Stickin’ it to the man! Part II

IMG_7303 1024 x 682

Back a month ago Jade Lady commented that I seem to have ‘rules’ for everything. That’s not entirely true. I only have rules for everything that should have rules. As Calyx pointed out – logical things: Like Sticker Accumulation, Cowbell Ringing and even commenting of blog posts.

“Rules for sticker stickin’? I can’ wait for you to unveil that! Come on – publish that draft post!

Posted by Jade Lady to DC Rainmaker at May 22, 2008 2:24 PM”

So without further blabbering, I present thy rules:

  1. I must get the sticker in person. This can either be done at an expo, event or on location. It’s acceptable to use the sticker if mailed to me where I am clearly the recipient and there is a reason it’s being mailed to me. Also, stickers included in products that I buy (such as wheels/bikes) are completely acceptable. Buying a sticker off of eBay would be a massive no-no.
    IMGP3541 1024 x 768 (Wildflower Expo – Sticker Haven!)
  2. There must be some correlation to ME with the sticker. I must have either completed the event, been to the location, or have some relationship to the sticker. In other words, I can’t go off putting a sticker for a ski resort I haven’t skied at on my case if I haven’t skied there. That’s like wearing a race shirt that you didn’t race.
    (Great sticker slogan…never skied there – no go, into the pile of unused stickers)
  3. No duplicate stickers. I can’t have the same sticker twice on the case. That’s just takin’ up real estate. Like two Starbuck’s in the same building.
    (I can only “Move Up” so many times)
  4. A sticker cannot be lame. Nuff said.
    (Seriously, WTF is that?!?)
  5. If all else fails – the sticker must serve a purpose. For example, the below United Airlines sticker has two purposes. One – I fly a CRAPLOAD on them (100,000+ miles a year), so it’s semi-meaningful to me. More importantly though, that sticker (or my charming personality) has managed to get me charged the bike case fee only 50% of the time. Boo-yeah!
    IMG_7305 1024 x 682
    (A United historical logo sticker I got at their company store on a tour a few years back)

As for sticker placement – it’s wherever it fits! And here’s the pile of ‘rejected’ stickers (duplicates, dumb, not stickers, but window thingies, etc):

IMG_7309 1024 x 682

Ancillary Notes Section:

  1. Yes, it’s been some 4-5 days since I last blogged. Since my little incident, I had a bunch of draft posts that were lost and that bummed me out. I got the recovered disk back yesterday, but some of those posts were corrupted. Double-bummer.
  2. I’m working on putting together an updated Washington DC openwater swimming post here in the next week or two. Since many peeps have e-mailed me – I promise…it’s coming soon.
  3. A fellow blogger and triathlete needs our help! Steve is attempting two Ironmans in one week later this summer. As part of that effort he is raising money for the Aplastic Anemia Foundation. You see, Steve’s wife was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, an incurable and deadly bone marrow disease. Go check out his blog, his training – and then donate a few bucks. If everyone who reads my blog donated just $10 – it would make a HUGE difference.
  4. Gotta run…no…literally – I gotta go run!


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  1. ah everything is clear now. very very clear. you do know that they now have PILLS FOR THIS CONDITION right?

    you’re funny.

    will check out steve. thanks for the heads up.

  2. I like the rules. good rules.
    A friend’s son had aplastic anemia and did survive. I hope it’s not just b/c he was a kid?
    Will check out Steve.

  3. all the best to steve…wow..what an undertaking…

    hope he gets lots of money raised and maybe some cool stickers too…..

  4. Ya, I hear ya. Same for me and the stickers on the disc of my bike commuter. Yes, I have a disc on the commuter bike! They are just plastic covers, but look cool 😛 Remember, as Fernando said, “It’s better to look good than to feel good darling.”

  5. Two IMs in a week – amazing! I’ll definitely head over to his site.

    Umm and what are your rules for commenting? I’m new, I don’t want to commit any comment faux pas!

  6. SLB

    I have to say that all makes perfect sense, I have a whole bunch of my own little rules about things like that that get me through.

  7. You and your sticker rules – this is too funny!

    Thanks for sharing them with the world. However, have you ever contemplated the possibility that ..rules are meant to be broken? Or is that heresy to you?

    I do agree about the Tshirt thing – can’t wear a tshirt of a race that you didn’t run – that’s just wrong!
    How funny that we have such rigid rules about things like tshirt wearing and sticker wearing!

    Two ironman races in a week – that would be more than amazing – the things u do for your family..my heart goes out to Steve…I’ll go check out his site..