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Timex Run Trainer GPS 2.0 In-Depth Review

The Timex Run Trainer 2.0 is the latest running-focused GPS watch from Timex, and a fairly big leap forward over the 1.0 (primarily in size). Read More Here

Reminding myself about the nutrition wall…the hard way.

It seems to happen each year around early spring time.  Usually early spring because that’s roughly when my workouts get long enough that I cross over the invisible barrier where I can get away with going low on nutrition.  Typically, … Read More Here

Pushing the envelope: Ultra-long time tests on Timex Run Trainer andFR910XT

Earlier last month someone on one of the various Internet Forums had asked how long the Garmin FR910XT and Timex Run Trainer would last if you turned off GPS, and instead let it just rely on ANT+ data (heart rate, … Read More Here

The Weekend: Motorola MOTOACTV, Zeo Mobile, Jawbone Up, long battery tests

I didn’t exactly plan on having as many different gadgets arrive this weekend as occurred – it just sorta happened.  But holy cow – there’s some really cool stuff in here!  Like increda-cool. I can’t wait to get full in … Read More Here

Timex Run Trainer 1.0 GPS In-Depth Review

Update Note: Consider looking at the just released Timex Run Trainer GPS 2.0 edition instead, if you’re looking at this watch. Comparisons between the two units are available in that review. With the market for sub-$200 GPS running watches becoming … Read More Here

Tracks, Timex Run Trainers…and a night at the Kennedy Center

To say this week has been busy so far would be an understatement.  A certain company is off going for a record on the number of product updates/releases in a single week, and I’ve been holding on trying to keep … Read More Here

Friday Tidbits: First Garmin FR910XT Swim Workout, Timex Run Trainer & TACX Trainer arrival

Just a few interesting tidbits that haven’t grown up yet to get their own posts yet, but since I get tons of questions on them – I figured I’d share some of my Thursday arrivals and tests. First up is … Read More Here

Interbike 2011 Day 1 Overview

This first day at Interbike was (as usual) a complete blur.  I had a number of demo periods scheduled (called appointments here) that left me running around back to back.  Look for the results of all of those spread over … Read More Here

New Timex Run Trainer vs. Garmin FR210: Fight!

Since Timex’s semi-announcement of their new GPS running watch last week, a number of folks have asked me what I’ve thought about it, and how it compares to others out there.  While at the moment I don’t yet have a … Read More Here