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Thanks for stopping by (or re-stopping by)!  I just wanted to give you a little background on who I am, and what this blog’s all about.  I’m just a triathlete and runner like you:  I run, I bike, and I do something resembling swimming.  And at the end of the day…I blog about it. But other than that last detail – I’m just like you.

I grew up in Seattle and ski raced pretty competitively as a kid, and training for that somehow led to running cross-country my freshman year of high school.  After my freshman year I decided that running was a miserable way to spend my time, and proceeded to not run for another 10 years or so (really, no running!).

During those ten years I used to my spare time to get pretty into technology and travel.  I’d eventually end up graduating high school straight into the world of technology consulting for large enterprise organizations (and travelling up to 52 weeks a year).  To this day, that remains what I do – I design computer networks and systems…and still travel a lot.

Before we get to today – let’s jump back a bit athletically, in the spring of 2006, I started running again.  By ‘started running’, I mean I ran one mile and nearly collapsed.  Ok…I may not have made it that first mile…but that’s besides the point.  About 4-5 months later I went onto finish my first marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM), in 4 hours and 23 minutes.  Oh…and along the way I lost about 60 pounds…

I ran through the winter following MCM and when spring sprung I got the bright idea to try and finish a triathlon.  Not thinking it through entirely (who really does anyway?), I simply signed up for a half-ironman triathlon later that summer.  I may or may not have ever gotten into the pool at all at that point.  Doh.

So…into the pool I went, and then I dusted off my old mountain bike and got to work.  A few weeks later I realized that perhaps a mountain bike wasn’t ideal for a half-ironman – and upgraded to a basic Fuji Road bike.  About two months later I finished my first triathlon – a sprint, before going on to finishing my second triathlon (an Oly) and finally a few weeks later – The Big Kahuna – my first Half-Ironman (all without aerobars I’d point out!).  Oh, and around that time I started blogging.

After that I was hooked!

The next year (2008) with the help of Coach Alan I went onto complete my first Ironman – Ironman Canada, and then later that fall I shattered my first marathon time with a finishers time of 2:54 (yes, 90 minutes off of my first marathon just two years earlier).  This past year (2009) with my coaches help I completed two more Ironman’s (Canada and Florida), along with a slew of other races – the Olympic distance being the ones I’m most excited about.

Now (2010):
This blog is simply a journal of my triathlon and running life…along with everything else in my non-triathlon life.  Whether that be food, travel, or just random stuff – that’s the package I am.

Along the way I write up some pretty detailed product reviews.  Some times it’s products I’ve bought myself, sometimes it’s stuff I’ve asked companies to check out, and sometimes it’s stuff sent to me to review.  In all cases I clearly identify which way it was, and in virtually all cases (except the POM juice), it goes back to the company that sent it to me.

So with that, that’s me.  Thanks for reading!  And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail (or just post a comment on the applicable post).  Thanks!



  1. Yay, Ray!! I don't blog/read the blogs as often as i used to, but I do love to check in w/you from time to time to see all the progress you've made. As somebody who first began to follow you in your early triathlon/blogging days, I just wanted to commend you on just HOW FAR you've come! You're a great inspiration for so many people and your adventures in food, travel, gadgets and tri are ALWAYS enjoyable to read about. I hope you keep indulging all of us for years to come!


  2. What an excellent blog! I found it by doing a Google search for reviews on the some of the Garmin products usable for triathlon training. I was pleasantly surprised to see that you're from Seattle. I've only read through a few of your posts, but you seem to have a lot of great information here. Thanks for sharing!

  3. One product suggestion--perhaps the ibike power meter? I would be really curious to see your numbers, especially since you have power numbers so you can compare them (and you ride in the same general area that I do). Some of the press that the early models got was pretty bad, but it seems to have gotten better as they've improved the SW. And there's too much fanboyism in the cycling press.

    My ideal device would be that thing (if it works) combined with a GPS. I'm trying to figure out whether to go GPS/HRM or this power meter. WIll probably end up with a 705 or 500, but am still really curious. Anyway, food for thought.

  4. Hey Chris!

    Thanks for dropping by. I've been wanting to review the iBike for some time now. I e-mailed them back about a year ago, but they didn't seem too interested at the time. I need to poke them again. Thanks for the reminder!

    In my opinion, just go with the Edge 500 - you won't be disappointed. The 705 is great, but I rarely use the map functions during day to day riding. If I was doing a cross-country journey, it might be different...but not on my regular routes. Good luck!

  5. I stumbled onto your blog looking for Garmin reviews and really appreciate the detail and real-life use.

    Maybe you can give me a bit of feedback. I'm a mountain biker that plays on the road when I have to, add to that a little bit of running (really more of a trudge) just to do something different. My Polar s720i has bitten the dust, so I'm thinking about switching to a Garmin. I'm considering the Edge 500 over one of the Forerunners. What do you think the Edge 500 for a non-runner that runs?

  6. Hello Ray... I have recently jumped into the forerunner game with a purchase of a 405cx, mainly used for running. I have noticed that the accuracy of the device during the first 3-4 min. of the run is often quite poor, even after I have 'acquired' sat. in the kitchen window 3-5 minutes prior to the run. Is this common? any suggestions? is pace info somewhat accurate even those absolute position is off?

    thanks a bunch, great blog!


  7. Hi Kathy!

    The only thing that the Edge 500 doesn't have that a runner would want, would be pace. Meaning, it'll show your times in MPH instead of Minutes/Mile. If you don't mind that, then you can pickup the Garmin 310XT quick release kit, which works with the Edge 500 and then strap it to your wrist. Otherwise, I'd look at getting the 310XT instead.

    Hi Jason!

    Hmm, that sounds odd. For me, once I've locked - I've locked. You can go into satellite configuration mode to see how accurate the device is (sat-view). But to me it sounds like something might be wrong. One thing you can do is a soft-reset, which will tell the unit to basically forget all the satellites it knows about, and start from scratch. That can sometimes fix some of the issues you're describing.

    Hope this helps!

  8. this is a well detailed web blog that is so well done. so detailed with your races as well as products. i m also trying to make a web blog like yours. have any advise? maybe what equipment to have and invest in order to make my web blog very detailed? i also have a question. do you make money well enough to consider a living on this? you are a good traveler and it would be sad if you didn't make money out of this and by the way you put your work into this, this is well enough for a career and with traveling all over the world, who wouldn't want that kind of job. hope to hear from you soon.

  9. i am currently looking for a GPS. perhaps this is one good investment in mapping and blogging about it after. i have a simple polar CS300 and it would be a waste if i will just throw it away. i don't make much in western countries standards but since i am living in the Philippines, it seems a lot (would be unethical to tell you here). i am pretty much interested in just mapping and doing a lot of bike travels to other nearby countries in the very near future. i just looked to a nuvi 500 and it looks interested to invest. it maybe cheaper than the forerunner 310xt, but as i said earlier, i just need a gps solely for mapping and guiding while i am biking since i have a polar that takes my heart rate, cadence, speed. what is your view on the nuvi? what would you suggest i should take? hope you can help me on this.

  10. Hey Ray,

    Excellent Blog and has very detailed usefully information. I will definitely pass the link and come back for a specific question. I have not seen you at Pacers for while. Keep up the good work.


  11. Hi from South Portugal, after coming across one link to one of your posts, i continued to read your posts, almost all of them 8-), and decided to Thank You for the very usefull tips i found either in Tec stuff as in Nutrition, or Training, etc; altough i'm not a tri-athlete, i'm into mountain bike, but i've always looked with great respect and curiosity to the triathlon, and one of your posts almost convinced me to start the swimming wich has kept me from trying for years.

    Thank You for the effort and time spent doing all this, keep it up!

    P.S. Sorry for the probable mistakes in my English.

  12. KB

    You have been bookmarked in my library of resources now. Great gear reviews and great detail. Keep up the good work with your tips and blogs.

  13. This is an absolutely great blog! Very entertaining, informative and inspiring as well!
    I live very close to DC too (Rockville,MD) so thats an added bonus.
    I went thru this blog for about 3hrs today in search of your first marathon training schedule which gave you an incredible time for your very first marathon... No luck.
    I did find out that the first post was on September 3 2007.
    Is there anyway you could post your original marathon training plan?
    It would be great for your blogs 3rd year anniversary:D

  14. Hi Ray,
    I happened upon your blog when I was looking for Garmin reviews. Your review led me to purchase the Forerunner 305 - I've been checking my mailbox like a crazywoman waiting for it.

    After a little more wandering around your site I saw that you were in Vancouver for the 2010 winter games! I'm originally from the Philadelphia area but came to Vancouver for graduate studies so I was here too, and it's totally random but I was at the Germany/Belarus men's hockey game! Crazy how the internet is such a small place. Anyways thanks for your awesome product reviews and your encouraging posts - I always leave your site entertained and inspired!


  15. misciu63

    I am a biker (amateur). I bought a forerunner 305 and only when i discovered your guides, I have been able to use it in full.
    I wanted to express my thankfulness and congratulation to You for your very interesting blog.

    Don't quit !

  16. Kim

    I'm training for my first Marathon next February and I'm doing the Jeff Galloway method. Which one of the Garmonds do you recommend for me? I definitely need a watch that I can set for my 3min run/1min walk and that will vibrate (because I wear headphones)...
    Thanks for any advice ou can give...
    Kim in FL

  17. Travis.

    Hi Ray

    Just wanted to drop you a line from Australia and let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog, the info has been a massive inspiration for me.

    In 2009 I quit my rather well paying job in the Petroleum industry due to a massive imbalance in the work / life balance. My health was seriously screwed up. By sheer luck I had managed to take place in a liver health study and found out I was pre-diabetic and seriously unhealthy.

