you ask)

    Did somebody manage to get alarms in the interval training mode and did you do something “special” to get it to work?

    As a side note, the speed is fluctuating so much that to have an exercise based on speed is useless. And yes, i am using the smoothing function. Furthermore when are we getting to have the distance lap feature?

    Thanks, Pascal

  188. Anonymous

    I’m looking to buy a GPS watch for running (and maybe cycling). I’m a female comparing the Timex Run Train to the new Timex Marathon — both with GPS.

    Any advice other than the Marathon is cheaper, newer release but doesn’t measure heart rate.

    I wish both came in women’s designs that are smaller.. oh well

  189. Anonymous

    Apparently there is a ladies TRT coming out. Grey/Pink in color. Haven’t seen any photos. You can preorder on bemultisport.com

  190. Looking forward to review this ‘Timex IM Sleek 250 lap Tap w/Run Sensor Technology’
    link to roadrunnersports.com

  191. Hi Ca-tyu-

    I don’t plan to review that unit at this time. I tend to review units that either have GPS technology, or are downloadable to the computer. Unfortunately, it has neither. Sorry!

  192. I am enjoying my run trainer. I’ve had it about 6 weeks and no problems yet.
    I am looking for a gps watch for my wife and happened upon a company called Redclover. Has anyone heard of this company? Are they worth even looking at?

  193. Anonymous

    Hey Ray,

    I recently bought this TRT about a monuth ago and it seemed to be working great, now it hardly ever connects to the HRM strap, i have changed the battery a few times, and same with the foot pod. Do you know why the HRM & Foot Pod are not working, or have any ideas.

  194. It’s a radical idea but have you thought about perhaps contacting Timex, the people who made the product? After all, it’s still under warranty.

  195. I had the same GPS issue…….not working and the battery running down fast.
    Even though the GPS was switched on in the Sensor menu, when I pressed the radio button nothing happened: when it searches for a signal it would usually say “GPS powered by Cstar…..” and then searching for something. Then finds the satellites.
    But nothing was happening at all when I pressed the Radio button.
    I panicked a bit because I am in South Africa and they don’t sell the Run Trainer here yet (yes – we are slightly behind, it is Africa after all!!). The Timex agents here are hopeless too so I had no hope of repair under warranty.
    Tried connecting via USB to the PC to reset but that didn’t work.
    As suggested by someone in this forum, I held all 4 buttons, went into the test menu, pressed Mode to get to GPS test, stood outside with the watch, and it picked up the GPS signal!
    Now it works again.

    Hope this is more helpful than “have you thought of contacting Timex since it is under warranty”!!

  196. GPS and how ANT+ function are completely different and you’ll note that the user said the HRM and Foot Pod stopped working, meaning something with ANT+ is broken and a watch reset is unlikely to resolve it. However, again, since Timex made the watch, they can provide actual information on how to fix it rather than fumbling around, hoping something sticks.

  197. Anonymous

    First off thanks for the wonderful review of the GPS watches!!

    I am wondering how the TGT compares to the TRT now? I would assume that after the firmware updates it could be a good “cheaper” option. Moreover, I am primarily a runner but in the future I may dab into Triathlons where this watch would be nice to have but do you think I would be missing out by not getting the TRT? I do like some of the newer features on the TRT but not sure if it would be a deal breaker for me, specifically.

    Thanks a bunch!

  198. I purchased this watch for long runs and an upcoming race. Has anyone tried to use it when its not 60+ degrees? I’ve had it fail on me (completely shut off) when its below room temperature (i.e. 50 and below…now that cold). It failed me on 1 important long training run and the race. I’ve never been so dissapointed in a piece of equipment. Complete failure.

  199. @Bailey, I used my TRT in a race in March where the temp at the start of the race was about 40F and never got above 55F during the race. This also included the watch getting submerged a number of times and also covered in mud, it didn’t stop functioning a single time.

  200. Bobus

    Hey Ray I’ve just doscovered your blog when searching for a review for a new GPS / HRM. The blog is fantastic by the way. I’ve had a Timex T5F001 used with a seperate GPS unit T5891 for a good few years now and is a great piece of kit but I’m looking to upgrade to one which where the battery can be recharged and is a single unit. I’m also interested in the foot pad, please can you let me know if the garmin foot pad will work with the Timex Run Trainer? Thanks

  201. Anonymous

    Nice review, just one thing, is it possible to measure distance while swimming?

  202. I just picked up a TRT, which I chose after reading a bunch of your reviews. So far, I really like it. I may never use all of its features, but it does what I need it to do and it’s nice to know there’s some extra stuff there if I want it. Thanks for your excellent reviews, and for helping me sort through the many watches out there!

  203. I’m going to an 4-day race in June (www.4-trails.com)with this great watch. ’cause i don’t want do carry my laptop with me one single question: can I use the IPhone Adapter vor charging the TRT?

  204. Am pretty much fed up w/ the watch. Have had the same radio button issues w/ GPS and HRM as others have described . . .freezing up and not acquiring signals from GPS or HRM sensors. Am using latest firmware. Only solution is to reinstall firmware. This will fix problem for 3 or 4 runs and then get the same problems. This is actually the second TRT I’m using. First one was sent back due to battery issues and they sent me a new one. The first watch would indicate that battery was dead and just turn off. However, I knew that the battery was fully charged. The only fix I could find was to reinstall firmware, which fixed the problem temporarily. Sent it to Timex and they sent me a new one. Different issues, but the only solution to fix it is reinstall firmware. A major pain. I don’t want to spend 15 minutes before every workout updating the firmware. I’m essentially afraid to use the GPS for fear that watch will completely freeze up. Have had watch since Christmas. Actually like it when it works. I think that firmware updates could fix the watch and make it very nice. Unfortunately not sure if that will ever happen. Wish I would have forked over the extra cash for a Garmin. Also, when it was working well (the 3 weeks we had it) my wife had issues w/ watch when running in the cold 20-30f. Timex customer service doesn’t really have a clue how to solve these problems, as they are bugs.

  205. Just got my TRT with HRM. This review helped me alot in choosing between the FR210 and TRT. At the end of the day, its the value for money that made me choose it given the amount of customization one can do and good waterproofing.

    Coming from Nike+ sportband, I must admit that I was overwhelmed by the amount of data I got at TP. It all made sense after a few hours of playing though.

  206. Hi,

    Any idea what is the recharge battery model of TRT.

    I think mine is not working coz after 8hrs of charge the battery indicator still blank and blinking.

  207. Ami

    Hi Ray,
    Thanx for the great review site!
    Just bought my first GPS/HRM watch – the Timex Run Trainer.
    Feeling a little silly, but I can’t seem to pick up the HR strap signal.
    I’ve checked the strap battery (it’s ok)
    I’ve worn it thru a workout – no dice.
    Any advice? Anone else have similar issues?
    Thanx for your help!!

  208. I too have turned on “smoothing,” and I get pace values that fluctuate preposterously and apparently at random — i.e., regardless of whether there are trees and buildings around, or a clear view of the sky. This unit is going to have to go back where it came from.

  209. Anonymous

    Great Review! Im searching for a GPS clock with heart rate function. TRT vs Garmin Forerunner 410? The touch brezel is the only one, which complicate my decision.

  210. Anonymous

    Hello, while in “chrono” mode, is it possible to turn off the audible alert (like HR outside a predefined range) that might come during an exercise? The only solution i found was to go back to the “clock” display.
    Regards, Pascal

  211. Anonymous

    I think Forerunner 410 Garmin better than TRT. The TRT is bad. I bought my TRT 3 months ago, and were as same issues with GPS that had have post here. It is 1 month to coming and 1 months in support. Can I believe that after concert going to work for 1 year ?

  212. Hi, I am looking to buy a GPS sports watch primarily for my running. I have to decide between the global trainer and run trainer. What would be your advise on the choice? Global trainer with HRM is cheaper at 128$ and the run trainer WITHOUT HRM is about 163$ in a deal. I tried them both at the store and they both seem to fit well on the wrist. I am confused between both. Would really appreciate your advise.

