Voted off the island!

Ha!  Awesome!  I was watching tonight’s Survivor – more out of interest after my trip to Palau over the holiday break than the show itself.  We had been told that the tribal council area was at a place near where we kayaked to and hiked up to the top of a ridge (Japanese Docks).  Tonight during an aerial shot right as they started tribal council they showed where it was.  And indeed, it was exactly where we stopped to take a brief break.  It’s also where we got nailed by a nasty rainstorm, and when/where my Forerunner died it’s death.

Here’s a screen shot from tonight’s survivor:


And here is the same spot when we kayaked and stopped at it – about a week after they tore down the tribal council area.  The photos were taken from the same spot just looking opposite directions.  You can see the tree in the middle of the dirt pier in both the above photo and the below photo.  If you check out the little video I made here, you can see the same spot as well.



Funny how through magic of and lighting TV they can make something not so glamorous look very mystical and intriguing.  I missed the first 20 minutes of tonight’s broadcast, but one that will hopefully become clear over the course of the series.  Living outside in the jungle for 40 days there would really suck.  Not because I wouldn’t enjoy the ‘camping’ side of it.  Nope – because of the rain. As I’ve alluded to in the past, it rains a ton in Palau.  A ton.  Constantly.  Every day.  A lot of the day.  It mentally and physically wears on you over time.  But I guess for a million bucks you could get over it.

In other news….

I’ve had two nights in a row of rockin’ bike trainer sessions.  Both of them were immediately following other workouts, so the bike portion was only 10 miles each.  Tonight I managed to eek out my time last night by two seconds (from 25:04 to 25:02).  Although my efficiency was degraded in that my average power went from 275 watts up to 284 watts – certainly not worth the 2 seconds.  Gotta continue to work on that… but perhaps with an upcoming announcement we’ll get that all rectified.

The knee is still coming along.  I had a moderate set back last week after pushing it too hard the previous weekend.  But I’m starting to understand more clearly what irritates it – and simply avoid irritating it until it has time to fully heal.  I was able to get in a nice few mile run tonight sub-7, and me knee actually felt MUCH BETTER after the run than before it.  Go figure.


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  1. that is so cool that survivor is located on the same place you were! and…is survivor still on tv??? who knew?!?!

    some day soon i’ll be talking bike training sessions, too. you just see if i don’t.

    and i’m glad the knee cleared up! nice work!

  2. Wow – I’m a big time Survivor fan (you probably guessed). Very cool that you were there afterwards. I’m always curious as to the impact that show has on the local environment, after the contestants and production crew and all the associated hangers-on trample all over the place for a couple of months. They pick some beautiful locations; I hope they leave them just as beautiful when they’re gone.

  3. I’m in awe of your trainer prowess. I always seem to go dreadfully slow on the trainer as compared to the road. 10 miles would seriously take me 45 minutes at least.

  4. Do you have a computrainer or a power meter? What do you recommend?
    I can’t believe you went out and did sub 7s on some regular day. Remember how I said we were similar? Ahh, no. We’re not. You kick my ass! Just so you know that I know!

  5. Hi Ironmatron:

    I have a Computrainer that I got last fall. A power meter would be a cheaper option (generally anyway) and more versatile. The downside of only a power meter is in the winter I can train like I’m outside on hills that feel amazingly like real hills. The downside of the Computrainer is that I can’t take it outside in the summer and ride 100 miles on it – so I’m without power data. i would say that this late in the winter, I’d look to get a Power Meter instead of the Computrainer, and perhaps look at the Computrainer next winter.

    At some point I’ll become unlazy and actually writeup a review of the Computrainer. I’ve got a number of similiar reviews queued up to write (CompuTrainer, Erg Training Videos, Real Videos Ironman Training videos, etc..) when I become unlazy.

  6. Nice run. Nice biking, I guess. That’s interesting stuff you write about Palau. I’ve never watched Survivor so I dunno about that.

  7. You wild man!!! It really is amazing how they make things look different for TV. It is awesome that you were there and able to have such a great adventure.

  8. Thanks Rainmaker!
    Okay: Now the question is power meter or tri-bike?
    I have a road bike right now.
    What do you think?

  9. Tri-Bike vs Power Meter:

    That’s a tough one honestly. Well, the power meter would be cheaper likely. I guess it would depend on what the condition of your existing bike is. If the existing one is really rough, then I’d go tri bike. If your current bike is a fine road bike – then I might go power meter and focus on that.