    Good news is that the study included a 6 month exercise intervention that I threw myself into. Upon leaving the study I spoke with the exercise physiologist and she said "Name a sport that is so far removed from where you used to be that you could never picture yourself doing it, and make that your goal" I picked triathlon and that became my new goal (obsession?)

    So 9 months, 39 Kg and a hell of a lot of blood, sweat and tears later and I am well on my way, having bought a bike, started running and swimming again and training hard each week.

    While there is still a fair way to go, I know that I will get there! I have found your blog a huge source of inspiration and useful advice, and just wanted to say thanks!


  18. Anonymous

    This is just GREAT info. Thanks!

  19. Anonymous

    How can I do power analysis on a mac?

  20. Great review of the edge 800. I was wondow how well it performs as a hiking gps. Can a person load the topos and expect the same performance, battery time, durability etc? I assume it would work fine as a gar GPS as it would simply lack the voice based turn by turn. Do you agree? How about as a pedestrian in a city? I assume it would work just as well or not better than most Nuvi's ( that have the pedestrian mode) given it actually lasts longer than 3 hours as most Nuvi's do?

  21. George Lytinas

    Hi Ray,

    your review regarding the FR305 was the best I've found in the net. And of course after that I bought the device. Used it already in a race and is truly amazing. I have transfered my scheduled workouts from SportTracks in the watch but I have a small question. When I am starting an advanced workout (transfered from SportTracks) can I use the lap button to mark laps? I've tried this and it ends the workout. I've disabled the autolap functionality. Can you give me a helping hand on this?


  22. Hey DC

    Love your blog ad have been back a few times now to read on products i have like the 310 xt and more recently the TGT. I wish i had your ability to write reviews as im actually getting the the online retail multisport industry. I am starting up a blog for serveral different sports like triathlon, trail running, snow boarding, ultra ironman etc etc and am looking for information like your to put on my blog. Would you be interested in writing on it or maybe just allowing me to use your information. I could send you some more products to review as well if you want like fuelbelts and Rocktape kinesiology tape. Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas. you can contact me directly on 9725331669 or look me up on twitter ( slowafrican ) im following you.

  23. Anonymous

    Can you review the new Sporttracks 3.0? It seems to be worth the $35 bucks. I would like to gear what you think.

  24. Hi Anon-

    Here ya go:

    link to dcrainmaker.com


  25. Hello... just stumbled across your blog today - incredible! I'm looking forward to making it a part of my regular reading. Cheers.

  26. Wow, what an incredible blog you have! I made my status on FB last night asking for friends opinions on their Garmin's. Friends mostly thought I meant a vehicle GPS! But one friend posted your link. Her husband found your blog and loves it! I am a big fan now!!

    I am trying hard to figure out which Garmin is best for me. I don't care about looks or size for the most part. It would be nice to own a small one... But I really want one that's easy to use. I've been running for 6 years now. Ran my first marathon in Oct (MCM), finished, but failed my goal time. I guess the goal should have been to finish! (Got side stitches and what felt like asthma - so crazy!)

    Trying to decide which Garmin is best for me is quite hard! Thanks for your indepth reviews. They really are wonderful!

  27. Hi DC!
    I've been reading your blog this year, it helped me a lot choosing my gps watch. Thanks for your indepth reviews!
    I'm from Brazil and I'm spending my vacations in USA. I'll be running the Charleston Marathon on Jan 15th. If by the way you run it, I'd like to take a picture with you! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  28. Todd

    Hi, Ray. You have been such a big help in the past I am hoping you can help me one more time. My wife and I both have the Garmin 305 and I purchased the foot pod for since she runs inside most of the time. I think it is the new one because it is really small. We can't seem to get it to pair with the 305. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  29. Anonymous

    Hi Ray,
    A couple months ago I came across a $49.00 piece of software and some electronics (wires to connect to your indoor trainer) somewhere online. My friend was looking for something so I didn't pay too much attention. Part of the cool factor was that you could schedule realtime indoor races with anyone via the internet. You in Seattle, me in Milwaukee, and perhaps a long lost relative in Australia! Well now I can't find it...searched and searched. Ever hear of anything like this? Thanks. Craig

  30. Anonymous

    Ray...thought I'd send this note out since I posted the question yesterday. I was looking for the inexpensive software that allows for internet racing. My friend found my old email and its http://www.trainermic.com I think its pretty interesting for $50. Others can check it out too. Thanks.

  31. Henriette

    I recently bought the digifit connect (only $10). I thought I could use it with my Iphone and HRM.
    Do you have a review of this. You need an app for this on your phone, but it's only for sale in the US and I have an UK account.
    I am not very technical, but I thought it would be handy to see my HR on my Phone as well.
    Can you tell me something about this.

  32. Super cool blog! I love your layout too! I have just started doing triathlons about a year ago, and just started blogging few months ago! My blog is so boring compare to yours! How did you create your layout? Thanks so much for any tips you can give me.

  33. Hi Alison-


    Hi Kate-

    Check out my recommendations post here:
    link to dcrainmaker.com

    Hi Bruno-


    Hi Todd-

    Check out the foot pod post here:
    link to dcrainmaker.com

    Hi Anon-

    Thanks for the heads up - I'll have to check it out when I get back home, travelling abroad right now.

    Hi Henriette-

    Yup, I've used it a bit. It's like many of the other ANT+ Apps that require a dongle, but will indeed give access to ANT+ heart rate/speed/cadence/distance/power. You may want to e-mail the Digifit folks and ask them to make it available in the UK store too, they're pretty friendly.

    Hi Czechchick-

    Thanks, I appreciate it! The layout I use is from the site at the very bottom of the page (link there), they have tons of others too. I just used it and tweaked a bit. That said, I think yours looks great, so I wouldn't change too much! Good luck, and congrats on Clearwater this past year.

  34. Anonymous

    Hi Ray,
    What a great site you have. Very informative and helpful and interesting too.
    Was wondering if you have reviewed any Suunto products? I'm thinking about buying the Suunto M5. Any views on it?
    Thanks, Viv

  35. Rob


    Have you done any wetsuit reviews or tests? Im looking into buying my first one and checked here first. Couldnt find them if you have done any.

    Great blog, Photographs of Jordan are amazing, I may have to move now!


  36. Awesome blog. Ive been in the market for a solid triathlon blog for almost a year now, yours is one of the better I have seen.

    Do you have a suggestion for a Half Ironman workout program? This will be my first race at this distance and only my second triathlon. I am pretty solid on the bike and in the pool, although i could pick up my speed. I will probably struggle with the run as I had foot surgery last month. I am shooting for either Lake Stevens or Timberman, both about 6 months away. Also have a couple of tri's scheduled before then as well. But yeah, have a program that you suggest? I am considering joining DC tri club, but am hesitant for some reason.

  37. Anonymous


    Just wanted to say thank you for your great reviews you have posted and helped me decide what gadgets to buy etc. Also have been pointing lots of my friends/club mates towards your website and they have found it very useful aswell.

    Pete Darton
    Yeovil, England

  38. Hi Rainmaker,
    Great blog keep up the good work.
    Question have you ever done any altitude training? Do you think this works? If so can you please let me know your experiences using this kind of training.


  39. Hi ray !
    Great blog, I've been following for a while.

    Do you have any tip for running in Israel ? Is it possible to rent a bike ?


  40. TEG

    Great blog. Hat's off to you. You really do the best product reviews out there.
    I was interested in getting one of those Withings e-scales. They were out of stock on Amazon. As a testament to how much I appreciate your work, I ended up waiting til they were back in stock so that I could purchase it via a link from your site (and my new bride can confirm I HATE to wait for any gadget that I want). Keep up the good work. TEG

  41. sw

    Hello Ray,

    As you are into the technology game suggest you take a look at this, http://www.biobike.us it is a complete dynamic ergo bike with actual power left and right and a torque analysis system, I hear they are selling these into pro teams and sports institutes

  42. Hi Anon/Viv-

    RE: Suunto-

    I haven't reviewed any yet, though, if they come out with something compelling this spring, I will.

    Hi Rob-

    RE: Wetsuit tests

    Nothing to date, I've been sticking with technology and/or related gear. My only recommendation is trying it out first. Most shops allow you to rent it for a week and then buy it with a credit from the rental - best way to do it.

    Hi Matt-

    RE: Workout Programs

    Check out on Amazon this book - it's what I used the first year and worked rather well for me:

    link to amazon.com

    Hi Anon/Pete-


    Hi Jack-

    RE: Altitude Training

    Nope, nothing to date. There's no doubt it works - but whether or not it's feasible for the regular athlete is really the question. It takes a lot of timing and also long stays to make it pay off.

    Hi Kendall-

    RE: TPData download

    The trick is to ensure that the little dropdown that says "Save to" shows TP and now the local disk. For whatever reason it defaults to disk, saving them to My Documents.

    RE: Edge 500 to ST

    From Sport Tracks, you'll choose to import a file, and then navigate to the Edge 500 drive (usually something like drive D/E/F), and under activities.


    Hi Rafael-

    RE: Running in Israel-

    Sorry, haven't been there yet...but when I do, I'll post my thoughts here!

    Hi TEG-

    Thanks, I appreciate you waiting!

    Hi SW-

    Holy cow that bike's a beast! I do think we'll start to see some o this replaced by pedal-based power meters over the next few years, as that matures more. But very cool nonetheless!

  43. Reading your race reports, I was wondering wich method you use to define/use your HR zones. I am not used to see 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b zones...

    Thanks for your very informative and enjoyable blog.

  44. Hello ,

    Love all your in dept reviews.
    You set a new way for reviews.

    What kind of camera are you using? The pics are very clear and it seems small enough to take with a training.

    Thanks for sharing.


  45. Hi Paul-

    The majority of my zones are based on Joe Friel's book - Triathletes Training Bible.

    Hi Guido-

    All my photography related detailed are listed here:

    link to dcrainmaker.com

    Thanks guys!