  213. Anonymous

    Hi guys,

    I came from the Timex Race Trainer.Very good watch with HRM. But decided to go with a GPS watch to get rid of repetitive looping. I bought a TRT last Feb & everything so far is smooth. I use the latest firmware though I dont like the idea of firmware update as it makes me nervy during the writing process. So far, I have had no battery issues, used it for running, kayaking, tracking boat rides & riding planes. I bought another one for my girlfriend a week ago..I hope no problems crop up with this one as the TRT isn’t sold here yet in Manila & will be launched probably next month.

  214. Oleksiy

    Could you please share how your TRT alerts you when you are out of selected HR zone? Because my is beeping continuously and this way it’s impossible to use this feature. It starts beeping as soon as I connect the strap and never stops until I reach the target zone there, which means I can not walk with the connected strap and the feature activated. Am I doing anything wrong? Please advise, thanks

  215. Hello,

    Just purchased the TRT, and can not set up the HR zone audible alert in a right way. In my case the device starts beeping as soon as I connect the strap and until I reach the target zone. It beeps continuously and there seems to be no way to stop it unless I turn off the sensor via a sensor menu. When I move to the the other screen from Chrono, it stops momentarily, but then gets back to Chrono with continuous beeping again. It’s very unfortunate – it means I can not walk with the strap connected because I wake up everybody in the neighborhood in the morning 🙁 Also, the feature should alert me, meaning several beeps, and not drive me crazy.

    Am I doing anything wrong with the setup? Your experience? Please advise. I sent a message to Timex support at timexcustomercare@timex.com as well, waiting for their comments.

  216. Anonymous

    @Oleksiy message 216

    I have the same problem (see message 211).
    i cannot turn the alarm OFF!
    It’s a nice watch with a lot of features, but as soon as you start to use it a lot, you’ll notice that it is missing some important things or that some features are not working…
    – no lap distance
    – cannot get alarms during interval training
    – cannot stop alarms during chrono mode
    – after a firmware update the “hot fix” for the GPS signal is not working anymore.
    – after 6 months of use, my HR transmitter got broken
    – takes too long to download all the exercise from the watch
    – speed fluctuating too much
    amongst other things …

    I would not recommend buying this watch unless you get it (like i did at the end of 2011) with a 50 USD rebate.

    Most of the issues could be fixed with a firmware update but Timex doesn’t seem to do that very often…


  217. Anonymous

    Oleksiy –
    You might try using the watch in interval mode, with no alerts active for the warmup portion. That should solve your problem. Similar to Pascal, I cannot get the alerts to work properly in interval mode, but only when I set them up using the device agent. They work just fine if I set them up on the watch itself. A minor inconvenience, but certainly workable once I figured it out.

  218. ImNotHermes

    How is Timex with their technical support? I bought a run trainer based off this review and after a couple weeks and a couple runs, it completely shuts down at some point while in storage between runs.

    The GPS and HRM sensors are off during this period, but it is still plausible the battery is running out faster than normal. I will plug in the watch to my laptop and, though the laptop registers it’s USB presence, there is no acknowledgement on the watch’s screen that it is charging.

    Unfortunately all their 800 numbers are closed for the weekend so I’ll find out for myself next week.

  219. Thanks for the interval mode idea, I’ll give it a try. Meanwhile I decided to put a wide zone from 60 to 140 so that I hear continuous beeping only when I get off the upper range of the zone, it works just fine this way.

    On the tech support – I never called them but on email they seemed to misunderstand me and provided a standard advice regarding the set up of the alert function. They never returned upon my clarifications. It appears this constant out of zone beeping is not a glitch but a feature. Hope they do sth about this one and other “features” in the next firmware fix.

  220. Anonymous


    Anyone encounter the TRT recharge battery not functioning? Mine having the difficulties to recharge the battery. Although the battery indicator do blinking but i just won’t get charge. Anyone can help?


  221. The one thing I am disappointed about is the interval timer training. I based my purchase of this reviewers comments. They were mis-leading. You cannot set distance/altitude based intervals. They can only be time based. There is setting where you can setup distance/altitude goals, but these aren’t the basis of the intervals. It is only time based. You can’t set up a sequence of 800m, 200m sequences. Furthermore you cannot set up an indefine number of repeats.
    The reviewer obviously didn’t do a thorough job of understanding this watch.
    Its GPS seems to be top notch ont he pick up.

  222. Jack

    Dear All, I have been using my Run Trainer for less than a month but have encountered 2 painful issues:
    – charging clip not fitting correctly (and now practically broken),
    – lost workout data after erase of memory.
    I wonder if anybody had similar problems and know the solutions to them?

    With the clip, I was really surprised to have such issues given Ray’s review and many enthusiastic comments about it. In my case, the clip could not fit right and the pins wouldn’t connect. I was unable to properly fit it and the result was lack of charging the battery and problems with data transfer. When I tried to do something, plastic part broke down completely. Is is something I’m not doing right, or anyone had similar problems?

    For the data loss fortunatelly I have found here in the comments similar issue and I understand that resetting the device (using 4 buttons at the same time) should help? However, has anyone encountering similar problems checked if this really solves the problem?

    I have 2 days left to decide if not to return the Run Trainer to the shop and get refund. Frankly, today I’m a bit pissed off and close to the decision to resign from Timex at all. I wrote to Times support and got 2 information: they will replace my clip and they say that resetting and upgrading the firmware should help.

    But plese, if anyone had similar problems and could share their experience?

    Many thanks!


  223. Great Review! I just bought this watch and loved reading your review. It was pretty helpful. A couple of things that I need helpful – sorry if I missed it in your review – how do I delete runs off of my watch to give it more space/memory? Also when my splits go into training peaks it counts that time that I have stopped… is there a way to change this?


  224. This looks like an awesome ANT+ compatible solution, count me in Ray!

  225. Thanks for the reviews

  226. Anonymous

    Hi Ray,
    thanks for the very useful and thorough reviews.
    I’m about to buy the Timex Run Trainer, and I’d like to understand if it will work in combination with the foot pod to give me the pace. In other words, can one use the GPS for speed/distance and the pod for pace? Thank you.

  227. ^^^ As noted in the review and other comments, no, the watch does not work like that. If you pair the foot pod, it is used for distance and cadence.

  228. Has anyone had problems turning on the gps feature. Recently I have. I press the Radio button but the GPS sync does not activate. If I hold the button I can get to the Sensor mode menu where it indicates it is set for on but when selected it still does not sync. Is there a way to reset the original factory settings?

    • Orlan

      File a complaint at Federal Trade Commission. You are not the only one who experienced such problem with the Run Trainer. Until now timex is not doing something about it. Even their customer service is poor.

    • Erin

      Mine sensor stopped working too. I will contact timex – has anyone had any luck with timex fixing it?

  229. Picked up Run Trainer this morning and it’s completely blank. It’s been hooked to the charger since 7 AM and still just a blank screen. Tried holding down four corner buttons and all buttons for a hard reset – nothing. Any ideas?

  230. Anonymous

    Hello! Any chances that you can review a Suunto Watch? I am debating between a Suunto and a the GarminF610.

  231. Hi Anon-

    I’ve reviewed the Suunto Ambit, which is on the upper sidebar. Though, at nearly 3x the cost of the Run Trainer, it’s not really a valid comparison (though, it’s not really a valid comparison to anything in the market, given it’s overpriced nature and features below that of the Timex Run Trainer).

    Perhaps in September when they release their major software/firmware update for it, it’ll become more competitive.

    Ideally you’d want to compare the Timex Run Trainer to the Garmin FR210, or the other watches noted above.

  232. dgriff

    New Firmware released..

    Timex Run Trainer GPS
    Firmware v13 (July 3, 2012)
    link to home.trainingpeaks.com

    Timex Run Trainer Firmware v13 Release Notes
    link to home.trainingpeaks.com

    You must use Device Agent v3.0.76 or newer with this firmware!