  46. Hi, Ive been using a Polar s625x and am thinking about replacing it with one of the two. First is the Polar RS800cx. When going to my shoe shop I became interested in the Timex Global Trainer. Any thoughts between the two, I love my polar but the Timex is much cheaper.

    Thanks David

  47. David

    First off, I enjoy your reviews and blog immensely since I find them to be among the most detailed and valuable assessments of new fitness technology out there. Keep up the good work. Second, I've got a question that you may have some unique insight into based on all of your product experience. Everyone generally acknowledges Apple's frustrating limitations as well as their ubiquity. The new iPad finally looks like a moderately compelling product, but has many of the typical Apple intentional limitations that make it not quite a complete netbook or laptop replacement. Anyway, one key piece of functionality for me (that I think you'll appreciate) is mobile uploads of Garmin device data to either Garmin Connect or Training Peaks. (I use both with a Forerunner 305 and Edge 500) Some of the ANT+ dongles and Apple's own "camera kit" would appear to have potential in this area, but I haven't seen anything that would suggest mobile uploads are possible. Could you offer any insight into this particular challenge?

  48. Brett

    Have just read your TGT review. Thanks, it was a great review. Have a question for you however . . . has Timex corrected many of the problems that you discuss in your review (Satellite pickup, etc.). I'm guessing that 1 year into the product launch that they have made several software upgrades, but just wanted to check before purchasing the watch.


  49. Hi David-

    TGT vs Polar-

    At this point the TGT is more versatile than the Polar, and with more flexability in ANT+ compatible devices.

    Hi David II-

    There are definitely some ANT+ 310XT mobile app uploading apps coming out. Unfortunately, only the FR310XT/FR405/FR410 allow this today. Though nothing is stopping Garmin from adding that functionality via firmware to any of the other ANT+ compatible devices. I know the Training Peaks guys are working on this for their app...

    Hi Brett-

    They've made some progress, but still lag behind in accuracy. See my accuracy tests from the fall (on the latest firmware). I might suggest the FR305 unless you need power meter support or full waterproofing.

    link to dcrainmaker.com

    Thanks all!

  50. Just bought my first GPS watch and saw researching tirelessly across the internet for reviews/comparisons. Finally stumbled upon your page and it basically became the foundation of my purchase (FR210 FYI).
    Just wanted to say a quick thanks and share my appreciation for blogging what you blog! I would have loved to purchase through your amazon link to help out but unfortunately the shipping to canada was outrageous. Sorry!

  51. please please can you review the nike gps watch that just came out.

  52. Anonymous

    Have you had a chance to review the Nike's newest running watch. I would be curious as to how it compares to the 610.

    Loved the reviews.

  53. Yup - here's some initial thoughts on it - I look to have a full review probably in the next week or two.

    link to dcrainmaker.com

  54. JJ

    Hello there and thank you for lots of great advice. I have been using Garmin Edge 500 for a long time with no poroblems. I cycled today and got a HR graph which is a smooth curve, almost as though it has averaged out my real readings, no irregular graphs as usual. Can't explain why except that I was kust WEARING (not having started it) a Garmin Forerunner 210 on my wrist. Could it be that??? I'm confused...

  55. JJ

    Forget the forerunner, I cycled again today with no forerunner oin my wrist and again the smooth curve (not a line but a curve, as if averaging out all the readings). WHy suddenly?

  56. Hi JJ-

    It sounds like there may be some gaps in the HR readings. Unfortunately Garmin Connect simply connects the points - so even if in an entire hour you had only two heart rate readings (normally you'd have them every 1-5 seconds), then it would show the curved line like you noted.

    It sounds like a bad HR strap battery may be the cause. They're super easy to swap out. Additionally, check out this post:

    link to dcrainmaker.com

  57. Dave J

    Your product reviews are fantastic and helped me pick out the Garmin 500. Keep up the great reviews.

  58. s

    Just found your site - great reviews and really good quality useful advice. Thanks and keep up the good work ;)- I will be coming back a lot!

  59. JJ

    Thank you very much DC Rainmaker. It seems to have stopped doing it now but I can't be sure of course. Thank you for sound advice as usual. It's invaluable to many people and please keep it up.

  60. Anonymous

    Ray, great blog.
    Do you know of a way to connect a garmin edge800 to an ipad? It would be great to be able to upload to garmin connect via the ipad when away from a laptop. So far I'm hitting dead ends. Jason

  61. Hi Anon-

    Unfortunately there isn't a way today to do this. Had Garmin opened up the Edge 800 to allow ANT+ transfers (which, it physically could do, it's just not in the Edge 800 firmware), then you could do just that with something like the Wahoo ANT+ Dongle. In fact, there are apps in development that will allow folks to transfer from the FR310XT/FR60/FR405/FR410/FR610 to to the iPhone using the ANT+ dongle.


  62. i just finished reading your review for the forerunner 310tx and i am amazed at the thoroughness of your review. The question I have for you is that I am a beginner to the triathlon scene and i recently bought the forerunner 310xt. Since my bike rides really won't be that long for quite some time until I build up some endurance, should I even worry about a bike mount, or should i just keep the watch on my wrist for my bike rides? thanks


  63. Hi DC rainmaker,

    what a great blog. I am looking to really step up my bike split. I don't have enough cash for both, so computrainer or powertap? or something else?
    I'd love to hear your take, but I was quite impressed with the improvements you reported on the computrainer review.
    Thanks for your help,

  64. Hello DC Rainmaker,

    I just wanted to contact you about The North Face® Endurance Challenge returning to Algonkian Regional Park, Great Falls Park and the Potomac Heritage Trail in 2011. The course keeps runners on their toes with ever-changing terrain. Overall, it consists of 50% singletrack, 30% dirt or gravel doubletrack, 10% gravel carriage road and 10% paved road.

    The Great Falls sections are highlighted by some intense elevation changes, with steep-but-run-able climbs up to 300 feet. The River Trail covers what is widely held as the marquee section the event: up to three miles of tip-toeing and hopping along bluffs high above the Potomac River. The tedious-but-scenic time it takes to cover this section is more than offset by cruising sections of undulating trail in the river basin.

    It'd be great to see you out there.

    For more information visit: link to bit.ly


  65. Ray, I had a few questions regarding my Garmin Edge 500 as well as questions about the 310XT, which I am thinking about buying.

    Can you email me?
    FFCaldwell at Verizon dot net.

    Thanks, Garmin Guru!

  66. Hi Ray - any chance that you'll be reviewing Cateye's new INOU (link to cateye.com)?

    Looks like a good way to capture and share pics from a ride.

    If you're not going to have a chance to review the INOU, do have any recommendations on similar GPS enabled cameras?


  67. Do you email?


  68. Anonymous

    I bought the edge 800 thinking it would give me directions like my car gps. I also purchased the city Nav software... The up-to-date city nav doesn't have our street on it (we've been here for 3years) - or the 416 hwy (a major hwy which has been here for 10 years). Because it can't locate our street - it gives me an error message to start...

    Like I said, I bought the edge 800 thinking that I'd get enough detail to go on country roads - but it doesn't even have enough detail to navigate downtown Ottawa?

    Am I missing something?


  69. Hey Ray -- Any chance you'll be reviewing the Lemond Revolution Trainer with the optional power meter?
    Looks pretty cool, but I'd like to read a review before dropping that kind of cash.

  70. Hi Nate-
    RE: Bike Mount

    It's mostly a personal preference thing. For the $15 or so, I just prefer to look at my handlebars vs my wrist. Thanks for the comments!

    Hi Fabrizio-
    RE: CT vs PT

    That's a tough one...but I'd go PT, since you can use it for both racing and training.

    Hi Runner-
    RE: Endurance Challenge

    Thanks for the links! Unfortunately my race schedule is pretty packed for the year. Looks very cool though!

    Hi FFCaldwell-
    RE: Questions

    The best bet is asking one either of the two threads, else you can try e-mailing me at my address on the contact page. Sometimes things get a bit delayed though. Thanks!

    Hi Dario-
    RE: INOU

    I actually looked at this a bit back last year at Interbike, but hadn't revisted it again yet, although I think it's a really cool idea. The new Pentax Optio has GPS in it, which I think is pretty cool. And considering I just lost my other Optio - I may pick it up.

    Hi Anon-
    RE: Edge 800 maps

    Hmm, City Nav should have your streets, and certainly the highways. Did you ensure to enable the mapset in the Edge 800? I wonder if it's not turned off. I have a mapset for Eastern Canada and it had a bunch of really tiny streets - and new ones, when I was up in Newfoundland.

    Hi Roger-
    RE: Lemond Trainer

    Yes, they owe me a test trainer. Going to e-mail them now...

    Thanks all!

  71. Hi Ray !

    Your Blog is simply the best for testing GPS units. Your review are so perfects ! All we need, all questions we got... You answer all of this.

    I will advise you on my forum :)

    Regards from France

  72. Hi

    I have just purchased a FR610 and noted that you were able to link it with TP software. I could not get this to work. I see from your image in the review that you have a 310 listed in the first box and then 610 in the second box. Tried this but no joy. Any help would be appreciated.


  73. Hey, I have a question. I loved your review of the Garmin 610 and just picked mine up tonight. I have a question. Do you know where I can find the serial number so I can register it and also I have my old 305 registered with Garmin Connect. How can I add my 610 to Garmin connect? Thanks in advance.

  74. So...

    I said to my wife, "I just found a website of this guy who used to run cross country in high school, then took a 10 year break from running, then moved to DC and got in to marathons and triathlons. He's also a gadget junkie, travels obsessively and goes scuba diving." Her reply to me: "Thats you!"

    Seems we're leading very similar lives. The biggest difference being that I am currently on my SECOND 10-year break while I concentrate on traveling and finding the perfect hammock. A 6-week trekking trip in Nepal has gotten me in reasonable shape and made me decide to get back in to running again with my goal set as the Paris Marathon in Apr '12 around 3:30. It's a race I've always wanted to do, and now being married to a Frenchie, I've got a good excuse.

    I'm looking at getting either the Garmin 210 (looks way cool) or the Garmin 305 (looks bulky, but I've heard it's much more accurate). Tell me which one to get as I'm completely unable to make this decision myself. :)


  75. Hi Ray, I have a rather obscure tidbit you may want to blog. I stream my training data to my blog (www.leatherundies.com) from Garmin Connect, but the RSS stream doesn't normally allow you to include training files with no GPS data eg when you have been training indoors.
    MUCH research later I found the URL parameter that allows you to include them.
    The &IgnoreNonGPS flag needs to be set to FALSE like this:

    link to connect.garmin.com

    This took me a looong time to find and Garmin is strangely reticent to share it.


  76. and if that parameter seems obvious, the default is TRUE and the whole switch is excluded from the normal RSS URL by default.

  77. Hi Rick-

    Thanks for the comments, and glad to see you're following along the same route - that's awesome! I'd go with the FR210, I love it!


    Hi Dawie-
    That's pretty cool, on a lot of different fronts, very interesting, as I hadn't seen it before. I haven't quite decided when and where to stick it in my list, but I will at some point...cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!


  78. Hello,

    I read you blog quite often and I just wan't to say. Keep up the good work! You really are big inspiration for all of us.

    greetings from Slovenia,

  79. Anonymous

    hey...loved your review of the Garmin FR610.
    Am considering buying one, but my biggest concern now is battery life. You said its only 8 hours in use.

    Can i get any standard portable USB charger and charge it during my trail-runs/hikes so that it continues tracking my workout/race while also re-charging battery to last longer then 8 hours?

    thanks for help-

  80. Hi Matt!

    Typically when you charge it'll go into charging mode and keep you from using it. However, I've heard that the official Garmin charging kit (the solar one, etc...) will work. While I bought one recently and it arrived, I just didn't have enough time to unbox it before heading out for my wedding. So when I return in a few weeks I can post the results.

    In the meantime, if you're looking for an instant answer - try posting on the Garmin Forums (forums.garmin.com) in the FR610 section - might get someone who can validate.


  81. Awesome blog!!!! As someone not that tech wavy what HRM would you recomend for someone who NEVER hears the alarm when out of the zone? Only garmin makes models with vibration mode but they may be out of my league

  82. Ray
    Great website and blog! I have a Timex GPS watch. When I download after using it, it doesn't downnload the entire distance? Is this a glitch with the watch? Thanks for your help!
    Mike Ricci

  83. Hey! You have no idea how much I love reading this blog and checking out all the cool reviews and pictures!

    I just moved to Washington, DC for work (from the Midwest) and and I have NO idea where to run! I live around 3rd and F NE on Capitol Hill. I hate having to run along busy streets and constantly through intersections, but am all ears. I am even willing to hop on metro (Union Station) if that's what it takes to get to a good spot. Course length: anywhere from 3-10 miles (give or take). Just send me an email. Thanks so much!!

  84. Part 2 if I dismiss the vibrate mode on the 310xt (is it worth it) would you say spend the same amt of cash buying a 305 and a fr60 or just do the 310xt. I think the equipment at my gym has ant + ( the treadmills did pick up my polar hrm ) so I figure all the zone workouts I could do there so I get best of all worlds... gps waterproof in the pool and some money left over for the cadence

  85. DC Rainmaker-

    I am reaching out to you because I want to offer you some free samples of PureFit nutrition bars. PureFit bars were developed by cyclists for cyclists. Founded in 2001 by fellow cyclist and runner, Robb Dorf, PureFit bars have been used successfully for close to 10 years.

    As high performance athletes, we all know how challenging it can be to ensure that we are providing our bodies with balanced, complete nutrition. We know it is vital to consume nutrients that will digest easily, and not upset our stomachs. Many nutrition bars contain ingredients like dairy that can be difficult to digest, something that is not a problem with PureFit bars. Additionally, choosing a nutrition bar with the right balance of carbohydrates, fat, and protein is critical for optimal performance.

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    By eliminating dairy, wheat, gluten, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, or trans fats, PureFit nutrition bars provide essential nutrients that digest easily and are readily used for energy.

    I am requesting a shipping address that I can send a sample of our PureFit nutrition bars to for you to try; in hopes that you offer our product a review on your blog, encouraging fellow cyclists to discover the delectable balance of taste and performance that is, PureFit.


  86. Anonymous

    Just wondering if you know anything about the polar ft60 watch? If you do would really appreciate your thoughts on it for general fitness purposes. Thanks.

  87. Hello!! Could you give a tip? My forunner 210 is not showing how much calories were burned. What´s wrong with it? I did all set up already and doesn´t work. Thanks Fabio

  88. Hey DC Rainmaker,

    I love your review of the Garmin 610 Forerunner and other fitness products.

    You might get a kick outta my publication, a start-up called Blood, Sweat & Cheers.

    We're a free, daily email that’s bringing recess back, finding fun & active ways to play with friends after work.

    We just expanded beyond New York, launching a National edition. We’ve covered everything from the best bike-to-work pants and the best lightweight running shoes to, you guessed it, the Garmin's Forerunner 610.

    I can introduce you to the founder if you’d like to get a quote, hear about our company or explore syndication opportunities.

    I would love if you could send me your email so I could speak with you further -- and send our official press release/ links/ information. Look forward to hearing back.



    Blood, Sweat & Cheers
    (212) 389-9778 x 701
    Facebook: link to facebook.com
    Twitter: link to twitter.com

  89. Yves

    Hi Ray !

    Your blog is excellent , I specially like you in-depth reviews.

    Did you already try or review the Powercranks (link to powercranks.com) ?

    I saw mixed reviews about them and it would be very interesting to have your opinion on them.

    Thanks !

  90. Hi
    I compeet in multisport (swimming, running, cycling, padling) and was wondering if you could tell me what watch to get. I was looking at the garmin 305 but also looked at the 610 now. Is polar even to be considered?

  91. Hi Ryan. I love you blog. A lot of Garmin executives should thank you while suntanning at their second homes at the Bahamas.
    I would guess you have an engineering background. Would that be right?

  92. Bob

    Hey, really great blog post… I've enjoyed reading through your blog because of the great style and energy you put into each post. I actually run AceHealth.org, a blog of my personal research and experiences. If you're interested, I would love to have you on as a guest blogger. Please send me an e-mail: bob.mauer65(at)gmail(dot)com, and I can give you more information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  93. Nice reviews and writing, but you are an absolute geek ;)

  94. Hi Ray,
    Great site, super informative.

    I run a site with a buddy, SurfskiRacing.com, and remember you had mentioned receiving a kayak paddle power or stroke rate system to review? We review kayaks (surfskis) and paddles, as well as I am working on the 310XT and Sportracks writeup (will link to your great reviews as well) and looking for more "gadgets" for review.

    Did you ever try out the paddle device? If not, we would be willing to try it out and do a write up. Stroke rate would be a huge plus in our racing. Have it on my ergonometer, be great to have on the boat!


  95. Ricky

    DC Rainmaker,
    You have a great blog. I've stumbled upon your site by accident recently and now I'm hooked. I've already read a lot of your reviews and can't wait to incorporate them into my daily routine. I'm a new triathlete and come from an ultrarunning background. I completed my first ironman here in Louisville and had a blast. Can't wait to continue with future ironman races. I am training for my 3rd 100 mile trail race and am going to start using more of the features of my 305 because of you. I have also developed an interest in the 310xt (because of you) by the way my wife thanks you for that($$$$$$). Another watch. Anyway look forward to reading more. Talk to you later.

  96. Anonymous

    Hey Rainmaker. Cool blog man. I really appreciate your reviews. I read you're bio and it seems we're into a lot of the same kinds of stuff. I wanted to shoot you a private email of a few things I'm pretty sure you'd be interested in but I couldn't find your address on the site. Anyway, if you get this, drop me a line at: awbest(at)gmail.com and we'll chat

    Andrew from Canada


  97. You recently mentioned in your blog about the new one software that the ironman canada rcv has improvements. Does this mean a new video or just the way one software presents it? Thanks

  98. Anonymous

    I really like your in depth reviews (like most people who read your site I guess!!)...anyways despite noting that the Forerunner 410 wasn't your preference as a casual runner (wanting to run more)who loves his techno gadgets I have found it a really great benefit. It helps I managed to get it for a great price of a friend who was selling 2nd hand after only using it about 3 times!! Anyways my main reason for typing this post is that now I'm looking for a hiking GPS and I know it's not your strong suit but I wish there was a DC rainmaker in depth review on the plethora of devices available as it's hard to get good advice these days! Who knows, maybe you have a handheld GPS for hiking for personal use? Anyways, I really enjoy your reviews, keep up the good work.

  99. Anonymous

    I just did post number 98 and stupidly didn't even put my name, how rude!! it's Mike. cheers.

  100. Need to know which bike sensor to purchase with my FR60 with your amazon link. sharkey1114@yahoo.com

  101. need to know which garmin bike sensor to purchase with my FR60 watch?? thanks sharkey1114@yahoo.com

  102. Hello, my name is Branden and am pretty new to Triathlons but I love it so far. I have done two Sprint Tris in the Richmond area. I am considering getting a tri bike but am wondering if it really makes a big difference at my level. I currently ride a Trek road bike and with all the other tech toys I could buy is moving up to a tri bike worth it and what sort of improvements would you expect? Thanks, and love the blog.

  103. Jan

    Hi Ray,

    Great site, fantastic reviews !!!

    I just wonder if you have some info on the new Garmin FR70 to be announced next week? It's already listed on Amazon etc. for preorder, but without official specs.