  233. Anonymous

    Hi Ray,
    Do you know if the watch can be charged by plugging the usb cable into a car lighter adapter instead of into a pc? I have such an adapter i use with iPods and iPads and i don’t want to have to bring my pc on vacation, but i will need to ket the watch charged.
    Thanks for the advice

  234. No problems there, that’s what I always do. No idea where my original power block is these days.

  235. Anonymous

    thanks for the tip, and for the great reviews in general. As token of appreciation, now that you are in Paris, check out this address for superb breads ans pastries: Des gateaux et du pain
    63 Boulevard Pasteur, Paris


  236. Very nice. I’ll have to add it to my list of places to check out when I’m in that area. Thanks!

  237. Am unimpressed by my TRT till date. First time GPS died on me, send for warranty repair and second time; battery died on me.

    Now I have a replacement model from Timex nevertheless after the latest firmware upgrade, GPS cannot locate the satellite

    I was an ex-Garmin 305 user which works perfectly till date unlike TRT

  238. RJM

    With the current firmware, does this watch now have the ability to display average pace in interval?

  239. Marco

    Hi Ray, do I feel happy I found your site to compare watches!!!

    Now, I still need your help here…

    I’m a beginner runner (although I’m 39) and doing it mainly to get back in shape and lose weight. Keep in mind I’m only running my 1st “official” 5K in 3 weeks.

    Still, I want to be able to get better and, getting a GPS/HRM watch seems a good way to go for that, to analyse my progress.

    So, with your help, I basically narrowed my choice to 3 models that fit my budget and needs: The Garmin 210, the Garmin 410 and the Timex Run Trainer.

    As you said, the 210 probably is more than enough for my needs. Still, seeing that, right now in Canada, the Timex is sold at a lower price that both the 210 and the 410, it seems like a good choice to go for it and get the extra features and the possibility to upload to the watch.

    I’m still unsure because of 3 aspect, which I hope you will be able to clarify for me.

    1- Heart rate strap
    Are there any clear winner here? You gave a glowing review of the new generation of straps in the Garmin line but, is the Timex as good? What about confort? (I need to lose weight so, I’m not exactly flat, you know…)

    2- Lap Pace
    As a beginner runner, I’m not sure what I would be missing here, with the fact the Timex doesn’t show it. I guess that, since I’m so new, and I lack experience, I need to make sure I am consistent throughout my run so, knowing how fast I ran each kilometer seems like a nice information to have. Would you agree?

    Would not having lap pace really be a bad thing or could I find a “workaround”?

    3- Web site
    Although you mentioned often enough that Garmin connect is simple and great but, for advanced athletes, you prefer Training Peaks. Can Training Peaks be as simple as Garmin connect? Not sure how seriously I will look at my stats so, I wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed…

    Finally, looks like getting a Timex watch gives a right to a “premium” account on TP for free. Any worries Timex might decide one day to simply stop the arrangement they probably have with TP?

    Sorry about this long text that reads almost like a novel but, I really hope you can clarify these points.


  240. Nick Mif

    I’ve had my TRT since July this year and it’s been great.

    That is until 2 weeks ago when the GPS locked down and refused to function again until I re-installed the firmware. It happened again at 6 am this morning.

    There are a number of posts regarding this problem; for such a widespread issue there’s got to be a better answer…

    ..any advice from anybody, please?



  241. Hi All,
    The same problem with GPS function: stopped a month ago and now tries to connect and nothing. I tried test mode, erase data, hard reset, but nothing happens.
    And the customer service response was “send the watch to check” (unbelievable they do not have some steps to try before sending the clock).

    Someone had better luck, or found a solution?


  242. Nick Mif

    Hi All [Again!],

    GPS has packed in for the third time and this time neither a reset or a re-install of firmware will get it back.

    I am furious. I’m recovering from injury ahead of a 1/2 IM and am totally reliant upon pace/distance info when training.

    I’ve emailed Timex; I’ve tried phoning…nothing back.

    Please, please – any advice….???

  243. Hello everyone,

    hope someone can help me. I’m quite desperate.

    Last week me brother bougth a TRT for my in NY. I’m really happy because the price was really good. Much better than in Spain.

    But, to my surprise, the watch didn’t work. Blank screen and there’s nothing to do.

    I’m not sure if the problem is the watch or the charger. I charge for more than 10 hours and nothing, blank screen.

    I tried to reach the watch thru the device manager but seems not to be attach.

    I tried all the combinations you said in the 240 post (yes, i read all :-))

    Please, can someone give me a clue. I’m trying to contact timex but there’s no timex in Spain grrrrr. Is in Portugal and by now, noone answer my mails.

    Thanks in advance.

  244. Not sure if I missed it, but any chance to include TRT intoa GPS accuracy test…I know it has a newer chip then TGT but wonder if it works how it should. tnx

  245. Transporter

    Timex has update the new firmware. In v16, it added Lap Distance and Lap Pace under CHRONO function. It also added Seg Distance and Seg Pace under Clock.

  246. Anonymous

    anyone erased run trainer and had issues afterwards…mine wont save the workout and then shows some random workouts on random dates

  247. Not sure if this was covered anywhere, but I’m a bit confused as it seams on the TP website: link to support.trainingpeaks.com

    that you can transfer workout wireleslly via Ant+ dongle?! And I can’t even see one in the package nor for extra ordering. Is this just a trainingpeaks website error? Tnx

  248. Shovels

    Rainmaker, I greatly appreciated your reviews & information on some watches I’m interested in. I have a question also. Like the Timex Global Trainer, does the Timex Run Trainer have an auto pacer friend built in the unit, & does it have GPS navigate & point marking ability. Thanks for your time.

  249. Read your review regarding the Timex Run Trainer Nike Plus and garmin 210. Looking for new watch Started out with Garmin 205 back in 2007. Last year watch just fell off band. Upgraded to Garmin 305 sadly it did not survive ride home laying on top of car. Hopefully it found a good home. Long story short after reading your review I was bought 2 Timex Run Trainers because my wife started running and got 2 for price of one Garmin. Thanks for detailed review on all

  250. somebody can help me!! I want to buy my first watch because i always use an appl in the smartphone, and i don´t know if Motorola Motoactv or Timex run trainer. Which one?

  251. Terrific reviews on the different types of watches. Yours are by far the best on the internet -without doubt!

    In training peaks I see a lot of variability in the “pace” chart. It is difficult to determine what your pace is. I have the same challenge, run very smooth but the graph shows up as extremely choppy.

    It seems that the graph is useless for determining pace. How do you deal with this?

  252. Hello everybody
    First of all thanks DC for the review. I am from Canada and it,s not easy to click on links to USA (customs)…
    I know that this topic has been discussed a bit, but everything is not that clear:
    I have a Timex Run Trainer and I recently bought a Garmin ANT+ footpod to work with.
    No problem with the calibration but I read from old posts on your website that the footpod overrides the GPS for calculation of pace and distance.
    I read in the forum of Training Peaks that with new firmwares it’s not the case anymore.
    I upgrade to the newest firmware, so could anyone confirm that the GPS override the footpod when both are on?
    I just want to use the footpod for cadence when I’m outdoor.
    Thanks for your help

  253. Hello everybody
    First of all thanks DC for the review. I am from Canada and it,s not easy to click on links to USA (customs)…
    I know that this topic has been discussed a bit, but everything is not that clear:
    I have a Timex Run Trainer and I recently bought a Garmin ANT+ footpod to work with.
    No problem with the calibration but I read from old posts on your website that the footpod overrides the GPS for calculation of pace and distance.
    I read in the forum of Training Peaks that with new firmwares it’s not the case anymore.
    I upgrade to the newest firmware, so could anyone confirm that the GPS override the footpod when both are on?
    I just want to use the footpod for cadence when I’m outdoor.
    Thanks for your help

  254. Hello everybody
    First of all thanks DC for the review. I am from Canada and it,s not easy to click on link to USA (customs)…
    I know that this topic has been discussed a bit, but everything is not that clear:
    I have a Timex Run Trainer and I recently bought a Garmin ANT+ footpod to work with.
    No problem with the calibration but I read from old posts on your website that the footpod overrides the GPS for calculation of pace and distance.
    I read in the forum of Training Peaks that with new firmwares it’s not the case anymore.
    I upgrade to the newest firmware, so could anyone confirm that the GPS override the footpod when both are on?
    I just want to use the footpod for cadence when I’m outdoor.
    Thanks for your help

  255. Sorry with my 3 times post, pb with the computer 🙁

  256. Anonymous

    New upgrade of watch soft. from 30th of August. Now you can see a distance of lap! Firmware v16 (Aug 30, 2012) And new device agent – v3.0.79 (Aug 30, 2012)

  257. Hi!!! I just read your review on the Timex Ironman Run Trainer. I used to have a GPS Forerunner 110 and recently it stopped working (the bottom button to connect actually, and my warranty is gone). I’m an distance runner… and am getting ready to deploy oversea’s and want to make sure that this would be a good buy for the price. I’ve read the reviews and it seems to be a good buy. Any reasoning why it would not be a good product? I thought your review was great, but please let me know! I really appreciate it! Thanks!