    I'm myself into mainly road biking + occasional running, hiking and walking. I have tried to find a device with the following specs:

    - r-r or at least 1 sec sampling
    - long battery life or add-on battery pack
    - barometric altitude
    - ANT+ pod support
    - support for more than one bike, sensor set
    - support for at least biking, running
    - upload support to main on-line services (=TP) in addition to some manufacturer specific sites.

    I noticed the FR 910XT as such has all and some more features but without the battery life and at a somewhat steep and thereby prohibitive price point. And the FR60 is again short on some features although a very nice device, my wife loves her one.

    I wish somebody (Garmin?) could come out with a FR-something which would be a crossing of the FR60 and the 910XT (without the GPS). I'm just afraid the FR70 won't be that one.

    Is it possible to turn off the GPS receiver on the 910XT like on the Edge 800 and only rely on the pods thereby preserving power ?

    b.r., Jan

  104. Hi there!

    I'm happy I came across your website!

    I own a Garmin FR305 since March 2010. I replaced the unit twice, and a few days ago the third unit showed up the same problem. It happened like this: The forerunner said "Battery charging complete". I took it and failed to turn on. It did not react at all. After leaving it to charge for the night, the FR305 showed signs of life: "Battery charging in progress" .. and after some time it was "Battery charging complete". Then it continued working normally. However, every time it behaved like this I sent it back to Garmin for the warranty repair or exchange.

    I'm wondering if all Garmin forerunners 305 are like this. It usually lasts 5-7 months until starting to behave abnormally. I'm thinking to buy one of the latest versions FR610 or 910 mainly because of the battery issues but also I'm expecting it to measure distances more precise (it over-measures the marathon course by something 500-600 meters). I'd appreciate to have an advice.


  105. Hi DC Rainmaker,

    Great reviews of the Garmin 910 and the Timex Global. Thank you for such in depth analysis. But I'm wondering if the Garmin 910 is worth the extra 200 dollars. I've found the Timex on line for under $200 and the new Garmin is listed at around $400. I'm doing several triathlons next summer including an ironman. Is the Garmin that much better? Which do you recommend?



  106. Anonymous

    Hi Ray, great blog. There's a lot of inspirational posts here. The fact that you didn't run for 10 years and now competing in Tris and very competitive in them gives hope to the rest of us! Continue rocking on!

  107. Ray, love the blog! Excellent reviews, especially from tech perspective. Quick question, do you have any plans to evaluate the new Tanita BC-1500?

  108. Hello,

    thanks for your review of forerunner 610.
    I find useful also comparison
    link to lh3.ggpht.com
    but, have you considered adding one extra column with weight? The models differ in this specification and it would be also interesting to see it there.Thanks.Peter

  109. Hi Ray, being a triathlete could you post some reviews of the Suunto brand? thanks !!! Sven

  110. Anonymous


    Remember that whenever you are either riding your bike training on the road, running, swimming or in the gym training; you are being an inspiration and giving hope to someone living within a less fortunate situation (battling through adversities)
    I pray that you continue to chase your dreams in 2012



  111. Congrats to your excellent blog!
    But I'm wondering why you didn't make any reviews on Suunto watches yet. I'm a big fan of them, that's why I'm curious :)

  112. Thanks for your amazing blog. Just one quick question. It's Dec 3 and I am ready for a new GPS watch. My Garmin 405 is okay but that Timex Global trainer looks so sweet, I must have it. My question, should I just go out and get the thing or, should I wait? I heard there is a second generation right around the corner. Hope to hear from you on this. And thanks so much!

  113. May

    Horay Ray! I can't thank you enough for having such an excellent, fun, yet informative blog and gear reviews!

    I'm looking to get into my first tri in 2012 and will be looking at your site for inspirations! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!!!

  114. squrt29

    Terrific stuff, you've put a lot of work into this and it's VERY useful as a result. I just finished my first half Ironman and what you wrote about the Garmin 500 helped me to pick it for my training.
    Thanks again!

  115. Dan from PA

    Hey Ray,

    Great blog. After reading your Garmin Edge 800 product review I purchased the product and just love it! I used the 800 on my road bike this summer and now I'm using the 800 for my indoor resistance trainer. My question is no matter indoor or outdoor my recorded calorie burn is the same. Is this correct because after my indoor session I am drenched and spent versus similar outdoor distance/time etc? What are your thoughts?

    Keep up the great blog.

  116. hey ray!...

    honestly i didn't like to read, esp when it involved a lot of words in it (a heavy one).... but ur blogs really cool man!.... i just can't stop reading it esp i found it very² useful as i'm looking for GPS+HRM watch now.... you in-depth review really awesome, yet priceless!

    good job man. keep it up... (i'll recommend ur blog to my fellow friends)

  117. ElizaBeth

    I happened to come across your blog when looking up information on the new Garmin Forerunner 910XT. I currently have the 405, but it is messing up so much I am in need of a new one. Thank you for a great review on the 910XT! It is exactly what I was looking for, with real/unbiased reviews. Since I am on a military deployment overseas for the next year, I am thinking about waiting until I get back for plans to actually buy it. Do you think there will be any updates made to it by then?

    Another thought for Garmin, do you think they will ever come out with another way to get HR? I can't stand the HR chest straps because I can't breath if I get the strap tight enough that it doesn't fall down when I run. Could they intergrate the HR into the watch or band somehow? I have seen other products intergrate it in the watches or ear buds, although I am not sure how well they work.

    Again, thank you for the great help!

  118. Ray, I started running in high school (not competitively, just for fun, if you can call it that) as a result of my girlfriend being a cross country runner. Fast forward to today and I've been running pretty serious for the past four years. I've got a pretty busy work schedule which doesn't allow me to enter many races but I try to work around it as much as possible.

    I recently found triathlons exciting and started looking for a tri bike. I found a lightly used one (2010 fuji aloha 2.0) and a week later did my first sprint tri. I'd like to say I would have finished 3rd overall and 1st in my age group if I hadn't got a flat tire around mile 5 then blew my replacement tube trying to fix it. So I waited for another 20 minutes watching the women's wave start to pass me until the truck came by and helped me out. None, the less I did well in the swim and killed the 5k run at the end.
    I found your blog around that time and have found it to be my default site to surf when I'm sitting at my computer thinking about which URL to type in. I've got a Garmin 910xt on the way which I can't wait to use. I'm sure you'll get tons of feedback when it actually is released. Keep it up and we'll keep reading.


  119. William

    I'd like to hear your thoughts about the ADAMO TYPHOON saddle.

  120. Anonymous

    Regarding your review of Polar RCX, after speaking with Polar tech supportit seems that Polar is no longer allowing data to be exported for use with 3rd party software. If correct, this is a huge draw back to buying nay Polar product.

  121. nicole B.

    Your site is so chock full of information I'm a bit overwhelmed :)
    So, hoping you can help narrow my search.
    I was an avid athlete until medical issues benched me - trying to work back - but I need a bit of fitness technology to help - display heart rate, recovery, & METs - I do have access to external diagnosticequipment if necessary - ideas? Suggestions?

  122. Hi Ray. It's my first time here and I found your review SUPER USEFUL. I was thinking about getting a gps watch to track my run. I'm just a casual runner and was thinking about getting the 610 because of its look, but I saw in your review that the 210 might be more suitable. I think it would be great if you can review some running shoes also.
    Thanks for sharing and wish you a happy new year!

  123. Ray,
    I have been reading for about a year now. I wanted to let you know that my day always starts by excitedly checking your blog for a new post. I appreciate everything you write whether a review, travel post, or weekly summaries.

    Please keep it up.

  124. I have been reading your blog for a while now and want to thank you for inspiring me to start running. I am entering my first 10k this March.

    I wanted to give back and tell you about a sleep solution that I just found. It is really cool.
    You use a HR belt (I use my belt from my FT60).
    You need to download an iPhone app that records your sleep and sends it to an cloud service. I have been using it for 7 days now - its take a night or two to get used to it. I SLEEP BETTER!!!
    which means I RUN better

    BTW- you also need a receiver - its all on the site.

    I hope this helps those who need to sleep...J

  125. I am on vacation and somewhere while I have been away, I read a story about a website to help people share expenses (rides, hotel rooms, etc) when going to a remote events (e.g. marathons, triathlons...). The site helps bring people together.

    Now, sitting in the airport waiting for my flight home, I can't where I possibly read this. Heard of anything like this?


  126. Hi,

    You do such great work with your blog and reviews.

    I've been here a few times in the last couple weeks as I tried to decide if a Computrainer was a good fit for me. It will arrive on Friday!

    Time to go peruse some more of your writing.

    Thanks again,

  127. I don't typically leave comments but I felt compelled to do so this time. Your blog is fabulous! I appreciate how thorough you are. You have information on EVERYTHING. I don't know how you do it...I'm guessing you don't sleep. Anyways, thank you for all of the great info!

  128. Anonymous

    Ray, thanks for the info. I saw your first post about the DC 1000 and purchased that scale two weeks ago. The scale came and I found that nothing worked together. Like the display and the PC/Mac interface etc.. I am sending it back. They are trying to nickel and dime you with all the add ons that don't even work together.

    At any rate since the Withings scale has no hydration, can it be figured out by subtracting bone mass, muscle mass and fat from total weight?

  129. Anonymous

    hey your reviews are amazing
    i just got my new garmin 910 and i have a cyclops 400 indoor trainer- can i get the power display on my garmin from the cyclops bike
    i have taining and zipp wheels with powertap and they synch but want my indoor training to be on garmin as well
    thanks for help

  130. I am looking to by GPS watch with HRM and I know that I will not make mistake because I have your reviews.
    Can you say something about Soleus GPS 3.0 Heart Rate Monitor, price is $180 ? Thank you for everything.

  131. Can I tell you about a few new core sports?

  132. hi Ray
    great articles i read the one about the sunto ant adapter which i bought to connect my edge 500 to the laptop with windows 7 running the garmin ant program, then get my tacx software to pick it all up to use with this then i can carry on using the garmin hr and cadence rather than the tacx stuff , is this right of an i barking up the wrong tree and the garmin 500 not work with ant thought the hr cadence/speed is ant it does not pick either up??
    bit lost

  133. Hi DC, still enjoying your blog after RSS feeding to it for over two years - great stuff. I know that you like to post the unusal on your weekly blog, so check out what one of the local bands in OZ did for their music clip. Ultimate space flight!! Cheers Cookie link to skippinggirlvinegar.com

  134. Hi Ray!!!

    I've been reading your blog for a while and honestly, when I'm thinking on buying new equipment this is the place I go for unbiased reviews!

    I'm thinking on getting a more personalized training plan (probably coaching)for my next triathlon. Here where I live (Puerto Rico) there are not too many experienced coaches or training plans for triathlon and I thought about the possibility of going online.

    I remember reading somewhere you have an online training plan/coach that helps you in your races. Could you provide more info regarding that specific area and recommendations if possible?

    Best regards,


  135. Are there any blog posts about your first 4-5 months of running before the MCM? Great blog and I appreciate the help with the Forerunner setup....


  136. Hey Chris,
    I recently released my PerfPRO Studio software, which is an expansion of PerfPRO. I know you've looked over ERGVideo as well as RacerMate One. This application is similar w/ features not found in these other applications.


    PerfPRO Studio is a fully stand-alone application for the CompuTrainer as well as stationary trainers. They can be mixed and can support as many trainers as your system can handle.

    Checkout the feature sheet for Studio and the other pages included when you have time. I am interested in your feedback. My support page contains my email address if you wish to contact me.

    Drew Hartman
    Hartware Technologies.

  137. Great stuff . . . really. For bike GPS you go with the Edge 500. Seems you rave about the Edge 200 as well. Is there a reason (ie the extra bells and whistles) that the 200 is not in final recommendations? I'm a weekday/weekend rider. seems like the 200 would serve just fine. Thought? Again, great work and many thanks.

  138. drom

    Great site! The product reviews are some of the best I have seen. Very detailed and full of practical insight. Keep them coming!

    Question... I am looking for a device that I can wear during a soccer game that captures heart rate data. During cycling and running I can use a device such as a watch, iPhone or cycle computer to capture the data via ANT+. During a soccer game though I can't wear a watch as the rules won't allow it. I am allowed to wear a chest strap though.

    Do you know if anyone makes a device that stores heart rate data in the chest strap that I can upload to my pc\phone after the game is over?

  139. Hello ray, i'm new at running and i'm looking for a good programe that would be fitting with my new timex run trainer, P.S. I have a mac,

    Thanks a lot for your Blog, you really help me a LOT!!!

  140. Gary

    Ray. I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a couple of years now. Great information in general and my go to source for new (or old) technology oriented items. I seem to remember reading a post that described a site you visited that talked about custom (home made) computer mounts for bikes, but have not been able to find the post again. I'm searching for a bike computer/bento box set up for between the aerobars that I can mount on my new Shiv TT bike. If I can't find the right thing I've also been looking into carbon fiber fabrication kits where I might just make my own. Would be fun but a pain and time consuming to get right. Would love a reference to the site you originally referenced - or something new if you've come across something else.

  141. Ray,

    I'd be interested in a comparison of techniques to improve skin conductivity with a heart rate monitor strap. I know you like to use electrode gel. I wonder how that compares with other approaches. Often times, I just put a dab of dishwashing detergent on the strap, smear it with a dollop of water, and then sprinkle salt on it. In the past, I've even made up a solution of dish detergent, salt, and water that I kept in an old water bottle. It's not that I'm cheap, I don't know what it is --- whether I'm too lazy to order gel or just don't like spreading slime on myself.

    I've heard some people use peanut butter but that doesn't make any sense to me.

  142. Hi Ray,

    I came across a new training device called the Pear Square One. It seemed like something you'd be interested in, so sharing the link.

    link to pearsports.com

    Love your blog!

  143. Anonymous

    Hi Ray, quite interesting/extenisve reviews!!! Congrats
    I have a timex GPS run triner and I just cant find HOW to delete workouts!!!
    I'm not getting the gps data uploaded to the training peaks server...

    The watch says: mery full. and nowhere it says how to delete them

    Thanks for the help.

  144. Leslie

    Hi Ray, Love your reviews, they're great!! Regarding the soft velcro band on the Garmin 910, have you raced with it? Is it fairly secure. I have a smaller wrist and it looks like a Godsend, but not if my 910 ends up at the bottom of a river!

  145. Gustav M

    Ray! I'm a Triathlete newbie trying to find equipment at the moment and stumbled upon your blog. I have to say this is quality content at it's best - ad up that and say cross category this is the best blog I have come across in years. Thanks a million for the great in-depth reviews, awesome for the product review but also for learning!!


  146. I need an advice betweem these watches:

    Garmin 910xt
    Suunto Ambit
    Polar RS800

    I am a cyclist I train 6 days a week really hard, I ran and swim 3 days.

    Which of theses watchesis the best one?



  147. Thanks All!


    The FR910XT is your best match. See my watch 'recommendations' on the sidebar. Enjoy!

  148. Hi Ray -
    Your blog is truly amazing.
    Do you know if it's possible to wear a Garmin Ant+ HRM at the same time as a Polar Wearlink HRM (5khz coded)? Wondering if either would interfere with the other. I like the polar for fitness features, but it only saves average data; I want to capture data to use with Sports Tracks software, which can't capture the Polar data live, and my model won't export to HRM files.
    I believe Ant+ is 2.4Mhz, so I'm hoping there would be no interference.

  149. No problems at all. I routinely wear two straps at once, and lately have been wearing exactly your scenario as I've been testing some Polar stuff. Enjoy!

  150. Cody

    Wow...you have a highly informative and inclusive blog. Your product reviews are outstanding. I am about to purchase my first GPS watch. I am a casual runner. However, I really want to be able to wear my watch as an actual watch when not training. I saw that several models do not offer watch functionality. I am torn between the Garmin FR 410 and 210....any thoughts?

  151. Anonymous

    Hi Ray,
    Have you seen the recently-released Suunto Ambit? Any chance you'll be reviewing it? iRunFar did a review, but you know they don't dive into the details like you do...

  152. Anonymous

    Hi, I'm pretty new to the world of fitness tracking & training for a high altitude trek in the himalayas. Daily walking time will be around 8-10 hours.

    Could you direct me to some suitable devices that can help with - gps positioning/ altitude ( so i can chart my route map later & do suitable training ) some other basic stats like pedometer/ heart rate et / geo tagging / interval training etc info to sync with photos taken during the trek. Right now I use the really simple fitbit.

    My main concern is that while I will be able to carry solar / extra battery packs for charging any device - I would have no access to the internet to update the data in the device for 30 days.

    Appreciate your guidance - My email is adivya1@yahoo.com

  153. LC


    I wonder if you are able to guide me on what to do in this scenario. I bought a Trek Madone WSD 4.7 43 cm last Aug 2011. I was told it comes with a duotrap and the specs indicate the same. I did not pay much attention to it as I am a new and beginner and do not even know how a duotrap work etc. Anyway, I have enough knowledge now especially after reading your blogs that I am ready for a Garmin 500 and went out and bought a bontrager duotrap sensor(I did this because I want a clean look) Came home and could not find the sensor ready slot to install. Went back to the bike shop and was told I do not have a duotrap but I do have a speed trap in the front. I have mentioned it to my dealer and my emails to Treks (the one person I have been communicating with is not helpful). What is your thoughts or knowledge on getting a replacment chainstay? At this point I do not know if it is a manufacturer defect or that the size (43cm)is too small to accomodate the duotrap. Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you.

  154. Carson

    I don't know that I've ever commented on any blog, anywhere. A first for me, though could not resist posting to say what an absolutely remarkable job DC Rainmaker does here! JUst absolutely phenomenal work.

    I have been struggling for weeks to understand which devices do what, which to invest in and why -- and this blog has been here the whole time.

    Again, just could not be more impressed with the attention to detail and quality of workmanship this blog exudes. Thanks.

    Dallas, Tx.

  155. freerunner83

    Hey Ray! If not for your blog, i'd have gone by the cnet editor reviews on most of the running/tracking devices... so thanks for all the time and effort you're putting in :)

    I run about 12-14 miles a week and currently have a Nike+ shoe with the regular sport strap. To put it simply, I am a causal/moderate runner and I want to start using a GPS tracking device. I prefer the Nike+ Sportwatch over the Garmin Forerunner Range simply because I've been using Nike+ for over 2 years and don't want to lose all the data by switching to a new system.

    I do have one question. I've read in quite a few places online that the run data on Garmin Connect is far more comprehensive compared to the Nike+ website. I even checked out screenshots of the Garmin run charts on Google Images but didn't really spot anything that's not there in the Nike+ data. Is there any advantage in terms of run data that Garmin offers? Thanks!

  156. Vladimír Tichý

    thanks for your blog and reviews. It helped me much. There was no info about Timex Run Trainer here in Czech Republic (It is not very known device here and nobody uses it). Your review helped me to turn the scale - and now Im using the Timex (before I was determined to buy Garmin FR 210). Your blog also helped me with buying a sportwatch for my wife:)


  157. ramz

    Hey man,
    I was just browsing the net for my first HRM + GPS watch and found a review for one of the Garmin products where the person mentioned your name. I just stopped-by to see if there is a good review for the product that I was looking for and man you do so much of it and post the reviews so much in-depth and I do not think no one else has ever done it or do it!!! Keep it up and continue your gr8 job,. U really are an inspiration to ppl like me.
    Oh and just 1 thing more - do u have a review of the Soleus GPS 3.0 yet? if not, please do put it :)
    Many Thanks.