  258. Thanks for the review on the TRT! I initially went for the Garmin 210 but ended up with the TRT based on your review. I am a newbie runner and on the C2K program. I am able to program the workouts in the Interval Timer function. Awesome! I also like how the screens can be customized to show the data you see. Even cooler is the fact that you can set all the features in the watch with your PC. I uploaded to the latest firmware and the watch performs flawlessly. GPS is super fast to acquire signal. For the runner this watch is a go to. I love mine!

  259. I’m having a hard time with the Interval mode and distance goals… Say you wanted to do a workout of 5 x 1mile with 3:00 recovery; is there a way to make the watch recognize the distance as your interval goal instead of time? I can’t figure this out, and it’s frustrating.

  260. Great review ! I think i buy it!

  261. Anonymous

    I clear my mind thank you!

  262. Anonymous

    G’day – Can the display names be changed on the Run Trainer(i.e change Custom 1 and Custom 2 to something more meaningful). Thanks.

  263. Dear friends! A lot of us have probs with GPS! Timex didn’t react! Look here (link to facebook.com) – a lot pf complains about GPS and now answer! Meantime new runners buying noGPSworkingTimex! Probably we need to unite and do something?! What do you think?

  264. Sven

    @Ray: Thanks a lot for all your great reviews, they have been helpful for quite some time now.
    I have been using the run trainer since it came out here in Germany ~April. I had no major issues. Ther were some bugs in the older firmwares, e.g. for intervals set up he pc, the goals were not automatically activated. besides that, I love the watch

    @Jared: At this time, you can only set a certain time as a goal for an interval, which is a bit annoying, as almost everybody I know runs their intervals based on distance. But you can set a target distance, when reached the watch will alarm you. Now you have to hold the Start/Split-Button, which will skip the rest of this interval and move you over to the next. Hope that workaround helps.


  265. UKSalter

    Excellent reviews, thank you. Is there a mistake in the Feature Comparison Chart (10/31/11 @ 8:30PM)….It mentions that cycling mode (mph/mph) is available on the Nike + sports watch..

    I’ve just read your review of Nike+ and one of the disadvantages is that this is not available. Has this changed?

  266. Hi. I bought this watch after reading your review. Working ok till now.

    Today morning I dropped it accidently. The display is showing since then. I do not know if it is damaged.

    THis watch does not retail in Mumbai where I stay.

    Please advise

  267. Anonymous

    Hi Rainmaker,

    I got my new Timex Run Trainer and connected the watch to my computer to charge it for the first time.

    According to the manual, a blinking battery level icon is supposed to appear but I see nothing on the watch screen. Is there something wrong with my new Timex?


  268. Hi,

    I’m not sure which one is better, the TRT or the 310XT. At the moment, I won’t use it for swim, only running and biking. Can anyone help me out?
    From the functionality point of view, it would be great if the 310XT could be added to the comparison chart. Thanks

  269. Anonymous


    Do you know if the battery is easily replaced or does it need to go back to Timex?


  270. The newest firmware update (v16?) has two important improvements. 1) It can now give average pace; 2) It now asks if you want to disconnect from GPS once your session is saved.

  271. Marathon Mimi

    Wonderful review!!!! Very informative and helpful. I can say that this is a purchase in my very near future. With my next marathon being in just 4 short weeks, I am super excited about getting the slimmer version of the Timex Ironman. I like mine now but being so petite I have to wear a wrist band under it for it to fit. This new version looks perfect for me!!! Thanks again for such great information. Happy Running 🙂

  272. Jeff

    I’ve owned this watch for around 10 months and it has worked pretty well until now. I dropped it from around 3 feet high and now the watch is dead. I connected it to my laptop and it still didn’t turn on. I’m going to call Timex but there’s probably nothing they are going to do. Any suggestions?

  273. AmeS

    Because of this your review I have bought this watch: it’s my first gps watch and I find it wonderful!
    I like to see stats on my interval training without calculating anything as I did with smartphone app

    thanks a lot

    p.s.: you’re right: indiglo isn’t so nice

  274. Zen

    Thanks for your excellent review. I have a question regarding the foot pod — what’s exactly happening when the watch is paired with the foot pod? Does the GPS get disabled automatically? If yes, this will save a lot of battery but no location data will be recorded, correct? If no, the GPS is still running, will the location data still be recorded at pre-set interval? Will the user see the route on the map after importing the data to training peaks although realtime speed/cadence is provided by foot pod?

  275. Anony

    Excellent review! I think you have pretty much sold me on the Timex Run Trainer (TRT). Thank you so much for showing the free Timex version of Training Peaks (TP). One of my concerns is being able to see cadence (steps per minute), which the free Timex version clearly does (I know you’re a paid TP member as well, but for those of us who choose not to pay that was an excellent addition to your review).

    It would be nice if as a follow up you could address firmware and the biggest weakness which is forcing foot pod data to overwrite GPS. One of the commenters in Sept 2012 mentioned some firmware fixes and I for one am interested to see if they really have fixed this. (I am trying to “fix my stride” and so while I am extremely interested in cadence, the speed / distance will likely be quite far off as stride rate and length are going to vary significantly until my stride is “fixed”).

    Thank you so much again for the TRT review and all your other reviews as your blog is truly the most useful resource available for people trying to decide which to buy.

  276. BC

    Hi there – say you want to run at your anaereobic threshold which you have calculated is between a HR zone of say 150-160. Other than setting up the workout as an Interval, is there a way to setup the zone alert while in the CHRONO mode only and not for the watch as a whole? I mean – you activate the alert and the watch goes “mad” until you have started the workout. Think of a race you want to run in that zone and the watch starts bipping before you start? it would be far better for that alert to kick only after you start your chrono….

    Great stuff Rainmaker

    Best Regards

  277. Andrew

    Just got a new Timex Ironman Run Trainer for Christmas however cant operate the HR mode without the GPS being activated. Am I doing something wrong or is this the only way to activate the HR mode. Also, is this watch suitable for triathlons ie will the GPS and HR monitor work under water.

    • Zen

      I think HR monitor won’t work under water. According to other people, you may put the watch on the head in order to get GPS working otherwise it is just a plain old waterproof watch under water.

  278. Zen

    I have been using it for a couple of days. In a completely dark environment, the backlight is okay since you can keep it on. But keeping it on will make it hard to read near the street lights. The resolution of the screen is very low, in the middle section there are only 11 pixels vertically, in the bottom section there are 5. Therefore the 3-line display is awesome because the number in the middle is super big, however 4-line display sucks since everything is small — ok when you read it not moving, hard to read while running. If the resolution is higher (like a normal smartphone screen) it will be much different. The GPS accuracy is sometimes good but not consistent. I need to see if I want to keep this watch.

  279. Joe

    I bought the Run Trainer and it was completely dead on arrival. Fair play to Timex, I sent it back to them and four working days later I had a replacement delivered to me. Excellent customer service.

  280. billy bridle

    Gday mate – ive been stalking you page for quite some time and brought the run trainer after reading this review – i got a foot pod so i suss out my cadence.. trying to get to that sweet spot of 180. i used it today on my long run and it appears the foot pod was indeed recording the distance – not the gps – i think it was about a k off –

    anyway of overriding this so i can use gps for distance but run the pod for cadance ?