  158. Hey!
    I found your in depth product reviews extremely enlightening and very helpful. I am training for a full ironman and am in dire need of a watch to accompany and assist me in my trek towards completion. As informative as your reviews were, I was hoping to ask you what watch you prefer, or in my instance, would you recommend. I realize its a matter of preference, but I feel that having thoroughly tested so many watches, I could take your word for it. Let me know what you think. I was looking at the Polar RCX5 and Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer. I didnt get around to reading all the reviews, but was hoping you could push me in the right direction. Thanks so much

  159. Nel

    Hey Ray (rhymes!),

    Are you ever going to do shoe reviews?

  160. Anonymous

    Hi ther & thanks for sharing your knowledge !!

    I'm just a new user of the Garmin Edge 200 you reviewed 1 year ago.

    And was wondering if you can tell me how to manage or set the constant zoom in zoom out that keeps you from really following the course ?


  161. Excellent GPS information on this site, thank you very much.

    I have just been looking around at what watch to buy, and come across Bryton Cardio 30. Has anyone had any experience with this watch?

    I can buy it in Australia for $189 which is quite a bit cheaper than the Garmins etc. Just don't want to buy a dud and waste my money.

    If you have had any experience with this watch please let me know.


  162. Jim

    Just came across your blog while doing some research for a watch, and I must say it is now my favorite web site. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your reviews and blog posts; your passion comes through loud and clear! I wish you continued success in all your endeavors, and look forward to your upcoming reviews and posts.

  163. Alternative 305 downloading: I'll be using a 305 for 8-10 hours a day for 10-14 days straight in the wilderness. I'd rather not bring a laptop. Know of any alternatives for storing the GPS data externally? Thanks, Mike

  164. I really appreciate your reviews. But one category you might add to your GPS watch reviews is whether the watch has a "map" or "back to start" function. As a trail runner who often gets lost, I find this function invaluable. I prefer the actual course view of the Garmin 205, to the "turn alerts" on the later models.

  165. Hi,
    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

  166. question....price no object....not really, but maybe....
    SRM vs. Quarq vs. power2max


  167. Elena

    Love your site and in-depth reviews! I don't buy any new gear without consulting your review first. QUESTION: do you know if it's possible to get a replacement of the OLDER version of the Garmin soft strap? I ordered replacement strap online and got something that doesn't split in the middle where it snaps to the monitor. I searched thorugh your posts and it seems that this is the new style Garmin soft strap HRM. But I like the old one! My strap is getting pretty worn out, and all I wanted was a new soft strap to replace the one I have. Should I stick w/the new style? Will my old monitor snap into place on the new version of the strap?

  168. Hey man! Great blog. I'm a fellow fitness enthusiast but also an institutional investor trying to get educated on the fitness/outdoor electronics market and specifically understand Garmin and their competitive positioning. I'd love to schedule a quick phone call with you as you're clearly experienced in the market. Shoot me an email or post on here where the best email address is to reach you! Look forward to chatting!!

  169. Really enjoy your blog. I'm not a blogger nor do i read blogs, except for one...DC Rainmaker! Good stuff for the beginner, intermediate or elite athlete.
    Gracias Amigo,
    OscarOG from South Texas

  170. Anonymous

    Love your site! Great info. As I quest for a new transition bag, I'm left wishing you had already searched for a new one! Sigh...

  171. thanks for all you do and all your topics and info. I have a question about the Garmin 910xt and the Bontrager Duotrap. Have you heard of any problems with reading cadence?? Everything pairs and the speed reads but not cadence. I have written Trek and Garmin for help. Just curious if you had any tips!!!

  172. Rodrigo

    Hi there. Sorry to bug you, just a quick question. I've had my 910xt for 4 months now, and for the most part it works very well. It took me a couple of trips to the pool to fine tune my lenght counts etc., but it is all good now. The first two OW swims I did with it went perfect. I uploaded the files to Garmin Connect and the were plotted to perfection. My problem is that the files for my last 3 OW swims have been messed up. The first one being a tri, it simply did not record anything but the elapsed time. It market my entry and exit point, but that was it. The other two were just practice swims.. both of them I waited to start swiming until I was certain the GPS signal was extremely strong. I started swiming and after a few strokes looked at my watch and distance seemed to be increasing, so I figured we are back on business, but shortly after, maybe a minute or two, it gives me a viubrate alert and a message saying "Satellite Signal lost". Once I get to the turn around point, I keep the watch above water for a few seconds.. the signal is back on, and then it DOES record the right path/distance on the way back. BOth times exactly the same.. I already called Garmin, but they can't figure out what it is, since it does record the return.. Any clue? I strongly believe you know this unit better than anyone I have talked to @ Garmin. Thanks in advance!

  173. I have been reading your product reviews on the garmin watches because I am in the market for one. I am a beginner triathlete and I was really interested in the Garmin Forerunner FR60. It seems basic and will probably do everything I need it to do. I use a separate watch for swimming (I'm actually more of a swimmer than a biker and cyclist). The one thing I would like a watch to have is to show my RPMs while cycling since I have a tendency to not keep them up. Can you recommend a watch that is similiar to the FR60, but will also tell me my RPMs?

  174. The FR60/FR70 does show cycling cadence. There's a picture in my FR60 review showing it (with handlebars and gloves): link to dcrainmaker.com


  175. Anonymous

    hey, so i have been reading your reviews on the 610 and 210 garmin forerunner watches. I see you would pick the 610 for an advanced runner. I am by no means advanced, but I will be running collegiately this fall. I am very new to all the features gps watches have to offer, so I am wondering if the 610 is the best choice for me. I just need a watch that can tell me how fast i run each split, usually a mile in. Can the 210 do that? Some people say it can while others say it can't and I am a bit confused! I am just worried if I go with the 210 I will be missing out on possibly some key features I could need in college running, but at the same time I like the simplicity of it. What do you think??

    BTW, your blog rocks!

  176. Is there a difference in getting a Garmin Forerunner FR60 for men vs. woman's?

  177. Ray,

    Terrific product reviews. I enjoy reading, even if I'm not in the market for a particular product.

    I was wondering, do you happen to know what square computers many of the TDF riders are sporting on the fron of their handlebars? I've seen many photos but the writing and image are too small for me to tell.


  178. Hi! I run and I am looking to buy a garming GPS watch but I am not sure what to buy. I would like one to keep my pace. Is there any one that will alert me by beeping or vibrating if I change my pace? The virtual partner seems like a nice idea, but I don't want to be looking at my watch. Please let me know.

  179. Hi! I run and I am looking to buy a garming GPS watch but I am not sure what to buy. I would like one to keep my pace. Is there any one that will alert me by beeping or vibrating if I change my pace? The virtual partner seems like a nice idea, but I don't want to be looking at my watch. Please let me know.

  180. Ben


    welcome in the City of Lights and the most beautiful city in the world.

    There are also some adverse sides in being in Paris...

    Hope you & your wife will enjoy it!

  181. Hello!!! I'm from Poland and I have blog too link to bieganietostylzycia.blogspot.com :)
    I like your blog because you're writting about interesting things.
    All the best,

  182. Anonymous


    I composed a lengthy question/message for you. How can I send it? I wasn't able to find your email..

    P.S. Question is way too long for posting in a comments section. :)

  183. Hey Ray, I wanted to follow up with you in regards to a post where you mentioned that you may do a review about the Nike fuel band and the fitbit. I know that you are busy, but I wanted to ask your opinion of the Nike fuel band, is it worth the buy?

  184. Ray,

    I saw this article on (Gasp!) Foxnews.com It seems perfect for you - 10 things the pre-eminent American Ex-pat blogger in Paris thinks will surprise people about Paris. Highly recommend a quick skim:

    link to foxnews.com

  185. Andrew

    I will be one of thousands who thanked you for the great blog, but thank you once again, it's a very kind of cosy place on the web... and useful.
    Next year I am planning my first (I hope not the last, heh) Iron distance and decided to throw my old Sigma watch way. Some of Garmin gismos will be my next bought and I wonder with tons of data they provide is there some software coach on the market? Such that could use HR, speed, distance, etc to compose training program under some set goals.
    Have you come across something like this?
    Sorry if you have posted on this already, I tried to google but perhaps I am not so skillfull at this and it returned no result.

  186. Hi DC, I tested the RC3 with integrated GPS, What do you think about that new Polar? link to hrdlpn.nl

    BR Peter
    also runner & biker ;-)

  187. Hi DC,

    I tested the Polar RC3 with integrated GPS. What do you think about this new Polar?

    link to hrdlpn.nl

    BR Peter

    also Runner and Biker

  188. Excellent blog! You wrote a very detailed review on Nike+ SportsWatch GPS, which I am planning to purchase. But in your opinion, what is the best sports watch to use for triathloners? Will Nike+ SportsWatch GPS suffice?

  189. Great work! Can we expect a review of the Tacx Genius any time soon? I'm about to pull the trigger on a Bushido bit the price difference in Canada is only a coupe hundred nd would love your opinion on the Genius before I spend any money. Thanks for all the time you put in on this stuff!

  190. This comment has been removed by the author.

  191. Hey Chris,
    I'm hoping you can help me. I have an old Polar heart rate monitor I updated with the Garmin 405 (with HRM. I am in the gym 6 days a week between body pump, cycling classes, elliptical and a couple days I run outside as I've been training for races and have no idea how far I'm going. I thought by getting the Garmin 405 that I'd be able to use it both indoors for my classes/cardio (measuring calorie burn)as well as running outside. I read your blog regarding this watch with much dismay as I don't see using it being a viable option(and it's too late to return). What watch would you suggest that I can easily use for both regards? Obviously I could use the Polar for everything other than my running but it would be nice to have just one watch for all that I'm doing.

  192. Thanks for all of your exceptionally detailed reviews, Ray. You're doing awesome work!

    Do you have any experience with the link to 110playharder.com compression/ice combo gear? Would love your thoughts.

  193. Your review was very helpful in helping me choose a Timex Run Trainer. Thank you! It's my first heart rate monitor and I really like it. I am disappointed in the fact that the Timex version of TrainingPeaks doesn't allow you to view any aggregate HR zone data. I can see the HR zones for each workout individually, but to see how much time I spent in zone 5 over the past week, I have to upgrade to premium. Do any other services provide this? Should I have gotten a Garmin or a Polar if I wanted this without paying over $100/year for the premium account?

  194. Excellent blog, fantastic reviews, I am going to get a Zeo on the back of you write up. thanks.

    quick question. I have a garmin Forerunner 610, as I say I am going to get a Zeo. I would also like to get scale and I am conidering either a withings or a tanita...any thoughts? My main concern is integrating all the data in one application...not sure what my best strategy is, I was thinking digifit, but would be open to other suggestions. thanks again.

  195. Barb

    Hi there,
    I came across your blog by accident while researching the upcoming Garmin F10 and after reading your very thorough review I said to myself "Wow! That was awesome!" Not only is it great to be able to find a completely thorough review on a product you want to buy but to get that review from a fellow athlete who understands the good, the bad, the ugly of what actually matters, well thats' just the cherry on top! I have bookmarked your site and I see I have a lot to catch up on. Extremely informative. Just wanted to take a moment to say you've gained one more new reader and I will now be ordering everything from Amazon from YOUR link and sharing that info with friends also.
    Thank you for all you do! Not only do I find your posts informative, but also laden with humor, I love it!!!

  196. Barb

    Just wanted to say Thank you for a wonderful review of the upcoming Garmin F10. I found your blog by accident and am I glad I did. Your review was so awesome I wanted to learn a little more about the source and here I am. You've found yourself a new reader! I will also be making all future amazon purchases through your link and sharing with friends in support of your site! Thanks so much for doing what you do so well. p.s I also enjoy your humor! Keep it up :)

  197. Hi DC,

    many thanks for the great detail reviews and in my case the review on the Suunto Ambit. I've just bought it and i like it very much!! Nevertheless i have one question you can maybe answer:

    Is there an option to keep the heart rate monitor alive after an exercise (except the one that you pause your exercise)?

    Many thanks

  198. Cairen H

    Hello DC

    It seems you have fans/readers from literally EVERYWHERE. I'm betting you probably get sick of answering the same/similar questions but so far I haven't been able to find a satisfactory response when searching online. I ride and I run and need a watch that covers both these sports. My rides are usually up to 50km (but may be up to 110km occasionally), and my running is almost totally done on the treadmill. Ideally I'd love to have a cycling computer fixed permanently to my bike and one for running, but of course that would be the expensive option. What would you suggest?? (PS I don't swim at all.....there is more chance of me sprouting feathers and flying, so triathlons will never come into it lol)

  199. Dan


    I appreciate your review of the TACX Bushido. I am looking for a trainer where I can preset my workouts based on intensity, watts, and time. Then hit go and let the trainer vary the intensity based on the intervals I selected. I have no interest in virtual training, just completing my game plan by keeping cadence constant yet have trainer vary resistance. Can you make a suggestion for this. I was thinking of the Vortex as I do not need all the bells that come with the Bushido, but Cycleops also looked interesting. I currently have a road machine by Kinetic but there is no way to preset a workout.


  200. Found your site and blog. I started walking first then jogging 1/4 mile @ 1/2 mile walk intervals. Started in Feb 2012. I've lost 75 pounds jog-alking 4 miles minimum every day (longer on weekends). I count calories using Lose it app (1,500 calories per day). I use Walkmeter App on my iPhone (just upgraded to iPhone 5) to track my time, distance, current pace, avg pace and calories burned. The app uses my supplied data of age, weight, height etc, to calculate calorie burn. I supplied the same personal data in the lose it app. When I manually enter my exercise data of time and pace in the Lose It app, the calories burned per exercise entered are always greater than Walkmeter says I burned. So, I feel I should have a heart rate monitor for calories burned accuracy. I desire to have the heart rate monitor interface with the exercise and daily food intake apps. I am open to changing apps as well as move to a GPS wristwatch provided all my above stated technology needs auto interface. Please point me to a device. Provide a purchase link so you will earn referral fee from my purchase. Cheers Ernie 'EL' Lansford

  201. Al George

    Hi I'm glad I found your page as I have recently purchased the CYCLE TRAINER 2 from MEC in Vancouver 200 $ Can + tax.

    I cannot say setting up this trainer was easy , downloading the upgrade I'm not sure if this worked as MicroSoft did not recognize the file !

    Win 7.

    the U Tube video is good but too fast for me to follow but I'm sure your web page will be the answer .

    Thank you ,


  202. Excellent blog! Nothing else comes close! I had a quick question. My Garmin 305 is nearing the end of it's life (battery barely made it through my marathon last week). The key thing I'm looking for is a GPS watch that will display AVERAGE PACE for the entire run. This has been the most valuable piece of data for me as my training has progressed. Can you recommend a decently priced unit that will display the average pace throughout my run? Thanks!

  203. I have been trying to add a course to my Garmin Forerunner 405CX without any luck.
    I tried creating a course in Mapmyruns which I did but was unable to go any further with the uploading bit to my 405CX, Any clues??

  204. I have been trying to add a course to my Garmin Forerunner 405CX without any luck.
    I tried creating a course in Mapmyruns which I did but was unable to go any further with the uploading bit to my 405CX, Any clues??

  205. Hi Ray,
    My son-in-law put me onto your blog and it is truly an incredible resource. I used it to research before purchasing my Garmin 910XT. I will be 60 this year. Have done 5 marathons, a couple of Olympic Tris, and one half ironman. Now I am embarking on a year long project in hopes of participating in the Florida Ironman 2013. I am using the Garmin to help train. I have one question. It works great when I swim or run but on several bike rides, it has just shut off in the middle of the ride. Sometimes it shuts off several times. The battery is fully charged. It turns right back on but, of course, I lose continuity of the data. The unit just goes blank. Any thoughts on what is causing this?

  206. Thank you so much for your review of the Forerunner 10. I have only been running for about a year and am looking for a basic GPS watch. I am a female with small wrists, so I've been hesitant to buy a larger model and was excited to see Garmin release the FR10. I don't like to run with my phone but want something that can pace me as I train. This is sort of ridiculous, but I also appreciate that I didn't find any grammatical errors! I read a lot of blogs that make me cringe as I read - so thanks! :) And I read to the end and got the discount from Clever Training so thanks for that, too!

  207. Ray, thanks again for all the continued excellent product reviews. I just pulled the trigger on the Garmin Edge 500 based on your reviews and my experiences with some other computers. I used the Clever Training folks and saved a couple bucks, even after Florida took some back. :) Thanks for that offer.


  208. Hi Ray,

    Saw the mention of a new pedal based power meter - Power Pedals on Bikerumor. Are you going to be able to review this version?

    link to bikerumor.com

  209. Anonymous

    Just wanted to thank you for your awesome reviews of Garmin FR watches. I settled on a 610 and couldn't be happier. Your reviews definitely simplified the purchase process! Orion

  210. Bhuiyan

    Hi All:

    I am a faculty member and researcher at a university. I'm relatively new in using GPS except that my van has GPS. I would like to monitor physical activities of certain group of people - their daily physical activity time, pace, steps (of walking or jogging, etc.), locations, and routes (in case of walking or biking)? I would like to know which GPS or what combined machine would be perfect for my study? Also, is there any machine (I guess I want to GPS combined with other devices) that can accurately keep record of indoor (inside home) activity?


  211. Anonymous

    @Gregt253: Ray has a post on how to upload courses to your watch.

    link to dcrainmaker.com

    Make sure to read comments 26 & 28 for additional info since mapmyrun has changed a little.

  212. Anonymous

    Hi Rainmaker,

    Your site is full of useful information. Fenix deep review dragged me here, in a first place (very good job, by the way). I still wonder how you manage your time to be able of maintaining all of this :-)

    Anyway, I would like to ask you a question or better said, your opinion:

    I'm a hiker, biker, occasional runner and swimmer. The thing is that recently I'm having issues with my right knee during run or hike. Just like a month or so ago this pain started. My right knee hurts during a hike or a run after a few miles, no swell noticed so far. Bandage (brace) helps only a bit, but maybe I do not have the proper one (cheap).
    After a few days when resting it goes slowly back to normal. I noticed that it is bad when I bend and load my knees and such move is very important during hiking as you know. After hiking I'm barely able to defeat the stairs in both ways :-(
    Walking on a flat surface is pretty good (once the knee is OK again). Left knee is always good. Swimming is good for both legs. I don't understand, why only one knee?
    I do not remember any injury during past few years that could influence this condition.
    The pain is located mostly in the outer side of my knee.
    I used some lotions but either I've used them very seldom or it is just not helping.

    Do you have any advice what should I do? I mean- changing the way I run, or dedicated lotion or other medicine treatment or anything else?

    Or should I just visit a doctor? But what can he do except of prescribing me an ointment or surgery !?

    My most concern relates to stopping my exercises at all :-(
    I would not like to do that.

    I hope you will find some time of yours to give some guidance here, thank you in advance

    P.S. I was trying to find info on the internet to find information but non of the described is my case, because they usually talk about more serious issues that I might have (at least I hope so).


  213. Anonymous

    The sight is amazing as usual. Is there or have you tested a running light that is fair priced and produces a good amount of lumens that I can see a good distance out in front of me?



  214. Anonymous

    The sight is amazing as usual. Is there or have you tested a running light that is fair priced and produces a good amount of lumens that I can see a good distance out in front of me?




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