  281. Orlan

    I bought my Timex run trainer last January 15, 2013. I have used it only once last January 30, 2013 and GPS was working. However, I noticed that when I power on and off the radio, the watch would freeze. I have to reinstall the firmware to make it work again. After a week, GPS is no longer working! It is completely dead! Tech Support of Timex USA asked me to perform a procedure to reset the watch, but it did not solve the problem. I emailed the tech support and customer service again for a replacement. Until now, they have not replied to me. Not only poor product quality but also poor customer service. Very disappointing! I will not buy a timex watch again.

  282. Brett

    I had the same problem and it seams many others have had issues as well. Timex has replaced mine for only the shipping price. I only had problems after installing the latest firmware on my original watch, so I am undecided whether I will install the latest firmware on my new replacement run trainer or not ?

  283. can anybody help me? which is better, this Timex or the nex Polar RC3? I want buy one in these days and i dont know which one. Thanks

  284. I got a reply from my Ebay Timex Retailer.
    This is what they told me to do: coz my watch was dead on arrival. ”

    Please try this procedure:
    Plug the watch into the power source (verify the USB
    port provides power also)
    Hold all four large buttons firmly for 10 seconds.
    Wait a few moments and the watch should beep and
    restart. When the watch battery has drained and is not
    recharged within a few days the watch will need this
    reset procedure.” The retailer continued to add that I would have to
    charge it for a further four hours as it may not charge
    when in a completely dead state. So far the procedure seems to work and the watch
    has turned on: it works fairly well now, but I’m having difficulty configuring the beeping sounds

  285. Oh, and I found a way to make the Indiglo light last longer than 2 seconds! No need use of firmware. I found this out last night when i was playing with the indiglo in the dark (in bed.. i mean!)

    Press continuously on the Indiglo button twice. Once, and then the second time it will go “click click”. Then the indiglo light will stay on as long as your battery allows it to.

    To turn off the feature, just press the indiglo button and the feature will turn off back to normal.

  286. Matt

    I’ve been happy with this device (which I bought based on your amazingly thorough review!).

    I’ve started seeing results where the distance reported by the Timex Run Trainer is about 10% short of the distance according to the race organizers or other devices (phone GPS, friends devices, etc.). For example, I just completed a sprint tri and the 5k run on my watch shows 2.98 miles. Any suggestions? Could this be due to some setting (smoothing?)? Other issues?

  287. michiel

    Are you going to review the Timex run trainer 2.0?

    I am waiting for it to be released anytime soon 🙂

    • Rainmaker

      Yes, that’s the plan. I have a unit and am testing it. Here’s a sneak peek and more info (especially in the comments): link to dcrainmaker.com

    • michiel

      That’s awesome! I really like your thorough reviews, so I will be anxiously waiting for it 🙂
      Then decide between the Garmin 610 and the TRT 2.0…. and then maybe wait for the TRT 2.0 to be released in Europe/NL..


  288. gerard engelbertink

    thank you for the testresult.
    Question: can you see the average speed on the watch while running of biking (satellite on) without te footpod?

    look forward hearing from you

    regards Gerard

  289. GREG

    Oop’s .I dont think my post made it the first time.Hey DC,can the rt 1.0 display show chrono while in the 3 line display along with pace and dist? I cant figure that out how to get chrono up there for crap.Knowing the actual chip time as i go would be awesome.Thanks for any help.

  290. Adam diver

    Can somebody who is slightly more intelligent than me (which will be very easy) please explain- do I need to use my foot pod for speed and distance outside or is the foot pod used just inside.

    Thanks Adam

  291. Greg H

    When I follow your link to Amazon, I see a watch for $163 described as follows.

    Timex Full-Size T5K549 Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch

    I’m guessing this is not the 2.0 but the older version since it is so cheap. I’m seeing the 2.0 listed at $225 on Amazon. Can I find the 2.0 cheaper???

  292. G


    Thanks again for your very extensive review. I had a few questions about this device and reading the article answered them:). Im saying “again” as I own a Garmin Swim which I bought after your review here.

    I am currently training for doing a sprint triathlon (later on 1/4 triathlon).
    2 things I am missing in this watch (and for which I initially thought one of them would work) are:
    – cadence meter (I really believed that I could connect a cadence meter to it, seems I’m wrong)
    – somebody told me yesterday he could successfully use a HRM while swimming with a cheap 50euro device. Which doesn’t seem to be possible for this one.
    – also, how can I recognize a GPS1.0 from a GPS2.0 device?

    In the end my question is: what device would you recommend? I’m not willing to pay 400 euro for a device. Is there any alternative?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!


    • Rainmaker

      Hi G-

      1) It does support the ANT+ Footpod (which includes cadence). The only limitation is that you have to either use the footpod for both distance and cadence, or use GPS. You can’t take cadence + GPS like you can on the TRT2.

      2) You cannot use the HRM while swimming and get HR during the swim. While the unit and HR strap are waterproof, the transmission range of ANT+ underwater is only about 1-2″.

      3) The easiest way to recognize it is based on watch size. Additionally, the TRT2 has the words “GPS” in orange along the left side, whereas the TRT1 has “GPS” along the bottom.

      Depending on where in Europe you are, even with the import fees, you could still pickup the devices from Clever Training in the US using the 10% discount, and then the flat-rate $30 shipping fee international for most watches. Just a thought.

  293. G

    Thanks for your quick response(as always!)

    1) It does support the ANT+ Footpod (which includes cadence). The only limitation is that you have to either use the footpod for both distance and cadence, or use GPS. You can’t take cadence + GPS like you can on the TRT2.
    I meant cadence for my bike (or doesn’t that make a difference?). TRT2 is the newer version right(the GPS2 version?)?

    2) You cannot use the HRM while swimming and get HR during the swim. While the unit and HR strap are waterproof, the transmission range of ANT+ underwater is only about 1-2″.
    Are there other standards that do work under water? Is this only in the higher end devices?

    3) The easiest way to recognize it is based on watch size. Additionally, the TRT2 has the words “GPS” in orange along the left side, whereas the TRT1 has “GPS” along the bottom.
    That’s a small detail. I’ll check that.

    Depending on where in Europe you are, even with the import fees, you could still pickup the devices from Clever Training in the US using the 10% discount, and then the flat-rate $30 shipping fee international for most watches. Just a thought.

    I would still prefer to buy my device here(for warranty).
    Any other devices that you would recommend in my case?

    • Rainmaker

      1) Sorry, no bike cadence support in either.

      2) Not really, there’s the T31 coded straps from Polar, but they only work with a small number of the Polar watches, and none of the ones that are integrated GPS units.

      Understand on the warranty pieces. One of the Timex guys noted in the TRT2 post in the comments that they’re looking at May for Europe.

  294. G

    Putting the swimming aside, which one would you recommend? So for run and bike?

    Sorry for keep bothering you about this!

  295. Dr. Brad

    Hi: I’ve been using my runtrainer for about a year now and it has been great. Love the review dcrainmaker! Lately, my watch isn’t seeing my heartrate strap. I’ve changed the battery on the strap and checked the connectivity with my multimeter and it seems to be working properly.

  296. Dr. Brad

    Any ideas of what I should check or ideas of how to resolve or trouble shoot the problem.

    Many thanks.

    • Rainmaker

      Hmm, that’s a strange one. Are you able to find a friend and double-check that the watch is receiving data from their ANT+ strap (doesn’t have to be Timex branded). Just to rule out whether it’s the watch or the strap.

  297. Kenny

    Do you know of a way to re-calibrate the GPS? I don’t have the foot pod, just use the watch. Over the year I’ve had it, it has slowly gotten off. I ran a 20 mile run with a friend the other day and when we finished my watch showed 19.81. I’m mainly concerned because I use lap pace for marathoning and I’m running Boston in a week. I really don’t want it to throw me off as it has on several tempos lately. Thanks in advance.

  298. Dr. Brad

    Thanks for the prompt reply RainMaker! I have quite a few older Polar Chest pieces. Do you know if they would work?

  299. Dr. Brad

    Hi again:

    I tried to connect to threee different chest straps including my Timex one, a Polar Wearlink one, and an older Polar one I had laying around. When I pushed the middle button on the left side of the watch, both the GPS and Heart started to blink. I assume it was looking for a GPS signal and the strap. After about five seconds the heart turned off. I assume, it wasn’t connecting to any of the straps. Wierd!

    • Rainmaker

      Unfortunately the Polar ones won’t work at all. The Timex one might, but only if it has the ANT+ logo on it. There are older Timex straps which aren’t ANT+ compatible, which may be what you have.

  300. DrBrad

    Many thanks for your great reviews. I gave up on my Timex Run Trainer and will never buy a Timex again. I’ve owned four Polars and never had trouble with them. My only complaint about my Polars were their ability to sync. I read your review on the Polar H7 and Polar Beat so I switched back to Polar dumping my Timex (which didn’t keep on ticking and I didn’t even give it a licking!). So my question for you is; Should my Timex Run Trainer be able to connect with the Polar H7?

    • Rainmaker

      No, it won’t connect to the H7 unfortunately. The Timex Run Trainer uses ANT+, whereas the Polar H7 is Bluetooth Smart and legacy Polar transmission.

  301. Sandeep

    Is there any news about a new firmware for the 1.0 post the 2.0 launch. Especially something which fixes the distance based Intervals? They have this for the 2.0 so they should be able to fix it on the 1.0 as well.

  302. Luc

    Can anyone help me? I had a Garmin 302 before I bought the Timex ironman Run Trainer. With my Garmin I could verify the graft of my heart rate after a long run by downloading. I was told that I could do this with this watch but I haven’t found a way yet. Also I like to see different screens during my run such as avg HR.

  303. Sat Ganesha S. Khalsa

    I have used Timex for many, many years and was excited to have them get into GPS and HR; especially like the HR zones. Problems developed when I started doing long bike rides and ultra trail runs. The watch only gets about 6 1/2 hours time with GPS and HR.

    I have recently sent Timex CS an email asking for assistance. I don’t really want to change products but I need at least 8 hours.

    Did the 2.0 product get better/longer battery?

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Sat Ganesha

    • Rainmaker

      No, the Timex Run Trainer 2.0 has a battery life of 8 hours, so effectively the same. If you’re doing ultras, I’d suggest looking at the FR310XT (about $195, same region as the TRT2), as it goes 16-18 hours.

  304. John T.

    Ray, I’m thinking this will be a very easy one for you to answer, but it’s driving me nuts! Is there a way I can make the settings so that when I’m running, the watch shows my average pace over the entire distance, but when I go to review on Training Peaks, it shows my splits by pace per mile? Every time I try to set it that way, it resets each mile during the run. Thanks in advance!

    • Rainmaker

      Unfortunately TP doesn’t support any virtual splits concept (meaning, they have to be done in the watch). That said, I thought they fixed the bug long ago in a firmware update where Average Pace was showing it as per-lap, rather than total. So you could still do per-mile splits and then just see the overall average pace.

  305. AC

    first of all thanks for the reviews. just wondering if anyone has had any issues with material understating of distance. i did a run yesterday which the TRT measured as 19.5k and it seemed to me i was going a little faster than what the watch was saying. when i uploaded the file into runkeeper to check, it said 20.5k. very odd. this has happened once or twice before.
    otherwise, i have to say the TRT is not perfect and a bit fiddly at times but significantly more durable than the garmins i have owned…

  306. stephen R

    PLEASE, somebody help me !!!! : / Just bought the TRT 1.0, took it out for a short test run, and it WAS giving me the correct pace data during the run, but when I stopped it , the pace function was alternating between 99’59” and another number. Then it went back to zero. And I think it went back to 99’59” again. Am I doing something wrong ? Or is it ONLY in the Review function that it will give me the FINAL Pace number/data ?

  307. Matt

    I might be missing something but there is no option to put elapsed time on the customisable displays. I need to medium press (not long or short!) the radio button to display page one of the Chrono mode which has elapsed time on it.

    A bit strange as elapsed time must be one of the most important parameters for everyone?


    apart from that it totally kicks the ass of the Garmin 10/205/410 in all respects IMHO

    • Matt

      after a few bike rides where the stop button was inadvertently pressed due to my bent wrists on the hoods I’ve bought the handlebar mount from Garmin.I guess I’ll have to wear it on the right wrist for triathlons. Why couldn’t Timex integrate a button lock it put the stop/ start on the left?!

  308. Amedeo

    some days ago, during a workout, I read “memory full” on display.

    back at home, I noted on TP that there aren’t hr and pace data during the last 10 laps and, contacting TP support, I learned it was because of memory full in spite of the hr and pace graph were ok (maybe a kind of energy saving mode???)

    Anyway, I can’t understand if I can delete one single workout or not.
    Using Device agent, I am able only to delete all memory and I can’t save the locked workout.

    So, what’s the point about locking workout?

  309. andy zhou

    I already have a timex run trainer and a Basic Athlete Edition Account , but i want to upgrade to a Premium Athlete Edition Account,now. I don’t know how to do , can you help me ?
    What is the “Promo/Coupon Code”,it’s the key?

  310. andy zhou

    thank you,originally I was wrong.

  311. Amedeo

    does anybody know if ther is a soft watch band for this watch?
    something like garmin?
    link to trekkinn.com
    or something similar adjusting for TRT?

    I would like to do this when I put TRT in my swimcap

  312. Brandon

    If I downloaded the Timex Device Agent, then created and free account at traininpeaks without going to the “timexironman.traininpeaks.com” address, do I have the Timex version of the free account? I don’t know how to tell, and when I try to create such an account now, I only get the option to upgrade to a paid account. My calender view in Training Peaks keeps automatically populating with these annoying suggested workouts and I’m wondering if the Timex version of the free account eliminates this. Thanks for any help.

  313. giovanni

    Hello, I am Italian and my English is translated by google.
    I tried to update the firmware of my Timex but the file that downloadis type .Bin and do not understand how to do. Can you help me?
    Thanks …………. excuse the translation

  314. giovanni

    one more thing, to schedule a workout like this:
    phase 1. 20 minutes to 4.30 min/ km
    phase 2. 1 min to 3:30 min / km
    phase 3. 1 min to 3.50 min / km
    repeat step 2 and 3 until when you progress 2 km or repeat step 2 and 3 for 3 times (but not phase 1)

  315. datis

    Have you tried this unit’s or Run trainer 2.0’s cable to transfer data from Timex Marathon GPS? I find it very difficult to find a soleus 2.0 cable at reasonabe price that could be delivered here in Finland… Thanks for the Marathon gps review btw, based my purchasing decision on it!

  316. AC

    i have decide to get rid of my runtrainer and go back to garmin (the 910xt). it seems to always understate distance (and therefore pace). what is strange is that the same data when i use the kml export tool shows a longer (and correct) distance m google earth. i have also tried exporting the pwx to gpx/tcx and get the same result. maybe some gps experts can explain this to me but i’ve had enough, time to move on.

  317. Claudia Junge

    I bought this watch for my full marathin training. I am a run/walker. Anyway had the garmin forerunner 10 but battery life was too short. im a slow one.so I set up the intrrval time for 3:1 but I cant seem to get an auto lap pace at every mile like my garmin use to?? Any help with that please?? It helps me when I see how fast I was on the mile I was in. I am about to return it if it doesnt have that feature…

  318. Pitre

    A good review rainmaker. I bought the watch based on your review! Can you or anyone tell me how to increase the number of intervals. It shows a warm up , 5 intervals and a cool down. I need to put in 6 fast intervals and 6 recovery intervals apart from warmup and cool down. I tried to find a way in Training Peaks but failed. So HELP !!

  319. Dirk

    Is there a way to get the TRT 1.0 to reconnect the HR-Strap, if signal is lost? When doing triathlons I start activating GPS and HRM, but when exiting the water, HRM is deactivated i guess due to lost signal and wont reconnect until manually disabling all sensors from the menu and reactivating them.

  320. patrick

    Hi Everybody

    many thanks and congratulation for the forum and your website.

    I’m Patrick from Grenoble (French Alps).
    I like to organise my training with a distance (on the track) + a time (indicated by a ring) .
    So, I’d like to set my Timex Run Trainer 1.0 GPS as following :
    10 series X 500 meters (with a bell every 22 seconds) with a cool down (1 minute) between each 500 meters serie.
    How would you program such an exercice with the watch?
    Many thanks for your help and your response.


  321. Brett

    hi there
    I have this gps watch , and use training peaks and sport tracks. I mostly use the watch for marathon kayaking. my problem is the watch review ,has a different top speed and average speed to the training peaks log and sport tracks log….. which one do I believe ????

  322. Mauro

    Hola amigos, he adquirido recientemente el producto.., le pongo el cargador de pines enchufado a un USB..en varias PCs distintas y no muestra ningún signo de vida. Me pueden decir que prueba puedo realizar a fin de que se inicie?? Muchas gracias

  323. Robinson

    Hi Ray!

    Great review! I just bought this watch from ebay with a huge discount. My question is, is there any way to export my workouts from TP to let’s say Runkeeper? (GPX or TCX) or just export it to my local hard drive for further import? I’m new on using TP, it’s somehow confusing. Or is there any other way exporting from the watch to Runkeeper directly or convert it to a supported format to manually import it to Runkeeper.

    Thanks in advance.

  324. Robinson

    Thank you for the reply Ray! Appreciate it a lot. Now a friend bought the same watch, after charging it a couple of hours after unboxing, the watch won’t still turn on. Any idea? Thanks again in advance.

  325. Robinson

    Sorry to bother again, but I can’t find a reset or something I can pinch a pin to reset in this watch.

  326. Dan Talbot

    Robinson, I had the same problem, but found the solution on another site. To reset the watch, while plugged in, hold down the four corner buttons for 5-10 seconds. The watch should power up. If not, it might be a dud. I read on the Amazon site that this is a common problem. Several people (myself included) had to send the watch back and receive another one, only to find the second one wouldn’t charge either. I just found the reset directions and tried it on both watches (I didn’t return the original one yet). The resetting only worked on one of them.

    • Robinson

      Oh no! Possibly it’s a dud! I hate to send it back ‘coz it’ll cost me $$ for shipping only (Philippines to US rate is expensive)..I don’t know what to do…

    • Dan Talbot

      Robinson, try Timex Customer support at: timexcustomercare@timex.com. They were replying on the Amazon site for people who were having problems to contact them. I hope this helps and good luck!

    • Robinson

      Thanks Dan. Yes I already emailed them and one of their specialist respond back. I’ll be dealing with her from now on. Again, thanks! 😉

  327. Dario

    Hi, I’ve read almost everyone of your tests, all amazingly complete, but still can’t decide!
    I’ve found this Timex Run Trainer 1.0 at 129 euros and the Easy Trainer at 97 euros, I think the first is a better bargain isn’t it?
    By now I’m only a runner but I’d like to start cycling in the near feature and , why not, also swimming.. do you think the 1.0 would be a good choise at that price? what else do you suggest in <200 euros?

  328. cj

    Virtual Racer Feature – A silly question, but how do I set this up? Is it in the manual?

  329. Val

    I got a Timex Ironman Run Trainer a couple of weeks ago, and I was told to charge it; however, it has never turned on. Can someone please help me?
    Thank you!

    • After charging it, did you press the power button to turn it on (sorry for asking, but want to validate). Also, I have seen some issues per above in the comments about units not powering on – so you may want to double-check those.

  330. Val

    What power button? There are six buttons: stop/reset, set/menu, start/split, indigo, radio, mode/done. I have press every button for ten seconds waiting for it to turn on, but it doesn’t

  331. Robinson

    Hit the wall again! After a year of use, this time, USB not recognized under windows 7 in the same machine I’m using (uploading workouts). Happens all of a sudden usb doesn’t detect my phone, which includes the device agent. Anyone with this issue? I made the following:

    * change data/charging cable to no avail
    * clean the contacts on both the watch & the cables -again to no avail
    * re-install device agent to no avail (watch already updated since from first use)

    I’m running out of options here. Anyone?

  332. Julio

    Hi Ray!
    Quick question from an experienced runner now diving (literally) into bike and swim activities.

    Should I go to the settings mode and change from run to bike or the activity I will perform and cycle back each time we change the activity?

    I read your comments about creating new segments (laps) when changing activity but wasn’t sure I we need to do that. And if we don’t, won’t we get wrong calorie count in Training Peaks?



  333. Steve

    Let face it the cable for the Timex Run Trainer is terrible. You have to constantly wiggle and wrench on it for upwards of 20 minutes for it to connect with the PC. The watch itself is very nice and I like it very much, but the cable problems make it very frustrating before and after a run. Today, I gave up completely with not connecting and will seek a new watch that won’t be a Timex. I have personally gone through three cables, all start out good to begin with and slowly get worse and worse at connecting. I have used the Timex Ironman series for over 20 years and honestly I don’t know what they are thinking with this cheapo cable and then not addressing an adequate fix for their product, just telling you to keep buying new cables every three months.

    • Odd. You’re the first to report such an issue, after 3 years. :-/

      Sometimes you hear of folks (on other watches) with contact cleanliness issues, but rarely the cable itself unless it’s getting frayed somehow.

    • Steve

      The problem is rampant even with the new 2.0. The cables start malfunctioning after about a month or so and you start having to jiggle it and hold it upside down. In some cases this is happening right out of the box. It has been all over the forums, especially the Amazon Reviews are full of this problem. Even Timex recognizes the problem and fortunately does offer new cables for around $12 if you call them. You can actually now buy this watch for about $59 because the problem has been so bad no one wants it. Unfortunately, their 2.0 uses the same cable. I actually loved all the old timex ironman watches, but this cable is a real problem.

    • Sandeep

      I have had connectivity issues on and off and have figured out a way to solve it when it happens. Might help you. There are 4 contact points on the watch and connector. The problem is that all are spring loaded. On my watch my I press on these 4 contact points with a pin/clip some go down more than the others. Therefore when you connect the clamp the contacts sometimes doesn’t happen correctly. I initially thought this was a cable issue but it wasn’t. My easy fix is to press down all the contact points once an then reconnect the clamp, this usually fixes the problem.
      But without doubt this is a terrible connector and very primitive ! Sometimes it can be a struggle just aligning the contact point on the watch and clamp.

  334. Mia

    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 125lbs
    Athletics: Half/Full Marathons and Half Ironman Triathlons

    Thank you for posting this review. After reading it, and then reading all of the poor Amazon, Timex, etc. buyer reviews, I still choose to stick with your insight and ordered the watch. I provided my “build” and discipline information for other readers because I always find it helpful when reviewers provide more detailed information about themselves for perspective. In this case, that kind of perspective is everything.

    Ladies, I purchased the “women’s” model…what a laugh! I think the only difference is that it has pink on it! The size alone is impractical to market as a “women’s” watch. I can’t get the strap tight enough around my wrist because the length of the watch is wider than my wrist. I own the Garmin 310XT and don’t use it due to the size either. I would say that the Timex however is slightly thinner than the Garmin, but neither are very suitable for a woman’s wrist. In a side-by-side comparison, the Run Trainer not only dwarfs my current watch (Timex Women’s T5K506DH Ironman Sleek 150-Lap), it dwarfs my entire arm!

    I can’t comment on functionality because the one I ordered won’t even charge (Amazon seller error due to shipping a previously opened item). So I do believe the in depth information covered above because let’s face it, no one reviews a watch more thoroughly than DC Rainmaker. Which is why I was truly looking forward to this product!

    Thank you again DC Rainmaker for your review of this watch (and every other watch you review!). This comment was only to warn the ladies of the size and practicality of this watch. Cheers!

  335. Sandeep

    In interval mode when you reached a distance goal the watch used to beep. I suddenly find that the distance goal beeps have stopped working even when I set very long time intervals (to make sure time is not reached before the distance completes). This means that I have to keep looking at the watch which in itself compromises the interval !
    Does anyone know how to get the distance goal beeps working again in the intervals mode? All the other beeps and alarms are working fine. I use the device manager to program the watch and have the latest one installed (also latest firmware).

  336. Long Term Unhappy Owner

    The software for this product is utter rubbish. I returned the first watch thinking it was a hardware problem, the second watch it also terrible. Timex has abandoned the product with not software patch in years.
    The GPS only locks 2/3 of the time, when it does not lock the entire watch freezes and does not respond to inputs about half the time, the other half it responds but neither the HRM nor the GPS can be activated or deactivated. Clearly the sensor is still running in the background because the battery drains very rapisdly (within the day). REINSTALLING THE SOFTWARE is the ONLY way to get the watch to respond to any inputs at this point.
    If the battery dies before you save your workouts, the data is lost.
    I cannot say it enough, this product is rubbish and Times does not care, they have no solution.
    I have had the product for two years and regret it terribly, a huge waste of money AND data is all in training peaks. The contrast with the joy of the first couple of months with the GPS are enormous.

  337. Alexandra

    I bought this watch in December 2013, used it a couple of times, then didn’t use it again for 11 months until November 2014. I’ve used it maybe 3 times a month since then and had intended to use it several times a week as I get back into running in 2015.

    I have several problems with this watch.

    The biggest problem is that the charger crapped out. I had intermittent problems with it before, where Device Agent wouldn’t recognize the watch, but then it would. Now, it simply will not recognize it at all. So I am unable to upload workouts.

    Fortunately the watch does charge via USB or I would be dead in the water.

    I don’t understand how I can connect the charger and CHARGE the watch but Device Agent doesn’t know the watch is connected.

    I’ve ordered a new charger from Timex for $10 + tax postpaid. Fingers crossed.

    Other issues I’ve had with this watch, and maybe I just have something configured wrong.

    It’s always on. Is there a Power Off button?

    The battery drains quickly. After maybe 5-6 hours of use. Maybe because it’s always “on” – should I turn off the sensors when I’ve finished an activity?

    When the battery drains completely the watch loses all my workout data AND all my configuration choices.

    I had not read your review until today so I’m pleased to see that I can save my configuration preferences in Device Agent and upload (or is it download?) them to my watch. Unfortunately because DA doesn’t recognize the watch, I can’t play with this – when I launch DA I do not see any configuration options.

    I understand from reading the manual that if I want to set configuration options on the watch itself, I must be connected to GPS. So basically, no configuring your watch from the comfort of home … go stand in the street?

    (This point is moot if in fact I can set up my preferences from within DA.)

    I’m continuing to run, but because DA doesn’t recognize the watch, I have been unable to upload my workouts to Training Peaks. Because the watch loses power so quickly, I have been manually writing down selected data for each run (lap time, lap distance).

  338. Alexandra

    So, after posting that last comment, I tried one more time and this time Device Agent recognized the watch. This enabled me to get into the configuration settings on Device Agent. I happily set up everything the way I wanted it – now I’m stumped on how to download the configuration settings to the actual watch! The manual for the watch doesn’t seem to explain how to do this.

  339. Alexandra

    And… after searching on the internet I find these useless instructions:

    link to timexironman.trainingpeaks.com

    There is no “PC SYNC” option available on my watch. When I close DA and open it again, with the watch connected (and yes it does recognize the watch now) … it does not sync. I really love the idea of configuring my display and preferences from within DA (it sures beats doing it with the watch buttons) … but I am stumped as to how to get the settings off DA and onto the watch!

  340. sliver

    @ Alexandra:

    – yes you should turn off any sensors after every workout or else it will easily eat up your battery.
    – unfortunately, if the watch goes dead, any workout is lost! so as I’ve mentioned above, upload immediately and turn off any sensors.
    – when saving settings from DA to watch, simply go to Settings in DA, do whatever settings you would like to have in your watch and press Save if all is done. It will sync the settings you made in DA to the watch.

  341. Alexandra

    Thanks for the help, I resolved the issues I had. But now I have a new and much more serious issue.

    I got injured a few weeks ago and had to lay off exercising, today was my first day back. I have this 4.5 hills hike I do here in San Francisco, starting at my house in the Marina and going halfway up Pacific Heights (that’s the 0.5 hill), then up and over Russian Hill and Telegraph Hill, then down to sea level then up and over Telegraph Hill and Russian Hill and back home. So it’s a loop.

    I tend to do this loop when I’m preparing for the Chinese New Years Treasure Hunt which is over hilly up and down terrain like the hike. So I hadn’t done it since last January when the watch was relatively new, and I did it twice. One time the distance came out as 3.68 miles and the other 3.70 miles. Today? 3.32 miles!

    I also found, at the start of the hike, that it took a REALLY long time to acquire the satellites. But it finally did, after failing once and asking me if I was indoors.

    Now, because I’m interested in my average pace on uphill legs, downhill legs and level legs, I press the lap button whenever I have a change of terrain from up to level, up to down, or whatever. I did that a year ago too. So I could compare the distances from a year ago on each lap.

    Here are the values I got today on the EXACT same course as a year ago. The numbers are lap#/2014dist/2015dist:


    I uploaded my session to Training Peaks and looked at it on a map on-line, it seems fairly accurate, with the exception of appearing to cut corners (literally) when I make a 90 degree turn from one street to another.

    And if I enter this as a walking route on Google Maps with all of the waypoints I use, it says the walking distance is 3.8 miles.

    So what the heck happened? Anybody have any idea?

  342. Alexandra

    One more question – is it possible to see your actual lat/long coordinates in real time on this watch? If so it could be useful for geocaching.

  343. DANIEL

    hey people, does anybody know where can I get only a charger cable?

    I’ll be so grateful if someone help me

  344. Tom

    Don’t buy.
    I had the watch for a year until a week outside the warranty when the GPS connection stopped working.
    I have to reset the watch, or reinstall the firmware each time I want to use GPS. The warranty is useless, they just reset the watch and sent it back! Same problem, no change.

    Don’t buy this watch, and frankly don’t buy Timex. I spent $250 to have a gps watch for one year! That’s awful value.

  345. Nick

    My one problem with the watch is that for distance it measures in feet for the first mile, I don’t like this and i don’t know how to change it, I would like it to measure in miles the entire time. If someone could help me out i would be very grateful.

  346. azzurra

    i have lost my usb cable.
    do i need to use it only to get my data off the watch, or is this necessary to charge the watch?

  347. emiliano

    How delete workouts in reviews?

  348. Alberto Soto

    Hola, acabo de adquirir uno, esta sin carga, lo he conectado y lleva 2 horas pero aún no enciende, ocurre algo malo?

  349. Alberto Soto

    Hi, I just purchased one, it’s not loaded, I connected it and it takes 2 hours but it still does not turn on, does something wrong happen?

  350. Cristian Cvitanic

    Hi, I´ve tried to sync my Run Trainer to no avail, since Timex and Training Peaks don´t seem to be getting along any more.

    I´ve tried running Timex Device Agent on both Mac and Windows, and I´m going through hell even trying to detect the watch in the application. Lots of driver issues, even after reinstalling everything.

    So now I have a device that won´t sync and therefore doesn´t let me analyze my data.

    It´s crappy that Timex will let customers without any support, as no solution has been offered. Just the same version of Device Agent from 2014 available for download.

    I tried with a recommended app named Golden Cheetah, but as it´s open source, it seems to be quite complicated to get to work, as drivers are not “self contained” in the download, so it doesn´t work right out of the box without fiddling around.

    So if anyone has any alternative solutions, I´d really appreciate if the info was shared, as I don´t really want to go out and spend on another GPS watch, having one that is “hardware operational”.

    Thanks a lot in advance for the help, best regards.

  351. Cristian Cvitanic

    Hi, I´ve tried to sync my Run Trainer to no avail, since Timex and Training Peaks don´t seem to be getting along any more.

    I´ve tried running Timex Device Agent on both Mac and Windows, and I´m going through hell even trying to detect the watch in the application. Lots of driver issues, even after reinstalling everything.

    So now I have a device that won´t sync and therefore doesn´t let me analyze my data..

    It´s crappy that Timex will let customers without any support, as no solution has been offered. Just the same version of Device Agent from 2014 available for download.

    I tried with a recommended app named Golden Cheetah, but as it´s open source, it seems to be quite complicated to get to work, as drivers are not “self contained” in the download, so it doesn´t work right out of the box without fiddling around.

    So if anyone has any alternative solutions, I´d really appreciate if the info was shared, as I don´t really want to go out and spend on another GPS watch, having one that is “hardware operational”.

    Thanks a lot in advance for the help, best regards.

  352. Daniel Juárez

    No puedo activar mi GPS